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The Hand That I
And Restores
"Dutring the recent Gri
clatm:tutg a miion victims o
eficiency of .'eruna in quick
this malady and its after-efe
thA Nalk of the contincnt."-N.
LIKE A DEMON grip hias crossed
our country, leaving behind se ires
of physical wrecks.
Victims of catarrh of the hecad, catarrh
of the throat, catarrh of tho lungs,
catarrh of tho stomach, catarrh of the
kidneys, catarrh of the pelvic organs,
are to be counted by hundreds of thou
sands .
G rip is epidemic catarrh, and sows the
seed of ' chronic catarrh within the
This is so true that few grip sufferers
are able to make a complete recovery
until they have used Peruna.
Never in the history of medicine has
a romedy received suich unqualified and
un iversal eulogies as Peruna.
If yon do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruina,
-writo at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
f ul I slatement of youir case, and ho will
be pioa-zed t o give you his valuable ad
vice Ulratta.
81111lii(n Of q LT al !Id8 e1111 eS nll halire
--RevB. E.Grand lef 4londa
fo pinfed to DE Ook gfrer has on -e
rac toer. Wouith ln unbrenhin- '
Viactims wil complehto the sc eth
theb thaetrh ofan helry.
---arrie o the esidcer of the
kieys, oaterr, of the pelis. orans
ve tohe hpcoue by hed goto'
--Mri sepdemin ter2Gh n, a ew the
hse of T.roA. Hughes, fathi o the
auro al thako cmLrecovsetion
happy thyung cusporuha.tecn
Nevturains theiryo mnyifinends
-An rem d recind svcanqulfried and
subsier canloi as weekand
lf yote dola biol deripondm sthis
factor hits clero heei tof he frst
ofit Janr tor. H asrn givnart
fth ansfthisnd your estd wille
for man ye ou prosperiuyl and
hapipiies. o ave seeral Nather
frSitold accut )o lu ookfr s an w
woul citt balaWhne the m itvay.
--rsdt W.m W.r M c~o r tker pt
hasi Isent enrous sampl of1 It e.
product. tots oflic o. whic poe toc
hol . at it deiren th he
vlne~ an heca ind rby ale frorl'
ki ep, thrtt, or morecwa u
in nto these 1 otfits andIil, mae good
m oney . Or farmer fri er ould
dont wel t try o tet iperitent o
'-Ans ha(1 ad anto fepidmi aof
movsei thce iasthi week ur W.
fl.iott Je ishi vd t o hit ac Uen. T)1
Mc Janielfrm 197 on orLieart oa
W.a H. fPrc hs oed tob thes
fia* p a< 11.3 A.u N.-ho y a s moved3'0 ~l
wol1 Ihe tai.e houste ; the tEdl Stephyn
whoi reie in. the i Mil acion,
h naItnl mo e to own l~ and cuis thec
Neub;J.hu Troupe Pr traigeCi h sed
itola thelauldi p rrt on ofacto
rvo utre t t i solc i c l)1t
Yards Off Coughs,
Nervous, Dyspepti<
efieeic, e
e more, the
y relfeving
Is has been
i _
Cured of Obstinate La Grippe. C
Henry Dist-in, the inventor and maker
of band instruments for the Henry
Distin Mfg. Co., at Williamsport, Pa., is A
probably the most active old man in
Philadelphia to-day. H writes from v
1441 S. 9th street, Philadelphia, Pa.: e
"I write to Inform you that I had a f
bad attack of la grippe last December f
which lasted more than three months, F
and which left me with catarrh, and
several of my friends advised me to try
your wondorful medic.:ie, Peruna. C
"I began with a bottle the first week c
in March and it certainly did me a great
deal of good.
"I was so well satisfied that I it
purchased another bottle, and followed a
your directions which you furnish with ni
every bottle, and I am glad to say that V
it has cured ie. I shall certainly rec
oninenti the l'eruna to all my friends."-- o
Henry Distin.
-C. L. Clayton and wife, of Lib
erty, visited t ho family of her father.
Thomas Welborn, last Week.
-Jas Griflin, who has been in tho
west the past few years, is en a visit
to his tr. ther, Capt. J. A. Griflin.
