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The gentlneWourmal Coinpany.
Tnoursox & BEIoRn. PUOrS.
Subscriptiou $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Uates Reasonable.
Enttered at 'ickens Postofice as Second Class
Hall Matter
Wednesday, January 24, 1906.
Let us all resolve to make this
year the best that Pickens has ever
known. We cam do this if Ull will
work unselfishly for the common
good, and each one will be benefit
t-1 thereby.
Croup, cougLs, colds Whooping
sough, eat., have no terrors for children
or adults who evacuate tl.o bowels with
Kennedy's Laxative- flony and Tar.
Tads remedy expels all colds from the
systemand strengthena tL.e throat, lungs
and bronobial tubes. The Original Lax
ative cough Syrup and Liquid cold cure.
Sold by Pickons Drug co.
Look around you and see if it is
not a fact that the farmers who raise
their hiead and meat at home have
the best credit and the most cash
money after all debts 're paid than
do those who grow all cotton.
IA Mad Chase.
Millions rush in maid chase after health,
from one extreme of faddism to another,
when, if they would only eat good food,
and keep their bowels regular v Ith Dr.
King's New Life Pills, their tronblos
would all pass away. Prompt relief and
quick cure for liver and stoancli trou
ble. 25c at Piokens Drug Co.; guarau
The backbone of South Carolina's
wealth is agricultural. Any move
went that improves existing methods
or (nlists the attention of young and
enthusiastic citizens in the myraid
possibilities of the subject must oper
ate to increase that wealth
The First Requisite of Beauty.
The first requisite of beauty is a clear
complexion. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup
elears a sallow blotehed complexion as
it stimulates the liver and bowels, and
the eyes become bright and clear. You
owe it to your friends to take it if your
complexion is bad. Orino Laxative fruit
Syrup does not nauseate or gripe and is
very pleasant to take. Refuse substitutes.
Those of our young men who served
in the Spanish American war will be
interested to know it has 'been decided
that they are entitled to) pay from the
time they left home until they were,
-mustered in. The claims have been
fied' in the United States Court of
Doctora coulD Not Help Her.
"I haed kidney trouble for years,"
writes Mrs, naymond Conner of Shelton,
Wash., "and the docters could not hlp1
me. I tried Foley's eidney cure, and the
very first dose gave me relief and I am
now cured. I cannot say too much for
Foley's Kidney cure." It makes the
diseased kidneys sound so they wvill
eliminate the poisons from the blood.
Unless they do thi,, good health is
impossible. Pickens .Drug company,
B. F. Smith Easley.
Farmers complain of scarcity of Ia
bor and many tenants have changed
places for the ensuing year. 'The
high price of cotton makes the labor
ers more independent and many of the
farm hands refuse to hire out prefer
ring to rent land. This accounts
largely for the scarcity of labor.
"1 Thank The Lord!"
cried Hannah Plant of Little Rock, Ark.
"fur the relief I got from Buncklun'a
Arnica Salve. It oured my fearful run
ning sores,-*when nothing else would
heca , and from which I had suffered for
5 years." It is a marvelons hea:er for
cuts burns and wounds. Gluatranteed at
Plokens Drug Co. 25o.
The Carolina Spartan truly says,
"One thing was lacking in most of
the homhes these holidays. The old
'black mammy' with her white apron
and bandanna tied' around her heart
and her courtesy (kitrtch!)) whIch
cannot be imitated, and her little gift
of egge will be wanting. It would
do good to receive tha salutation of
such humble, kind hearted good peo
ple.-" -__ __ _
- Au Nanergeltoy Medlin.
For spramns, bruises, burns, sealdsle.and
similar injuries, there is nothing so
good as Ch amberhain's Pain Balm, It
soothes the wound and not only give'
instant relief from pain, but ceauses the
parts to healit abou&-one third the time
.quredwy~ othe . usal treatment. Sold
.by Plckoes Drug Co.
A farmer bod' a, dream. He
dreamed that he vatsed a thouand
bushels of wheat ad was happy
.. over the faot.,fdi the direamed that
beo sold hi. a*beat' fotra dglar a
bushel and his'hppinespgrew great
Butt he di-eawned not thit he had'
~ ~ sold to a'thousand dlff'rent people,
l'~'~ uae)Ao ecb one and -none of
noes hed paid hi~m and be was mad.
