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no***~va Bentne1.Joural Copa x
TuouPsox & Buear. Paors.
Habto ription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rastes R1asonable
The Local Nowspaper.
It is to the interest of every
town to support a good newspaper,
asys the Atlanta Constitution, not
through local pride alone, but foi
.ractical business reasons. A
aewspapper is constantly doing tat
timoes as much for its own town a
it could hope to get pay for-mor
than it could charge for if it would
The more prosperous a newspa
per is the more it is liable to dc
Show us a good weekly paper fullo
live local ads, with a general cit
culation throughout the country
and we will show you an uostc
date prosperous progressive com
Show us a community that pst
sistently proceds on tha idea tha
the editor of the home paper ca
live on the "pil' that accumulate
in the office, whose official bodie
think it a waste of public mone:
to throw him a bit of public print
ing occasionally at living prices
whose citizens have come to re
gard it as one of their inalienabli
rights to work him for long-wind,
ed obituary notices and in memori,
ams with three inches of hymt
book poetry st the end, to sal
nothing about an occasional notic(
of a lost cow or some cottonseed
sale, and we will show a communi,
ty that is living from hand t(
mouth, and is always living on th4
rugged edge of adversity. Peoph
ought to stop to think about thee<
things, It is an inmportant matter
It is their own good that is involv,
ed, the welfare and progress of
their community, therefore of
A local paper is absolutely nec
essary to any community. No
merchant, no grand jury, no town
council that spends' every year
all it can afford with the home pa
per, whether the expenditure is
absolutely necessary or not, makes
a wiser, more profitable invest.
ment. They are not "giving" the
home paper something. On the
contrary, it is earning every cent
it gets, and more, providing it is i
paper worth picking up in th,
And if it isn't that sort of a pa
per it is usually the fault of th<
towm in which it is published..
Press and Printer.
All efforts have failed to find a bette1
.emeody for coughs,. cold. and lung
troubles than Foley's Honey and Tar.
It stops the cough, heals the lungs and
p revrets ,serious results from a cold.
JN. Patterson, Nashua, Iowa writes
"Last winter I had a bad cold on mj
lungs and tried at least half a dozer
advertised cough medicines and had
treati ent from two physicians withoul
get'tin any benefit. A friend recom.
mende Foley's Honey a d Tar and two
thirds of a bottle cured me, I conside
It the greatest cough and lvng medicine
in the world."
Pickens Drug Co. B. F. Smith, Easley.
The Manufacturers' Record fends
that Southern farnt lands have ad.
tance4 in value about one billion--ton
hundreil million--dollar. in the last
. couple of years, We do uot doubt it
in' the least, but The Record did not
secure en approximation of its figure.
tromn the tax returns.-Oolumbl.
Torture ofs a Peache..
The story of the torture of Re,.O0. D.
Toore, pastor of the. Baptist church, of
Harpesille, N. '1., will Inferest you.
I1 uy*I suffered agonies, because
. oE ~4w~tent-cough,~ resulting fro~m the
, $ toasleep eittig up in bed.
t444 m'ayremedies, writhont relief,
~ 11 ~D-. IKing's liew- Discovery
~oslption oouglie and olds,
n osl ure4 my cough, and
4~ a~fomn oonsuzuptign.' A grand
o seased toenpitions. of Throat
~ . At rl~ns Wrng Go
~d $ 4 Ituateed. Triaf
betoedifficult are
tQ optureibh Southern
than V rganise
Winterweather a g A
oonroted re niob "
dieveloped' Jlnothe 'ror"At -.n4,714 do
gtippe with HIits niiserable p. le
says Mr. . leton G1
Landing ie"s 4410* 01to en
sbhings tnius sorei hed top up, kii
eyes and 108 rninng, with alternate
spells of chills and fever. We began
usigg'- Uhamberlain's Congh Remedy,
aillog the same with a dose of Chamber
lain's tomach and Liver Tablets, and St
4 its liberni 'Ise soon coimplotely
ktiocked out the' grip." hese Tablots
promote a healthy not.ion of the bowels, si
-r uid 41 'Iry whil: is alwaya y
1reaed S
- .5417 b, '"
- C likely
-t g for U1
aR thtis
id it it,
likely that tnc appa1uicmso i..-ease i)
the dog population is ottributable to
the activity of the school pe'ople in
se ing that the dogs get on tax books.
