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The Bentinol4oural Compiny- M
J. t. 0. THOMPSON, Ei6kon.
Subscription $1.00 Per Aunur. i
Advertising R tes Rembnable. b
uter~ed at Ptokens P'odtumte as secot d Olas
Man Matter
PICK1CNS 8.. 0.:
Wednesday. December 09 1905.
On Wednesday ivening the First
Presbyterian ohurch, lovely in doo.r
aione of snowy white an rew
the scene of a lovely w*dding-tha'
of Miss Aimee Gaillard Morrison and
Mr. James 'Toomer Webey of P'ick.
es. .Unusually artistic and pretty
vyes the bridal procession - the daint.
costume's being all of white and
green, to which the flowers and their
filmy streamers added a dash of
* crimson. The ush rs Messrs Frank
Ehlrich, Sam Friday, Louis Little
and George Morrison, entered first
leading the bridesmaids and grooms
men. The maids, Miss Grace Gib.
eon, Ola Richey of Pickens, Elizabeth
Friday and * Agnes Civil, were all
gowned in white Paris muslin and
valenoinnes lace with girdles. shp
pers und gloves of pale green, and
carried bright red carniationas tied
with bows and atreamers of red tulle.
asmen were M,essrs Uligar
Greenville, E-trle Lewis of
i, Jack Morrison and Hu
Kagan of Sumter. Miss
Iwards of Abbeville, the
nor, wore a lovely dress of
ed not over taffeta, with
of white carnations, and in
contrast to her all white
Vas that of the dame of
-s. George Morrison, who
aid in Nile green. Her
po do chine dress elaborate.
and enriched with heavy
red roses, was accompanied
es and slippers of the same
ter Ilowers were crimson car
liately preceding the bride
3er tiny 4 year-old niece,
wrison dressed in a daintily
,red white uull and carrying
of roses to strew in the path
,ppy couiple as they loft the
The bride was escorted by
her, Mr. J. C. Morrison.
dling gown was an airy wvhite
licately embroidered and
with designs in pearls on
se and sleeves. A. tilmy veil
d her petite fig ureand white
led a charm to the lovely
costume. TIhe bridegroom
attended by Mr. James P.
Pickans, as best man, enter
the side door. The ceremno
>erfornied by Rev. Samuel
b, D. D., the bride and bride.
banding beneath a bower of
- rysanthemnums forming an
the church the bri~ul party
aut-of-town guests wvere driv
Shome of the bride's mother,
annon Morrison, on Lady
here they enjoyed an inform.'
ion. The house was decora.
iax and quantities of white
is, and in the parlor, which
icularly artistic and pretty,
nged a lovely floral arch, be.
tich the young couple stood
ye the congratulations of
their friends. During the evening
delightful refreshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Richey left at .mid.
night for Charleston, and after the
honeymoon they will go to Pickens
to make their home.
Among the visitors here for the
wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. John
son, Mrs. J. L. 0. Thompson, Miss
Ola1 Richey, and Mr. James P. Carey3
of Pickens, Mrs, Flora Latham, and
Mr. Edgar Morris of Greenville,
Mr. Earl. Lewis of Charleston, Mr.
-Hubert MoKegan of Sumter andj Miss
Neigfe Edwards of Abbevlie..-- Co
lthbia State,
Beautiful Home Weddings.
A pretty home wedding took
place Tuesday the 28th nit. at 8
p. a~ t the home of Mr. and Mrs
Thos. Weiborn two miles east -of
19'Ioeos, when their third aughter
if~M~s Esppie was led to theohymenlal
Sby Mr. Johul' A. Duckworth.
at three -a o'elock the ap
~bou the ?$ends And rola.
.' ~ ~ te family gerQ ushered into
nd~~utfully ranged parlor.
ethe brid#I party, the
jautIuiul gpwned in a
~E~nopywae imprssaiyely
~yj4 F. ED. Seago of
b ope of
the bee ~s oftheir M
6mited on Th4ih
ati6 beautiful cou of
r. AbU M. Mautd e ,a#4g,
sv. eago oftliatine. The corsrMo
r was very solena' a6 n b atiful.
he parlor * tts beautifully decorated
green and white. First damo. the
ridps nainds,3 1s .Blanche. Duck.
rh with NiUL3 Ii Ila Glasnor, Miss
lyrtiu 1 lmr with Nt is 14iz 1beth
te! MIisi 11an O'sor with Miss
iza M-auld-inl.
