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The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signatnre of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervisiou since its bifancy.
Allow no one to deceivo yott .i2 this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are buti
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the helitli of
infants and Children-Experience against Experlment.
CGatoria is a liarmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare. -
gorie, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Reverishness. It cures Diarrma and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures -Vonstipation -
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears. the Signature of
The Kind You Have Alway Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Our stock of Dry Goods, Shoes and Carpets is now corn
piete. We want all of our friends and everybody in Pickens
County to call and see us. We guarantee you a square deal
the best goodg possible at the smallest living price. We nev
er say that we sell goods below cost, for that is impossible, but
we do say that we sell you goods as cheaply as any house can
and keep in -business.
A good Outing at 5c; a better at 6%4, 8 and oc.
Flanneletts for waists and dresses, very pretty at 1oc.
Ginghams for dresses and aprons at all prices.
Black and colored Dress Goods in endless variety.
36 inch Flannels, all wool bor Dress 39C.
All colors and Black 52 inch Broad Cloth at 75c and $1.
Mohairs in black and colors from 50c to goe and up.
Black and colored silks, anything you want.
Big line Ready-to-wear Skirts and. Cloaks recasonably
Blankets from 5oc to $1 o.oo, all reasonably priced.
Undervests and pants for the whole family.
Big line of Embroideries from 5c yard and better quali.
We make special prices for churches. We make any size
Window Shade you want.
When in Greenville, come to see us and wec'll take pleas
ure in showing you OUR STOCK wvhether you care to buy
or not.
Remember the Place.
"The Old Reliable"
Cor. Main & Coffee Sts.
Open Your Eyes and Read It.
The Dixie Bargainl H~ouse
-Is going to move after Christmas. This is the only one chance to gel
low prices before I move. If you want to bo satisfied with your purobases
oome bore right now, for you will save several dollars. A dollar Baved is
mighty easy done, but a dollar to make us pretty bard. Thel) Dixie Bargain~j
House baa three or four times as large stock oft jew and salable goods than
ever carried before of the beat goods made in the United States, and the
stock Vnust be sold1, cost or no cast, as I have to move, and I w.Il sell them
obeap rather than ship thenr and pay thbe freighjt. When von buy clothing
you don't want to buy a suit every wvcek. Every piece of goods I sel! is
gunganteed. If yoji are riot satiefied you get your money back. Come
aflund and see me boford you' gb somewhare cIse. H~ero you wvill see the
est Olog lng, Slgoes, lHats, Underwear, Gonts' Furnishings, Trunks, La
djes' Skirs, Children's Snits, etc., you over saw, and at the lowest prices
pou ever bought. Yours truly,'
3LQouis Copel
>* 0rorieor th~ Dixie Bargain House,
STTJ ov Omo, OrrY OF 'LonDo
CI~ OoTY, OY's.t~o
. . Moxixo COUNTY,8.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ho
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co. doing businenss in the City
of 'koledo, County i d btate :aforesaid
and that said firm will pay the sum o
and every cane of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Oure.
Sworn before me and subscribed in
my presence this the 6th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1886. A. W. GLEASON.
Hill's Catarib Cure is taken intermil.
ly, nud acts directly on the blood and
mucons nitfaces of the system. Send
for tu-timonzial free.
V. J. CII ENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
odld'by nIt Di uggists, 75o.
Tako 1lall's Family Pills for o-molipa.
A Uaquid cold cure and the only Conigh
S9 rp which moves the bowels-works
all citld ont of the ayalem-is Kennedy's
L ax've 1-.noy and Tar. Clears the
head and throat and makes weak luags
stroig. Best for Croup, Whoopieg
Congh, etc. Childrnc love it. Sold by
Pick-na Drug Co.
N9 Polson In Chaiberlain's Uugh
Ffon Napier New Zealand, Herald:
Two years ngo the Pharmacy Board of
So th Wnles, Australia, had an analysis
.nado of all the cough medicines sold in
that mnairket. Out of the entire list they
fonidd only 011o that thboy declared was
entiroy free from all poisons. This ex.
cept-ion was Chmberlain's Cough Rem
edy, mado by the Clitmberlain Medicine
Company of DesMoines, Iowa, U. S. A.
The abseice of all narcoties makes this
remedy the saft*st and hest that canl be
had; and it is with a feeling of security
that a mother can give it to her little
one(s. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
especially recmmtnet ded by its makers
for c-ughs, colds, eroip and whooping
cough. This remedy is for enao by
Pictiens Drug Co., T. N. Hunter, Lib
Pirating Foley's Honey and Tar.
