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Enered April 2, 190 at pick , S. 0. as 8"d Glss matter.under set of Congress of ManUA 3, 19.
Losing your hair? Coming
out by the combful? And
doing nothing? No sense in
that! I i'y don't you use
Ayer's Hair Vigor and
/ Iair Vigor
promptly stop the falling?
Your hair will begin to grow,
too, and all dandruff will dis
appear. Could you reason
ably expect anything better?
"A I a Ilalr Vigor Is a groat succeiis withs
no fy l~siiir was fisilig out very badly, it
tie I gii 'jor sitoijip It miist How liy isaair Is
0100 a bottle. ,,. V.ATIItC.
VThin Hair
NOlIresidellt Summons,
County of Paickens.
CourL of Ounmon Ple.ii.
Sunmuons for Relief-Complaint not
Julius .I. Baiding. W 0 Martin, W F
Tompkins, D. L. Thoupkins. and Calvin
Tompkii.s. Lala Holliday, Danie Torip
kins, VadaT iompkins and hmlia Toni
kins by their guardian ad litem W F
Tueipkins And Letha May Martin and
Octavia Martin by their guardian ad
litem IV C Martin. Plaintiffs,
Nancy C. Wooten. Aurie Hudson, and
Perry A Bolding. Defendants.
To the Defendants above named.
You are hereby Summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this
action which is fih-d --n the olice of
Clerk of Court, Pickens S. C and to serve
a copy of your answer to the said com
Plaint on the subscriber at his office at
ickens S. C. within twenty days after
the service hereof, exclusive of the day
of such service; and if you fail to answer
the complaint within the time aforesaid
the Plaintiff in this action will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in the
Dated 26th August A. D. 1905.
A. J. Boggs,
C. 0. P.
C. E. Robinson
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To the absent defendant Aurie Hudson
Take notice that the summons In the
above stated case of which the forgoing
is a copy, and the complaint, was flied
in the offlce of the Clerk of the Court for
Pickens County, 8. U. on the 26th day of
August 1905. C. E. Robinson,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
D. you wnut me to alorroSt giveoi
a grind stono3O. A Fa Icage1 mill for
50c. a shot gun, (Oome tis watk.
Shoes, oloth, and ckthing at cout.
Xmea goodi here, T D. Harris.
Notice .to Debtors and
All persontiA holding cliims against the
etate (if Gideon 1Dis deceased are re
que.ted to present the a .me properly at
tetod to thil unidorsigned for payment
by the lt day of February 1906. Those
indebtedi to~ siid estate must make pay
ment to 0. A.Ilia,
Dec 20,. 1905t3 Adlmmistator.
IWe will appIy to J. B. N.-whery, Pro-.
bate Judge of Pickoins county for a final
settlement of the cat-ite of 0. W. Earie,
dteeaseil, on the 16th day of Jannu:iy,
1906 And ask to be dismissed as excu
t.,rs. (C. Fa Robinson,
Dec. 8, 190514 Julius E. Bogge,
An Incident of the Great Muslelan'.
Childhood D)ays.
A child's obstInney does not always
bring as fortunate results as was the
case with Ihnndel, the great musicIan.
Ills extraordinary resoluteness as a
boy (doubtless led to that great success
which crowned the later years of his
life. When lhe was some seven years
of age huis father bmd occasion to visit
a son by a former wife, who was valet
to the D)uke of Saxe Weissenfels.
Traveling in thoso days-200 years ago
-was tedious and expensive, and Dr.
Handel (lid not desire to be delayed
with the cnre of an "Infant" (during a
journey which the demands of a re
sponsible profession would probably
tunke as short s p)osiblo.
But the future giant of music would
go. Hie cried, bellowed and eventually
ran along the road after the vehicle,
until the tender feellngs of the doctor
coul refuse no longer. In an evil mo
ment for his jurisprudence scheme he
took the child with himii.
No sooner did the little fellow reach
the ducal residence than ho gave rein
to his fancy on the keys of every i
strument that he found open. The re
markable music that came from the
finger tips of the child's hands was
soon the object of wonder and conver
ation throughout the palace, and all
this was intensified when he secured
ani opportunity of touclaing the keys of
the chancel organ within the hearing
of the duke.
Sgha throb started from that chatp
elognwhen littl Handel's tendriled
fingers ehose the keys, and the boul of
thie duke was touched ats it never had
been touched before-truiy a momen.
touls occurrence, since but for it ian
del's sacred music might neover have
been wvritton.
The dluke's attention having been ar
rested, ho inquired of Pr. Handel con,
cerning the child's future, and eventti
ally succeeded in lacing him for three
years' study undet* Enchau, tho organi.
lst of IHalle cathedral. This wvas the be
ginning of Handol's musical edUcasit
Wi experienced farmer
has learned that some
grains require far differ
ent soil than others ;
some crops need differ
enthandling than others.
He knows that a great
deal depends upon right
planting at the right
time, and that the soil
must be kept enriched.
No use of complaining
in summer about a mis
take made in the spring.
Decide before the seed
is planted.
'U2e best time to reme
dy wasting conditions in
the human body is be
fore the evil is too deep
rooted. At the first evi
dence of loss of -flesh
Scott's Emulsion
should be taken imme
diately. There is noth
ing that will r ep ai r
wasted t isas ue more
quickly or replace lost
flesh more abundantly
than Scott's Emulsion.
It nourishes and builds
up the body when ordi
nary f ood a absolutely
We'wIX send you a sanmple fye.
pictureu I theatr
of a label is en the
botteo Emulsio
you buy.
