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Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, .our Stoth- e
ach, orpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to take La
N ver .efore in the history of,
thi not ton triidA has aiuch a mniti
tudinousi al)I'linnt of !Bearl' . d.'ge
anld intentional ml.nrpr1on.iti n11
of actual fact.s been given t,% the
south throxigh paid adv rtisemeits
in the columns of the preis and b,.
the distributiontt of ciruuu le:.t r
through the mails. Op-erators wh
are movirg heaven ni1d oarth to de
press the future contracts aid tie
prices (f spit cot'on a-o cuilioltil-g
their brains im tho inodern at. or
juggling figures anid maki ni w I
high records in distort ing st-atti-tics
in the supremo ftrt to in k a
@mall yield of American cotton take
on the appearaice of :I pletmi III
supply. Hundreds of 0houands .rf
of dollars havo bron expel ded in
the past two moithis in cablegraill3,
telegrams, paitl ri(iles in now) v
I era-L4, postage and markii et ltt1 s iI
an herculeran undrtliking ti) do
eiv. the public, discourage the
farm.-rs and local s:pot. holder4 in -
to rushiig the remniiant of this'
crop on the markot. im-etti, prah
lie opnion iII the P0uh tir I'l . ora I
ly so as to Ireak Ite nirkot mt.d
indiuco li:Ini-lation l e p irer
have threatene.1 to with drw from
the market, which b, a absurditv
in the fire of I hei, ( .1e oriuI s c(nll
mit ments of the (inire outplit of
their Imills for the Inext six 1o eiglit
months. Prominent. "Bear" lead -
ers take peculiar intoiest. in daily
publishing comparative vennntes4
of this crop with years that havo
gone before. Those tanglad and
Much juggled statistics olmaniate
from the oflices of gentlemen who
breathe the atmosphere of a cli
mato one thousand miles frcm the
Southerin cotton fields and whose
eyes have not witnessed the actual
condition of a single co t)ii filol
in the south this year. The statis.
ties and daily reports which l 1y
put out in the stupeidous eflbrt f. r
private gain are simply t.he night
marles. of qverchalrged brains re
ilocting individual views in the/
forlorn hope of changing at least,
temporarily the laws of supplly anid
demand. The interest of the spot1
holder is not considered. T1he great
desideratum is pap)er contracts and
hot air. Trhons~anids of popjle read
this "Bearish Dope" scattered over
the South daily and know it to be
false, yet they tremble in doubt
and surrender their honest eonv'ic
tioni and Southern manhood before
the ediots which emanate from the1
.l. VARTER, P'res. W. HI. OHAPMAN.
Gainesville, Ga,, j. N. MoiuO
j. p. sumi'I, Pres. Li
- 9
- 'IA Sure Cu
d.k.BruIses Contracted Mu
I~~,and drives out Pain.!
peeiotes a free sireulation 01
newetl elsticity.
Mrs. 1E. A. Simpson,
Tenn., writes: "1I have
Rot Springs, Ark., for sc
* get more srelief from Ba
- than any medicine or pay
inelosed and poto1id or
large bottle by Southern 21
* I~1 ~.i...THREE SIZES .25c
~ - 0B: PUR YOU GE
.ir LOtJIS,
COLD ANp 500
~ O *
*. .7#~
uFive fruit Syrup
Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Suit
ne Italii hatd ofhoir onerL.s.
'hi1 c -op can no more 10 c1mpared
vith past yield-4 in.the matter o'
iil g. t: ning and selling..thwn
'um d lhe ou rmuu producti m i
904 LEkt euvmnin th ub
- .' n I td 1j, ti' i nal ; . 8 p'. ubious
loch to .fronts himi. tSpun~ 'b
i .gigledI st a:I i,ies 1s y(.hI wu d eut
adder ii. vadi: g the hlIy pic(cil CtI
.1f r( ur bi-me and reimain fix- d am-d
uneI. terablule in your detrmwini on
t. tecurv higher priess for the bal
M.n03c oti1s cl'op, whielh will un
quest;i-1ionaby pmve to b, on, (40Of the
silliiebt r 2wn iII a .lnumber of
Yours truly,
11ar1vio jori'all
P. S. C. A.
Brea'<ing the Ice.
