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u ,1.00 Per Auntum.
Adviertising Rates leasouable.
Stperod at Pickens 1oacfile au Second Ols,.
Mali Matter
Wedieday. Dember 18. 1905.
Alter What secretary TAft has said
at ova the impregnability of our coast.
Scitne the event 4f wAr It seemn
strange to leurn that $15,000,OOC
Wil be demandeo of. the next
~- 'oopgress fov oqast defeses. --At
Oroup, coughs, colds Whooping
Oughb &t., have no terrors for childr, n
'or adults who evacuate the bowels with
Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar.
.This remedy expels all col-19 from the
systomand strengthens the throat, lungs
aud bronchial tubes. The Original Lax
ative oough Syrup and Liquid cold cure.
Sold by Pickens Drug oo.
- 1 -
It is said that a mind reader
recently in Mtridian, having do
nonstrated to. a patty of ladica
aud gentlemen hris ability to read a
newspaper through two thicknesae,
of borse backets; one of the girh
left the room with the remark thal
she was not going to stay there any
pogqr with just that calico drevs
e mission of "Earley Risers" is t<
4tear the way and give Nature fall sway,
II" famous little pills rid the stomola
aWels of all putrid niatter, thus re
g the cause of headache,oonstlpa
allow oomplexion,, eet. DeWitt'i
Early Risers never gripe or sicken
a, ploasant, perfect pill. Sold b.
os Drug Co.
uth Carolina Conferdnce ap.
ments of the colored M. E.
oh Seuth for this vioinity >
berty. M. M. Mason; Easley,
egqs; Lowtodsville. 0. T. Mil.
Ireenville, Elder R. L. Hick.
Seneca, J. D. Mitchell, Wal,
G. W. Deas; Pendloton, W.
iwers; Anderson, 0. C. Scott.
- ea Iiustead has
in jail at i
vera! week -
gervulle Tens.,
n the charge of
g er " his own child.
'X videno against him which was
y . circutnstanltial was to hay.
Sheard this week in court,
,tead's wife;' a ,.fererfon
(ea'nemption, while lying on her
ha bed, bas )u ,m.ido a conmitted,
th gir1 being )bOy stePchild. few
details of l* womian's staitemeni~
'~ou d oracked hands are no
~. ~~~by DeWitts -Witch Base
thl a, butan occasional applieation wil
1w>p the skIun soft and snmooth. Bhee
Vct E~sem'a, cuts, Euns, Boils, et<
Tbe geuine DoeVitt'a Witch Haza
s'Tadt afforfls iuin~edato relief In a
or f B0bld Bleeding, Itching a
Proh~dg Piles, Sold by Picke&
'A Card ot Appreolation.
r ieeby wlah to tender my sit
cere bhanks to the )board of stoes
ards of Pickens circuit for faithfi
a'4iobAtge oduty during mvy pa
tb ate, and also to the kind peop
QfPlokens and the circuit for at
kmua se shown to wife or naysel
May God's blessing richly rest, Ul
on you all. 0. M. Abney,
4-'I1ak'be Lord!W
orled ) sIeuak1lant of Little Rock, Ar
"fo 4~ ellef I got from Buckler
Ape ave. It eared my fearful ro
q ~fD#i~rswhen aothing else wou
b~I~aan*owhich Ihad auffered f
Itr is a naarvelous healer f
a Garosand wounde. Guaranteed
P1ekeoa Drpg Co. 25.
3 Per Sale.
% itsell on Firiday, the 22d
0 m e at my bonse on Prate
qr*te followit
'*w nule 'tw$ orse Mao a,
6 $~ worbugge.fodder, tart
Iwg hs ;i. le~t, household at
btegipsat 19~ a. m. and 'w
ointiu untli all urtioles are sold,
?efrms of sale -cshe or good y
pes. Private bids wilt bg consuidi
ed for any or all of. the aboye an
day of sale. Win. J. 1Holden.
etice of Final Settlemeri
Wewill apply to 3. B. Newber
Zpbfe Judge for PIekens county,-<
*h14th day of Deoember; 1905, for
~ ss~wth, d~o sd, and aisk to I
V4 4*~~adm .t tats.
Leaves Charge In Goot! Shape,. Spiritually and Financially.
