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Lydia Ex Pnkham's
Vegetahie oumpound
Is a positive cure for all those painful
ailments of women. It will 4ntirely
cure'the worst forins of'Female' Cdin1
plaints. Inflammation-and Ulceri-tion
Falling and Displacements and conse
quent Spinal Weakness, and is peculi
arly adapted to the Change of Life.
It will surely cure.
It has cured more cases of Female
Weaknoss than any other remedy the
werid'la ever known. It is alinoskin
fallIVle in such cases; It dissolves and
expels Tumors in an early stage. of
development. That
Bearing-down Feeling,
causing pain, wet ight and headache, is
instantly -relieved and permanently
cured by its use. Under all circum
stances it acts in harmony with the
female system. It corrects
Suppressed or Painful Periods, Weak
ness of the Stomach, Indigestion, Bloat
Ing, Nervous Prostration, Headache,
General Debility. Also
Dizziness, Faihtness,
Extreme Lassitude. " don't-care " and
" want-to-be-left-alone " feeling, excit
ability, irritability, nervousness, sleep
lessness, flatulency, melancholy or the
" blues," and backache. These are
sure indications of Female Weakness,
some derangement of the organs. For
Kidney Gomplaints
and Backache of either sex the Vegeta
ble Compound is unequalled.
You can write Mrs. Pinkham about
yourself in striotest confidence.
Avery & Company
51-58 South Forsyth St., Atlanta, Ga.
Reliable Frick Engines. Boilers, all
Sizes. Wheat Separators.
Large Engines and Boilers supplied
promptly. Shingle Mills, Corn Mills,
Circular Saws,Sawt Teeth,Patent Dogs.
Steam Governors. Full line Engines &
Mill Supplies. Send for free Cataloguo.
IncreaseYour 0O ON Va-e
?Oefde Per Acre Above Par
'It is a wonl known tact that cotton,
oaoher, cro, prouced wth Vi
kothh ht ~oabepre on the ar
Peloped earl cttn wth kul grwn
welltas all ho wa up to the very top
cotton plants, by liberally using
VIrgInIa-Carolina Fertiiers.
e osupt ar l oal t eo
inents which av eoon taken from it
e 1 ryiewds 1 i oreasro
ttte fr ore doaeOpt no sub
VIrhlsta-.Carolina Chemical Co.
RAVanta au
MSavannah Ga.
Oid tgheveor.
That Delightful Aid to Health
Whitens the teeth--purifies
mouth and breath--..cures nasal
catarrh, sore throat, sore eyes,
and by elirect application cures
all inflamed, ulIcera te-d and
catarrhai con'ditions caused by
feminine ills.
Paxtine possesse's extraordinar
cleansing; healiing and germi
cidal qualities ualike anything
else. At alid druggists- 50 Cents
DropR ief.
r, I JP1 d, "tAva t j'hila. Pit.
Tho world's- prodteto ; Coal in 1880
was 370,000,000 tons
'A utglntete, stig W t toil,
ItchingDilha, looditi P 11d6g1P,
Druggltsare uthortrod to refund mou 10
l)azo Onamot faIls to euto lG6 to 14 days. e,
The teeflione systeht of the Illinois
Central lat road is to be extended.
I am suro Pls-'s Curo for Consumption savol
ny lIe throo ears3 ago. -Mrs. TuomAs Ron
IMn', Mapo1 t.. Norwilib, N.Y.. Feb. 17,1903
The German city of Pforzheini has a
population of 05,000.
To Cqtro a Cold it tno Day
Tako Laxative )'romo Quinino Tables.
Drug(glsts refund r.oney it it falls to unro. L.
W.Urovo'esignazturo on each box., 2e.
G"asgow, Scot and, spenda on, drink $10,
000,000 a year.
Cures 110 1reatt-1..Poettiva ni1 Tntant
Clro Free-No tlritss-unres
b~j Absorptinn.
A sweet breath is priceless.
Mull's Anti-Telch Wafera will enre bad
breath and had tante Instantly. Belching
and bad taste indicnte offen'ive breath.
which is due to stomaeh trouble.