The1y woroelcarm'ng gowns Wtf
.re-pe de chliaw with bouiqiets 0f
naidin:i hair foro with white roses
L at ew'no the bride leaning on tho
arm of the groom. The bridA won,
a stuart gown of white silk with
French trimmings. The lovely white
vel.as caught witn a bunchof-white
roses and a silver buckle.
Miss Dtisy Mauldin was handsome
in a 8matrt gown of blue silk and car
ried a bouquet of white roses and
maidens hair fern.
Delicious dishes vere served in the
dining room - after the ceremony.
The first were served by Mrs. John
Robinson, Miss Eliza Mauldin an'd
Miss Myrtie Holder
Mis Mauldin was reared in Easley
and is well known as one of Easley's
charming daughters and has many
friends who wish her much happi
Mr. Rogers is one of Williamston's
most prosperous farmers. He is also
known in Greenville being a partner
with the Misses Rofgora the popular
milliners of that city.
Amid showers of rice naid old
shoes the bride and groon. left for
their future home in WilliasLon on
The bride received many beautifil
Among the guest were Mr. and
Mrs. John Robinson of Eusley, Mr.
Mrs. Jesse Dacus of Williaiston,
Mr. and Mrs. John Duockworth of
Easley, Mi, and Mrs. M. M. Holder
of Pickens, Mr. W. M. H1agood of
Eaaley. Mr. Will Robinson of Easley,
Miss Elizabeth Rogers of Greenville,
Misses Ida and Lula Glasnor of Emis
Iy, Miss Myrtio and Mr. Farman
lIolder of Pielcns and Ml4jis Blanche
Duckworth of E asley.
a thoKind You Have Always Bought
A Congh Syrup whlich driven a cold
out of the system by actinig asi a cathar
tic on tihe bowela is onl'ored ini Kenneidy's
Laxative Honey and( Toir. Clears the
throat, strengthoeus the luntga and bron..
ohial tuben. The niothier's friend and(
the childron's favorito. ].ostL for Cr'oup
Whooping-Cough, oto. -Sold by Pick
eas Drug Co.
Six Mile Sketches,
Mr. Edlitor: 1 will writo a few lines
to let you and the correspondents
know that I am not dead neither am
I married, ha, ha,
%Ir. and Mrs RI. WV. Willimon paid
the little town of Pickens a visit last
Mrs. 13Ia Evans who has beo 1 qu)it.e
sick recently, wye are glad to note
that she is able to be ont again.
Mr. WV. A. Hendricks of WVest Un
ion, spent Monday night -with R. W.
Mr. Joe Davis has I rented h'mself
6a new wagon.
Mr. and Mrd. M. C. Finidley of thie
Stewart section wore lure last week
R. II. Holcomnbo has purchaseud a
span of fine horses.
'i'his scribe wvent to the little town
of Cateechee Monday and'n~ bile there
had the pleasure of talking with one
of the correspmull' fs, I wvill not tell
his name, whyv, diont ,you know?'- I
know just as wvell
Mr. Coat Stewart has purchneed a
new aurrey. Old Pea Rlidge is conm
Ing to the front. 8ee1
Mr. 0. W. Garret t has given lisa
house a beautiful coat of paint.
The farmers are almost dlone pihi.
ing cotton and sowing wheat.
Mr. Will Baldwin who ncoved to
Pear Ridge from Oonmee last fall
We Never Disa p
We Fulfill Ever Promise and |
WE GU Rpain or detention' tom
outed never to return, wit o mercur
haro Dr. Tatng to
Iby a stafT of oemine
sOur succeas nt ti
- os ,Xray, vIo0
odorat inow'
ti'ainedI an d orn
a and lineed phyali
Womploy no0
patroag -n (
to $10.00 por month
4~j~I~l~ UAKEEDR Itptre I.ydr
arDtm.oats. inor,
flK. K ING, My. D. -Vhronio lninoaa
ONeaO~ usw yeN~v,oA4 Unnatuirad I eilm r
tOsndUr'foa, XAMINATs
Toda, Iit
I i e ' aite to
e po e y eu; I enjoy
weIyld bit is.