Foley's & Co.. Chicago, originatei
Honey and Tar as1 a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great me
rit and popularity of Foley's Honey and
Tar many imitations are offered for the
gonnine. Those worthless imitations
have similar sounding names. Beware
of them. The genuine Foley's Honey
and Tar is in a yellow piekage. Ask for
it and refusa any substitute It is the
b)'st retpedy for coughs and colds.
Pickens Drug Co. Dr. I. F. Smith
Eisloy, S. 0.
Son Lost Mother.
"Consumption riin in our family,
and through it. I lost my mother," [email protected]
E. B. Reid of Harmony, Me. "For the
past five years, however, on the slightebt
sign of a Cough or Cold, I have taken
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump.
lion. which his saved me from merions
lung trouble." His nother's death was
a sad loss for Mr. Reid, but ho learnea
that lung trotle must niot be neglected
and how to cure it. Quickest relief and
einro for conghs aind colds. Price 50c
and $1.00. guaranteed at Pickens Drug
ITrial bottle froo.
Netence Has at Last Discovered a Real
(itre 'ol' Rhieinatisnt.
A fler yeaFr of xperlinent ai new Seontitle
a'eaaictly hass latceat fun nt that slot onlly roleecs.
lu, tiasoutely cutres Rlheumialsin antd kintdred
'liseasest to staty cured. iteusmnalisni ist eaiseal
bty ani excess of po4isonus~I nei'las in the blood.
'1'ho new d kaoverv ithuuacide,. though purely
vgltale., aatid netlnag th tougha naetures chiannels
tiataitIratlizes these acidls andt sweeps all poisons
aind haaraaiftil germs out of -the b~lood. AL tthe
sanate tlare it tottes5 up the stomach and regu
lattes the liver antd kidney,
Itieniacie therefore.-eures the disease per
naunetiy, becnase it removes the causse. It
has curedi huindreds of oases after the most no
toi dloctors andi hos pitalS have failed Riheuma
deita uredl .iamiesa Wilken ofr.li'.loni, S. (C., after
hie hai beent held in bad by rheumatism for
three years ani his feet were itrawut tal, ust to
his hack. 'lhis is only otte of many marvelous
cures thast Rhbenunaeido hats alreadly performed.
Itheumaniale is cur!:.g many etses of Rheumia
tisna, sciatica, lumbuigo, gout, kitliney trou ble.
indlitestioa sunticoaustilpation, righit in this cn
m11 anity todlay.
liecatuse it has cu redl o anuy others we be
lieve it. will cure yotn. All the. leadiing airuigglst
ithe county sell aid recommtnnd Itheautna
Every onne of food youl eat that fails
to dligest doea a pountd of harm. IL
turna thle tntire mcoit ito poison. Thais
not onily deprives the blood of the necs
eary tissue - building material, bus it
p~ioin it. Kodol Dyspepsia cure id a
pOerfect dIlgestalnt. Its digeats thme food
regardlesa of the condition of the
stomach. It allows that organ to rest
andl get stronig again. Relieves JRotoh
ing, Heart Burn, Sour Stomach, Indigos.
tion. P lpitati on of the Heart, < o. Sold
by Pickeusa Drug Co.
13ut few people are entirely free from
imaligestioni at this season of the year.
Komdoi Dyspopsia Cure is not only the
beat remedy to use because it digc-ta
what you ciat but because it also enables
the to digestivye apparatus assimilate,
and1( tranaformt all foods to tissuoe buildl
inig bloodl. Kodol releives a o u1 r
stomach, heart burn, belching, and all
forms of indigestion. Sold by Pickens
Drug Co.
Thousands flave Kidney .wgouble
anud Don't Know it.
How To Flud Out.
Fill a bottle or common glas.s with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
Ssediment or. set
-tling indicates an
4unhme:dthy condi
0tion of the kid
neys; if tt stains
yot~r linen it is
'evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
- pass it or pain in
convincing proof that the kidneysc a bad
der are outofrd.
ere ra Comfort in the knowledge so
Rot, th ore kheum red full evyery
back, kildneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the-uritrary passage. it corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain In passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wino or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
Inecessity of being compelled to go often
during thme day,. and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and tihe extra
ordinary effegt 'of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cutres of the most distressing cases.
If you need a me'dicine y'ou should have the
best.' Sold by drtiggist In 500. and $1. sizes.
You mAy have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovcry2''
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by mall.
Address Dr. Kilmer & fome of swanap.nioo.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men.
lion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but rememberI
the .name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address,Bigat,
N. Y.. on every bottle,.
TJhe Exact Thing Required for Const],
ph 45, .
