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And a True Story of How
Had Its Birth and How
It to be Offered for Pu
This remarkable woman, whose
'maiden name was Estes, was born in
ynln, Mass., February 9th, 1819, con
ing from a good old Quaker family.
For some years she taught school, and
became known as a woman of an alert
and investigating mind, an earnest
seeker after knowledge, and above
all. pOssessed of a wonderfully syInpa
thetic nature.
In 18143 she married Isaae Pinkham,
a builder and real estate operator, and
their early married life was marked by
prosperity and iappiness. They had
four children, three sons ard a
dlaugh ter.
In those good old fashioned days it
was common for mothers to maklie
their own home medicines from roots
and herbs, nature's own remedies
calling in a physician only in specially
urgent cases. By tradition and ex
perience niny of them gained a won
derful knowledge of the curative prop
erties of the various roots and herbs.
Mrs. Pinkham took a great interest
in the study of roots and herbs, their
eharacteristics and power over disease.
She maintained that just as nature so
bountifully provides in the harvest
fields and orchards vegetable foods of
all kinds; so, if we but take the pains
to find them, in the roots and herbs
of the field there are remedies ex
pressly designed to cure the various
ills and weaknesses of the body, and
it was her pleasure to search these out,
and prepaie simlple and effective nedi.
cines for her own family and friends.
Chief of these was a rare combina
tion of the choicest medicinal roots
and herbs found best adapted for the
eure of the ills and weaknesses pecu
liar to the female .,ex, and Lydia E.Pink.
han's friends and neighbors learned
that her compound relieved and cured
and it became quite popular among
All this so far wa~s done freely, with
out money and withot price, as a
labor of love.
But in 1873 the financial crisis strucki
Lynn. Its length and severity were too
much for th~e large real estate interests
of the Pinkham family, as this class
of business suffered most from
fearful depression, so'wvhen the Con ten -
nial year dai'ned it found their prop
erty swep~t away. Some other source
of mncome had to be found.
At this point Lydia E. Pinkcham's
Vegetable Compound was made known
to the world.
The three sons and the dlaughter.
with their mother, combined forces to>
The " Nublack "
~ good in construc
,and sure prirner,
the best brands o
-favorite among I
black powder s
uniform shootin
- and strength
The London Counmty Council now~
-nres motor repair wagons to attendl
to breakdowns en the street railways.
Itch cured In 30 minutes by Woolford's
fianitary Lotion ; never fails. SoldI by
Druggists. Mail orders prompt ly fillled
by Dr. Detehon. Crawfordsviile, Ind. $1.
Mud baths wvere first used as complexion
restorers ini India.
A cousin of Lord Curzon, late Vice
roy of Indlia, is a truck driver in this
*ure the IKidneys, andi the Pain Will
Never Rturn,.
Only one waoy tr- cure an aching
back. Cure the cause, the kidneys.
Tfhousandt: tell of
cares made by
Doan's Kidney Pills.
.Tohns C. Colemann, a
prominent merchant
of Swainsboro, Gn.,
says: "For several
yeare my kidneys
'vere affected, and
my b.-ek ached day
and night. I wvas
languid, 'nervous and Uiuo ini the
morning. Denn's Kidney Pills helped
me. right away, and the great relief
that followed h'as been permanent."
-Sold by ftlI dealers. 50 cnts a box.
.'ostrMilburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
the Vegetable Compound
the "Panic of '73" Caused
blic Sale in Drug Stores.
restore the family fortune. They
argued that the medicine which was
so good for their woman friends and
neighbors was equally good for the
women of the whole world.
The Pinkhams had no money, and
little credit. Their first laboratory
was the kitchen, where roots and
herbs were steeped on the stove,
gradually filling a gross of bottles.
.hen caime the question of selling
it. for always before they had given
it away freely. They hired a job
printer to run off some pamphlets
setting forth the merits of the medi
cine, now called Lydia, E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and these were
distributed by the Pinkham sons Iii
Boston, New York, and Brooklyn.
