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LucAs:CoaUTY, SS
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co. doing businensa in the Oity
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid
and that said firm will pay the sum o
and every cane of Ciatarrh that can not be
cured by the une of Ihall's Catarrh Cure,
Sworn before nie and subscribod in
Umy presene0 this tie- fit lay of Decem
her, A. 1). 1886. A. W. (.iiLlFuSON.
(SV~Ai No-r-. ' -.,-.
lfiai's Cateiurth Cure is taken - a ni
Iy, falid 11-14 'ire'. l V 'h 114% blo)),, 111(l
for, N- 'im iai ls l i .
F. J. CIF *N IY & C., t.,;., 0.
Sold by 1ll DIruggists, 75c.
Tale Haill's Family Pills for w nt ipr
CO A.t O T" 40 x 3c.A..
Bear the I ho Kind You Have Always Bought
Thanksgiving Day anJ Epworih
- I-. V 1
p)our,ut 1: o iun ste .ad tt i~iIowing onlit
He slI)s, "Inailmiugich as ye halivo dou
it unto the least of these my brothi
ren, ye havo d->ne it unto me." Th11,
dependent, homeless orphais ar
dear to His great, loving h1eaurt, an
there is nothing, perha11ps that, w
could do for Hia Ithat wolid pleuill
Him muoro than care fur those lit,tl
On Thanksgiving let thb orphar
be specially remernbered, lot a rang,
mOMs be made in every communit;
by which the moro fbintinnate ca
show their grat(itudo to God )y 1111
ing the fatherless anl(d dependent. 13
contributing of our meansi on thei
behalf we hononr our Lor(l and ha
comO Ia bOlesilig to otlerst. WNhiiI
there is genertal rejoicing tihro'aughou
the and, should not 0 he orphan
haive somAe O~evidee, som 111 swe'et tI
ken of t heir fair bie r's hu 1and~ t carel'?
Money, provisionsa and dry' good
will be acceptablo ar'd helpful.
Mark boxes and buindler plaint
and ship to W. B. Wharton,
~Snpt l pworth Or()phnage,
Colniimbia, 8. C.
Whenz you want a pleasaint physic tr2
Chamberin in'a Stomach and Liver Tab
leta. Thzey are easy to take anid produie<
no griping or other unapleasant otitce
Sold by Piekens Drug Co.
P'rospiective Purchaisor- -ou sur~ ihik
In a healthy 1)1ace, yet the mlli'a n'
door Is confined to his bedl. Iliow do
youi account for that? Iteal EI zate
Agent---Oh, he's i dloctor andl is slowivly
dying of stsarvat ion.- (Chlingo Newsv.
Deliberate treachery entails punish
ment upon the traitor. TChere is no pos
sibility of escaping it. eveni ini the hi1gh
est rank to whieh the Ponasent of soa'ie.
ty can exalt the m1eianest anid the worst
of loen.--J unlus.
Destiny has turned zmay a man
down while he wvas waitIng for some
thing to turn uIp.-1ucce9s Maguaine.
"I Thank Tihe L~ord!"
cried Hannah Plant of Little Rock, Ark.
"fur the relief I got from htucklon's
Arnica Salve. It cured my fearful run
ning sores, when nothing else would
heal, and from which I had suifered for
5 years." It is a mlarvelonas hieaer for
ecuta burns and wounda. Guaranteied at
Piokens D~ru~g Co. 2rio.
Arkansas and flh' Sout hwest.
L4ess than one way fare for thei
rond trip by Memiphis and thei
Cotton Belt Routo. Dates are'
GOtober 17, Novembear 7, and
'21, D~eoember 5 and 19.
iIck your date and aay wheon andi
Whoro you walnt to go and1( we will
giv'o you full informnatIon by returna
IDELTI(OlOt II Rouate,
Punishment That Was nfliete4 po
Neglecting Their Repair.
W. 11. Wheeler In his "History of the
Fens of South Llncolnehire" qluotes
1Harri'Isort a- saying, in bl.3 preface to
Hloiiiislied's "Chronicel." that "such
V3, hiniig walls or banks near into
the sea, do muther the namne to decay.
ifter convenlient admolition, where)y
the water entereth and droniveth up
the eoutitry, are by it certain anelent
en;:In appllehlnded, vouden)ed an.
:.iin forever ia parvel of the new %waivl
th1 i? to be ma1det UlmotE them. IK I
Itllarr8ilso -, r fr n. 1 111n fit pre:'el.
abie to tike out, im the earil iet :aiu
thmrity for this, and he only speaks of
It as a report.
