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Sea, and the
. Uf the civil war was
.,ith iore- heroism and en
.se than that fought by the For
,-ilutlh United States colored troops
after hosillities were over. The Maign
zinle of Amneriean Hlistory contaltus an.
aceount of the tussle inl wv tle the
black soldiers bore thimsielves so
bravely. The steamer 3Merrimac. load
ed with votton, left New Orleans fior
New York carrying, beides her reg
ir palssengers, thirty oier~s and 00
,llored )Privates.
For. sever lI days all went well. Thti
hio vesse- l sprunlg iI aleik. ti res w;re
Wa ; 'nl 1.4 f IkII IIIt th I eo Isuppl tII IIy pIpI
through which tlt- walfler for tit, coii
ideiser was taken frwrr t': - --I: wv !!
broken, and the piace of leakage e:ubl
not be reitched. Tle passeiiger's were
iiie strickeni. Oile small, fat Geriman
vent about wrhiging his hanl s indl
"Ach. we are at the bot toni of the
.ea' Ir we gets pack to New Orletns
will dey giif mne pack my inonish'
Tho vater gI luMd fast. The only
hitje lay iN keealpig afloa tu niitil it ves
sel could be sighted. 'I'le (or.
tr.iops were pres(l hut i .o selrvive a '
proved themuselves tit heroes of the
occailon. A line of iuiein wa1is estatblsish
ed from the hold to the deck. ant imck
ets were passed as rapidly as hainulds
coild ilove. ,0 O deck aniother lit
stepped back and forth witl well
trained miilitary tread. The work be
low was1, most exhausIIting. The nilen at1
the bottoin could not hold their posi
tioll more thin three mimnues at a
time. They Were bihuled atal hllI
st:.hrlwl by tle w-shing sea w%:Iter
nIr . - ' --. ! :-.. 1 , IuII s of cou l
P u 11 ) ..:w . 1 % , .. .111,1 1:-1h ab:ove
- . -. i w !o. y . 'I'l i e
of the pa-,.,.gr.a. Ilour after hour
the melt worked and sang. til the se:l
flic1 nolt ;f:illt thern).
Two days puisse.d. and the( drint11-ing
vateri( g: ve vout. Thn it they vouhl i i
:luoger sing, aind tilir pmlrched thiroats
were easei oldy by a seallty supply
of r taIgc.s at1l Ienaionis, u it still they
wo ited. Oil the th!ird ih;y the lights of
a smun'' * ' seen 1:1 only half a imile
oV, 1 . IZ c. ,I" 1111e'e s nt u . :.11
w T er :it t -li l ( it 1 ;a- etl '
):4' w '; i :.en nit w a i ''I wa t s ti 'ell,
' i >Itl vi I' all .11. 1!.(. i. paud ss -
td onl. "';ickly thw s.'hiers oruil at
line onlce Inlro. 1Ad 1114. w -:11'isonne h1
hill bog~utallin
.\ftr sxty-Iiv h10ur1s (if 1meket pass.
ing" at StVaIerI( wasL' Sighted1 whilch r
Sponlded to) Ihe (.111 for, help1. .1nd Ithe
waterlogged Merrmae was l wv edi ito
The niei wh-Io hal stiig ,A t1 cheerily in
the mildst of lhar1d Ilabor and Iin tle face
of death w-ere thoroughly exhausted,
but they hin not lost their light ieari
(d gayety.
GNadmt one's I..-rilv .1ry.
INhlen Mir. (wbdslone" qusilt. anl
old uin i it .hnlb. ed' I th at h e a II .r.
Chatplini were statyinig att the s:titnt ciui.
try house togtelbert onm a v isit .n
nigh'jt atft(er dinner it' Girto (ldi Miin
:tskedl Mr. Chaiip1lin wheitthler hiis graui
iuothetr lhad not: livetI in a tetin
street ini \layf'air. Mr. ( 'iintpin repilited
Ghildstoiie, "1Iitmember it li1st inctily. I
lived niext dhoor tto her f'or a whlile when'i
I wits a cildt. She used t' give a'veii
Ing pairtie's. Whein the ('arriaiges were'
at.Sembihledl to tiake uip, miy brttier anid
I ua to creep out of bed----It wits in
the siumineitr tiine--softly' openi thle wtii
dow11, get iouit our stquitris and idiiiseretIly
lire atway iat the eotachmen'i oni thei
botxtet. I remembiiher te intiensie delight
wiithi which we used t) see themi~ loiok
tup to the sky and caltl otit t) aisk 'acth
other wvhether it wasni't bieginihng to
Wouimdt~eful Mat ture Book.