The coputy with th. biggest dog
population is Orangeb'urg with4,464.
Strange to say the inmallest dog
population is that of Charleston,
altbongh embracing the largest city
in the State, it has only 454 canineq.
The returne show that Obarleston
has as many pianoa as it has dogs,
f although a caller at the comptroller
general's office recently said that lie
had counted over 40 homoe o: on t
street in Charleston from which he
heard the piano strains of "Blue
Belle" alone. A Charlesion man says
that this man has seriously strained I
his veracity.-The State.
1 Doctora coulD Not Help Iler.
"I had kidney trouble for years,"
writes Mrs. Ralymond Oonuer of Shelton,
Wash., "and the docters could not holp 4
r me. I tried Foley's eidney cure, and the
very first dose gave me relief and I am
Snow cured. I cannot say too much for
Foley's Kidney cure." It makea the
diseased kidneys sound so they will
eliminate the poisons from the bloud.
Unles they do) thi,, good health is
impossible. Pickens Drug company,
R. F. Smilb Easley.
Dragging to Death.
A miserable invalid suffering from
disordered female functions, monthly
pains,. nervousness, falling feelings,
dizziness, indigestion, biliousness,
constipation, etc., will find relief in
Wine of Caudui and Thedford's
Black-Draught, twopf the most valu.
able, reliable, edientific, curative
medicines known for the treatment of
sick women. They are sold at all1
drug stores, and should be in cycry
home. Try thoem. .
Bears a The kiad You liave Alas Bought~
A Canadian teacher fell heir last
year to an English estate of ?20,000,.
says the Philadelphia Ledger. In
the lawyer's office the clerks made
bets as to how she would take it. h
One thought she would scream, two i
were of the opinion that she would
burst into tears, t,,wo others favored
hysterics. Her reply to the mnessen- Cl
ger was disconcerting: "I shall
finish my monthly report, hear these a
spelling errors, whip two boys and 1
be at your oftice in forty minutes." f
"For seven years," WVrites (Geo. W~ t
Hoffman, o1 Harper, Wash., "I had a r
bitter battle, with ohronio stomach and
liver trouble, but at last I won, and a
cured my diseases, by the use of
Electrio Bitters. I unhesitaitingly ro e
ommend them to all, nnd don't mntend
in the future to be without them in the r
house. They are certainly a wonderfu ii
medicine, to have cured such a bad case
as mine." Sold, under guarantee to do
same for you, by Pickens Drug Co.; I:
at 50o. a bottl-. Try them today. r
Zachery-Ashmore. t
On the 27th uIt., a mxarriage occur. r
red at Central in which a good many o
of our reader. felt an interest, that of v
Miss Spille. Zachery, of Rosman, N. '
0., and 3, II. Ashmnore, of Pickena. i
Mr. Ashmore is to be congratulated n
on winning so charming a bride and a
helpmate. "Rufe," as he is familiar. J
ly calledl . y all who know him, is a a
steady, thorough-going yo0ung man, ti
at present engaged in the employ of g,
"Uncle Sw," and he and bride will e,
reside in fickens. For the bresent d
they are [t home to their friends at o
the resi4g ce of W. fl. Ashmnore.
Inspi in g of this marriage the :
Sylvan Valley (N. C.) News of the ~
28th ult., says: "A weodding which
will interest mnany of our readers was t
announced to occur at Centrat,'8. 0., tI
on the 27th inst.. Miss Salie Zache- hi
ry of the Rosman section was the M
bride, and 3. Rt. Ashmore of PIakens, W
8. C., was the groom. The brid1e is 9
well known to nearly all our renders,
and only good wishes for' her future
happiness- will follow her. The
groom, we are informed, belongs to
one of the most respected and~ well-to
do familhes of Pickens count:/. At
present he is carrying a Rt. F. D.
oute out from Pickens. The News
elahtu them avery hanninessan ifen,"
Act -directly on the 1 ver.
