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o1ki. flotinl"Jeurill
faDPenig of a Local ala Personal Natare
-Yon can flid the tymn you owe
in about half the time it takes to find
the man who owes you.
-We are enrolling a nnimber of
now subscribers, but we still have
room for a few more names on our
-This is campaign yeur and you
should subscribe for the Sninel.
Journal as it will give you all the
-There is one thing ouro-in a
home where there is always enough
vooked for company they are sure to
have it.
--Misses Mattie Findley and Ru
by Hammond of Anderson, are on a
visit. to Mrs. J. T. Partri.lgs, in
-A lt of pretty yonug women
spoil their beauty by wearinlg specta
cleo, but some people w-l1 do anything
to be inl styli'.
-1VThe Charleston Post verv ti-u'y
remnarks tha it a man who will return
at) umbrella those days is surely the
noblest work of God.
-Miss lBwUsie Par-tridge of Fair
burn, Ga., is in Picke ns visiting her
brother J... T. Partridge and her
fi iendMrs. .I. L Bolt.
Ruv. 0a wfoid, pastor, will preach
in the Pickens Baptist church next
Sunday at the usual hour. A good
congregation should greet. him.
-Do not forgot to file your tax re
ceipt away with yoursregiflrat.ion
certificate so you will be qualified to
vote at the geieral elh-ction :ext fall.
-Aliss Eva Freeman who has
been dressmaking in Piekens for
quite a while, ltaves this week for A
visit to relatives and friends in Ala
-In ordering the address of you r
paper changed be sume to give your
old address as well as your new one.
This will save us both time and
-- Miss Bessie Ashmore is in Au
gusta, Ua., having been called there
by a telegram stating that her sister,
Mrs. D. J. Carler was very ill with
heart trouble.
-Sevcral hundra d subscribers
failed to pay for their paper last
yeair. We need the money and
wiould I e glad if delinquents would,
come in and isquare up.
---In sending chi ekA, postoffice or
ders c tc, for mtubscription or adver
tising, be sure and make them pav.
able to the "Sentinol Journal." Tt
will save trouble in giving you .rop
or credits.
- Miss Julia Griffin of Greenville,
-who is well known to many of our
--radere; being a daughter of E. 8.
Griffin formerly of this county, left
Sat~rdav for a 'ielt to her sister in
Bir 'ngham, Ala,
- -A Wieconsin girl is suino a, liv
ery stable keeper for $0l,I300 dom
ages. Her beau hired a team and
was enirying her driving, and the
horse ran away. This, she says,
kept bim from proporiz-g.
-There are many mub'scribers in
arrears who have not come forward
with their enbecriptions. Prices for
cotton have beeni uood all the fall
and there should be no exeuse for
netglieting to p~ay such small ac
-A certain school fiacher in this
county who liad great difilewlty with
a few mni.chievons boys u-aid to one of
thiem who. had sorely . taifed her pa
tience: "I wish I could be your mother
for just about a week. I would rid
you1 of your naughty disposition."
"Very wvell," said the boy, "father is
a widower and I'll speak to him about
-Mrs. M. F. Hester wh~o has been
in A tlanta.wlth her son, Ralph, for
treatmecnt returned home last week
Somie of the doctors advisedI against
an operation heing per-formed on
Ralph and he mnended1 to such an ex
tent while he was gone that his
nmother' re'ur-ned homne with hiim
wvithort having the surgeon's knife
used on the littlo fellow's leg, and
since his return he has steadily con
tinued to improve.
-Ar. Thomas E. Miles, who lhis
been manager of the brick yard at
this placc (eer 5sinct it started, died
there on the 10th inst. from heart
failure. "Captain" altleP, us lie wus
famnilairly called by all who knew~ him,
was in his forts font-lb year and
leaves a brother, J. E Miles, a con.
ductor on the Southern between Co
lumibia and Sauvannmah. His r<.mnains
Were sent to Co~lumnbia and laid ti
rest in the Elmnwood cemetery ot.
Thursday. Ho was a good, haoneat,
straightforward business nmn and
was universally lhked by all who
knew him. Itis (bath was a great
shock- to -the pe-iple of Paokens.
-Last Tuesday morning after the
hard, washing anid soaking rains of
Monday, the engine, tende'r and flat
oar of the Pickens R. .1. was taken
out over' the track to repair some
damage; coming back in the tender
jumpued the track at the Barney Smith
fbi and buried itself up in the bank.
The engine Is down on its side, but
is not badly damagedl. "Old 1131"
was fired tup and run out. The track
was rep-aired and trafie ban been re
nmed afiter an interruption of about
thsirty hours. This accident is due to
nto ne-gligence on the part of any of
tbe em p103yes ai~d the cause will pro
biably nevo-t be known, it being one of
thbose unexpl sinableo accidents that
will happe-n. Enginei r Jeanes, while
-working yterutday trying to cut loose
a joint- of rail was hit on the ar-ni by
-a hevy moah oht .al asod ...o1.. b.....
