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Pe-ru-na, Used as a Last Resort, Cured Her of
a Severe Attack of Catarrh of the Lungse.
T Thousands c& women owe their lives
The Sensational Cure of Mrs. to Peruna. Hundreds of tliousands owe
Caldwell Is the Talk of Her their health to Peruna. Hundreds of
Acquaintances- thousands are praising Peruna in every
state of the Union.
Mrs. Ida Caldwell, 50W Pearl street, We ohave many thousands of letters
Sfioux City, Ia., Vice-President Order of from grateful women, with pereission
N'ashington, writes: fo rtflwmn ihpriso
"Isufered with aarrhofto use them in public print, which can
"I suffered with catarrh of the ras never be used for want of space.
hAratory organs oft and on for the last Ctarrh would not be such a curse
hree years until I thougw it was In this country it the people thoroughly
bronite. My chst ad lungs were ir understand its nature. It must be
Atated and I had to use the greatest treated at once to pr vent It from mak
.are not to e-'pose myself to chilly air Ing Inroads upon vital organs.
or dampnesi as It Increased my troubles. If you suffer from catarrh, buy Pe
"My physiciafn advised me to try a rns to-day, for a day gained on the
'hange of climate, but I was unable to enemy, catarr, oans a day nearer
eave my family. Reading of the wo. eney.n
ferful cures performed by Peruna, I recovery.
)ought a bottle. We have on file many thousand testi
"It was with the greatest satisfaction monials like the one given here. We can
hat I found it the one medicine among only give our readers a slight glimpse
deom all Which cured me. I was re- of the vast array of unsolicited endorse
loved withIn thar days and after two monts we are receiving. No other phy
nonths and a half the irritation was sician in the world has received such a
,ono, my lungs perfectly healed and my volume of enthusiastic letters of thanks
ealth restored."-Ida Caldwell. as Dr. Hartman for Peruna.
- See Hale at the auditorium
Thursday evening, Deeemb r 21st.
A rare occasion of fun.
Hil6uei111ES Of a Local aid Personal Nature f-peit a portion of last week With her
pnrcents i Pickens.
--Don't feiil to hear H1alo.in "Bill's Miss Ada Oriffin of Greenville,
Proposal," if you Want to enjoy a 14 on a visit to her siter, Mrs. 1. X
aearty laugh. Hester in Pickens.
--For Christmas presents Snider
tEasley, has a complete line of
ewclry and silver novelties.
--Hal., the Imipersoniator anid Dc.
ineator, the best one on the platformr .W 4teil fteCmn
-oday, is to b~e at the auditorium ctowsiPcenTedyen
l'hursdlay the 21st instant. Every. t:1hiRQtO Sinaqrihn
-'Posum ndi ~vo poatoe, l- -Mrsv. J. F. Banitern ofiliberhy,
brea. Wy trkeyandcaks, ent apur-ci ost weekbath and
deiretin cent mos
tries-aMdspiedacGrtfholdof lighnvtolit
'Ti a epst itfora ing ikaevs to he silsterts.H.m.
-Marred, y 0.J. Eliso No e stl e on Paea tickensDu
br enersn f Adeso cont tonuMil ococ Gerrud aod ofr.
and issLula111-antof ~cEne ly, Deembe 21to ofters which
ceuny.-ailyMai 15t int. ime thces willgo o reaativas
more unti --th doo. LThemo theCin ment n
Chrismas. hat peparaio eton lwa i nd icn Tehsday tondo
you wkingfor he d3? Sme ae bon at a seatoiais i hor fOurhng
' ustjo therdaymb n preernt ing er with ointet be pteekereb.
bad hycerkeyandeakes ps0.ia ebrc Abst habbatuned
tries bell pines anhd aligh Qatet ito deveed wod ecen frmois. ne
'Tns oa teat6 for attakin -Ticketsar trow thae etrtime
--atofrriebm .J lsn oa will be annuncdaol chrc ter aikn frugd
out Pobic the Dee2r12rsaytopny.n hevros tr i
lor Henerson o Anderon c hurgetown utis 'circui p.i mo There
ofneais Pa shippnd by tickes froy thecembr Ca1sin a ferewhic
twenty. gDaiocy toi 15 icthee n instaiim to bel a go od sraeat
they ill e foght gaint ga e doo . Th. A trtainmint reaina
cocksoftm.hat nreparawil re tzenlof Phekaenc andi casned tot
ayoultaking all the cocks Some wn ohe orth Paresae horut.Ous.