"As a certian pnrgative nd stomach
purifior Chamborbin's Stinc an Itd
Liver Tablete seemn to be the ox. ot thling
required, strong enough for the mot
rol~ust, yet mild enouigh an.l Hafo for
children and without entt. lterrib'o gt ipmng
Ro common to most ptirgitt:ves," a y-A R.
S. Webster &s Uu , U-lorat, Onttin,
Canada. For sales by Picekens Drug Co.
Do not be deceived by Counterfeits
wYhen you buy Witch Htz,--l Stelvo. Th'le
name of E. 0. De-witt andl Co. is on
every box of th.- genuino. Piles4 in
thieir worst form wi'l moon paqss away if
you will apply De% tV's Witch 11itze
Salve night and morining. Res-t. for!
Cuits 13urns, Moile; Tetter, Ec.ema, etc.
8oid by Pickens D)rug Co.
4.. is qdis Om 'x:a. ..
Bears the The Kind You lla':0 Always BOUgh4
SlgihLvraFet miin
Yo cmntccmpis veymuhi
you lie siaciea onfe u
youreyesareheav andsliht eerto
pleExat Thakg ROre isor effec ie
phrifpirlshamoriary catharica. Re-d
r.q F.cd stro E noasleyth st
r C:A.t yeild e'n'Ou'l. n. A,fo
eailrn the Ihotin ou tclave waysBugh
8. gnatur &C 'o~c ua n
naeof E C eitadC.1 N
t iirnoe foreenvooille. a i
Th sryon pl L~t ivsittlou prices
ande ourns metods of doing, busine, th.
ingy lther Ta Knd YaUs he Alwasut is,
wolareishowing a line o foo tier
Yarof wintcoissl oy u pesina
ynour ives. Aive ne fbo dulthe
an our eyeatherv and thlight oexwero
exiauits tou.el it. Lxaie r
qyultp smlte s ther wiver apr oasa
shod manke mou fae thigh pr ctiAe.
Oarif Lte drit wearp.25. Mn'ts
gnuineoie ngar is ldbes an1.50.
tai ake.wrt O2.50 at mo2; wfeie3
Ourl"alk A tontSo-"'obs -
Wtern p OlGrarinedy catrtiP.re
fSe sutthe. kenDrg.o. "Kin
Q.u.alit-n b~setrsoy an6.ae
3.0 and S4
styecomind no everyzl pit r.wLd.Oes'
eather countr tond ino, 1 the paior.
Taien OIne OiUTKdeasloTh
You50 foradi.25 OldLaie' Whon
ileee lieaolid y ileatert cour andce
hOu." Kaaoe . ci eaomn sreys oitdy
i. etesadlss OLOHIG EPRTENT-uris
lotr hingwmnboght liearoy botefr ~or th
pbiro advach in woolda onor ntoersna
willisee no delit..nointepio.-I
la yENar. Whe yIou buyc ae nite frsm
8130 you hae the atafacion ofCC knowing
cairu-d if thy(twarything Murn's.
wrong wie uar oc maka~ i good .5Our
yous trigo Thes figu es wirl servet
Sgie youlfn ideal of.5 th eat -n wofu
oupds Me's inter Suts, Knato~
rc) t ho, all rs lirody lead, $1.50
Oer getal Ab.0 or. ha's"- triht. $
Mo alfweleage-Dvid Co.e~i'~mi~
117-119n N.lMain t. Orevi!!-'o.C.
Rhead the rf~oc oerea $Ito Grien
loaterotr ani insolet$1The Outiet
Uj' c. ~'DON'T CURE
- Rheumatismn Is an internal dis
case and requires an internal remedy.
IUIEUMACIDE "Gets at the Joint& from
the Inside," and that is the reason it Cures
M- , all other remedies have failed. Rheunicido
r'weeps ali ho isonous gerns and ZIcids out of the, blood
Vo"eY Well A! Over." Those pains are danger signaiks, warning you of a disease that
renten the enairc systen. Hleadaches., Pains$ Bad Taste in the Mouth, that "No-Account"
ai incdica : t~t you need
I yi.cy. Ita., .Ju!/1. 1,(5. Cured CO-y'tar-old *- 'a Wolborn. of I1gi,1 Point, N. c., after she
,bbit C. ltmur... hl. aad siffered . vars, otired Iav. J. IR. Wheeler. (0 YoaN o . aol leading
,car hirs: I v. .:00 up Ind novenm)r with Mcthodlst minictar,-ef ;Aterstown Md. Gured Johtn R Wid, of 3nti
.auitllaism in mr% t.'*i ang! akill!e. but a fter takin Moe, after Johns H opIns Hosptal had complately fallet'. (ti-i James
ir bottlestI imuaan- I h.e not beenbothere Wilkcs, of Dillon, S. C., citcr he had been In bed t re ; ured Jes
10o. I tried ev1ry ol o'd (f lintiment and was were drawn up ai aInst ifll back. Better get a bottle fror, your Drusgiat
teir two doctors, avnd all I tried lid the same re- at once. Sample bottle and booklet FREE If You send i cents for pouage.
