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Ha09MIn of a LOcal aid P0r8on81 ature
-Congressman Aiken has g.one to
his post of duty in Wiahington city.
--S. M. Looper of the Mica section
was in town Tuesday and left. a dol
lar to keep the paper running.
--Have your button wel, sewed
on if you come to bear Halo Thurs.
day night, for you are sure to laugh
-Mrs. B. E. Grandy returned
I om Tue(diay from a weeks' vivit
p', aunitly peit with rel-.1vos and
frienIs. in Augusti, (44,
-Wylio Miller atil D..ra Barr, a
d'uplier of J..hin If Barr, of Et.s
b-y, were n i.s on tio 26th mit..
A. 'M Folger, N. P, o(ficiating.
-Marri d -.t the hone of tho par.
ents of the ltidbd, in 161 D4-iHviiI..
section (if thl coutly, oi th1 3.1 iu
stant, Mliss Aniiie Ilohiion to J.hv
-Un'., the Inipe r oi af'or and Ot.
lin-alor, the best onie on h plat ton
tIday, is to be at t ie audiLorium
Thursday the 21st instant. Every.
body coime.
-Willin F. Ellei.imrg and Mise
U. M. Wilmon, of the Carta'el setior
of the county, w'ere marriod on the
3d intant, by N. S. Reoven, N. P., at
his revidence.
-Hale gives Sketchos from Shake.
spente, Hood, Pos, Wallace, Fie d.
Riley, Dickena, Artemns WArd. Mark
Twain, Stanton, etc., etc., besides or
4. iginal selecftions.
--Dr. J. L. Boli is in attondance
upon the miesion of the Grand Lodge
in Charleston this week, as a dele
gate froim Keowee Lodge F. and A
M. No. 79. He will hIave a nice trip.
-W. T. Mleares and daughter,
Mfiss Lillie, of Senern,are visitina rel
ative in the county. Mr. Mears was
in Picketns 'otidny shaking bands
with his old fiends and acquaint
ani *s.
--The country peoplo living in
roach or Pickens should not fail to
come and bring tbo children to
hear W. Powell inle, at Sehool au
ditoriun, on Thursday December 21,
if they want to haive an evening of
real pleasure and onjoyetnt.
-Halo always makem a hit wher
ever he &Appers. He is inimitable and
his selections I.ring downt the hIount
from the bueginninig thie audience he
ing kept in a constant roar of laugh
ter. D)o not fail to her him on
next Thursday night, Dec mhler 21,
at the School auditorium.
--Fielding A. Lewis of Picketns,
accopanied by his wife and children,
'arr-ived in'tWahmalla Fuiday and will
make their home in Walballa. Mr.
Lewis recently purchased the Von.
-Hadeln proper ty just inside the cor
pur ate limits. WVe welcomne this fam
ily to Walballa.-Keowee Courier.
---A little child, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. Thomas Rieeses, who reside
at the Eesley COtton Mill, was burn
el to death 'ast Thursday evening.
It was but ied at Eron the day fol.
..lowing its death. It is not known
how it got burned as the mother had
just gone o-ut to feed the pig and no
one else was in the house at the
time. TIhe parents have the symnpa
thy of their many fr-ionds in this,
lh air hour of sorrow.
-There is considerable moving
around among tihe people those days;
some renlc-rs are changing places,
hunting for bettor fat mning Iadd,
while tome land owners have gotten
good piiesu for their holdings and
have turned loose and will buy ese
where and improve their purehasos,
ready for the next man who is on the
lookout for improved property. Thus
it goe: the buying and selling for
gain is bhat keeps the world moving.
--Tle Ladies Quartette greeted a
nice audience at the Auditorium on
Monday night and delighted their
hearer. very much. Th'e program
was a nice one and was well carried
out. Too much cannot he said in
praise of them and their renditions,
but it is impossible to single out any
one feature or person and give praise.
wihonit offense to all the others. It
iRs affioient to say there was not a 41ul1
moment dairing the entire perform
ance. Trho ladles hiave splendidly
b I ~ ' ( andl con
meiert and
~.* -ie; ~ of ladies
* their e~udiene.. Th beauty *nd
the glances of their bright dlan ci
eyes caused many of the young meon '
heart i (aud some of the oldso' oneg
too) to go pit-a-pat. All in all, It was
one of the nicest entertainments giv.
ein Piekens adthey would play
Senor Quesada, Cuban Mein
Senor Quesada, Cuban Minister to t1
an article in Tho Outlook for July, 1890,
speak at tho Ratobai Theater, Mantanz,
audiences under the spell of eloquent spt
excitoment; but I have rarely witnessed
oulogy upon the sdead patriot, Marti." I
pany, written from Washington, D. C., 8
"Peruna I can recomm
cine. It is an excellent s
is also an efficacious cutv
complaint of catarrh. "
Congressmaa J. ff. Bankhead, of Ala
bama, one of the neet infiuential nem
bers of the uons of Repteeentativea, in
a lo bber written from Washing ton, D. C.,
gives his endorsement to the great es
tarrh remedy, Perana, In the oAlowing
SYour Perrme a" of fe beet
amediciae. I ever trle, and no family
should be without your remarkable
remedy. As a tonic and catarrh cure
I know of nothing better."-J. H.
