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Enterptd April 28, 903 t Peoon 5 (., a sond claM matter, under set of Cong-owt of Mit c-i 3 .18
Some PenPiotures Portrayed for the
I have heard aai read a gnd
deal ao0tI, the) cooniug prohltibiti. ii
of South Carohua wLich. I believ
and hope will be the law of the
Stto hbfro many yeears eltp.i..
8 me o e thais asked thti qu-stim.
what will Iollow tiw diwpenseary.
sl -4 prohibition rule, and elect.
omcers to enforce ih." ISv that. will
d . i, and not sit ar .und towln at.
On11y g )Out whe" so'me case is re.
pot1e.t to them and then p--rhap
go u few unIlls trou town and flivi
it oettled in some bhtady nook oua i'
broach und merely say, "Scat '
and scare the iooishinoer enoug)h
to make him slyer than before. At,
for school funds let taxation brik
the amount demanded, for any
good honest citizen that is a wel,
wisher to himself, his childre
friends and neighbors, had rath.
pay more taxes to educate h I
children than to know that h i
children was being educated w-..
money that was raised by the liqu
traflic, which is dmnitng the sou
of individuals, and ruining .
sweet peace ot homes and can.'
poor hungry chaidren to gas b..
footed aud halt clothed thro i..
the cold ireezimg wint r mowr.
Stud) Olib o likute, lieas, au
3ou tiol't beii.-ve I an rgi
and inveitLig4te and Neil for y
self, anid i"LtA to'think ihat aii
an educ.stsd person as ',.> "
know wail upuol.i tuch a i
cauwing w'aker natur-,d p..-rs.o
peilaps, iaitk lito I tilu alid -I
dattow anti pulusiing ouls iet,
structi.on for jut a tfw ,ola..
their town lilterest.
I have noticed sitice the d.
sary went out o Pickens at
can walk the streets without. -.
muvste(d by a drunk man stat. -
ing along, which was not the t
before, and dome men who t11 e.
practico uf getting druuk on :3a 41
daytj hatve not been drunk sii -
I know of sinco the curse wel i.
and one merchant owned to nav -
ing taken in two hundred dollare
in ono month over the same iionii
last year.
"Woe unto him that giveth hi ,
neighbor drink." When you giv
your sanction to the State b- arroon
r system you are giving him drii'k
-That's what a prom inen1
druggist said of Scotti
Emulsion a a o r t timn
ago. As a rule- we don't
use or refer to testimonials
in addressing the public,
but the above remark and
s im ila r expressions are
made so often in connec
lion with Scott's Emulsion
that they are worthy of
occasional n10 t e . From
infancy to old age Scott's
Emulsion offers a reliable
means of remedying im
proper and weak-develop
ment, restoring lost flesh
and vitality, and repairing
waste. The acet io n of
Scott's Emulsion is no
more of a secret than the
composition of the Emul
sion itself. What it does
it does through nourish
niment--the kind of nourish
ment that cannot be ob-.
tained in ordinary food.
No system is too weak or
delicate to retain Scotts
Emulsion and gather goo.
fromn it.
ne rutre thiat thao'.os,
form of A4 Liabe ro. i .
S .: .f enry 6,.ttic of a o
1-. 409 Pearl St., Ni
5 0c. and $1: all drugi.....
When Sickness Comes to the
Little Ones
I' Is the Mother Who Chiefly
She suffers even more than the child
who happens to be Fick.
Her sympathy is deeper than that of
any other member of the family.
The mothers look forward with dread
to the torrid heat of summer, thinking
of their children and the many lia'Ailities
to disease that are before them.
Spring and summer are suro to bring
Milments, especially among the little
It does not take a mother very long to
discover that Peruna is the 1- -t friend
she has in times of illne.- lng the
The doctors- may come and go with
their different theories and constant
change of remedies.
'The doctor-of years ago gave entirely
different remedies than he does today.
Each year finds some change in his
prescriptionis and in the drugs Ie relies
A Multitude of Mothers
Have discovered that Peruna is the
stand-by, and that in all the aliments
of spring and summer to which the
children are subj&cted, Peruna is the
remedy that will most quickly relieve.
Whether it is spring fever or stomach
derangement, whether it Is indigestion
or bowel disease, a catarrhal congestion
of the mucous surfaces is the cause.
