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Lie11g8 of a LOcal id Persoal Nature
Mrs. E . B. Webb left Saturday
for Atlanta to Vilit her parents.
H. &. Heater now oceupies the
h.' vacated by Rev, D. W.
Our rollers have com9; hav n't
Noticed the good print we are
giving, . -
- M. seder and 0. L Cureton
'it the iri of thiseweek in Green.
;" on business.
Rev. J. B. Harris, of Wilmore,
visited hit, sister, Mrs. J. P. At
y last weelk.
11 i(ses Louise and Kate MoD m
- ie on a visit to relatives in I he
o' Gieenville.
-Mrs. S. E Yolpn)f., of Enuh-y,
.l the family of Rov J. P. Atta.
, in P ick s, ist wek.
-Wi-eVyman Ajoli, of Piedmont,
'it the holld."y-s with ,ii gran.1
or, J. MI. N--alcy, in Pickens.
-Mr. Gordon McIaddoln. of Rock
q. , was* on a Visit to ReV, J.
\ttaway, it) P"icken-, recentlv.
-Mrs. Isaac Grant, of Culutta
, in on a yisit to her pai-hts, Mr,
Mru. Allen Niauldin, of E81ey.
-Mrs. J. N. Raillum, of Pickens,
tut a portion of last week in Eas.
the guest of her mother, Mrs.
K. Boggs.
-J. F. Brook has taken charge of
Ashmore niood shop and is now
iared to do all kinds cf woodwork
general repairing.
-The Christmas tree at Twelve
ch arch on Christmas day was a
4ess, a large crowd being in at.
lance an-i an enjoiable time was
-H. M. Hester aid wife spent a
ion of last welc in Greenville,
rning homne Monday evening,
mpoaied by Miss Kate Griffin, a
r to Mrs. Hester
Married, on Sunday December
at the home of the officiatiig
ster Rev. W. C Seaborn Mr. .J
- 3 Watson to Miss Daley Boren,
i Pickens county.
Ben T. McDaniel, of Columbia,
1 the holidays with relatives and
*de in Pickens. He was accom.*
3d homne by his little sister, Fed
who will spend some time with
Married 'n the 27thi ult. by Rev.
*Murpbreo, A!ias (Corrie Little
f Walballa, to Mr. W. WV. Find
t tibe Keowee side. May peace
lappmness attend them as they
* v. D. Nniley, of Atlanta, spont
9 ~olidaiys with his brother, J. M.
y in Picken.. It has been thir
ears since they have seen euch
* an~d quite en enjoyable reunion
*)f was held by themn, at, which
* were thirty-five people, brother,
,children and grand-children of
4SIr. Monroe Lawvson, Piano Tun
* om Atlanta, Ga., will be in Piok
or a fewv dlya. He is wvell rec.
ended and has first class testi
als from professors and the best
le generally in the neighboring
a in thme four states that lhe tray
South Carolina, North Carolina,
:in and Alabarga. He is zna
an artist, proflient in his pro.
of 25 years' experience. Pia,
paired, rotoned, voiced, t~uned,
it in excellent condition. All
(hat may want their pi..nos
* ill please leave orders at Mr.
*cks' Boarding H-onse or ad.
Monroe Lawson,
* Jfor the Steinway and
- Pianos.
* . D. WV. Hliott, who has sierv
iskens Baptist Church accep
a well fcdr'the past two yearsY
*' ' pted callsito other churolhes it
* 'IAnderson county, andl( lef
Monday for Ails home at INas
* 4 *' is no Mranmger to his wvorl
* people where lie will residle
K ~ce, ho and his excellent fam
no introduction or comumen
our hands, lie is a saf
'A r. - , true chuistian, splendi.
noble man and feanrles
2 I ievil in all of its guises
n~d'' ye labors earnestly and un
for the upbuilding of th<
i~.~ rv' Kingdom. It Is to be hope<
F l Pickens church has not acte
n lot ting B3ro. 1l iott loaf
Mr. w A4t . DIY
Pe-ru-na Promj
Mr. Otto A. Yleisanor, A merican Hp
(Buffalo Billhp now chef at the Rainti
"I suffered with kidney and bla&
worth living. I had tried many
lio3f until I took Peruna. It was r
was after I had used this medicine a
would help me pernmnently, but as I
tinued to use it. At the end of six m
had rid my system of all poisons, and
certainly have a splendid medicine
Mlisr.toA linrA rca C
Catarrh of the Kidneys a Comoine
Disease-Kidney Trouble Often
Falls to Be Relgarded as
Catarrh by Physicians.
