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Entered April 23, 1908 at Piokens, . wed ela . mah pr. under act of Congres of March 8, 1879.
Zo-ne Seasonable Advice' Offered to
Farmers by the Union.
The state council of the farmers'
Educational and co-operative Un
inn of S ,iuth Otirolina, at.-the r-et
in ho.l in Anrierson last we- k de
cidedl to maLe known to 111 pubtl
the followoing n1flilloh.j..ct of it
Iiission inl this f 1t1:
First, to !(b ..nr farmers
how to produce pr. fitable crops.
sdocemd, H1"W best to manrket 0111
prodicth so ats to t1on the I.rofls
of .-ur proluoe into the hainda of
our producers, it stead of allowitig
the noinproducers to reap the prof
we Uelieve 1that it will be to 110.
mutual interest of the Farmert
Union itnd the jr-e. of tle coun
try for the Farnw.,' Union to use
ot 5d advnt its cauo anid vi ici
ph-s tl.r. ugh ail the ost .bliebd
iewspapeir thrughr the co'unt ry
wit hout pr. ferenet, so long no tl
preseit friendly, and cordial rela
tions bitworn the Forr Union
and the press of the state prevails.
We believe that the farmers of
the state appreciate the fact that
the farmers should have anl organ.
ization of their own composed ex
clusivi-ly of farmers.
We beli-ve (hat no other occupa.
tion that has an organization of
its own can consistenitly object to
farmers having 'an organizationi of
its own, composed entirely of fali.
The Farmers' Union propose to
attend to its own farming business
in its own way without making
any attempt at pulling down other
legitimate business or occupations.
in order to build up our farniing
. In order to fortify our position
in demanding profitable prices for
our money cro),cotton, and inforc
ing the sam, the Farmers' Unionl
urges its nmnbers. and all othe-r
farmers of tMe cotton belt to raise
all hoiM , supplies oii their farms
that will grs.w tLere profitably.
Our Farmers' Union discoura
ges the sys'em of buying many sup.
plies that could be gro',n on oU.
southern farms, at high iates for
the purpose of growing the one
crop-cotton, which invariably
causcs our cotton to ha sold at
f ,rce sales to pay for supplies ob
-r tained at high rates.
Why there should not be any
triction between their member,?
Because w"e have the same inter
est at stake as to profitable prices
to the producers of cotton I
B1,caus swe should be liberal
enouagh towards each other to per
mitteach organization to a ttain i ts
objects in its own way! _
Because we feel it a duty we owe
each other to stand togetherl
Because every interest of the
South is staked upon a pro'fitable3
price tio the prosducers of our groat
at p)O Cr91p, cottfoni
Because the 1drmers' Untiont is
strictly a farmers' organizatin 11
Ucseause all other Intere -te have
their sepatrate anid distinct orgam-.
zatio0n, an d the cotton. aociation.
is ant amalgamated or '!.orent or%
gatnization) where all interests in
t if cotton helt can come together
in granid conferenic-, for the welfare
of our c immlon interests which an
chors aiound profitable p~rices to
the producers of'cottoni
Because wo all live here together
in the southmlandl whore 'cotten is
Because w~hen foreign interest.
combine to reduce the profits to the
producers of cotton and~ succeed in
doing it, ovvery dollar thrus forced
out of the ptroducers hands that
goes to foreign interests, ls just so
many dollars taken out of the
south which will sooner .or later
be felt in o'ery vein and artery of
our whole system of imdustris
apdt tradeos, whose pulsations are
sant forth from one heart which is
embedded upon the fleecy staple,
Becauso it is the. right thing ts
teach aill our men .and2nojnen that
Only 35 days for selling unti
ill the shelves, we are going t-1
Holiday rush but comC while th
Big Values in Clothing
Our Clothing trade has b'een larger than usual I
till have your sizo aid the Pricos aro Right
Don't putt of buying yur Overeoaut, for th. se wart
monIt last.
Millinery Specials.
We have sold more Hats this fall than any fall sin
have been in business, and we don't want to carry an3
over. If Those who have not bcught their fall h 1
willisee Miss Hughes she -will make it interesting for tb
Buggies, Wagons, Surrey
All kinds of wagon and Buggy material have ads
there is something letter in thel Whou T e a Bad Cold
land i1 an selfisbnesal You want a remedy that will not onl
J. C Strblig, Aersn c~, Igive quick relief but effect a permaoee
J. C. Stribhing, Anderson Co., re
1. H. Foster, Greenville Co., You want a remedy that will reliev
dhe lungs atid imako expectoration ewsy.
J. N. Knox, Abbeville Co., You want a remedy tht will connter
W. N. Bruce, Oconee .Co., act any tendency towardpneumonia.
J. F Hendricks, Pick: ns Co. You wauta remedy that ii pleagant an
J. F safe to take.
Committee on resolutions of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy mmc
Farmers' Union council. Parties all these requirementsant) for the speed
desirng more informationanid theih a p . f sl ickei
by~lad andconsttutio of te WDru C ouN Huner ibedrty.
