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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, December 06, 1905, Image 4

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/; nxors.iq,
1 2ts Reasonjable
~ 0' t~alee 0I :Citi
10 kent,-. hitr Fo rth Qtirterly
'I illlI of5~3
O hena, und ir 01ur syst, m of
Ohulhl. jovernmnt, our beloved
pas od e d. M. Abnley, will,
with the expiration of this confer
6onice 3eai1. coiiplote tll) frulb st
- 0c1ntiuun 0 vice possibIIle to a
mnitter, ill the South Carti na
conlference, alid thriugh alt his
four year- of miniisoring to our
people lhe h a8 1ndo.ared himself
alik to Methodists and all other
denomimionms, andI has conitribut.
ed very materially in building up
ti chriioh, by his personal endav
ors and by his coinsistent., chlis.
tiai, example, both as citiz!ns and
preaclh.r, and whl-reas this quar
torly confetOrew, desires to spea.k
the eniderement of the community
in get.oral and of Pickcns charge
in particular, and olect thus to
giuO expessiol to tho ligli uppre
ciatioln in which Brother AbneY
is held amovgst us:
BO it Resolved, That wo part.
with Brothc1 Abney with segrats,
and pray Gcd's bilesing upon him
in his w ork wherever hI may be
Sent, That our associations With
him and his most estimable wife
havo proven most helpful to us,
andi we try to find some compensa
tion 1o our lors in hoping that
theiri lots ilay bo cast ill pleasant
places. Wo givo ti. ein our un
gutIalified endorseulcn t, aind com
Imit them in warmisL affection to
whomsoevor God's providence may
Cirry themii.
Our chargo has been been built
up financially and strengthened
in the true spirit and works of re,
ligioni. and theso faithful works
loft behind( themii are living and
lastinig mon uments (8 o their con
sistoiit of orts anid Godly pulrposes
wh ich havye run coniselessiy through
oult~ their four yeais of labor
ailoiigt lis.
Hesolved ur~thier. Thaiit a cop~y
of those resolutU ions be hand~ed Bro.
Abnuey and his wife, and1( the same
be spread upon our Minutes, and
that our locail newspaper and "Ttho
Southern Christ ian Advocate" be
requested to publish the same.
-d only ai litle Early Riser
Sto kcep the bo'wels clean,
stive, and then systemi free
udlacs. cons iftiato, etc.
little pills "'Errly Risors"
n effect and perferct ini ac
never gripo or sicken, hut
iigthecn thel liver anId kid.
- a Pickens Drug Co.
idCent Summons.fl8
tvof Pickens,
t, of Common Plous.
or' Relief-Co1~inplt not
kling, WV C Martin, W F
'. L. TJhompkins. and( Calvin
dt Lethal M~ay Mahrtint anid
rtin by their gauardian ad
Tootenl. Aurio Hudi'son, and
t i ng. D)ifeindants.
her'eby Summonii~ted anid re..
:s erh c'oiifplaint in tis
.h is filed in t he eflice of
aii, l 'it ihenS E. C and1 to servo
ouri ai il M erQ to thle sid 30om
Ssubhsc.it er ait h'si 1 1llee at
.within twent.. diays aifter
iereof, exchi:sive of the (lay
ice; anid if you fail to answer
nt w.it hint the timeI aforeWid~t(
,r the rellef diemandedi in the
A .ugust A. D). 1005.
C. E. UiRoio
* H~PaitiiY's A ttorniey.
enat def endt:mti A uio Huldsonl
* '3 that the nunaons in the
-'- case of which the forgoing~
** id the complaint, was filed
n of the Clerk of the Court for
inty, 8. U, on the 20th day of
a u . 0. E. Robinson,
.* Plaintiff's Attoiney.
SDebtors amL..Grod Itors.
