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16 14,
.aud~; and[ Undix
sizes, some "g<
Toy horses on rollers at 5(
and i c, Pianos at 25c and
z(;am iEngines at 25c to $1.25,
0' " winding. Kitchen sets at
.e boxes at roc, Roller music I
pinchers, awl and screwdriver a
?t :>5c. Ask to see Baby in the
We have many other thing
on display next week we wil
a"u will then say that the Picke
ientius of f Local and Personal Nature
.4,wral o f -ur adlvertipers
Oit v CE 1.: i( I'd whot they
Vt t- s Iv and prolfit thfreby
-Mr Will H Lawrence eminht a
wk the other day, inj a trop, which
nOaRI red fo r feel I wo inches from
to tlip of its win1gR.
-The miite of ' , Picks n.; Bp
- s Asaoeiiion ire now ready for
-liverv. LIt the churches call at
1,ls .ffic aid aet them.
--Thankigivine sorvieisn will he
*IbsErve d at the Mtihodlist church
'fnsa eviref. These111 serviceR
'lil be unlion and~ ever., b'oy is in
- Mafntrh E, On Nov. '26, at t he
I. Spoanoa', \' r J..Jhno
.d M-e Lulam Wyatt, bo0th of the
>rint~h test~tion.
-Joe Hfagood, (col.) sonl of Pet
agnood, who ii well known in Pek
ait died Iast Friday from appendeci
, at Spartaniburg and was 1)rougIht
*Secona and bulried Sundamy.
--R"v. Wilson of Furmt',an Univer
y wu v'l preach at the Biptist Ch'areb
Libwv n ex t NabbaIth minornming
di nightII; lhe will also preach tatG Ct
cheei at. -.4 t'clok Sundic!ay afternoonih.
-- IP. E OXx, who has been a'2ent
the P'ickenJ D)epot for some11 i to
le ft M~londay for CJ lumiaif to .aka i
p~siion ats storekeep)er and egan ger
att t he Rtichland Dis tillery C '4.
- Married on Sundav', the 25th
Lucy H-iuds'on, of t ateechee, to Mr.
E. 8. (Dock) Porter. ',:he be.ppy
couplei have the congratulationsa of
their many fieind-f for a happy hf.
- Tomnnorrow is Thanklsgiving; the
storca will all be closed1 on that dav
aId (Iwe hurry np the pa1(er $o wf
cdin '-j1v tVIhe (1ny. Excumse t he short
neant b~ i cal matter antd I he hadt
pain11; or roll rs hatvII not reaceh. .1 o
I t to ,014 re on te 10oal.
*-Mr. anId Mis. W. H. Jo'hnsoi',
Mrs14. J1. L. 0 Thompsjoni, Miss O'a
R ihE y, Mr* Jat110a P. Carcey, Jr orW
1i i s. E -m Morii e r (h ,.vaht,
2,n- EIi I. i L- Ed Iof bFre'Iton~, arlE
> gn l g th-0 at IeIdinig t he Morrison
Rieey.) mar1 riage II (olumia toda)
-Mr. Dant Mauldin, a prowperous
y -mi.g fit I eoIf 11be 'lTahor Uectofnand
.4 e oi fi \ir A. M M-'uld'n, hadl the
hoy~ andt a va~tuable mule on the night,
o)f the 231 inst. while ho was awvay
* ( lire is
toss is
4 liaturda~y
In the
L coun
*i ~ ~'1.12'U his nOW
CU 'V.14. .44 h'en to bia
a Sup
S . I and
> to sleep", at pri(
, Toy dogs on rollers at roc, I
;oc, "Jack in the-box"' at 1oc, 4
Automobiles at 25c and 50c.
oc, Stoves at i oc, Tea sets ]at
oxias with long handles 25c; 1
t roc; another one at I 5c; Co;
Bathtub for 5c, etc.,. etc.
that we have not yet shown,
I tell you about later. Come
rs Dug C'.. -ire hv lq nirter:
Christmas Goods.
in E~ 'oe:
,I.I jf .1. L Hagwelt
A C -iin m were in Piokens flit
1%, B 15 0 I fa %kwit. p a l
the Pifn ma Byt Ht. chu tach tixt
Su..dayii ntwitg at 11 .a su
- Rev. ) -A H fi -.-das
Wed ndiI itY ) f r ('i11irIit to n1 t- '
the Baptist S4tate Cneto.