.-E. S. Griffin of Greenville, was
in Pickens last week.
-Born unto Mr.' nd Mrs. Ej. F.
Keith on the 16tb inA., a oun.
- Miss Florence Bowen Ppent last
week in Greenvillo with re.0tives.
-Miss Corrie LtuBoooi < the
Easeley side is visitmng relatives in
-Mrs. It. M. Hester spent a por.
tion of last week with relatives in
-Win. N. ,Gantt and wife, of Lib.
erty, risited his brotlhor, J. M. Gantt
in Piekens last w.ek.
-Sheriff Jennings, Judge M.
Welborn, ' Ed Boggs, and Carlisle
Newton visited Columbia last week.
-Mr. ind Mrs. John Roper of the
Ealey side spent Tuesday in Piek
ens with their daughter, Mrs. E. H.
- -The Pickens counlty horse swap
pers' ctnvention meets at Easley this
week for thiree days, the 24th, 25th
and 20Lh.
-Miss Mad Stanpell, a charming
youngc lady, of the upper section of
the county, has entered the Pickena
Graded School.
- A. 0. Heath of WaxI a v, N 0.
eqf.cretar y and treasurer of the Oeath
Bruce Morrow (ompany, has been in
Pickens since the holidays.
-Marvin Lo1gg'n and' Mrs O'a
Hughe' Loggins of George's Creek
of otion, were irarried by Rev. D. W.
Hiott. at hisI residence in Easloy on
the 21st instant.
-Dr. Wi. Horton a dentist who
comes well rec ianmendod by the peo
ple for whom he bsa worked will
make month!V visits to Pickens, Lib.
erty and Central. Fee notice else.
where in this paper.
-The Sentinel-Journal now has' a
circul ation of over 1,500 per week.
We wonl I like to work it up to 2,000
and beliove we could if o'ir old sub
scribers would call the attention of
their t.eighbors to the paper
-Rev. J. F. Matheson preached
two excellent sermons in the Presby
terian church last Sabbath, to a large
and attentive congregation. At his
next regular appointment, the third
Sunday in February, the morning
service will begin promptly at 11:15
a. m. This change is made to allow
those who attend the various Sabbath
schools of the town to attend service
at the Presbyterian church witbout
being late.
-Mr. J. H. Von Hasseln of Ander
son, who is a very expert accountant
and book-keeper, is with the Heath
Bruce-Morrow Coaulny for a short
time, starting them off in a new set
of books, straightening out the old
accounts and instructing Mr. Ben. T.
McDaniel in the most practical, short,
and concise system now in vogue of
keeping track of accounts. lie is a
very pleasant gentleman -and has
made friends with all who have come
in contact with him.
--Preston Crawford, aged about
thirty years old, was killed in Green
yille by No. 97, the fast mail train,
last Sunday eve-ning. lHe was see.n
about a mile north of the station by
the engineer-, but the train was run
ning at a high r-ate of speed and he
was struck before the engine could
be slowed down. Young Urawford
was a son of R. 0. Crawford, who a
few years ago lived on J. H. G. Mc
Daniel's Twelve Mile river farm, and
at the time of his death wvas living at
the Easley Cotton Mill and leaves a
'wife and two children. It is said
that he was drinking at the tisme,
and when he was seen by the engi
neer he was standing in the middle
of the track with bis back to the
train and mnade no eftort to get out.
of the way. His body was hurled upi
on tha pilot In front of the boiler an-i
there he was found su the enginn
was stoppod in the yard at the sta
Wheni you want a pleasant physic try
Chamberlain's Btomiach and Liver Tab
lets. .They are easy to take and produce
no griping or other unpleasant effect
Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
Mica lie ins.
May I slip in and chat with all the
dear roenders for a while.
We have been having some flue
rainy weather in this section.
Mr. Avery L'oper and sister-, M iss
Lena are on the s'ek list. We hope
for them a speedy recovery.
Mr. David Hendricks and fnwily
have the La Grippe.
Mica school is in flourishing condi
tioni under the direction of Mr. Jessie
"Old Riddle"! Jon'H just ought to
have been dowvn in this1 neighborhood
if you wanted cake. It is said that
one girl carried ten cakes to a "on
supper" at 0one time.pon
Mrs. Millia Hendricks has built t wo
nice dwelling houses on lher farmu
near Mica.
The wedding bells will soon he
hear-d around her-e,percehaance with an
invitation to sweeten up an old
l.o0k out for the candidates, some
he gone back to Ma's to get her
to teach th'm how to raiso their hate.
Mrs. G. B. Williams visited heo'
mother the 5thi i;st.