--J. T. Gaines of the Liberty aide
was in Pickens todny on businesi.
--8. L. Miller, representing Prin.
tdle Bros. of Charleston, pa*sed by
Tuesday enronte for the mount.'iinP.
--IrI. R. E. Goodwin and little
daughter Olga of Charleston, are on
a visit to parents and relatives iin
-Married on the 3( instant at the
borne of Joh T. Hunt,' in the Da
cusville section, Miss Jennie floater
to Sumter Loopor.
-Big Em broidery' Sale I I The
onuly 6hing of the kindl over conduct
ed in Picko:,s coeLuty at Robinson &
Thornton's, Ealey, December 20.
-J. N. Ligon of the Mica section
and WV. D). Waidrop of the Liberty
side wero in Pickenb this week on
business and each paid a year in ad.
vanoe for this paper.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. Toomor Richev
arrived in Pickens Triesday nighit
and are very pleasantly domiciker at
the home of the groom's father HI A
Richey. They will shortly go to
-.-J. D. B, nebam, a well known
cott( n mill man, who has had charge.
of the weave room at Catecchee, hias
gone to Honea Path to take a similar
position with the Chicora Cotton
Mills . 'Ilhe change is in the nature
of promotion.
-At a regular communication of
Keoine' Lodge, F. and A. M., held
last Saturday night, the following
officers wvere installed for the ensuing
Masonic year: JT. L. Bolt, WV. M.; .J.
R. Ashmnore, S. W.; R~. R. Roark, J.
WV; Guy McFall, Trreas.; F. E. Cox,
Sea.; J. T. Partridge, 8. D.; .J. ..
Langstou, J. D.; Riehard Baker,
Tyler; E. B. Webb and 3. T. Taylor,
-Tickets to the Hale entertaiment
will be on sale at the Pickens~ Drug
Company, and the various stores in
town, until 7 o'clock p. mn, of Thur.
day December 21st after which
time they will go os sale at
the door. The entertainmeant begins
pr >mply at 8 o'clock fast 1in', sio a.
to allow the audienca a oh inici to get
home at a reasonable hour. Our su
burban and out of town citiz.ens are
invited to be present.
-Mr. John T'. Langston, while
workin:g at ('uroton's mill oneo day
last week fell from thu scaffolding
and broko bot~h horns of the right
leg just above; the ankle he is sufbhr.
lng greatly, but in a abort time he
will be all right.- Dr. Bult reduced
the fracuro and thinks that it will
soon. knit baok. In the mneantinme
Johu is worrying because he huc to
stay in doors, something that goes
very hard with him to do, but hir
friends call to see him and cheer himi
up. All who know him will bear 0o
his unfortunato mishiap w.thi reo
gret and will wish for him a speedy
da Pe-ru-na.
later to the United States.
to United States, to an orator born. In
by George Konan, who heard Quesada
La, Cuba, het sAWd: "I have soexa many
eehl and in the grip of strong emnotional
such a scone as at the cloe of Quesada's
n a letter to The Peruna Medicine Com
enor Quesada says:
mnd as a very good medl
trengthening tonic, and It
for the almost universal
7ionzalo De Quesada.
There is but a single medioiae wkioh
to a radical speifie for ealtarrk. It is
Peruna, which has abood a haMf eetury
beat and cured thowande eot eass.
If you do not derive prompt a&d snde
factory results from the use et l'evewna
write at once to Dr. Harbumau, givtag a
full1 statement of your ese ad he wtK
be pleased to give you Mda Tabuable ad
vIce gratis.
Address Dr. H artman, Freefdent et The
H artman Hanitarima, Columbuhs,19. ANR
oorrespondonee strietly es lid* ex WA.
The mosit pleasant, onf,--t and best
remedy to use for CoughPr, Colds, Croup,
Whooping Cough, act., is Kennedy'si
Laxative Honey and Tar. This remedy
expels aill cold from the system by Rot
ing a a cathartic on the bowels. :-old
by Pickens Drug ('o.