Unouowant adremedy.th.tEwrlenotate
giveaquck relif butdefest a ermane
0. 13You wantsa rfmearlihle will reiN.
wrotheyoungtatidgmakatexpeadora uionteasy
ly icYou wfna severedkidhey will'countei
Kidneyhamberlain'stirely Rtoppydmtee
ballkthese requirementd andnfordthemspeed
teand perkideey diseaoe badscppesrstant
a retwithoftanypofr.lForisayepbymPiukin
biefy-ars an havetuio elase and DrgC..NHneLbry
am evienture toestsate fourearn.
he artireoan Foles CneyN
Cwreto yoe statgfhatIn from dn ey
oy rd fad tvrbe"de onbot
Piaknes Drug Cwo Dr.le of FySt
Kidney Ou. I entrelstppeth
brick dnhe oiment and pa asyp- '~
oM an'f Uineydieasoneessea. I
am glato asa hat hav aneveru Thead
a. retrn ofMany of thoe "ymptomicanuring
hjoaviwrti reomd.,wso F olesKinbe
~~l Cureue to a llown sufern dtrom tone
or bladder onhiw o caetrouble
Piken Dlcrug Cottr. Dr.y R.f F. Smth !EI bpopcur ft
sosskehe coudhadeaelungr t , miimnan ihisteta
Mcd5phsans neahabien o eliee
hir Afte . igr as a wman' Btr hes. mr fSct' Enli
a4.c perftly cred aof bnnw adi the "Rypnoica," o
fwhen'l her efuseod dlo the toa *'treghad uiy I s
operaateo 1)s wife foru ema. tribe 1~ams l h iiie o
"Ised, We ar "wcnhed Itoecdfshbcm xi
takbe E llecsBotters M ie s, ithe wolRE abore-itue ofatm
got ak fshl onicy al lase wnerd, mandfstv heta
a~r~nd5pic a hi d rist ied b reui evse beas h ilta~ci
her. ATe akngext ri "h es shbe maitslvro Scotts~ Emulio
was rctl cusre and ff n ws pefr. .t Ind uishe anny if-i<
ft.rm wll hitr hoeushol ucin a B.l**m rnthadprty I s
araniteed by Pfeken Drpu o. Pienams all oeee tep pite ofvilized cou
Ding (ici. codtie oil sohe a go evene
- Hrb . Ewads njued.te toad getshbee xvaun
HeibW.Edward o Dest Moines Io., ithWue oi witorld-wdbe caa
got a ftasten anott'salkniust ointeri
spoiin hi rtand~ breigh t, hinausn the wold o th ao
knee. "he nxt ay" e sys, bahe kfwoard hir rpesin elica'h
Ne o ropasn oif 1as nauread at ingnuis and lt e-ivh
cwpculdy iav to ay o bed, but iledl gy
andafer iw aplato:. al srees . enp pfleor f cott'Em.
had diaeraed ocm lad or Phoen of oudIWyo rpr
thi sate -fS .Catn Di tast Sc oTT's B Eus on2is t
gadoftlsntlomen~"o'e~n bakdO1 3 childr thin delic
Trespass Ni. 3h. on peopeand $10.All codr~itions
I our stock takintr limP
ame 'prices th-t will i
Sstocks aire complete.
and someo of the manufactures I
price: others are going to. We
)ut we on hand at"the old price. Bett
while they last. Woesell Bu
n days $35.00 to $100.00. You sihbu1
Another Car
Doewe -BAKE3R
L t. a , Will arrive this wepk. Come at
Farm Imp
'So - Labor is getting higher and
prepare to do more work with lea
auced line of
Leaders in L(
Correspondent Constitutionally op
posed to work-Waxes Carniver
ous-EatsHog Haslets-Too
a Busy to Write-News in
S General-Browni
Wants Busi
-'For faar the readers of the Sen
tinel-Journal might forget that
there was such ai place in the con
ty as Odteechee,yuur humble scribe
w ill attempt to pen y ou a few
The editor will Ixcuse us when
we tell him that wo have been tcoo
busy to write, not manually, for as
everybody knows, we are not of
that creed, but as the weather haa
been against fat hogs, we haven't1
had time for anything but "ehaw"
Picking cotton is now a thing of
the past for 1905. The crop was
short but w ith the fair prices ob
tainied leaves the farerr about out
of debt and in a ba.)py mood.
Mr. J. S. Hall lhas the new
school building at this place nearly
Caiteechee new has a flourishing
schiool in the day time with Miss
Mary Hdghes a. teacher and a
Snight school with Prof. Geniry of
>r Anderson county ias teacher. Prof.
ld Gentry is also principal of tlie
n.. Norris Grammar achool.