'The sittlhe.4 boundi boottk ini the gren'az
colleetioni ot' itniature hooks uowned biy
the New York Libriary soelety Is a ('am-i
puigin dlottenet lssuedl Jin 18 It
haeairs noi~t onlhy the distIict ion fi bin ig t
the smallest voltune ha. eit great u'ol
leilon ref'erredl to. ht. hidsaheenm pro
notunced by experts in bo~ok lore to ibit
one of tiht tinlest botoks ini existen'e.
It onitins bu11t fourtt eten leav~es. eacth
oft wi'hih is t'ltosely linlt ed ton b oth
sidtes it mliltrtosopie' typet. Each leaf
and1( st.et-t'ghthis ofi an iinlh in w'idthi.
Tlhie title paige hear's the fotllowinig iin.
G~eneralI Ptierre. tRtspie('lfIully )teint
ed to General 1-a'wis (Catss. C. oncordi
Press, 182."
A Chmeerful View.
Walter's mammanii was very sick wvit.hi
rheumantism, atnd lie was ruthhhig lher
atrmiawhen shte said, "Wa~'lter, it Is too
hadtt that tmnamima is suc(h a tro'tuble to
WitItera melel2dch'tetrfuliy: "'N ever
alive0 we dion' t car. how~~ mineh't yoni stir.
~v., I'd ned' Ltot'h hening.:~iT
G Irasitco t(a t - Whai ' uor'.
'iiif youieepn ~oul lliake
"begger. tasd."rsi -ll m
"ell, S'd lte are dh~elho." f t
expenc In thoumt e iee ~t
"Ar yout n offh05 me-(lts?"liit ii
A lit' alwatys hats ai cetin amounlit of
weight wvithi thaon who ish toboim.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Boughi
A~egetable PreparationforAs -
sin'miin fihefood andRegula
Itig theStoinchs anid Bowels of
Bears the
r.'rol--;oles DigestionClverMu
sess and Rest Contins nellher
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
A peifeci Remedy for Constipa
lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrioca
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
For Over
FcSimite Signature or
NEW YORK Thiry Years
Treasurer's Notice.
County of Pickens.
Office of Count Treasurer Pickens County, S. C.
Pickens, S. C., September 15th, 1905
'Fr.'orer's Office will be open from MON D V
R R e . UNT 1. SATURDAY, D1K-C.m*:R ,;'
S* \\Tl'IOU PEN.\I. Y.
The Rate of State, County, School and SICCial TiIx, iicl u.
i -ne Dollar Poll Tax and One D liar an l Finv Oct
C m1mutation Road Tax.
- e - , ev V r b n t I rus, 8 h' - I.. , I'.
.1 . 19115, norme is-i herebas give) tha11 t be- Ili .a
I--< 4,n11ty Nwi 1 11110n U-t thf. colleotio1 (If I x - o .6.
. 11 TC) Olmi't 16b. uutil -A 'UlVDAY. I I' I ' I-. i'30
III of INXationl aki aIs followp:
Levy for Sti'e Tax.................. .. ... . .
(hdiniry Coiunty tV x........................1 .
Conslitutional School tax .............. 3
1'aat liniebteduess ..................... ...
Road tax........ ...................
Sioking Fund........................
TJotdl b'.vy forii Staito and1( C.ity Taixes4..18 muill
vy 9. .t' st 'n P' ekens4 R. lB. h ond s, Pit'!: is l '. H1 To wniship , :0. mu
v.I Otlr mir-I on1 Pickensui R R honds,. EustatIo4 Townhip~uj, 3 nils
S1 a:1 Lrvy foer School District No. 8, '2 umijll.
