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1F1,?Ai4AT MO G
unl4ournal Oompan7
oN A.biuar. PAoMs
0. TiiOMPSON, EDioiT.
ptioni 81.00 Per Anuum.
Is ~ Advtertising Rntes Reasonabe
P'tokens Poutoinee au Scooti ~ss
Hall Matter
eday, Deccembe 27 1905.
-i cotton crop iW 0o*n6cl nexI
aore will ba :or rotlt in
tkiber futures thanin grow
n A !on.'
I - latora coulD Not 1l140 Her.
< kidey, trouble for years,"
w s rs, n%:ytnona canner of Shelton,
Onditheb doetera ould not help
S riedoley's- eidney cure, and the
N s 6it dose gave kne relief and I am
c T cannot say too much for
. Kidney oure." It miakes the
d.Jiuwq etd kidneys sound so they vill
e the poisons from the blood.
Lphey',do thi,, good health is
.e. Pickens Drug company,
I&IIijk Easley.
L will become of this country
'ere is no more stump light
ft? It will he a dreary place,
fly in the early morning when
.re fires to build.
* Torts have failed'to find a better
. . for coughes, colds end lung
bb .: thau'Foley's Honey and Tar.
the cough, heals the lungs and
r* ,. Fserious results from a cold.
N itterson, Nashua, Iown, writes:
inter I had a bad cold on my
; a aad'tried at least half a dozen
I e cough medicines and hand
'ut from two physiciaus without
.uy benefit. A friend recoim.
Foley's Honey Aed Tar and two
64 'a bottle cured me, I couside
6 sa test cough and lvng medicine
' orid."
h Drug Co. R. F. Smith, Easley.
o enMld ha onilented on every
..s ., -., .W .
-of Harper, Wash., "I had a
bIle, with chronic stomach and
uble, but at last I won. and
y diseiases, by the use of
Bitters. I unhesitatingly reo
- o them to all, and don't intend
;.ure to be without them in the
-'. i hey tire certAinly a woudorful
-,to have cured such a bad cast)
Sold, under guarantee to do
you, by Pickens: Drug Co.;
bottle. Try themn today.
land in Pickens county that
$25 to Mjfln.
..'gKy Knmme Ot'
weeks ago 4uring the 'severe
't'.chills and fever. We began
Jhamiberlain's Cough Rtemedy,
iesamiewith a dose of Chaml1ier
)mach and Liver Tablets, an d
liberal use soon com pletely
out the grip." These Tablets
nu a healthy action of the bowels,
id. kidneys which is alwvae
- 1 when the systa~
. . .Mm.ders no longer plant
.e v res of corn on a poor billside
V I * Imanure, but rather many
-plant the beat land they
corn and manure it well.
mer has learned that the
nom 1)u) op.(1~ trem~e of faddism'to another,
yhoI~u, if jhey would only est good food,
and koop their, bowels regular ' lth Dr.
Kh.e - ew Life Pills, their tronbles
wov ht alI pass away.-Prompt relief and
qnic k mimefor liver fand stomach tran'
blo. 'No 4io ikens Drug Co.; guaran.
~t Uj e.ean, wben Dearly all the
crope b ~e been converted into cash,
Sgreat fumber di people 'have some
aon~ b oyer' after payIng'All in.
4 ted r~.While he. majority act
wsely by deVfod n., ti% 133
de(c it .&w:.y in a. n'toci nr
I aJ' UL ddi.y it. 1f~g yi
oa fi . ~ olare eht you do frm(
e~d o ~habit o depesitindi
e~ n yoou
4 v~~~to ditei
~k~t Ilan
~~,As~tb ,o
~ f~b ?41eadj
r, tv 6, lip onq
t0nt to offerol
RAh Or" ood
0r it ha81,a seiere 4. a
ti lie tree years ago, u f her
ia tyrible cugh] IShtie tried a' bottlo
,i Foliy'n Honey and Tar and it gave
aniediato relief, A 50 cent bottle cured
ior'Odngh entirely." nefuso aubtitutes.
?ickenti Drug Co. R. F. Smith Easley.
18tuttr .l)one, of Misso-ar, intro
4'e a petition ye.terday that caled
for- JfOw worrIs of 'plnati'.i, says
610. "This is o.e Of. Iny constili
entt," said the Sen %tor. "I think biF
o0 shoutld be passied on favoraby
*ithout too closo scrutitny. Presi
dent Cloveland vet el many ipeci.a
Insious. But I do not think Pres
dent Ro.eevelt can consistontly veto
a bill to' give an incronso of ponmioln
to Philip Kornman of Willow spring-,
in my State. Ho is, as I said 89 yvare
oll. Nino years ago he marrio.I a
young woman, as muany old
peisioners d., for the sako of wifely
care and to bestew his pension1 rightts
sotowhoro after diatli he y ha.(
two lusty, bright boys."