Aubsbe ribesaae Mediditor bray, aderu ofthwn Lciens are. I
-ejo the anonceyb prsntn commith ivteda to ed theenpuro
~ cosisingof L.Ric, D J.Bol- ev. yo. at Anfte hr relurne
in--TFherx antraion afteart atri inste aeenbign
at had Grve hurh. Chist whfitis Thnerecy speia ineen yent
the bold hier will baei Qate0, to atendca attrlaveo fon Thusdnew
on. on hrinsta ata.in go nghrg tomoerroW. Thwel ae, tihes
Dameor t ayswthabe announed gra hTproao,111 pern
dingr bell, wil frgnPcnsbfr theoi chuc members manafrient
otin futhe r 1 th o 5 ' t th i thn enjo m '.t and p eacherd to
coniacig parie4 re wel an farge of spis ircitti- tohe her
vorastkow ato day of ou. Mnrdckad- e Chita.H satase
ofa Hea yonPad einge by exres, from th. NoCoina ofereNce
twentyn gaofcksH toiec ther n iors sain to e odty orechr.
theys well k ogh yognsingams Rev.o J. P Atawy o il reain' a,(
cock of that county. Hen il areevt camien ofPyk and is upge to Jzui1t
a oatynl the co iocks that win --9the forhPics c~r icit. ht tr
Abbevitle r1um -~ o htii ot he-ay, reaer hi e Loiyeas farl.
-Indi anounced to th iomitee pamiootth nthad te pleasu offw
coniesting or autor L .c, D.m J.Bld.e sesng yulat andite; hig csassa
buno R. . Hrand T. H.mea Stea atrpideicn ofe havin been brininghi
that tfherill benoanceenterianmen commitysan thte wnve toW know
m. onC -ita day.,ngtt erW oe Hl, the
Japanese Ware
Collar Boxes 25
up. Shaving ca
and up.
bfice Lamr
others. Just c
kinds. Fine Pi
-It. L. Henderson killed a pig on
L'uesday 10. months old, that netted
122 pounds.
-A number of the formers are
itill holding their cotton for 15 cents
x pound We hope they will get it.
-Have your buttois well sowed
)n if you come to hear Hale Thurs
day night, for you are suro to hiugh.
-This is the season of the year
vhen every body is supposed to be
iappy and of good cheer, and the
foung folks get married.
-The Christmas entertainmnot at
3hady Grove church will be on the
5ti instead of tha 26th, and begius
Lt 12 m. and continnoe until done.
-Thler-e will be a Christmas enter.
ainiment at Tabor churchi, beginning
,t 11 o'clock, on) Thursday, the 28th
ostant. IFverytvcdy invited to come.
--Robert E-irle Lewis, who han
>een attending the College of Phar
nacy, in Charleston, is now at home
mfd his smiling mug can be found at
he Pickens Drug Co's. store. ~
--The Gillette Safety Razor makes
nice Christmas present. To be
oundi at H. Snieler's, E'tsley, with
he Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen.
a'd other goods of merit.4
-A fter December 22d, we will on
y gin cotton on Fridays oif each I
veek. Our patrons wvill please bein
0Yrovernal ac-cordinigly. Bing i, us your
emnant seed cotton andi get hiighest
ash prices. Pickene Oil Miill CJo.
-Christmas goods galore are he
ng displayed in the various stores.
L'empting inadeed to the shopper
we some (of the articles displayed,
zud Pickense has never been so well
ixed to accommodate the large andi
growing trade of athe community
buy your Xmas goods now and avoid
bhe rush later on.
