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liDeninis oI a Local and Personil Naire
,n Bates and Robinson lost a fine
horse Tuesday from being kicked by
a xoule.
0on't forget to call at the Heath.
Bruce Morrow Co., to got 20 lbs of
granulated sugar for $1.
-Jas. M. Gantt has recently had
.i ,ice shop put up on the Hollings.
worth lot, in place of the old one he
has 'been occupying. He is now
,icely fixed to carry on his work.
--"Our Dumb Animals" very truly
m's "if there were no birds man
'JId Ilt live oil thle eilth." This is
1e a4 the10141 i i l shoil receive
erprotecti-n thantiti titd).
---Annouwvcement hias h-1,n maUde
the narriatge onv next itiesd.v of
';Fs Happy Welbori) to Mr. Johni
ickworth, at til) home of the biide's
.rents, Mrl. and Mrs Thomas% W01
rn1, tw.) ileilsL east. of Pickens.
-1r. and M. s. A. T. Folger, who
e been on t visit to their relatives
,left Tesdty for a visit to
ashingtn, accopained hv Mrs n.
olger' 1 moter, Mrs. Alice Bruce.
ler will be gone several days.
--'lhore will be t neeting of the
hers if this cour.v held in the
icko G raded sahool Aud ' fori um
next S.aturdcay N v 25th, he
esir eu of having a very large
11tindan1ce present.
- A let Itrecei recently from
lo ) Wyatt Aiken, informs us
h1t the Post Olflice Department ha1w
.i~t zgran tedIhe e1stabl)ishmenCK)t of a
.ra .utn froim Unetisville heainniing
* .a c . 15'b 19B ,iw) ono from Lib
I I . , 1 C' is . l
I.0 I' 1 . humow eel 1l~I n
b~e1;r I N-C and two liv<s, and a f V
( 01'eb i lhls an 'w eral d1olho- in
ver F1tler ret 11r I to W. L 1cr.
c'Iti. \Iil ~ ii ree. N. ( , atnd get Ilirc
Sc wnrd, er t his (411ffice.
F,..v D W 1I itt will (Nhis at)
'pinitment111t in th Plicenos Bapt ist.
("'hurch0 nixt Sabbaith mlornling a 11
'clock and will delver a sertmon0 (.1n
' Church Discipline." lverybody i1
invited to come and bring t'cir
Bibles and stud' the s i b j C c t
-- D1own~t in MassachmusetlIs a woman i
has114beeni taking up a collection e
among her frienids for the puirpoise
or raisinig money enough to secure a i
divorce. If the man in the case 1
doesn't feel cheap1 we may be safe in t:
conludh'ing thtat t he lady~ dleset ves herr
--Mr. We.. T. 11osse, who has beena
with 11s the past live months, left last 1
-\onday for Brevard, N, C., his for
umcr residence and has gone to work
0on the S~ylvani Vallley Ne~ws. He is a l
line printe(r andi we regret to gie
bhu up but he thought best to make
tIloe ebiange
-The momen1t ia wVomanl'5 heart
begins to get sour amnd embittered
the wr'iiles~ Ccop out, readyv for busi
nless. lIeIr faceM is as crinkled as a
paper lamp shadok and it she ever
look~s sweet and young again it is be
cause she has jearned to keep) her
heanrt sunnv.
-..J (. Boggs oif Liberty, was int)
Plickenli1s hrsday on1 biu.iness, 10Ie
has been2 successflI this year in fruitI
raising and nlow reports having fudl
grown well iled], grapes ont his vin:e~o;
this is tibe ac condo crop his vites have
horme this year. Such vtines are val
utbie if they will only keep up) their
bearing <p5ialities.
* - -Deputy Mafu rshail J~Ed. MceIaniel,
of Piekens, willI, make his lheadqueir
ters in the city lie his recenitlyv
ben commli~Sioneld Iinmd will be aso
ciated ini this section with D~eputy
(Colect~or Aiketn. He, is a sotn of ex.
Shieriff McLaniel of Pickens countyv,
I * was dlepu ty shritT uder his
father.-The G~ reenville Heorald 20th1
*-Annonnuieimnrt is mad of the
marriage of Miss8 Mtaid Malndini to
ir. eJ 2.R'ogelrs of WVilliamsltoni1, by
F. E. Senigo or Greer, at the residence
gi tihe bride's~ parents, Mr. atnd Mtrs.
Albe M. llau!liio, t morrow (TIhuru.
dtay) nii. bt at 7 o'clock. The happy
cun le will ha~ve thle best wishes of
I ern. tui fria-nds for at long andio
)app~l~y bifet.