When Ite wgh' jo was broad daylight;
e ti a oti bed b6h exclaimed3
b$geneoIoo I have had e
~ ~da~ i 'ra goa solemn warn- I
~ ~ - bowfthe 'neaning of'it
.*~ ~~pag feton andt pay the ed. i
9t tg4 rfvIolgo bItos on gubserip.
Thl ma'in advantage of ,baving a
8naator Roosevel' would: tie that
Wen Ti)ain woulid no lotigerbe the.
ply rombunctious "butterin" of that
16dy., __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _
k, B. Purhans testlites after four years.
G. B Baiians', of Carlisle Center, N.
., "writes: "About four years ago I
wrrote you 'stating that I had been entire-.
y cured of a sovere kidney tronble by
taking lem than two bottlea., of, Ioley's
Kidney Cure. It entirely stopped the
Another cotton congress is soon to
b. held in New Orlean. That ix the
sot of newt that givei th N,'w E
lan i. m11 oweicr a paini in his p-cket
A Cotgh Syrup which drives a co'd
out of the sys'em by noting is a ciatliar
tie on the bowel is offw-ed in KeniIedy's
Luxtive IHouoy and Tar. clears the
throat, strengt.his the luu-gs -nd brton
chinI tti. The otlier'm friend ..d
the children's fatvorilo. Ihest for (re up
Whooping-Cough, etc. Sold by Pick
ens Drug Co.
Pickens countY ha1 now live bti.k
in operation and every one Ioald t.
its capacity with Iloney. If there i
a cuUn ty in the stato that can boat i
let her get in the limelight.
A Certalist Viro for oroup.
When a child shows sympto oif ( rottp
there is no t.iio to expori-nvnl witi new
remedies, no matt'r how highly tli.
.may be recommendedn. Thero i otte
prepairatiot. that cant awa*ys bo (epo aem
upon. It has bo.'n in um for mniy yarst
and has never boen knowni t> fail, yiz:
olamberlaini a c'.uge remonedy. Mr. M.
F. Compton of Mark,, Pox mi, says of
it, "I hav. usd bam:edrlP a ' eentgi
Remedy in Sevor) 0!a.ses of croi with
imy children, and eaii truthfully say it
always gives prompt relief." For sain by
Pickens Drug Co., T. N. Hiiter
Our farmere should lay ft' flent y of
land for coin, on's, ( otatoes, sugar
cane and in fact all food crops. There
might be such a thing in tle cotton
question as "rubbing it in."
When you want a pleasant 1xtive take
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
T ableta. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.
The fact is that a burglar is about
the most deliberate of all criminalp.
He must plan to enter a house and
must prepare to meet resista nce, The
householder has tbe right to shoot
him. This is conceded. Ihen why
should not the state have the right to
hang him?
The ission of "Earley Riser" is to
clear the way and give' Nature fhill sway.
These fAimours little pils rid the ntomach
and bowels of all putrid matter, thus re I r
moving the cause of h1eadache,oonatipa. I'
tion, sallow complexioti, ect. DeWitt's
Little Early Risers never gripe orsicken
A safe, pleasant, perfect pill. old by Il
Piokens -Drug.,Co. F
English is becoming the we rid Ian ii
guage. Already it is' the langnage
of trad1e; the time is probably not 1?
tar distant when it will be the ye
bicle of diplomacy. A centutiy ago l
I~nglish was spoken by only tweonty'
million human beings. Today it is
spoken by a hundred and twenty md-l v.
ions. That tells the story.
Hebr W. Edwards Injured.
Her-b W. Edwards of Des Moints, Ia.,
got a fall on an icy walk last winter, j
spraining his wrist aand bimsing his
knees. "The next day" lhe Hay3, "thev
were so sore and a ill' I was afraid 'l
would have to stay ini bed, bunt I rubbed
them well with Chaamberlains Pain Balm I
and after a few applications all sorenes ,
had disappeared. F eor sale by Pickena
Drug Co.
Don't forget the old man
with the fish on his back.
For nearly thirty years he
has been traveling around the
world, and is still traveling,
bringing health and comfort
wherever he goes.
Tro ithe. consumptive he
brings the strength arnd flesh
he so much needs.