Mull's Arlti-Belch Wafera purify the
stomach and stop belching. by nbsorbing
foul- gases that nrlse' from. undigested, food.
And'-h y supplying the ligestive organs with
nahtral solvents for food.
They relieve ses- ont car sickneas and
nauvea of nyt kind.
Tiev quickly cure headache. corrent the
ill effect of enneAeivo enting or drinking.
Th.ey will ,Ietrov n tobacco. whisky or
otion breati instantly.
They qtoni formentalion in the stomach.
taente indigesetion. ernnims. cole, ia in the
stomnch and irteiti"es. liatended ah
domen. heairthnrn. ha) cr.mp'exinn. din7y
spella or nny nth-r ailietion arising from
a dieaene staunch.
Wn now' T'N.1l'a Anti-leilci Wafers wl1
dn this. and w wani tymu to know it. This
offer Tiaytt not nippear a1gain.
('O) FOil 25e. 11
Soid thia contpon witvl yr name
an't arldress 1.nd Your drtlagist's name I
art 1o. in stamps or silver. nnd we|
will stipply you a .i'nt1e free if von I
hnve iever uied Mll's Aiti-Bellh I
Wafers. ani will iso send --ot a ver- I
Silltate good for 25c. l oward ite pi- i
elae of more tielcha Wafers. You will I
find them invaltiable for stcmneh trou- I
hie enres by ahsorptien. Address I
M,1Uf .'s (IltAPs ToNIw Co.. 328 3d
Ave., -Rotk Iabnd, ill.
(live Ful! Adress ant Write 1ainly.
All druggistir,. per box, or by mail
uponi receip' c'' piee, Stamps accepted.
"Now, the trouble with Jigsby,"
said the man who knew him, "is just
that he does not pay any attention to
"Don't you believe it," interrupted
Newitt, "he was the only man at a
certain summer resort last month,
and he was kept busy paying atten
tion to detail after detalls of girls.
Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Among trees th'e eliml reaches an
age of 385 years; the Ivy, 460; the
chestnut, 600; the cedar, 800; the oak,
1.500 and the vew. 2.91')
Lemon Elixir.
Is a sure cure for all
and a preventive of
and other fevers.
Good for Prnarent
Ask Your Neighbor
50e. and $1.00 per bottle
at D~rug Stores.
Twv' conturlies of patient and
conscientious effort to produce the
best Saws In the world.
To'n genzerattionts of blood and brains.
The largest plant in the world exclusively 1
devoted to saw-mnaking, emplloyling .many ,
hundreds of high.class. igh-prlIcod craftsmen
and equi ed iwitha costly speciai mnaohinery.
A o wide business aggregating many
millions of dollars every year.
A reputation built up through two centuries
of steady growth, vaIlued more highly than
any other asset of this great institution.
'he garanty of this Comnpan~y, which Is
rem otedtbe world over,
We make all types and sizcs of saws, but
onl one grade-thbe best.
Atkins Saws, Corn Knives, Perteotlon Floor
86rapers, oe ayre-soldeby atl-.good hardware
dealers,. Catalogue on request.
E. C. ATiINWS (&, CO., Inc.
Largeut Saw Manufacturers In thae World.
F u o Faed"*innia Eosa.
entis A ni'taand Tronuto, (Canada).
Accept so Seeti:h -Ins' on the Atkins Bramd.
For' Family and Farm
- t<
-s ae
I want ten two-cent postage
Itamps," said Mrs. Youngwed, "and
please charge them, because I havo
no chan-g--"
"We don't do that, madam," replied
the clerk ln the po3t office.
"hle idea! Why not? We always
get our letters from you,"-Philadel.
phia Public Ledger.
Mrs. Downhill--Arn't you ashamea
of yourself? Out till midnight, and I
sitting liere darning your stockings
for you!
Mr. Downhill-Woll, my dear, you
know "It is never too late to mend."
Cures Cancer, Blood Poison and Sorofula.