-Rev. 0. M. Abmuy filled his op
poli-tmcnt at the Pickenis Met hodiht'
ehurch Sundlay night~ and d livered a
fine <hlscourse. H1( will preafch1 next
Sunday at 11 a. mi,, and wvill leave the
following Tuesday for Conference
which meets ht Spartan burg.
-Fi. E. Cox returned lasit wvek
from Coliumbia where he wenit to take
Li position, lie will probably resuimot
his p)osition ith the Picke ns rail. ci
roaid. F1ranlk saiys there is nto placW. SI
like home; ho says expens~es in Co. y
Ilmbial wolld eat up all the t-alary S
andIC ho can savel 'L imoreon hal f tIP e l.
wages in P'ickens.
-A regul ar commn I)tnication or ke.
rowee Loiko No. '70 A. Fi' M. willI ho
hioldenm Satinnhuvi ight.. All mem.
bers arie urged to be presen It and
t-Ik part1)1 in the clect ion eif oticers
ior thme enSuing year. Tlhcre is also
degree work mapp)ed out.. Every
member Ccmflc visit ng brethren cor
dially welcomed.
-The Pickens Lveenm com m itteo
have a high 'class- at Irnction for m xt
Monday night Dec. 11th ini theo
Montauk Lqdios Quartet t, one of t he
best and higheost p)ried( qinrtetts
now before thbo pumblic. TIhe press
notices they receive all point to them
being a fine at tract ion and youi will
miss a treat if you fail to hear them.
-Tho Supreme Court miado guick
work in the Pickens county caso. It]
boeardi the at gumient alonday and1( dli-. e
missed the peOtitionl that night. T1hi4
means that the election inj Pickenis
aounuty has been5 sustainued and all5
the light has b'.'m n aught. Th i m.r
der mans that the C on lly baard has
been sustaine~d in closing tho d ispen o
sary and( that the election was all Si
right, ast contended b~y Mr. Rt ,binsoai p
and Mr. Carev.
- Zeke ret urned last w ..k iromi
lims ip1 to O)klahomaiit, vt ry'p Utnieb en.
Itth usa overi tho cuniti y. Qui to a
I (pri sen1tativYe cro.wd of cit izen s of
thei Pied moni l'eltL too advanti ago of
ti e < xcursion, antd all of themn were
chairme~td withl thle coitri; aill of!
thbem purchased r roperty t here andi
many33 of theami wiiI.lltimo (out, t here
later. Zeko "ays the country3 is a
goodly on0 aind tihe plel ar13liv
and( lhe cannrot see whyi~ the young)%
men of this county do not go .nt
theroe. Hie intends going baeck ini lhe
spring and will makt hi homo.
Colds, GIrip
SCatarrh Wrecks.
- -
ongressman Powers Of Vermont
Uses Pe-ru-na in "is Family.
Hon. H. Henry Powers, writes from
[orrisvillo, Vt.:
"Pleruna I have used in my family
'l hsuccess. I can recommend itas an
-kcollent famnily remnedy, and very good
>r coughs, colds and catarrhal af
tctions."1-H-. H-onry Pbors.
e-ru-na For Catarrhal Nervousness,
and Stomach Troubles.
Hion. W. J. Purmian, ox-memyber of
ongress fromn Florida, writes from 144
street, N'. WV., Washing ton, D). C.:
"From representat ions to meo, and
'omi my own experience, I feel justified
k recommending your Poruna to ainy
A all persons suiffering with catarrhal
orvousness- or stomnach troubles."
f. J. Purnm. t
A dress Dr. R. B. Hartman, President
r om lartiman Sanlit-ariung columlbus,
Mne Auspices
%ckNs TA
M 0
ThsQattisoeo h
/ecutyadhaebe nh
on'tesfal owerso wil rermo
UssPurn I lS anta (.
" Dorna s a e am raml
3re SCssed I an d Ue~m n dr~ L sa
acllei failyesd, som e "go
r andugo, Piaos watarr5c ad-5
tam " H Enginrs at25 o r.25
era boxe atrioc, Rolervmusiceb<
in.hers, awran scredrier ot
:tet 25. W As ntone Baby in.th
" eFro v ma~rsnyn oher ahngs
' on dily o n ex wee k we wusill
od ll thsnsBeng wiythcath Pcl~a
-Rev. B. Holdot' dolivoeied a goc
srmon to a small -onregation v
tle Pickens Baptist church otndaj
-Two negro women wero wadkin
along the railroad track ia Easley o
T'uesday Ovonling whe11n they heard
train coming and believing it. to 4
tho Pickona train, stepped on to th
Southern track, When No. 38. 01h
Soittliern's Yestilujo train dashet
out of . the cut at the Methodis
church and struck one of the womei
killing hlr instanti:; the other om
%%as hit in the back and kuocl;d oul
oto the radway. No Mnte at.tacb
(s to tho railroai compat.y. Acliiu,
Coroner, M agistra to Jaioni hold ti
inquest and a verdict of death b,
negligence was tho result.
