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The Kind Yot Have Always Bought, and which lias been. (
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has becit made inder his per.
sonal supervision since Its ilurancy.
Allow no one to decive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Iiftations4 and " Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle wi th and endanger the henith of
infants and Children-Experience against Experiment.
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare.
gorie, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. 1t
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotlo
substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoa and Wind
0olic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures -Voistipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Qur stock of Dry Goods, Shoes and Carpets is now comn
piete. We want all of our friends and everybody in Pickens
County to call and see us. We guarantee you a square deal
the best goods possible at the smallest living price. We nev
er say that we sell goods below cost, for that is impossible, but
we do say that we sell you goods as cheaply as any house can C
and keep in business.
A good Outing at 5c; a better at 6%, 8 and r oc. r
Flanneletts for waists and dresses, very pretty at 10t .
Ginghams for dresses and aprons at all prices.
Black and colored Dress Goods in endless variety.
36 inch Flannels, all wool tor Dress 39C.
All colors and Black 52 inch Broad Cloth at 75c and $i.
Mohairs il1 black and colors from SoC to gc and up.
Black and colored silks, anything you want.
Big line Ready-to-wear Skirts and Cloaks re-asonably
Blankets from 50c to $1o.oo, all reasonably priced.
Undervests and panits for the whole famnily,
Big line of Embroideries from 5e yard and better quali
We niake special prices for churches. We make any size
Window Shade you want.
When in Greenville, conme to see us and wve'll take pleas
ure in showing you OUR STOCK whether you care to buy
or not.
Remember the Place.
"The Old Reliable"
Cor. Main & Coffee Sts.
Open Your Eyes and Read It.
*The Dixie Bargain House
- I going to -move after Christmas. This is the only one ebance to get
low prlces before I move. If you want to be satisfled with your purchases
osiebhere right now, for you will save several dollars. A dollar saved is
mighty easy done, but a dollar to make is pretty hard. The Dixie Bargain
' ,pese has three or four times as large stock of I Sw andh .alable goods than
4wer arrIed before of the best goods made in the United States, arnd the
*tokus~t be sold, cost or no east, as I have to mnove, And I w Il sell them
' 4~a&~ her v tan ship them and pay the'freight. When you buy clothing
want to buy a suit every week. Every piece of goods I sell is
~i~.$~4,If you are not satiefied you get your money back: Comos
~~ ejefore you go somewhere else. Hiere you will see the
~~~ 8hoes~ fats, Underwear, Gents' Furnishings, Triuks, Lwi
en ys etc., you ever saw, and at the lowest pries
Dixie Bargain House.
WATE OP Ono, Crrr or 'LoLr,,,
Frank 3. Cheney makes oath- thait he
i senior partner of the firm of F. J.
'oney & Co. doing businense in the Qity
f Toledo, County and btate :.aforesaid
nd that said firm will pay the sum o
nd every cane of Catarrh that cannot be
ured by the use of IIall's'Catarrhf Curo.
Sworn before me and subscribed in
I)y presence this the 0th day of Decom
>er, A. D. 1880. . A. W. GLEASON.
1alt' Catari h Cure is taken mternal
v, i d acts direolly on the blood and
ucon- S irfiesa oaf the vy!-sm. Send
r to"timniatsA fren.
F. J. C1 i.N EY & CO., Toledo, 0.
i' b ill Douggids. 75e.
Tihe IHalh's. Family Pills for on )tipt
A liqnid cold curo and -he only Congh
3 r p whicl mov.s the bowels-works
i vol oit. to rhe owstem-ia Konned 's
1. x t vi" 11. lney aind ti Tar. (lears the
iend and throat and makes weak t1 go
strong. Best for Cronp, WioopiLg
r'iigh, etO. Children . .ve it. Sold by
P okvus Drug Co.