If you have blood poison producing
eruptions, pimples, ulcers, swollen glands,
bumps and risings, burning, itching skin,
copper-colored spots or rash on the skin,
mucous patches 14 mouth or throat, fall
ing .hair, bone palas, old rheumatism or
foul eatarrh, take Botanic Blood Balm (B.
B. B.) It kills the poison in the blood;
soon all sorts, eruptions heal, hard swell
ings iubside, aches and pains. stop and a
perfect ouro is made of tho worst cases of
Blood Poison.
For cancors, tumors, swelings, eating
sores, ugly ulcers. persistent pimples of all
kinds, take B. B B It destroys the can
cr poison uk theblood. heals caneer:of all
kinds, ouros the worst- humors or sup
jurating swollings. rhousands cured by
B. B. after all olso falls. 13. B. B.
composed of pure botanio ingredients. Im
proves the digestion, makes the blood pure
and rich, stops the awful itching and all
sharp, shooting pains. Thoro ighly tested
for thirty years Druggists. $1 per bottle
with completo directions for home ourn.
Rample free and prepaid by writing Blood
Baln Co., Atlanta, Ga. Desoribo trouble
and free medical advice also sont in sealed
There is a booim in miushrooim s this
year in England.
How's Thila?
We offor One Hundred Dollars leward for
my ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
[lall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. COnEcry & Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, hav.- known F. J.
-honey for the last 15 years, and believe him
,erfoetly honorablo In all business transac
ions and flnancially able to carry out any
)bligations made by their lirm.
IVEsT & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, 0.
Druggists, Tolodo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intornally, not
ng directly upon the blood and mucuoussur
racos of tho system. Testimonials sent free.
Lrice, 75c. per bottle. Hold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for oonstipation.
Tea at a cent a pound is used by the
poorer classes in Japan.
ror:lible Soro on Anklo Cauio< Awful Si
f'aring-Ootld Not Sieep-Curect
by Culetira In 51x Weeks.
"I had a terrible sore on my ankie, and
had not walked any for el'vc: months. I
tried nearly everything :-ith- - r-ne
lit and ha:. a doctor, buit hi didn't seem
to (o ,.ny :ood. He said I would have
to have lry ,ii . ken off, and that I
would never alk t.gam. I sutiffered aw
[ul, and at night I couldi not sleep at all.
I thought the.e was no rrst for me,. .:ut
.- soon a I bez'i.n- to ;.ne C iticura Scap
ind Oi - .urme.it it comn.e cd iealing nice
ly. I I .; d -he at.kle with wario water
md Cuticm.a Soap, A hcn ;.ppiei Cuti
nara ty(itment to the affected part. and
laid a cloth over the sore to hold it in
Pilace. A'ter tw, weexs 1 could walk
iraid iii my room rea! goorl, and in six
week ' .ri my ankle w. s ei. re:.- eured,
d.was, i:alkmgt. :tround out -t' doors.
\les. Al-ry I);ekerso:, Loula C'. 11., Va.,
1prl 2, 1905. '
Spot's Long Jaunt.
It took Spot, a West Side bulldog,
just six days to come on foot from
Holland, Mich., to Chicago, 16.1 miles.
Spot 'rrved in Chicago last night.
footsore and thin, but pleased. He
walked in at the residence of his inas
tetr, A. F. Rehberg, Forty-eighth aye
niue and Indiana street, still able to
was his tail and put his muddy feet
all Over the astonished nmemniers of
thle household.
Mr. Rehberg wvent to Holland I we
weeks ago for (luck shooting. He took
the dog along; but when he rettluned
he left Spot behind. Country life (d1(
not suit Spot. It made him sad. One
night, while tied .to a trece, lie slipped
his collar andI disap~peared.
Spot kept no recordl of his trip, and
therefore Mir. Rehberg catn only siur
mise. The conclusion is t hat lie walk..
ed1 all the wvay from Holland. To do
this lie must have made nearly thirty
miles a day. Furthe-rmore, he had no
roadl map.
Perhaps the most delighted mem
ber of the Rehberg family is Hazel,
the 6-year-old daughter. Since yes
terday she has given Spot two pound.
of candy-Chicago Post.
