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Lots of Bills Have Been Offered, But Few
Have Gone Through.
Columbia, Jan., 29, 1906.
The Solons have been very busy
since my last letter. Lots of bills
havo come up, been cussed and di.
cussed, abused and killed. while a
goo.d many have run the gauntlet
and will become laws as soon as
the governor affixes hiis signature
There has bean but one topic of
conversation in the lobbies here
lately and that is the dispensary.
The institutioa is doomed but
the fight will be close and desper
ate. Local option is ahead but
thbre are too phases of local op,
tion. Some want to hold new
elections in the 16 counties that
voted out the dispensary. Others
do not. There hinges the fight at
present. The House last week
cleared the colendar of a good ma,
ny bills. One of ,abs which re
ceived a favorable action and was
sent to the senate was Mr. Laney's
to require Christmas holidays at
Winthrop. It is understood that
Senator Tillman who is a trustee
has come into tbis fight, and has
written personal letters to mem
bers of the senate, begging them
to kill the bill. The letters state
that the parents were represented
in the action of the board in deny.
ing the girls their holiday.
Another educational matter of
great interest is the bill to provide
for a model school at Winthrop.
This bill has received a favorable
report from the ways and means
comm ittee and will probably pass
without serious opposition. It
provides for an appropriation of
$25,000 which will be supplement.
ed by other fund4.
The bill to appropriate $2,000 e
for scholarships in the Confeder
ate Home College of Charleston
has passed the house. to
Mr. Dabbs wants an agricultur- B
al college for the people of the 0
ea1stern part of the state. T
MAj. Bradham, a gallant Con 'ed. F'
erate soldier who has been honor, ti
ed by the people of Clarendon in Ii
every conceivable way in apprecia- ~
tion of his sf-rvices as soldier and Ci
man, has introduce]1 a bill which d
would give the pensioners $244,- 4~
000 annually, where they are no0w fi
getting but $200,000. It would ti
also reduce the amount paid class b
A penisionnrs and in crease the low- ai
er classes proportionately.
There will be a bill to provide
for the ofile of state pension comn- el
missioner. h
Corporation and anti corporation C
legislation is being lost sight of in is
the dispensary maelstrom. But a
there are several bill to which the g
corporations oppose objections. a
The corporations do not,.agree g,
among themselves, for Mr. Jami.as
U. Jackson of Augusta, who is in) d
the city, claimnsthat:the st-am loco. l(
motive roadis are- backing up the is
bills re'quirinlg s pairate c aches on
trolley lines. ~
One significant, bill has been in.
troiluced by Mr. Whalky of Char- g
leston, chairman of the judiciary
committee. He wants to know .b
why the attorney general's c.flce a
hasn't brought suit, as direct'd by .,
thelegislature, agalist the Souh F
rn mlailway comp~any f.r absorbing a
competing lines. This 'enit has .jg
been hiauginig Onl from couirt- to e
court until Mr. Guntor becomes ill p
when of Cure it could, not b.1
Several bills. have lieon ,intro
ducedelooking to the con lormaation
of the laws with bienial sessions.
as indicated by the special com. ~
mil tee on this pomnt.
One bill which passed the senate ~
was the stenographer's bill. This ~
was introduced largely by the son ,
ators who are resi:lents of the
fourth circuit and raIsed the sala' ~
ry of the stenographer of that cir- a
cult tS $1,000 It w'as after~vards
amended to include all steanogra h..
Dict y
"Do Your
should do
We ha
The stockc
are compl<
fresh good
and will l<
est, and so
We w:
Potash, Cc
us before 1
rs and in this form has gone to reading in t
le house. probably be
The "yaller dorg" came in for a are:
ik last week when Senator Senator V
trooks' two bills on th is large class county supe
F Anjerican citizens came up. ore from fur
be first bill was to require the'in office.