The wonderful enrative properties of
the medicine were, to a great extent,
self-advertising, for whoever used it
recommended it to others, and the de
mand gradually increased.
In 1877, by combined efforts the fam
ily had saved enough money to com
mence newspaper advertising and from
that time the growth and success of
the enterprise were assured, until to
day laydia E Pinkham and her Vego.
table Compound have become house
hold words everywhere, and many
tons of roots and herbs are used annu
ally in its manufacture.
Lydia E. Pinjcham herself did not
live to see the great success of thin
work. She passed to her reward years
ago, but not till she had provided
means for continuing her work as
effectively as she could have done it
During her long and eventful expe.
rieneo she was ever methodical in hier
vork and she was always careful topre
serve a record of every case thateame to
her attention. The case of every sick
woman who apalied to her for advice
and there were thousannds--received
careful study, and the details, includ
ing symptoms, treatment and reSults
were recorded for future reference, and
to-day these records, together with
hundreds of thousands made since. nre
available to sick women the world
over, and represent a vast collahora
tion of information regarding the
treatment of woman's ills, which for
authenticity and accuracy can hardly
be equaled in any library in the
With Lydia E. Pinkham worked her
daughter - in - law, the present Mrs.
Pincham. She wascarefullyinstructed
In all her haid-won knowledge, and
for years she assisted her in her vast
To .her hands naturally fell the
direction of the work when its origina.
tA)r passed away. For nearly twenty.
five years she has continued it, and
nothing in the work shows when the
first lydia El. Pinkham dropped her
pen, and the present Mrs. Pinkham,
now the mother of a large family, took
It up. With woman assistants, some as
capable as her-self, the present Mrs.
Pink ham continutes this great work,and
pro~bably from the office of no other
person hav-e so many women been ad.
vised howv to regain health. 8ick wo
men, this advice is "Yours for Health"
freely given if you only write to ask
for It.
Such is the history of Lydia E. Pink
hnm's Vegetable Compound ; made
fronm simple roots and herbs; the one
great medicine for wvomen's ailments,
and the fitting monument to the noble
wvoman wvhose name it bears.
fNl E 8T E R
s a grand good shell. It is
tion, primed with a quick
and carefully loaded with
f powder and shot, It is a
tunters and other users of
hells on account of its
g, evenness of pattern
to withstand reloading.
"Our- friend Jones wants to be con
sidered a typical Newv Yorker."
"Yes; and he works ver-y hard to
that end. He pretends that he can't
recall any scandal that bappened
more than a week back."
Curea Cancer, Blood Polson and Serofuta
If you have blood poison pr-oduclng
eruttions, pimples, ulcers, swollen glands,
bumps and risings, burning, itehing skin,
copper-colored sp'ots or rash on the skin
mucous patches in mouth or throat, fall
ing htair, b)one paIns, old rhetumatnr oi
foul catarrh, take Botanic Blood Bairm (B.
BI. 1.) it kills the poison in the blood
soon all sores, eruptions heal, hard swell
ings subsido,, aches and( pains stop and a
perfoot u'ure is made of the worst eases of
Blood Poison.
For enncers, tumors, swellings, eating
sores, ugly ulcera, persistent pimples of alh
kinds, tako E. B B. It destroys the cnn
cor p olson in the blood, heals cancer of alJ
kindls, eures the worst humors or sap
purating sweilings. i'houuands cured u
B). 1. BI. after all else fails. B. 13.
comiposedl of pure botanic ingredients.-Im
proves the digestion, makes the blood lure
and rich, stops the awful itching and all
shap, hooingpains. ThoV6"ghly tested
forathirtyoyears Drugg'i t$ por bottle,
with complete directions Lor home carn.
8ample free and preptaid by writing lo
Dalm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Descri be trouble
andi free medical adyice also sent in scale4
lIlvery good citizen is oppoired 'to
bo-sism, -but very few- of them-have
the net-ye to tell wifoy so.