Tortitre of is Pronchor.
The story of the torture of Rev. 0. D.
Moore, pastor oi tWe Baptist clinrch, of
Harpersville, N. Y., will iutorest you.
tie says: "I suffered 4goniea, beause
of a pursistentecongh, rePulling from the
grip. I had to sleep sitting up -in bed.
I tried many remedies, without roliof,
until I took Dr. King's Now Dinoovery
for consumption conghs and cold,
which entirely cured my cough, and
saved me from consumption." A grand
cure for diseasod conditious of Throat
and Lungs. At Picin Drug Co.;
price 50o and $1.00, guaranteed. Trial
bottle free.
By Will N. Harben
The-- -Author "A br
-n e r Dantog'
Se "The Lund 'o(
ubsttute .Su.. he
North Walk
Copyright, 1903, by IAR PEUI &. I l(Yt'iTIERS,
that the pore boy was bothered by jest
oe thought inI that awful moment, an'
that war that the woman he loved an'
wanted to care fer was to be left to
marry a worthless man. Ile begged
Mr. Ilillyer to ax 'or not to do it. Et
Georgo had 'a' died that ud 'a' been
bis message from the grave. I wonder
Lydia Cranston had risen to her feet
and stood bending toward tle imp.;
stoned speaker, her great, be.autifui
eyes (11tended.
"Did--did hie write that, mrs. Hlill
yer?" she cried. "Oh, did lie?"
"Not only that," replied Mrs. 11111
Per, "but he has laidl thar in my~ b"
"Tha haMW' but onn man that she ort
to mary."
sage, a line froin the woman he loved,
but not a thing come. I got to lookini'
fer it, too, for I 'lowed I'd made no
distako, in sizin' the -woman up, an'
t')ther day, Wvhen a big bunch o' roses
e)me.4'er, 'im with a~ pote, I actsualfly
en up to'hiJs room with 'em, I' was so
clad.. .I linowed *har they growed,
n', lke' a fool, I told 'liui they was
from the right source. tis pore, p~ale
face flushed all over. But* when lie
opened the' note It wad from some~body
else. - Is lip i.jest sagged' down an'
jerked as he tol' me 11 was :mlstaken .in
the pusson that had. sent then.. .My
Lord!i I. was hopin' .madl then I Say,
what are. you uns, anyway,' that you'
kin hold .yoreselves aloof froni sedir a
man at sech a time? Eveu e'f you did
intend- to balk'the marriage 'you could
'a' treated- '3m.- like as .human bein',
stricken in. upholdin'-his b~roo an' pro
tectin' the rights .o' other people."
"Mrs. Hiillyer"-Lydia drew herxielt
up to her full height, her startled eyes
Sdown on the caller-"do you
to -say that G~eorge Buckley has
id a letter from me since he was
(ertainly .do, Miss Lydia."
':ia, the girl, turned to Mrs. Cran
Me taking a step toward her In her
eagerness. "'Mother,".she said flercely,
"you took my letters awvay from Jane.
[ saw you tAlking to her."
"Why', daughter, I"
"Did you do it?' thie girl demanded
$8razply. "Did you ?" -
Mrs. Cranston hesitated and then
aid falteringly,- her eyes on the carpet:
TYou were so unduly wrought np and
sxetted by-by the report of tlIe'rshoot
ug thati really I-I"
"Mother," Lydia inte ppted her,
topl havo gone too far.'.Yotu had no
Ight under heaven 'to act audbhp 41d.
t W46 a, clime, -conipidering iibh con,
itiOD 'had-my feelings. -MV, ZHUfl
llhkilows sympin f 1r4up
0 #6 tline to experiment:'t ite
eft, I t'atter how higbh-1bey
'be keoiuenited. Thero is one
epdrnation th4 can alwayn bo.depended
tio. It has lieen in use for many years
1ud has-net r bqen kuowu to fail vis:
Oliaintorhuii, feough remedy. Ir. u.
F. 6Ifpton of Market, 'Texts, says of
% "x hlave , used Camberlain's cough
Remedy in severe cases of croup with
my chi dren, and can truthfully say it
ahways gives prompt reliqf." For sale by
Piokens Drug Co., T. N. Hunter
'Yes, she's thar,V lss Lydia."
"WAff'min going to explain to George.
and I'm going now," Lydia said. "lie
hiln't wait one minute longer to know
how I feel and how I've felt ill along.