Our Chrisi
Watoh for Our
-S .everal ofi (i e ad vertisersa
,hange their ads this iissuu; don't fail
0 read them
--ir. John T. Femnnell, who has
e ' 11iind(1 to hiti room for Rsverll
hky is ble tb hoOut :tg-lil.
-11 . Criue t- torned from N i th
Car lina Tes-lay with a d1r1 ave of cat
le and hogs, lljehih h1e is driviig to
ijarkets lower dowln to sell ont.
-"Zeke has gone to Oklahe,ii,
Ur B. mie has gone to bis4 firat love,
ur rollere hiave not, been heard fhrm,
it the "old 1111ni" has taken ehargo
14nd tlit necon i- for tle. Qo1)od pri t,
o 0 the e3 t H w .- N
" 1 'ill. 13 a I. n
--The Vhm o( lai 't ymes I gg Clo
is Ii bree ill hons of dllars. All the
'(l(i IllilneS il the world yield a little
,ver half ias much. The South is
hie bp-t, place inl the United Stitos
.r -pou1miltry raliing. The long Sum
ners aud mild wiiters miake it an
-aSY iatter to keep chickens inl good
-- Mr. Elins T. lIolcombe, who has
)een quite sick for several months,
lied at his home in the Mt. Carmel
eetion last Saturday and was buried
unday at the L them family bury
1)og omlld. Hie leaves a wife and1
(veral childron beside ai hIbt of1
einitives and friends to mu urn hi
lemfise). Truly ai good manlf, at kod1
itighbor, an aflect.ionate father and
loving lufhaban has gono to his
---We( ar~e late this week; we had a
hipment of paper due Iast we(:k inomn
tichmon1dl(, 'a , whichi did noat re'ich
is- "eo tried Greenville to borrow
miough to get out on from the Daily
herald, but when it, reached us it
vas a 'olumn1 shortI being a ix col(3
imn instead of a seven column pap r'
lbwever', "e have miade use of it, and
>y next week hopee to have our own)
)aper- and oIr ne(w set of rollers and
vill give you a goodl pauer- Beair
vith us a little while and in the
neantjimeu comle in) anid pay up Ho we
he~y fall on s
-T 'lhe druggists of the county met
A. Easley last lFriday, the 17th inst.,
mid or-ganize d tihe Pickens County'
'hiarnmctical Association, it baing a
iranich of the N it i.ne al As.cwec ii f
letail Droiggists. The organizati mi
vasi perfected by the election of
V. R W3 at, CJentral, Presidenti
h. RI. Martin, Easley vice- lheeidenit;
J. H1. Parkins, Liberty, Secry-Treaq.
l re wodr( repr~iesettives fr. m
bvery store in the count: and a v ry
mnthlusiiistic meeting waIs held TIhe
isso(ciation) was organiz,-d for mntual
>enef(it and wvili be of much good to
ha druggists of the county.
D~o not be dleoeivedl by counterfeita
vbeni you buy Witch Hanz'l Snive. Th'Ie
11m11 oh E. (I. Dewvitt and1( Co. ms oin
wvery lbox of thi" genuline. P'il(e in
,beil worwst form wvill soon1 pass away if
roec will aipply DLA~itt's WVitchi fia1ze1
4dve night 33nd( morn31ing. Best for
Duots Burns. Boils Tet ter, E'c:'emn, etc.
So1(d by Pickens Drug Co.
A liquid cold enirO "1nd the only Cough
Synp whi(ch moves the b~owels-wvorks
ill cold out of thm system --is Kennedy's
Fjoxt.ive Hloney and1( Tar. learrs the1
hea~d anid throat and mnakes wrenk hiungs
strong. Best for (Croup, Wh~ooping
Congh, etc. Childron love it. Sold by
Pickens Irne Co.
Car Load:
Largest Stook.
WE have by far one of th - largest displays
Furnishings, Furniture, Hardware, Bug.
the country. Both our stores ai )a(ked to Ov
markets are coming in every day. Our prices a
everything before the advance in prices and we
the advantage of these extremely low prices.
i)ress Goods.
In this line We have 14pared neither time nor (expe)nso
up to date and best selected stock of Dress Goods ever
Woollen Dress GJoods, Cassimeres, Worsteds, Broadclotha
Trimmings to match. Outings, Jeans, Flanuels, Peret
prices. In fact our entire line of dry goods will go at the
today. Don't fail to see the assortmetit of Embroideries v
Skiits, Waists and Underskirts. Jackets fron, $1.50 to
Clothi ng.