'ij ns having~ clainis against tihe
Thomase Gifin, deceased. are
o present tho samne properly
a othe~ under01gined for paymtient
bt 1 t o ad estato inust make pay..
u i E. B. Rihlardson,
No.c 'X'0( W . Griffinu
W ~~y to J. B ebr
~% ~t(~ P~-o V1Qk'eps county, :0n
i lag. :ecenibj' ,1900, for a
> ni othe estate of 0. L
J(OI!I enegt11, and ek to b
j :~~ \4 'Xmith i' 'i(ii
I ' Adrni istr
7-e. 3im.-M 7 - f
Are The Finest]
The only Pianos that are Guaranteed for a lif
Teachers and Conservatories.
The Wond erful lmI)roved
Yictor Talliifg Machiine.
Fvrm $1,5.00 each to $100.00.
They Talk Everythin10'
They Sing Everything,
They, Play Everyth tng.
Both Entertaining and Educational.
These instruments are sold on easy terms. I will exchange all old Re
cords or buy your old Records and pay you cash for them. Anoybody can
buy one-It don't take much money to begin with. Write for my wonder
fully easy plan of buying one. Don't delay, write today. A postal will bring
you the plan
Solo Agent for the CELEBRATE ANG
The Angelus is recognized today as the most
Piano players in existence.
The Symphony---a set of beautifully voca
which can be used with the Piano with wor
Pi lIce of Player alone $250.00, with Orci
Reeds $275.00. Wr ei te for easy terms on thes<
tiful in strluments.
Write for Catalogues and my new plans for buying all kinds of musical inst
TheUp-to-DateMusic House (
~Ihis store is better known every day as the place where men and boys can
with the fact that most of Greenville's representative men are coming here for'the
market for special values to offer to our patrons wvho buy late. and we'll have on s;
previous offeriugs.
Men's Black Raincoat $10o. Somel
Our stock of overcoats and raincoats ia com..
iup long I~I 1 , b to mn eory dletail and the vaines we are of- And
fering our trade caLnno't bo found elsewhepru at lectioni re
our prices. Meni's Black helt back coat 52 the 'most
inceong"vlu $ 1500 al ie $10 00 Thnyo
Moiis B-ack Riaincoat warrants d1 water Moatpo
proof, t he samo1 quality as Other stores get for ac
$.12.50 anId $15 for as a leadeir, we offer all over nd r
uizes this weok at - . . $10 .00. one seaso
52 Inch Fancy Coat Belt 2"a"
Back $8.50. - hraunt $
Do~n't get the ideal in you r head that an Mn
$8.50 coat bought at the right place isi not nice n
entoughi for you . We are offerhng a special lot Blacki
fancuy palt ternsa. full 52 inche9 Jong with bolt back 'advaned
at a special prico - - . $8 50 market bi
NbyBelt Coat 12.50ap.".f
.For swvol(llodresrs this coat ennu t be beat pies 4l
- iiim town. Made by the best clothes makelrs in . hibets an
/ the businose and guarantee 1 as the style and fit. haircloth
6 ~ Six patternis to select from . . $12.50 single bro
/ leg, alims
Fancy Vest. hese
Fancy and white vests are very popular~ 0 s
with smart dressers this season. Nothing looks
as neoat as agenteel vest.
I,*4~* ..~ Hobbs-Henderson
ile Piai
etime. Tsed an(
Is difficult to
F I . select
because Everetts are uniform in
quality-a condition peculiar to
This condition grows out of the
fact that the Genius who created
and super
Intends the construction of each
Everett piano.
That which he had the genius to
create, he has the ability to con
struot of uniform quality.
Everette are manufactured by The
Everett Piano Co., Boston, Mass.
Owned by The John Church Co.
Sole Agent.
perfect of Violi
Auto I-L
,1 reeds
IThe lai
i -Iarps of
each to
bean- Music 1B
E ve.ytl
rumnents. xwant, j
3rand Opera
b~e ab~solutely sure of obtaining
ir wvearables. Stocks arc nou
die throughout the week a co
hing Different is wi
you want.
