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we Hale, Ainpersonato Ah a t. r-a
W.rwOlAud nut Thursdav inDe~ e "a
-need April 28, 1908 sit Piekens, B. 0., sm meond cla matter, under act of Congres of arh ,189
41 - _P
It Pays to Advertise-Brown Gets
Business-Marries a Couple
-Other News.
On last Sunday at half past thed
o'clock in the afternoon, while the
offliciating notary public J. Alozo
Brbwn was enjoying the luxury of
a late dinier, the summonIs cam
that his piesene. was need&d at
the residence of Mr. J. A. 0. Teat,
and that at once. After cutting
his dinner short and hurridly get
ting ready he faced the parlor at
the above mentioned place where
he found Miss Maude Perkins aid
Mr. J. E. Jewel waiting to be made
man and wife.
After the plaintiff Mr. Jewel
had made a clear case, setting
forth the fact that cotton had ad
vanced in price and that he now
saw his way clear to support one
other than himself and wishing to
obey the Divine precept, "It is not
good for man to be alone," and as
the defense made no argument and
filed no bill ot injunction restrain
irig the complainant the request
was granted,his Honour J. Alons,
Brown, rendering the decislo:i that
it should be lenueforth Mr. and
Mrs. Jewel of Central
The groom is a son of Mr. S.
Jewel of Central, and is a prom.
ising young farmer, while the
bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Perkins of Central and to
know her is to love her.
Mr. Jewel is to Ie congratulated
on winning such a prisa.
Mr. R. E. Bowen, Jr., who has
been in the employ of the Com..
prny store here for the past four
months has gone to Greenville to
accept a position with the Gower
Supply Co. Mr. Bowen n'adA
many ft iends by his honest and
fair dealings while here who were
sorry to give him up. B.
Nature needs only a little Early R1iser
now and then to keep the bowels clean,
the liver active, and the system free
from bile, headaches. constipation, el.
The famous little pills "Early Risers"
are pleas -ut m effect a'nd perfect in ac
tion. They never gripe or sicken, but C
tone and strengthen the liver and kid. g
n tys. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
stops the oough and hea1.lusags 0
Pickens Route 2. o
It is with great pleasure that I
attempt to write for the paper. d
Health of tbis community is Tj
very good at present. ti
There has boen a great deal of ei
moving in this section for the last si
two weeks. It seemns like mnost o
tverybody is going to try a new TI
homo for another year. e
Gates school is progressing well ti
uder the management of Miss Jo b
Bogge assisted by Miss Lillie Bor- o
oughe. c
Mrs. Jane Bearden,wifie of Riley b.
Beardena, died at her home on Do- s
comber 2d and was buried the day t
following at Six Mile. e
Rev. I'. D. Hudson from North s
Carolina I a-l an appointmnent to.V
preach~ at Six Mile the second sunt. a
Mr. Waltm r Parrott from Central r
was in this vicinuity Wednesday (
and Thurday.
several young people of this 1:
section attendled a Thanksgiving
supper at the home of Misa Ada e
Goudlock, whichm was greatly en-1
joyed by all.
WVell I will ring off for this time,
wrishing all a merry Chlristmas.
Country Child.
Herb W. Edwards Injured.
Hemb WV. Ed~wards of Den Moinie, I '.,
got a full on an fey walk last winter,
spr'ining his wrist and bruising his
knees. "The next day" he says, "they
.were so sore and stIft' ] was afraid 1
would have to stay in bed, but I rubbed
them well wilth O'ammberlaions Pain Balm
and after a few ap plications all sorentas
had disappeared. F'or sale by Pieons
Drug Co.
har. the z4 1Niund V0s lIats AIS loaght
A Dsktrong Calamity
It 1s a disastrons calamity when you
loee yor' health because indig~etion and
c~onstIpation hiave sapped It away
Promps relief can be had in Dr, lRio 's
teoLf Pills. They bqlli 4ourt .
gestive organs, and 0ure bec1be4.
iness, 001lio, consUtim
Only 35 dhays for selling until our
inl the shelves, we are going t-.name
Holiday rush but come while the sto
Big Values in Clothing.
Our Clothing trade has been larger than usual but we
still have your sizo and the Prices are Right
Don't put off buying your Overcoat, for the se warm days
Mont last.
Millinery Specials.
We have sold moro Hats this fall than any fall since we
have been in business, and we don't want to carry anything
over. If Those who have not bcught their fall li a t @,
will see Miss Hughes she will make it interesting for thom.
Buggies, Wagons, Surreys.