No iiison in Chmberli Cough
From Napior Now Ze.alnd, Herald:
Two years ago the Pharmacny iard of
So th Wales, Australia, had an analysis
made of all the cough medicinen sold in
hlint inarlket. Out of the entire list the.y
fonnd only ono that they declared was
entiroly free from all poIionsq. This ex
eei)tion was Chi imberloin's Congh Rom
edy, made by tho (hinmherlain Medicine
Company or DeaMoe.s, Iowa, U. S. A.
The abseoe of all narcotics makes this
iiirmedy the safe at id lIest that can be
had; and it is with a feeliing of ecurit.y
that a inothor c.im give it to her little
ones. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
especially recommnmded by its makers
for cugls, colds, eroup and whooping
oewgh. This remedy is for sale by
Pickens Drug Co., T. N. Hunter, Lib
Pirating Foley's Iloney and Tar.
Foley's & Co.. Chicago, originated
Honoy and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great me
rit and popularity of Foley's Honey and
Tar many imitations are offored for the
gonnine. Those worthless imitations
have similar sounding names. Beware
of them. Tho geniuine Foley's Honey
and Tar is in a yellow p:-ckage. Ask for
it and refuse any substitute It is the
best remedy for coughs and colds.
Pickens Drig Co. Dr. B. F. Smibh
Easley, S. C.
Son Lost Motlier.
"Consumption runs in our family,
and through it I lost my mother," writes
E1. B. Reid of Harmony, Me. "For the
past five years, however, on the abghtest
;ign of a Cough or Cold, I h-ive t ken
D)r. King's New Discovery for Consump
ion. which has sanved me from serious
ng trouble." His mother's death wis
and loss for Mr. Reid, but he learned
hat lung tronble must not bo neglected
nd how to cure it. Quicke!Lt relief and
nre for conghs ond colds. Price 50oc
nd $1.00. guaranteed at Pickons Drug
'rial bottle froo.
vlence lhas at Last I)lscovered a Real
Cure for Rhetiutatisnm.
Afteryearsof experiment a new scientinle
imedy hns been found that not only relieves.
Lit absol utely cures Rtheumatinit and kindred
Isenaes to stay cured. Itheutnitin iu caused
y an excesis or poisonious' acids in the blood.
ho new dliscovery Rlheuinacirle, though purely
egtable, aiind actIng th rouigh iiatu res citannels
entralizes tliese aceidis and sweeps5 all poleona
ud hiarinful germs out of the blood. At the
time time it tones up tho stomnach and regu
Ittes the liver and kidney,
Iliicumiteide therefore. cures the disease per
antently, because it removes the cause. It
ins cuired hund~ reds of cases after tihe miost nio
eri doctors anud lhospitiiis have failed tinlenma-n
ide cured .lamnes wiikes of illiton, 5. Cn. *after
uo mtad been heldl in bed by rhieunntatism for
,hree years andt his feet were dirawn up most to
uis hack. This Is oily otte of mashy mairvelouns
Iures tihat Rtheumachite hais alrcndy' lerformed.,
thenuieiiie is curing miany cnases or Itheunuma
ism, Sciaticn, I utigo, giout, k idiy Irouble,
ni gestione aid conist ipaitioni, right iii thiIs conm
Bettuseit hcii red uo mianiy others we be.
leve it wil cure you. .t i trhe leading dirungghmt
uinhe counity sell anil recniomed Itheuma
Every 01nnen of food youm cat that fails
o dligost (10CR a polud of harm. It
urns the entiro meat into poison. Thuis
ict eonly deprives the blood of the neces
ariy tissule - buiildling material, but it
oison11 it. Kodol Dyepepsia enre is a
)orfect digentinr. It digests the food
.'egardllessi of the condition of the
itomach. It allows that organ to rest
ind get ntr~)mg again. Relieves Rolch
ing, Heart Burn', Bour Stomaoh, Inidigeni
bion. Palpitation of the Heart, ste. Sold
by Piekonis D~rug Co.
But few people are entirely free from
indigestion at this season of the year.
