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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 29, 1905, Image 2

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--The' aSoudlthen
Unon tof 11 r
n 0An(~rica, meets'
hrmueste io ate
-d Ohidrtoun
b J.wRobinough
m non PMees.
-Thda, DanieTomp-n
LV , ;~and ai Tompr
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ri~q~ .urio HutRt on atnd
~'l.~ID i ove, o na er 1'(l
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ns . Robins onrv
-\ er t the sidon . -
a h t y'non falo answe
* ... th f- tn im afore 1ai
* C E.Rbinson
aIntif's 11( Attor ney.
V :M - ndant, lArie udon
Pickn C ont y .h one 26th nday of
0864005.C E.i Robinon,~
* '(1ain tf' Attlorney
otie toDebi andC Grndito r
All pemous r toving clisgins then
engtedtopre f ~ie anmei poprija
themdcytof ive06. The dn.
tM t sute.e tmke psocay
Anito . ic ardsonI L,)Y O
altl' Attorey
I ~ . nlai N bneryuspo
-d ~~ ~. I Pc vf~o3g nt
Cv~ ci~~' . Mwihtefron
RH 1 (O)1 iC 1 mpuiit ; wf Hie
C ~ .~t~ ~ -, ll'eko l outfo
nutt. S*J; n te 26h dy o
Are The IPinest
T Qhly Pianos that ate Guaranteed for a
Ti e chers and Conservatories.
The Wonl d bif B Improved
Victor Talking Machine
Fromi $1 5.00 each to A100.00.
They Talk E eroy tlhi lig,
They Sing .Everything,
They P1 ay E ve ry th. i. n
Both Entortaining and Educaitional.
Tlese instruments are sold on easy terms. I will exchange all
cords or buy yoor old Records and pay you cash for the'n. Anoyb
buy one--It don't take much money to begin with. Write for my
fully easy plan of buying one. Don't delay, write today. A postal w
you the )lan1
Sole.Agent for the C ELEBRATE
The A ngelus is recogrized today as the mos
Piano players in existence.
ThIe Symrip-hony---a set of beautifully vo
wvlich (an 1)e used wit h , t Piano with w(
P ricco of Player aloinie '8250.00, with Or
Peeds M52.0O. Write for easy terms on the
tiful instruments.
Wriite for* CQtailogues and my new lans for buying all kinds of musical ii
J OH N -
The Up-to-Date Music House
'I his store is better known every day as the place w.here men and b)oys c;
ith the fact that most of Greenville's representative men are conung here for
arket for spcal values t-> off er to our patrons who buy late. and wc'll have or
evious offeriugs.
Men's Black Raincoat $10. 0Sn
Our Mto -k oif ov'rcoas and rain coatis m- ~
phl t a is .*vorv (d1.et a il a the vaInes weO are of A
4-r* ng our trii~ ad s iann't h4 found e3lsewh,.r at Icju
our pries Metu' illack hul t back coat 52 lection
i chrs io..g vi u* $15 00. all sizes $10 00
Muoa, B aek Riuinc at warrant' di waiter M~
proouf. th1e Rami' quiality as othler st'.res get ~ f~
/ *12.50 nad $15 for as a leader, we <ofer al fovr ear
sizes tis we-'k at . . $10 00 veri ar
52 Inch Fancy Coat Belt 7.L"'%
Back $8.50. a-t.
// / -i.~ ~ ~i~'/'D n't Qot tho' idea in von ar headl that an
/ ,~ ~2~"- *'$8.50 c at. bongh t ait ib right plaice is not Me n
,,, *..A..enoug for 1iou. We sal"' r i ffe g ai sapecial hit B
d.Y' fauncy pu att*rnis, fullI 52 ineches long with h4lt bck ad~vantc
I/H//t ~ '~~iab ai i-ca.iaI prico $850 ma'srket
(h.. '/i Nobby4Belt Coat 1 2.50, '''
/ Feer swevll dressors this Coast can not lie heat prices
ini toewn Made by the best clotheos makers inl Tinen
6' ~~ he hnsins and1( guaraniteedi as the style sand fi. hairmcM
e3ix patter..s to select from . , $1250 single
ctgt.' leg, sli,
- ancy Vest.esi
.FVancy and w'hite vests are very popuilar Sof
with smlart drrssors this seasonc. Nothing 1ooks
as8 neat as sgoenteel vest.
t 'T
Tone Piar
lifetime. Used and
Is difficult to
because Everette are uniform in
quality-a condition peculiar to
This condition grows out of the
fact that the Genius who created
and super
intends the construction of each
Everett piano.
hat which he had the genius to
ito, he has the ability to con
iot of uniform quality.
retts are manufactured by The
erett Piano Co., Boston, Mass.
ned by The Jobn Church Co.