"Ma.I Cap."
Whai en ulave a Bad ('old
Yon want a remedy that will not onl
give quick relief but effect a permanent
*You want a remedy that will relieve
tire lungs and make expectoration eany .
You want a remedy that will counter
act an ' tend' ncy toward pneumonia.
Yowanvt a remedy that is pleasant and
safe t4) take.
Ohaan6eviln's Cough Remedy meets
all these requirements and for the apeeds
and permanent cure of bad colds stand
without a pee. JJ-o sal by Pce
Neglected Colds Leqd to (
..f\H w ret M s
b P - PE-RU-NA
\How Pretty Mlrn
Powell Was Re
.4 . N. . Istored to Realti
by Pe-ru-na.
Miss Lillian Powell, Aurora, Ind., writes:
"Last spring I caught a severe cold from getting my feet wet and being
out in the rain, and in a day I had a most miserable cold, but I neglected it,
thinking it would soon leave me. But it hung to me for two weeks, when
I felt something must be done, as my condition was serious. '
"I had heard so much about Peruna and in its praise that I igghta bottle
and began taking it regularly. I was gratified to find that in a week the
cold and cough was broken up, and three weeks' treatment cogmplately re
stored my usual good health. '--Lillian Powell.
--At ter December 22d, we will on.
ly gin cotton on Fridays of each
week. Our patrons will please be
governed accordingly. Uring us
your remnant seed cotton and get
highest cash prices. ~
Pickns Oil Mill Co.
Dr. Wm HI1'oto, dent:st will be at Aogthm r heeov
thiawatha Ilotel in Pickens on. Cok ih~egl;~ji
Saiturday, .\onday and Tuesday, Jan. Ad.i (W1nc fSJAl
27--30 mnstead of the 20th as alinnune- ler ATIE A
e 1 last wveek i eared to Co ell ga~st i1ee...lkad
kinds of d..ntal work. If you need
his seviet s co~me on iat day.It NIE ,
FO R SA L1E --T wo (<hvellinugs andl
store i'n goodna condaaitioni. Gooda Wa-.~
ter anid necessary out hl'Iings in
heart of Central, S. C. A pply to 0.
J. F. Brock, wood work main, i n the
Ashmaore b'uilin,, isa prepau ed to
mnendi or ma ke over yo)ur veil es and
do a general lineo of repaQir wvork. Saw
se't Linig and sh nia peanintg a rpecialty.
Givo me a call when*t in need~ of gen
erai~ilOrepair work. l'repared to do1 aill
kinds of pipe cutting and litting. Lf
WANTED)- lai ght , honIe%t young .
mnfrom Pickenis to) Ipr.*oare for
paying pos.it ion in Governmienit Mail ,~"~~i'"
Mservice. Box Ore, Cerlar Rapi.Is, Ia. /'~ *.
-I am now prepareda to (10 all ./
kinds of w~oodwor'k ini conneicliti with ~**--~*<'
blacksmithiung. All wVork guaarani
"Eureka" Stock and Poultry pow- ~
dlers at J. T. Feinell & Ce'. i
The B. iP. Kelley corn and wheat
mill, saw mill andi ginnery on Shoal
Creek is undor tho mnaafgeme(nLtis
year of Mr. Berry Stephlens, a comipo- ~
tent miller, whoC will give y oul entire
Batisfaction. Try him and ho~ pleased. >a.'"
1-10t4 B .Kolley,
Bearn th - TeKn o Hays AIw a Bought
Falling hair means weak hair,.fcdlvroiatal a
Then strengthen your hair; B u rc~ h ihva
feed it with the only haiir food, foi eaae rmtea
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It checks aa.Ulk l-ahoe
falling hair, makes the hair Vno sdlcolypltbe
Iair igorwoen
growv, completely cures dIan..vrtazg imlcit
drufif. And It always restoresOU URNFTWehv
color to gray hair, all the rich, taetweposeIItdent
dark color of early life,.ormnywthu usin
afiI al oI I 141 It c . 'het I tried A yar$
Ill V r. ht qcakl ~to a i th al atuat
u~adon~v uc tal i~t1dAmong h."thCE N S tereo
~glasses to St eyes. All kinds
How Consumptien Develops
Nine cases of cohimption out of te
09Ctar In this wpy:
A person catches cold. The cold is not
Properly Oured, and another cold is
This cold is dilly-dallied with, either
by no treatment wh atever or some treat.
ment that Is ineffectual, and the eold
Then anotlier cold is caught anda
cough develops. Cough syrups are. re.
sorted to, but they give only temporary
By and by the patient gets tired of
taking medicines and cough syrups and
gives up in despair.
The cold continues to develop and fho
cough grows worso.
Then the doctor is called In, only to
discover that the patient Is in the ilrst
staipes of consuniptlion.