PITS norma4nently enre. No Ote or .iervous.
ness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Beatoror;%2trial bottle andtreatisefree
)r..It..KL1NR, Ltd., 931 Arch St., Phila., Pa.
The only Englishman who ever became
Pope was Adrian IV.
A (4uarantand esfre, For P1101,
7tehinr, Blind, Bleedinr. Protrudlin Ptles.
Drugalsts are authorired to refund monov it
Pazo Ointment fails to cure in 6 to 14days. 50c.
The numiber of bAbiait horn on Manhat
tan Island in 1004 vas 59,100.
Itobbed in C1hurelp.
,1inst think what an outrage it is to be
robbed of all the benelita of the services
by continuoui cosughing- throughout the
congregation, when Anti-Gripine is ruaran
teed to ure. iSoid everywhere. 25 eta.
. .V. Dipmer. M. D., manufacturer,
Sprin'field. Mo.
'Jauanese counterfeiters in Hawaii are
turning out American money.
"I" C1r.' a Cold I" 0"ai DaRr
Take Lnxatvo Iromo Quinine Tablets.
Drugefsts refund money if it fails to ouro. E.
W.G rovo'ssignature on cach box. 25c.
Srience has discovered several new kinds
of mosquitoes.
:do not believe Piso'si Curo for Consixyro.
lonbasaino iiti for onIsm'1 aidi coldi.-.Jott
F.Bovent.Trinitv ftSrintrs. Ind., Fob. 15. 193).
Cures Belching of Gat--ad Breath and
Blad Stomactb.Short Breath
h11oating-Sour Eructations
Irregutar Heart, etc.
Take a Mull's Wafer any time of the day
or night, apd ikte,the immediate g9od e
feet on your. stomach. It absorbs th egas.
disinfects the stomach, kills the poison
germs and cures the disease. Catarrh of
the head and throat unwholesome food
and overeating mate bad stomachs.
Scarcely any stomach is entirely free from
taint of some kind. Mull's Anti-Helch
Wfers will make your stomach healthy
by absorbing foul gases which arise from
the undigested food and by re-enforcihg
the linin$ of the stomach, enabling it to
thoroughly mix the food with the gastric
juices. lhis cures stomach trouble, pro
imotes digesiton, sweetens the breath, stops
belchiug and fermentation. Heart action
becones strong and regular through this
Diseard drugs, as you know from experi
eneL they do not cure stomach trouble.
Try a coinmon-sense (Nature's) method
that does cure. A soothing, iealing sen
batiou results instantly.
We know Mull's Anti-'Belch Wafers will
do this, and we want you to know it.
SPECIAL. OiFsFn.-The reguilar price of
Mlil'a .Anti-lHeich Wa ferA is 50c. a box, but
to introduce it to thousands of suiferers
%c will send two (2) boxes upon receipt
or 73e. and I his advertisement, or we will
send you a free sample for this coupon.
1130 FR EE COUPON. 129
Send this coupon with your naipe
and address and name of a druggist
who does not sell it for a free sample
box of Mull's Anti-Belch Wafers to
MULL's (luAr Toxic Co., 328 Third
Ave., Rock Island. UT.
G ive Futl Address and WVrite Plainly.
Sold by all druggists, 50c. per box, or
sent by mail.
Berlin, G'rmany, has a population of
2,013,900 soltd.
Taylor's Cherokee Rlemody of Sweet Gum
and Mullen is Naturo's great rmindv---(:ures
Coughs, , Nolds, Croup ind ConUSaunptlon
and ail throat and lung troubles. At drug.
gists, 25c., 50". atjd $1.00 per bottle.
Tyler Cobb Told Him a Way.