Peruna quickly relieves this condition
of the mucous membranes. Its opera
tion is prompt, the children do not dib
like to take the medicine, it has no dele
terious effects in any part of the body. '
It simple removes the cause of the
disagreeable symptoms and restores the
Perunais not a physic. Poruna is not
a nei vine nor a narcotic. Peruna does
not produce any drug habit, however 1
long it may be taken. Peruna is not a
Peruna is a specific remedy for all
catarrhal ailments of winter and sum
mner, acute or chronic.
The mothers all over the United States
are the best friends that Peruna has.
The Mothers Hold Pe-ru-na in High
Esteem, c
Not only because it has cured them of a
their various ailmenth, but because it
always rescues the children from the i
throes and grasp of catarrhal diseases. t
We have in our tiles bushels of testi- a
monials from mothers whose children f
have been cured by Peruna. However,
the large majority of mothers who use
Peruna, we never hear from.
But we do hear from agreat number
of mothers who are so overjoyed at
some special good they have received a
from Peruna that they cannot restrain c
their enthusiasm. They are anxious to t
skare these benefits with other mothers. c
i w. ly which is the' samu"mii
'rI God. It is simply putting
whor, some weak willed "ers, Ti toi
1ha een do better uitbout it. and Poi
,Ipeo I s money v here it %i ll d< r
omne good, can't stand the temp- yo
aition S
Rhiow me a man that has made ng
ii wen'th by dealinigin liquor and re
will 'low you a mlan whose mon- ap
y will do him no good, and he ts
vill fnii for God's hand is aga'nst Pi
utch. 150 true hearted personI cat Di
av give me dispensary or any oth- di
ir kiind of intoxicating drini tI
hops for our young people to be ci
aredl up by, for where lhquor isi
v". e iot found because liquor is -01
,r the detvil and love is of God. til
The love of mItoxicating drinks L
18 II c illie of so many happy cl
Ion es being ruined, so many v
wiva widiows and se many home- si
bi.s P(d orphan children, and the
.or d cases which we can avold. {
Tho young ladies can do more to
pr' s whiskey drinking than:
ul bi. imagined by refusing te.
- nIC ate with withl a youn~g man
wi drin~ks thus stopping him 7
per bhs T before the habit forms.:
tli t u11 mar his pleasure for 1if6~
~ mun upholding or promo
jrii au hiskey shop of any kind
has ii ' the love of God in hrim and
is no1 better than the man in the
gut ber. lB honest and ask your
cOn, - nce if I am not right,.
Edgar F.
LucOas Coinry, 3SS- t
Frank J. Cheney makes ontbh thast ho I
is senior pairtnier of tie firm of F. J. a
Choney & CJo. doing businns in the Oity si
- b lled.', County rind htate aforesnid
nid thnt sakhi firm will pay tie snm o I
a'nd every cuie of Cntairrhu that cannot be
cured by the~ use of Hlail's Catarrh Cure. ~
Sworn before me and subscribed in,
mnypresence. ibis the 6th dlay .of Dacem ~
her, A. D. 1886. A. W.OL E~AHON.
i-ual's Caitarih Cure is taken miternal
ly, an'd iact 8 iureOtly onl the~ bh100d and
llsueous 5.1r ;aceB of th system. nd
for t"lMio i:i free. ' 8n
. 1. ('IlhNEY & ( 0., l'5:all.
Sold he ,li I), la.e., y',.
T..ke llaii' PI',, P ~j. , *r e
Mrs. Thresa Booke, 258 N. Ashland i
of the Maccabees, writes:
"In our home Peruna Is the only med;
father and child, all have used Peruina.
the vtomach and head, colds, and fenalt
"We find it of great value when my I
cold. A couple of doses cure him.
"l ithe baby has colic, or any stomac
"I conalder Peruna finer than any
tried, and I know that as long as we 1
able to keep In good health. Thresa
No Doctor Required.
Mr. Edward Otto, 927 Do Soto street,
St. Paul, Minn., writes:
"I cannot may enough for Pernna. It
has done great work in my family, es
pecially for my oldest boy. We had
doctored with three or four different
doctors and they did not seem to do him
any good.
"We gave up hopes of cure, and so did
they, but we pulled him through on
"We had several doctors and they
said they could do no more for him so
we tried Peruna as a last resort, and
that did the work. Slace then we keep
It in the house all the time, and no
doctor Is required."--fdward Otto.