This is onr main line and our pride-the line on
,t ud itig the line at closely as we have enaes us t() pfi
that the market - o(1rds. Fit. Mtyle and Quality are three
lothing ha; all of these qualities, and are right in price.
Suits lor Children, sizes 4s to 178, ranging in price fl
Soils for Yiuths' from t2 50 to 8111.00.
81i's for Mfen from '83.00 to $1'7.51).
Itra Pants for Bioys, 4s to 17s, pr'ew 25c to .011.0).
YIths' Pntis 750 t) $3.100.
.\ln's 'ants, ail sizes, $1 III to ;(;Aun.
Oveicnals for L verybody, lig, little, old and youn, s-J
A'uong the many different lines of Clothing we hand
"Mrs. .lane Hloplins' Make" for boys. Ve also represent
ingconcerns in the world. See us for anything you ont
guarantee satisfaction.
Rhoes. Sho
For the past live years~ our shoe sales8 have b'een st.-ad
did the first year we were ini business. ' he secret of tis
and everybodly is fiding it out. A mhong the many' popula
for meni, women and chiildr'en; he beCst shoe', 'Is eZvbuds
the Walkover Shoe for men att $3:50) anu( 84 00, the Stets
vanced from 10e to 20c per pair in the last t wo weeks, butt
in leather, and wvill go at the samie old prices.
Furnliture,I Hardwa:
Buggis, Wa
The entire upper Iloors of our stores are devoted excl
solid ear i n- places us in a position to save you from 140
ture line. Solid Oak Suits ficm $12.50 to 800.00. Oak
$8.. 0. Safes *2.50 to $G.00. Big line of Trunks, Sot
agents for the New Homue Sewing Machine, onie of the I
Wagon and Chase City Buggy. Tbo old reliable Mitchi
higher in price, perhaps, but so much better in wear.,
lot of Poultry Netting.
1 ickens has the reputation of being one of the bestc
"banner town of the county," and don't forget while heri
good goods at the right prices. Call on us and be coiti
Clothing, Shoes, I lats and Gents' Furnish
Shoes, Stetson Hats, Stetson Shoes, Mitchell V
and Country Paint.
FOR SAL~E-At a bargain. Top (ei t $ a.tlis
bugg'y almost as good as new Call
at this office for informiationi. You bring t lie
~J D). Moore has tought out~ Mr. -lendrsonu, theii
Henry South rland's stock of goods woU 11 nikcte cii
and will sell them at a bargain. Call iud gv yo eih
and see him. i'l.OeCn
Granulated sugar 20 lbs fori $1 at AlacutD
the Heautt Bruce-Morrow'Co. d( u iiadt
etS..Ettoebanaba3eange tbtate miust Lbe set
Drug Do.
mas Goods
Drug UD.
Norris Notes.
Dear Ed.t ir.-- As it has been
a >me time since I saw any news
from this part, I will try and give
y -u a few d'ti,
TI -. h. 'th 'if the com'ounity is
good )It nr1. SOI-t
Nit. G ido Pvk.-.n- has moved
to %.I r. %% ill itims plac- ubar Nor
ris. We A(-,lcomo him to our coun
Burglari entered the storo of
MI. Larkin Phillips last Saturday
inight and took between $75 and
$100 worth ot dry gwods and gro.
cori. N tinc. to the rohhors
C ne. e i nd
Mit-s Ni try Gatr. . of Pickens
Giaded School spet.t last Saturday
and Sunday at home.
Mr. Willians, the boss spinner
of Newrv and 1ihre Crensiaw .,1
Newry spont. tie day at 'i r. .1. (1.
Mauldin's ieceitly.
Mr. Tom Garrett has puehasdI
for himself a new wagon.
Mr. Thos Medlock has sold out
anid gone to Sand Mountain, Al.
J. F. Medlin spent two days last
week at J. T. Palmer's on the Ke
owee side. Suntlower.
How to Cleana old Bo041C Piateu.
TJ.o restore old boo0k plates that lIro e
been lujutred by age and1( damp proceed
as follows: IPlace upjoni a flat surface
a sheet of white paper somewhat lar
ger thanli the print to be cleaniejl. Care
fully dampen the print on both sides
with a soft. wet .9ponge andl then satu
rate it with a mixture of chlioridie (If
lime andi oxalk- acidt dissolved in about.
etlual 1prolportions in a pint of cold
water. You ean tell when the mtixture
is right by its turinug magenta color.
Continue to alpply it until every stain
or spot has disappearedl and1 then wIth
a clean sponge washi the print freely
with cold water.
F~ew chaiinces.
"You must try to love your papa as
much as he loves you,"' Naid the visitor.