1. 44 .1 9, 4 14
", 10, lI "
4' ~ .13, 64
.4 444. " 16, 2 "
19 2. 2 "'
" 4 " '" 81 Cj "'
"3 "4 42, 2 "
"3 "4 " " 49, 2 "'
A Poll T1a.x of One D~ollar per cupita on all malk 0ilizen1" b) Pien14 lw ges of 21
iii 60 years, e'xc- pt stuich as re ex. m Pt by law, it iil be- ii-h't i.i
A *'ommlation tt'1 Roa~d iTx of Or' Do)a and tii Ft (- s u1 t.i he l-e-:al at il
I ii- time~ as8 other tareat from ali male citiz nR between t he iig.., f '21 anid
'ar1*, i-eept auch asi are'4 exemopledl by law. Unle-s saidl tax ii. jmid h- t . :Aw
-reh 19003, five daya work upon tl.e puld)ic hughtways wil U te r- 11uhe d naazl .
( capit ition tax of 50c wi!l 1be colb efed on ea anhl e'very~ ag i t '' 'out e'.
Taxi' : re p -yable only3 in] go'ld (l (d .'.Iver coin, Unit- (I SI 1. ,I 4me s.N
B1 Bak Not a n nd coupons of State B'nds " hiciho be14 1.me pus41h- dmi: . ut g 4
ear 1906.
P .rt ieu m..airing information by n alil in reganrd to th.-ir tax H wi:i ph~ase 4 .
14) 'onion~j of their proper'ty and includ4 pos~t ge f.r at reph~ %, . .d tIoitt pyiii,
IreM by obeck musat include the ebarges' for cillctinig.
SApt. 20. 190&-td Treasurer of Picke: it County,.
Open Your Eyes and Read !t.
[lie Dixie Bargain IHoae
it go in g to m1oveIi afi 0r Chtristwma. Tis ~ st the onh one1 ei 444 (l to et
" lie'(s before' I mIove'. If you wiatto b4 e sati.,fiedI w tih v..o '' mehn,'i'
iht. tiasy duone, bult. a dollart to tunake is prtty hartd. The I):i Ihe . it.
11se4 has1 the 14) ..)1 four' timesQ as largeU stock of . w n.iul -1; b* . .
b(ii 4 i,l coiH ,.r nto c 444, '1) I huiveo nI' v ,iV tI 1
L(arn'1t4(ed. If ycu1 are noat satl ie-dI you get iom n,. m4.~.i, i
4141 d (1 an td I'ee4 t1he beftr you~'41 41 t go somewyher4'e liHo (4' i) I
be-st Clo11thg, Shoes , li 91, Ujnder',,nar, (in' It'hiiih~g. 1'4 .1
dies4)' SkC ri), < hildren)'s Snits, tc., .3 ou e'ver! H'aw, nl at thl '4~4 4i..
you eve'r bought,. Yours~ truly,
Louis Copel
Proprietor the Diie argiHue
The most serious commereial problem
Which colfrouts the country Is the
merelless eloipetitlon being waged by
: - large departnment stores, whieh are
tpringing- up. by the score in all the
larger cities3, against the merchant in all
the comitry towns. From a inall be
gliniipg, largely aided by the establish
nvlt of the rural ialil route systeu, the
trade of the filriiers of the country hi
all staple goods iR be!ng diverted fron
the 1ocal Iluerchant to the city tore.
The wmrk is belig done by A inost per
ailstenit Systeiln of aidvertislypg and quot,
lug of prices aud by offering. certalu
staple trticles I)elOw cost as balt. We
were in a county seat town olf over
2,11110 people not long siuce where we
were 1)d that the bushiess interests of
te tov h1A h ')eejiie colupletely para
ly'ea '.s it of this sort of unfair
c.):petitioi. aiid the towNi gave not a
jile (viden-ice (iof the dry rot which had
;t Puck it. It Is IIIU eltirely Iew C!dli
tiol wlic he tl try Ilerchaiit has to
favc. .1nd I erlap; the Solution will be
f.)tiunl in the ltulldlig of the depart
len'it store inl the country town, the
eunIs li: ht ing of a ituiber of tile varled
cek:munereil interests of a town under
o'n- mana2elniitn, such concerns to be
Il in 1 -hin of such stores, thus in
suring chei::per buying, lower freight
rate., a greatly lessen ed expense Iae
fomut conileted with) selling and dis
tributioil, inore Intelligent and liberal
adlveri ising. This plitn has been very
stU-cce- fll hi one town whlich we know.
