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The Gontinel-Aournal Compal
J. L. 0. T HOMPSON, EtOn.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
A dertising Rites Reasonable. i
Entered at Pickens Postoffce as Second Class U
MaI Matter
PICK EN8, 8. C.:t
Wednesday, January $1, 190.
Doings of the Legislature.
(Continued fromn Page One.)
Mr. Cothran's bill to authorize
Greenville county to piay ooutnty
auditor $100 left off by mistake in
supply bill of last year.
Mr. Bass' to provide foi roindex
ing records in the office of clerk of
Mr. Bass' to provide that petit
jurors in Williamburg may serve
more than one time.
Mr. MoMaster's to give the bank
r clerks in Columbia a legal holiday
Thursday of fair week.
- Mr. Riley's to provide for the
payment of a per diem to the road
overseers ot Hampton county.
Mr. Nash's to provide for salaries
of magistrates in Spartanburg
county; also bill to fix the amount
of compensation to be paid to the
county officers of Spartanburg
Mr. Fishburne's to fix salary of
judge of probate of Colleton.
Mr. Gasque's to pi ovide for rein
dexing records of the register of
mense conveyances of Marion
Mr. Sinkler's to grant to the
United States the title ot this state
to and jurisdiction over certai)
landi on Sullivan's Island for mili
tary purposes.
Mr. Cothran's to amend the
code with reference to the holding
of extra terms of court. The bill
provides if no regular judge is
available the governor, on recom
mendation of the chief justice, ehall
appoint some one learned in the
Mr. Ashley's to fix the salarios of
county commissioners of Andoison
Mr. Lofton's to regulate the
hunting of deer in Charleston coun.
Mr. Whaley's to refund Mrs.. A.
E. Barnes $24.06 overpaid taxes. 0l
Lexington delegation's bill to ti
amend verbally the act ceding Lit
tie Mountain section fromn Lexing, s
toni to Newberry county. ei
Mr. Sinkier's two bills to repeal.
the charter of the town of Moul..
treville and in the place thereof a
township government on Sullivan's
Island. ti
Mr. M. W. Walker's two bills a
relative to duties of boards of reg
istration. One requires books to.
be kept open until 5 o'clook in the
afternoon instead of 3 o'clock as at
present. The other provides that
supervisors of registration may go
to unincorporated towns of .as mna
ny as 800 people in election years,
after having given due notice, and
may register qualified electors i
The bill further provides that the I
board need not sit in th0 courlt
house three days beginning eacn
saleaday, but On salesday alone.
The rest et section 179 is reenacted.
With one foll swoop and with
out a dissenting voice, the house
passed Mr. Richard's bill to repeal
all statutory provisons for the1
holding of special terms of court
of omnion ploias by specikd judges.
Mr. Sanders- - amend the lawj
as to the appointment of town
ship boards 6f assessors i:n Spar
tanburg and Cherokee couties.
The following third reading bills
wore passed and sent to the senate:
~Mr. Yeldell's to prevent railroad
companies from charging passen,.
goe nxtra compensation for cross
ig bridges; Mr. ott's bill to an..
tho rN4Idotions in 'any'obunty or
bhpon the qgesti9n of isjn
Sbonds for road aingravemnent;
Bl.Uantiey to place a license oi.
* *uino vendors at $46
?ektiJe wore jw0sentedv.as fol. V
' Vr. Toole-Fromn lid of the. 0
Uu ill operatlve* of, ronvfgie
favoring a 1O-holar abo:YIawe4
By Mir. BrwlN eihfr
operatives ot'Loukhars inilI p%.
tesinf'gtut 1-hur br -.
Petton law.
~000-for stt l
As TO seg)O '- ogies
Col. J. X Banli of Q abebut of.
led the fitowiug, wi w agrtd
aridiasinenito tje at*
Wreas, freu obs es in the
e hool boos 6d put
sebposly ti t48 pi es heavy
IMda1 \b)o tlO peole',
"Be it resolved -by the house of
presentatives, the senate con.cur
ing, that-the attention of the State
oard of education Le ciled to the
1poiatace ( f mniling an row eban,-t i,
f paluible in] the )oo)k3 ed of, d b,
he State 1b.urd of d4IUCatl U fr I. 0
ise of the fate 1 1 ublic .hoos of ii
A few daiysB ago the hi(uso pass(1
be fallowing coneut rent resolutli
"Be it resolved by the bou . If
repreBentatives, the senate concur
"That a commit tee consisting of
two mienibers of the house of reprt
rentatives, Ie appointed by thespeIAk
er of the house, anId one ln mnmhur
of the seuate, to be app inte-l by the
prosilent of the sonate, be created to
aseertain the needs of the Citadol
academy for more tpa'e and the
practicability of the State acqtiring
the property adj kcent to the acdemy.
known as the guard house, belon1. -
ing to the city of Charleston, and
what coucesions will be mado b.
maid city for s'ich purpose. That said
committee make their report at thi,
oSion. That the membeis of iald
ominitteo shall receive th- sieauo
imileAge and per dim for actuial t.iri.
of services and actual travel as imid
to the members of the gentral assem
Speaker Simithi appointed Mesir
Hutto and T. J. Mauldmn a commit
tee on the 1)art of the house.
