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similatinheheKind Yd~egHaa
ling the Stomachs nd Bowels of~ Bar h
uness and Rlest.Containis neither
OplumMor'pine nior}ineral. o
A~~~~t peLec ReeyfrCN
AFasime sd ntur or
Worinsor Infantsiand.Children
ness fThs Kond YouSHave
Facsimie SSignatureo
O c y , ShoeInfrs and Cve i r
Th irty Ye ars
piete. We want all of our friends and everybody in Pickens
County to call and see us. We guarantee you a square deal
the best goods possible at the smallest living price. Ve nev
er say that we sell goods below cost, for that is imnpossible,bu
we do say that we sell you good as cheaply as any house can
A good Outing at sc: a hwer -. 'A ', 8 and Ioc.
- very p)retty at roc.
at all prices.
endless variety.
30 nmch iannels, all wool r Dress 39c.
All colors and Black 52 inch Broad Cloth at 75c and $1.
Mohairs in black and colors from 50c to 90c and up.
Black and colored silks, anything you want.
Big line Ready-to-wear Skirts and Cloaks resonably
Blankets -from Soc to $ro.oo, all reasonably priced.
Undlervests and panits for the whole family.
.Big line of Embroideries from 5c yard and better quali
We make special prices for churches. We make any size
Window Shade you want.
When -in Greenville, come to see. us and we'll take pleas
uire in showing you OUR STOCK whether you care to buy
or not.
Remember the Place.
Aper c"Th Olded Reliable"S P
lon, e r D8p oint Or Patients,
7FiI .Ivs ro m e. Qdver jioid Out False s.
. . at Lnaoss oion ofraobr bOver
trand and tena a tnd nts ,la d o t
b ad ao iminse p ysela . an lVOjjl being incare g auts
* o " * elg
- nrereg in thed e s i e d)snd g ofmhouaxaa.
mil 4Iema. J
A AV "YRK Thirt YE8~- .reargs
Ourstoc of Dry otdie and Car. Dsets iof e o Ic
*ite Wewutrl o ee our frendse w and everbod I IVin- ulaice
Cont o al ndse Ls.W guarnte ayou al Oade
the bcs goods possible at the mdcaltlvn protaie. Wen
Nn aed b el tad as u is i p en
nd s esd weosiclano being p chearge s ane toousrPti.
I . -buisiunaess.j itrtue r l
Et WaVA 3uilt by1 Oliver Evans, Who
C6uldn't Lny Up, Moner.
The real inventor of the locomotive
never realized a cent frome his Invon
H1s name was Oliver Iirans. le wils
bornr In Delaware in 170) and spent all
his life Perfecting inventions which
were destined to bring lin1 nothing but
more poverty. le was the original in
ventor or they high pressure eng'no used
fin locomotives, the only kind that could
be employed to advantago in this form
of transporltfoil, but realized nothing
Unr his idea.
11. lI)A!Cpietion of the notion to both
land and water power was somewhat
Inl 1-1l tie unilepality of Philadel
1.l: essd for bids for the dredglng of
the river ard the cleaning of the (locks.
Nyalns3 put ini a bid lower than any of
lis competitors and wien it was ac
p ied mlet-erprlmwd to buiki a steam
Joat to d tile work.
ie fitted out a scow with a steam
angine, building both the engine and
the --ow in his own workshop.
\ sen the boat was ready to be
launched Evains determined to give the
PCOplIe of 'lhiladlp1ihla an object lesson
in mreclanics, so he put the boat on
wheels, litted up a push wheel behind,
set his engine to work and propelled
the boat through the streets to the riv
er in tihe midst of an open mouthed
throng. not a few of whom bad a dim
Idea that he ought to be arrested for
When the boat reached the bank of
the river, the wheels and axles were,
takei off, the cra ft was launched, fitted
out with other wheels anid illade to do
the wVork of dredging tire harbor.
