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For Infants an Ohilren.
The Kind You Have
Always Boughi
A egetablePreparationforAs
Promotes Digesilon.Cteru
ness and Rest.ontahs neithero
O 1umMorphine norOfhtera.
Apeifeel Remedy fortConstipa- U e
1lon, Sour Stoinach,Diarrhoca
ness and Loss or SLEEP.
FacSimile Signature of
NEW YORIt. Thirty Years
Our stock of Dry Goods, Shoes and Carpets is now com
piete. We want all of our friends and everybody in Pickens
County to call and see us. We guarantee you a square deal
the best goods possible at the smallest living price. We nev
er say that we sell goods below cost, for that is impossible, but
we do say that we sell you goods as cheaply as any house can
and keep in business.
A good Outing at 5c; a better at 64, 8 and loc.
Flanneletts for waists and dresses, very pretty at 1oc.
Ginghams for dresses and aprons at all prices.
Black and colored Dress Goods in 'endless variety.
36 inch Flannels, all wool for Dress 39c.
All colors and Black 52 inch Broad Cloth at 75C and $1.
Mohairs in black and colors from 50c to goc and up.
Black and colored silks, anything you want.
Big lin~e Ready-to-wear Skirts and Cloaks reasonably
Blankets from 50c to $10.oo, all reasonably priced.
Undervests.and pats for the whole family.
Big line of Embroideries from 5c yard and bctter quali
We make special prices for churches. We make any size
Window Shade you want.
When in Greenville, conme to see us and wec'll take pleas
uire in showing you OUR STOCK whether you care to buy
or niot.
.Remember the Place.
"The Old Reliable"
Cor. Main & Coffee Sts.
Open Your' Eyes and Read It.
:,The Dixie Bargmain House
Xegoing to move after Obristmas. This is the only one chance to get
tw prIces before I move.' If you want to be satisfied with your purchases
ome bore right now, for you will save several dollars. A dollar saved is
gIhty es~y done, buf e dollar to make is pretty hard. The Dixie Banrgain
I Huse has tthree or f~ur. tj ns as large stbok of aewv and salable goods than
~ ~'overcarried before ot the tes goods made in -the United States, anid the
~ i~(' V~o~ ast be sioldI, cost or no east, as I have to move, and I w Il sell them
aerthap sbip theni apd paythe freight. When you buy clothing
Jr ~ t want to buy a suit everr'wcek. Every picce of goods I sell is
, If 7pu are io satiefled yonl get your money back. Come
see the before Nou go somewhere else. Here you will see the
~ , 8hoes, Hate, Underwear, Gents' Furnishings, Truks, La
tbildren's Suite, etc., you ever saw, and at the lowesit prices
~ t~l~$bt.Yours treyy
~& O US3
BAy Ouiro, CrrY '1O IMO,
Franuk;J. Cheney makes oath that he
is seniqr bartner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney 4 Co. doing busineues in the City
of Toledo, County and State .aforesaid
nod tha't said firm will pay the sum o
and ,v ry cano of Catarrit that cannot be
coured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn bMfore me and subscribed in
my presence this the 6th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1886. A. W. GLEASON.
(SiAL) No'rAnY PUnLC.
H1nI' C'ntnrth Cure is taken internal
n d cc: ' sire'l1y fin ihe blood and
ii.uel1i R rh11lc-ce of il- syistmill. Send
for tl.-.jlilnionials fr'e.
F. J. "I I.N EY & CO., Toledo, 0.
o'd by1 1). ii e yt$, 75o.
T.e' H at' Fanialy Pilli for c ':siipx
A liquid o iro and:ho only Congh
S r 1) wi tebi neven the bowelst-wolkS
,,*I (i)oni o i -re sy!teiii -m-1i Keniietdy 's
14 1t v- if. ..ney anti Tar. Clears the.
hoad aid thro:at mnd mllki 1 weNk Imgs
14tring. Best forl Croulp, Who'opin'g
Cng*.,etc. (hildren Iove it. Si ld by
P.e na Drug C.0
No P1olson In Chamiberlain,'. Cough
Fron Nnpier Now Zeditud, llorald:
Two y iarsago the P1harmaey Bititd of
o .i Wal-, Acir-tralici, had an anialysis
ad. of ulil o 1111 the (.u11h muediOileR 14ol in
1h t. 1arkdet. Out oif tle entiro list the-y
fanniiul nilY onle that .hey declareci was
etiro'* y hr-e fiuim all p,tsons. T1lia ox
cop)tioni Was Cl!1thmeuriuin1'a Congh Rom
ody, imido by the Chiiulbrlain Medicine
" ompany o )esMoinies, lowat, U. S. A.