Rev. 0. M. Abney who has been on the Pickens charge
for the past four years finished his pastoral work last Sunday,
delivering his farewell sermon in the Pickens Methodist church
on that day at'i i a. m, to a large audience.
While here Brother Abney has done much for the spirstu
al and financial good of the charge and the eutire community,
and his precept and exaple has greatly endeared himself to
the people of the community, irrespective of their religious
creeds. He has always been kind and considerate of his flock
and has always worked in unison and harmony with the pas
tors of the other denominations and his earnestendeavors and
Christian example will contiuue to be felt by our people long
after he has gone from us.
He is now in attandance upon the anneal conference in
session in Spartanburg and will be assigned work at some
other point, but where, as yet, no one knows, but whatever
fiock he is sent to watch over, he will guard well and faith
fully. To the charge getting him we most heartily commend
him and his most txcellent wife, and this entire charge sends
up a petition to the Throne of Grace for God's richest bless
ings may rest upon them. Rev. and Mrs. Abney have gone
rrom amongst us but they are not forgotten-there will always
be a warm spot in the heai'ts of the Pickens people for them.
Ier te KInd Yot liave Alwa Boih C1TO R I
For Infants and
Notig i I O U HIs AlWays Bought
..of Calvin 14. Smith, deceased. Sigatre of
An Inqneat of eachieated lands of Cal
yin M. mith, late of Piokens county,--_ ___ -___-___
deceased, having been in4nde at thme
'8pring term' of 1905~, of the Court of
Common Pleas for said county, iad cer
titled to me by the presiding judge, and
said inquest hiavi been returned to mne
by the escheator, notice in hereby given
to the heirs at law of the said Calvin M4.
Siith, or others claiming under him, to+
appear and make claim to staid esobeated
laids.OGlvin M4. Smith daoed October .No - Limit
16, 1901, and was the person Iast seized
of saidi lands, wvhich arc described asYo OWudatbul'
AU tat peoe, parcel or tract of land a "fi en1 Dat reasounln
yig and ogin situate in the county of crease syour yod o eo
Poens state of South (larolina jin Eas- ynr ingyourbo ilndfedirn
b tditqe township on east side of Big Eas- u lat u hawOt~r'~kr
laW ate reek, on prining threo hundred -VirglnIa-GarellaA 0Ferilliz0f.
and twen t-ive Q2) acres more or less 1t has been the tremnendens euoo as
ooini lands of eoster Stewart and ofhmnyarea al over yh feuwlira
aImnds formerly owned by David Pairke~r wnaeho rted iowt eay ew aursn
.and others and known as the Alpha Bar- hoeo fertilizers ter many ear a. Iaoi..
I ton home place. aurmYrsanroih iaur ha eysr a~
uOot4mO A J. BOGS, serlndao. atap tou .a seo r-i
d Clerk of Qourt for Pick ens county. plg a prs'gevn $Ea ~r"e ire"*
_____________N_____or____,_ and norop Vinuia te. .aJrii
eBridge Notice. Vmerginiao no emuical .,
I will let to the lowest rer ponsiblo ichomond. Va. Atlanta, Ca.
bidder the building of a bridge over Norfolk, Va.0 Bavannah. Ua.
Mile creek at 8towarta inill on Friday Charleon,' '.. Mmis. 'erys1.
~. the 22<l Inst at 11 a. im. llaltimoro, Md. shreveport, La.
Plans and specificationa~ modo kinown ~1acrease~our
-on day of letting. J1. P. Smith, Ylds Per Acre
(Cm. Pickons county.
SNotice to D)ebtors and Groditors,
CAll persons having claims against the
y estate of Thomas Griffin, deccase:1, am~ Ce
requested to present the samne properlyChr
*attested to the undeigned for payment
Iby the 1st day of Jan. 1906. Those i- -
debted to said s'tnin must make pay- .-.
ment to P.. B. Richardson, ~
Nov. 22 1905 t3 W. T. Griffin.
- -~ Executors
Arkansas and the Southweet.I
Less than ene way fare for theo
roud trip by Memphis and the
re Cotton Belt Route. Dates are d . I7
reOotober 17, November 7, and
id 21, December 5 and 19.
aPick your dale and say when and Ud
id where you want to go and we wail1t~~)J
give you full information by return
- ~ L. P. BMITH, Tr. P. A.