Some years ago, when Tyler Cobb
ran a general store at the corner of
Main and High streets, in Brockton,
Mas?., In what is now the Metropoli
tan hotel, his store was the gathering
place for the wits and story tellers ot
the vicinity. Sonme of them are now
wealthy merchants of Brockton, and
one of them tells this story:
"The stories told of Tyler's queer
Isayings are legion. This one illustrates
h is shrewdness as well as his wit, Hie
had a man working for him whom lie
ioveral times caught taking homie meal
which lhe kept for his hor-ses. The
hired man, who was unaware that lie
had been detected, one (lay asked
Tyler for a raise in tpay. Upon being
asked why lie should receive moire, lhe
ainsweredl that he could not support
lils family' and buy food for them with
what he got.
"Lord a'mnighty, man," said Tyler,
"take more meal, take more meal."
Argus was boastlng of his hundred
'That's nothing." we returned, "did
you ever think of how many mouths
belang to 'They Say'?"
IHerewith he acknowledged 'himself
beaten by a mere sewing circle
Artist Gib'son lias left the country,
lbut the gdrls wvill continue the effort
to live up) to .ais picturMs.
Flow F'oodl Headed Oft the inasidious
T1hie happy wife of a good ohi-fash
ionied- Maich. fairmer sayvs:
"In the sprIng of 1002, 1 was taken
siek-a general breaking down, as it
were. I was excessively nervous. could
Int sleep well at night, my food seemed
to do mne no good, and I was. so weak I
'ouild scarcely walk across the room.
"'Thie doector sid mly conditlin was
duie to overw~ork and close confluement
anid that lie very much feared that con
sumption wo-uldl set in. F'or several
mionthsq I took one kInd of medicine
after another, but wlih nio good effect
in fact, I seemned to grow worse.
I"Then I determIned to quit all medl.
clues, give up coffee and see what
G4rape-Nuts food would do for me.I
begani to eat Grape-Nuts with sugar
and( cream and bread and butter three
thnes a day.
I"Th le effect was surprising! I began
to gain flesh and strength forthwith,
my nerves quieted down and grow nor.
mally steady and sound, sweet slee)
came back to me. In six weeks' time
I discharged the hIred girl and comn
mienced to do my own housework for
a family of six. This was two years
ago, and I am doing it still, and enjoy
it." Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich.
There's a reason. Read the little
book. "The Road to Wellv'ille." In nkgs
Says Husband of Woman Who Was
Roughly Handled In Ejection from
the White House.
"This white house outrage is i
burning shame and a national dis.
So said Dr. Minor Morris, husband
of Mrs. Morris, who was forcibly re
moved from the executive o(11ces in
Washington, and taken to the house
of detention. Dr. Morris arrived In
Washington early Saturday morning,
and found his wife still confined to
ber bed, suffering from nervous shock,
but much improved. He was indig
nant, but was guarded in his state
ments as to what he proposed to
Mrs. Moi ris' coqdition was sucl
that she was permitted to receive
newspaper men in her room, where
she and Dr. Morris discussed with
them the story of her father's will,
which brought on an estrangement
between Mrs. Morris and her brother,
Representative Hull, and which led
to much personal bitterness, crimina
tion and recrimination.
According to Dr. Morris, he was re
moved from the surgeon general's of
flee on charges filed by Representa
tive Hull at a time when Mrs. Mo:
ris was about to go to Pueblo, Colo.,
to get at certain facts pertaining to
the will, which she alleged had been
made to l)poar in the case.
It was these charges, Mr. Morris
said, which Mrs. Morris desired the
president to have investigatod, Inas
much as both she and her husbani
had exhauited their efforts to have
Secretary of War Boot and other of
ficials of the war department to take
action. In view of their refusal to
act, Dr. Morris said the president was
the only p er-son left to whom suen
an apl)pal could be made. What he
desirei, he added, was a vindication
cf the charigs filed1 by his brother
ln-law, rather than reinstatement.
Acting on the advice of friends, it
is probable that Dr. Morris will ad
(dre5ss a letter to the lipiresildent, urg
ing him to inve.3tigate, not only the
charges against him, but also certain
officers of the war department, who
are allegod to have permitted them
selvo's to be improperly influenced in
his case.
"I do not desire a reinstatement to
my position," Ie said, "but I do want
those charges looked into. They aro
unjust and false.