Ycu have done everything on earth to
make me untrue to my better self,
mother, andi at last resorted to actual
dishonesty. I'll never marry the man
you want ie to-neverl" With that
the girl turned quickly from the room.
R1S. CRANSTON followed Lydia
into the sitting room, where
sh6 was putting on hor hat be
fore a mirror.
"You will not compromiso yourself
byegoing there, dearr' Mrs. Cranstori
said excitedly.
"You may call it that if you like," re
torted the girl, turning as she was
thrusthig a hatpin into place behind
her head. "I am going to explain why
he has not heard from tue."
"Ol, dauighter, don't, don't Think
of your family, of me, of your father."
"I'll think of you when I have more
time," replied the girl. "I'm going
straight to George Buckley now. Moth
or, I respect hii. I honor him more
than any man alive. I-love him. Yes.
-I love him with all my heart and soul,
and I'm Bimply furious at tile way -you
have treated us."
"You don't nean that you would
actually marry him, Lydia Cranstoul"
"Well, you just let him give me the
chance fand see if I won't. I'd rather
live on bread and water with him than
with the richest man the sun ever
shone on. There, are you satisfied?
You and father have been treating me
Mke a child, with no regard for my
feelings, but now that you have dared
to Interfere through me with George
Buckley's rights as an American citi
Ae, intercepting his letters when he
lay, at death's door, treating him as It
'he were a dog-woll, you have simply
forced me to do my duty."
"Lydia, daughter"- But the girl had
turn~ed into the hall and was walking
rapidly across the lawn toward the
She went- directly to Hillyer's house.
UertenS0 was in the yard gathering
flowers and groeted her with a Bur.
prised smile as she came toward her
agross the grass.
"Ilortense," said Lydia tensely, "I
want to see George. May I?"
"Why, yes, of course," said Iortense.
"I have just left hiim. I came after
these flowers for his room. slo right
tip; it's the first door on the left at
the head of the stairs. Oh, Lydia, I'm
so glad you came; it is very good of
you;,it.wilI make him so happy. Ever.
sinco he was h.urt he has"
Q', but-it wasn't my fault;
want to explain."
George's ,room was open.
urned from Lydia as she
em and he did not look
lunking it was Hortense
'urning with'the flowers. It was not
Ik1 she stood 'over him, her burning
glance of sympathy on him, that lhe
looked up; then be flushed and started
~to sit erect..
"Don't, don't, Georgel" she cried, and
she laid her hand softly -on his brow
and gently pushed, hinm back on his pil
"It's jin4d of, you to come," lhe said.
"I eally /was not-not expecting-that
"No; I know you were not looking for
me, George, and I wonder what you
have thought of me. I've come t -
plain and beg you to f
not quite -
.u another. It also
l'ro be continueiid.
The iKey thtat Unlocks Iho Door to Long
Tho men of eighty five and ninet
years of age are not the rotund well fed
but thin, spare mnein who live' on a
slender diet. Be as- oaroful as he will,
however, a man past middle age, will
ocnsji thy eat too muoh or of some
artiolo of food not suited to 'his
constitution, and wdll need a dose of
,Ohamber-laini's Stomach -and Liver
'abiots to cleanse and invigorate lblt
etom achlo and r'-gulate his liver and
bowels. When this is done there is no
t ason why the average manh should not
li'e to old ago. For sale by Piokene
Drug Co.
Brighter 0 acrwe .
Prospects a vile psr Aer
We h ave manyactual
hotographs of cotton
~oids on which no fortilizoirs wero
*used and .piotures of tholds en which
"other mankes" ~f fertilizers were
used. Ilesults of those crops were
dismia failures 'Ihero are much
"brighter prospeets" ahead for tho
* rgrossive farmers of the South.
wo ad~th sobales to the acre are
only ordina yilds whore.
Virginia-Carolina PerfIllizers
ar sdwith proper Oultivation
bik or eotton mature early nnd
thus kon o the boll woovilsad ether
damogn inpoets. You can easily do
this, a 1ol as increase the number
of olis(anad theirsizo) oyour plnts
by plentiful ty using Vigna-a..
lina Fortilizera. 'This methtod will
tromondlouns "Inorons o ur yields
Ing asubstItu to. oleItouy
Vit'gInla-Carolina Chemical Co.
l*hiknd Va,
D~urhmu, N.'0.
Charleston m C
Savannah ,a
ShrhevePOrt,LaA .
Is ' toloo old P Then kapyour gray hair. I not,
then 4 ;Redewer, an ve all the dark. riCh color
of ea ored to our hair.