"That was a terrible crime comn
nittod )esterday."
"It wasap-. Have the pol~ee made
ny progress apprehending the
;uilty parties?"
"Oh, yes. They've persuaded the
ewspapers to take the matter up"
Louisville Courlor-Journal.
Uow It Often Happens From Cofree.
"I had nio idea," writes a Duluth
ian, "that it was the'coffee I- had beeni
Irinking all my life that was responsi
le for the heianes which were
rowIng upon me. for the dyspepsa
lint no medielnes would relleve, and
or the acte nervousness which un
tted me not only for work but also
or the most ordinary social functions.
"Ilut at last the truith dawned upon
ic, I forthwith bade the h'armnful bev'
rage a prompt farewell, ordered' in
nime Postumi and begant to use it. Tihe
ood effects of the new food drlink were
ppairenit witlhin a v-ery' few days. My
endaitches grew'less frequent, and de
r'easedl in vIolence, my stomach grewv
trong and able to digest my food wllthI
utt distress of any kind, my nervous
ess hgtls gone find I anm able to enjoy
fe with tmy neighbors andl sleepl sound
o'nights. My physical strength and
erve power have -increased so much
aat'I can do dou'ble the work' I usred
do, and I feel no umnduie fatigue af
'in ards.
"T.lhil. imp-ov-ement set in -just as
>on as .the 0o(d coffee- poison"1 hlad so
orked out of my s-ystem as to unalqw
te food elemtents in the P'os-tum to get
hold to- buil me up again. I cheer'
ully t~si-fy tfiatlt was IPost-umi aitE
oatuuny alone 'thiatgdh~ all this, -for
hedi I began 'to dirink i't -I 'tshrew
~ssl to 'the, dogs.' " Nalmiegl-ven by
0.stuni Co., ilit fJl Creek, Mich.
were's a re~ason. Read th'e f'a'mous
tt bbolC "The ll'ond to VellvIiite." bn
A t.. m ......
The Automobilist-"Funniy they do
T'ley're horribly bumpy."-Tatler.
Another severe blow for the arts and
crafts has resulted from the arrival in
Philldelphill of the ple-iaklling mna
chine. It has always been supposed
that making pies was a work for hui
man flners. Despite the inroads of
iacliliery on the crafts. the pie arti
.9an1 has sto4)d alone, uitouched by
modern invenitiveness. It was thought
tha t a pe was too complicated and In
dividual it creation evcr to be produced
by brainless mixers and triminters and
Now comeps this ple-making machine,
to standardize thie pie and destroy its
individuality and tihenit to multiply and
eliapen It. One man, three boys and
the 1m1at0hLne turn out from sixteen to
eighteen p1esi a minute in the Philadel
phlit bakery wlhere the piloneer na
chine ham been hisniled. The inventor
describes his contrivan lce as i boon to
tht huema race, about ten feet long
anid twenty inlhes wide. An electric
motor furnIshes power an( a gas jet
keeps till% forming dies warm. Over
the machine- Is SNapelded it tank with
"11Hlm-" for 400 pies aind In It anl agi
tiltor revolvos to keep the milteorial
fron bIotking the outlet.
After thet paste for erulsts has been
properly mixed it is wvighd and cut
1ito loper sized plees by i dough tit
vIdlvr. A tray fill of 1111mps of dough
for bottom crusts is phled at one end
of the machine ad an iother tray, con
tainin mg Ilumpis for to;) crusts, at tile
otherW 01nd. At thle rear' is a slack of
A magne~1ltt ized armIl sw%'inlgs ar oun ld,
plek5 upl a1 itetl pa111 ce11 ts it onl a die1
is placed0( on the lalte amnd the next
m~oement brtinigs it u1(t'ir a tit whieh
forums tile lower crust. Then the fruit
is deupositedl froml the Itnk anid th.e
plate miovesforward. By tils time an
othier lumilp of dough 1has been01 flattenedi
as5 "1,"' for lemon-while an a uitomaitic
hllo14ws blows ai puftf of floutr over the
dlough to keep it frow u sticking. The
nest molvementi~t brI'n1gs the' illiedI p)le
11nd4 thIs lupper ertist togethetr, one' Oip
erator being statibned't here to adtjumst
the 1top cover if necessar11ty. TheIin the
coveredi pie cotmes under01 thle edginig
die, wvhleh cuts oft all scrasiP andit the
pi1e pass~es forw~ard 011 ani aproni w'hleh'i
leads(1 to the oven.