"According to my present determi
nation, I feel that so far as the treat
ment of Mrs. Morris is concerned, I
will take no action, believing that the
ymp~athetic letters and telegrams
which have been recceived f-1m1 friends
and strangers front all parts of the
country, as well as the attitude of
nlmny newspalpers on the subject, have
accoiiilished miore than could be
(one if a protest were to be made
to tle pre-sident."
Standard Oil Official Averse to Giving
Out Information.
It dleveloped from the questions
asked by Attor-ney General Herbert1
S. Hadley of Missouri of H-enr'y H.
Rtogers, vice president andl diroctor'
of the Standard Oil company of New<
Jersey, that cne ot Mr. Hadlley's chief
pur'poses ini conducting an exaimina
tion of' ofieer's or that company in New
York is to find out wvhether' that ccm. -
piany Ownis a controlling interest in
the Standard Oil company or Indiana, 1
tihe Waters-Pierce company of Missou
ri and the Republic Oil company.
Mr. Roger's (declined to ireply to
questions as to whether lhe controls
any stock in the Waters-Plot-ce Oil
company, wvhether- M. Van Butren of
New York holds a contr-olling Interest
in that company for the Standard'( Oil.
company of New Jersey; whether the
Now Jeirsey conmpanty controls the.
Standard -Dil company of Indiana or'
tile Waters Pierce company, and
whether two-thirds of the (dividends
of the Wauter's-Pier'ce Coinpany ar'e not1
paid to Hi. M. Tilford.
Mi'. Hadley dleclared fthat he0 wld'i~ <
take all the (1uestlin; to thle supri'ie
court of Newv York state to secura
an oi-der' for Mr'. Rtoger's to show I
cause why he shall not answer them.
Boys of Thirteen and Fourteen Have
Fight and One is Killed.
At Dallas, Texas, Ollio Claywell, 14
years oid, stabbled Carl Owens, aged
13, and is ini jaIl charged wIth nuir
dier. Tlhie boys wvere employed in the
Texas Pacifle general ofilce. Sonie one
inned ai placardc on young Claywell 's
back, read(ling
The Owens boy kicked and a fight
was stted. Theli boys wer'e separat
ed,. but met in the street and1( the stab
l~ing followed.
Georgia Supreme Court Says Negre
Must, Return to Chai-ngang.
Because Henry Jamison, colored, of
Maoon, Ga., who has brought into
question the legality of the Macon
chaing~ang, is not no* in the custody
of E. A. Wimnbish, superintendent of
the gang end defendant in error in
Jamison's suit, the supreme court oIf
(iowgia bas declined to hea"The ap
peal Ia is habeas corpus proceedings:
fie a ap,,lo. court.
List of Killed and Injured
Miraculously Small.
Whirling Terror Came and Was Gone
in a Twinkling, Leaving Wido
Swath of Wrecked Buildings
in its Path.
A tornado of terrille force passed
over Albany, Ga., and vicinity Wed
nesday at 1:15 o'clock, coming from
a southwesterly direction and spread
ing wreck and desolation over por
tions of a dozen blceks.
Several persons are dead and oth
crs will die as the result of injuries,
while many are more or less s3riously
Viewing the wreckage left by the
tornado, it seems a miracle that a
score were not killed outright, the
tribute claimed in the way of human
lives being astonishingly small.
The list is still incomplete, owing
to the fact that much of the destruc
tion wrought was well beyond the city
The storm was Immediately preced
ed by a blinding deluge of rain; the
heavens were darkened as at twilgiht,
and the wind attained a frightful ve
locity. It struck the Thair place, just
southwest of the city, where it killed
a negro bey and fatally injured two
members of the family of Jeff Davis
(colored). The buildings on the place
were comPletely demolished.
Striking the big plant of the Vir
ginla-Carolina Chemical ICompany, the
storm demolished tho two principal
buildIngs in the twinkliug of an eye.
rhe acid enamber, four or five storie3
high. was crushed like an egg shell,
as was the large brick structure con.
taining the battery of ovens. A col
ored employe was killed in the col
lapse of the latter building.