\1 e h: d -> -o oflisi iigli ors
once that moved down tho road
We reckon they was a' ou the
proud(1est folks n u'd ever know
An' whei me passed 'om now an'
then wo'd ho!d <ur h( ads Ip
hi gh,
T, m a d li ii sure th I couldn't
;;n1b us if1 thoNe Iwa.- t. t Iv.
It reillv mnI-da m11- nervo-1 sa I
All' thoughtl I'd I'm h~l n
how mlly manni( 3(-rs any way. v
O11 Su1n(iay, 'stid o' turi'' round
anld gazin' al th view,
I looked at them und says "Hol
lo I n -' iid they says " 'Howdy d< '
It wa''t the cold an' forIlnel grit
inl'that y)uIv'0 sometimes hea. d;
Thny smi'od and sui.l it hearty,
iko thy ieant it, every wor' -,
It's solemen to reflect on what ue
nisR along b11e's way
By not jes' bein' nattiral an' good
humored day by day.
Thare's lots o' folks who fling the
Simnple joys of lifo aside,
Becauso thy dread the shadoiw
(if their own unZIConsciouls prid e.
Anl' nine t011m0q out. o' teln you'll
finId tIe, rule works right an'
JOS' tell thl1e wo'1d "Hel '(" anud
it.'ll anIswer "JIow(ildy d !''
-Washingtoni Star.
Th'lere is a world of good, sound
01n8o in the ini the ablove, and we
rge you to try it with your nea:-.
~y cmpetitor that yo.u have lo('ked
1)on as5 such a mean cuss, an s( ee
f lhe does niot'provo to be juait as
oaod a fellow as you atro. If you
vorq eixpect to do a avthing. or be
ythling, put away that httle pet
y' jealousy and co-operate with
tour fellow-man for your mutual
1(4e-PrON. HI. C. SIIIRILY, Oase1,Ier,i
1, S. C.
- $25,000.00
- 5,474.48
- 53,254.00
(TER, J. 1I. UROW\N, ii. C. SIllRLEYl'
tv, Pres. First National Bahk,
AN, Pres. Bank of Central,
berty Cotton Mill.
for Rheumatism, Cuts,
re Sprains, Wounds, Old
SoeCorns, Bunions,
icles, Lame Back, Stiff Joints,
cops Irritation, subdues Inflam
e, looseps the ibroits Tissues,
the Blood; giving the Muscles
00 Craig St., Knoiville,
been trying the baths of
latic rheumatism, but I
11ard's Snow Liniment
thing I have ever tried.
Ier for $1.00. Send me
, 50c AND $1.00
Liniment Co.
Cleans es th6 systemn
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
pimples and blotches.
It Is guaranteed
h, Eai10y.
FA LI 0.
All efforta have failod to find a better
.emedy for coughm, colds and murig
troubles thau Fotoy'ni Honey and Tar.
It stops the cough, heals the lungs and
p(ovre4-ta voriomi re.sults from a cold.
I "N. tt ( on Nasua Iowrites:
I% . :tor T had a bad Cohl on my
I'.gst aund tried at, least half a dt.zan
adve-itiised c.-ugh medoitios and had
h. e'ttlwtlt fromn tvo physiciins withvout
gett;:. ig aniy li u..ft. A friend recomn
seudOed Foley's lionoy a d Tar a'd 1w I
thirdis of .a bottle cured i-.', I conmidol
it. the gren lest cough and Ivug niedioine.
inl tlhe wror.d."o
Pi: cn-s Dru. Co. 1. F. Sitli, Easley.
Notice to Pensioners
I .,tl it in ihy e, I rt. l'oiie e-very
- -.-iu iry 190, for the pirpos'e
of making out api licat ions for old
soldie rs aul widons a(hat are not
Iw get ting peslion Iild wish -to ap
ply% for p.eusnion.
A!; now dra:niuug will continue to
o the ir possiols without fur
he r qpien tin
!ain 3, 1906 J. B. Newbory.
Pension Comnmisalomur.
' .1lous Fighting.
"Fir Seven years," Writes Geo. W.
iloffianuu, ;f Ilar per, Wash., "I had a
itter bvct b', ni.I: chronic aoniach nud
Hvor roubWe, but at last I won. cind
tured lily din nes, by the uxs of
iectrie Bittora. I nuhs: -itatingly reo
iwneni d thIem to 3111, tond don't mtentld
in the future to'bo without them in the
house. They Ire ( iniinly a woudorfuil
mueoicinO, to hll V I1 Such0 a bad euse
as mine." Sold, usidor guaranteC to (10
-iame for yoa, by tPi.':ous Drag Co.;
at 50. a b-ottI-. 'Try tle .i today.