. ... 4 '
.4 i
Trespass Notice.
No trespasising of any nature a~nd
especially in the way of Minting ill
be tolerated on my land or those of
the Estat of 8 W. olayton. Dis
gard of this rnotice mans proedion.
A4 IT.n t lonc Lado
frThe ouh'sGrest unvsal
Uonexcle D ininue aa. ric
Thregh Pullan1 Sepicars~ wio&
Rte a rca nnw in Leffectavk t al
mation whoas rtood, roues etc.,
tonst nearet outhand Railway
Tico et en o routmd i
fAssstamnt Geneor assd eger
Add entr Atlmana, Gasde.1 h
Rrma W.nlaiua H eUNha .A
Diviesiocone Psrenger AftdsW
T Chart lestont, Sa~. an b.
remey tousefor oug zaCols, Cou'
Whopig Cug, et., i Knn~ys
Laaiv ony A Nr.Tisrdl
exel al ol fomth *DNtm y ot
-- Don't fail to hcar H.le in "Bill's
Prvporal," if y, u want to onjay a
hwarty laugh.
-See ilale at the auditorium
Thursday evening, Desemb.r 21st.
A rare occasion Qf fun.
2,500 yards of embreideries to go
at half price at Robincon & Thori.
ton's, Easley, 8. 0., on Wodnoeda>
DecemLter 20.
-J. R. Holden, of Central, Pick
ens county, was among relatives and
friends in Walbal'a for a short
whilo last wook.-Keoweo Courier.
--The South UCrrolina Methodiul
confernco will meet at Spartanbuag.
It has been sixteen years since it
met there. There will be au at
!endsnee of more than 500 ministerv.
--Thlae merchatits of P.ckens are
diaplaying a nice lifte of ciristmiu
aid holiday go..dl tand '.14, bidding
for your it sle Llrough the coleoinos
of this paptr. Am->g those t-r
ohaate wIlo chanig tlhivr a-la tli
woirk are Paickens Drng Co., Crail.
Broe., John F. Userriv, IHl5obb-IIuIn.
derson Co., an 1 A. IK. Park.
--qsy, reader, the Lyceum com
mit tee ha. not had the pleasure of
:eing you at any of the high clas
a 'racti-ns they have been bringing
t Pickens and they want to know
why it is? They specially invite you
to attend the attrastion on Thursday
ntght to bear W. Powell Hale, the
gre-at Impi reonator, now appearing
before the nublic. ThA mnnngenent,
guaranteca : Ou Un evening of pleas.
nire and elijynent and extend to
you a s pecial invitation to Le pres.
Bear the 1 h Kind You Have Always Bought
Go to J F. Hiarris' store to get
first clas, fit uits an. nuts, tlavuting
extracts to mak ( ur chrisLmae fruit
<akes an.] Us plesied. Tihe price is
Do you want me to almost give Nyou
a grii d stot:o. A saucage will for
50c. a shot gun, Q',ome thim wu(k.
S)s'o, 4 oth, and c!uthing at, aost.
Xin--s goodo4here, T D. Iartis.
We will uapply to J. B. Newhery, P r
bate Judge ot Pioketim county for a final
sett'ument of the es4tate of 0. W. Earle,
daisml, on the 16th day of JAnlaryr,
1936 and abk to b, dismissed a:3 execOu
tors. (. IA Robinson,
Doc. 8, 1905-4 Julius E. Boggs,
Nice Line ol
And extracts to make fruit eakes ft
prices are reasonable.
I have some rare bargaims
the lo
In men's and boy's hat., sho
gloves, eta. A nice line of fascina
hosiery ets., for ladles and children,
drella flour to make Chr istmas cak<
make a nice cake without gool flout
for a miorry Christmas,
A nice line of overcoats to go
For hard colds, bronchitis,
a8thms, and coughs *t all
kf.ids,- you cannot take any
thing better than Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask your
own deteer if this Is not so.
He uses It. He understands
why It soothes and heals.
1 --1 had a "r,111o Son for weeks. Then
took Ayers1 olkerry Pee1111ral and onily quo
bet. 'ovaPIS o1y cured ive."
MA. J. B. DA X FORTM. St. Joseph. MICh.
'No.. M*.. ;1.2. J. V. ATNRf co..
Cough,1s, Colds
You will hasten recovery by tak
Ing one of Ayer's Pills at bedtime.
Car load fresh lime. B. E. Grandy.
Fruit for baking eake at J. T.
F<nnell & Co.
FOR SALE-At a bargain. Top
bug'y almost as good as new Call
at this ofie for information.