NUl Cotton Bel' Rou te,
f3 ROUTH 303 Hquitable nluilding -
Supersedes Time Table No .3 n onhehsfle
acd EfectiveAug, 10 1904trg yhm ,an pthsa
No i2 No 10 STATIONS No 11N diculous to the sublime in a re
Mied Nixed. Mixed Mixed him a peer to any entertainer
Pioensr 26p fe30 satisfaction.
~ U~~&p~mq~tpin Don't PaR tonear huim
~ ~ B dng ath~ childr tiand let the
J-Iirr is unexcell
emb~~. Ev eryby Coni
r",t row heavy, and keeps it soft and glossy.
Stops farli and cures dandruff. And It always restores
olo t r.hair. Sold for fift ears. tia e
A. Kt. Park' s
We have a full and com
plete stock of dry goods, un
derwear, notions and shoes
and will sell them at the low
est price compatable with hon
est merchandise.
Avoid the store with differ
ent prices for different people
-you may be the one to get
the higher price. WE HAVE
ERYBODY:-That price the
lowest. We give courteous
and polite attention to every
body. We want your trade
and if goods are not as repre
sented, your money refunded.
A K Park,
West End, Greenville.
For Christmas.
.,yearasbeen the best one so far, in the history,
of our business and we want to make this month the largest of
all the past ones.
We have filled our store with good staple merchandise
that you will need for Christmas, such as the very best flour
that can be fou~nd. You can't find cheap flour in our store.
GOLD MEDAL, $5- 50.
Coffee,' Coffee,
Five Pound tins of Mocha and Java for one dollar, Lever
ings one pound packages for fifteen cents, Seven pounds bulk
coffee for one dollar.
Granulated Sugar 20
lbs for $1.oo.
We always have on hand for Holiday trade plenty of
One-Price Cash Store.
of the Pickens Lyceum Oourse
Will Appear in the
aded School Auditorium,
r Night December 21st.
name guarantees crowded houses everywhere he has been. Ir
Four Return Dates this season. Te fills the program wvith wit
id carries his audience from tears to laughter and from the re
markable manner. His dialect and facial <xpressions renidem
n the platform. We guarantee him to give absolute and per
his facial expressions will keep you laughing for a month
ai hear the Christmas Coral
ed and includes many selections from the standard aiuthors
n. We want a paclsed haese and especially a.skal o t:u
hjoy skoev*~ of pleasure. Your money's ~wor~~1
at tl ckt Prug Co.Pickens Lynti CoG
'. Y< will Mi Treat if You Fa
Business .Suits!
This is the Suit that you should be the
most- carpful in selecting, as one lives in a
business suit six days out of seven, and
one expects naturally to be more satisfied
in picking out this class of apparel than a
more dressy suit.
Now we Have Given Special
Attention to This Line,
And are ready to please any one. To ScC
is to buy. Come in and be one
of the lucky ones.
L. Rothschild,
Sole Agent for Hawes H4ts and Dutchess Trousers.
To the Trading Public.
You will find my stock of goods very coinplete this faill, coinsisting of
Dry Goods and Notions
of most all kinds. Great bargains in Clothing and Shok,'Rys' and
Youths' Suits, Men's Odd Coats aid Pants, Overcoats foi Boys''and
Men, Ladies' .Jackets andt Skirts, Men's and Boys' Knit, Overshirts and
Underwear. Give me a call and be convinced that you can buy goods
as cheap here as anywhere.
Mrs. L. E. MANN, Six Mile. S. C.
A Woman's Hat
When a
to sh'- t she m
sists upon it posessing
three things:
Call and let us show
you how well we ean'
lease oul onl these
111 S. Main St., Greenville, S. C.
N. D. T AYLOR, Photographer,
The kind that are made at the best studios of the larger cities.
'rhe kind that will not fade. That are natural and lifelike,
and finished on the latest and prettiest cards to bb had.
Nice line of mouldings and frames of any size made to order.
70 acres of land near Marietta, S. C.,
on Pumnpkintowig road. *10 por acre.
120 acres near Travelers IRest,
join ingj lands of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part of the, Butler
Watson old home. $15 per acro).
Also small tracts of lai.d, 20 to 50 aores.
We have also some very desirablo lots neoar e y limits. These lots are
along the car line-$60 each.
*Greenville, S,
-k n. vaoau~ha
e e.iCQr.fo te
~od r rQ peied fr fkens8 Drug Co,

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