Catarrh of the kidneys Is very com
mon Indeed. It is a pity that this fact
In not better known to thle physicians as
as well as to te people.
Peopl have kidney disoae. They
take some diuretic, hoping to gt better.
They never once think of catarrh. Kid
noy disease and catarrh are seldom as
sociated In the minds of the people, and,
las, they ar not very ofen associated
in thle minds of the
PE-RU-NA CUR ES physicians. T o o
OATARRH or few PhXY sicians
THtE KIDNEYS. -recognize catarrh
of the kidneys. They doctor for some
thing else. They try .this remedy and
that remedy. The trouble may be ca
tarrh all the time. A few bottles of Pe
runa would cure them.
-Will Smith has moved Io the
Charlie Curetou farm where he will
reside the present year.
- Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Olliver and
children of Nahville, Tenn., spoet
the holidays with Mrs. J. L. Thorn
ley in Pickens.
S-TrRI J. W Irwti yAans
ters of aylr's rtatonizsen ctrhe
ohkideywit hey brother, or om
thatlemedy. Thcetoblsa.b s
t--Elljahe tiamAne bton of uie
Phaie Chapmn a, wher habee will
Mondether forestheareeyari
on aisttofed and r. e. ltives an
---ltder o NDecembe2, Te will spn
the ho tnnFidays of.JL Th
todi aiccodi.srng.
-Mnan. Jeed cortin and dagh
cbiayswih p r ters. M
Neickens iilPicllnCo
..ije Chrawn oh ofanoqgire
Peni awpaynh merchas bfGeen-i
Houtan for thetpcit thre yerisa
ongt adi the fiensruen reats won
by a coon man whorid ofeahe
Orndo p lat.on will plesberha
Ire thepian wsee 3co,548 and get
given to icenSturda MviCo
before upon smar purhe pao giv
en' awook~ sthorhe.ofGen
-Rev.' t B. p .ce kinson G as Obeen
folkss in that cuiy otte Onrsths
firsgt Sundayh intDecember whs per.
formed severald marrvh iges ar fohowe
CraSith to Pl. TR. uham; Mi
Iry. the hpyto a 34uple8 handeth
giento ishe on theiray frienis fo
bmuchhappnes andal prospert.
-Ro v. H . iC.ms Atkinn le's pbpe.
kept qant uy to-datymusingeler
fols who thae cobi stdying thiss
tert pr<ngres ihn Decther who pare
studySitngt unde a Dench. Mia
tyam Thersoapy couaraee h tho
besss ofgve themn toiyou fre
uon phaines a~ vioinegntar o
accodin to frhe mprice insstiomnt
John Hu. VilaM Willille'hs p larg
tr assrmndt ouatl merchladie
,ithit isam ionatoode fr athe holiday
traeh avefo bone week.i trom sys
te o tw inmnts, a rom 2ai0 bto-2
t er centgess than literic Tvhiar
hamflr -is onaly togurubscribhoe
lesn, Oanoud gicvos Temkingo reen
-uphe pbes of ah virkin, atit$r.or
adoln. Yondget.00 r 1 eek.oWrit
accomdinguto the woncdru ofetrmn
c sse no et of musical muies
tat caniIn tooratd fora Housa
Rn(latdfis OrPnen wilt sel oua
)tly Cured Him.
Mr, Ott A. Fleisner
Bainier Gvand Ilotel.
Beattle, Wnehlngton,
ieuroan, late Chef to Col. W. J. Ooady,
Grand HoteA Seattle, Wash., writes:
[er trouble until life did not seem
medicines, but did not get any re
eally wotderful how much better I
rly a week. I did not expect that it
ong as it was doing me good I con
ionths I found to my relief that it
that I was ourod to stay oured. You
and I gladly endorse it."-Otto A.
Peru-na Removes the Cause of the
Kidney Trouble.