* 409 Pearl Street
Rough sksin and cracked hands are' no
only cured by DeWitt's Witch H~azol
Salve, but an ocoasioal appliention will
keep the 4kin soft and smooth. Best
for Eezepus, cuts. Burns, Boils, etc.
The 'getajnoe DoeVitt's Witch Hazel
Salve affoids immediate relief in all
forms ,of MInd, Bleeding, Itching and
Protruding P11es. Sold by Pickena
Drug co.
All of
their I
just ei
one of
Now It Came to Be Burled In West.
minster Abboy.
A remarkable story regarding thx
heart of Louis XIV. and how it ctamE
to be buried in Westmiustor abbey was
told In London Truth by Henry La
bouchere, who said the story wts told
to him by the late Colonel iarcouri
and was confirmed by his brother, the
late Sir William Harcourt. AL Har
court who lived during the first F'renchI
revolution had many connections ini
F~rance and Invited many of the emi
gres to visit him. Among them was the
canon of St. Denis. On leaving the
canon expressed his thanks for the
kindly hospitality of his host and pro
duced from his pockot something that
looked like a piece of dried leather an
inch or so long, which he preiMented toJ
himi. "I was," be said, "in the cathm
dra1 when the royal tombs were brokeni
open and the contents scattered to the
winds. This heart is that of Louis
XIV. It was kept in a separato recep
tacle, and I managed to get away with
it." The heart thus came into the poe
session of the Harcourt family and
was occasionally produced for the in
spection of visitors as a euriosity. Trhe
lato Dr. Buckland, dean of Westmin
ster, was on a visIt when It was
brought out for his inspection. Hie was
then very old and had somne reputation
as a man of science, and tho scientifie
spirit moved him to wet his finger and
rub) it on the heart. IHe put the finger
to his mouth after that, andI beforo ho
could be stopped lhe put the heart into
his mouth and swallowed it, whether
by acckbent or design wIll never be
known. Very shortly afterward he died
and was buried in Westminster abbey.
It is impossible ho could ever have di
gested the thing. Conseqjuontly the
heart of Louis XIV. must now be re
posing in Westminster abbey hnclosed
in the body .of an 10nglish dean.
. Rejected.
"No, Mr. Penwiggle," said the fair
girl to the literary youth who had pro.
posed, "I cannot accept you, but that
does not imply"
"I know what you would say," Ife in
terrupted bitterly. "A rejection does
not imply any lack of merit, but a
number of kercumstances render an ar
tIcle unsuitable. It's the old story."
Washington Star.
Ihelp on Both Sides.
Uncle Archibald-It must tIre you,
Bertha, to talk to your old deaf uncle.
Bertha-Oh, just a trifle, dear Uncle
Archie. Uncle Archibald-Well-don't
say half so muchi, but say it louder.
Brooklyn ife.
If you dontt learn to ha,. befor
you give, you'll never have anaything
jworth whle to .-"Gu'mption
our friends and customei
iberal patronage for the
osed. We trust it has
pleasure and of gain t
Wishing you a prosperou
we are
Yours Very Truly,
otice to Debtors and Greditors. Biliousness, Sick
All persons having claims against the Cures
estat oThomas Griffin, deceased. are Headache, Sour Stom
requested to present the samfe propurlyILie
Atleted to th Undrigned -fr payment ach, Torpid Liver and
by the let (lay of Jan. 1906.~'is hoi osiain
debted to said estate must make pay
me1t to 9. . . Richardson, Pleasant to talIe L4
Nov. 22 1905 W W. T. Griffin.
Erecutors Pieken
Christmas Holiday Rates
Southern Railway.
On account of the Christmas Holidays the Southern Railway will
soll tickets from all points east of the Mississippi and south of. the
Ohio rivers and to St. Loiuis, Mo.,.and to intermediate point.s at a
rato of one and one third first clams fare for the round trip (Minimum
rate. 50e. ) plus 25c. 'rickets to be sold December 22-31 and January
1, 1906, with a final limit of Jan 4, 1906.
Tickets for teachers and students of schools and colleges wilt be
sold December 17-24, with final limit of Jan. 8, 1906, Upon presenita,
tiona and surrender of certificateosignied by Principals, Superintendents
and Presidents of the various institutions of learning.
Fo'r further information, apply to any Southern Railway agent, or
Div, Pa.. Amt. Assistant Gen. Pas. AgS.
Charleston, S. C. Atlanita, Ga.
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
rs for
0 yo
- New
Cleanses the systern
thoroughly and clears
sallow complekions cc
xative Fruit Syru pimples and blotches.
It is guaranteed
Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smith, Ealey.
I. D. Moore SeIls 'em Cheap,
I bought a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
the same way, call and see me for most anything you want I
have a few dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
Cahicoes and Outings at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to go
cheap, in fact everything cheap.
Remember the old meat market and bring me some
Pork and all the Raw Hides green or dry that you can get
because I am selling goods. I don't forget my meat mar et
so call and get yonr meat or anything else you want.
The Old Meat Market.
Of Stylish Quality
Beoing well dressed Isn't a
question of spending a lot of mon
ey it's a question of going to the
right store. Mont auny store has
fairly good suits n far as thread
and cloth are concerned-gettm -
dis tinotive syle anid a real fit is
another matter*
But tha.t's what you get her
at a price you can easily afford. In
fsact you ean't afford not to wear
the kind of clothes we sell. The
mere rime in your ownm estimation
(and other's) that our SUHLOSS
clothee give you--that prosperous
well-groomed look-is the biggest :
kind of a cash asset to any man.
The picture shows one80OULOMS
style. Many others coating from
$l0. to $25.
Our new ste.ek of Winter
O5a.oate just ..

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