--Mr. a d 1 ti W A. Greih. s.
[if A tlanta1, 0a., are o)n it %i t:o 'I.(
latter a Ialrents it this pliet'.
- Mat ied oti 'o:. tho 26 i
s118t , at ('3 c .rd BabItist Chureb \b,
AGeorge A. to M- D b 11) t I
Nationsi. B3otbh of P5e~iea ('.t'
W. C. Soaben . flic tinig.
A linid col enro nid theo only (!onip
iI cold ont 'if hle --yatIrm-i4 Kennedy'
L. ext. vC H- noy' andi Tar.(ClIar - thl
htead and] throitt. andh tink s u. aik Iii
C ,ng'., etc. ' hi .Ii' ai Ivi' it. S..id i
Poekensi Drug Cs.
Selence li at Lest Iiis'oi'ordt a 1t al
Ciure. for lihiuiatIiim
A fter y.'ars (of exu'erimenit a ngew scientifh
remaedy hais been found thnat not only relieves
but absaolut ely "ures Rheumantiu m and klid ret
diseases. to stay cured. Rheiumatismn is cause.
by ani excess of poisouous c'idse in the biood
'The new discovery Rheumnaciale, Lhough purel:
v'egt~tblerandi actinag through natures channel
neutralizes thosge acidls arid sweeps all poisont
itid hiarmfuli germs out Lof Lhe bend. AL ti
same LIme it tones up thi istomach and regu
lates the liver and kidney,
Rlhomunacide therefore, cures thn disease per
mianetly, beenuso~ it removes the cause. II
has cureod hundreds ofi cases after the maost no.
Led dortorit and hosptitais have failed Rhemna
"ido curted .Jamesa Wilkes of LDhlon, S. C., afi
he had beeni heid in bed by rheumatism fo:
three years and his feet wuere drawn up mast it
his back. T1his is only one of many miarvelomi
cures t hat Riheumacide hase aliread y performed
Rhenuuchie is curing many cases of Rheoua
tism, Sciatica, lumbago, goaut, kidney trouble
andigention and conslipatlon, right in this comn
munity today.
Hecause IL has cured so many others we be
lleve it will cure you. All the leading drugghe
in the county sell and recommend Rheum
Sakes Kidneys and Bisdder RIGht
Trespass Notice.
t.?"wcIt'iy its liio Way of L-Iitin nsi
ho iti L lr i.dI itIu iuy lad or iho 1115
t he l'ai i of i W. Chui ton Lhsze
gaurd of thisotic01lo taieansi 1-r. betio :
4L 11 [a. Cia iim,.
We know what all good doc..
tors think of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Ask your own doc
tor and find out. He will tell
you howv it quiets the tickling
thront, heals the in flamed
lungs, andI controls the
hardest of coughs.
"Ayer's (Cherry Pectoral Is well known in
our f.mity. We intk It Is the boat mnedicino
in the world for con hs and colds."
AT 2M ISbN, 1'otaluma,. Cal.
~i tfor ..*~i
Ward Coughs
1es are 110W
le. t l
I us in this Iine
washable Rubbei
3.es from 5c to $5
Drums at ioc and 25c, horns a
.rowing roosters in cages at 25 4
They run about 50 feet witi
ge enough to use at 25c, Mu
[ool sets con dkt'n Y of hammer
ronets at 23 ; Side trombonec
and many nice articles that will
and look and be convinced.
; fo' Santa Claus.
0 Q0
P'OlR SA LK' At'a biar tam. 'rop
3ug zy almot is good al new (all
-0, ilt offic for tuformantion.
. D. M.'om. hits bouht out Mr.
My 8,uth r nd's a ok of goods
w.il mell thlim at a 1 ar-g'mI.- Call
Iad a4,1 him.
(r.nuiatd ., ar 20 1a for $1 at
-eatti J3ruco-Morrow Co.
F. r Salo - Pure Blue Straw Seed
heitis f .r mule at $150 per bushel
(i eA. Mhs1. 4t
Y-u bring the piltu e to R. L
:hnsi-rsoj, the photographor; he
v0 I um1ke tIhe finte. % ill maik,
a1 f -11r l Ci elbinef-t phot.grape
.d tvel %.% R a t -i.utiful gilt ftain.