So far as the invention of muechani
eIl (evi(ces wvent Evais had a splendid
genius-, blit when dollars and eents
came10 up for consideration lie was a
mere child, and even allowed himself
to lie cheated out of tile m1one0Y that
was due him for cleaning tire Philadel
phia harbor with his new fangled
The extreme cold of the past winter
-a temperature of 20 below zero
which hit a large belt of the peach
growing territory in Missouri, Kansas
and Oklahoma has probably finished up
the peach crop for this seson, if it hAq
not destroyed the trees root and
branch. Where one has a Peach orchard
so lilt a careful examination should be
made of each tree to see if the injury
extends to the trunk and root system.
If it does the tree may as well be sent
to the brush pile, but if the injury is
simply confined to the last season's
growth of wood and the fruit buds the
tree may be saved by a vigorous prun
ing, cutting all of the injured wood in
May, when a new growth will be
thrown out and the tree become all
right in two or three years.
The Fish Net.
A curious custom was at one time in
vogue at Gloucester, Mass., which il
lustrates the sacredness wileh seems
to surround a fish let and the protec
tion which the law affords that class of
property. Whenever it became neces
sary to quarantine a house because .of
smallpox or other contagious disease
tile quarantine was efl'ected by string
1ng nets arbout tile building on the out
side. The penalty for disturbing a net
was so great that no one dared to med
dIe with tihe barrier.
A Human Compass.
Little Jack--What did papa mean by
saying thlat he was the captain of this
ship ? Ma--Oh, that is only his way of
saying that lhe Ia the head of the house.
Little Jnck-If pa is captain, then wnat
are you? Mat-Well, I suppose I ami
the pilot. Little Jack-Oh, yes, and
then I must be the compass. Ma-The
comlpass? Why the compass? Little
Jack--Wiry, tire captain and pilot are
always boxing the compass, you know!
The mtter Truth.
"After all, I guess it doesn't cost
much to live in New York."
"It may riot cost muchr to live," re
plied the man who had tried it, "but it
costs a lot to make .lpeople believe
you're living."-Philadelphia Ledger.
U~nseen Chnnees
Be not too presunmptuously sure in
anry business, for things of this world
depend on such a train of unseen
chances that if it were In man's hands
to set the tables still he would not be
certain to win tihe game.-HIerbert.
Cause For Suspieton.
Wiggs--Why do you always regarrd
him with suspicion? Wagg-Well, ev
ery time I see him he has a different
umbrella.-Philadehphia Record.
Over-Work Weakens
Your -Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidineys Make .Inptire Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
.The kidne'ys are your
.blood purlilera, they fill
-. Itor out the Waste or
- impurities in the blood.
If they are sic!: cr out a'
of order, they fail to do g
theilr work.
* ~--matism como from ex
cess of uric acid in the
detouble, blood, duo to noglected
Ki ney trouble causes quick or unsteady
neart beats, and makes one feel as though
hey had heart trouble, because the heart is
>vor-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries. '
Ii used to be conaidered that only urin'ary
troulies werg to be traced to the kidneye.
but now moderm) scleppe proves that nearly
all conutitutional diseases hAV9 tilsly begin- 4'
rnin in kidney troubio. - --
li y.aou are sick you can make no0 mistake '
by first doctoring yourn kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of D~r. Kilryer's v
Swamp.Rloot,. the great kidney remedy 1s .a
5oon realized. 'it standsr t)e highest for, its
wonderful vures of the m~ost distressing cases
and is sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dclohlar qilz
cli Youl rnay ian~ a
sample bottle .by. ii ,saef 8wii,.Ro,
free, also pamphliet telling you how to find
out iou tinte kny or' bladder trouble,
&nio thi paper whorl writing Dr, Kigeyoj
.Don't makeS ny mistake, but remember
t h e n a m S a ~ k e , p r m r
The. GreatBloodI
arisin fr al 01
E'Adulti.oneito two teaspoonti
sfite e s a a att
. .PAL T M O R i g t I
'he Exact ' hing I et di for Consti.
" As a oerian put' :V rivand stomnagh
purifier Chamberlain ,' mahoultioll and
Liver Tablets'seem to bo (h-t ex ot thing
required, strong enotui.4t for the most
roleust, yet mild enangh andl safe for
children und without L;t. -ib'egi iig
so common to most pBay t.ves." says R.