Mrs. ,1. 1, fjblgombe and little son
VillQ Vieit4; at Lilberty last week.
, sl Vte oy .. rotter q charming
oung lady visited: at West Union
ast week.
Christotis will soon - bo here and
vont [ be glail for iay be Dad will
1t. us d rivu th at a l m le 1).no
'A here.
HeaIilth in Ihid wr ation is good aidl
. ave plent.L of liolmethiig goad to
cut for hog killing is the ord-r of the
I will eloet wiAbiu tho S.mlittel.
Jot.1 ural success. O:d Riddle.
9v .4L. M W C3 Wt.2. ..
Beare the I Q'Yo Have Al ways00
"I Thank The Lord!"
cried Hannah Plant of Little Rock, Ark.
"for the relief I got from Bucklun's
Arnio.t Salve. It cured my fearful run
ning sores, when. Dothing else would
heal, and from which I had suffered for
5 years." It is a marvelons hea'er for
outs burns inud wounds. Guaranteed at
Pickens Drug Co. 25a.
The South's Greatest System.
Unexcelled Dining Car Service
Through Pullman Sleeping care on
all Local trains. Winter Tourist
Rates are now in effect to all
Florida points. For full infor.
mation as to rates, routes, eto.
consult nearest Southern Railwal
Ticket Agent, or
Assistont General Passenger
Agent Atlanta, Ga.
Divisiii Passenger Agent
Charleston, S. C.
for clztdreosteafe sure. vo oplates
Notice of Escheat.
Lands of Calvin M. Smith, deceased,
An inquest of eacheated lands of Cal.
viu M. Smith, lato of Pickeus county,
deconseid, having been inadn at the
Spring term of 1905, of the Court of
Conmion Pleas for (aid couuLy. iid cor.
tilled to me by the presiding judge, and
said inquest having been returbed to ne
by 1h1 escheator, notice is hereby giveu
to the heirs at law of the said Calvin M.
Smith, or others claiming unler him, to
appoar and make claim to said ceoheated
Said Calvin M. Smith died October
16, 1901, and was the pe-rson last seized
of said lands(1, which are described as
All th~at pieco, parcel or tract of land
lying and beipg situate in the couy of
Pickensi slate of South (;arljina i'a Eus
taitoo township ou cast, side of Big Eas
tatoo creek, comnprising thre'e hundred
and twenty-flye (325) aircs mire or lean
.iiing ilds of Hester tewairt and
lands formerly owned by Daivid Prarkeri
and others and'known rna the Alpha B~ar
tori home place.
OctamG A. J. BOOGS,
Clerk of Conrt for Pickenis county.
TIMl. TAlHim NO 4
Supersedes'Timc Tlabie No 3
IRcad D~own Road I'p
No le No 10 ST.A1T'IONS No 1i No 9
Mlixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
4:10 pm10:10)nm IV Pickeas ar 2:55pm6 :30 pm
4:; pmai Ira: 5 am Ferguisoni 2:.45pm 0:25 pm
4:55 pmli 10:55 1m1 *1Parson'rs 2:30pm 6:15,pim
5:00) pmn II:0') nm *Ariall'n 2:25pmr 6:10 pmn
5:10 pm1 I11:05 au m*M anild in 2:20pm 6:05 pm
5:15 pm 1 1:15 nrm ar i-:asley lv 2;5p mn 6:00 pin
* Flag Statlions
All trallus .tlly excepts Sundray
No. an oec~iets with I Sourtherni Railway No 30
No 9) rIonnects with Southern Railway No 12
No. 12 connlects with Southern Railway No 11
No 1.i conneicts with Southern Railway t8040
IEF~or anry informatrion app'y to
J T T A YLoR, oen Manager.
Arkansas and t he Southwest.
Loor than one way fare for the
rond trip by Memnphia and the
Cotton Belt Route. Dates are
Oitrihor 17, November 7, and
21, Decoeniber 5 rind 19.