Peruna strikes at the very centre of
the difficulty by eradicating the oatarrh
from the kidneys. Oatarrh is the cause
of kidney diffculty. Remove the cause
and you remove the effect. With un
erring accuracy Peruna goes right to
the spot. The kidneys are soon doing
their work with perfect regularity.
Thousands of Testimonials.
Thousands of testimonials from peo
ple who have had kidrn y diseaso which
had gone beyond th t control of the phy
sician are received by Dr. Hartman
every year, giving Poruna the whole
praise for marvelous cures.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartmam Sanitarium, Oolumbua,
All correspondeneo held strictly oon
-1905 had 53 Sundays. This
will not occur again for 110 years.
-The tickens 1ligh School (color.
ed) which is located near Secona
church opened last Monday.
--Wayne F. Mauldin who has
been with Fulger & Thornley can
now be found with the Pickena
Drug Co
-Mrs. T. J. Neely and a randson
of Brevard, N. C. is spending the
holidays with her daughter Mrs. W.
L. Boggs of Liberty.
-Don't fail to read the free music
offer oni last page made by John H.
Williams. It is a good chance to get
a musical edlucation free.
- Eddie Prince of Pickens, R, F.
D. 2, is just .back from a trip to
Greenville where lbe spent the holi
days pleasantly with friends and rela
-The next county meeting of the
Far.mer's Educational and Co opera.
tive Union will be beld with Ruho
mahtl Union on the second Saturday
in January at 10 a. m.
-Norman Rlaines, who has be,'n
in Danville, Va., fur the pasit nix
v'oors, is on a visit to hit rulat ivo
\Mr. and Mrs J. M. Nealey. flu will
probably again become a citizen of
our coLunty'.
--W. T. Bosse of the Newvs force
received a holiday gift Wednesday
morning that will be long reme~mber.
od, and will probably- keep him
awake nights for months to come.
It's ai boy.-Sylvan Valley News.
--Gabo Cotbran, formerly of this
county, but for many years a resident,
of Oconeo, returned home Sunday af
ter spending~ the holidays with his
old comradles in arms, Elias, Marion
and Reid Day and other friends in
and near E~asley.
-There are several visitors in and
around Pickens recently that we have
failed to note. Do not let falso pride
keep you from reporting your guests;
wo take ploteuro in noting the doings
and movements of our friends; no let
us know~ the visitors as they come
about you.
-The young people of Liberty at
tended an apron: party Chi istmnas at
th~fhome of WV. 11. Chapman. The
young men were appointed to do the
needllowork for wh:chm a prize was (of
fered. Eugeneo Brown was thoe win
nor of the firsit prize. Gitls here is
a pointet for you.
-.Marr ied at the residlonee of the
bride's parent Mr. and Mrs. Ben.
Cantroll, Mtias Nora Lynch to Mr.
Emory N. Jones, all of Pickoens coun
ty, M. I?. HIehr, Notary Pubhlic, offi.
clating. After the ceremonyv thono
-present were in ;ited into the dining
room whler a0f sunmtuous repant was
And a happy I
Many Friendly
We Thank 3
vors and Solici
4 of Same.
-Jo-hn Crnio, who ho been clerk
ng for R. R. Roark for quite a while
baS acc<-pted a position with Folger,
1lhornle:) & Co.
- -Lact Friday evening a mule be
onging to Paris Sizemore (col.) rafn
%way in Pickens and tore up the bug
'y considerably.
-Married on the 21st ult. at the
,esidenze of Israel Ferguson, father
>f the bride, his daughter, Hattie to
Paris Sizemore; all colured.
-Little Miss Dorthula, daughter
A Mr. and Mrs. Ross Moon returned
bomo Sunday from spending the hol.
days with her grandmother Mrs.
Joas in Greenville.
--See change in the ad of Folger
x Thornley. There has been a
tabage in the firm, and it is now
Ilger, Thoruley &. Co., and mor
Uapital will be invested and a larger
ttock will be carried. This feni is
.onposed of yottg and energetic
business men, who well know the
wants of the trading public and who
always do a good part by their cus.
-James B. Craig returned Tues
day from South Georgia, and has not
been seen -at the store since. His
brother, Samn, says ho came in home
the back way and will not seo comnpa.
ny; he says that be believes ,Jind went
off to get married to a girl who bad
never seen him, and when he got
there and she saw what kind of a
prizo she was drawing she asked
to be excusied.