Boars tho The KirM You Have Always Bougji
Pickens R. F. D. [4a. 3.
The health of thi.4 sectia 'is ver
good at present.
A heavy rain fell Saturday nighi
Tw-o?'O Milo schoo; Commenced o;
the 27th ult under the efliient mat)
agoment of Mr. Jason Enti ehini.
Mr. Alex Ballew and family e
Birmingham, Ala , are visitinj
friends a-ud relatives in thi- fsectior
BY. W. C. Seaborn filhed his rep
ulor appointment at Concord ils
Saturday and Sunday preaching Ox
c0llont, sermons.
Mr. anl Mrs. Dave Stansell worc
g(uests at. Mr. Field on last foui tL
Mr Gabo Cothran of Wes.ninstot
'isited the family of N. 0. Cothran
nst week.
Mr. J 0. Field, who has boon at.
endi ing school at Clemvi-onl is it himo
o a few days. Aiima't Pet.
For Infants and Children. ,
[he Kind Ybu Have Always Bought
Dears the
Bignaturo of
Bridge Notice.
I m ill let to t he lowe. t ret ponsible
.Wider th Ibuilding of a iridve m
',:N, w ,-kc I t. Strum fxI mill onl Fuidi
he 22d i it a' 11 1. m.
P IH 11i F1 reicticltons 1ple Llin kn i
) d1 y of h-titug. .J. P. Smilb.
Ccm. 11xcl s couni111.
of the IP0ickens
7il.i Appear in th
ded Scoo
Vight Decem
lS estW now1o the platform. ']
ail to please. They have app
siastically received everywher
d this one number, alone, is y
tg people Of this vicinity a rar
d to a delight ful and~ hig-clas:
ore until 7 p. mn. of' above dlat
~tly enjoy the evening. Pick
oys, Toys
ilais Suppli
eadly for Sal
iRi teOli 1.0 Wi itl
essedi, Ki(d and(.I
1o sleep"', at pr ic
Toy (logs on rollers at roc, )
>c, "Jack. inthe-box"' at loc, C
\utomobiles ait 25C and 50C
oc, Stoves at oc, lea sets lark.
>xas with long handles 25c; T
I oc; another one at 15c; Cor
Bathtub for 5C, etc., etc.
that weC have not yet shown,
tell you about later. Come
is Drug Co., are headquarter.
:hristan Goods.
One dose of Aver's Cherry
Pectorl Vt bcdtimc prvents
ni!flt coughs of children.
NC croup. No bronchitis. A.
h Cherry
doctor's medicine for all
affections of the throat, bron
chial tubes, and lungs. Sold
for over 60 years.
I hnvo usqto Ayer's Chorry PoetornI In my
it r.fr n't I cara. Thers peei al for i
-5 V J. w.C uM.. eAy,~ ACO
-f or wwa0$.k
_ ht Coah
(oep tho b)owls0 open weth Oto0of
Ayer's Pills at bdtimo, Just one,
Car load fresh lime. I. E. Grandy
Fruit for baking caho at J. T.
F noell & Co.
FO R SALE -- At a bargain. Toy
f buggzy almo3t as good as nw Cal
- at tlhis offico for information.
Closing out our lino of hats and
. caps at reduced prices.
t .1. T. Fennell & Co.
J D. Mooro lie Lought out Mr
Henry South' rland's stock of good
and will soll them at a bargain. Cal
and 0E him.
Coio and aco enr nico line o
dishes anld glars ware.
J. '. Fennell & Co.
Granulated sugar 20 ibs for $1 at
tho Heath Bruce M >rrow Co.
Car load of tho bist flour on the
Imarket, -Oblisk" to go at close priees.
Como and got some. H. A. Rieber.