"Oh, I love him moure!" replied Tomn
"indeed ?' Doesn't yourm papa love yoiu
very much?
"Not much.t lit' says' he only loves
Hie set thme Pane.
"You semCC bound and determinedI t
lve right up~ to miy salary.''
"I'mt mecrely tryiug to live up to the
dliainond1 and1 thinigs you1 gave me1 when
we' were engaged, dear." -iHouston
A Poor sort of a Golfer.
Sandy. having been naked if Mr.
Meadowemoft was a golfer, replied:
"Weel, no(; not a real one. He missed
a game to b~e at hlomle when his second
child wats born."-Chicago Riecord-Her
Makes Kidneys and Biadder Right
'County of Pickens.
By .J. B. Nowbery, Esquire, Probato
Where'as, H. L. Trotter made suit
to me to grant him Letters of Adminia
trationi of the Estate of and eff'ects of
Marg ret Trotter, dleceasedl.
Thmese a.e ther-fore to cite and ad
mnomahi all and mingular the kindred and
crediitoral of t he Raid Margaret TIrotter,
'leceaandl, that thov~j ho and appear be.
forn me. in the Court of Probate, to bo
held att Pickea Court Honse, S. C., on
the 23d, day of November. 190)5, aifter
pmblication hereof, at 11 o'clock in the
t oretiorn, to show onas, if any they
hatve, why tho aid administrationl
should not bo grinted.
(liven under my hand and soil, this
th dauv of November, 1905, in tihe 130th
yeart (If our inidejpndene.co
J. U, Newbery,
J. P1 , ,
s of 'Em.
Lowest Pries.
of D Goods, Clothin Shoes, Hats, Gents
:ies and Wagons ever brougrht to this part of
erllowing, and still new goods fresh from the
re right for the simple reason that we bought
are therefore enabled to give our customers
Dress Goods.
to throw before the trading public one of the most
shown in this part of the coortry. Everything in
S1-nrieths, Skirtigs and Waistings, with Laces and
des, Kerseys, Dross Ginghams and Calicoes at the old
old prices - cleaper thai we could bu some of them
,e are showing, 3e to 50c per yard. Big lino of Jackets,
7 50; Skirts from A1l0 to .7.03, any style and color.
Cloth ing1o.
wichii we dory competition. Setven years' experience
Ue before our custo)ecrs the best goods for the m m v
essoritial things tihat go to make good clothing. (. ur
'om 75c to 8(6.00.
5o to $17.5'; all colors and sivIsZ.
le are tbe celebrated "Horse Shoe" brand 1' r nen aid
tie In ternational Ta lorm 0Jo., one of the best tailor
v nced in the clothing , r gents' furuishing line. We
es. Shoes.
ily increasinog 'till no0w we sell live times thre amount wo
is very simplje- -we sell nrothinig but first class shoes,
r brandcs we carry ar~e 1 bre old renowned
3 AXE"
k nows, on er. rI i for tihe mnoney. Thelr Godmani Shoo,
onl Shoe for men at $5.00) anid $6 00. Shoes hrave ad
every ia. ro the hrouser was bought before the advance
re, Stoves,
gon s and( Harness.
usively' to Fuerniture. iBuying Futrniture as we do in
to 15 per cent. in amiythiung you may treed in the furni
I ressers fromeu 85 On to $15 00. ()akl leds from 52.00) to
shels. BRugs, Art Sinrares and .dehlines. WVe are sol e
'est made. Bcrggies W~agons, anid Sulrrteys ---..'itchell
11 is still monat ch ot' tihe road and always will be a little
Just received a car of B~arbedi Wiro arid Naila and a big
otton) marke:sa in the s tote, so bring yor cotton to lbh)
Sthat Folger &V Thorrnley ha ve tihe repuitaition or selling
ing G oods a1 sp~ecialty. Agents for Battle Axe
Vagons. (':rhart Overalls and I {arrison Trown~
Bl uec St raw Seed heleIie C..I. Oifotlx.
s it0 per bushel. (~r11( ~ 1( et lu u h
meeikebI " )ei t''ooo t.(5.51 Li.s
amne. WA ill muiko Ole.li.gyIt('aonrprng
>inlet phuiot.>graphsM' I*e ee di'g et. irrs pi
siftul gilt. liiiiiunne 15 lry tresnbe rc
tes anid trortgagres A.Nr lrtlBokshp
t~b.ca tl~.t erhot, tic . 1 . isoExr
1)Itdc, al. Ie Spcala of theS b1les f anr an the
nida mi hsi alcuke.I,''bsktoao at.cls rcs

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