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PoTInffants and 2hildren,
The kind You Have
Always Bought
similatfing 11heFoo("d nRegu(1a
tin the stoUacls and Bowels er Bears the
-~D - 81gnaturo
Fromtes igestioni.Cheerl
ness aid llest.Contains neither
OpitinMorphinic norfineral. of
Rowtii* Se&
A peticci emedy for Constipa
Tion, Sour StomuacIDiarrhoea
Worim s,Convulsious,Feverish
ness id LOS OF SLEEP.
FacSiileo Signature or
N EW YOI it.Thirty Years
Our stock of Dry Goods, Shoes and Carpets is now com.
piete. \Ve want all of our friends and everybody in Pickens
County to call and see us. We guarantee you a square deal
the best goods possible at the smallest living price. We nev.
er say that we sell goods below cost, for that is impossible, but
we do say that we sell you goods as cheaply as any house can
and keep in business.
A good Outing at 5c; a better at 6%4, 8 and i oc.
Flanneletts for waists and dresses, very pretty at b c.
Ginghams for dreCsses and aprons at all prices.
Black and colored Dress Goods in endless variety.
36 inch Flannels, all wool for Dress 39c
All colors and Black 52 inch Broad Cloth at 75c and $1.
Mohairs in black and colors from 50C to 90c and up.
Black and colored silks, anything you want.
Big line Ready-to-wear Skirts and Cloaks reasonably
Blankets from 5oc to $i 0.00, all reasonably priced.
Undervests and p)ants for the wvhole family.
Big line of Embroideries from 5c yard and better quali
We make special prices for churches. We make any sizc
Window Shade you want.
When in Greenville, conme to see us and we'll take pleas.
ure in showving you OUR STOCK whether you care to bu)
or not.
Remember the Place.
"The Old Reliable"
Cor. Main & Co Ht Sts.
Open Your Eyes and Read It.
The Dixie Bargain House
Ii going to move after Christmas. Tis is the only one chance to got
~ tw prices before I move, .[f y'ou want to be satisfied with your purchnses
Q1s~ome flere right now, for you will save several dollars. A dollar Isaved1 is
Whgbfyeney done, but a dollar to make is pretty hard. Theli Dixie Bargain
Modie~psthree or four times as large stock of tow and Fsalablo goods than
ti', ~ ~ed before of the best goods made in the Unihd States, an~d the
~~knuat be sold, cost or no cast, as I have to move, and I wV Il sell them11
~~ teti~han ship them and pay the freight. When you buy clothing
t apit to boy a suit every wcek. Every piece of goo~ds I sell is
d If you are not satidfid you get your money back.-Cm
&r~~f4~fldsee me. before you go somewhere else. Here you will see the
~ p~\Jp~9le, Shoes, Alats, Undcerwear, Gents' Furnnihings., Tr unks, Li
~4 ~' k~t* p (Ildren's Suite, etc., you ever saw, andl at the lowest prices
~ Yours truly,
LouIs Copel
Xie Barain House,
--k r, N~
STrAT oF OF o, Croir Ol 0 o '
Frank ,. Cheney makes oath iUhn
Ia senior pariner of the firm of F. J.
Oboney & Co. doing businense in the Oit.
of Toledo, County and btate .aforevaid
1nd that snid firm will pay the sum e
and every ease of Catarrlk that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Oure.
Sworn beforo'mo and subscribed ii.
toy presenco this tho 6th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1886. A. W. GLFAHON.
HalI's Cta iarih Cure is taken internal.
ly, and noi direolly on the blood and
?'11(1on1 a trnes of the system.- en
f0i to" illt,'llP 1 fr0S
F. J. CIll NEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Ho'd by ath Dingghits, 75o.
T'ho Hai's Family Pills for omnlipa
A l1id1 0 )ld cnro ind the only Coug1i
8 r p which movo the bowets--work
all cold out of ti syttom-in Konned't
L.x .1 v. H-giy and Tnr. Cleari the
hao.d -mil tlhro.t id ii-uk, R we-nk l. gi
strong. Best hor Croup, Whoopiip
Congh, etc. Children love it. Sold by
Pickens Drug o.