So) tihe pr'ocess goes 01n with a11ll regn.
Ilarity imtll 400 pies aret lined0(. Th'Iey
are' all perfeet-too perfetctt, Iprhaps.
T1hey arte mlach)ine-madeth, and11 not COl
taina 111tig 111and. 1111 to)11hed I'lhem11
fr0om thleir iiial18 stalge (of douighiiness
unti1l t hey are ready to 11e talkeni fromi
the oven0l-and( therinl lieIs the4Ir chief
virtue.--Melentle Amnerleanl,
11 unting and)1 11*st Cure.
Sevt'ral y'oun~g 111arried'4 woll'n, tielt.
etedt as "smart," 11ave1 ad(op.ted aI sim
1)14 formn of rest cure, wlch tey praeii
(anld they3 ofteni 1hunt iil(' 111mes a w"eek)
111ey ideh~ hiome, have't t'll and1 at bath1,
go straight, to bed. andit eat theIr diln
ner1s safely' tuc~ketd up in th'elr~
"tdownies." This' means11 rest and1( sleep
for perhaps1) foirtoeen hours.-L~ondon
Ladtites' Fie'ld.
Ilia 'r.ugrea,.
"sY~'hen I started if1 life.," said the.
dltin't have a dllaruI I coulti call my
"I1 -Iave managed to call a g.Iot of.
nioniey my own, althlough sthlere. Iaa
grea-t deal 01' dispulte about11 it."-Washl
lgroan Sitar.
4 bp
N'T IT ? VERY. ti
nl't keep these roads Inl better shape. ]p
Prompt indleation of fire generally t
mepans HTs early extinction, and an Il
augblwe signal of some sort Is the only f,
- e
oee that cen e rolled upon invarably
to attract attention. A novel aflarm w
of this chtiss that has been worked aI
out ItI detail by an Inventor provides 01
for detonating an fuhninatechag (.11 n
whneverCexESsv EXESSIV EAT.e "p
Paront i atly at of afm r getrl
meas. Ths exlostiontactsth at-a
hhn toe signa fh souce of theobl,
~ il/I
nxcrsrsp HAT tC
tirts Tetltn fulminate hargpoe 11
win anyr cnenC5ieet beptcmetali ap
andwe watr pooi a necsy Te a
tentontofn i i effectt b ithe ( rlease( t
hifi ta pin~oo, for th oterc resi'ent'mhie
biterI truht abou by ath fustouns
allo whch ormaly old thesprnga
or srikr, o th buringof acom Ii
hustble oni. On ofthe eatres fsi
the evic is he ese wth wleh i P
may e apliedto ay pont, equi-0a
lug o co neetlon with any wire, s
pipes or ther evlesTo
t"resnd-miedowni"iarnis tb frompthed I
wtorldf giaeoe Ivle sl f itt~y 1hie at
deostSow i wefekto' adverthse releos. ta
"er, 'honge amotb thlefig yof ane
adlloy with miore ciiloyi 0(m's t -e Rpiln P
Orhtikenr.. oery etc.,rnn o a CO -
<tuhe, orc is thr loehas wit brIch t du
fit' ae -I will cl.eaed to 113 om payeqi a
lgd witoun t pibli t. Titn ugh'es. saU
failiar withe he factiht ol ontra<
hade byo tne deomae h eeryw,
wlo o 5n'le ets. ~ avny lo! i 1uy te .)! a i' tt
Iflre Slently aiek(a on 'tpr Fits ave
nuo."--Ne Yokfresliti
iTe le s ~'t adjt t(Il o , las , hove'ties
oli teglss jt'i'3wei,whlehu isovere
umbellas, o f el'Iconit il afford t no Cut
tllhe osss ,t5i~ione ob its4)1 advantagg-- t
nt mey, tatV theyi'i 'it be heldt in4i(~e t't p
of lt. fac wt'n mu)o(ting the lii d'anditi
ain an at'l'(' tii same ithny h usero nnjp
yll-ttei beI aled 0on tihat' h'e1doe' ao sai 0
run'. iNt~ uoYond ling'e dvius. 'o $t
Tlam latst -Oleadi~' o. Tlnann levmt~
Mkes as dood, If Not Riette., Beverage
Tban Whole -Leaf.