A. K. Park's
We. have -a full - and corn
* plete stock of dry goods, un.
derwear, notions and shoes
and will sell them at the low
est price compatable with hon
est merchandise.
- Avoid the store with differ
ent prices for different people
-you may be the one to get
the highcr price. WE HAVE
ERYBODY-That price the
lowest. We give courteous
'and polite attention to. every
body. We want your trade
and if goods are not as repre
sented, your money refunded.
'A K Park,..
West End, Greenville.
For Christmas.
This year has been the best one so far, in the history,
of our business and we want to make this month the largest of
all the past ones.
We have filled our store with good staple merchandise
that you will need for Christmas, such as the very best flour
that can be found. You can't find cheap flour in our store.
GOLD MEDAL, $5-50.
Coffee, -Coffee,
Five Pound tins of Mocha and Java for one dollar, Lever
ings one pound packages for fifteen cents, Seven p~ounds bulk
coffee for one dollar.
Granulated Sugar ao
lbs for $1.00.
We always have on hand for Holiday trade plenty of
One-Price Cash Store.
We Hover Disappofit Our Patients,
We Fulfill Every Promiso and INever Held Out Falso Hopes.
WE 0UR m.' :umto. g:.with:ou1
eurd nverto etun.igo oltoutmecuy ore inra tmuiat u e ssofstnny
h1"e Dr. Kitng urda C o i n iisti ,ut org mane ne ,
Dervousandobronicase s. r. N. H. latfr en fdouoor
yhis intluo. iO ten ce o p nsuiit gpc at, being assist
orn i an the treat s~ct of chrnio diseases is unsurps
boty ei cal a ad a ocriu a e er o rc
modern Inevery respect, sai e po one u ither be
tad aoned physicn atndnotg. rgularly- qualified gradunates
a ~tonage-no O . a' or aa na~c4 k r literature aen od
to 1.00 per month. (eulcit a Io idd an w ieth masr
ance of a cure within a spooified tine.
s ueg y h s r I l a e a n a d d r ro t l , u Ish u m a es m
- - 't Noues ora al i n nt. tro ubles, ?atarr of the
.--.*NoOeULTATIO,aAnd LAngs ADisee f EB.en Eatm..
DR. KING MEBIGAL C0. E~" ..s Atlanta, Oa.
Nice Line of Fruits
And extracts to make fruit eakes for CJhristmas lare a rived -andth
pricos are reasonable.
I have some rare bargains to offer the trade .giurling
~'the Holidays.
In meni's and boy's hats, shoes, pants, underwear, overaliirtg,
lIoves,4ts. A nice line of fascelaators, union suits, calico, 'oorset,
)siery ets., for Iadieu and children. Don't forget to get assacle of {{j~
Irelia flour to make Chrijtanas cake., tho best in America. You an
nake a eticei cake without goo I flour. TVhe best is the chea est. Yo~t
or a merry Christmas.
. Jo. F. HARRIS, B lImen
A nice line opofercoats togo at a bargain.
This is the Suit that you should be the
most careful in selecting, as one lives in a
business suit six days out of sevei, and -
one expects naturally to be more atisfied
in picking out this class of apparel tha:va
more dressy suit.
Now we 4ave (iven Special
Attention to This Line,
And are ready to -please any one. To see
is to buy. Come in and be one
of the lucky ones.
L. Rothschild,
Sole Agent for Hawes Hats and Dutchess Trousers.
To the Trading Public.
You will find my stock of goods very complete this fall, consisting of
Dry Goods and Notions
of most all kinds. Great bargains in Clothing and Shoes, Boys' and
Youths' Suits, Men's Odd Coats and Pantp, Overcoats for Boys' and
Men, Ladies' Jackets arid Skirts. UkIn's non R--' T7.. I -
as chea.
Mrs. L. E. MANN., Six Mile, S. C.
A Woman's Hat
When a womaii goes
to buy a Hat she in
sists u1pon0 it )osessing
three things:
Call and let us show
you how well we can
llease you oi these
I11 S. 'Main St., Greenville, S. C.
N. D. -A LR, Photographer,
The kind that are made at the best studios of the larger c
The kind that will not fade. That are natural anid life
and finished on the latest and prettiest cards to be.
Nice line of mouldings and frames of any size made to ordor.
70 acres of land n ear Marietta, S. C.,
on Pumpkin town road. *10 p ir icore.
120 acres near Travelers Best,
joining lands of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part of the Butler
Watson old home. $15 per acro.
Also small tracts of land, 20 to 5~0 acres.
~Ve have also somle very deirable lots necar e y limits. These Iots are
along the car line-$60 each.
. Greenville, S., f
SPiekens Drug Co.

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