TQ all weak and sickly
children he gives rich and
strengthening food;
To thin 'and 'pale persons
he gives' new firm flesh and
rich red blood.
Chidren who first saw the
ald map with the fish are now 1
grown: up and have children r
>f their own.
He stands foryScott's EmuI. a
;ion of~ pure'cod liver oil-a t
lelightful food and a natural n
onic fo'r children, for old folks E
~nd. for all who need flesh and b
SC T BO NE ChemIsts, 0
~~ New Vrig* bi
oa d*wse
The Rind You Have Alvays Boght, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signatnre of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Jitst-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho heAlti of
tnfants and Children-Experience against Experintent.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare.
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. I6
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troublei, curet ionstipation
an(l Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Fridnd.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Charges have been preferred against 'The papers are f ill of advice and
John G. Capers, at the Department, pleadings to the farmers not to b(
rind President Roosevelt has recalled led into over production of cotton
8is appointment as District Attorney next year by the high price that it 'a
and Ernest Cotbran, of Anderson, has now bringing. The advico is all
been appointed. right, but it is a tlirly Iii ono shot
that every planter will think the ad
An ngreeable movement of the bowels
without any unpleasant offect is pro- vice good enough for the otlher fellow,
Iuced by Chamberlain's Stomach and and will hopo that he will labide it,
Liver Tablets. For soln by Pickens but for himself-he expects to r i~e
D~rug Co., T. N. Hu inter Liberty.
u , Nall he can, and his little over prodac
It is quite probablo that farming tion, le argues, will titu evi ot the
ands will now greatly increase i) prices honexpects to command.
alue. The high price of cott-)n has
onewhat demoralizd the cotton SKIDNEY U3
nanufacturing industry in some sea- Makes Kidneya and Bladder Bight
ions, while, on the other hand, it has
eidered farming more profitable. qe=rs - Iho Und You MaW Always BqM
'his is causing many 'Vhite people to sigatm,
laves the towns and cities to tako up -
icir abode again on thte farmts. The A Suggestion For h Commissioners.
uhabilitation of the rural districts is| Edit'jr Sentine -Journah:
te crying need of the day. . orry we people livipg in the lost
- - corner of ?icke~ns cannot njoy your
La Orppo Andi Pneumannia' article of praise for the coun ty com
neumonia often follows la grippe but missioner a for Paving $10,000 of owr
wer fotlws tihe use9 of Foley's Honey . oe that mig ht have gone to im-.
id Titr. It curos la gr:p pe coughs and roeour bad reads. We have here
revents pneumonia and consuai ption. pre
sk for Fotey,s Honey and Tur and re. in this lost corner 10 or mtore mtik~s
tee any substitnte offered. Mr. G. ot bad roads . that have not had a
acher, of 157 Osgood 8t., Chicago, days work on them by the county in
'rites: "My wvife had a severe case of la a year and t wo mionths. I shouldn't
rippe three years atgo, and it left her thimk it required a very businesslike
:ithl a terrible cough. She tried a bottle orfi .eln id famr ocl
f Foley's Honey -and T'.r and it gaveorfidelnkndfamntoc.
aim-:dir to relief, A 50 cent bottle conred lect taxes from 0one section of the
or congh entirely." nefuse substitutes. county and' place it on some ot her or
'ickens D~rug Co. R. F. Smith Easley. not use the road tax or even require
--men here su bje ot to wot k these roads.
The doing of a good deed one day Ye5, we h ave always agreed that
s a very small matter. Multiply Pickons county, did not pay het ofli.
hat by thirty and see how it looks.oesmr Lahlftenontht
L'hat represents one month's feeblegodnd(te * hulr
ff rt to be of service to others. ti atrtemrs ~i h
lPLirty kind helpful actions are far mnywl o ieotbfr h
enel ing. Multiply thirty by t.,elvremmsitesrahtl otenr
md see n hat one year will do. Mul omayerntevrtrhsbn
sipiy the yeuse of one'b life and go orknh odo tepiz fy
leeds and the result gets too large foroftewr thugor i fi'
~he multiplication,.itw ~egoitgti~ f(on
No Case of Pntenmeniua en Record,. hnh aldoufrormgaa u.