1ilstory tells U's that when coffee was
at brought to the cities of western
Lirope the first makers of it were
irks. They roasted an#. ground the
rries and served the liquor as it is
rved to this day In the East-grits
id all. We still drink coffee as we
-ank It then, with' this: difference.
iat we mostly omit the grits and
,ink an infusion instead of a decoc
on. It, was not so with tea. No
hinaman was imported with the first
mnd of tea to teach us how to make
uid drink it. The consequence has
en that we have never draik tea In
1e Chinese vay-that Is, a simple in
At first there seems to have been
reat doubt as to how to deal with the
ew herb. It Is even said that It was
>metines boiled, with salt pand butter,
nd served up as a sort of spinach.
he old phrase, "a dish of -ten," seems
> bear out this legend. Finally it
ime to be settled that the most whole
)me and pleasant way to treat the
!a leaf was to make it Into a kind of
wveet soup, with sugar and milk or
'eam. I have personal knowledge of
D country in Europe but one where
a Is used as In China-Portugal,
1ie*hi'got:Its knowledge of teking
'om a province in China,- with which,
t that time, no other nation of Europe
,as in contact.
It was while traveling on horseback
'ith a guide In the wilder parts of
ortugal, away from the shops and
ins, where we had perforce to make
Kperimients in the most economical
se of a few ounces of tea and coffee
iat we could afford to carry with us,
iat we lilt upon i discovery. Having
a milk, we drank our tea, as most
ortuguese drink theirs, as a simple
ifusion, sweetened with sugar.
I remembered to have read, I believe,
the travels of Abbe Hue, that when
ie Chinese desire to be thrifly in the
se of the finer and more expensive
!as, they grind the leaf to powder
ad use less for the infusion. We
)und that tea could be ground in a
ffee mill as easily as coffee; that tea
iade with the powder Is as good as or
etter than when made with the whole
af, and that the powder, as it natur
lly would, goes further than the tea
Not failure, but low alm, is crime.
R. Lowell.
Command large fields, but cultivate
nall ones.-Virgil.
Convictions that remain silent are
either sincere nor profound.-Balzac.
Philosophy does not regard pedigree.
lie (id not receive Plato mis a iioble,
Lit made him so.-Sencca.
Youth changes its tastes by the
armnth of Its blood, age retains its
ste by habit.--Rocliefoucauld.
I-low then shall men grow if not by
rrecting faults? By self surrender to
od. Not by thinking of wrong and
)w to flee It; but rather much of ex
!Ilence and how to win it.
Similar to certain delicate plants
bih need a soft atmosphere, there
*e natures which come into bloom
ily under the balmy breath of happi.
)ss.-Viscoun tess de Lerceliy.
Flesh ant1 Blood.
