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-utered April 28, 1908 at Piekens. S., M second elas matter under act of Cengres of Marek #, 1879.
Lots of Bills Have Been Offered, But Few
Have Gone Tbrougb.
Columbia, 8. C, Jan 21, 1906 -
Two weeks toiorrow since the Log
islature net at d both branche,
have been busy since.
A good ntuy bills, something
over 300, h ;ve been offered. but few
of them have reached a third read.
ing, many being killed on the floor,
in the oommittee room, recom
mitted withdrawn.
Representative T. J. Mauldin has
introduced a bill to allow Piokens
county to borrow f ron the Sinking
Fund sufficient monies to pay off
its ptast indebtedness and get on a
cash basis This measure will be
passed. Pickens county's delega
tioi are hard at work and they are
watching every bill as it is offered
and giving their hearty support to
it if it is a good measure, but op
posing it -with all the vehemence at
their command if it is not for the
best interebte of the state at large.
They are a delegation any county
should feel proud of.
A bill has been rushed through
to grant additional poweri to the
dispensary investigating commit
Among the second reading bills
that have been ordered to- a third
reading in the lower house are: To
require counties to have blood.
hounds; To provide additinal re.
quirements in regard to the inspec.
tion of cotton seed meal ; To amend
the act relating to capitation tax
on dog-,; ro provide stationery and
stamps for school trustees; To pro.
vide for a board of pardons,
L. Mauldin's bill to requiie
auditors to administer in due form
the oaths to parties inakiing retiirii
of property, was recommitted;
A bill by Mr. Sanders to provid3
for an oil inspeotor; To. make an
appropriation to the Confederate
Horme College and to provide for
scholarships in the sane; To sot
apart and provide Christmas holi
de.ys for the stato institutions of
higher learning in the state of
South Carolina; To amend section
553 of the criminal codo of South
Carolina relative to the hunting of
ertain birds to period beginpiu,,
Nov. 15 and ending 1st of March
There-will be lots- of bills intro.
duced, many of which will never
reach the calender; sOsne, of much
good to the state, will be killed, be
cause there may be&sime "politics" '
in it, while some. bills will be of,
fered just to please "my constitu
There is flow, and will be several
bills looking toward the betterment1
of the dispensary, while local .
option and prohibition measures
are rife. The senate seems- com
mitted to a dispensary. bill while
the house seems divided betweeni
prohibition and local opti n.
During the forty days in which
this body will remain in seion'
-.-many heated dhiscusions will taket
place and muclh ground will be
threshed over. What .the outcome
will be I am uinable to say at this
writing. J. .
Grip Quickly Kaincked .ut.
* "Sonme weeks ago during thme -severe
winter weather both my wife and myself
-contracted tsevere colds which speedily
developed into the wvorst kind of Ia4
grippe with all its miserable symptoms,"
says Mr. J. 8. -Egleston of Maple
- Landing Iown. "Knees and joints
aching, muscles sore, head stopped -up,
eyes ,and nose runn~ing, with alternate
spells of. chills and fever. We began
oseing Chamberlain's Congh Remedy,
niding the same with a dose of Chamber
- lain's~tomaoh and Liver Tablets, anud
l-y its liberal use soon completely
km ocked out the grip.". These Tablets
S.. prc.mote p henlthy 'ction of the bowels,
liver qua kidneys which Is always
beneficIal when the-system Is congested
by a cold or attack of the gri. For
salebe Plckems Drug Co., T., HIunter
Do not be deceived by counterfeIts
* when you buy Witch Hase) Salve. Th~e
pamo of E. C. Dewitt and Co. is ota
- very box of the enuine. Piles in
thttworst form will soon pass away' If
you will apply. DeWitt's W~itch Has4i
8 .lve night and morning - Bet for
Ont Burns, Boils Tetter, Eema, eto.
Soad by Pickens Drug Co,.
Dict y
"Do Your
should do
We h
The stoclK
are comp
fresh goo(
and will ]
est, and s(
We W
Potash, C
us before
busines~s at
ON NEW YEARed fromalh
sane at Coli
lood School in New Build- health.
By the w
ing. m1 111 Ie a
she was hut
--.-.--- . Sunday at J
iBatch of Newsy Stuff From Thrivina Brid'ges to
Cateechee. eat datughte
1905 is now a thing of the past ex. Parkoins of .
opt from a. bistorical standpoint. 'linig
)eeds commnitted last year can never hOrp oi
e banuished. If they were good ones th honeym
ii ia well, bad, "woe unto the trans- <.aughter LI
ressor." There is no such thing as Perkins fa
stand still in a person's life, they months.
re either growing worse or better.
'hen, how important to all, eadecial-.
y to parents for the child will dloubt- It's a wi
ass do when old as taught when to ask his
oung. Let every one make a The best
ledge audh ask divine belp) to keep it. insurance.
Scbool opened this morning (Mon. A lawsu
lay) In the ew school building at A dollar
his place. The house is complete two loaned
Icept the touch of :the brush on the It is foil
neido; There is .a large hail up hear.
taireawhichA wilt :sftord ample room. Whore ti
othat the aeoret societies cain invite feast for I
heir brethren-whichi they hope to do0 It is newV
it an) 'sarly (date, home.