We do nlot know of a single instance prino ae it ~~ht ci
where a congh or cold rnulnted in pmu n um ouoo ht$000lo~
nonia or c-onsumnplion whein Foley-1( ettonrlldwaitotela
Eloney and Tar- had becen used. It on- ona-o iknsadw il eb1a
onugha and colds perfuietly, so dI) I ot
aike chanches with some unmknown pre o.t.C irbi~
aration whiah ma~y contin opiatow. ~ ~ ~ __
rhieh cause constiption, a condition that
etards recover-y from a cold. E sk for er h ~TeKn o lv lasBuh
[role3v's Honey antd T1ar and refuet any aar
mubstiute offered.
P~icns Drug Co. Dr. R. F. Smith. - - -
cers80,b mOe .GET hafteU noP tta
'l'he Qffut yN-gcdnandou 0f)lWTent A mAe BhAudKre
thoisimatter. tmhermeorof Clumnhat__the
mtm eysrnlya addt ot ney wri noaives ou Merabte
For rybod waeas the newe h s-e
iethasbee (iiiteced ot-tniiwoprsig sthe od ow athe wnrf ul
rsanismo iiteoN.& Librt c crusonentb mdoin byost
of. ih mk , thjwr thugrour ony livrm
foria s wok re do laer remey.a
er o legi ciatpioim te hen he cal c l friounrho trega nine
pfanoarrtlriaon ae.1 ofi to.t cntury fais-n
itouh sin zi~ a andi turn sontnftha $10,000h byos
cornr o T coveread afer wiyea of
ci-akedItnupyl to.r. Kher 8th l
Ely c8. ~ o~I' ic ae . DO YO GB netkdnyadPld
Thle GtafneyN oc sono oupi~t on willH A LAME BACK ?
darvrypsrongylasatadidad fo
a. tR. Comisiofter. sMr. 1) tuodrflyrncssumiermpl crn
ort haszbnu c.onncte Boils et.lmmak iny badt rcai ru
Lrearsganduin w weith' t C l N. b&sadBih's Lae hchi h os
lay., affd m tdae reodoliei al, omo ne~tobe
'orect-d of Bid Bletding Isoong an Drpa-r wxla.otisntrc
)r to egi hap.m~h c neylieorbddrtobetwllefon
>faypr-ua ad latterce.d yune. thsbentse
Rohin ki t and rackje hanrduaed rcieomniolellstoortpr
>nlye relifeandyhaDeroved'soWsccessfulei
crlv, d utat ocusionat everyaton paw eeycaetailslilaragmn
ebt the firnsot ond eacoh. Jaiawoavntarad rsttmy~v
..howgenue ettr itch o e sampebtl zetfe ~enil loabo
rosoal veforvd tmeate is efto in ll hnwllg-eto edn hsgnru
pory up Bltind, bye tdate wthy ofeandhspae n
t wipe out a poodrtiomn bgir thin iI-e&o.l
owera indtaetyi thatern papshmon .Y Te "
-tisitdeb f byyctnt anirstmofofacahpJaooa
y.. w stuthbettrt ds dt egin olrzsaesl b l oddugss
iteonw toear free from debt. Iftt Do'you n ~tae u rmme
th ae Saproot ivoledtha, tKihnm pr'bl
2u wieout a11i p ton~to abi vm-ot and tbegirns, thhemon
Vegetable, liver, yills. Tba
s18 what they are. They cui6
constipation, billousneBB,
sick-headache. ?;'4 o
Want your moustache or beard BUCKINGHAMS BYE
abeautiful brown or rich black? Use nin .
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is larg-selcteCd with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying your shoes from u1s, tr'y us next tiime
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
9 05
May the happiest day of your past be the saddest day of
your future..
As you keep climbing the hills of prosperity May you
never meet a friend coming down.
Craig Bros.
Cne=Price Cash Store.
Come unto us ali ye that iave been labouring under the
credit buying system and have been laden down w ith high
prices and we will rest your wearied brain on Craig Bros,
cash bargain pillow.
The kind thIat are miade at the best studios of the larger cities.
The 15ind that will not fade. That are natural and lifelike,
and fluished on the latest and prettiest cards to be had.
Nice lino of mouldings and frames of any size miade to order.
se oop*u seeo~uulw
~Arkansas and Southwest~
.jOne-wny tickets at half fare pluas 12.