The following house bills vern giv
3n third reading and were sent to the
Mr. Richard's to dir-ect that any i x
oses of fees paid by iplicanRts foi
uedical license be turod into the
.eneral fund of the state.
Mr. Lason's to authorize trustees
>f Swift Creek school.district in Dar
ington county to .issue bonds to pas
'or erecting and'equippmg buildings
Mr. Nash's to proivde for the timi.
or iodiiig covrts in severith judicial
Mr. Lawson's to rcquire Clemson
ollege. to make anllysis of fertilizer
Pamples within 30 (lays-the limit now
eing 90 days.
Mr Ethredge's to provide for two
chools in istrict No. 20 in Lexington
un ty.
Mr. Lganey's to add a proviso as t
ection of school trustees in Cbester.' -
old county.
Mr. Morgan's to ant~horize Simp~ c
utville school district in Greenvil~e
mnly to issue bonds.
Mr. Gibson's to protect the marir
ga of the State line.
Mr. Whbatley's to provide a new
>rm of county government for Ilamp -
m by abolishing the .ciline of county
Lipervisor and of township comis
Mr. Sinkler's to apply to elcic
IffipO6erisfte Soll
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~rished blood, needs a proper
ei-tilizer. A chemist by analyz
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rou need to fertilize it and give
t the rich, redI corpulscles that
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Personal Experience of 4aed and Wel
beloved P.aeacher.
No other man iin the community is s
well-beloved or whose words have RUC
weight as the inluister, wLo has devotp
his life to the service of mankind. 1
Maryland one of the most voted Meti
odist ministers in the State snffer
severely With rheuma'ism. He fo0nd n
relief until a friend recomindiIe4
IHEUMACIDE. He was- so delighte
with the results that for the beiefit c,
other sufferers, as a uiiiy to nii'kind
ho tells his experience in the folowinfg
"Reisterstown, Md.. Pe!'ruary 27i.
"I was taken with Iinflammator.
Rheumnatienm in my I. f: hanud 11and foot in
the beginung.of th1i' winter an4d sufl'ffmel
greatly. A gentleiiian imi Baltimore wvho
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Can use both hand and foot without the
least insonvenience.
"Yoqrs respectfully,
Pastor, Reisterstown M. E. Church."
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Torture of a Preacher..
L'he story of the torture of Rev.O. D.
tioore, pastor oi the Biptist church, of
Tarpersville, N. Y., will interest son.
Io says: "I suiffred agonies, because
fa persistent cough, resulting from the~
~rip. I had to sleep sitting up in bed.
tried many remedies, withont relief,
tutil I took D.Kn' e icvr
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rhichi entirely cured my cough, and
aved me from consumption." A -graind
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Hlebr WV. Edwards Injutredl.
Heib WV. Edwards of Des' Moin~s, I:,.,
ot a fall on an icy walk lastL winter,
pr.-ining his wrist '.nd bruising hi..
noes. "The inext (lay" he says, "they
rare so sore and siiff .J is aifraid 'I
rou~ld have to stay iln bed, but I rubbed
bem wuli with Ob4amberlinis Pain Balm
nd after a few apptieitions all sc'reuess
'ad disappeared." For sale by Pickens
)rug Co.
Wheni You Hlave a Ilad~ Vold
E~on want a remedy tha~t wvill not onlr
five quick relief b4t effect a permanent
Yi'u want a remedy that will relieve
hi' lungs and make expectoration easy.
You want a remedy that will counter
Let anIy tende~noy toward pn~eumnonie.
You wv nt a remedy that is pleasan t and
iafe to take.
Chamber'ain's C..ugh Remedy meets
di hesa reglunlemonts andi for tho speedy
indi. permanent euro of bad colds stiuda
without a 1 eer. l or sal1( by Pickens
D~rug tio., T.1. N. Ruuiter, Liberty.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
~ourages and lessons ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
s' :'disapear w~hen the kid
,neys are out of order
- - 'or diseased..