Sole Agent
L U kS. Cu k.?
I.- er-fect e ()-._V ( Ili
-Auto 1111:
~a1 i.-e1 - (Il~l
"k 1 1 T h1e aIr
lHavps of
each to $
C_1i1Ds t lI -__ I_
All k
se bean- Muhisic Bo
E veryt ii
Grand Opera
mU be absolutely sure of obtaining1
their wvearables. Stocks are now
sale throughout the week a colih
ething Different is wh;
you want.
3t, 1uashninah, Iesigntersa in New~ YV
-y vi p4t beca s~ e I hey ''x;met to ( cairy ikh
I mlake 31.IPy n 'Iriy fo w t ih.v t*arry 1fr
) 00 atL $3 60). Me('sib k13 cii m('ed iiiwr,
>tton v.'t 1. u sual.Ily s-.'d at. $2 h0 ing
dl, (h' .e1re'--t va'oc in nI h.,t o at $2
s Black Suit Specia
vak suitlae1 novys,, ia ~gl
fdre tha ( noy9 I9Iw herI~ ~~
d1 ofher (ttrpI 3~' indo surb i'~'
)'ulit, mad e wI ih he avy , P (b d i I) d
brea.st, 391' 1)he8 oIL, I.~( EI
o8 n--dI r-gIP ar) 8.01t10 0u \I '.'I,
El Hblc T.' i b t stor1) *l2 50 da i4f (i (
is for Men Women an
io In The World
Indorsed by ILeading ArtiE
The World Renowned
A Record Unparalleled!
For over 6o years the King of American Organs. The name alone a
guarantee of steel. Over THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND it use in
Prominent Churches, Chapels, Missions, Lodges, Schools and Homes.
For sale only by John H. Willliams, The Up-to-date N usic House, Green
ville, S. C. \,U/rite for catalog and terms.
let e st.ock of Holi(ay Presents, Consisting
;, .Ban-jos, Guitars, Mandolins, AccortCeons,
Lps, Zithers, and all kinds of steel and gut
gest assortmen t of Harmonicas or French
wer 50 different kinds at prices from 'c
5 each.
i nds of sheet music- =classic and po pular,
oks, ZMusical Supplies of all kinds, in fact
ng known in Music. Write for what you
mll orders receive special attent ion.
House Building, Greenville, S. C.
>erfectly correct styles in ready-to-wear. \Ve are more and more impressed
~omplete and at their best. Our buyers have beenf busy look og over thc
ection of suits, overcoats and faincy vests that are far superior to any of our
. 'r nl~en were agents in Greenvilleo for
ILnv~s A. Cro'e.mt te' shoes $3~ 50 anud $400 and
yonlI finid theml theW most co~mfort able shoe you
*'ver wore at the price. We'ro also agonts for
ho popular Duniilaj, shtoe, at $5 00 for a dIress
S hro. Yanu canoot Iind a betterono. The latest
k .ty les are nowv in. Stock prico $500
. Dress Parade Shoes.
mI A genineIt good youar Wilt shoe, uisual ly sol
. t $800 ii1 all the latest leathers and Jatest
e, Ias . belly guarantee d by us at . $2 50
', Wcrmens Dress Shoes.
- In is you think you1 have boon paying too '
inohf.fr sh, es I bat did neo, give good weoar just
I. 2' Pin: boead u pair 0f our ' Pot Lt'"
I r nir1101F uis rated (by nta toe giv#' ablu)O s~l
altac: .n or aL Iew pair. P'rice $2 00 to $4 00
Chiidrens School Shoes. * .
We' aboingg ah complete lin of boyR n
01s e ohoest t hat will 1sav(eotor's bills
4ro so!~ eahelndI warraedo( givog(o
u 01n1. Prices rainginug f romt 75c to $2-60.
Ey Your Baby Shoes Here.
W ee caurry a big at. ok of baby i-ho s, shoes
Ifor th- liti le follow who never wvoro ai aht'e up to
t he walking ba by siz.e. Soft kid shoe< 25 and
p100 Hand made l eathior shoes 50c to $1.00
Busy Bee Hive .
Greenville's CI' A' *.,

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