it. until I r t i Khm aiaitle. Nov-, I am nieased to
t. 'I 11tbeesit'Naine o aest BOBBITT CHEMICAL CO., Proprietors, BALTIMORE,
tdcic for lK ciI o51 Sii tbir a st .
-(Irybody thaI 1 recommended it to has had the
me resu ts. Yoiorq ver. truiy,
onc l here's Danger ir Deay.
R. EDITOR: Please say to your readers and my frionds that I ani "still at the Old Stand," with a
Complete lite of Reliable goods which I have for their inspection and sale at Very close figures. In
fact, at the prices which I am quoting I c-)nsider the goods aro Rtro Bargains. Toll thom that I
carry a little of "anything and everything," and am solling at a close profit.
From now until Chiistmas we invite the ladies to call and we will make them close prices on
Will make the same offer as the above to the men folks on Clothing, Shces, Hats, Underclothing,
Trtinks, Valises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicest line of theso goods we Lave Pver carried.
Flour, salt and harbed wiro by the car load to go at prices that defy compotition
A coml)plete ino of the good kind of furniture and nico matting, carpeting and rngs. Agont I
Iron King stoves and Chaltanooga Plows-two very necosary things in every will regulated kamily an]1
the boat of their kind on the market. Chinaware, Glassware, Agateware, Tinware and other ware that
wears well.
A full lne of Undertakers' goods and a nice Hearse. QI ri I
Your patronage solicitedl and you will be treated right. jL
.P. S.-~AlI persons owing the estate of W. T. Mc~all will pleaso come forwvald and~ make settlemett
as early as possible.
The new Laxative Cures
that does not gripe Stomach and Liver
or nauseate. .a ' r i. trouble and
Pleasant to talte. XatlVe ff tSy H Chronic Constipation.
~akes flidnIava and adder Right "C D ELS
CoPrIGmowS &c. ~
n i'otn citimgnloe, mm d ecrIto n n
1i0 I,:i 'y 1 i u in . ojimio 601 fe wet lir tsI
ti tn ei r i ly"iiuei l ii rND I 0m atenta ~,
Special notice, wli hout chargo, in theoI.
$Cit.ifC .:::.:an
MUNN & CO3a1roadway, 1tPjYk
ent an co . Ilt F It., wVnmnut on 1).C.
cIns FJers codesrsdEc
Th.al~lt's our ft xl. It'a always our text.
It's thlextallhefrmn we preamich.
Jnst iow we're thinking or jour wants for the coming season.
a~ taik it that dbout youar first requirement will be a new Snit or Over
S tom ach c at-- perhaps botb. We hgope so.
No appetite, loss of strength, nervotis- N~ v'aegigt a ~ o eyfwmn(lf~o ortm-ut
ness, headacho, Constipation,babrth
nrldebIlity, sour risings, and catarrh ho
of the stomach are all due to indigestion, ~ .f. , ~~
Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov. . ~ e V~
Bry represents the natural juices of diges-. 'i i e hs xeln
lnas they exist in a healthy stomach, v ki ~S' rdFbi a oeit
c6mbined with the greatest known tonlo
and reconstructive propertie's. Kodol Dys- 11'30r.b
pepaia Cure does not only cure indigestion
and dyspepsia, but thIs famous remedy Ifonf!Vusteewmmts rwhcIVakyow'ltoceon
cures all stomach troubles by' cleansing, ~y'utii ehv lte ot rl~ilga~it t~ nteetr
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach. 111Ayul r idap'c i fedyu u et(iClrt ~ilb 1
,Mr. S. S. nlall, of Ravenswood, W, Va., says--h aetxtCoh
I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty yea'rs.
o bcbur'ed me and we are now usIng it in milk
Kodol. Digests What You Etat.
Blottles only. $1 .00 SIze hoildin i the'trIal
Prepared by B. 0. DeWITT & OO., OHIOAQO.
Every n-PiwkkisDrugn-o. RENVyLE n Fari haCooinotee.xeln

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