For Taking Reti
I will commnence tc
year 1906 on Janmu
takiig returns until
after which time a pe
will be entered agaii
)ne, black or white, i
no..' make the roundscr
is the year for returni
and~ I cannot safely
having dluplicate fron
reference inl man~ly
must he signe by pat
befora~ liagistrate or
will not be accepted
the penalty will be a
ba entered as $5.00
addition to the Capit
each. So govern1 yor
We Never Disappa
We Fulfill Eve rv Promise and I
W E CIURE 0s.**.r' out 'th.*ho
cured never to return, without meroury
anc. of a ecsure wC
N. K K IG, M D. hrvo oanasro
menoneaIimthisas imsslutoem
70acbso lan stf fene
on Pupkinowe oad.l r1
120 acres nearare
joiin lads o Mr.~lo Thow (
Watsn od hmodr $5 eerya
A sosmalltract of a ed 20 d tom0 a
Wehave aso some e eirply o
along te carrln- . (ah
.Gre o evi
had failed. Rheumac
Johns Hopkirts Hospita
of Salem, Va., and D.
remedies and the doot
Almost a Miracle in Tis C
Dillon, S. Q
Bobbitt'Chemical Company:
Gentlemen:-l1 Sptembe9r. 180. I
inatism Ina very I~ad form In flainmal
month afe $he disease started I ha4
my work anc go to bed. It contnu
worse until My arms and hands v
drayWn. so much so that I co ld n t
gi-legs wereodrawn b~ack tilf mty e
my tip I was as hopless as a bab3
12 monts The musc lea of i arm
were harda an shriveled up. SUM
many t ines over. Was treated bus
Physicians in McColl. Dillon and N
none of the o id do me any good,
P. Ewing, of DI Ion canheto see ml
o t youre nHUAI4 n e
glettrth me'c and Ibea
and qore the first bottie was used
to vet better. I used i bottles an
let. I y cured., That was years ai
elth has been exceli nt ever si
sano Gym tome of rheumatism.
urtherthat ibegan to walk-im abo
Id ot crutches- in about three oi
af sto lake It acoud w tik as go
0,5y yand went back to workc again.
Yours truly. JAMES N
iris Year 1906
king Retuarns for the'
try 1st and continue
February 20th 1906,
nalty of 50 per cent.'
ist each auid every
'riend or foe. I will
Ls heretofore, as 1906
ng all 'Real Estate
list all realty unless
i Auditor's office for
cases. All returns
-ty making his retuwi n
Notary Public or it
by the Auditor and~
dided. All dogs will
personal property ini
dtion tax of 50 cents
iirselves accordlingly.
Audi tor.
lot Our Patients,
lever Hold Cut False Hopes.
ie. *.."||,V rcu'.* iti'* rho.""
ormnea L n risa;I.' of taI(s
rlca C. rbs e a ls ilo . rgal ude.r th
I Geogi,.T Atleaimnta Ga. O
lbar~e Meaieatt, S.la ,
nlporlcn andcre. Onu
v elerisa Rgest
unn.4igban.i.e artu, frte btler
res.et n eep~ynn u h i
tas be n eargy n. Teelt r
7 lla doL truls lbuaj
is cured thousandsof cases of Rheumatism afte
Ide cured John F. Eline and. others of Baltim
1. the greatest hospital In the world, had failed.
R. Olmstead, the Norfolk Va., contractor, after I
Drb had given up hope. Rheumacide cured Mrs
of rheumatism she had endured for
A. Hughes, of Atkins, Va., after the most I
to Au. I& There is a reason why it cures: Rheum
ory$ I$a cal science, and whle powerful enougli
ove up of the blood, it operates by purely ne
r *ebadlY most delicate stomach, and builds up t
D1 touched
for near!ly
sand legs
wed death
anion, but
ItiK Dr. 3.