Thne al.seece of all nar.-oties miinki-a this
reendy the safist wid hest that can be
hiad; and it. is with a feeling of secuiri.y
th,A it i ' t her c -n g.vi' it to her little
ones. Cliimberlatin's Cough Remedy is
especially reo tmmmuded by its iiakers
for cO0b11, colds, eroip and whooping
congi. 'This rem~edy is for sale by
Pionens Drug Co., T. N. Hunter, Lib
Piratling FoleyNs Honey and Tar.
Foley's & Co.. Chicag., originated
Honey ;nd Tar as i tiroat and luig
remedyl and on account of the great me
rit and popularity of Foley's Honey and
Tar many imitations are offered for tho
genuine. Those worthless imitations
have similar sounding names. Beware
of them. The genuine Foley's Honey
and Tar is in a yellow p-iekago. Ask for
it ant refuse any subttiiuto It is the
bf-st remedy for coughs and colds.
Pickens Drug Co. Dr. R. F. Smith
Easley, .8. C.
Son Lost Mother.
"Consumption rinns in our family,
and through it I lost my mother,'"writes i
E. B. leid of Harmony, Me. "For the r
past'flve years, however, on the slightest e
sign of a Cough or Cold, I hive taken t
Dr. King's Now Discovery for Consump- y
tion. which hns saved me from serious L
ling trouble." His mother's death wits C
it sad loss for Mr. Reid, but ho learned 8
that lung trouble must not be neglected
and how to cure it. Quicke.st relief aind
ocro for coughs iend colds. Price 50c I
id $1.00. guarantee(l at Pickens Drug 0
I'rial bottlo freo.
icience fias at Last Dilscovered a Real
Curo for Rheumatism. y,
Afteryears of experinient a new scientiae y
'emetdy has been fountd that not ony relieves.
mit t alwolutely Cures Rheumatisii ad kindred 0
liSases tO stay cured. lIhCeutnatism is caused 8
cy aln excess of poisOnIous neIds inc the blood, a
l'o ewic aicv r. Rheunmacite, tho'ugliprl
egle, ndscl~ a~g througl ntatures epuanelys
cetttralizes tihese acIdls andl sweeps all poisonis r
,hid liarmlfii germs out of the blood. A t the,
inine0 tinte it tones up the stomach and regu
lae the liver and kidlney,t
itheumnecle tiherefore, cures the disease per- I
mlanetitly, becinuso It removes the cause. It
hais cured hlun~ireds of cases after the most no
teoildoetors and hospitals iae faIledl Rheuma
ol<de curoel .Jntnes Wilkes of illont, S. U..'after
lie hit heeni hel1 ist bed4 bcy rhieumatismn for
thtree yearse and his feet were (iraWi up niost to
his back. 'ThIs is only one of mnty nmarvetonta
ettres tha~t ithoutnacide tias al reattiy perforcmeci.
liheuinaitle is euriuig ma1tty) cases of nitouma-i5
tistn, Re bit 1(ea, lu tnhnigo, gon I, k ii ney trouttble, -
itiligesit an l c1 onisuipattion, right lta thuis comn
uiuiity todlay.
tHeenuse it lanw en rel iio mnany others we be
ilev It will euire yon. .\il the leadintg dlruggIst
Ist the cotanty sel I ande recocumenid hthenuma
Every 0ounce1 of food yon oat that fails
to dhignalt does a pounad of harm. It"
turns thoentiro meal0 inito p)oison. This
cnot only deprives the blonudof the nees
lfary tisnoe - building material, bus it
poisons it. Kodol Dys pepsia eure is a
perfect digestanit. It digests the food
regardlesa of the condition of the
Itomuach. It allows that organ to rest
uid get atrong again. Relieves Relch
ing, Heart Burn, Sour Stomach, Indiges
tion. Pelpitation of the Heart, eto. Sold a
by Piokons Drug Co.
Buit few people a entirely free from
jidigestlon at. this season of thle year.
K'dol Dy3spoepsia Cure is not only the
best reedy to use because it digests
wvhat you1 eat but because at also enablea
the digestive apparatus assimilate,
andt traniform all foods to tissne build
inig blooti. Koedol releives s o u r
stomach, heart burn, belohing, and all
forms of indigest ion. Sold by Pickend
Drug (Jo. C
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis-\
courages and lessens ambition: beauty, vigor 8
e s, and cheerfulness soon (
a A ..disappear when the kid
ncys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has '
*1 become so prevalent ~
'~' (~~1that it Is not uncommonl
(ifor a child to be born.