. -1 Over ,r g r.,-. tor. 4
dAl .m(UeonnItLN, nole84~ and irtgogaio
13 (lu ndtunpaidI to the etate of Dr
I .. 'a. Earh. on thw 1st. lay of D.,
E *tal 133o.u t htl i e tt ".ioce; thi.. ,.
j :.s h L t 11m'r onl th.
0'. Oik" 3en go a t closeo priict*.
e,"a somo. H A Rjibe
Wheia n m ned of repair work eal
v me. Ilumggy anid wag'on repairing
wheel. bu'iig, etc., 11iished upj II.
181 c-a3-s hlip at reastoniable price
b.t me tlignre nItlh 3uu on that nm
jib. A A Mi m,ni, in. th Broik shop.
uext. to W. H. Aaahmore'.. blatcksmii,
3. alishment~lt, P ekens, 8. C.
Spc' t ice ' ..( lae hate at the
Y.*, I 'oldl~ 'emi. Nov 1 wat te
-1l 4 mu l;g goot 1ule and1 tiiione wag
- Do not, ,be deceived by ounaterfeaits
-h.nu you buy Witch Hlaz-!1 Salve. The
311nw of E. C. D)ewilt and Cat. a:n on
**very~ box (of tht gonine3t. P'iles in
thir wv .rat form will soon priass away if
youa will apjply DsWitt's Witch Hazel
Sailve nig.hit anid mfornIing. Beat. for
Cnta Burns, Boils Tetter, Eey~oma, etc.
Soid by Pickena Urtug Co.
.Bears te l8inYU a8AwyBougt
Slnggish Liv r a Foe to Ambition.
You otnnot taccomplishb very much il
your livor is inactivo as you feel dull
you'r eyes are heavy and alightt exertiot
exhausntsn you. Or-no Laxative Frmi
Syrnp 3timullatos the liver and bowel
n- d meak-ei you f. of bright and active
0 ino L xative Fruit Syrnp d es no
*,iiauwt. ori gripo atnd is mild and ver
p)llasant to t luke. Oa jino isa more effectiv
thun pills or orditnary catharties. 10
nen an'-stitutes. Pickens Drug Co. U..)
R . F. Smith Ensley.
Bears th lh ' ind You Ha A.. Bu
No appetIte, loss ol strength, nervous
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath
general debility, sour risings, and catari
of the stomach are all due to indigestion
Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of digea
tion als they exist In a healthy stomach
combined with the greatest known toni,
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dye
pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestioi
and dyspepsia, but this famous reined
cures .all stomach troubles by cleansinfj
purifylpg, sweetening and strengtheninj
the mucous membranes lining the stomach
M.S. S. Ball, of Ravenswood. W. Va., sayse
"I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty yeari
K oo cured me and we are now using it tn mll
K!iDigests What Yous Est.
Bottles 6 ,i .00 Sise holdifis 2%~ times the tris
. e which sells for 50 cenits..
Prprdby L. 0. DeWITT AGOO., 0HtOAGO
-~ Sold by Pickeunn Drug Co.
We ate before tho readers of 0h 8.-*un.--Juamiil amking
their patronage for fall and wilnter busitness. We RIo prepar ed
to save you money on Your purchasa of all kint1 of
Dry Goods and Shoes,
Ve buy our good,. for cashi, gettitig tho lowst pr1ice, for
oush counto. Our store ta run with ti. Jotiet possilal, (Xpl.Iie.
We are natitfied with P1m1all profita. Can., ring I se w'.
. igpeswe can afford to tivl'Dry Go ad a'ti 81haisa1 at very low
prites. WO have the largest at141 il a ); ja1.. ta a.. - it, :11 v
halve i - arried. We cannot ((-1 all we hli , 111. tt lto u it ill
we hive anstbing you want in . att aaU ''V It
t women', w n q .r t
%'os " it 0 I ' M-14, .V. - . I . .V~ 1. 1 ~ 1!i , ~
C0l11r11, etc Shmle- r en a I #A 1\t " tj' o c-ul at. ail
bhoes. 13, V ,. )--, iad if 7.l.. a . it - ' .. 11at-,11
1OU o mlOt-y fNi-t u ma d r b-l. I t n ' atlli v \Vill
A. K. Park, " reenvflie, S. c.
ano dirisOoare c u.
a .nte and 'ouabl
GE'Oe It doe0sn't do what mm
0"40. .our.eu on tho "A"
Sold and reconmended by Pickens Drug Co.