It was just in this way that Miss
Powell, of Aurora, Ind., beenme sick.
Sho caiught a cold, and not e.pnsi(oring
it. sorious, neglected it, thinking as
many others do, that it would "wear off."
H owever, it clung to her tenaciously,
and In- two wooks she found her health
In a serious condition.
Fortunately, Poruna had boon brought
to.her notice, and she took a course of
this remedy before it was too late.
In a. week the cough and cold were
broken, and a three weeks' treatmnt
completely restored her to health.
This is what Peruna Is doing all the
while. Not a day, and probably not an
hour passes in which some one does not
have a similar experience with Peruna,
Cure the Slight Colds and Avoid
The first stop toward consumption It
a cold. Thonextstep is a failuro to curc
it promptly. The third step is the do
velopment of catarrh, which gradually
becomes chronic. The fourth step, the
catarrh begins to spread from the head
to the throat, then to the bronchial
tubes, and finally into the lungs. It is
then consumption in the first stage.
At any time during the progress of ca
tarrh, from the first onset of the cold to
its finalsettlement in the lungs, Peruna
can be relied upon to stop the disease.
If you have taken a cold, buy Peruna
without delay. One bottle In the be
ginning will do more good than a half
L dozen bottles after the catarrh ham
fastened itself on. the lungs.
Thousands of Testimonials.
We have on file thousands of testi
monials front people who have been
cured of eatarrh of the lungs by Peruna,
We can give our readers only a slight
glimpse of the vast array of unsoloted
endorsoments we are receiving every
month. No other physician in the world
has received such a volume of enthu.
siastie latters of thanks as Dr. Hartm
for Peruna.
g)od line of
mendable old style Seth Thomas
I am selling at special bargains.
RWAI. Alsi solid Gold and
line of Spectacles; I guarantee
rf epair work in the jewelry line.
- Easley, S. C.
. 1- --"
g ldfahond o lie i n
usewithut adropof ol o
s' a1temeiiaceet
eenfro frsh ods liers
no ale ihrav eiieo
4 co ie i adeusos
agreableto te wekeststom
asabd uleradsrnt
children,.wea , ndw e
mdfrl pumnaydses.
Ains is ae ntelbl
Folger Thorny 01
On February i st we wili place on sale
over 4000 yds of embroidery and 3000
yds of white lawn at 25 per cent dis
500 yards 7 cent Lawn to go at 6 cents per yard.
700 yards 10 cent " " " '' 8* " " yard.
700 yarde 121 cent " " " " 10 " e yard..
500 yards 15 cent " " " " 121 ' e yard.
500 yards 20 cout " " " "15 " " ard.
Over 4000 yds of embroidery and inser
tion in 5 and 6 yd pcs to go at 25 per cent
discount. Don't miss this opportunity to
buy the greatest value ever offered in white
lawn and embroidery.
FolgerThornleyi Co.
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents
Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
$ -:-30 DAYS-:
S During the next 30 days we #
will be rounding up and closing 0
out winter goods.
We're notgiving away goods, #
neither have our profits been so
large as to permit us to sell at
one half.
But we will sell all of our
0 heavy Cassimers, Kerseys and
# woolen goods at greatly re
duced prices, all the profit off.
Lot of 8% cts dark outings
to go at 6% cts.
Ladies cloaks and jackets to
be sold for less than first cost.
. Have lot of odd sizes in shoes
that will be sold at bargains.
You can save money by calling
on us during next 30 days.
~A. K. Park.
West End, Greenville, S. C.
To increase Your Yield, use
Anderson Fert ilizers
More Liberally. A Labor Saver, a Money Maker, Beats All.
Ammoniated with FISH-, BLOOD, and other High.
Grade Ingredients.
For Information,
Call on our Agent at your nearest Railroad Station, or
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.,
33-45 ANDERSON, S. C.
Wng.Sold by Folger, Thorniey & Co., Pickens, S. C.
J. 0. Moore SeI!s 'em Cheap.
I bought a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
the same way, call and see me for most anything you.want I
have a few dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
Calicoes and Outings at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to go
cheap, in fact everything cheap.
Remember the old meat market and bring me ,some
Pork and all the Raw Hides green or' dry that you can get
because I am selling goods. I don't forget my meat market
so call and get your meat or anything else you want.
The Old Meat Market.
Great Reduction.
All our entire stock will now be sold at a great reduction
in prices and if you have not bought your overcoat, suit or
furnishing goods, now is a good time to save money,
Take advantage of this drop5 in price before some else
steps in ahead of you and gets the plum.
Free Cleaning and Pressing of all clothing made in our
Merchant Tailoring Department. -
_L. Rothscildk.I
Sole agent for Hawes Hats and Dutchess Trousers.

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