-Farmers are hauling their cot.
on here from as far as5 thirty miles,
and they say it pays them well to
nake the long haul, for in addition
.o getting a much better price for
betr cotton, thesy find &ipplies and
lry goods cheaper he thian else
rhere, so that the high price paid
'or cotton also moans a great deal to
our merchants
-The Plokens Drug Co. has on
lisplay one of the prettiest lots of
3hi istmas uand holiday goods ever
uhown in Pickenis. They have the
mtire side of the prescription case
~overed with dolls and it is a pretty
tight indheed to behold and will make
rad the hearts of the little misses,
l't:o 1)rices range from Sc. to $5.00.
M ake your purchases as early as you
enn and Dr. H-allum will keep your
p)ackarges until you need them.
--Among tho substantial citizens
oif the county, and of'those who have
boeen in tow'n the past, week on busi
ness, the following subscribers camne
in andi paid for their paper, thus
helping to grease the machinery a,
from Soc to $5-50. Cuff Bo:
cents. Collar and Cuff Boxes
ses 50 cents and up. Toilet c
is, Safety Razors, i.oo Watcht
me anct see. Plenty of Toys an
pes up to $5-00.
-adquarters for Santa Claut
-A. R.. Hamilton, of Easley was
in Pickens Monday.
-Keowee Lodge will have an
)yater supper Friday night.
-If you have net paid 3Ourstate ind
))Unty taxes, (10 so at onem?, before
the rush self in
--Mrs. Essie Folger, of Divide, i
Oolordo, bpput some time recently,
6vith her aunt, Mrs. Janet Eatle, in
-Miss Maud Ashmore, of the a
Presbyterian Hospital, Atlanta Ga., a
a spending the holidays with her
parents in PickeR.
--0. G. Rowland of Central, was 2
n Pickens Tuiesday on business. He 8
eport~s t hings in a flourishing con.
litioni in his bailiwick.
- An upto-date line of solid gold
vatces, the largest ever shown in
Pickeuns county, anid at pr'ices to suit
rour purse at H. Snidor's, IKasley.
-There will be an all day singing
it Mile Creek church next Sunday.
L'ho public is cordially invited to at-.
end and bring song books and bas
-Deputy collector .1. P. ScrugF, of (
3reenville, was in Pickens Truesdaly
ai busines~s. He seized D. F. Puce's 0
toods for taxes duie the government
is a retail liquor dealer.
- Elsewhe.re will be found the ap.
pointments of the Greenville district.
I'be Conference miade two new dis.
~riots and somiewhat divided this one a
as will be soen by reading the ap- (
-B. D. Stewart, who holds a posi
tion in Washington with the govern.
mont, is on a visit to relatives in)
Pickens. Duff is the same jovial,
whole souled fellow he was when he
went to Achool here years ago.
---The Greenville News of the 19th
inst. says that Clyde Taylor of Liber.
ty, and Miss Tocca Land of West.
minster were married at the resi.
donce of J. L. King by H. (a. Riley,
at' 9 o'clook in Greer Sunday evening.
Mr. Taylor is superintendent of the
oil mill at, Liberty. Both young
people are well known and popular.
Bald ? Scalp shiny and thin?
'Then it's probably too late.
You neglected dandruff. If
you had only taken our ad
vice, you would have cured
Hanir Vigor
the dandruff,saved your hair,
and added much to it. If
not entirely bald, now is your
opportunity. Improve it.
" I~fW h ivostnd A war'. state Vtwne e
res 25 cents.
25 cents and
LSCS 25 cents
s and many
d Dolls of all
- A number of our farmt ra Sav
that the -r cotton ciop has turned out
much bet ter than was expected
several m nats ago.
--Next Mouday is 6 h r i s t m a 9.
.jt the day be spent as it should be;
et there be no drunkenesp, brawling
r shootings. Celebrate the day as
b should be, in coinmmemnoration of
he birth of the Lor-I and Savior.
Le you feast and enjoy yourself, think
f those less fortunate than you.
Croup, coughs, colds Whooping
ough, ect., have no terrors for children
r adultm who evacuate the bowels with
COnne'dy's Laxativo HoUny and Tar.
'Ia remedy expels all colds from the
ystmoand strengthens te throat, lungs
ud broninl tubes. The Original Lax.