No Poison In Chambeirlains Cough
< 1R----dy
Frot Napier Now Zealand, Herald
Two yelrs ago tho Pharmaey Board di o
So th Wiales, Am-tralia, had an anatlysi,
11ado of all ite itoih niedicine<. sold it
thiat marhet. Out of the entire list tlhe
found only ono that. they declarv.1 was
ut tro'y free from litl poitsols. ThIin ex
ception was C'I .mnherlain'ni Cough Remo
edy, iitdo by tho Ci.ile rlain Mediciss
('onmnpany of DesKroines, lowlt, U. 8 A
hitie nilsene of al tir -fitCa maiki thil
rela.edy (ihe1 R. C4 it - d I -ei.t that Canl br
hald; ilnId i' is with t fee-ling of ta (uri
that at me-lhol r (-,I g v.- it to ILer lit
'In. . Ci lmbrlai Conugh Remedy ik
eQpeciallh r(0 0a1nm ded by its onker
for (I.:s e .blco.:p and whlt"pinl
o aI g . 'I his r ia.t-dy is . r iat-a h,
Pu .es Drag Co., 'T. N. Iluuter, Lib
Pirat ing Fole3 Iloney and Tar.
,Foley's & Co.. Chicag ' originaifet
I onoy and Tar na a throat and l1nn1
remendy, n1 accoinut f the great mne
rit and pupularity of Foley's Honey Pun
'Tar many imitations are offered for th
goninoll. Th1os8 wortlsfil imnitationl
have smilar sou:ding names. Bowar
of them. 'he genuine Foley's Hone;
and T'ar is in a yellow pickago. Aak fo
it nd refuse any substituto It is th
b-st ronedy for coughs and oolds
Piekons Drug Co. Dr. I. F. Smiti
Easley, S. 0.
Soi Lost Mother.
"Consumption runs in our family
and through it I lost my mother,' write
E. B. Reid of Harmony, Me. "For th
past five years, however, on the slighted
sign of a Cough or Cold, I have t ke
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consuimp
tion. which I-8 saved muo from serioul
lung trouble." His mDother's death wai
1 sad loss for Mtr. Reid, b'ut ho learnet
that lung trouble must not be negloetec
anld how to curt it. Quick est relief a1I
ouro for conghs ind colds. Price 50<
and $1.00. guaranteed at Pickens Drug
Trial bottto freo.
Selence las at Last. DiHscovered a Real
Ctire for Ithitinat Isin.
A fter years of expieritnenti a1 new s'elntiflc
remedly has beeni founatia hanot only relieves,
hbut absolutely cures ilheun atism ancld kind red
dlisenses to sltay iuredl. Rumtintisrn Is cased
buy amt excess of polsonious aciuls in theL blor
'Thea neci scIoery Ithoutinnetde, though puirel
ve(Nt leI, nuhti eing t hruuigh, nai tins eltiinnel.
neuca t railizes these ateltis andl aweeps alt poisons
Jan mi lutruifural germs 0221 of the bot. At th<o
Ssamn fin i iIt tanes upj the stonah jinad regu
lates the lIve~r and kidney,
Ithemuneisle therefore. eures the disenseper.
inanentily, baeinuse it retmoaves the Ocausa. 11
has (t1 red but 21(1reds of cnses after the most no
leti doctors a11n< hositats have failed Rheumna
(ide en redl .lamecs wilkes of n~iin S. 0.. nfte1
he bu hnlaheen heldi in berul by rtheumatism fo
th ree yeamrs antd hIts feet wvere dirnwn up most8 t<
hi~s bacuk. 'This is only one of manily maiirveloui
r eures tit ltheu mietde htas airead~y performed
Illiheumnliactte Is emrtng mnany eases of Ithema
tistn, cimtten, l1 ubgo, gou t, kidney trou 1)10
nridunti tod. siiltnl rgttt hscn
nteenmuse it hans eu red '.0 many others we b<o
lieve it will euro you. Alil the leadi-ig druggtu
in tie :oumnty seil and1( recommienid Rlheuim
Every ounce of food you eat that failt
to dligecat doocs a pound of harm. I
turna Ih lenItiro meat into poison. Thiu
niot only de'prives the bloodof the neces
eary tissue - building material, but ii
poisons it. Kodol Dyuspopsia enre is
porfect digestant. It digests the foe<
reagardless of the condition of th<a
"tomailch. It aillows that organ to res
iand get sIr mag again. Relieves Bolch
ing, Hleart Burn, Bour~toenaoh, Inidigaen
tion. Palpitatti on of the Heart, I to. Boh<
by Piokotns Driug Co.
But few people are entirely free fre's
in digestion at this season of the year
Kodol D~yspepsia ('uro is not onl.y lb
hest4 r'omety to use because it dsgoat
what you eat but hecause it also entablo
tho digestive apparatns assimilate
and1( tranformi all foods to tissue build
in~g blood. Kodol reloives ii o ut
stomachtl, heart burn, be'lchiing, and ali
forms of indigestion. -Sold by Pickaen
Drug Co.