P'Ick your dIato arnd say when and
whrere you want to go and we will
gIvo you fullI information by return
I. P'. 8Ml'rll, Tr. P.A.
CBOLT (Cotton liel Rauto,
'2O3 lhu it ablo, lu llding
lot Our Patients.
isver Hold Out False Hopes,
life or bougieeanul Varicoeie aythaout
b~usiiea; .0on tasgiti Blood Poigos
or sninieral mnixturel Less of Maui
y' cured; no etlanulanat but permiaa'en
dical oo. Lu an ir01titus inan organiseunder t
o dimoaes. Ir. N. IC Ing nth nfounder of
the chIef oon-iting s peeialist, being assisted
nt physicians andi aurgoons.
Le teatent or ehrouoIc dieases Is unhurpa.
uipped with a'l th0 galvanto, faradiobttr
ay, and F~insen ray: in fact, 0very Sltle4
~to thle medical profession. 06r sanaitArioe a
!espedt, and we employ none biultb tl
nc attonmrat ergelafly qual taed graduates
milleading means to secure patient.s ed
D 'or uanake fre Utra1Iversontj~ \
tin a sp feilr red dw glIe thre ssus
EA SESs~ "*e'aW "ide"
Velnd Bialdler trouablef, liheun at s
and i'naligai ant trobl'es, &atarat rte
d and Lunge. D~iseases of By~E an$ Ear
as of Woman, suoh s Displacemnents,
as, andi such weaknoeses ofwomen,
if You are alckeor aifituted. On request we
ymnptdm blanks for 1roino troatmnt.
ON AND ADVI(SH 1tE. am,...
s1., e"e Alant. Aa
S Ae I 6m Ia the house.
e one when, u feel bil
1oui or dlzy. he ,act di
leily on the liver. M.*9"0:
Want y , achojor beard BU OINOHAM'S DYE
e t1 wn'or rlchblack? Use On DYEeacouw a u waua.
I have some special prices to offer the trade for
cash on Shoes, Hats,' Pants and various other
things useful in the home and on the farm too
numerous to mention. When you get ready to
Buy a Suit of Clothes
this fall don't- fail to see me before you buy and
get up-to-date tailor-made goods at the lowest
prices. Such goods have neyer been offered in
this section. Each suit made to measur'e and a
neat fit guaranteed.
Yours truly,
J. F. HARRIS, By Himself.
Treasurer's Notice.
County of Pickens.
Office of County Treasurer Pickens County;, S. C.
Pickens, S. C., September 15th, 1905.
The Treasurer's Office will be open from MONDAY,
The Rate of State, County, School and Special Tax, includ
ing One Dollar Poll Tax and One Dollar and Fifty Cents
Commutation Road Tax.
In accordance with an Act to raise supplies for the flseal year commencing
January 1, 1905, notice is hereby given that the office of County Treasurer of
Pikeuns County will open for the collection of taxes for said fiscal year from
MONDAY, OCTOBER 16th, until SATURDAY. DEOEMBER 30tib. liatel
per cent. of taxation are as follows:
Levy for State Tax.................. ...... .... 51 nillq
"f Otdinary Conty tax................... 4
" Constitutiomal School tax ..............3 "
" Psat indebtedness ..................... 21
" Road tax ........ .....................
Sihking Fund .........................14 "
Totil levy far State and County Taxes.... 18 mills
Levy for inter, at on Piokons R. R. bonds, Pickens C. H. Township, 3 mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens it. I. bonds, Ihurricane Towialhip, 21 mills.
Levy for interest on Piekens R. it ionins, Eastatoe Township, 31 mills.
Special Levy for School District No. 8, 2 mills.
S4 4 "4 9,4 "
" "'' " 10, I1 "
.* e. " "11, 5) "
40 II Ii13,6
44 4e ,. " 16, 2
-- " " " 19.,2 "
2:3, 2 '
04 4 if" 31, t-i
42, 2 " .
A Poll Tax of One Dollar per cnpita all male cit izen between the ages of 21
ad 60 years, except such as are exempy law, n ill lbe collected.
A commutation Rload Tax of One D)ll and Fifty Ceits will bo collected at the
mame time as otber taxes from aell male citiz -na between the, ages of 21 nnad 50
earsr, except such as are exempted by law. V~nless said tax is paid by the 31st of
March, 1906, five days work upon the public' highways wvill be required uinder a
A sspitaticn tax of 50o will be collcted on chcl and every dog in, the~ countv'.