Kideytrobl has
for a child to be born
~afflicted with weak kid
neys. if the child urin
th -ates too often, if the
irine scalds teflesh or if when the child
eaches an age wvhen it sftould be able to
ontrol the passage, it is yet afflicted~ wi'th
sed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
he difficulty i3 kidney trouble, and the first
tep should be towards the treatment of
hese important organs. -This unpleasant
rouble is due to a diseased condItion of the
ddneys andi bladder and rnot to a habit as
nost people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
~rablo.with kidney and bladder trouble,
mad both need the same great remedy.
rhe mild and the immediate effect of
Swainp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
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NN3 In I
simillati lheFood andRegula
, I th3mchs- anId Bowls aof
nie:ss and Rest.Conlains neither
Opium,Morphine nor)ineral.
Apeifeel Remedy forConstipa
tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSiunite Signature of
railways section 190 to 193 of the
criminal codo.
Mr. Sinkler's to authorize appoint.
ment, of depuly sheriffs or oficers of
the peace 'having jurisdiotion within
and besond the limits of the city of
Mr. J. B. Watson's to prohibit mu
nicipal authorities from collecting li
conso foes from cotton buyers except.
,in citios of over 20,000 inhabitants.
Mr. Boyd's to regulate appeals
from orders from the railroad com
The following senate bills were giv
on third reading and were sent to en.
grossing department to be enrolled as
Senator Hough's to charter the
lentral. f, ilway company of South
Senator Stackhuse'. to provide for
two rnill levy for road tax in Marion
oun ty.
*.t-nutoar Brown's to pay Treasurer
V. II. Lawvrenco $50).
Sena) lor P1eurifoy's to repeal the ex
iptiona of certain porton of Colleton
munty from the stock lawv.
The followirg acts were ratified.
T1o provide for the election of a
To amenad section 2169 of the code
> as to e4quire dlepots at other than
To rcq1vro rairoads and c~mmnou
arriers -to p~rovidle toilets at the de.
T'o pre'vent mewichant. under lien
romn ellinag utocIss except in the usu
I eonuse of I rudo. t
To pl(evenut. tie theft of car brass
T1o cbu.a ter the Cenutral ratilroad1
Bears the 4, l hs Kind You Ilata Always Bougalt
D)o not bo 4lte7-eive by counterfei',.
whuin you buy Witch Hlargi Snlve. Th
Jaumo of E. (I. Dowitt and Co. iao oni
ivory box. (t tht- genuinco, Pilet i
heit worst formn will oo pa)O aw.~ u~ay if
rou will apply. DeWitt's WVi th I hnzel
d uvo mighLt. und morning. Jled for
Jntfi BurnA. Roitua Te'ier, EOszema, etc.
doud by Pickons Draug Co.
(I.i9 Quickly Kunokedl Out'
"Str oo wocckc ago during the severe
NiLgter weatheir b~othi my wife and myself
iOnltraektd evr coC'(ld OICwidoh01 speedily
levelopeil'inito the wor,.t kind of la
Rilppe with all its mieorablo symnptomns,"
layc Mr. J. 8. J~leston of Maple
[Una1ding Jowe. "Ktbees anad- joinla
yeyaad nlose running, wvith -- brnato
;pohs c.f chill~a. and fever. .We begani
icing Chambelrlain 'a (Cougha Remedv,
uiding the sam" with au do~se oi Olhamnb-ir
ains Stomchl and Liver Taubits, and
>y ts iiberal use soon eompltpaly
mockedl ot thie guip." Thoso Tabla3ts
>romote a hioclthy ction of the bowel,'
liver ahtd kid. eys whaich is alwvaya
>enleflcial when the systemn is congested
y a cold =or iattack of the gip.~ For*
salebe .Pickons~ Drng Co.. T.N. liu nter
La Orppu An.d P'neumna.
neunmoinia often follows la grippe but
ever foliws the us~o of Foley's Hlonoy
pid Tor. It curos la gr ppo cough,, and
reven ts pneunia ainid consumflptioni.
~s fo; F~ogey,a Honey and T .r anad ro
iso any substituto off'ered. Mr. G.
~abhor, of 157 Osgood St., Ohio. g.,,
frites: "Mly wifo had a sovere oase ci iia
aippe three years nsgo, and it left liar
'Ith a terrible cough. She tried a bottle
I F~oley's Honey and Tar and it gave
O*iediato relief, A 50 cent bottle cured
oil cough entir'ly." iaofuso subatitutes.
ohkens Drug Co. B. F. Smnith Easley.