. He told
got me one
to take It.
jP I began
was Com
,o and my
ice. raveSW
it six a s A purely vegetable remedy that goes .right
iths after I Cures by removing the Cause. Your druggist teie
o as any Sample bottle and booklet free f you. send IVe cei
Ro nDITOR: Please iay to your reoers and my'frien
i mplte ithe of Reliable goods whivI ihave fme the
fact, at the rices which I na, quotig I cosior lie.
carry a little nf "anything nd everything," and funi.lig
WEAR ond HEAVY KNIT SHTIRTS;'also, irgood liho of 0
From now until Christans we invite er leies s to a
Wil make the same offer as the arovk. tChi'rhe men G l
rruiks', Valise~s, Gents' Furnishtng4, etc-I The nic,ds line
Flour, salt and ba rbbd wiro by thio:car load to 'go at P
*A complete lino of the good kind of ffurniturd alli. nic
Iron King stoves and Cbattanopga..Plows-twvo vory Iecssar
Ahe best of their kind 0on the markot. c*,'h iwreGlasswvs:
Nears . well.
A full line of Undortakors' goods and a nice Hearse.
Your patronage soliceited and you will be treated rigt
P. S.-All persons owing the estato of W. Tr. Mc~?all
is earl y as possible.
A given number of acres fertilized
greater yield of cotton, than the same
Farmers' Bone does more than that.
the acreage and increase the yield.
who uses
M~ade Wi-ti
has twenty-one years of fertilizer emi
13,000 carloads of Royster fertilzers
This volume of business stamps Farr
- 1085--260"
4' . 890--i,500
* I895-2,OOt
Nofok d. F. 8. RO STER
Sour Qiks
Stomach T
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous-SVA
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures indigestion. This new diiscov
cry represents the natural juices of dige.
tion- as they exist in' a healthy stomach,
comblned with the greatest known tonlo
and roonstructiv, properties. Kodol; DyRLST
pepsia Cure does niot only ovre indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy vGrtnao
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing, L.Mgea
purifying, sweetening and strengthening.Ar
the mucous membranes lining the etomach.*.lncig innnm
"I as t'rouled with sour stomac fo'twet ayar
Kol cured me and we are now ug It in ml& ls omain
Kodol Digests What You Eat. .w.rooA
Bottles only. $1.00Sz holn50 2 times the trial
Prepared by E. 0. DeWITT & 00., OHiOAGO. NhTW
Sol byPiQuicDrkeCo
rall the doctors and all other meadt'
-re, after the famous specialists of
Rheumacide cured Austin Percelle,
:hey had spent large sums on other
~ Mary Welborn,. of High Point, GC
"O years. Rheumacide cured W. R.
amous New York specialists failed.
acide Is the latest discovery of medi
to sweep all germs and poisnnis out,
itural mnethods, doeS niot inijure the'
he entire systemf.
to the seat f tha disease and other eanS
and recommends Rhcumnacido. L rpc
its for postage to fmu s lof
Rheuacid curd Autinhermatit1m.
y thad stl arte slum on the
,r0 ye~a a h ac dy c ourea. Rt
ao New Yrk. TpoinlstofiledI
ide a s t0 l d ver oue
ton~ swep aill germs aoidcos picens ont
turoa lo] ieto, oes H t njre otheiy
Qf- thes enti e!..aid.
La Crippc
s that dae"filla e lt, ith a
r isptincarp and saeatvruclofigues Itn
to thgsei ever th01 rieated Kiauiy r
at garotose Tlmoreofi
ye them; also, S1JITS, PANTS,U NDER
and1 we wvill make thoem close prices on
ke on Clothing, .Shoes, Hats, Underclothini%,
Qf these goods wye I.ave evor carried.
rices that defy competition.
e'niatting, cairpeting and rugs. Agent i
Sthings in every wVbll' regulated tamily au:l
Le, Agateware, Tinware and other ware that
il laocome forward and make settlement
with Farmers' Bone produce a
acreage with ordinary fertilizer.
It makes it possible to reduce
Try it this year. The man
h ish
perience back of him. Over
were used on the crops of 1905.
tiers' Bone the best.
ONS .~
GUAN 00. Thr boro, N.
and Best Route
And all Points
0O:80Op. rn. A r. Wayer< s ' 6:05 a. m.
ive at Jacksonville 8:40 a. mn.
Scryico, beltw'een An"gnata aund Jaicknonvile,
made at J.Lako)nvil a f. >r ai'I Points South,
Exenirjin Tiels t.' Now On1 Sa'o to Floiila Resorts,
ut, O O. TV. UIRYA N, (< n'S A gt.
[1LA MS, General Passengoer Agent.

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