14o Case of Pneumonia on Record.
We do not know of a single instnnco
,here a congh or cold rusnlted in pueni
ionia or consumption when Foley's
[oney and Tar bad been used. It eic es
oughs and colds perfectly, ao do not
ike hanches with some unknown pro
aration which miay contmin opiates,
!hich caus~e constiption, a condition that
stards recovery from a cold. Ask for
oley's Honey and Tar and ref uso any
nbstiute offered.
'iknke Drug Co. Dr'. R. F. Smith.
kaley B. C.
Hazel Happenings,
Health is fairly good.
Gathermng corn rend picking up
:emnnant cotton, sowing wheat etc.
is the ardor of the day with the
Mr. Elijah Winchester is miov
ing on his Siewart place.
Mr. A. A. Pace has sold out to
Mr. Isaac A. Davis and will go to
Greenville to engage mn the mner
chantilo business.
Mr. J. F. Keown haA the fin est
brood sow that has ever bee'n it'
this section. She is a perfect pic
Mrs. Daniel Winchester and lit
tle son, Ben visited near Salom it
Oconee-combty Saturday aund Sun
Mrs. Flora Winchester visite(
her father Mr. J. L. Thomas o
Pickens last week.
Mr. A. T. Winchester made
business trip to Gree~nville a few
days ago.
Rev. B. Holder has be'en caller
as' pastor of Antioch Bamptial
church for 1906.
Antioch school opsned up on th<
18th inst. with Miss Lucy Mauldit
of Central, as teacher. She is ar
excellent young lady and nn efli
cienat teacher.
Mountain Sprout
* Son. Lost Mother.
"Cohnption ?nnls in our family,
and throngh it I loot mry mother,'' writes
E. B. 1ei~d of Harmony, Me. "For th
Past flve years, however, on thae hgieF't
sign of a Congh or Cold. I hive I ken
Dr. King's, New Disoovery for (ConJFnmp
tion.-.which hr's saved me freom serious
lnng trouble." His maotinor's ents' w
that lung trouble miust nlot b'e iiep'
nnd horw to cure It. Quimlk a I r, lief 'ii'.
ore for conighs nad cabil. Prie 5S0
antd $1 00. pudranteeod at Piokene Dam ut
Trial bottle tree.
~. \ . \
'he Bienefit Which the Children of
the United States Have Received
From Pe-ru-na Can Never Be
Put Into Words.
The chronic ailments it has prevented,
lie sufroring it has mitigatod, will
ever be fully recorded.
But at least this much can be said that
he coining generation owes a great
ebt to Peruna, for it is in the tender
ears of youth that slight ailments are
able to develop into lasting disease,
hus blasting the wholo career of the
The mothers who are bringing up their
bildren to-day to believe in Peruna
re doing a great work for humanity.
These children brought up to believe
a Peruna from the start, will, when
hey become heads of families them
elves, use Poruna with unquestioning
Pe-ra-na Protects the Entire
As soon as the value of Peruna is
ppreciated by every household, both as
preventive and cure, tens of thousands
f lives will be saved, and hundreds of
lousands of chronic, lingering cases of
t'arrh will be prevented.
Allyou horny handed sons of
1, who cultivate the stubborn n
i, you are requeste6 by your
Atbrei all over Dixie to meet at t
ur respective voting precincts on I
turday the 2d day of Decemberr
xt, and elect a president, sec- 1
tary and treasurer for your re
ective townships. Also to elect 1
o or three delegates to meset at
ckena Court H ouse on the 9th of
icember to elect a county presi-.
nt, se retary and treasurer for
e Southern Cotton Growers ar-so
atbon. John T. Lewis.
A Congh Syrup which drives a cold
it of' the system by acting as a cathar
on the bowels is offered in Kennedy's
rxative Honey and Tfar. Clears the
roat, strengtheus the lungs and bron
i tubes. The mother's friend nnd
e children's favorite. Best for Croup
~booping- Congh, etc. Sold by Pick
Drug Co.
)ver-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Inhealthy Kidneys Make .Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
our kidneys once ever three minutes.
Te kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fil
J ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
* if they are sick or out
.of order, they fail to-do
Stheir work.