When ill 11e0d of repair woric call
On Mo. Hiiggvy and wiigoni repairing,
w1h0eel buildirg, etc., finished up inl
firist clws shap ai t raonable price4.
Lel. me ligntre with you on that next
job. A A. laonn, inl the Urock shop,
l ext to \V. II. Ash moro's blacksnith
est riblishi itient, Pielcetis, S."C.
Y(4, I Fold '< m. Now I wa t t,,
sd I 4 mnot: good n11u leS (in! % naag
oi. A M. Morris.
D) Not? wnant milt. to lilinost giveyou
a rhid ,tono. A sainicago mill for
a shot puin, (C'me this wcek.
h!(,111, anlt( clothinig ait c.-t.
Xnn: S h(d hre, T D. IHar is.
TLyceumn Ciiourse
ber i ith.
'h" ladies are all artists, they
earedI in alh the large cities of
eC. Their Jap1anese songs, in
ell worth the prc of adhni;
treat in this attraction and i
Sconcert. Tickets 50C each, on
2, after that timec at' the door.
ans Lyceum Committee.
lus in thbis lineI;
wasal Rub>1>er
3s IfrlomIH 5 to ~$5.
rums at ioc and 25c, horns at
7owing roosters in eages at 25c.
They run abouit 5() feet with
e enough to use at 25c, M\'u
>)ol sets consi:;ting of hammer,
>nets at 25c; Side trombones
mdE many nice articles that will
and~ look and beC con~vince dI
for Santa Claus.
9 oo.
For the weather in December january and
February. So far it has been the prettiest Fall the
country has ever exyerienced but
The Blizzards are coming prepare for them now.
Our immense stock of
is as complete as ever. We are daily receiving. big
fiiling in shipments and from Dec. I st to January i st
will offer some unheard of bargains along these lines.
Big Stock Furniture, Buggies, Wagons, Harness
Stoves and Hardware.
Always the best goods for the least money.
Yours truly
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents Furnishing
goods a specialty. Sole Agens for Stetson and Walk
Over Shoes. Stetson I Hats, Mitchell Wagons, Chase
City Buggies.
Notice the Insurance Features
of the Liberty Bank
Burglar Insurance Cashier Under Bond
Fire Insurance Depositors' Insurance
It a burglar blows the s.ife, and fire (if stroys the building, and the cashier
skips out with whlat, he can get-notice the result:
Tho fin-ghir nsuranco Co. reil nes what the burglar got; tie Fire Insuranco
Co. pitys for the !idii'ig and ixim-r s; tlhe Biond Co. replace8 what the cushier l
toohb tue 04,J)" iitrx' C naanteo Fund 1t'3 s the depositors--and the bank Would
resunie busiiiest. ut tile Old stilnd.
Your depesit N iisured in the Liberty Banik and it costs you nothiig. A
word to the w60c is suflicieit. 14spectfuilly,
It. C. SHIRLEY, Cashier.
Safe and Sure.
Endorsed by leading physicians as the BEST remedy for
Children's Croup and Whooplng.Cough because
it contains NO OPIATES. The action of Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup is mild and benign, it is adapted to infants, as weRl
* as adults of every variety of temperament and constitution.
Read This Remarkiable Testimonial.
MRS. B. W. EVANS, Clearv'ater, Kas., writes:--"My husband
was sick for three months and the doctors told me he had quick con
sumption. .We procured a bottle of Ballard's Horehound Syrup, and
It cured him. He is now a well man, but we always keep a bottle
in the house, and think it has no equal for pulmonary diseases.'
SEasy to Tale; Sure to Cure; Every Bottle Guaranteed.
TIREE. SIZZS, 25c, 50c, $1.00.
Can be p~leased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selectedl with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying yomur shoes from us, try us next time
you need( a p~air.
Pride & Patton,
I have a goodl lino of
A'mong tli-m nrFothreomdal old stylo SethI Thomas
C;lock~ withi ~wigh ts, which I am seliing at sp(ecial bargains.
An~d a I ew linte of SI INE1RWARE. Also 801i Goid(1( and
Silver W ATCHI ES. A naice line of' Spectaclos ; I guarantoo
*glaissos to fit eyes$. All k(inds of Oepair work in tho jowoiry line.
11. SNII)ER. .. _ Ezsloy SC.

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