"Every now aiid then," lie irema~rked
om his tilted chair behind 'the ('old
ave in the livery stalie oIlice, "some
>dy conmes to mae and tells me that the
itomnobile will drive the horse to the
all as sure as shooting, and I pilty
mn. I pity him because he knows so
tie about, humiam nature. Thue
>rse'il be driveni out biy auitomiobiles
>)uit the time that b~abuie are dirivenl
it by sawdust dolls, and( not much
"D o you remnemnbeir wo or thr'ee
ceks ago when $adlio Mae had to) quit
r good in the Charter Oak stake at
airtford? Iteeled ad laid( down like
tireud child, as one0 write ti 1 it. Peo
n were sorry from Maine to C'alifor'
a. Every paper had~ an obituary on
er, and somie g ave hier ' ditorialsP'
'eek a racing ear, the fastest ever
111t, and~ how many mnourniers would
era be? TIhie owner, maiybe, if lie
cap~ed with his life. Yet Sadie Mac
as only an undhersizedt maurC-dloIng
~r best and doing it better than aniy
lng that's trotted in her class this
ar, it's true, but nothing more thni
mare. What's the dlifferenice? All the
fference In the world. TIhe (differene
tween the living and the dead; be
teen the game, resolute, dho-Or-die
ir-It that compiiels adlmiration and the
animate maclilae that doesn't. Take
clock that has stopped forever, even
faithful clock, and you can't wring a
mr out of the-.childen with a force
imp, but they'll cry as If their?haenrts
are broken over a white mouse or a
t kitten or a St. Bierna'd that's
ssed on to tire animal heaven. The
mmi onglie and the trolley haven't
t horses out of conmilssion and the
tomobleo won't; still, I hope for their
~e that it'll take a fow of theim out
the hands o~f the brutal and Igni
t who dlon't know how to use thb.
1rovidence ,Jouirnal.
subttufe's Clever Move.
lark (Guy Peam'se, failing to appear
the time announced fotr the Old
em Chautaugua, a subsetitute was
rodti(ed. It is always a thianklets
I dhihiult task, and one in which
(! >.('re'litably. Much' of the suc
5 of' thIs subst-Itute was, no doubt
to his happy opening sentence. Ho
I, "Did you ever call on a y'oung
man wvith whgim you aticiepated a
isant evening, and- have her send
rni her lttle slster'?"
ere h'e pauisedi a moment until tihe
ilenice c'aught lihe sig-nlfncante of.the
gle senitenee, and when the hearty
>iause had died( na.y, lie continued,
ttlo siateir did ,nio, want to be there
m'ore than -you wanited lier. .iuit
n to doubt made tho host of a bad
mation, and neenptc-l your disap
iitmenmt na gracefully as.'ott could,
1 dlid.not let ilttle stater ,know' hod
really felt ab'out it."--Talent,
Doing.Away YVlly Oppouition.
uperinteadedt of Pagte A.T BL reck
'kago hiid. n: warra~rt issued for theo
'est o't. d, W. Coi. n tihu~lrge of
ceny of the -iandfo to the tark
aDr 'Coe -ra'ri -a" ieonade3 sitiddlit
iirmrk'on Lub~or 1)ay andJi 4laerta
ke thea thh'etpr 'huy hid Wa'os le Iis
d to hnve removed the hnnale, fromt
DB,mp 'eN 'bid -f,--.-WichfIt 00o?19
madnoa Te-n -~lOst .'rw,
trO ' aetlRW E
The Dennad.
J. VERNON writes as fol
lows in the Press Bulle
tin, New Mexico College
g of Agriculture: Good
roads - are indicative of
a high state of civilization. The im
provenient in the condition of the coin
mon highways proclaims in mute yei
unmistakable language the advance
ment in the civilization of a country.
Highly speclalized industries, which,
usually attend a high state of civiliza
tion among a people, seldopi flourie.'
where mehus is unprovided tor a quic.
exchange of commodities. As th
standard of living in a communit.
rises, it soon finds expression In a di
mand for better roads-roads suitabi
for the gentleman's saddle horse, fe,
the family carriage, for the salesman
road wagon, for the delivery man
automobile car, and for the pleasum
seekers' and tourists' automobiles.
The most natural system to follo
in roatt- building Is to begin the ir
pro'venient in the city, or village, wor'
ing outward in the different directioi
on the lines of least resistance, but
all times striving to reach the greate..i
population and the heaviest traffile.