Closing out our liuo' of hafs and
capa at reduced prices.
J. T. Fenuoll & Co.
J. D. Moore has lought out Mr.
Henry Southe rland's stock of goods
and will ioll them at a bargain. Call
and se him. 0
Come and see our nice line of
dishes and glass ware.
J. T. Fevruell & Co.
Car load of the best flour on the
market, "Obe'lisk" to go at elose prices.
Come and get some. H. A. Richey.
Wbn in need of repair work call
on nie. lrggy and wagon repairing,
wheel building, eta., finished up in
first class shape at reasonable priess.
Let me flgnre with you ou that next
job. A. A. Mann, in the Brock shop.
1next to W. H. Ashmore's blacksmith
establiehment, Pickens, S. C.
Ye^, I sold 'em. Now I wast to
sell 4 more good mules and one wag.
on. A. X. Morris.
Bears the Uhe Kid Yea Hato Als kagi
A Congh Byrup whisk drives a ..ld
out of the system by actiug as a eathar
tin on thei howels is offered in Kennedy's
Laxitive Honey and Tar. Clears the
thront, streugtLa-na thse liga ud bron
chini tubm. The mother's friend and
the children'a faverite. Beat for Crouj:
Whiooping-Cough, eto. gold by Piek
ens Drug Co.
r Christmna. have a rived and the
s to offer the trade durlng
~s, pants, underwear, overshirts,
tors, 'union suits, calico, corsets,
Don't forget to get a sack of Gin
se, the best hn America. You can't
.The~ best Is the chea)ost. Your.
~RRIS, By Himself.
at a bargain.
dn puit
d T1IM
For the weather in December January
February. So far it has been the prettiesta
country has ever exyerienced but
The Blizzards are coming prepare for them now.
Our immense stock of
is as complete as ever. We are daily receiving big
fiilling in shipments and from Dec. 1st to January 1st
will offer some unheard of bargains along these lines.
Big Stock Furniture, Buggies, Wagons, Harness
Stoves and Hardware.
Always the best goods for the least money.
Yours truly
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents Furnishing
goods a specialty. Sole Agens for Stetson and Walk
Over Shoes. Stetson Hats, Mitchell Wagons, Chase
City Buggies.
Notice the Insurance Features
of the Liberty Bank
Burglar Insurance- Cashier Under Bond
Fire Insurance Depositors' Insurance
If a burglar blows the s ife, and fire destroys the building, and the cashier
skips out with what he can get-notice the result:
Tho Burglar Insurance Co. replaces what the burglar got; the Fire Insuranco
Co. psu tur the !uilding and fixturs; the Bond Co. replaces what the cashier
wok; the lh-posittr.' Gunrainteo Fund pg a the depositors--and the bank would
resume businias at the old stand.
Your depcsit is iniured in the Liberty Bank and it costs you nothing. A
word to the wise Is sufficient. Respectfully,
It. C. SHIRLEY, Cashier.
for Rheumatism, Cuts,
Sprains, Wounds, Old
Aores, Corns, Bunions,
GaUs. Buses, Gontracted Muscles, Lame Back, Stiff Joints,
Froested Feet, Burns, Sclds, etc.
AN ANTESEPTI . that stops Irritation, subdues Inflam
mat~n and dles out Pa.In.
PENETRATES the Pores, loosens the Fibrous Tissues,
premotes a free oiroulation of the Blood, giving the Muscles
aturai elasticiy.
Mrs. R. A. Simpson, 500 Crai St., Knoxville
TIenn., writes: " I have been tryn the baths oh
IHot Springs. Ark., for sciatic rheumatism, but I'.
get more relief from Ballard's Snow Liniment
than any medicine or anything I have ever tried.'
Inclosed find postoffice order for $1.00. Send me
large bottle by Southern Exzprces."
THREE SIZES: 25c, 50o AND $1.00
Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
I havo a good line of
Among themn na the recommendablo old style Beth Thomas
Clocks with weights, which I am selling at special bargains.
And a : ew line of SILVERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATOIIES. A nice lune of Spectacles; I guarantee
glasses to fit eyes. All kinds of repair work in the jewelry line.
IH. SNID)ER, --Easley, S. C.
The better class of people appreciate Good Quality, Good Treat
ment and Right Methods. Of this I am more convinced every day.
My Businoess is run on~ these principles and is growing rapidly.
I am especially pleased with the growth of my trade. My custom
ers KNOW that I handle only the BEST
\Dry Goods,
and Shoes,
And that every transaction is on the Satisfaction Guaranteed plan.
Buy your Supplies of me and be conymnced.

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