-hool trustees of the various din- Senator
-icts to. hat the dogs and turnthe quire the 01<
st over to the county auditor, to furnish*.
he -other bill was to.havelthe pro-f clerk in the
>eds fronm 'the tax to go to. the fiee, who mi
iricts in which it is collected, that sum.
istead of going to the general jSenator
in.d. -The ilrst bill was sernt to IAtlantic 0o
eihouse and the. encond tabled, pot and trai
ut it waa afterwards' resuscitated Senator C
ad placed on the calendar. tion to ant:
One bill which will probably ox financial afT
teldebate is that to have general ;Senator I
>liday at the State colleges at to establish:
hristemass time. This is the bill .Senator 1
itroduced to-bear on- the recent time of hol<
tuationi at Winthrop when the ter.
rig in blue Norfolk jackets and Senator]
ortar hoard hat. were kept at municipal cl
~hool by the trustees. - Senator 10
A bill which has provoked s great charter of
eal of favorable comment in the .Power comp
bbies-..by disinterested parties-- Benator 0,
that of Senator Brice to prohibit ~firms usitig
ny mnutcipality granting an ex- names of the
lusive franchise without first sub. -Senator I
itting the question to the quali- time of hold
ad electors. 8eraator. Mi
The seuntoe passed, after a do- to have the
ate, the bill to establish an in,. new flags fo
emary for Confederate veterans .Senator la
a the Wallace lands of the State lution to hi
[ospital for the Insano. This bill, jpointed to es
hieh was framed by Bonator fairs of Lan
rooks of Greenwood, prvds Senator E
aat there many be an inmate from porate the
ich county anud that the inistitu-- Western Rai
Ion shall be supp 'rit~ by the nor- Senator E~
las fr.,m the pension fund. 'an act regal
Senator W. E. Joihnsoi has a the~ Job'sor~
all of pubice character whlich and Anderao
laces the' slooping cars, ref-igera-- Senator ]
or oars, and stroot cars, run out-- we.rden not i
ide the cites, under the control of; l7'
he. railroad commission. Anoth. r A house b
omIon)I carr'er bill1 is that of gardinig put
Oenator Carlisle rcf Spranug read for the
rhich ma~kes ieatibukts for pro- enrolled for
ection of motormi.n compulsory. s r-MNIansini
~hey are now required in Colum. cial order
>ia. andi~ Oharlestori. first dii.en;
The bills which were gienn a tiard -~~~~~tn
th-=Bruce =Mori
To Our ,Customers and tIl
)u make any New Years' resolh
Trading at the Big Store!" an
,ve never l)een better prepared th
3in our
Three Large Depai
3te in every respect and are daily
We Want Y(
3ave no stone unturned to secure
aable prices, polite attention, hav
und business met~hods have beer
Li1 handle this season the leading
>tton Seed Meal and Nitrates of S
)uying elsewhere. Come to see u
he house and which will
ratifl-d in the senate N
.E. Johnson-To forbid. A
r'isors and eommission- ohn hne
nishimg supplies while at
. J. Johnson-To re- Cut Prices
rks in the State offices
L.0,00 bond, except the
adjutant general's of
atL furnish bond in half1
Hells-To compel the
ast Line to erect a d
ni shed at Florence.
Orize Lh'e apopintmenit
issioni to exainoi the~
iirs of Piekons.I
Wsysor-To allow cities A netr forsoko e
ire limits,.uhsoko ad etoe rmt
iivens-To chang'l the PieCohn ae vrhl nOe
ling courts in Dorches.
I!c~owan-Making all
arters perpetual. Alszs l oosBak ug
arshall-To ratify the PiioAbr n uaa ut nL
the Central CarolinaCmnerl-eyilmoefs
L. Bleaso-To requuire
%& Co." to declare the
parties therein.EnieSokf
lennis-To chanage the
ing courts in Berkely, FI AT
'ells-Joint resolution
secretary of state buy 3 - e etLs
the S-ate house.
[c~owa n-Joint reso
ave a commission ap.
Anivetryonorstc o.e
MiddehCaoliacan ic Lind ef orfro th
Price calitalino'kaoesprivesarelreaiovGbee
Salda GrenoodI Ave sme, acorare Blackin turge
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gloes,.ts Anie Stoc offsiatrn
33 yM.Calsn o hsr~t. for lern chden. ess
amird the financiall b akf ~ c ak ihu oo or h
Zandwil =Noniocte e F.n of F~
lary bc opeeatny .e
glvs tA nice l ine of frc ascto rs uo t
licd uaridiansa as lodrlaenrt.ae hitm sckste1
row Compa
ie Public in General:
Ltions? One of them shoul
d there are many reasons 3
an now to meet your evei
btment Stores
being replenished with
ur trade
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