M~lr. Berry Gary is now General
dt Manager of the (Company .stor.e at
a' this place with Messrs R. E. Bow.
son, S. W. Craig, and Those Young
MslrkG. F. Norrip, secretary - ot
Sthe Norris cotton inilils has let the
contract for a nice ntew'dwelling
n in the grove near T. 11. N~rris' resi
af idence. Look Out, girls sometlfing
le inuthe wind.,
e Mr. Tr. W.j Davenportof Toccoa,
'Ga., has kencharge of the ho
tel here.
Merried at the residence of Mr.
Reid of' Cateechee on last Thuks
day Mr. G. P. Phillips of. Newry to
Miss Llszie Miller of Cateochee, J..
Alonz~o Brown officiating.
Married atn the,.rsid..c of .
,and as montey in ill
ave them. Don't pt
iave already advanced their OR
have a large stock of Buggies
er come in and figure wil us
ggies, complete outfits, from
I see the outfit we put up for
id let us fit you up. GI
ements. $850,
icarcer and you havo got to
a hands We carry a full S
ow Prices.
Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Sour Stom
ach, Torpid Liver and
C h ro n i c Constipation.
Pleasant to tale
.A. 0. Teat of Catesohee, on lasi
unday, Mr. J. N. Owe of An.
erson county to Miss Maggi. Per
ins of Centrail, J. Alonzo Brown
~. P., officiating. Mr. Owensis a
roeperous young farmer.- Misi
~erkins is fourth daughter of Mr.
Lhomas Perkins of Cent ral and
,umbers her friends by the score
Phey have the congratulations of
heir many friends.
Rumor has it that the wedding
ells will ring again moon. Re
nemnber that J. Alonzo Brown hai
nade the announcement t hat the
irind never blows too hard, rains
0o hard nor does he over git toc
leepy to help peoplo out oftusingle
>le3ISedness" into "dlouble ourood
By the way, 0O(1 Riddle was in
own shopping a few days ago.
Vo are expecting to hear of some.
,hing. B.
Oures OoIds Pr'oventa Pmaiouln
When you wanat a pleas nt phlysie tr
)hambe'rinin'a 8tomach and Live'r Tati
ets. . They are eany to take and produc
20 griping or othor unpleasant ofre<
iold by Piokens Drug Co.
?o ('ase of Pneumnoni Rcord.
We do not know of a Aiingle in'tant
wheo-e a congh or cold rislted in puei
monia or consumption when Foley
Honey and Tar bad been used. It cnrn
aongbs and colds perfetly, so do u<
take phianches with some unknown pr<
paration wielob mny contain opiated
whaich causeo constiption, a condition tin
retards recovery from a cold. Ask fc
Foly's Honey .iud Tar and refuaso an
substiute oifered.
Piokena Drug Co. Dr. B. F. Smiti
Eash-y S. C..
- .A Disastrous Calatuty
nt Is a disastrous calamity, when y7t?
loso.your health beeaneo indigention and
c~onstipation havo sapped it awny,
Prom pt relief can be had in Dr. Kin g's
Now Life Pills'. They bud up your di
gestive org~ana, and oure headacbe, dis
ainesO, oolio, constipation, eto. Guaran
teed at Piokens Drug Co. 25o.
ie till is easier to count than goods
it off your fall purchesus until the
our Prices are Right. (
Double and single barrel, 12 to 16 gaugo, 26 to
JNS9 84 inch barrell. Big lot'of Single barrel Shot
i. easily worth $5.00 or *6.00-While they last only
S*Cook stove hould be the best thing
O9VES in the house. The "STAR LEADER"
Is the test; your money back if they don't please you.
v Co.
5. FOR $1.0.
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
aative Fruit Syru pimples and blotches.
_ S y It is guaranteed
ne Drug Company and Dr. R. F. 8mith, Easley.
.J. D. Moore SeIls 'em Cheap.
teI bought a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
tesame way, call and see me for most anything you wantI
have a few dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
Calicoes and Outings at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to go
cheap, in fact everything cheap.
Remember the old meat market and bring me some
Pork, and all the Raw Hides green or dry that you can get
because I am selling goods. I don't forget my meat market
so call and get yonr meat or anything else you want.
The Old Meat Market.
Of StylIsh Quality
Bein'g well dressed isn't a
question of spending a lot of mon
0y It's a question of going to the9
right store. Most any store has
fairly good suits as far as thread
and oloth iiro concernod-gettmag
dis tinctivo style and a real fit is
another matter'
But that'u what you get her
at a p'rice you can o' eily afford. In
fact, you can't afford not to wear
S the kind of clothes we soil. The
~. /mere rise in your own estimation
a (and other'a) that our SCHLOSS
i lothes give you-.that prosperous
~t wellgro'med look-.is the biggest
kin~d of a cash asset to any man.
t The picture shows oneSBOHLO$s
r style. Many others sosting from
) 1O. to $25.
Our new steek ofe Winter
Overeoats just in.
HI. EN DEL l2O South Main street.

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