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Hazel Happenings.
Christmas passed off quietly there
beiug no drunkenness
# The children and grand-children
of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Winches
ter' gathered around the old hearth.
stone. Dinner was served to all
present. Mr. and Mrs. Wonches.
ter were the recipients of a nice
winter lap robe on this occasion.
Miss Lucy Mauldin spent the
whioliday vacation) of her school
with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Mauldin of Contral. She re
turned to her work on the first of
Miss Ida Davis of Easlsy spent
a week with frienid' and relativas
returning home a few days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Gillespie
lipont last week in Rosmani and
Brevard, N. C..
A. T. Winchester has accepted a
position with the Chicago Portrait
Company of Chicago, as dolivery.
man and collector. Hie ha. recent
ly pulch)ased a pair of black muatch
SThere has been a great deal of
moving this witer. M4r. Elijnhi
Winchester has moved to his
Stewart place on Easqtatoe.
C. WV. Parrott of Groors enntam
pla tes moving to his Jerry Parrott
Mr. Columbus Pairott of Var.
nells, Ga., made a visit to friends
bora recenitly.
We were pleased to mnet our old
fienod Robert 1,. Giletrap and his
oxcellont family. Bob is as lively
as ever. . -M. S.
The. First Re.quIii.- of Beau bp.
The first requnisito of beauty is a clear
comlexion. Orino Laxative F'ruit Syrup
eleara a snllowv Llotehedl comleXion as
it stimulates the liver and bowels, and
*the eyes become briuht and (clear. You
owve it to your friends to take it if your
complexion ia bad. Or-ino Laxative fruit
Syrnp doces not. nlanseate or gripe anid is
very pleasant to take. lefuse substitutes.
All ol
ust C
one o
Two Minutes
Physicians tell us that all
the b l o o d in a -healthy
human body passes through
the heart once in every two
minutes. If this action be
conmes irregular the whole
body suffers. Poor health
followvs poor blood ; Scott's
Emulsion makes the blood
pure. One reason why
is such a great aid is because
it passes so quickly into
the blood. It is partly di
gested before it enters the
stomach ; a double advan
tage ini this. Less work
for the stomach; quicker
and more direct benefits.
TIo get the greatest amount
of good withI the least pos
sible effort is the desire of
everyone in poor health.
Scott's Emulsion does just
that. A change for the
better takes place even be
fore you expect it.
We will send you a
sample free.
Be sure that this
picture in the form of
a label is on the wrap
per of every bottle of
Emulsion you buy.
Sco-r- & BOWNE
I ~ Ccmias
. 409 P~ea&r St., N. Y.
re Wish
our friends
liI)eral patro
losed. We I
I pleasure ai
Wishing yoi
we are
Yours Y(
Pickens Route 2.
Allow one cf four readeri to come
in and chat with you a little.
Christmas Is over and the new
year is ours. Let us enter upon the
new year with the intention of doing
more good this year than ever before.
The idea is, get in the gang that is
making for the front and not foxtrot
along by ourselves any longer.
I1ev. J. C. Pairrott fro.m Georgia,
has been visiting his brother Mr. R
E. Parrot'.
Mr. Perry Durham of Orangchiurg
is on a visit to his parents Mr. and
Mrs. James Durham.
Mr. H-eury k'artin of Elbierton,Gai.
ii iopending a few days with his
fr ie nds in this se ction.
Mir. Barhie Parr'ott is on a visit to
Cobutta, Ga., for a few we(eks.
MIr. IRufus Durham ieturned home
from Coloiado after several months
stay in that country.
Mr. W. I. Graveley and daughters,
Misses Lula and Esthe.r from the up
per part of the county visited rela.
tives in this community recently.
Mr. Calvin Wooduon has returned
from a sisit to 1bia pairenits at Union.
Jan. 1, '06. Torrap.
Six Mile Sketches.
NIlies l ath Willimon is visitig her
cousin Miss Man~id Snlyder' in Green.
ville this wveek.
M. Mauldin lost at fine COW one day3
last week.
inrae Merek has purchasedl him.
self a new surrey.
Mr. and Mrs. L L~. Willimon are
on a visit to the tat ter's mother .'llrns.
Shelton in Greenvillo this week.