G. F. Norris' residence is rapidly Nothing
earing completion under the man- you do yoi
gemnent of Contractor J. 8. Hall. how.
-Miss Addie Hiatt of Easley, is as-- Go slow
isting Prof R. A Gentry in the When i
3rammar school and is stopping at, A fre.
be htel.steer shy<
A small child of Mr. Re u- M'euldin An h on
savery low with trneumonia but Is good as hii
inder the care of Dr. WVoodruff and Inotinig to
we understand Is improving. Dou't loi
Mr. T. W. Davenport who was an automa
manager of the hotel hero was car. your way.
ried to the ho'.pitai for the insane at -ra
Milledgeville, Gs., a few days ago. 'The story o
1health was the cause, it is sup 4or0 pn1
p osda, of his trouble. A'rs. He says: "
Davenport still has charge of the ho- ofa persiste
tel here. sip htri dn
Mr. J. C. Garrett is enlarging his tutil I took~
sto'e at Norris and contemplates~ run,-o cout","n
kfa general store. Jake is a saved mue fr'
"hustler" and if the tongue and fair cnre for dir
dealkg% ill bring trade he will get f~ Luu
To Our Customers a
ou make any 'New Years
Trading at the Big Stoi
%ve never been hetter prep
s in our
Three Large
ete in every respect and ai
We Wai
eave no stone uteturned to
nable prices, polite attenti<
)und business methods hav
ill handle this season the 1
otton Seed Meal and Nitrat
buying elsewhere. Come t
Rico is doing a goLd
ey Williains hak return. No Alteratio
state hoHpital fur the in
imbia much improved in Nothiug Chang
ty, Old Riddle was in the at the
few days ajo. Wonder if Cut Prices
ting a job in .a coit Ia
on Cateechee hill last
:30 a. mn., Mr. Gaitnes,
rof M[r. and Mrs. Thos. ______________
lontral, J. Alonzo Brown
After the marriage the
>!e boariled No. 12 for'
vbere they go~ to spn
oon. This is the third
ut barn married out of Air)
mily in, Iea than two A~ivioyo n
B. muhtckohadlf
vised Proverbs. 'jeCltigSesvi
mn son who knows when
ather for money. MnsYuh
policy is a paid-up life Alszs l oo.
it is the thief of time.,inu ler n ua
mn the hand is worth Cm al-hyi
to a friend. ____________
y to tell all you see and
here is a will there is a E tr tc
r oo ateto oveor o N Ato
will beNoohe uellhtna
sad gettltht
e cat i awaythe niuttPrices_
in needAisinveritnrytof ou
much stockeon handhaee
lose.And etras toko medfrim a
)blO crne sorcingpriisA resal.olr
-JanaryLipinctt"I hveCome aryey a
ture ofEntire Stockw
Ier torlate t ove or goFI AT
)ril behe el thu ato 33 men' Perby' cent
tN .il inreont know.
reand t o t lif
Dr cat is ew ther ight - ieck ihu o
ipn needgis a fnd t0d,oram ryCrtm .
ato CIman'ts wohr a JF.1
bAnd when Drug have
d $100, uarateed Tr d extraces tome o fovrcit c
lorrow Con
Lnd the Public in Gen
' resolutions? One of the.
'e!" and there are many i
;red than now to meet y
Deprtment Stores
'e daily being replenishe<
it Your trade
secure it.
M, having at all times an
e been
eading brands of Fertilize
es of Soda and ask that y
o see us early and often.
Per Cent Dis
id-winter CGo
For Thirty Days---E
stock of Men'., Yeuth.', Boysn', and Childrens's Clotl
over from the Winter. AWe need the room for Soril
tid Winter weight Clothing, -we y11 on Saturday moi
held in Greenville--the price. will be cut to ONE T[
>ys' and- Childrea?'s Suits, Dress Su
-Black, Burges, Plaids-every suit in the store goosi
Block Clothing. It all comes un~der thi knife and goi
ray suits in this sale at *5 to $10 a suit, our nsual pr
ill move fast at the price-.agificent bargain. to I
Ul. End
120. Main St. Ga
Less Remember the Place-E
of Fruits .E
kesn for Christmas have arrived and tho
ains to offer the trade during'
e Holidays.
,shoes, pants, underwear, .overshirts
iscinator., union~ suits, <calico, corsets,
idren. Don't forget tr> get a sack of Cin.
is cakes, the heatL in Am's-ruo You can't
I flour. The best is the chd&:Aast. Your.
HIARRIS, By lmsenf.
ni should be to
easons why you
Dur eveiy want.
I with new and
Eye to your inter
rs, Acids, Kainit
>u come and see
W coo
W 0.
25 Per Cent
Than Original Price
thing Sale
-uary 15th
uing, Over coats and Trouser., shows that -we have too
ig Goods soon to arrivo. En order to move this e.nor
'ning. Jaiuiary 13th, inatugurate one of the greatst Cut
its, Tuxados, Trousers Rnd Ovecoats
uto the fsale, not a suit reserved; including the famous
a at the 33 1.-8 par cent redtuction. Bllack Olay WVorsted
Ice $18 to $25, siztJB 33, 84, 35 and 86 only,
e secured.
White an Fancy
el ESTSa'
~eenville. A
Iring Cash..OigialPrce

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