The Cause of Many
Studden Deaths
There Is a disease prevaIlIng in thi
country most dangerouas because so decel
tivc. Many studde
-,j deaths are caused b'
44it--heart dIsease
'.r) picnonila, hear
fatilure or apoplex'
ac often the resul
I 'of hidncy dlsease. I
lhidnrey trouble Is at
lowed to advance th<
~\. >'~' 1lood will attack th;
m.,., vital organs or th<
kildaucy themseclves break down and waste
away cell by cell.
D31 ddelr troubles most always result fron
a dorangement of the kidneys and a cure ib
obtianed quIckest by a proper treatment ol
the kIdneys. lf yout are feelIng badty yot
can make no mIstake by taking Dr. Ktlmer's
Sw~amup..Root, the great kIdney, lIver and~
bladder remedy.
It corrects InabIlIty to hold urIne and scald.
ing pain In passing It, arid overcomes thai
unpleasant necessity of beIng compella~ tc
go often durIng the day, and to get up many
tImes durIng the nIght. The mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is so0o'
realized. It stands the hIghest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take anid sokc
by all druggists ia fifty-cent and one-dollai
sized bottles. You may
have a sample bottle of a
this wonderful new dIs
covery and a book that
tells all about it, both fromeotfswamp.Root.
sent free by mall. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Bin ghamnton, N. Y. When writing mnentlont
readhing this3 generous offer in this paper.
Den't mako arty mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Blnghamton,
N. Y., on every bottle.
~~ ~Tmaos TAR.'
The Great Blood P
Also a Spec i I oththei
arising from Impurities of
;Adults; oe to two teaposnul
Nwater, after meals and at b4
Thte Exact Thing Required for Constl.
"As a certian purgative and itomaci
puriflor Ohamberliiu's Stomach and
Liver Tablets seem to ho the ex et lihing
required, strong enough for the most
rolaut, yet mild enough and safe for
children and without t-,nt teri ibegi iging
so common to most purputives," &ays R.
S. Webster & Co , Udora, Ontatrisn,
Canada. For sale by P;okona Di ug Co.
Do not be deceived by cointerf-eits,
wheu you buy Witch Iaz-l Sailvo. The
name of E. C. Dewitt and Co. is on
every box of tho genuisne. Piles in
their worst form wilt soou pajts s'awasy if
you will apply DaWiti's Witoh Hazel
Salve night incid moprnisig. Ihlwt. for
Cate Burns. Boils Titr, E,.emIia, etc.
Soad by Pickes Drug Co.
ears the The Kind You hlave Always Bought
8 luggish Liver a Foe to Anbition.
You cunuot accomplish very much if
your liver is inctive as you feel dull,
your eyes are heavy and slight exertion
exhausts you. Orino Laxative Frua t
Syrup stimulates the liver andi bowels
and makes you feel bright and activo.
Orino La xative Frait Syrup doesq not
nausente or gripe and is mild and very|
pleasant to take. Orino isi more effective~
thvu pills or ordinary cathartics. Re:
fuse subatitutes. Pickens Drug Co. Dr.
B. F. Smith Eissley.
.. aradrenss, at-e wo. opeatee
Yor Tr ang. anieasg Whenir
The closer yon ivgat ouur ros
i ete .u chaneris to lo.i Ca
S u so manr toas gro griy sololy
,Cing leathersdand la.t & Th resultis,
j~~4 par fwhchist~do u pe1.nal
Ynour sheI'lves. A 1soio u ieatii
wiin to selliit.
he cnoer mao antgte r prew
an oair iftyd fdoigwear-i1.25. Men'
Oeurine ana~ rowiBlute sti.50.
Stin leaher h a 2.5 lat '12;i w-aghtl L.
*W pounde Men's5) Si unda oestw, Kanga~
pr of Butchr all 'olid lether,5 $.5.l
.a our "Tlkevs About II 5 tho.-i"-th bst I -
-a 1 oo Clent haver s bion.Wi tren
Wiesto Owil rine Wtt-'r
She, th 850 kind fors enn 2.99 "Kingt
Qnality"--no ette sr shoe' m obe naul1,
stlce comn e d it tve pairc. LAdsewe
geinun Dongoo Kid, paesis, so*lid5
lether counths aoos i maaleSssthe pir.d
Satins OeuioViilifasl worth$20at2;wih h
po1i 5 for 1.25 Oladadi Shot',hst
rloec Jlin~ced,llsolid tercaters3 and5
inoleui 1.25 aie "every day'
Shoe,tm 36 kangr nd comon2.9 se no
c lt noa bougtterle befor thesssil
$3.g adac $n4 o,.ooron'mr
wilse oI erene ini her pri. ~In.-.
gatyer Wheng oua buy, jat tisito from
lther ounaer t very bea$ lthat monoy.
cadin buy-nui, inything tusil out-I
wron 0 re 12o 0ak1 sis ood.'u
qantd qaiy or wte cn' hopet wol ke
iyortdTese Lfiues willverv dto
give" youangaroon moftegnoraerun or
ts, al$1.2,5togy ao wl
loing man bnisht ear0, b6.50, u7.5e
l8.50 adv.0c, su12.5, 81500 o16.r and~oo
wilt1 see n Mainmcoi Sth renilos. li.