All kinds of wagon and Buggy material have advanced
A Beautiful Home Wedding. Mack Martin, where thoy %il make No
On Thursday, Nov., 80, a large their home. doear
rowd (.f aelative4 and friends Fi Way night a gay band of both t' It
athered at the home of Mr andodn unave Ma ver and g
[rs. W. B. Lawrence (n the Keo- Pleiftnt te fi
,en River, to wit.noess the marriage lives be as bright as th day on shoul
f their oldest daughter Mihs Isa- which they wero married. B. horso
ella May to Mr. Julius Martmn all Kodo
Wheii you wAnt a lulcasnt p lysio try gestai
f Pickens Co. Clamb-rliti a Stomach aud Liver Tab of thi
The parlor was very tastefully lt.Te r ayt aeai rdc ei
acorated in white and green. n rpn rohrnpeau tm
he corner of the room in which ldbPiknDrgC.01
e bridal party stood was a heart
circled by a large horse shoa o
1pended from then ceiling matdeor
r Ivy and white chrzuanthemxur.s. nr
he bride's bouquetwas bridal roe.-C
sparengia and maidenhair fernsdot
ed with white ribbon. The ih
ride's gown was made of dove col- L
red broadcloth trimmed withtoab y;htiswy A
roam silk and appliqne. Thebais reft Ifyuuso
ridesmnalds were dressed in cream ohs
ilk. As the clock was striking bb ssrwy ct' la
bo hour of twelve the bridal partyEmu1sioniswahe L
ntered the parlor to the sweet wns h elh ayte
trains of the wedding march,strsaftwhtidosmao
'hich was played by Messrs Henry
ndt Charlie Lawrence on the violin ntne m eitl o
ud~ guitar. First was Miss Virgin,-oeadmusc1e a hn
i Lawrence with Mr. Leland i
~ohran, Miss Pearl Boggs withbaisrehpy;tydofg
1ir. Baylus Dillard, theni camie the ntcy;te r ih w
ridet and groom. TIheo Rev. Mr.thifais1aIdu foete
Ionry, pastor of the MethoJdist tm fne.Te r h
hurch in a very sienp~le and im- 1
>ressive manner pronounced the ap eas eyaealt
Soo afer he ereonycke rou n there lithylae ve
Fyoersmpuu ine ie and ns igtghm. ofhbot Ah
hewihaseiiyeijole d th young scawn ths v eryav
Man uefu ud ramntlinves are urig t at evry onu
whwheoeroevd mn unete to wer mari. TEy htnti
whcWa nodfsindcn eihen ivn Sotalatpsi try gest
rietc n we yte Chamb-rsion' tsmc and Lver Tas ohe
lots. Thiyharesepreseottdktoathep or m
briderbpingrunclehFrrnunaweawholeome totthem
frind iseo gre ath icure am
tounababy w;nithatftisyw h a
byhbaieybndsoldsc is are for. of y ae sour the mo
cbny'aby l~pru i is scwny, Scowtt'sptane
wantss.. The het pab r'
Ou he ay ~llw~n thir otr need4 im eaely$,* frei
rli~avr ieyrpp~nota cry ; the ar ric ;
~4rthvv~ ea heappy be ause they0ar
bvo hich made' the ne . cofral . Ale fat sur-s brk
Soo after th 'eeoyhyrudsterlttenre
,vr al mvi -d totednigro
stock taking time; and as money in
prices that will move them. Don't
bks are complete.
mnd some of the manufactures have already advanced their
)rice: others are going to. We have a large stock of Buggies
>n hand at the old price. Better come in and figure with us
while they last. We sell Buggies, completeoutfits, from
35.00 to $00.00. You should see the outfit we put up for
Another Car of STUDE
BAKER Wagons
Will arrive this week. Come aud let us fit you up.
Farm Implements.
Labor is getting higher and scarcor and you havo got to
prepare to do more work with less hands. We carry a full
line of
Leaders in Low Prices.
Lin; will cure indigestion that
't digest the food, itself, and give Cures Biliousness, Sici
omnach rest. You 0on't expO(t that [eadache, Sour Stom.
k stomach will regain its strongth
et well when it is compelled to do- ach, Torpid Liver an
ill work that a sound stomnoih Chronic Constipation
d do. You wouldn't expeos a sick Pleasant to talie
to' work every day of the week.