They ire .c6nSt1Patlbn
e sP i 1 s lbilousness, sick-headache.
Sold for 00 years,
Want yournmoustache or beard B DYE
9 beautifu brown r rich black? Use Yn r
Business Suits!
This is the Suit that you should be the
most careful in selecting, as one lives in a
business suit six days out of seven, and
one expects naturally to be more satisfied
in picking' out this class of apparel-than a
more drcs..y suit.
Now we Have Given Special
Attention to This Line,
And are ready to please any one. To see
is to buy. Come in and be one
of the lucky ones.
L. Rothschild,
Solo Agent for HaWes Hats and Dutchess Trousers.
A Woman's Hat
When a woman goes
to buy a Hat she in
sists. upon it posessiig
three things:
Call and let us show
you how well we canl
llease you on these
111 S. Main St., Greenville, S. C. Millinery,
May the happiest day of your pastb e the saddest clay of
your future.
As you keep climbing the hills of prosperity May you
never meet a friend comin'g down.
One-Price Cash Store.
Come unto us ali ye that have been labouring under the
credit buying system and have been laden down with high
prices and we will yorwaidbano Craig Bros, cash
bargain pillow.1yorwaidbin0
Notice to Pensioners cA r'Ow...
I Wil . Bears outIoo vi o, the A The Kind You flaye Always Boughl
day in January 1P0G, fcur the purpoJse .igur -
of *mking ont alpplientionsR for old Ta
now getting pensions and wiah to ap /
ply for pension./
All now drawing will continue to //
receive their penslions withont fur- Arkansas and SouthWesy
ther application-. onewa ticketse at halr fare 1.11s se. /
Jan , 196 J B.,ewbey. ound ti ip tickets at 1ess thani one-way,
Jar~ ~ 190 en B. C o m bconr . ~ fare. From Memhia18via Cotton Helt Route 4
Jan.. 2and 16.
DerMh 1eKn7Y1 ae l Fe b 6 and 20
I~I~t~fl /Stop-ovors both ways and 21 dlays return,
imiiit on round trip tickets. writo for map
-- - - f_______________~ older, and pick your date and say we
ndt wihere you want to go and we will give4
Notice ol' Escheat4. ~ yu ruiinrmrauin by return mani.
Lands of Calvin M. Smith, deceased.
An Ingnest of escheatedI lands of Cal. s ,. P. suri'ir, T. P. A /
vin M. Smith, late of Pickenus coun1ty, ~jcoiton nett noumtc,
deconaed, having been madeb at 'the ~ 23EJmtc)O
Spring termi of 1905, of thee Court of 201 itPle nndn
Common Plecas for said county, aid cr- A TiANTA, oA.
tifiedi to me b~y the presiding judge, and /
afi(1iqi est having been1 returnedl to me) M A * \ N ' \ \ \ ~
by 113 m'~3ator, notice is hereby given -i ~i~~
to the heirs at lawv of the said Caelvin M. ~ q~
Smith, or others claiming under 1him), to
appear and make claim to said eseheated,
Baid Calvin M. Smith dned October
16, 1901, and was tihe person last seized spersede~imo Tab0 1001
of said lands, which are described as Eacetwiveaug. do loo
follows: No ead no t TTOn oi
All that piece, parcel or tract of land Noe Mixe Not sA IO od iNed
lying an~d beiua sitnate in the couniy of~ :0pi1:0aa1 ~kt.a Mpxn M:ixed
Pickena state of South (oarolina i'i ,as-4 jm1(:6 m ,-ienr 2:45pm 6:26 pm a
tatoe township on east side of Big Eas.~6 i 305 I Iaro 2 : 3 p" (11 Pn
tatoe oreek, comprising three hundred ii: to .mI 12 n *^'iall's 2:25pm 1:0 Io
fnd.wenty-five (325 acres mor or l 5 pmt Ii:i an, ar 1ansAlin '~ 2oinn 0:00 pm
joitng lands of I ester Stewvart an *Flag stations;pm .0m
lands formerly owned by David Parker All trains daily ex cepI sfliay
and others and knownt as the Alpha lIar.. N'o ii ith~ southern Italiway No as
ton home place. No. 12coneth itli orni Rlailway No' 12
Oct4m6 A. J. noG.s i I conn.cts was lro~ue"n'tay 44
(Ilerk of ('onrt for ickens con'v. Fo an infonnaionapy uteMp
I.0F.1 Breele, woodwerkmian, in tbe
binore building, is propred to
Dd or make ovr.your ,Vebiele and,
a generrl line of tepat:work.. Saw
.ting and sharpening a e'peoialty.