Kodol D~yspepsia ('uro is not only the
best rreedy to uso because it digestu
what you eat but hbeauo It also enablost
thle digestive apparatus assimilate,
and tranform all foods to tissue liuild
inig blood. Kodol releives s o u r'
stomachel, heart bturn, belohing, and all
forms of indigestion. Sold by Pickens
Drug Co.
Kidney Trouable Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news-.
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
cures made by Dr.
K lihmer's Swamp-Root,
IIthe great kidney, lIver
Iand bladder remedy.
cal tr iumph of the nIne
tccnt h century; dis
Icovered after years of
r - gscientific research by
- - - nent kidney and blad
- * der specialIst, and is
wonderfully successful In promptly curing
hame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles and Bright's Disease, which Is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not re
ommended fo'r every thing but If you have kid
nay, liver or bladder troubio it wIll be found
lust the remedy you need. It has been tested
In so manny ways, in hospItal work, In private
practice, among the helpless too poor to pur
chase relief an d has proved so successful in
svery case that a special arrangement his
been made by which all readers of this paper
w~ho have not already tried it, may have a
iample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
elling more about Swamp-Root and how to
'nd out If you have kidney or bladder trouble.
W/hen writkiig mention reading thIs generous
>ffer in this paper and
end your address to
)r. K~i lmer &Co.,BIng
amton, N. Y. The
egular fifty cent and Hoome or Bwamp-ntoot,
ollar sIzes are sold by all good druggists.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
10 name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
wamnp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
A, ., on cvcry b~ottlo.
had failed. Rheumaci4
Johns Hopkins Hospital
of Salem, Va., and D. I
remedies and the doctc
Almost a Miracle In This C
Dillton, S.,
Bobbitt Chemical Company:
, Gentlemen.-In September 189. I i
matism in a very bad form (Inflammatc
month after the disease started I had
my work and go to bed. It continue
worse until my arms and hands w,
.trawn, so much so that I could not
My legs were drawn back till my fee
any hips I was as belpless as a baby
12smonths. The muscles of my arms
were hard and shriveled up. I suffe
many times over. Was treated by si
physicians an McColl. Dillon and M
none of them could do me any good. u
P. Ewing. of Dillon. came to see me
me to try your RHEUMACIDE. He g
bottleof the nedicite and I began t
and before the first botle wIs used II
to get better. I used 5% bott lc' and
Kletely cured. That was years ngt
health has been excellent ever sin<
had no .:nrmtoms of rheumatism.
further la, I began to walk in abou
after I began to take RHEUMACIDF
id ot crutclac mt abotat three no:n
egan to take it T could wa Iast gt
ody. and w.ztt bac1k to work e-:ain.
Yc-irs 1;u1V. J A rec; V
The Exact Thing Required for Consti.
"As a certian purgative and stomach
purifier Chamberlatinta's Stomach and
Liver Tablets seem to be the ex ot thing
required, strong enough for the most
roaust, yet mild einogh and safe for
children and withouit that ter'lib:ogi ipinag
so common to most pitraItivest," says i.
S. Webster & Co , Udorta, Ontaria,
Canada. For sale by P'okens Drug Co.
Do not be deceived by counterfeits
when you buy Wilcl ffHaz.I Salve. The
name of E. C. DtitL and Co. Is on
every box of the genuinaO. Piles in
their worst form wi'l soon pass away if
you will apply DaWaV's Witch hazel
Salvo night and morning. Best. for
Cuts Burns, Boils Testor, E:mena, etc.
Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
o .&. 0 *1 i X a .
sears the Kind You Have Always Bough
Sluggish Liver a Foe to Ambition.
You cannot accomplish very inuch if
your liver is inactive as you feel dull,
your eyes are heavy and slight Oxertion
exhausts you. Orino Laxative Fruit
Syrup stimulates the liver and bowetis
anAd makes you fCel bright and notivo.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrnpt does not
nauseate or gripe and is mild and very
pleasant to take. Orino is more effective
then pills or ordinary cathartica. Re
fuse sutbstitutes. Pickens D)ru gCo. UJr.