0N w~zn~yRoundI trip tickets at less than one-way
f are. Fromt Memnphis via Cotton Belt Router
'qu pn'nA ; ews~m Jan. 2 and 16.
JO~d~o~lqupn Feb 6and20
SStop-overs both ways and 21 days return~
~u~z~qfliL po~ueI~iocgo ~ihnit on round trip tickets. W~rite for map'
94~ O~ud~q~o~o1ouad~ folder, and piek your date and say when
VviOO ueq ovq pe 'Zjq and where you wvant to go and we will give
-A ny 9OUZ W ?0 8 MO BUG O ~ yo u u l inform ation by return mnal. . 4
9 i ~ f ~ i ~ j W lll O J V ~ i ~ i ~ l A L . P . S M 1'T H , T . P . A ,
ruoi& uoq O~tjo~ o~ro~mzo .Cotton itelt Route,
U~qt91? 3J 001 .04 o* V1213 Equitable, iUuiding
.1fl~q 9JO~fflJ~jATLIANTrA, GA,
-;11 0ano u ..enq Jtg o
l byz Folger iO hnorney & o
~o~dby lolge, Ihoruey & Lo.FOR EVERY KIND OF WORK
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _A S K P O R O U R B S T IM A T E B 8 e RO B
W C ots tr'act to iet, PL.AcING YOUR ORDER.
h~i o r elnwailoWlel OUMIS let to the loweost to ponsible bidder, GIBBES MACH IN ERY COMPA NY
da.. urv 2fhmt 2 p. in P a P-( specill - ____________________________
\ntoy licker
Tru ste... Notice to All Trustees.
IAll irtrst wh~o have not re
Odds nmGtJ End.,--3 I d es' lk he'lti turm d their pmonl.ist for 1905 will pleae
worth 50 at 5o, 500 boy snd girls. bate: ha ven. a meeting of their board and revise '
an-1 onpa at j00, 100 ladWAcersets, Ronio said list andm re~Iitn to me at once that I
Thompann Gilevo Fiting som . & O'.- ma unterm the same on duplicate for cot.
sizes 18 & 19s. 48o 10 Jersey Jackets -'. n of. taxrs for 1905. Please look
wotrtht up to$4.0Oa $50for your choice. I hiti, genthlomen, for me at onoe,
Wantoed--Buttoi- e a atia chiokens; vetI resptfully, E. F. Keith, Aud.
D .P.HfARRIS. 1-10L4
,Iothing has advanced bitt Endel Cuts
Prices in Greenville.
It is well Lnown that the w. o'
howhe could nff'ed to soll dlaltiliniig
at the pr'c-s be it adverti'mng in b 8
urtiat discount sRle, Mr,, 11 Endel re
plied i b t he could no' affrd i f, but
following bis custoi of oering the
publiO a comjplete now sto-k every
seasotnbe rnut clenu out till winter
clothing inl orde - to litive 1.00n1 foi' tL.e
spring stock soon to arrive-and tihe
surest way to avoid Iaving to store
away goods is to outl the prica. We
are of the same epiniotn, jad2ing
from tho nunor of peoplo taking
advantawo of lho hargains Mir.Eudel
is offering. Mr. E 0lel will l(avo next
week for tho Northern markets to
buy his stock.
Personal Experitve of Agiie tid Well
beloved P e*.cher.
No other man in Itho comnitfiy is so
well-belovel or wiose words have such
weight as1 the minaister, U Ito haM devoted
his life to the service of mankind. Il
Maryland one of the imost ooted Metlh.
odist: inisters inl the State suffer, d
severely with rheuma isi. lie found no
relief ititil a friend recommenled
RHEUMACIDE. Hie was Po deliglited
with te reaults thlat for the beon fit of
Othir suffiiers, as a dtiy to mitmkin(l,
he tells his exper'orce in the fo'lowing
"11oisterstownt, Mld.; Fabti-tnary 27th,
"I witi tak',n with IiflUammator.
Rheumatismi in my 1, ft hand anid foot in
ithe I eginnmig of this winter and suffete
gr.'atly. A getiin:in in 1altimore who
I'ad tr-ed Rh. utmaciode for Rt eunmalii.
recommemddd it to me. I *eenred thrue
boittles and took it inl smaller dosjesq than
presoribled. aid aim ni-tw enitirily eiiml.