Pains, achesand rheu
mlatism come from ex
- ceas of uric acid in the
oul, blood, duo to neglected
Kidney trouble causes quick or unstel'
eart beats, and makes one feel as thoug
iey had heart trouble, because the heart as
ver-working in pumping thick, kidney
olsoned blood through veins and arteries,
It used to be considered that only urinary
-oubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
ut now modern science proves that nearly
1i constitutional diseases have their begin
ingin kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
y first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
nd the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
wamp-Root,. the great kidney remedy ia
non realized. it stands the highest for its
ronderful cures of the yneet distressing cases
nd is sold on its merits
y all druggists in fifty
ent and one-dollar uiz
s. You maf lik62d
ample bottle by mail not a samRA.
;ee, also pmphlet telling yout how to find
ut if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Aention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
L, Co., Binghamton, 34. Y.s .a
Don't make any mistake, but remember
he name, Swamp-Root, .Dr. Kiimer's
wvamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
a. Y., on every bottle.
- anWl. MARlIE
e., (bicago, I., 'i'reasurer Ladies'
(1110 wO have. Grandmother, mother,
It. is our great remedy for catarrh of
I Complailts of which It has cured mo.
musband b lecom(es worn out or catehes
ft disorders, a dose or two cures her.
doctor's m1edicine that I have ever
ave it in the house, we will all be
Pe-ru-na Contains No Narcotics.
One renon why Peruna has found per
manent, uso in so many homes I. that it.
contails no inreotic of any kind. Pe
runa is perfectly harmless. It. Can be
used any length of time without, acquir
lug a drug habit. Peruna does not pro
duco temporary results. It is permanont
in its effe ct.
It has no bad effect pon the system,
and gradually climintentarrh by re
moving the cause of catarrh.
There are a imutitittide of hoes whlero
Peruna, has been used off and on for
twenty years.
Such a thing could not ho possiblo if
Peruna cont-uied any drugs of a nr
Cotic natu.
When von w:11 a pa'-s-ilt physio try
"Ihamb, 1.i'som anld Li4-1 Ta'lb
t4tH. They' -.'. f 1s t Ilke ad a 2pro1nr
)0 gritln or o h.10 11311) aant efi'ct,
lo'd by Pick itm Drug - o.
stops the cough and healslunge
The Os.H r 3 inve-2tiga1te a m- ric
and our m-l thodl" of doinug hu ineO-s, ub
better our chan11 0o to i-eh youil.
Our shoe mf n1 has4 grown gay .study
ing leathers 21nd( lasIts. The31 result, i:
we aire showing a2 11in of fon wou.i', over
pair of which is sold oIn ontl p.jerx m
guarantee. A -hoddy shoe li uo o)pl1e
I'n our shelv es. A shoe mm t11 be b, at 21
anf.I good11II lether at thi.t h< rore we at
wviig to) sell it.
M EN'sSH OI ES--M~en's genine 11' iir.
qualiity spit, ats in-:r w I '' lof a
sho0e can3 he madoi1 ait t he pr1 Cer A m1
pair if ,il'y <llr 't, i~ wte -8 .5 -: i
genuine Kangiari.. iutobr's, .I15
Men'us [lig. Iioots' ini KoIt.l.:a.l m
ro e Jenteher, ali isoliei ieath .. Si..l
Our31 "Tlk A\111 Snte. *b.a- i , a
Itox ('ulf no i iv.- 1eIer 2e'I. .AI ii
Quaity-n bP ter :1ho2 ( -"d
$3.50 a22m1i $4
L ADIES' Fi~l:M-("2 (2r 21"
style combon1) di ml eri r'y f lu. Lad '1
goather o oersci an u.l., I j'4 h l
$1 50 for S1 '25. O) a l dfl-' bh; p
<p1(1i ted or i~ (1 . ((1222 vII. II ;4
tips, $1 25
OLO I ill; NGImi A MIaN'' our
clothImig mIan3 bought'I I P22'y.
tig adtvanI i( w "I1,, 'do " -1* 'i~~
fac(t. w . 34 ve( nom:112 li ,
last year2. W~ en ."" 3* 2
ns y' mi hev he at -.3 '-,a . aI,'' n la
can13 ht33y--an r, I 212 .121 I I h i
wVrong( w.E' arel to ml~ak" '- !.(h
clothling mo212t give 5 I- -' 1 .1 o
yonr t do. Th3- fi- I'l!
gevo you11 311 idea~ oft heit 22' 2"2, u f
1o11r plco : iu'i n 's i 1- i S it, hate
$18.00). On' e l 318 . . r3 w2 21 ..22
Maxwell-Feag'e-David Co.