ve me a call when in need of gen:
d repair work. Prepared to do all
ids of pipe cutting and fit ting. tf
arttling Example showinfg the bhan
gern of 111m Calling.
Of all causes of boiler deterloraUon.
ys H-. P. Watson in the Engineering
agazIno. Iy far the mout numerous
*e thJo ariring fioi the presence of
aile and its twinl sister, incrustation:
tit broken bracco can give an engl
Der a very baid quarter of an hour. A
cantwr plying on the groat lakes
any years ago carried very high
team for those days-fifty -pounds per
Ejiare inch on a very large and light
tell. The engineer on wattcll was down
i tho flire roAm loollng around When a
mid bang entuo from one of the boil
rs. Instantly divining the cause, ht
.oked questioningly at the head watch
ender, who replied, "De jabers, I hope
hat ain't next door ne!ghbor to the
ine that let go on the other watch."
That startled the engineer, for he bad
lot been told of the other broken brace
le at once stopped the blowers, open
dl the doors, sit the stop valve bo
ween boilers and put on the feed
xumps as rapidly as they could go so
is to reduce pressure. The deck do
)artllent was notifned that it would be
accessary to stop, and they hauled to
>ne side of the chanel and waited for
tho coning up of another boat In thc
3ame line passe4 a few miles back.
the paisuengers (there were 1,000 on
board) nad malls wero transferred, and1
the boat returned with the Injured
boiler out of business.
Upon examination the next day I1
was found that three braces had giver
way at or near one another, two let
Ling go Rimultaneously apparently, an(
that the precautions taken against a
lisanter (which would have been terri
blo if it had occurred) were none to
zoon. This was merely an episode with
n the everyday duty of an enginee:
mnd carries its own warning.
But Ile Wouldnt TeiL
Gayboi-I had the bulliest chece t(
clas another fellow's girl in the darl
be other night. What would.you hav<
tone under the circumstances?
Rounder-1 would have kissed her
lure. What did you do?
.Gaybol--Well, I won't say what I
lid, but I'm glad you approve my
ourso of aetion.-Judgo.
The Verdtet,
"Did the jury find the prisonei
Fuilty?" inqutred a man concerning n
"No, sir," responded the policeman
'They didn't find him at all. flo gol
What makes life dreary is the wan
)f a motive -George Eliot.
Libery Locals.
Now as 1905 has passed to th<
reat beyond, it is but meet an<
'roper that we start out by turn
og a new leaf and pressing for
,ard for better things, striving t<
irn our past experience, whethei
ttended with success or failure, t<.
Lir good and head our first page
>r 1906 with some grand and no
e resolutionsand strive to Jive up
There were many strange faces
Liberty for thehohidays.
S. D. Stewart ad wife spent the
ollidays with their sons in .Atlan.
Jeff Richardson of Texas, and
.ury Mauldin of Lavonia, Ga.,
uine over tor the holidays.
Walter McAllister aged about 21
nd a son of Jas. McAllister of
iberty, died at the home of his
Ither on the 25th uit., after a vis
lent and brief attack of kidney
-oublo. His rmains were laid to
3st the day following his death
the Liberty burying ground.