Can u0se ho'h hanid and foot witiout& the
least ineonvenien-e.
"4Y uirs res icfly
"t. LI W H ELE,
Pastor. ]Re:s'ersto V n %. E. Church."
Your druiggist ;.eila arnd mvcomndsiint
The Key that Unlioks the Door to Long
The men of eighty five and ninety
years of age are not the rotuind w4.11 foil,
ht thin, spare meni who live ol a
slend-'r diet. Be as careful as he will,
however, a men past middle ago, will
ocCasion- ily cat too much or of some
article of food not suited to his
constittion, tid will need a dose of
Chaimberlain' Stomach and Liver
Titets to cleanse and invigorate his
ion -obh and regnaiate his liver and
owels. When this is done there is no
eas-n why the average main shouild not
li'o to old age. For salo by Picken
Drug Co.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Boughi
Bears the
Signature of
County of Piekens..
By J. B3. Newber'y, Esquire, .Probate
Whereas, James E. Miles made suit
to me to grant him Letters of Ad minis
tration of the Estate of and effects of
T. E. Miles, deceisedi.
These 'ase thar. fore to cit' anmd ad
monish all and si:.gubir the kindred and
creditors If the said Tr. E. Miles
acceased, that. t hey b)e andl appear be
fore mo, in the Court of Probate, to be
held at Pickonms Court House, S. 0., on
the 7th day (it Febriuary, 1906, after
publication hermeof, at 11 o'clock ini the
forenioon, to show~ cause, if any they
have, why the said administration
shoul not. be gr'anted.
Gliven unader' my hjand1 and seal, this
19th day of January, 1906, in the 130~th
year' of miur indepenidence.
J. 13, Newbery,
_____J. P. P. 0.
Bridge to Let.
Notlee fit hiereby given that.'on the 3d day of
tFeb. I19il, ati 2 'o-eok p. m. I wilt let thv'
buitiling of1 aI ble ae.L('lroit Shoal creek on road
lendlIng froma lFairiiew (chutrch to, (ateechee,
lti'ght reservedt to rojet any andi alnl bids.
JFana17t3 J, I. gMI'tlfg,
coe. com.
Notice of Tax Returns.
All persons fatdting to snakle their re.
turnsfo tet year 19061 by Feb,. 20, 1906.
I wiill take teir retL~mrns for 1906 in red
mnk andl place a penalty oif f.0 per cent
on saidh return,'n out uer same on dupli
caite for 'ollec' jeon of taxes for 194.6, so
looik out for this one antil all.
I-10t.4 E. F. Keith, Aud.
Nonresident Summons.
County of Pickeuns.
Court. of Comnmon Please.
Summiflons for lRelief-Complaint net
Batnk of P'endhet,on, a corpjor ition duly
chart'tred i:y hew. . Plaintiff.
Jamca Peek, ,Jamnes Peek the .Juniior, T1
M. Lowery, and W . 0. WV Ison,
To thle Defendants above nmed.
You are hereby Sium moned an'd re'
quiir'ed to answver I he comnplaint in thas
actin, of wvhichi a c.>py is heirewit -,
ser'vedl upon 3 ou, anld to) S rie Li copy oif
your11 ansiwer' to thle sia id Ccn-pli a itn 1
subsorthe'r ait hiis cile at I cker, a, 8 C.
vcithint twienty day" after t he service
heroe -f, excilusivye of the a Iy of pnel, a .,
vice. anid if y. ui f al toa ans~wer the' c. c
PaintifT in this artioi in i wiapplyv tAo th
Cour't for the relief demnanded'a ill this
c omi plit.
liatedr Jan 2nd, 100
A. J. Rloggs,
. C.P.
J. P C'arey~
Phlitift's A ttornh'y.
To the abhsenat defendaint Ja mes Peek,
Take notice that the sutmmions in th'
above stated eas'e(f which the fore'goiing
is a copy'. anald the comidpaint was filed
in l he office of t he Cler k of the Court fto:
Pickens(eoutty, S. C. on the 2nda day cf
January 1906. J. P. Carey,
l-1016O Plaint i's Attorney.
Johnson Street Wcst aftJ.il

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