Live cough Syrup and Liquid cold cure.
old by Pickens Drug 00.
Car load fresh lime. B. U. Grandy.
Fruit for baking sake at J. -T.
'eninell & Co.
Closing out our lin, of hats and
rps at reduced prices.
J1. T. Fennell & Co.
Come and se. our .nice lin, of
ishies atnd glass ware.
J. T. Fonnell & Co.
Car load of the best flour on the
iarket, "Obelisk" to go atoclos. prices.
ome and got some. H. A. Richey.
WVhen in need of repair wvork call
n mei. Buggy and wagon repairing,
hbeel building, etc., finished up in
rat class shape at reasonable prie.s,
et me figure with you on that next
>b. A. A. Mann, in the Brock shop,
ext to WV. H. Ashmor.'s blacksmith
stablishment, Piekems, S. C.
Yes, I Bold 'em. Now I wast to
ell 4 more good mules and one wag
nI. A. MA. Morrih.
Go to J. F. Harris' store to got
irt class firuits and nuts, flhavoring
xtracts to make your christmas fruit
~akes and be pleased. The price is
FOR HALE-At public auiction on
Saleeday in January a well broke gen
Lie horse, a second-band buggy and
tet. of harbess. This propeorty be
longs to a travliuig salesman and
may be seen at our stable in Pickens.
Bales and Robinson.
For Sale.
I will cell on Friday, the 22d1 of
Dkecember at my hoze oo Prators
areek the following:
Two mutes, two horse wagon and
barness, two buggies, fodder, farm.
ing tools, hogs, cattle, household and
kitchen furniture etc.
Sale begins at 10 a. m. and will
montinue until all articles are sold.
Terms of sale -cash or good pa
pers. Private bids will he consider
d for any or all of the above until
lay of ae. W mn. J. Holden.
Johnson Street. West of Jail.
Notic to D bor ga
Alnotner cor of
See the bargains we are of
fering in Boys and Men's
overcoats, clothing, Jackets
and Skirts from now to Jan.
ruary Ist.
Yours Truly
Folger & Thornley
Clothing Shoes Hats and Geuts Furnishin
Goods a slpecialty. Sole agents for Stetson shoe!.
Stetson Hats, Chase City Buggy, Mitchell Wagons.
Notice the insurance I
of the Liberty B
Burglar Insurance Cashier
Fire Insurance Deposil
If a burglar blows the safe, and fire destroys the bul
dkjjps out with what he can get-notice the result:
The Burglar Insurance Co. replaces what the burglar ,
o.pays tor the buiilding andi tixturesH; the Bond Co. repL
took; the Depositr ' (uarante Fund pa3 s the depositors.
resume busjneus at the old stand.
Your deposit is insured in the Liberty Bank and it i
word to the wise is sufilcient. Respectfully,
Safe and Sure
Endorsed by leading physicians as the BEST remedy for
Children's Group and Whooping Cough because
it contains NO OPIATES. The action of Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup ismild and benign,i't is adapted to infants, as well
as adults of every variety of temperament and constitution.
Read This Remarkable Testimonial.
MRS. B. W. EVANS, Clearirater, Kas., writes:--"My husband
was sick for three months and the doctors told me he had quick con.
sumption. We prosured a bottle of Ballard's Horehound Syrup, and
it cured him. He Is now a well man, but we always keep a bottle
in the house, and think It has no equal for pulmonary diseases."
Easy to Talfe; Sure to Cure; Every Bottle Guaranteed.
TR HREE SIZE~s 2. 50.. *1.00.
I have a good lino of
Amiong them are the recommendblo old style Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, which I am selling at special bargains.
Anid a new line of SIINERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATLCIiES. A nico liuo of Spectacles; I guarantee
glassos to fit eyes. All kinds of repair work in the jewelry line.
HI. SNIDER, - - Easley, 8. C.
The better class of people appreciate G~ood Quality, Good Treat
moent and Right Methods. Of this I am more convinced overyday.
My Busineess is run on these principles and is growing rapidly.
-I am especially pleased with the growth of my trado. My custom
era KNOW that I handle only the BE~STI
Dry Goods,
and Shoes,

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