R. F. Smith Easley.
Oee @oldes Prevnts Puaeumousla
in'1 Gorenilt le.or Ga
Th 'loe yonr intito ouru pricr.
betrorcagca eto sell you. lihg
ing eaters nd andts.V' The. reulis
wou aro sho ig ne of fowr ler
piofwich Gis ol ioIor erua
uh louservs shoo muvstige h Pathes
and good lethdr af tha buaesfor wotar
betirllrihng e to sell you.
OM so EN'S Ha gS-Mn geyitufir
wealie sllit, a lnea of ooteroarya
shoe oan shevs ma ate Icu e At newr
pair if they doin't wear-$1.25. Meal's
genuine Kangaroo Blutchers, $1.50.
Men's High Boots in Kangaroo nd
Satin Calf, worth $2.50 at $2; w' ight 3A
pounds. Men's Sunday Shoes, Kaunga.
roo Blutchier, talt solid leatler, $1.50.
Our "Talk About Sho.-s"--ttohebet $2
Box Calf we haive over. seen.len'
Western Oil Orainied Walettsi-Priotf
Shoes, tho 83.50 kind for $2.99. "King
Quality"--no bettor shoe can bo maudo,.
$3.50 and $4.
LADIES' SHOES-Comfort and
style comnbined in every pair. L~ade.'
genuine Dongola Kid, patent tips, solid
leather countora anti insole, $1 the paira.
Ladies' Oonuiane Vioi Kid, easily worth
01 50 for $1.25. Old Ladies' Shoes,
quitted or felt tops, v ici froat, wool or
fleeoe lined, solitd leather counters and
insoles, $1.25. Ladies' "every (day
shoe," Kangaroo, common sense or
tips, $1.25.
clothing man bought early, before the
big advance ini wool, so onr enlomiers
will se6 no diff,-rence in the price. In
fact, we have many things chaper thtan
last year. WVI.eu yen buy a suit froml
na you have the satisfaction of knowing
that yon have the very best that money
can buy-and, if any thing turns out
wrong we are to make it good. Our
clothing mutst give satisfaction in wear
and quality, or we can't haope to keep
your trade. These figures will serve to
give yen an idea of the general run of
our prices: Men's W~inter Suits, late
euhs, all colors, strongly made, well
lined and finished: $5.00, $6.50, $7,50:
#8.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $16,.50 and
$18.00. Ouar $18.00 suits are what oth
era get $25.00 for. That's straight.
Maxwell-Feagle-David Co.
117-119 N. Main St., Greenville 8. 0.
Read the rooks on the read to Green
vilea ad oome to The Outlet..
s cured thousands of cases of Rheumatism after all the doctors and all other means
de cured John F. Eline and others of Baltimore, after the famous specialists of
I the greatest hospital in the world, had failed.' Rheumacide cured Austin Percelle,
I. Olmstead, the Norfolk Va., contractor, after they had sent large surns on other
rs had given up hope. ltheumacide cured Mrs.'Mary Welbrn, of H-igh Point, NI. C.,
ase. of rheumatism she had endured for 20 years. Rheumac&Jc cure 1 . R.
Aug. Huhe,8.Atin, -a, after the most famous New York sp6C1i ist ailod.
ook rhu
ry. mna cat science, and while powerful enough to sweep all rerms). ankd bion ut
lo"" of the blood, It operates bypurely natural metho&s, cles noX in re'' thai
r~ badly most delicate stomach, ani builds up tihe entireG sytem.
touched :r aj 9
or nearly -
and legs i
L njla Cobt.
and my: n tion.