We kiow of two others where It Is go
ing into operation this season. It i ut
te-rly useles!- to aip)lali to tihte ethics of
the proltni, to that spirit of loyalty to
liollie ilstitit1ions which is slpposed to
be one, plase of our p:titrlotisin. when a
sewing 1achine, 1 buggy, a bill of gro
Ceris or 1 silt of clothes4 enn Nx? bought
for 1~d cents less nioney lin the city than
it Inn1at horne. Oi all inatters of trade
il'ln Ire thoroighly and ofteln stupidly
selfish. ThV only Waly is to Meet such
Cotilletition ol a11 purely uIlless an1d
sellisl l':isis.
Dowi ill 1 IllIstuire by thle side of 21
little runl. with its giant rot systeil li
contict witih perpetual niolstuire, stands
Sstity wvater eini. one of the most
bei:utiful a21 -inyninet rical trees which
we ever saiw. It. has always grown
111,1nw :1iid has (evir 1111 its fill of alir,
liebIh sshille., tloisture and fertility.
11 irin and resistant to tile fury or the
witllir willis. plialit 1al obedIent to
the swpl 4f the sillIlier storil, it haifs
:I IdIa hunIlred yvars' atl becorne at
ian1r111:1 rk fIor the olnt Illnllity. The first
rn-:hl of 11he spring voices his Easter
1incldy froi its toinlluost branch; the
Old' SwingsP iis lalunock nest on Its
oniermost d roolpinlg ItwIg; a flock of
niUs'y bitekbirds will swarm inl its top
oI their muigratory ilight; under its
gliarlei roots. left exposed 1 ,by the Wash
of tie water in the rui, I woodchuck
Iiomlws its hoin': Its unihra -eous shade
k, l gii 222'red hIle ierveness of the
A n;gusti 1* for the cattle. an1d two gen
ralhmis oW ien have sought its shelter
lor 24u1n111er plilnies and1( liolidays. The
light ning. ihe e-yll1nIe 21111 tihe iloclas
tie 11nd 11 f unl1121 in hae all spaired thIs
gralil old I t; ree . l It hidis fa ir to bies
tin,' u1 ..bl21. inter hini1dr'ed year's. Pal
sici. h e bar1111 of anly n11an who
wolhl sulleii an in suelh a tree as
" * -' '"ul'thingl. stranllge in tile
11ve forl2 wor1king a11ll lg te rights oft
'ny ,r the rai 2ilrh:Iis. They-3 lot 0on1y
lione29yelon ever~i'y Iln-l of soll on the
sile. of' the trackels oh l(evel grotltnd, bt
211 'iwork onl tile sti ('est5 slopes 2 and
(1u2i11 Ifrequently3 worsk righit tinder the
2' :z !be its:elf. thet r'oadllnister of 011e
I. dlIu'1 ilnnI iruik lines wiel(' cross a
wes.'tern' state( tl:lg use not) long Rlince
that th ~i~los ser'ious thing w'hiceh he
1212( to 'lontendl with in Iminltaining a
ol b-'! tr'ack was thle burrtoing of
.i4 -o lne postl under' tile 1ies, cauls
hig thle tracik to settle. It will (Iluite
'.fIin hi' 11oticed tha2t wile the iIght of
way ofar:ti is thus1 worikedl11( the ld
.ici'e the fenice is eniiiIrely free froln
thInl. We( enn1 only13 explain thIs fact
on2 I le grond thatu the type4 of vegeta-.
111io I which grows along these rlihts of'
V'a1, being lar hgely' weedsl of lar1ge root
y35('lSteni <itrd the little Pest a better
ra:tion tha2111be canf fhli iln the (utiIvat
olIed i's. Ralilway3 1m101 wouldt be gild
ti find( out1 50ot1Q iiethod of exteinWinat
illt thieip.