Walker Sanders, assistant manager
of tihe plant, was stunding beside the
negro and received serious injuries.
His esca)'3 was a miracle.
The track of the tornado was. not
mnore than 75 yards in width, but it
left the face of the earth clean where
ever its full force was felt.
From the guano factory it jumped
to a thick settlement of negro cabins.
Here twenty-five buildings were con
pl)etely demolished. Some were oc
cupied by as many as a half dozen
persons, mostly women and children,
and while a great many were injured
not one was killed outright. Furni
ture, 1.d clothing, etc., were blown
entirely away.
In the 111dst of tlis group of
houses was the colored Methodist
FEpiscopal church, a large and rather
mposing structure. It was complete
ly dlestroyed, together with its furni
T1he stormied turned at ti4 point,
uid passed almiost due east throughi
Etesidence street, though its full force
vas not felt again until several
ilocks had been passer'I over. HowV
tvrr, on Residence street thra dam
ige was great. A number of pretty
ottages were unroofed, the dbge
cooding them andl ruining their con
'Tle storm dlescendled again at the
nterseetion of Washington and Tift
rtreets. Here it dlemolishied the par
tally completed cold1 storage lplant
f the Albany Artesian Ice company.
t passed to the plant of the Gieorgi.1
lotton Oil company, where it demol
shed the large two-story warehouse,
yontaining thousands of tons of cot
Great havoc was wrought in the~
vardms of the Central of Georgia and
Albany and 'Northern railways.
D)ozens of fr'e'.Pht ears In the two
vards were unroofedi. A delivery wag
n on Warshington street, was lpicked
1p, wIthI horse and diriver, andl car
'ied through the air a considerable
listance into the railroadl yards'. Tihc.
Iriver was seriously' injnred.
Huraes of negroes in the cIty are
...mel.s..,aand many have lost all
hieir household effects. 'The injured
tre becing cared for, and efforts are
icing made t~o secure shelter for all.
NJew Wisconsin Senator Sworn in by
Vice Preoldent Fairbanks.
After wvaiting for almost a year, Rt.
VI. LaFolletto appeared In the senate
when It reconvened Thursday, after
ho holiday recess, to claim his seat
is a senator from Wisconsin, .and the
>nath of ofls. was adlministeredl to
urm by Vice Pr-esident Fairbanks. The
mrenmony was itnessed by a crowd
'd gallery, which manifestced much
nterest In the proceedings.
Two Boys Killed and All Other Pu
p1l. More or Less injured.
A tornado struck the schoolhouse of
Josie beat, in Alabama, Thursday,
a~nd two bxoys were killed by falling
The schoolhouse was demolished,
and none of the occupants escaped
without injury, although the woundls
of only fourteen are serious.
When the wind struck the building
the sides gave way and the roof fell
unon the cocunants.
In Production of Fleecy Staple -Ao
cording to Official Report Just is.
sued by Ginners' Association.
Following is the compilation of the
reports from cotton ginners over the
south, showing number of bales gin.
ned, issued at Dallas, Texas, Friday
by the National Ginners' Association:
Alabama ........ 6,763
Arkansas ......506,870
Florida .... .. .44
Indian Territory.. .. 292,153
'Georgia ...... ..1,667,628
oIulsiana.. .. ......54,440
Miiii .... ..1,016,073
issouri.......... 35,646
North Carolina .. 627,559
Oklahoma ....279,597
2outh Carolina .. ....1,081,806
Ten...nessee ..4.....
Viginiia. and Kentucky . 15,791
'~ ~ ~ ~~. 71(l .22 1464
Th'le l'epor-t is of Cotton grinneid to
VI lX)clmbor 31, and shows the totall p~et'
('01t jjaChedN 9 ".6, 111(1 total gtnd (9 7.3.
T110e 03,11o"t g1le-d from Decebr 13
to :11. inclusiv. wa. i . bal.