Safflicted with weak kid- I
--ny.If the child urin
. . . ales too often, if tihe i
urine scalds the fiesh or if, when the child i'
reaches an age when it should be able to a
control the passage, it its yet afflicted with t
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first 6
step should be towards the treatment of b
these important organs. This unpleasant a
trouble 13 due to a diseased condition of the fa
kIdneys and bladder and not to a habit as 16
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis- ~
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
rhe mild and the Immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. Itlls sold
y druggists, in fity
:ent and one dollar g
Izes. You mnay have a
iample bottle , by mail ,
ree, also pamphlet tell- noeme er Raump-Root. 0
ng all about it,. lno~lgdi ng muany of the I
housands of testimenial letters 'received
rem-sufferers cured. In writing Dr. KIlmer6
rOp., Binghamton, N. TY., be sure and eI
riention this paper. --
Doh't make any mistake, but remember
ie' name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's 11
wamp-Root, and the address, Binghamto~
1.Y , o verybottle.. (v
all the germs and i
spots In the body
Nature's way. Pui
most powerful of
time regulates the
up the entire systl
that cures rheuma
other remedies a
Percelle, of Salem
dreds of dollars for
by half a dozen I
2120 Ramsay stre
man." Mrs. S.A. (
It cleansed -her bc
After Noted Doctors Fa
Hero is a case cured by RHI
CIDE after tioted New ork S
ists had failed. Mr. W. R. I
writes from Atkins. Va.:
"Four bottles of RHEUM.
have entirely cnred me of
standing casO of rheumnatisi
reatly iniproved my general
!wasa total wreck. having ha
matisn for twenty years. Iso4
'eral weeks and much money
ecialists in New York. but I
MACIDE is the only cure
found. When I began to u
weighed 140 pounds. Now I w
pounds. my normal weight.
Hie Exact Thing Required for Constil.
"A a certian purgative and ston acli
,urifier Chamberlain'a Stomach and
[Aver Tablets seem to be the ox ot thing
-qutired, trong enough for the most
-okiut, yet mild enotugh and nafo for
thildreu and without thait teri ib:ogi iping
10 common to most purg.attives," H41yS R.
. Webater & Co., Udora, Ontaria,
Janada. For zale by P-okona Drug Co.
Do not be deceived by counterfeits
rhen you buy Witch Huz.l Salvo. The
amo of E. C. Dewitt and Co. is on
very box of thA gonnine. Piles in
heir worst form will soona pass a way if
on will apply DeWiti' Witch Hazel
'ilve night and morning. ]ltl4 for
inta Burns. Boils Teltor, Ewiena, etc.
oid by Pickons Drug Co.
rears to Kind You l Bve Alway s Bough
Sluggish Liver a Foe to Ambition.
You ounuot accomplish very much if
our liver is innotive an you feel dull,
our eyes are hoavy and slight exortion
Ihausta you. Oriuo Laxative Frmt
yrup btimulates the liver and )owels
ad makes you feqi bright and nctivo.
krino Lixative Fruit Syrnp does not
ausente or gripe andl is mild and very
leasant to take. Oriujo is more offective
hon pills or ordinary cathartics. Re
use subistitutes. Pickens Drug Co. Dr.
1. F. 8mith Enmsley.
000ars no Int Kind You Have Always Bought
Cur lTang. Hmed Waal.hen.
The4 close ronuineigat o ur prices.
udu mtos oft o biess, thae
ete ou hacr to sl you.hu Clr
~Onr shooran1-has. growni gre uy
glahr n d lastsvh. ersl s
Tohae nlowing a'1 liestg of oter, every
ln our shelveos o dos ble 1. ather
'etriolling ce to sell you.
OMEN'S mllha gHES-on ge nintufir.
un ltlit asnea a' o1Ix prf st i,
he a showmadg a itio othe pr A e
air of hiy don' wear-o1.25. Mer&cn's
enuinr Kangaroo A B11utchii4 e I.50.he
Htinl lCat wor t fl.0it b2;ort ight are
MIouns e's BuEMnday ghenui, Kninta
utit Blte, alsoi leer ather pa o.50.
)rO "alk hAdo t h tie est A $2
3ir if te doavt vear-enn- Men
Vesten Kilngraine Watber-Proof~
ithesl, worth.5 kind for $299. "ig '
)ualkn Abutte sho'o cano bet mad
3.60 and $4.'l
LADIES' SHOES-Comfort anti
tyle, cominied in every~ pauir. Ladies'
enume Dongoha Kid, patenit tips, solid
iather counters and insole, $1 the pair.
.0(dies' OGenuineS Vini Kid, easily worth
1 50 for $1.25. Old Ladies' 8hoos,
Ililted or felt tops, vici front, wool or'
eceo lined, solidi loather counters and~
isols, $1.25. Ladies' "every (lay
boo," Kangaroo, common senso0 or
ps, $1.25.