An alged Ima had1 111 onie)11 to the point
whiere' h1 wats (compe)4lle d to sell the
for111 21pon1 wickh he had1( liv ed the best
part1 ofi is life. Oni this far1'in wast 22
iln- gr'oVi of trees whIch had1( beeni 1ur1
were'~ his sp~e' ial Iprid e. Th'le pulrchalser
loairedI t. '-u off tits grovne and1 tise
thie obii in:tn. wh'io remined 11oin tile
Ik timblerp duing the winter.' Along
>w:ee Id 'pring I i. n~ew~ owne 111'nm ie to
vhs llrogr-essilig ;11111 fotilitd to is great
'R:hic. 1th ohtI 11a21 hat1 the r'Olsonl
.a-s, lie "'aid t ha I he ha1d gr'ounld upn
2N 0 a Mi2 al1u( shtirIp, 1121d gOlle to the
bruenshi. I- t whien It ('ame14 to tihe ee:(
nadown oif these trets whlicilhInsd so0
hlihe simply (coub. not1 do it. Anti so
"' * Iber n(111n had1 to bie ftorm)d to do the1
V rk. .\ll 111ose whlo lov'e treces can
:21 ily Symphtlhizei with, this ol 1man.
n J C
Our stock of Dry Goods, Shoes ind Carpets is now com.
piete. We want all of our friends and everybody in Pickens
County to call and see us. Ve guarantee you a squire deal- +
the best goods possible at the smallest living price We nev
er say that we sell goods below cost, for that is impossible, but
e do say that we sell you go ids as cheaply as any house can
and keep in business.
A good Outing at 5c; a be, ter* it 6%4. ..
Flancletis for waists and dresse,,. v
Ginghams for dresses and aprin -
Black and colored Dress Goods i
36 inch Flannels, all wool for Dr. s
All colors and Black 52 inei 3r ,f , I
Mohairs in blat k and colors frm,, 50- 9
Black and colored silks, anythi. g ) ti t, %. +
Big line Ready-to-wear Skirts and Cl ! r il .
Blankets from 5<'' to $io o(, , rcts
Undei vests and pa.ts foi th, whole ' m
Big ine of Embroideries from 5C yaIrf
AND S ADI> t. R.
We make special prices for cnurches. We i iake any size
Window Shade you want.
When in Greenville, conic to see us and we'll take pleas
ure in showing you OUR STOCK whether Nou care to buy
or not.
Remember the Place.
"The Old Reliable"
Cor. Main & Coffee Sts.
To the Trading Public.
You will an my' stock of go ds ve'ry complete thuis fall, consisting of
Dry Goods anld Notions
of most all k inds. G reat bargains in Clothing anid Shoes, Boys' and
Youi hs Suits, M en's Odd Coats and Pant i, Ov'ercoats for Bm ys' and
Meni, Ladies' .lacheots and( Skirts, Men's anid Ro1vs' Knit Overshirts aind
U~nde'rwear Give me a ',nll eind be. c-uvii.ceod that youi can buy g' ods
Scheap h'ere~ as anynhbsre.
Mrs. L. E. MANN. E ix IV iIE , +. C.
I have some special prices to offer the trade for
cash on Shoes, Hats, Pants and various other
.things useful in the home and on the farm too
numerous to mention. When you get ready to
Buy a Suit of Clothes
this fall don't fail to see me before you buy and
get up-to-date tailor-made goods at the lowest
prices. Such goods have neyer been offered in
this section. Each suit made to measure and a
nen fit guaranteed.
Youru trulyi,
J. F. HIARRIS, By imself.
.i. 0. Moore SeI!s 'em Cheap.
I bought a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
he same way, call and see me for most anything you want I
ave a few dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
alicoes and Outings at a birgain. A lot of Shoes to go
heap, in fact everything cheap.
Remember the o'd meat market and bring mec some
~ork and all the Raw Hides green or dry that you can get
>eccause I am selling goods. I don't forget my meat mlark(et
o call and get yonr meat or anything else you want. 4
The Old Meat Market.

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