SA u:Lr y a -...L! rmedy that goes; ri lt to the he U c::e af.tI *Tobe
M R. EDITOR: Please ay to your readers and my friends that I am "still-at the Old Stand," *th a
Complete liine ot Reliable goods which I have for their inspectioni and sale at very close figures. lIr
fact, at the prices which I ani quoting I consider the goodh are R tr Bairg~tins. Tell themn that I
carry a littie of "anything and everything," and am selling at a close, profit..
WEAR ni~d HICAVY KNIT SHIIRTS; also, a good line of OVERSHIOES,
From now until Christmas we invite the ladies to cal[ an~d we will mauke themn close prices on
Will make t he same otfer as the above to the men folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hate, Underclothing,
Trunks, Valise~s, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicest line of these goods we have -i ver carried.
Flour, salt and barbud wirt by thi car load to go at prices that defy competition
A comp)lete lino of the good kind of furniture and nice matting, carpeting and rugs. Agent fr0.
Iron King stoves andI Chattanooga Plows--two very nsecessary things in every well regulated tamily an-]
the bost of their kind on the market. Chinaware, Glassware, Agatewat~, Trinware and other ware that
wears well.
A full line of Uundertakers' goods and a nice Hearse. I, I/I I I
Your patronage solicited and you will be treated right. 0 Uy liCi
P. S.-All persons1 owing the estato of W. TI. Mc~'all will please come forwar d and make settlement
as early as possi1ble.
S-- -- --- - - -- - -- - - - - . ... . ..................
The new Laxative Cures
that does not gripe Stomach and Liver
or nauseate. Ia e trouble and
Pleasant to tal.e. cxa ctorV , ftrhi yadp Chronic Constipation.
aku a I&udneys and Bladder Right "CO H Es "
60 Y EA R9S
Lo rhu Thero~e s a ANDOOKon whtens:Reu aie sCh aes'sm~i
t yonn give th nd dunp i m
to: I o> t boo t to prat b
ot, fr o ldst delay for Aan irhig petnta.
'I O t t ke n t110'1\x !'%".3 & (firrco,)
pecia notice, wIthout oargo, in tho
dient iC Jitertean..
ani doml lt d wey 1 .nra a r- -.
year:. fnti onthis, $1. So Cby all ,iowadonler,. I ~
MU &Co ondsy-New Y Jr k
He tol ..7
rt h o e o.65Fs. ahntn .o
- 1 -y
. eA 4 MRE RO Coa,
W i L ES, CnSden'E S, BEtS !...!.,. F L r T b
Colunbia, . C. o xtt:
Sal-yTht's o text. I alway th is Aur pex.
R. EITO: Peas Fa toyou ae itat abyu fr ns tat Irequiment th ld aro Suitdor Over
S to miachtt - ell)boh W ops.
No appetite, loss of strength, nervouds wc I ae o th ink you fo a ary f o fures,
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,ichltlghqofit I (ansOdo t th t f'tuiu ell thoan that
general debIlity, sour rIsings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to Indigestion.
Kodol cures indigestIon. This new discov
cry represents the natural juIces of diges- oour Eyes ver R eteci Upon.
tion as they exIst in a healthy stomah, eve ne kkn Cut, lotand Frihen gone in ecllent
combined with the greatest known tont n cr ot f
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys- *
pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion If furitute few nimematting, chWe ris ug aon
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing, i tawe havswltes Agtli Tinwae and ith e tire
purIfying, sweetening and strengthening you will ntrefted aight G uy .c swll
the mucous membranes lining the stomach. sanoc t Clo lwor as
Mr. S. S. Ball, of Ravenswood, w, Va., says:
"I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.
K oo cured me and we are now using It in mIlk
Kodol Digests What You Eat.S m t&B r t w
Bottle.It'ly.hS 1ext ofzalholthe sermtnmesethr trha
Jssize, wwhichiningoellsrwanfofr te cncentsson
Prepared by ,0c at--- perhasi both.GWE op VILo.S.C
Eveoldwk nkibCu, PiecndFabichasgnDinr h'geexelen

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