117 119 N. Silaint S ., . rIo 3,v~i S. 0.
RI-ad the0 t3 ks o .1 h . ivd to Groen
yume and oomu to Tiaeo iGuiet.
.. . . .. . .
and SON.
Mir. o. IT. Farmer, Now Mar tinsville,
W. Va.,., writes:
"ouhr little son, IHarry, is well and
healthy now aind wve think it we do as
you directed us, heo will keep his healthi
anw grow strong.
1 'We knowl il~at our lttle son's lift
was sa ved by y our wonderful n redicic,
Peru::,;a, and wve shall alwvays praise
Peruna and usp It In our family whei
"Shomuld we have any more catatrrha
trouible in ouir family, we sh:vll alwayp
wriite to you for treatmnent."1-G. 11
Mr. Howard .Andrew Sternor, Muiddj
Creek, Pn., writes:
"I havo .Poruna in my house all th<
timtie and wvon't ho without it. It is1 good!
for childrenl wnvli they takec a Cold o1
eroulp. It eulred mly hahly 1oy of crouip
"I hanve introduced Peruna into pb~
families since 1. received vcmur 1:tst letter
and fouir ha.vo seenl r'.f already."1
Uo wa rd A rv terner.
We, (.IIarer sino Matlke,:
System. oW dwe arei~ glawdo se<
anmreto nd hwtei.pr
"hae kof ateir itesnsi
Wci;, n e shall nun ys inrte f
"IMrs. w hFreean alr cat.rSht
Fa rnielne
Dress, Goodsi Tr
"IhaeI~~xi nShwls and t
t\e a fonlt osho wths it I 1 gO
for E'g-tr~lwe the rlale a' ld o
dr11.it cred mny 1-2 per pair.(V~f
Yo can~ Seal ws o mst e
ofl nthmgS he'ti. thenbesto tFL
quantit before theow advan.
Befre weglase we s re Ct
Co. .atil urexpeince on lth
nes no~tID one doing jutice to se
higher orce than we ~c.
shall doall wecan forl you pa f
inth ( Qne-P) (cs rig
Pe-ru-na Should Be Kc
Every Household,
Where Thero Are Little
Peruna should be kept In the hon
all the time. Don't wait until the child
is sick, then send to a drug store. But,
havo Peruna on hand-accept no sub
Children are especially liable to acuto
catarrh. Ind ced, most of tho affoctions
of childhood are catarrh.
All forms of sore th roat,quinsy, croup
hoarseness, laryngitis, ote., are but dif
ferent phases of catarrh.
Mrs. Amella Sailor, Menasha, Wis.,
"I have used Peruna for a number of
years. It cured me of chronic caOt cu
which I sulTred with from infancy.
"Whiein my threo children wero born
they all had catarrh, but I have given
i them Peruna and find it very offective
3 in ridding theii of this horiible trouble.
I fnd that it is also good to give them
as a tonic and a preventative of colds
and colic.
r In fact, I consider it a household
blessing. I would not know how to
raise my children without It. I an
pleased to give It my rccommenda.
tion.' '---Amelia Sailor.
Acicrcss Dr. H. B. 1artman, President
of The I artmnan Sanittil, - Colunm.
bus, iole.
- Au correspondence held strictly cons
nee we come before the readers
e about our business, as all mer
re still growing in volumi e of busi
Ter the same one of the past year.
i lecCh to the ONE-PRICE Cash
the peoplie appreciate such a
ciation by giving us such a liberal
ture to deal honestly with our
LI inviition' to EVERY LADY
rchase D)RESS GOODS etc. to
always tries to please. She has
'immings, Jackets,
I Fascinators
1irous to mfenltionl.
t of themi at the old prIico. D~on't
E CRUSH ER" for rocks, mud,
mnything in the line of Groceies
FEE Green and parched. We
OUR. Have purchased large
D)on't forget us.
o state to the peCOple of I'ickene
e prodluc'J line, CHICKENS,
eeni long and .ve knowv our busi
limuself and us can afford to pay
/c appreciate your business aind
ying you the worth of y our pro
t rig-ht prioes Comne ta su

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