-A. K. Park, Greenville's populai
dry goods mani, in renewing his con
tract for space in this paper for thb
year 10(, says he gets the best re
turns from his ad in this paper o
any that ho carries. Hie is a firm .be
liever in printer's ink and always hai
the goods that he advertises. You
can always rely on his goods and
what he or his excellent corps oi
salesmen toll you about them. When
in Greenville call on him and inspetl
his line.
-A pleasant family reunion waE
held at the home of E. B. Richard.
son near Liberty on Chistmas day.
Among those present were TL. J.
Richardson of Horry, Texas, this be
ing the first trip in 17 years; Mrs
McDaniel of Atlamnta; Mrs. L. L
[Tyde and youn~g son of Cincinati,
Ohio; Mrs. Hendricks of Liberty;
A N. and M. B. Richardson oj
Pendleton: Mrs. R. B. Fickling an d
young son or .Blackwell, and Mrs. H.
G Smith of Liberty.
-The Hobbs Henderson Co., of
Greenville, who have been large us.
oe of space in this paper the past
year have had an excellent trade and
have gotten results from the space
they carried with us. They ask us tC
Ihank all of their Pickens counity
friends and customers for their liber
al patronage for the year 1905 and
ask for a continuance during. the
present year. They wish for you all
a prosperous and happy year.
Watch for their ad later.
-Mr, Aaron Boggs killed two fine
Berkshire pigs 11 months old on
December 26 that nzetted him 800
p~ounds. Uncle Aaron invites his
old fri(ends down to help him cele
brate good old bygone (lays and cal
b~ack bates, spitrsribs sausage. (etc.
which aunt Elmyra kntows how t<
cook to the quo' ns8 taste. Unicle Aaror
is now 82 years of age and p..art a&
cricket. Aunt Elmyra is jovial an<
can re1t6arqe masy past events which
is a pl'eure to listen Lto after takinj
a square meal with them.
V~~A'W O~N~. sn outf Oeh
iew Year to our
ou for past Fa
t a Contiuance
Drug Co.
Croup. cougls, colds Whoop ing.
congh, Oct., havo no terrors for children
or adults who evacuate the bowels with
Kennedy's Lnxp.tiv* Honey and Tar.
This remedy expois all colds from the
systemaud strengthens tbo throat, lungs
and bronchial tube". Tho Original Lax
ativo cough Syrup and Liquid cold cure.
Sold by Pickens Drug oo.
Car load fresh lime. B. E. Grandy.
Car load of the best flour on the
market, "Obelisk" to go at close prices.
Come and get some. H. A. Richey.
A lot of things to close out cheap
at J. D. Mogro's.
Yes, I sold 'em. Now I want to
sell 4 more good mules and one wag
on. A. M. Morris.
Shoes cheap at J. 1), Moore's
Calicos and ontinge at 5o a yard at
J. D. Moore's.
-I have in my charge one brown
brre Dule that was found in our
field. The owner will please call at
once and pay damages and get his
propertj - H. F. Jon..,
Route 2, Centrail, 8. 0.
Try some more of J. ). Moore's
An Emergency Medicine.
For sprains, bruises, buruis. scalds and
similar injuries, there is nothing s.
good as Chamberlain's Paiu Balm. It
soothes the wound and not only gives
instanf relief from pain, but causes the
parts to heal in about one third the time
required by the usual treatmeut. Sold
by Pickens Drug Co.
-The following good friends to
this paper came in since our last re
port and moved the datn of their pa.
per' up a notob, for which they have
our thanks. May 1906 be a prosper
ous one with themn in all of their un
dhertakings. WV. C. Porter, Grif
in Bggs. J. L. Brown, .J. 1F
Cassell, R. B. Cochran, Elijah Chap.
man, C. M. Graveley, WV. B. Law
rence, S. P. Maw, J. MI. Edens, J. W.
IConnrelly, R. P. Prince, 0. B. WiI
i ams, A. M. N, Graveley, 0. Q Clar.
dy. W. 0. Gilstrap, J. F. Childs, M.
A. Brown, 3. F. Porter, John Hudg.
enie Smith,.
