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Entored April 28, 1908 at Pickens, S. 0., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Call For Mammoth Convention.
The oatton produors of the South,
bankers, merchants and representa
tives of other businoss interests aro
he'eby cal'd to meet in convention
il le city of New Orleana, L%., .hn.
11, 12 A. 13, 1906. We want fivt.
tiObsql (telegat~ees 1t) i .F . 1r#,
repre-se' ing i Ie entiret cotin terri
tory of ithe 811tho hen the convo I
tiol is calledI t.o -,rl r ai.l- o'hellprk
p. m. Jauary 11rt in the -p i.
anditoriutm of th1 Wasn4ihin glton Ar iI
lery buildiig.
The far mras g.'i:ttndly hlivu e x
pressed a deosiro fur thid conveh. ' 1
similar to the onje held at N AV W.
eaiNs last January. The Somib h.1
won aI notable victory inl hainlg
hoct greatstaplo croto hiian Ihit tine
aud it is but movt and proper that
the peoplo come towter "ad rojoice
over the great bltasigs which they
have enjoyed tnd to omphasizo th..ir
determination to coniutie the presient
rdgn of prosperity through ihi
future. There are many things of
vi.al imp-Itanco to the future wol
fare of the South that will connind
the attention of the convention MAs
ny eminent speakers from all over
the country vill take conspicuous
part in the program. All agricultu.
ral organizitions are invited to send
delegates. Ni rastriction on num.
ber of delegates to be appointtd.
C-unty meetings should -e held
th,'oughout all the cotton states on
Sat -rday December 23d for the pur
posi of appointing or electing dele.
t a's. Heads of various State Agri.
cultural organizations and Farmers'
Unions can appoint delogate- from
the state at large. Discussion will
cover the importance of Iblding the
balance of the unsold crop fur 15 ets
-extending the organization of the
Southern Cottou Association; trade
relations between the producers and
A, spinnera; building warebouses to fa
cilitate the handling of cotton. diver
sified agriculture and raising home
supplies; maintaining the present
area of cotton for 1906; close relation
between farmers and bankers; ex
tending our market for American cot
ton to foreign countrieo. These and
other matters of vital importaace
need the attention of the pople.
Hold your county meetings on Dec. I
233. elect strong delegations, and
send list of names to the general
office of Southern Ootton Association,
920 Empire Building, Atlanta, Ga.
LAt eo' y county in the state be rep. i
resented and lot the world begin to
acht ow'edge the business ability of r
the Southern planter.
Railroad rates will be one faire for
the round trip from all .sections of
the cotton b It. Yours truly,
Harvie Jordan,
Pr es. S. 0. A.
Bears the Ih0 Kind You inve Alway DQ
Biguaature H
stops Uhe cough and heaslangs
Nothing will euro indigestion that
doesn't digest the food, itself, and give
thi stomach rest. You con't r-xpect that
a wveak stomacli will regain its strength
and get wvell when it is compelled to do
the full work that a sound stomachi
..houkl do. You wvouldut oxpeo a sick
horse to woyk every day of the week.
Kodol D)yspopria cure is a perfect di
gestant and digests the food regardless
of the conditions oif your stomaoh.
Relieven Indligestion, Belching, Sour
Stomach, and tall atomach disorders.
' old by Pickens D~rug co.
Trespass Notice.
Ni tresplissing of any natnure and
especially in the way of Hunting will
be tolerated on my land or those of
the Estate of S. W. Olayton' Dis.
gard of this totice means proueution.
4t 11. L. Oli ton.
The South's Greatest System.
' Unexcelled Dinine Car Service
Throughi Pullman Sleeping cars on
all Local train.,, Wintor Tourist
Rates are nnw in' offect to all
Floridat points. For full infor
mation as to rates, route.s etc.,
consult nearest Southern. Railway
Ticket Agenit, or
Assistentt Goneral Passenger.
Ageh t Atlatita, Ga.
Division Pashenger Agent
Charleston, 8. 0,
Do you want me to almost giveyou
a grind stone. A vanoege mill -for
50c. a shot gun, (t'orno. thjs week.
Rhooe' tba an.: cl.hin a n
Onl IY 35 day1.1s f or ..;ell i n g u nfil our
in) the sh1elves, weI 46re going t -,-n(aMe
Holiday rush but come while the stoc
Big Values in Clothing.
Our Clothing trade has been larger than usual but we c
still have your size and the Prices are RightM
Don't put off buying your Overcoat, for tht se warm days $
-Aont last.$
Milline ry Specials.
.We have sold more Hate this fall than any fall since we
have been in business, and we don't want to carry anything
over. If Those who have not bcught their fall b1 a t 8,
will see Mliss Hughes she will make it interesting for them.
Buggies, Wagons, Surreyss
All kinds of wagon and Buggy material have advanced I
The season of indigestion is upon us. Pickens Roule 3.
Codol Dyspepaia cure for Indigestion
nd Dyapepaia will do ovei ythingz for theI ha
lomach thatt an, over-loaded or over-wa dohpy nhiradb
morked s~tomach can not do f->r itself.Mr.JL.Sehnadtoci
Codol Digests what you eat--gives the movin
tomalh a rest-relitve. soui stomach ,
chig, heart-bur, indigestion, etc.ing he a t
oold by Pickens Drug co.