'II :1 - y o t N er. F. V'. .1. Spme
rell lin "The Archaeologht Catintili" re
hiting to Dartford, I tind the following,
wh:'lI, though It Is by no mens it proof
of what IIarrism had heard, tends to
n:ke tihe stat emient leis inprolmbe
(h: I: it lte.e :. : 1be
"In ently timles theitoma R1111way.
eiro.'.1ed Ihe marsh kuntroubled by the
tale. Afterw'artl, tit tide hiving ad
vanclted furtlier iind, the road was
rinised. becoming i causeway. In me
tal'ivail times this Ink was heightein
ed tagainst the title, the road running
inside, as at present. During a section
made a few years ago through this
rad, nearSt idblolph's house, I Haw a
hmtinn sketleton extenlded aeross the
biik about two feet below the prest3
it suril'fatCe. This Is, of course, a
str:ango altuntion; but, looking to the
fact that it Wag a tide wall, It Is pos
tihle that the once owner of the skele
lun had the duty of repairing the )alnk
amnl, having let the tide through by his
negh'-t. was placed In the breach, thus
hltping to repair It while suffering
punishment. .8. Smiles has mentioned
that. such a mode of dealing was a me
diaeviil custom. However, I know not
how far the ancient graveyard extend
ed hereabout, so that the body, which
showed no sIgns of burial, might yet
have been hurled In sacred ground."
London Notes and Queries.
Don't abuse your rival. Behave bet
ter than he does.
ver thy oneC has an excuse for drink
0 ing. None of them Is good.
0 Iow many people are you "comfort
0able" with? Not very mny probably.
Whei It coiles to romnice, the kind
foiud Ili bouoks is very superior to the
8 real tig
It. 1. stated there is ain exception to
every rule, but doti't hope you will be
onIe to the rtile of old age.
A good 1may people are like little
birds in a nest. When you praise them
y they lie still with theIr mouths wide
r open for inore.
i!,iltgitlt'i are vet'y iiuch ilke gIgOP,.
Thep, v switlt engine makes more fuss
C nrotiI the depot than tit engines on
t (Ite through trauins. The cheaper the
personi, thet inore ItroubI.~lie &S Ics.
Atcl bon-.( lobue.
ileauty anlI flEe Beast.
A wvell knowni soultbern churchman
was rece'nt ly visiting New York, ae
comI~imnied b~y his wile, who la as beau
v tiful its her life mte is homely. 'They
were walking down Broad way one sun
iy afternoon, and tihe pair attraeted
imuchl aittent~in. One of two young
"spocrts," evidently thinking to attract
teli favora*bie atttetiont of the chur'ch
, unn's wife, in an audible aside r'e
imariked tha t it was ainother ease of
"tIhe beauty and t11he beast."' QuIck as
a wilnk the hiusbandit turnted anid, as he
swung his right to the speaUker's jaw,
scori'ng a knoc'kout. said. "I am a mian
of l)eacte, but I ntever' allow any one. to
call may wife at bett."'-New Yor1k
cathurinme P'arr.
Ca tae I 'arr, the sixth wife of the
muc~h marrmied Ileutry VI II., owed more
to her itnteliectual thani to her' p~ersoniaI
chiatrius. Shie was not good looking.
bu0. tila nlleasti- face and a wori'i
of1 ltet. So skllfully did she manage
ler' tr1oublesomeL husband as act uaily
to tuarn hin against some of the most
trustedi of' his own~ offiliais. Once an
orderi wits mad1t.e out for her arrest on
at e'ltitge of heresy, but she got news Elf
cte nut ter1 and14 so eleverly flat ler'ed
andm sopothted Ii enry as to effect a com-.
plete t'cotielliatilon, and wvhen the otil
e'irs camie to serve# the ornder he drove
t hemn outt wilth curses andt thret'I.
Iirave or Reckless ?
Wh\ien a you~ng man on a smauli suti
*at.V andu wuith the future very Iuer-t'
tuitm Metts martried we claim he Ia as
reckless as ir lhe Jumtiped Into water
andtt ctuinm't swimi. Th~le ro)mantie may
cnll It eotuage, but it ia pure rec'kless
ui.'ss. - A ('1h tson Globe.
All Broke Up
"She ws very oniieh affec.ted, was
"'I shoulI say So). 11er eyes droppetd,
her v'oice broke, hteri face fell, an'd tinal
ly shet burst into t ear's."'--Baltiore
A tierlea n.
Courtesy to. Strangers.
if a muan h e graciouls and courteous
to straingers It showvs he is a citizen of
the' world and thatt his heart Is n ig
hand ('ut off fromi othler lands, bult a
4'ontinlent thait jolis to themif.-Ilacon.