Taxes arc payatble only in gold ti-d silver coin, United Stotes currency, Nation
al Bank ot-.a and coupons of State Ronds which becomo payable during the
Parties desiring information by mail in regard'-to their taxes will please state
the keation of their pro perty and include postaige for a reply, and those a yin~
taxes by check must include the charges for collecting.
Sept. 20, 1905-td Troasurer of Pickens County.
Christmas Holiday Rates
Southern Rail way
On account of the Christmas Holidays the'Southern Railway will
sell tickets from all points oet or the Mississ&ppi and south of the
Ohio rivers and to St. Loiuis, Mo., and to intermediate points at a
rate of one and one third first class fare for the rounid trip (Minimum
rates 50e. ) plus 25c. 'rickets to be sold December 22-31 and Janunary
1, 1906, with a final limit of Jan 4, 1906.
Tickets for teachers and students of schools and colleges wvill be
s->d December 17-24, with final limit of Jan. 8, 1906, Upon presenta,
tion and surrender of c-rtific.ito signed by Principals, Superintondents
and Presidents of the varions institutions of learning,
For furthisr infotrmationi, apply to any Southern Railway agent, or
D)iv, Pa.. Agt- Assisitant Gen. Pats. Agt.
Charleston, S. C. Atlt.nta, Ga,
lind Headache
"About a year ago," writes Mrs. Mattle Allen, of
11r23 Broadway, Augusta, Ga., "I suffered with blind sick
headaches and backaches, and could get no relief until I tried
A Non- intoxicating Female Tonic
I immediately commenced to improve, and 'now I feel
likce a new woman, and wish to recommend it .to
all sick women, for 'I know that it will cure
them as it did me."
Cardul is a pure, mnedicinal extract of WRITF
vegetable herbs, which relieves female Us
pains, regulates female functions, / FREEIY.
,tones up female organs ~to 'a mel d f"ai ,*
proper state of 'health. Try en ri 'i7.
It for your trouble. *ocs a remv~,
Every druggist sells t 1 '
It In'$z.co bottles. t1f~
Busin11ess Suit
This is the Suit that you should be the
most careful in selecting, as one lives in a
business suit six days out of seven, and
one expects naturally to be more satisfied
in picking out this class of apparel than a
more dressy suit.
Now we Have Special
Attention to This Line;
And are ready to please any one. To-see
is to buy. Come in and be one
of the lucky ones.
L. Rothschild,
Solo Agent fer Hawes Hats and Dutchess Trousers.
To the Trading Public.
You will find py stock of goods very complete this fall, consisting of
Dry Goods and Notions
of most all kinds. Great bargains in Clothing and Shoes, Thcys> and
Youths' Suits, Mon's Odd Coats and Pants, Overcoats for Boys' and
Men, Ladies' Jackets and Skirts, Mon's and Boys' Kniit Overslhirts anid
Underwear. Give me a call and be convineed that 3 ou can buy goods
as cheap here as anywhere.
Mrs. L. E. MANN, Six Mile, S. C.
A Woman's Hat
- When a woman goe.s
to buy a lHit she in.
sists upon it- posessint.
three things:
1.4HA I 14
Call ;n(d let us show
you how well we Canl
please you oill tlese
111 S. Main St., Creenville, S. C.
N. D. TAYLOR, Photographer,
---MalmR OlF'
The kind that are mlade at the L.cst studios~ of the larger cities.
The kind that will not fade. That ar~e natural and( I ifelike,
and finished on the latest and p~rettiest cards to be had.
Nice line of mouldings and frames of anly sIAize mde to or der.
ro acres of land near' Marietta, S. C.,
01n Pumflpkotown road. *10 1por acro.
2 0 acres near Travelers Rest,
joining~ lands of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part of the Butler
Watson 0o(1 homn.. $15 per acro).
lso smnall tracts of land1, 20 to 50 acres.
~e have also some very det.irable lots near e y li-mits. Theso lots are
along the car line--500 each.
- Greenville. S9
AGApT...J* os.u on st npomej eqs ng&
TM xaanrov i1suauo
I d ; Aos. 10 eOUU
Sold ad recmmenddGby tcken Dr u o.du

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