The most plPasaut, rafe stf n be bis1
emedy to use for Coughs, Colds, Ohroup
dooping Cough, ct., i Kennedy's sn n now had auntrt
curative HoneytandWitr. Taielrrmedy
uga ahrIs o the Sboweltsn.cc .nl-ppictinoilid1
HIS isacmo xrs leafrsindaerle n1 i
omeorgaicf orle om fBid Bedn.Ionn n n
rordingonPiles.ubtolssby remedeed
yodoutr stbod advise. O
gettlemit opftheon.titorofthan. likely~
anu nekdto bonceistrated aatefood
the Notices Ro dien th. Tho nn
Uj~ :netiiMro hlyAdn'hoe oorkaront omne
d bod whe a is willdb holdy--n thoirst Ther a
,.ft th fist Mnda inJan and b
fail o nouish. Mrs190. AL Stephn hnddtwo ci imovit
you don or eaciatdbre viosit hery oitef s Jaur tohn ben,
Sginlton the Daontyville tsectionLt
bar.d.CGavle has rchas-o
essntalyWteaeddie edi Ntttingth
r.William t tre loey rkpible
nhuishentbi ew asaota ege
the. Eidiadle of Adeer
childrn pale Mhas bere vistin hteartml nt Fr.
Mr.~ ls a~oton a lute viie5h
sendyou samle fee.olnsv seu ccfction3 madk. o
_____tim_ o.n.amma'es cout.
onl~r y ofureb ei ' w..ith, HaeCrae
In thkeepNtie toi Debtor and Grmoo. Bet
the wr ofevry TAl penins Devilais aitthHae sol
of~nu n oubu. Save fos idaelifin .etion
ftors o theindr Bleedo tayngendtn
~ I ePotding Piestat St byaikensay
mnt en.chRourbaoodandton
..decon;7d,~ of h 16th6da os nuay
i~ Excutors
stock taking time, and as money in
prices that will move them. Don't
ks are conplete.
nd some of the manufactures have already advanced their
rice: others are going to. We have a large stock of Buggies
n hand at the old price. Botter come in and figure with us
rhile they last. We sell Buggies, complete outflts, from
35.00 to $100.00. You should see the outfit we put up for
Another Car of STUDE
BAKER Wagons
Vill arrive this week. Come and let us fit you up.
Farm Implements.
Labor is gotting higher and scarcer and you havo got to
Prepare to do more work with less hands. We carry a full
Ina of
Leaders in Low Prices.
) SUGAR 20 L
i mission of "Earley Riseri" is to
the way and givii Natnre full way. ures Biliousness, Sic
i fumous litalo pills rid thei stomuio Headache, Sour Stor
owels of all putrid matter, thus re Liver an
g lie cause .f headach,oronatipa
:l9w oomplexion, Pot. DeWit's C h ro ni c Constipatior
Early Risers never gripe or sickon Pleasant to take
I, pleasant, perfect pill. Sold by
u s Drug Co.
iristmas Holiday Rat
Southern Railway.
Dn: account of the Christmas Holidays the Southern Railway
ickets from all points east of the Mississippi and south o,
rivers and to St. Loiuis, Mo., and to intermediate points
of one and one third first class fare for the round trip (Mini
50c.) )plus 25ic. Tickets to be sold December 22-31 and Ja:
36, with a final limit of Jan 4, 1906.
rickets for teachers and studenits of schools and colleges wi
December 17-24, with final limit of Jan. 8, 1906, Upon pres,
and surrender of certifloate signed by Principals, Superiniten<
Presidents of the various instituitions of learning.
F~or further information, apply to any Southern Railway aget
Dilv, Pa.. A gt- Assistant Gen. Pa.. Agi
Charleston, S. C. Atlanta,
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock 'is largeselected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
the till is easier to count thai goods
put off your fall purchesus until the
And our Prices are Right.
UNS b le and single barrel, 12 to 1 gaug , 26 to
9 84 inch barrell. Big lot of Siogle barrel Siot
Guns, easily worth $5.00 or $6.00-While they last only
STOVES Your Cook stovo should be the beft thing
9 the house. The "STAR LEA DE'R
stands the test; your money baok if they don't pliase you.
w Co.
3S. FOIR$.00
k f ' T -Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
d1 sallow complexions. of
Laxative Fruit S rup Pmpes and blotch..
Jr ymp it is guaranteed
Pickena Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smith, Easley.
as Is D. Moore Sells 'em Cheap.
I bought a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
the same way, call and see me for niost anything you want I.
have a few dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
Calicoes and Outings at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to go
cheap, in fact everything cheap. '
Remember the old meat mnarket and bring me some
Pork and all the Raw Hides green or dry that you can get
will because I am selling goods. I don't forget my meat market
the so call and get yonr meat or anything else you want.
at a The Old Meat Mairket.
1 be |||
Of Stylish Quality
jt, or
Beinig wiell dressed isn't a
question of oendinga lot of mon..
0y it's a question of going to the
la, right utore. Most any store has
----- fairly good suits as faa as thread
s(and lo)thi aro concerned'gettin
}}di.stinctive utyle and a real fit is
anotber matter*
But that!. what you get her
at a prie you can eaily afford. In
fact you ean' afford not to.wa
the kind of clothes we coil.:- The.
mere rise in your own estimation
(and other's) that our 80BLOss
- clothes give you-that prosperous ~
* well-groomedt. look.--i. the blggest
kind of a cash asset to aniy man.
The pioture shows ono SOHLO88
style. . Many others costing from
$10. to $25.
Our new stock of Wne
Overcoats just in. I
Ii.F~N EL 120 South Ma n, 3te~

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