The work should be placed in chari,
of a man who understands road built
Ing and road repair. This statemc i
Is equally true whether there Oe mnu
or little mnney.available for the wor
The system which permits the appolv
ment of men as road supiervisors i
gardless of their fitness for the po.
tion is accountable in a great measr
for poor roads and for the feeble
terest taken in road improveme,
Probably there is no more roiid wo:
in many counties than could be sup'
intended by one man, and that m-.
could be selected with an eye to h '
qualifleations for the work to 'be do.'
which would result not only in bet
roads, but also in greater efficie -
and economy. Such a system previ' 1i
in many of the older States of -.1w
Union, and it has been suggested t)
it might .prove most desirable in t
section under our conditions.
'The use of improved labor-sav
machinery in the buildin- and rep:
of the common highways no do."
would result advantageously to : i
concerned. To illustrate: If a I,
chine were devised whereby two w., a
and four teams with the machi
could perform as much of a gi'
kind of work in a day as ten men com:
perform in the same time with tea.
and the old slip scrapers, It is evid
that the purchase and use of sucl.
machine, provided, however, that
price was not exorbita.nt, would
most desirable and would result
much economy. Furthermore, if
the same time, with such a mach.
(he work could be done infinitely
ter, it would seem to be the heigh
folly not to invest in one. The mot
road grader is just .such a 'mach.
a The road grader has heconu so popi
in most of the older Slates to-day 1
the old sll) scrap~er Is seldom s
and when it does aippear it Is 1
only in c'orners where the gynader<
not reach the work. Wilthhig moci
grader in the hanads of an exper
every county, the roads leading
f rom our citics and~ towns would
dlisca:rd the ir' shruniken a lparance
takhe on ai more roun ided, elevy
tormi, and thle holes ands~ iniequail
wouldi gra lualIly dispp):ar, leavir
surfac(e so unif'or'in that they wv
delight the eye a:md affor'd p)lenl
to tihe traveker.
Space 'will not permit of an ext:
ed dliscussion of thew methods:
means fo8 r roadt i mpj:-avemen('t, bui
least enioughi h:a.2 bon' saidi to it
diuce a subject wlehbl is deservin;
miuchi thought am~iongi the peopl(
this section. We a.re on the eve
great wav of'(i iprogre~ss, and4 w.
it not pay b:mh the nw':chant andu
ranflhliman t o ;;ire the' i Pltter' of' 1
buildi11ng anld road repia ir more at
The Paramotant Question.
There is no (luestlin that can
sibly be paramount to that of
roadIs. We have tried every sugge
local system and found them all ei-'
imnpractical or Inadleziuate. The St.
county and district plins to have y .
wvagon roadsM have all failed ex t'
in three or four of the wealt:.
States, and the roada, are no bi~it
to-dgy (seome of them-a'e much we:
than they> were fifty yeas-- age
whken first opened to travel. A
ment seems now to be0 superflou
to why -the roads8 should lie syster
cally improved; the <question is,
can we get the:n so improved.? 1h
exp~erience of all thme years 'pr 'a
abm~ifdantly that it can only be i'n'
by the~ generanl government lee bm.'
the \vay. Senators and Represi'mal
tives will take notice that tis I.
queWstlon affecting very materially.
whmale blody of the American peoph
town, country and city; in every t;
calling and profession; the prod.
the consumer and the dealer,
churches andi every institution
tainiqg to the public wvell-being,
a question of no particular loey
section or class, but touches vi
the a-faIrs of every condition
situation of life. The0 wealth . 0o
co~untr~y is, every dlollar of it, I
upon agriculture.
Mule'itacett WVIth Train.
A three mile race betweer. a fr
train qndI a yeamrllng muile was
niessed here to-day, ending in a.
Tfie mule, broke fromt its pasture
as the freight aiproachmed, and sl
ing along .the rigfrt of. .way key
the afde of the train for a distanei
three miles.
In 'the race The mule cleared
cattle glards, and (lid'not stop pum
had reached the i 'idge-oNer the
catatulf, where It' left the rigli;.
way~. The freIght wyne rumu1ng
less'than 'thirty miles etn hour, am'
itralnmen kept watcl on theOAnule-. .,s
the cabiooso na5 it maide its -ri
beaking run.--Infilannpolis Star.
It is .caleulat'ltat la~ Xnudon
about 'OQ -pi'sous~ regtlar~ly m .
living by bnowing

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