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Bald ? Scalp shiny and thin?
Then It's probably too .late.
You neglected dandruff. If
you had only taken our ad-.
vice, you would have cured
flair Vigor
the dandruff, saved your hair,
and added much to It. If
not entirely bald, now Is your
opportunity. .Improve it.
I i A y ers to i A or over 40
y yea r . 11 nw 11rw 9 lcnit 7bt'IIAll, lae is a RV Y
ro1tIs of r ide l aro t deair (lte, I think. oil
tirel, to AvoWs Mair viuor.'
M ts. At. A. lIturi . nol1lovIllo. Il.
"If.00 a btntie. J. 0. AVR~Iti CO.,
Good Hair
Nonresident Summons.
County of Pickens.
Court of Conmon Pleas.
Summons for Relief-Complaint not
Julius M, Bolding, W C Martin, W F
Tompkins, D. L. Thouipkina. and Calvin
Tomipkis-, Lala Holliday, Danie 'romp
kins, Vada Tompkins and 'Thalia Toimp
kins by their guardian ad litem W F
T,,'plins and Letha May Martin and
Octavia Martin by their guardian ad
liteni IV C Martin. Plaintiffs.
Nancy C. Wooten. Aurie Hudson, and
Perry A Bolding. Defendants.
To the Defendants above named.
Ion are hereby Summoned and re
quired to answer t he complaint in this
action which is filed in the office of
Clerk of Court, Pickens S. C and to s6rve
a copy of your answer to the said coi
plaint on the subsci iber at his office at
Pickens S. C. within twenty days after
the a8rvice hereof, excitisive of the day
of such service; and if you fail to answer
the complaint within the time aforesaid
the Plaintiff in this action will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in the
complaint. -
Dated 26th August A. D. 1905.
A. J. Bnwgs,
C. C. P.
V. E. Robinson
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To the absent defendant Aurie Hudson
Take notice that the summons in the
above stated caso of which the forgoing
is a copy. and the complaint. was filed
in the office of the Clerk of the Court. for
Pickens County, S. U. on the 26th day of
August 1905. C. E. Robinson,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Bears the Ihe Kind You have Mwa D!0Ugh
stossa the ooughb and heal, lunga
Nothing will oure indigestion that
doesn't digest the food, itself, and give
the stomach rest. You con't expect that
a weak stomach will regain its streugtb
awd get well when it is compelled to do
the full work that a found stomnch
ahoult do. Y-m wouldu't expemca a sick
horse to work every day of thme week.
Koedol Dyspepsia cure is a perfecot di
gestant and ,digests the foort regardless
of the conditions of your stomach.
Rllieven Indigration, Belching, Bonr
Stomach, and tall st('mach disorders.
Soldi by Pickens D)rug Co.
* D. you'-want tme to almost givemyou
a glind utoneo. A saucage mill for
50c. a shot gun, Womoe this week.
Shloes, oloth, and clothing a t east.
Xmes goodvhmere, T D. H-arri'.
.lohinson Street. WVest of Jail.
Notice to Decbtors and
All persons hohling claeims against the
estate oft Gideon Ellis dieceased are ro.
quested to pre'sent the sa me p~ropeorly at
tested to the undera-gned for payment
by the 1set day of February 1906. 'Those
indebted to said estate in nat imake #iay
mient to 0. A.Ellis,
Dc 20, 190513 A dministrator.
Annual Meeting.
Notice is herohly given thmat the annual
meeting of thw Beard of county commis
Ptonersq will bn held On the first Thmurs
day ifter the first Mfonday in Jaenuary
1906. All .per'ons holding claim
against the OQ.unty wIll present the anm
before the 1st day of Janary next or bi
barred- 0. E. Robinson.
14 - .Clerk.
Por Infants an4 ChIudient
lbs Kind You Have Atliajs Dough
Bears the
signature of
Oers Golds Proell1% Pmseog
The season of indigestion is upon us.
Kodol Dyspepsia cure for Indigestion
and Dyspepsia will do ev'eiything for the
stomach that an over-loaded or over
worked stomach can not do ' for itself..
Kodol Digests what you eat-gives., the
stomash a rest-relieves sour -stonaph,
helching, . heart-burn, in'digestion etc.
Sold by Pickens Drug qo.
The most pleasant; ifewt ind best
remedy to use for Cough sColds, Cro P,
Whooping Cough, ect.., is Kennedy's
Laxative Honey and Tar. Tbisrned
expels aill cold from the- systoin by. c?
ing as a cathartic on fhe- bowelq. Tolid
by J it~, lbr p -
'W experienced farmer
has learned that~some
grains require far differ.
ent soil Thn ptliers;
some crops need'differ-.
entha idling thapstliers.
He knlows tha* agteat
deal depends upon right.
planting at thed'i-ight
time, 'and that the soil
must- be kept eoriohed.
No use of conpi l~
in summep about g ~s.
take made i th srng.
Decide before the~ seed *
is plante4.
'WeObest time torteme
dy vyasting oiditions ~
the Wumani boy is
foed *he Vll is toode
rooted.. t the'fis
den~ of~ loss o fet':
should be t*1.t k ~ A
diat~ Thpr i
ing. a will '#
wasted t issU ,
quickly; or
flesh' more
than -Scotte -
It nourishes~and5
up the body whW
nary fodde~O1
- fail.
7.- f
allthosic k'
- ~1'-l" lo'.
Go W G ooper (get 114
Aifrc.e orffl lip& and4 LIpo i
to" 's
j j
~ ou
71' AZO
T -o Wis-o in *- l
claA dK 9 l va.
~' le*
t V.
i ~ N(
xf ?
'.4oi -
'6V. ,
_W .MpF
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1,W."t"14 :.4i
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