A lIuncth of Her,
First Artist --- What's that you're
plainting, a mediaev'al faily group?
second Artist-Not exactly. Tihat's a
plortrait of Mr's, Ienry VIlI.-Louis
YllIt ('ourierJoiunal.
Anything to Please.
Mudge--See here, what did you1 mean
by saying I wasu't half witted? Yaha.
Iey--What shall I say? 'That you aire
half wvitted?
RHEUMACIDE goes right to the seat of th
.all the germs and poisons out of the blood, clean
Saots in the body and sets all the organs to Wor
Nature's way. Purely vegetable, non-alcoholic, it
most powerful of cleansing medicines, and at
time regulates the liver, tones up the stomach a
up the entire system. RHEUMACIDE is the onl
that cures rheumatism to stay cured.
RHEUMACIDE has cured thousands of case
other remedies and famous doctors had fallec
Percelle, of Salem, Va., spent $200 in medicines
dreds of dollars for physicians' fees, and at last hew
by half a dozen bottles of Rheumacide. 0. Dii
2120 Ramsay street,' Baltimore, says it has "mai
man." Mrs. S. A. Combes, 114 S. Gilmor street B:
It cleansed her blood, took away her pains, and m
like a new woman." V
After*Noted Doctors Failed. and recommends Rheun
Here is a vase cured by RI UMA.C
CIDE after noted New Yiw sjiwc-ial_
Ists had failed. Mr. W. t uges CURES AFTEF
writes fron /% tkins. Va.:
-Four bottles of RIIVUNMACTIDE Sample btl n
have entirely cured ttl or I lo '
standing case of rhemaitusmlt and for postage to
reatly imlroved my veneral li-alth.
was a tota I wreck. Ia it had i11ivr -
r wes ymumo Bobbitt Chemical
ecialists in New York, ho ilrl inotit t iZii. Chmica
RACIDE. is the only cire I hanve
found When I begano to ue it I
weighed 140 pouinds. Nov. I weLigh 180
pounds. my Sorna Weigh ( TAR T TOC
Perhaps you iyor ray hair; then keep it. Perhaps not;
then remember-Hall's Hair Rencver iil awys restores color to
gray hair. Stops falling ha'ir, also. "tr;nc geS.
iTat's our text. It'sii as "ur t r.
Ih'as thie text of all the s enta.u~s w. p: I h
Jusit nJow we're inzkintg of voorj warI.I for- te coing~, seaO n.lIt
We take it that a tii oura iht i- i qutirt hent will be. a new Suit or Over
on - - perhaIps bo0th. We hoQ['. sot .
N wwe are5 goi ng to ask yu fortt a very It m Itt s tiIttISor , 1'1 O.ti.
1oughd of it to enale t fl in s-ep ini to~a- se the Iih.n-t VI Stits and1 Overcoats
Your Eyes Ever Rested Upon.
Ev ery w Link in Cint, St~ le iand IFali la ' ho ! gone inito theseo e'xco. ent
If yfoui ve usV thbe fewali momei it f.>r I w ieb1 ;n i< you , we'll at one c'Ot..
otisi yo'O ll n ot limti it pric 1 I to ' I y m. ( )r n xIt is ourse'(- i ll be~( WiIIIJon
he snmo text--Clohe,.
Smith> & flristow
N. D. T AYLoR, Photographer,
The~ kind that air" mlach, at tIh' I est muius o of thle birg.-r cit ies.
and finlished-I on t he latest, a1 int proltt i..s I, tard(s to bet huad.
Nice line of- mou lings nt td ram11W-a ( t si z -'e mii ': to ordter.
a disease, sweeps
i up all the plague
k again in
is yet the
the same
nd builds
V remedy
s after all
I. Austin
and hun
vas cured
strich, of
de him a new
titimore, says
lade her "feel
our druggist sells
booklet free if you send fi
Company, ProprietorsE
Your Tradilig 1101110 Whlle
in Greeniville.
TIe closer yon investigate our prices
11und our metih1ods of doing business, the
better our ehances to sell you.
Our shoe man lis grown grey studyv
ing leathers and lasts. The result is,
we are showing a line of footwear, every
pair of which is sold on our personal
gnarantee. A shoddy shoe has no place
4-n1 oir shelves. A sho must be leather
an. good leather at tlit before wie aro
willing to sell it.
MEN'S SHOES--Men's gennine first
quality split, as noir watipioof as a
shoe can be; m11aide at th price. A new
pair if they do.'t wear--$1.25. Men's
genuine Kangaroo ilultchers, $1.51).
31en's High IRoots in1 Kangaroo 11nd(
Satin Calf,'worthl $2.51) at 82; weighlt 3
j)oun1ds. Men's Sunday Shoes, Kainga
roC Blutchier, all Rolid leatherT, $1.50).