.othing mua bought early, before thimo
ig advance ini wool, so onr enatomers
til see no difft-rence in tile price. In (
aet, we have many things ch -apor th.:n a
tst year. Whlen you1 buy ia suit fromn (
s you have Ihe satisfaction of knowinig 3
nat ,ion have the very best that mlonoy g
an buy. -and, if anything turns ont t
rong we are to make it good. Our
lothling must give m:.tisfaotion ill wear
ad quality, or we can't hope to keep ~
our trade,. These figures will sorve to
ive you an idea~ of the general rtun of (a
ur prices: Men's W~initer Snits, lou
its, all colors, strongly made, w'eIt
nand finished: $5.00, $6.50, $7.50.
L.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15 00, $10.50 and
18.00. Our $18.00 suits are' what oth-)
a get 825;00 for. Thlat's straight.
Maxwell-Feagle-David Co.
Bead the roekis on 'the road to Greeu
lis aind oome to Tha Ontaot
'E goes right to the seat of the dis ase, sweeps
poisons out of the blood, oleans up all the plague
and sets all the organs to work again in
rely vegetable, non-alcoholic, it is yet the
cleansing medicines and at the same
liver tones up the siomach and builds
3m. RHEUMACIDE is the only remedy
tism to stay cured.
E has cured thousands of cases after all
nd famous doctors had failed. Austin
Va., spent $200 in medicines and hun
physicians' fees, and at last he was cured
ottles of Rheumacide. 0. Dietrich, of
et, Baltimore, says it has "made him a neW
ombes, 114 S. Gilmor street, Baltimore, says
od, took away her pains, and made her "feel
lilke a new woman." Your druggist sells
lied. and recommends Rheumacide.
CIDE Sample bottle and booklet free if you send five oents h'ata,1s-n
k 10long-alot
for postage to *"'"*h
healhj. catarba ,
Z Bobbitt Chemical Company, Proprietors, Batimore.
'agh 180 ' ' BloodPosn
M R. EDI'T'OR: Please Fay to your reidors and my friends that I am "still at the Old Stand," with a
Complote linte of Reliable goods which I have for their inspection and sale at very close figures. In
fact, at the prices which I am quoting I consider the goods are Rare Bargains. Tell theni that I
larry a little of "anything and everything," and ain selling at a close profit.
WEAR ond HEAVY KNIT S11IR.TS; also, a good line of OVERSHOES.
From now until Chriatinas we invite the ladies to call and we will mfake thom close prices on
Will make t he samo otTer as the above to the men folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hate, Underclothing,
I'runlks, Valises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicest line of these goodi we have ever carried.
Flour, salt and barbed wixre by the car load to go at prices that defy competition
A complete line of the good kind of furniture and nice matting, carpeting and rugs. Agent 1.
[ron King stoves and Chattanooga Plows-two very necessary things in every wbll regulatted tamnily airl
Ahe best of their kind on the market. Chinaware, Glassware, Agatoware, Tinware and other wiare that
years well.
A full line of Undortalhors' goods and a nice Hearse.
Your patronage solicited and you will be treated right. G uy M c Fa I I A
P. S.-All persons owing the estate of W. T. McFall will pleaso come forward and make settlenct
.s early as possible.
The new Laxative Cures
that does not gripe Stomach and Liver
or nauseate. e trouble and
Pleasant to take. i[aXa i1 y if i t S~yrup Chronic Constipati ~.
VMakes Kidnva and Biaddeoe Right
60 -YEARS'
Anyone .renlilng a skete a an d~1 lin noy
Pat c sit taken Lro 01 i ai f oreeiean
Bea. o . ae si oncu Y.r Bca r pa*en t * -
speca otice, w iloi 0 rgo, ii th Co eceive1 '~
$Cif~llt Thatcan. . ' -91
year; foar anonthbs, $1. Suhd byna nosiei dntors. . . .. . ,
nrnhoioIFs . Was.t .t n, . c
fling, Feeders, Condensers, Etc.
Coluanbia, . C.ln' u ct t' IaB'rt~t
THE ORIGINALC ~ '1tletxfaltesros pec.tecmlgesn
.AXA TIVE COUGH SYRUP tk-itatbotor ltreirmt llbeaewSt.rOv
ures all Coughs and T he Ro .w r oi oa enfravryfwmaan fyti in-ms
5s t s 1in e xpelling . soan the p1103o t oeal o ose nI u h iattFa!.t niu vrot
~olds from the . lonoy Bee
y emb y everyys ierR stdUpn
ently moving
ie bowels.
certain curre vknki jt iioadFtre hngn nt ts xeln
>r croup and ~teii
'hooping-cough, ~ ~ ~ e sterwmood . vihw s 0,w'la necn
~INEYTA mt rso
0 . Daewi'T & 00o, OHi0AGO, U.S6. A.GR NlLE S*C
It'slho ext fialkth seronsuegprach
J1t o er tikn fyurw nsfrte-oigsno ..

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