.f you comno here y'ou'l fmid a big
,eiverl by Friday's express from (i
fashioijab' dlesigneru in Now 'i
'Il find1 us reasonab'e, inl our pr
le ch arge y ou a.: ul. ren son aleu
vest because they ex pect to carry
maike you p:ly tfor whiat they cairry
a to another. M.sua's fancy Mr
mtble or single brIV$~, dark grey (
0 at $8. 50. M en's chu i un1 xcid me
n1 voit usually s-d (Iti $2 50 s i
.50, Meu's Whlite Oxler-*' v, si ,
Lhe greautest vialue ill t be IlitIsol att y
Black Suit Speci
Buits are al ays w orr, and( lthey
1,1orO thall any iil her fa11l bric
1. you would thinak they w' re get
omn we quote below andE ifI vo
d try on a ga rmenit youii'd1 w.oiilder
offer our Iiadbr such vILa l a
3no hunmdiedl si o(f 11i~h8 y,
itA maide wit h heavy pladl dI shiouh!
fronta, ma-Io up in. I atiSt stylea,
s, 8 1 jinches lon g, Pau fit 'l
itod regti~nr stult $10l( 00. Miin's d ot
alack Thib' t suits, $12.5 rand 15.
for Men Women al
.o In The World
I Indorsed by Eading Artists, Musicians.
The World Renowned
A Record Unparalleled!
For over 6o years the King of American Organs. The name al
guarantee of steel. Over THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND ii
Prominent Churches, Chapels, Missions, Lodges, Schools and H
For sale oi~ly by John H. Williams, The Up-to-date Music House, G
ville, S. C. Write for catalog and terms.
tplete stock of Holiday Presents, C onsist nji
is, Banjos, Guitars, Mandolins, AccorcLe( I.
irps, Zithers, and all kinds of steel and j
rgest assortmrent of Harmonicas or F ]re
over 50 different kinds at prices from
15 each.
kinds of sheet music-- =classic and popu Yj.
ooks, Musical Supplies of all kinds, in
ing known in Music. Write for what
VLa11 orders receive special attention.
House Building, Greenville, S.K
y perfectly correct styles in ready-to-wear. We are more and more imn
complete and at their best. Our buyers have been busy looking ov
llection of suits, overcoats and fancy vests that are far superior to any L
For !men we're agents in Greenville for
*L Lewis A. Crossett's shoes $3.60 and $400 and
you'll find them the most comfortable shoe you
.over wore at the price. WVe're also agents for
col. the popular Duinlap shoe, at *5.00 for a dress
se o shoo. You cannot find a better oneO. T1he latest
rork. -tyles aure now in. 8tock price $5 00
"EDress Parade Shoes.
rmA genuine good year wvelt ushoe, usnally sold
har t $3 00. In all the latest leathe rs and iatest
f~tlasta. fully guaranteed by us at . $2 530
3 Womens Dress Shoes. to
2 50 Uniess you think you have boonpaig o
mnuc h for shIoes4 that (1d ilot give good wear jnst
aJ, dri n hr) andl4' hIuIl)Iv a pair of our ' Portia." .'
sho3 s car(I;ried1 In aull b-athers and the latest styles.
vo.' i) er1v pair i. 'varranfed1 by us to. give a bsol ut.'
atisfaction~ 10 r lul ( new iQ pair. Pr ice $200 to *400
Childrens School Shoes,
tho WVe're shlowing a complote lineo of boys and
ack( gir lu oo~l shofVs that wvill save doctor's b.Ills, *
rd-Ir solid leabthe~r andl1 warrantedi to give good
we ar. P'ricea. reguig rm 75c t.. $2'50.
SBuy Your Baby Shoes Here.
frWe carry a ig sook of babv- sho, g, shoes
the walking baby size. / 0ft kid shoes 25 and
50o. Haud made Jbathe' shoes 50afo~ *1.00
Busy Bee' Hive

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