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Buitred April 28, 1908 at Pikn, S. C., as seond lms matter, uder act of Congress o as 8 8
State Supreme Court Unani
mously Upholds It,
Only Part of This Local Option Law
Rejected by the Court Was
The School Fund
The Brie litw is consitiuional
Such is thle itcision of the State (An
preie colit. 'h(I dispeiariesI kept
open by iljun1ictiona iaus. in mc'u.4-lni
her eatti r and phii bitiot will pwevail
in all of the 1i o ibwest portioan of the
Mill e, from I'd ge-field to t le North
Carolinla lin', .Ncept in Abbeville
county whero no elhetion hasi beeii
The calses argned before the su.
preme court last M-Londay were decid
ed yesterdiy and the court decrees
that the law is constitutional with
oue exception, an I that may be elim
inated vithout affecting the law it
self. The exception, singular to re
late is the "rider' which was put on
the Brice Bill by the dispensary peo.
ple, the clause which provides that
counties voting out the dispensary
shall have no participation in the sur
pins school fund accumulated from
dispensary profits
The State of S~uth Carolina, in
the supreme court, November term,
W. W. Murph, petitioner, against
13. G. Landrum et. al., respondents.
Louis B. Cox, petitioner, against
J.aues Hodges, et. al , respoidents.
Joseph V. Coward, petitioner,
against .1. H. l3lackwell, et. al., re
,John A. Weir, petitioner, against
F. P. Walker, et. al , respondents.
Iobt. E. Ligon, p3titioner, against
F. H. Burriss, et.. al., respondents.
Pickens county, petitioner, against
A. W. Jones, as comptroller general,
Oconee county, petitioncr, against
A W. Jones, as comptroller general,.
Adam L. Aull, petitioner, again,
A. V. Jones, as comptroller general,
In each of these cases brought in
the original jurisdiction of this court
the question is raised as to the con
stit utioi.ality of the act commonly
* known as the Brice act, approved
Feb. 24th, 1904, amending seCt.ion 7
oif the general dispensary law, approv
od March 6. 1896.
After emIeful consideration thsis
court is o.f the opinion that said act
is not unconastitutionaal ona any' of (134
r~ou n ds alleged except in so fair as
saidl Brice act declares thait "any1
co.unty voting out the (dispensary
shall not thereafter receive any part
of the surplus that may remain of
the dispensary school funds after the
dellcienaces in the various county
school funds1 have been mnade up as
provid. d by law." Whbile the court
cons1iders8 this provision uniconstitui
* 11tional the court is of the opinion thgat
it is s*eparable from the rt maind1( of
the act, tand that said1 aict standis as
c nistituntional with this parision
traeated( a.s ol ricken out.
Thisj con3cluhii )m rendlera it in ces
sary to set alside the temporary in
junction granted in the ,first live
above entitled casea restraining the
Cosing of the dispeniaries therein
m.fentionled, and1( also tI a'. the tempo
rar~y ijunction gianitedi in the remain.
mng three above entitled cases re
straining the comptroller general
from drawing his oflicial warraint for
the several sums arising fromI~ the
sur plu- of the dlispen5Iar'y fund as
therein mintioned be dissolveda anad
comptroller general left free to dia
burso said fund as it would have
been disbursed be.'ore thle enact ment
of the said Erice act, and it is nso ad
The r'easoni for thes conchlusions
will be stated ij an opinion hereafte
to be filed.
Y. J. Pope, C. 3.
Eugene 1B. Gary, A. ..
Ira B. Jones, A. J.,
C. A. Wood, A. J.
The action of the court means thit
the dispensarieq'must be and must
remamn closed in Greenville, Spartar;.
burg, Anderson, La'urens, Union,
Pickens, Newberry, Cheroke', *forr',
Oconee, Darlington, Marion, York, New
Liancaster, Edgefield and Saluda andi w
Dounties. Greenwood and Marlboro Alise
lhave never had disp'ensaries. WVil to coilh
liamsburg voted the dispensary out, Mr.
but the eleation was illegal aid the businei
result wvas so declared. Ni
Thus 19 otit of 41 counties have ed ne01
alre'idy declared against the dispon- Mr.
lary system and in 20 others there ited he
uns1 beeni no0 teetion. Two countie Mrs.
Idave stood by the disp wary, Flor- Very' si
ence and Fairfield. In several och M~r.
rar the people want elections but are have ai
kept from an expressin of their views, at Nor:
Those counties which .now have Min
Ilspensaries must contribute of their frienda
icbool fund to the counties in which Whi
~here are no dispensaries unless an It corn
mntirely new systemn be enacted -Co
umbia State.
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