The town of Liberty wvas shock
d about 10 a. in. Friday by the
rioet diabolical outrage ever comn
iitted in our town it being the
ret Case of the kind, A burly
runto in human form, a negro
amed George Copoland, en tered
bie home of Tr. T1. James one-half
railo Cast of town and in a fewv feet
f the Raney road and aasaultod
,ithi intent to rape Mirs. James,
ho was alone at thme time and be
g in feeble health she wias no
tatc~h for her assailanit who beat'
ud smothered he'r cons(ierably,
ust at that time a wagon crossed
small bridge near the Ih'use and
ie n~egro- escaped. A pos was
>onJ formed and the~ country Scour.
:I catching the negro at IIon.
ricks' store about :12 miles nor b
rjhere,beforo nuight and turnjing him
ver to Policeman Abercrombie.
[e was brought before Mrs. James
ho identified him at once, The
licers thinking it a wise course
take all precaution nee.-ssary for
me safety of the pirisoneor slipped
m1 off quietly to Pickens jail.
r. .Jamues is a white man who
[th~ his wife cameo here from
Jnhnsan Streef. West of Jail.t
Endorsed by leading physicians as the BEST remedy for
Children s Croup and Whooping Cgugh because
it contains NO OPIATES. The action of Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup is mild and benign, it is adapted to infants, as well
asadults of every variety of temperament and constitution.
Read This Remarliable Testimonial.
MRS. B. W. EVANS, ClearWater, Kas., writes:--"My husband
was sick for three months and the doctors told me he had quick con
sumption. We procured a bottle of Ballard's Horohound Syrup, and
It' cured him. He is now a well man, but we always koep a bottle
In the house, and think it has no equal for pulmonary diseases."
Easy to Take; Sure to Cure; Every Bottle Guaranteed.
THRZI SIZE S: 25c, s0o. $1.00.
P cICEE..'lT&J D.-L7.TGr C c>.
To the Trading Public.
You will find my stdck of goods very complete this fall, consisting
Dry Goods and Notions
of most all kinds. Great bargains in Clothing and Shoes, Boys, a
Youths' Suits, Men's Odd Coats and Pants, Overcoats for Boys' a
Men, Ladies' ackets and Skirts, Men's and Boys' Knit Overshirts a
Underwear. Give me a call and be convinced that you can buy got
as cheap here as anywhere.
Mrs. L. E. MANN, Six Mile., S, (
I have a good line of
Among them are tho recominenialo old style Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, which. I am selling at special bargains.
Ard a toew line of SILVERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATChIES. A nice lne of Spectaclos; I guarantee
glasses to fit ey. All kinds of' I pair work in the jewlry line.
HI. SNIDER, - - Easley, S.~ C.
Nice Line of Fruits
And extracts to make fruit oak's for Christmna ""-.- .
prices are leasonable.
I have some rar. .
In men's and bo'
gloves, eta. A nico Ii
hosiery ete., for ladies
drella flour to make thrinrmas cakes, the be'st in A mi rca. You can
make a niice cake without goo I flour. The best is the choa ,ost. Youx
for a nierry Christmas.
J. F. H ARRIS, By hmsef.
A nice line of ove-rcoats to go at a bargain.
Notice the Insurance Features
of the Liberty Bank
Burglar Insurance Caishier Under Bond
Fire Insurance Depositors' Insurance
If a burglar blows the safe, and flre distroys the buildIng, and the cashier
skips out with what he can get-notice the result:
'IPhe B~urglar Insurance Co. reinlces what the burglar got; the Firo Insurance
Tio. pays I or d.he biuilding andI Iixtur( s; the' P'ond Co. rep ace's what t he cashier
uok;te buri t rs(iath e t IFiund p.n s the dep)ositors--atul the bank wvould
Tour deposit is insured in the Liberty 13a:.k and it costs you nothing. A
yord to the wise is sufficient. Respectfully,
I!. C. SIllRLTEY, Cashier.
r( acres of land near Marietta, S. C.,
onl Putnpkontown road. $10 per acre.
20 acres near Travelers IRest,
joining~ lands of Mr'. Tho Cunningham. Part of the Butler
Watson old lOhmo. .$l5 p~er acro.
s~o small tracts of land, 20 to 50 acres.
'o have also seme very desirable lots'near e' y limi's. TRese l( tu are
ale(ng the Car line-$60 each.
Greenville. %. t.

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