I have some special prices to offer the trade for
cash on Shoes, Hats, Pants anId various other
things useful in the lbine and on the farm too
numerous to mention. \t\,hen you get ready to
Buy a Suit of Clothes,
this fall don't fail to see me before you buy and
get up-to-date tailor mlade goods at the lowest
-prices. Such goods have never be< offered in
this section. Each suit maade to measure and a
neat fit guaranteed.
Yours ltuly,
J. F. HA RIJS, By himself.
A Woman's Hat
Whna wVomant g2oes
to bmy a hat she in
sists up)on it po(sessing
three things:
C5all and~ let uts shiow
please you onl the(se
111 S. Main St., Greenville, MillneC.
Tfhe be)tter class of prnopli' appraeiate (o >.1 muiit v , U aad 'rt .
men t and Right V et.hodaa. Of iis I .,, mor -li ct) vi. e dI av~' rv da v
My Busm Ie.as is run on l these oi eh and m is grai .g riItid 3y.
I am especiah y pleasod with Itha gr wa h of miy t radle a\lv' tustomI1
e KNOW that I handlo onily the 100Tr
Dry Goods,
(3roXceri es
andl( ShFoes,
And that overy transactioni is on the N~ui..faertti Guatran~ teed pln
Buy your Suppl[-s of mio and be coitymo)Q'ad
Advertising Pays
If You Advertise Iin theo Sentinel-Journal.
February. %-> tar it has been thle pt'dtiqu.. F,,"4
country has ever exyerienced bu t-I
Theli Blizzards are coming prepare for -them no
Our immnensec stock of
is as comiolete as ever. We are daily recei,,,g b
ffiling in shipments and from Dec. 1 st to January I st
will offer some! unhleard of bargains along these linies
BY Stock Ihrniture, Buggies, Wagons, Harnes
Stoves ad Hardware.
Always liha best goodsr for the least mn.lO
O -rYours truly
9 ulClothinshp Shoes, Hats and Gents Funishing
ah offer speiaheSo Agrd ns for Stetson and Walk
Over Sos. Stetson Hats, Mitchell Wagons, Chase
Sty Bugg a aries.
Notice the Insurance Featuraton.
of tYe Liberty Bank
lBurlar lusurance Cashier Under Bond
Fire lumuranLCe Depositors' insuance
.1'a burglr blows the s fe', at. s i; d S G 4 , the u ris in g
.4' ps oio t t'i. whet hIem --14 i the r. soln C a
NTie B. tIe . -n-n10 -e's l. ,1g F ea t I
rC ln 0 Ill. " 1:1 Ithe 4 : 11141.
You f depos I i, 1 ..1. the L;berty Bank anil it c, 2-a you voth g
word to thle wise. is s'ifli U 0s efut,
11. C. ShcHILEY cU shie
CSm for Rheumatism, Cuts,.
I': uGlrIs, t se , rt ed usles Lam Back, Sti ff,~ Jodin
W(FI o lcAN-ci aNTi 'IIC that4(' stopsIrtatosbue nm
PEERAE thProes, Coeirous Buionus,
promotes a free circulation of the Blood, giving the Muscles ,
natural elasticity.
Mrs. IE. A. Simpson, 500 Craig St., Krnoxville,
Trenn., writes: "1I have been trying the baths of
Ilot Springs, Ark., for sciatic rheumatism, but I
get more relief from Ballard's Snow Liniment
than any medicine or anything I have ever tried.
Inclosed find postoffice order for $1.00. Send~ me
large bottle by Southern Express."
THREE SIZES: 25c, 50c AND $1.00
Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
mDescri matingo
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected wvith the idea that good value makes
and holds c:ustomewrs. if you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
yo cne a pair.
Prie &Patton,
A fOImo Jihemt nr r.Iho re(comtlmen dabdlo old styleo Seth Tl'lom
'jents wafh w'eghtis, w hich I am selling at special bar gain
Au.(l 11 les Ii iA f 81 LV ERW ARI. Also solid Gold as
8ilv~er W ATCilE~s A niico 11.' of Sp'ectacios ; I guarani
glasesa to fit e'yo . Alt kinids of epair work in the jewelry lin
II. SNID ER. ... Thiloy S .

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