I Dyspopsia eure is a perfect di
it and digeste the food regardless
conditins of your stomach. e a- o igo in -po
re Indigestion, Belching, Sour doDyppaerof Idg
ich, and all stomach disordoe.adDyppawildveytig1
by Pickens Drug co.stmhthtaoerad.Ir
e Almighty Father has blessed uons etrloo~ enso
southlanad, bountifully, this sea-ie'hlg.lnrhun dielio
Our fields have yielded their ~llb ikteDn o
e.'h amris n o f. h
tton is king once more, and istieihslfe isitehL5
his best to make the land w aebdi wnyyas"i
under his beneficent reign. cretfruaue ybiae
t us be glad. jbeshr odsrb h r
d rejoicing ourselves, do not letspnidcdiisrsuig
rget the huundreds of little faibthe ihpieo cto n h
children gathered into our Or-.otcnetaedato fte'
ages. -sihodnithete
t us make this year the best do o h nvtberss
over had,.pca rmAlnat h
udI goodl stores of cor-n, flour,Yok(omri. opetyi
,~ tiup, eggs and but ter. dedaodinteotlnd
ad money that ansnoreth all ntfrmn ur aetefi
1ur oewn plenty, d'o noet us bds uht ; hnflf
t to spread the table of those anteOmovi'
w~s ob wo sad, "f I ave Thel Bsas ofs indiesat osur o
my morel, mself aoneKado0 ltspo a rlisforInt g<
wrt oain that I ve-haden or
wdrore n ie etk mchcan wnotte dofr Fi
bone."Kidney Dige. ts whatlyo at-givo4
stomoachh1)0 das etoievt a om pai tori
-tbohso in h ieabun idiesipon,
~ Unresomialenea. amold t sicen Drug Icavo. ee
atm Mr. (f th "ILpnbhcan,'of he furers atopv for t
he rfusd t alow he lo~~istie ihis rem; Fhi y's Khs
we~o iawiefrfmletoih' hve had uin tety yera r," i
cad" le ays 'we onlud] o 'blaer here ole"iethr
pbyaicpaendid condilledstoerulieve
After takingghlpctricoficotton.andoth
terfetl cued, nd an ow pr.mosuth concentratdactin ofthe -f
ill her horehondhdoldiige it.wh'n theatp
drp lorte ionevbe ai sad1
spec lntionaOiR~C~. iat afromedtlat;~ o t
'y ndTarba bon se. I cresdi no fo and myer haveotoerar
merndebs efcty o ost ant, ankersdy t autll ele
ehache wt hsomuknon pehact soy mucht-to toward thankul f<
w as on who in, a'dit I hate t4 t.Bran est. eftrfu
mye reovrye frmsl aclon Am for Cjiabrhals, ofi~1 OarlseCne
theroney havnod Tar e ar reof nY.,l wits:' "Aoui tut four ye
tiute o'ferota yduperanght Ir ofhad ceends
letns rg fall ThUF.o the ly witrouto a pe'sovr ksdne trout
en f.om hebn''Kdney Cuo. T N.TntrL tp
Si %
the till is easier to count than gdods
Put off your fall purchesus "until, the
Lnd our Prices are Right.
DoUNS "*"d''in*g"e''arrel, 12 to i6s..uge, 26to
GUNS9 34 inch barrell. Big lot of Single barrel Shot
Guns, easily worth $5.00 or 6.00--While 'they last only
sTOVESYour Cook stovo should'ba the best thing
- 9ES in the house. The "STAR LEA DER1
.tands the text; your money back if they don't please you.
1W co.
S. FOR $1.0
-9- In WCleanses the system
e till ia tthoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
putrp opimples and blotches.
Laxative Fruit yrp It is guaranteed",0"
ekeniv Drug Compan~y and Dr. R. F. Smith, Eaay.
G .AI DRILoeSels'mShep
ndh our rs ae wacRi adsegefohot ntin o.wn
+t. have a e ds skirtse barrld 1 B o's gae , ant to go cep
ClicosadNuiga bar gain. A lot of S hoesebarre goo
nat ceai fao erth ing o *6cOhe. ls ol
year Remembern the holde metmare Ladbrin esm
STPOrkES, Your Cook stw sHould been bdr thatyon cnge
stendte tat; yand me ony maift dontn pease you w.
r ,O Sthrou ghty anlas
- alo cmlein~o
r.-- ein el drese i' t an
Laxative ofrpenig a yrufpon -j
ey it's questin ofugoignto th
arkos. Drigh sorp. Motan D r R.F.smib al
'tire- di ictvfl Modoarea S6,Is 'e-hep
-p-te bout asthak yof goot ater bagi an-ilsl hm
am fe6 you a ad ot, to e fear motayhngyuw
]". h e kan f droes skrt an oy. kneepant tog-cep
Caosand rieiyOutiong esiatabgio n . o fSos*og
ar Remembter th old metCakeHLdbrngSSsm
dboy Poe andalte Radsu--no dythat yorocanrget
mith b waue-roame llk-g th go s I't fre y- etm re
kits~cl nd gfaes set o may oranytiges.o at
The ootre he Old MetOaret
stl.lay tee otigfrJ
_1_t D . MO E.
OfoStylih Qualit
cyter- O u ew te of Winote.
b and Oi ertatie Must ny tr ~
N. filygo.sisa fNDEL a2 thea
leyet e hrwatr

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