WValter Willimon is on a visit to
his cOuisin "Budi~" Snyder of Green.
ville this week.
Miss Lizzie Alexander of the Stew
art section spent the holidays with
her sister, Mrs. C. L,. Willimnon.
Miss Mlary Trotter has been veiy
I aink for savnral (lays
to ThaE
and custom(
nage for the
rust it has
id of gain 1
t a prosperou
3ry Truly,
There has been several marriages
in our community and ye scribe has
not seen a piece of cake and it is
known that I do love cake. Never
mind, when I gat ready I will be like
the old darkey, I vill have a wedding
of my Owl), ha, ha!
I haven't much news for this letter
but expect to leave for Anderson on
tihe 13th. I expect to have plenty of
newt for my next leitter.
Wake up correspondlents andl let
the people hear from your respective
Mrs. M. 0. Fuidley of the Stewart
section visited her father, R. W. Wil.
limoun last week.
Th'Iis pcribpe had the ;)IenImure of at
tending ths singing at Milo Ozeek
the fourth Sunday.
Old Riddle has a severo sore throat
at tIus writir.g.
A merry greeting and a happy new
year to the Sentinel Journal and its
many readelrs. Old Riddle.
Pickens Route 3.
We are glad to weolcome the corn
ing of the new year and the bright.
prospects bofore us. A. year or so !
moure of ten cent cotton and the farm-f1
era can see their wvay clear. 1905
seemedl to have been1 a good year for t
the merchants, and through the ad1- 8
vertising of the Sentinel-Journal r
Journal trade was exceedingly good. '
Now as more than two thirds of
the (dear old Sentinol-Jou nail was
devoted to advertising in 1905, wel 8
think the matter abould be reversed
in 1906 and the farmer have abont
half of his county paper in intereet.i v
ing reading matter, It would be0 '
moa0 to have one page~ for farmers t
corresponder e, and have letters each
week from the bent farmers in the I
cou.ty giving their ideas on farming. 6
stops the .ugh and haesllungra
krs for
I iyear
o you
S New
I. 0. Moore Sel.s 'em Cheap.
I bought a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
the same way, call and see me for most anything you. want I
have a few dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
Calicoes and Outings at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to go
cheap, in fact everything cheap.
Remember the old meat market and bring me some
P ork and all the Raw Hides green or dry that you can get
because I am selling goods. I don't forget my meat market
so call and get yonr meat or anything else you want.
TIhe Old Meat Market.
Pickens, Route 3. -- -
Christmas has quietly passed off.
and the new year dawned upon us.
Health ini this commnunity is very
'Lho hun ters caught a grey fox on
Christmas morning. They had a fine Don't try cheap cough medl
hasecines. Get the best Ayer's
Mr. and~ Mrs. Towns visited the Cerry etrassit yeat a
amnuly of Mr. .J. M. Gillespie on the rcrdthasxyerso
Mon Ed Gillespie and Marion
rKr. F4rank Townes has moved to cue!Ak ordcorI
he P'orr Farm. He has taken charge h os' s tfwcuh
nid will reside there this year. We hotadln rul3
egret very n uch to give Mr. Towneg .s on htAbeO*Je1oM
p. They ar e good neighbor.1 .botvoiinIebpevto
Mrs S. D) Gillespie returned to her M ADM*M~, ..NY
ome) inl East Fork, N. C., after a ~ '' o '
bort sta.y Nith friendsgniissae
__________ Suze. uz ,z ii1
Do not be deceived by counterfeits Orotaytnee ocnt~&
len you buy Witch Hazel salve. Thetiwthmllde 1Ar'Pas.
aumi of E. C. D)ewitt and Co. 1s onj
very box of the~ genuino. Pile5 in* ouhsiancrkehad eo
Wen wo form will aOOnI pass awa itol crdb
u wil. aPply DaWitt' Vio zllSavbtnL.Wts Witch azele
alve might and morning. Best for ~~oa plelo.wl
~nts Burns. Boils Tetter, Eo:xema, etc. ke h knsf n moh e
oid by Pickens Drug Co. frEzm~ct.Brs oh~Ec
Bears the ~AIht Kind You Ha lwasBog M om fBinBedn, thn
thDrog anw ugtru s
for .

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