'l' ad.ed to the last ,ensus re
Por~t, ilnin ().094.011.
Acconling; to a \Va:-hig-,toi1 dispatch,
.'(ii nl bsafeguard (s ar~e thrown
'.bollt tho ee 0cly of governlllic-t t1'0p
rejports by, ai 1ill wvhich 11prC)oseltrltivO
Ilmrleson of Texas has intro...ce.. .I
the house. The mfasure ot only pro
sides for the puni shint of t govern
lnt eotyees who o ilmlge er1et
tifor.tion efo Its official pblica.
tpor, bt al1: e roviken punie-met for
clplovein to se thi ifonmatih
I In olsratia on th Stock arc~n, oVen
' f t Is nct, giveui to of hor pers-1o'1S.
t rtesronsey to a requet. of No , Or
reot an other cotton exchanes tie
sucretary of comesre and Inuer in'r
videstrteo the director of goern
SA to tI)ol the ilfication mc the
eotton ginning rueport from Moao,
Ianpera 8. to.n tuesay, January 9, at
2 . s n.1 givy e S Was found to e
Ia leg".l holiday i Loisiana.
Anerican Troops and Warships heing
hlassc-d Ciosc to China.
A brief cmmepat from Manila anr.
IbAiaing that there is great actiit
auson the tro pus btationieo er he
that o iningirents are ume fMoid
(fl'iurls All view of ''1tjssiblo evenltunhii
ti6 in. China" has given rise to uch
talk Toiop n shin drto Wp.
I the istatch deprtment's a(vices
amglet the trossbilitt of trouble and
China t s the resnt anti-foreic.1
rein growiwg ou o of the voyctt
t hre is close concealment of the
However, those 'who have carefully
studied army orders for the past two
or three mionths have noticed that an
unusually large force of field artillery
has been sent out to the Philippines,
where there is no need of artillery,
and that the American force !n the
Islands has b~eeni considecrably strength. 4
cned of late.
T'here have been suspicions that aill
this had to (10 with China rather thani
the Philippines, but this is the first
intimation that has conme from the
islands. Iriday night Secretaries Taft,
Root, Bonaparte aind Attorney Gen
(nral Moody were in conlference with
the president at the wvhile house.
ft had been annountced that this con-~
forence would have to (10 only with
pe'nding legislation In congress, but
the coinlcidetnce of this night confer
(3nce following immediately upon the
heels of the app~ear'ance of the (dis
patch from Manila ha~s given rise to
much specutlationl.
It is also noted that tile Asiatic fleet
will soon be strengthened by sending
the cruisers Galveston and1 Chatta n'o
ga to Mamla.
State of Virginia Turns Over Appro
priation for Exposition.
The som of 011e hlundred atnd fifty
thous'and dlollars, appr~topriaited by tile
state of Virginia for the Jamestown
(exposition wvas turned over to the
expositiotn company Friday. Sony
time ago $50,000 was p~aid1, andl this
payment completes the total appro
piriation of $200,000.
Rojestvensky Declares England Was
Ready to Assist the Japs.
A St. Petersburg special says: Thi#
remarkable allegation thlat tihe Br'it
ish fleet was held in reOadiness to de
stroy the RIussian fleet if the battle
of the Sea. of Japan had gone in the
Russians' favor, is made by Adnifral
lRojostvonsky in a letter p~ublished inl
the Novoe Vrernya WVednesdny .jvith
the permission of the minister of
High Price Paid for Convicts.
The state of Alabama has leased to
A. B3. Steele & Co., of Atlanta, fifty
convicts for three years to work in
sawmills at Dothan, Ala. The price
Is $30 a month, net, the best over re
ceived In the south. The next best is
$26, made some time ago.
Costly Blaze at Elmyra, Ohio.
At Elmyr'a, O0., the Hotel Andwur*'
and the block in which it Is located
were destroyed by fire Stunday morn
liing. The( loss iii estimatodl at $100,

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