Our "'Talk About Shos"-the best $2
Box Calf we have ever seen. Men's
Westeurn Oil-G(1rainled Water-Proof
Shoes, the $3.50o kind for $2.099. "King
Q1uality"-no better sho0e c'an b'e madle,
$3.50 an ) $4.
LADIIES' SHLOf -C'omfort and
genluine Dongola Kid, patent tips, solid
leather coulnters and mnsole, 81 the pair.
Ladies' Geuinoiu Viei KIdl, ealsily worth
81 50 for .91.25. Old Ladies' Shoes,
qilted or felt top~s, vici fr ont. wool or
fleece lined, solid leather conuters an~d
misoles, $1.25. Laudios' ''every daiy
shoe," Ksi'waroo, common sonse or
tips, $1.25.
elZohin m Lu ought early, before the(
b)ig adIvancee in wool, so o'ur customers01
wvill se3 1no diaf' ren)ce in the price. In
fact, wei bi .ve many things chi.aper th.mn
hist year. Whlen you buy a suit from
118 you have the satisfaction of knowing
that you have the. very best that money
cain buy-and, if anything turns out
wrong we are to make it good. Our
clothing muist give s.tisfactioni in wvear
andl~ iuality, or weO can1't 1hope to keep
your trado. Th'lese fIgu ros will serve to
give you an idea of thle genueral run of
)Iur prices: Men's Winter Suits, 11ato
3.uts, all colors, strongly made, wvell
imoed and1( fiishied: $5.00, $0.50, $7.51);
38. 50. $10.00, $12. 50. $15. 00, $16.50 and
$18.00. Our $18.00 snits aire what othi.
ers get $25.00 for. That's straight.
Maxwell-Feagle-David Co.
117-119 N. Mainx Sr., Greenville S. C.
Rlead the roeks on1 the0 read to (lreen
billo) and oomo to T.1he Onutlet.
T0 acres of land ne(
on Pumnpkmntown road. *10
120(I acres near Tra
.joining landsa of Mr. Thos. Ci
Watson 01(1 home. $l5 per act
Wino small bracts of land, 20 to 50 aci
bHe have also some very desirabOle lot.
along tho car line-$60 each.
e cents Scla i aa
Rheumatic Oout.
altimore. onstipation
__________ Kidne Trouble,
Liver iseases,
La Grippe,
Blood Poison,
All Blood
A otica of' Eschieat.
Lands of Clvin M. Smith, deceased.
Ai 'niInest of escleated Ittmdis of Cal
vim M. 8mith, late of Pickels county,
deceased, lavig been m1atie Itt tie
Sprinltg term of 1905, of Uthe Court of
Common PlIes for "aid count v, aid cer
tilied to ie by the presiling .indge, and
Hait l11 i 1e8t iavting 1)!(1 ret it med to oe
by Ih10 echeator, llotice is iei. by giveU
to tile heirs at. law (if the said Calvin Ml.
Smith, (r others claiming uider him, to
ippear aud mako claim to said escheated
Said Calvin M. Smith diled October
16, 1901, an3(d w11s4 thie 1, rzon last seized
of said IIIItds, wiich are described as
All that pieve, parcel or tract of lind
lying and bei ng sittate ii the counlty of
Pickensstate of South ;arolina ini Eas
tattie townsi) oil east side of Big Eas
taltoe oreek, colmpisingy 11fthre hundred-v
and I w(tt ive t:U3h acre. mire or( 0l ests
jointi ng hmdan I of lIIester SI --wiartnd
am1) oior and known~ i as' the Alph Biilar
toni home pilace.
Oct-ImiO A. d1. liO( (g,
Clerk of ( ouirt for PickeniseCoun~ty.
Cures all Coughs and . The Red
a s sist s in expelling omarndthe
Colds from the Hone Be
S y s tem b y *otvery
gently moving '.
the bowels
A certain cure
for croup and
(Trade Mark Registered.)
E. 0. DeWITT & CO., CHiCAGO. U. 8. A.
Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
I wiill iappiy to J1. B. . N -whery. Pro.
>te Judge of Pickenis (ant ty on the 5th
liay of beember 1905 f. r' a flinal settle
nent of the e talt( (of Mathal~t S. Mat' i
Oin deea~ised andit atsk lto i (dismissteed as
xeitor'. I. 0. Malttti on,
Nov. 1. 1905 w4. Execntor.
~ar M~1aiett a, S. C.,
)or acro.
ontinfghamfl. Prt of the Butler
near e y limits. These lots are 4
)N & SON
lie, 3. a

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