An ogreeable movement of the bowel
without any- lupleasant effect is pro
duced by Chambetlain's Storanch ani
Liver Tablets. For salo by Pickeni
Drug Co., T. N. Hunter Liberty.
Northa Pickens. Otlarge, J. P. A obaway,
Freagher ia Charge.
neogining with the first Sunday in January
lit Sunday ii an m Twelvo M ilo
"8:30 p mn Salem
al" i a m niethel
" 3:30 p-'m New h(ope .
3d " hla mn McKinneys Chapel
8 :30 p mn Friendship
4th " 11 a mn Gap Hill1
"8: 30 p mn lPairiew
3d Saturday 2 p mn Jocasse
Personal Bxpeulenee of Aged and Well
beloved Preacher.
No other man in the comm unity is s<
well-beloved or whose words have suol
weig ht as the minister, w boan devotet
lisa life to the sorvice of 'mnankind. ii
Mary'land one of the most noted Moth
fidist mniaitors in the State snffered
severely with rhenimatism. Hie found nc
relief until a friend recoimmended(
RHEUMACIDE. He was no delighted
with the results that for the benefit of
ther sufforers, as a duiy to munkind,
ho tolls his experience in the following
"Reistrstowni, Md.. February 27th.
'-I was taken with Inflammatory
Rheumatism in my 1.-ft band and feet in
the bteginning of this winter and suffered
greatly. A gentisnian in Baltimore who
had tried Rhounmacido for Bheumat-ism
recommended(IIC it to me. I scured three
b)ottles and took it in smaller doses than
rescribed, and am new entirely enred.
Can use both hand and foot without the
least inconvenience.
"Yours r6eet fully,
Pastor, fleiaterstown~ \1. E~. Uharch.
Your druiggist seils arnd recommenuds
'l'he First It'qsate of flesuty.
The first requnisite of beauty is a clear
compmlexion. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup
clears a s'llow bleolehed complexion a'
it atimnulatos the liver and bowels, and
thoe ys become bright and olear. You
owS it to your friende t.o taka it If your
complexion is bad. Orino lAxative fri
Hyrnp does not nauseatS or g ripe and i]
very pleasant to bake. Refnee anhebitate,
Notice of FinalI Settlemnt
We will apply k> J. II. Newhers
Probate Judge for Piekene cnty, oi
the 2Vhh day of January 1908 for a fu'
settlieent of the e'tates of WP. TP. Fiell
and askc to hs diaweed as eeenorl
D)eo 27 1905t4 S. H. Brown,
WV. T. Itowon,
B. F. F~armer,
I W. F. Ariall,
A:' ..
Our friends and customers for
their liberal patronag in .1905
and we wish you one and all a'
happy and prosperous New
Folger, Thornley & Co. will
be the style of the firm from
January ist, 1906. Parties
owing the old concern - will
kindly settle the aceounts and
Yours Truly,
Folger, Thornley Co.
Shoes hats and gents fuirnishing goodIs a specialty,
Agents for Mitchell Wagons, Chase City Buggies, Stetson
Shoes and Hats.
-As K. Park's
We have a full and com
plete stock of dry goods, un
derwear, notions and shoes
and will sell them at the- low
est price compatable with hon
est merchandise.
Avoid the store with differ
ent prices for different people
--you mlay be the one to get
the higher price. WE HAVE
ERYBODY-That price the
lowest. We give courteous
and polite attention to every
body. We want your trade
and if goods are not as repre
sented, your money refunded.
A K Park,
pestokfdr EnddGreenvile
Forerwear, notons ndrshoes
1 willndcwillnse theming theturlowr-h
year 1906s merchandise. ad otiu
will b envord agaist with diffever
ne, bla nt r wice frieent poplfe.Iwl
not ake heyoundsy be theetofoet s10
isthethe higr re.nn alE HAEalEtt
having duplicatefro Auietrsofieeo
must besiget. We party makinge is rtr
will notnb poliepatention thvry-dto n
the penalty.l We wadded you ltr dogwl
baenterd if $5..00 areroa rproprti
eah 190 govn Januryelves acdcondinuey
4)Wblc o wie, Are d i oe. r.il
havin dupm ie.5o frmAuiorsofie- o
ustl and rigecommnde ba y Pakngs ru n

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