8. Webster & Co., Udoralo, Ontaria,
Canada. -For rale by P.eLken DThug Co.
The condition of the hih .1wxvays leadaing
into all our country town4 ha3 much to
do with the trade of such towns, and
It is going. to have more to do with
them in the future as towns- here and
there take hold of the improvement of
their tributary highvays, Trade fol.
lows the flag, it is said. Trade also
travels over the good road. It looks
atrange- that a town which will easily
raise $500 for a Fourth of July celebra.
tion, the culniinat'ihn of which is noise,
drunks, powwow and headaches, done,
it is claimed, to hold trade, rarely ever
thinks of applying the mo'ney Instead to
the betterment of roads leading into
such town, When the money would go
five times ab far as a trade winner.,
Do not be deceived by counterfeits
when you buy Witch LHzd salve. The
name of E. C. Dewitt and O. is on
every box of th' genuine. Piles in
their worst form will soon :pass away if
yen will apply DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Solve night and miornitig. Best for
Cnts Burns, Boils Tetter', Eco'ema', etc.
doul by Piokens .Drug Co.
Your Trading Homne When
in Greenville.
The closer yen investigate our' prices
antd onr' methods of doiiog business, ,the
better our ohances to Pell yon.
Our shoe man has grown grey study
ing leathers and lasts. The result int,
ve are showving a line of footwear, every
)air of which is sold on onr perw'.nal
fuaranutee. A shto~lv ishoe his nto platce
>n our' shelves.- A ' ho eu t lbe bt ath er
mJ~ goodI leathier r ) ih a bi .ore we are
villinig to sell P'.
MEN'Bj SHIOl> -..\. ', adn first
iualy split, av n'-. ' v:' . , (ILf as a
uhte can1 he mdo~ et ' , , A myw
asir if they doi.'t e.; .': ... .. alrtt's
enuine Kangano 0 U.o (I {i: , $1. 50.
lenu's High ln: m K.umoo end
0n Buntchler, ai '(!: J0 leucbe, $1.50.
)nr' "Talk Abouti Nho :< '-- ihe best $'.
3ox Calf wve I-..v'eove' '.een. iAlen "
Vester'n Oil Cr~ .a WVate,-Pr'oof
Ihoe's, the $.50i h i o: M.009."'Kinug
2 nality"--no bwe 'ho c '(an I e~md
3.50 and1( $4.
LiAIE' SU 0 : -Comfort and(
enuine Dongola 1%K I,'.uttttips,. solid
sather cotunters anomaoni, $1 the-puir.
mniles' Genninue Vi,-i Kid, eaily doith
1 50 for' 81.25. Oil Laidio' $hoes,
tuilted or f-It top", vi'i front. wool or
ece Jlined~ s1lid le -hber' 0ouinted~ and
1801. 5, $1.25. Lrdles' ''every dlay ~
io(e," Kainguroo, common sense, or
pa, $1.25.'
othing mnan bought~ earely, beo the5
ig advanice ini wool, hi) 0oi) onsdmnors
ill see no diino r'u'co in the price. In C
tet., weI hove matny IhIinoe ohi.aper ttn a
tst year.. WhIeni you1 b'uy a anit fr'rm (
5 .y..u htave the sit' i.tionu of knowIing 6
nat, you have the. vor." he at that monnv
an buy-..anu, if e n. t hing turt'ns onti
rroug we are to mukf' It good. Oar
lothong must give .1 efactiont in sweatr '
tul i:'aity, or we ca't lope to keop
dur tre.o Th'e-o ilgoi es wiul serveo to
:i"e yo'an idea of the general fun:.of I'
ur p)rie:-M~eno'y i r.,pni1, a
ni's, alilcolore 's')giro 1ied&e1
ha aiid iunuti'eo *'0),.50, v*~&
8.50, 010.00, 0129 ,~i 15 ,41i00 An~
18.00. Our 18.0 suita are whlat oth.I
rge $2S 00 fr. .Th4t.'s straight.
.:Matell-Feagle-David So.
Bead $5'relse e'n the rsa &d~e'i.