Rsc e thie rmsan thngsa olsir trhen
vlass yooae t he utlet fknwn
Not the mere temporary relief that the old "remedies "gave,
not the little help that the doctor's prescriptions give; 1 ut
Rheumacide does. Rheumatism is caused by an excess 9f
N uric acid in the blood. It is an internal disease and requires
a 'strong and vigorous internal remedy that will cleanse
the blood of.all its germs and yet act through such nat
ural methods that it builds up the entire system.
ito swn~s P B OD
Different from any other remedy. The result of the
S-m latest scientific discoveries. At the same time it cures
Rheumatism it sweeps out
Diseases CURED AFTER 16 YEARS. of the blood the germs of
the Blood. Baltimore, Dec. loth. al
For 16 years I have sufered terribly l Other blood - diseases,
Rheumatism. I was treated by leadingphy- and cures Indigestion, Con
-sicians but got no relief. Long smnce I despaired
a in ttle, of ever bemg well again. But hearing .of stipation, Catarrh, Kidney
-dtime( R HEUMACIDE, I decided toveia trial.
Ihave taken two bottles, and, ti1anks totis and Liver Troubles, La
wonderful medicine, I now feel that I have Grippe 'Contagious
otten a " new lease on life." Every vestige
IC 00 of the disease has been driven from my system. Blood Poisons.
1301 James St., Baltimore. YOUR DRUGGIST SELLS IT.
Sample bottle and booklet FREE DITTProp's, BALTIMORE, MO.
-,E If you send live cents for postage UUEIMU I CUHM aCL GO,
T LE6_o
Nf RE DITOR: Please say to your rolers and my friends that I um "still at the O1l Stand," with a
Complate liino of Reliable goods which I have for their inspection and sale at very closi) figures. 1r:
fae(, at tho I)rices which I am quoting I consider the goods are R-tro Barg tin. Toll them that I
carry a little f "anythin- and everything," and am selling at a close profit.
WEAR and IEA VY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good line of (VERSHuOES.
Ilrom now until Christ imas we invite the ladies to Call and we will make thom close prices ou
Will make t he sIme offer as the above to the men folks on Clothing, Shoes, IRats, Underclothing,
Trunks, Valises, Cents' iFurnishings, etc. The nicest line of these goods we have f ver carried.
Flour, salt and barhud wiro by the car load to go at prices that defy coipetition
A complete hi of the good kind of furniture and nico matti)g, carpeting and rogs. Agint lo.
fron King stoves anid Chatanooga Plows-two very necessary things in ovory well regulatod tamily an]
the best of their kind on the market. Chinaware, Glassware, Agatoware, Tinware and other ware th'it
wears well.%
A full line of Undertalrors' goods and a nice Hearse. l c a I
Your patroiiage solicited and you will b( treated right.
P. S.--All p~ersons owing the estato of W. 'T. McFall will pleaso come forwaid and make settlement
as early Ias possible.
The nezw Laxative Cres
that does not gripe StmchadUie
or nauseate. '. . trouble and
SPleasant to talie. iaXai1vc rffli 3yrup Chronic constipation.
Makecs Ki{dneys and Bladder Righa
* 60 YEARS'
Anynkny . rnla r ,Ie :I tnod d{ecrIitin niny
tions. i l y coaIah'a l ..hNBOOK >oin lai Orsf
ser t fren (o I~ t ii'a .:r erl a i ls.v
sp~d,e a tlcte, it hIout. ehrio, In thao1
. $cIttifc .Umnrican.,
yar n o on lis, 1. Ii ahl ~ y ai i o uTnotedr.
ura tic 11 4. i I)) w ahll iiaaIil.
TirnciUH "BOSS"' COTO PRaESS!aaia, ).
ure s a dCs, Candenes c1vEto ~a
Cod Cfombth , -. cono Be
Sliyts uretmxtbIt'sotwats oretext
LATIVE ure YUP " ~l
Cre lCroup sand "'oRdca )t) eh110
(TEyes Mver RegteteUed.)
A eran ur iu 1(ANDclln
o u NdEY vr iwkn nCt S~ cai i1hr~lw~ i
Susolwde'rbyiningofcoecwnt frDtr omngCoa.n
coat- pehp bh. Wehp o
No8eaegigt ask yo fo-.eyfe eoi ofy wtmo .u

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