'do ('id (Wi.5. to The Onl
Not the mere tentporary relief that the old "remedies" gave,
not the liite help that the doctor's prescriptions give;- but
Rheumacide does. Rheunatism is caused by an excess of
uric acid in the blood. It is an- internal disease and requires
a strong and vigorous internal remedy that will cleanse
the blood of all its germs and yet act through such nat
ural methods that it builds up the entire systemi.
~__-~_ CUCURED.
Different from any other remedy. The result of the
latest scientific discoveries. At the same time it cures
Rheumatism it sweeps out
DCseases CURED AFTER 16 YEARS. of the blood the germs of
the Blood. Baltimore, Dec.10oth.
For-16 years I have suffered terribly with all other blood diseases,
Rheumatism,'o was treated by leadingphyg and cures Indigestion, Con
IsI' itfofer being well agi.But baigo
Y, ii H utZ~oEwl dag nce u har stipation, Catarrh, Kidney
*dtime4. RHEUMACIDE,I decided to ve it a trial.
I have taken two bottles, and, tanks to this and Liver Troubles, La
wonderful medicine, I now feel that I have
gotten a "new lease on life." Every vestige Grippe and Contagious
of the disease has been driven from my system. Blood Poisons.
1301 James St., Baltimore. YOUR DRUGGIST SELLS IT.
x_____ Sample bottle and booklet FREE
*I you send live cents for Postage BOBBITT CHEMICAL CO.,Prop's,BALTIMORE,MD.
M R. EDITOR: Please say to your readers and my friends that I am "still at the Old Stand," with a
Complble line of Reliable goods which I have for their ii'poction and sale at very close figures. In
fact, at the prices which I am quoting I consider the goods are R:ire Bargains. Tel them that I
carry a little of "anything and everything," and ani selling at a close profit.
WEAR ond HEAVY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good line of OVERSHOES.
From now until Christmas we invite the ladies to Call and we will make them close prices on
Will make the same offer as the above to the min folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Underclothing,
T'runks, Valises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicest line of these goods we Lave aver carried.
Flour, salt and barbed wiri by the car load to go at prices that defy competition
A complete lino of the good kind of furniture and nice matting, carpating and rugs. Agent F'
Iron King stoves and Chattanooga Plows-two very necessary things in every well regulated family an1
the best of their kind on the market. Chinaware, Glassware, Agateware, 'Tinware and other wan that
wears well.
A full line of Undortakers' goods and a nice Hearse.
Your patronage solicited and you will be treated right.
P.Yo.-All persons Owing the estate of W. T. McFall will Guy M c a l
as early as possible.4
The new Laxative Cures
that does not gripe Stomach and Liver
or nauseate. Le e . trouble and
SPleasant to tale. LaaiVe rui Syrup Crnic Cotpain
Makes Kidunya andi Bladder Right . .
Anyone sending a sketch and desr tn mnayf
i ' ea t r t t a k n t i r(,u e c n i t s.
yenr: four :nonths, $. SIold by nl newsdlealers. l
INN &Co.=l's oa-arNa i
nonen~~- jml.,.,j.,war ,n n-c
SIMPLEST, .STItoNEST, BEST .~ 0~~~sE 94..~::
Sins, Peeders, Condensors, Etc.
Colui 'i nrbia, W tIw. s'C. txt
T HE oR IGINI.V I'IIie~( f ~ tn oc
A X A T IV E C O U G H S Y R U P W . k I l~ t a 'i ~ o ~ l n . r q i e e L ~ ll b i v e u t o v r
UresB all Coukhs and The R~4edo.. ww r on oa~ o ravr e mmit fve ii-i
aslats in expelling fomnIab lotlt
:olds from thcs 1oneyB* ~ ~ )bti ()f'8C)i 05' h letI ~thit1vn1Oarot
y ato m 'by bottle.
ently moving 'o riysE e etd p n
59 49W919,
>r rqup an4 -.-a~bt'
t,*andein ~ tttir
(EN NEDYS LxAT o.en~tof~dyu cti~Ldciat ilh
1. o. . rraENVILLinmo.S. eC.
ThAb Pccv ~ (. at' u et saw~ u et

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