I. Iflurhnis testilles arter four years.
(1. B RBavsp, of Carlisle (Center,.N
*, ,wriocs:' "Aboutt four years ago) I
rote you ating that I had bo..a entire- r
cured of a severe kidney tronbele I'y ge
king hras than, -two abottles of Foley's e
idaiey Cairo. It da1trJy stonned &ha ca
BouglijBktu and oracked bands are no
only cured by DeWitt's Witch Hao)
Sailve, but an occasional application will
keep the alin soft anl sinooth. Best
for ozem -, nts. Bun, Boils, eta.
The -enuiiu, DeWitt's Witch Hase
Salve aR6r9 imisdiate relief in Pll
forms of. Blind. Bleeding, Itobing and
Protruding Piles. Sold by Piokens
Drug co.
Doctora coulD Not Help Hier.
"I had kidney troublo for yoare,"
writes Nrs. unymond Coiner-of Shelton,
Wash., land the dopterks could mot hop
me. I tried Foley's e:duey cure, and the
very first doie gave ino relief and I am
now cured. I cannot say too much for
Foley's Kidnoy auro.' It inakes the
diseased kidnoys sound so they will
eliminate the poisons from the blood.
Uulens they do thi,, good health is
implosleh'. Pickens Drug company,
RL. F. Smith E-oley.
N Cas3 of Piitinoniia oil Record.
'We do not know of i single inst n'e
biefo aggpigh or cold 1U.aiit-d iU' puen
wonia r conoisuluiptiosp wieIn Fle-y
loni-y a; d Tar Iad hen-i us. d. It c4110es
eonghs and colds per'ofetiy, So do ot
take chauches -with 141me iniown pre.
pirttion whiah may cont-in opiates,
which cause colistiption, a conditioni that
retald.s recovery fron a c dd. Ask for
F'eso.V Honey and Tar and refuso any
substiute offered.
Piokens Drug Co. Dr. R F. Smith.
Ea4 y S. C.
The Key that Unlock, the Door to Long
The menl of ei-1hi five and ninety
years of age are not the rotund well fed,
hit thin, spare men who live on ia
slond, r diet. Be as careftul al Ie will,
however, a man ipast middle age, will
Oitlr'lioa illy cat too nitoli or of some
article of food not suited to his
contiittioii, and will need a done of
Chaimberbin's Stomach and Liver
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-o n -ehn and r.-gnlate hi liver and
owekl. When this in done therv in .no
eas m why the average man shoild not
live to old age. For salo by Picken
Drug Co.
When you want a pleas int physio try
(ifhamb, rlisin' Stoimach and Liver Tal'
lets. They are easy to take Rd prod uce
no griping or other unpleasant otYect
Sold by Pickens Druig Co.
An agreeable movement of the bowels
0 without any unpleasiant effrt is pr. -
duced by Chambellain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. For sale by Pickens
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1 A Certain Cure for Croup.
When a child shows symptoms of croup
I there is no time to experiient with new
I remedies, no matter how highly they
I may be recominentled. There in one
prepiritior. that can always be depended
iupo). It has been in use tor mlny years
and has never been known to fail, viz:
Chanmberlain.s cough remedy. Mr. M.
F. Conpton of Market, Tex is, Rays of
it, "I havo used Clamberlain 's cough
Rmet 10 severe casea of er'onp1 with
my cld dron, and can truthfully say it
always gives prompt relief." For sale by
Pickens Drug Co., T. N. Hnter
Ii Mad Chase.
Millions rush in mad chase after health
from one extrenieof faddism, to another,
when, if they would only eat good food,
and 1eep tlcir bowels regul.ir v ith Dr.
King's New Life Pills, -their troubles
would alt pans awvay. Prompt relief andI
fytick cure for liver and' stomach trou
ble.. 25c at Pickens Di ug Co.; gnaran.
The First Requitite of iteauty.
The first regnisito of beauty is at clear
c~i~omp lo. (iriin. Laxativo Fruit Syrup
clears a sall'.w blotched complexion ae
it stimaulato tht liver and bowels, and
tih' eyes bec ,me trigh t and( Clear. You
owe it to y our fiendics to take it if your
egmlplexionm isi bad. Orino' Laxative 'frui;
Syrup does not nueate or gripe and ia
very pleasant to take. Refuso substitute.
Por Infants and Children,
The Kind You Hve Always Bought
Signtur of
County (.f Pickens.
By J. IB. Newber'y, Esqire, Probate
WVhere'as, .Jamies E. Mules made snit
to me to grant him JLetOis of Adminis
tratjin f thle Estate of antd effects of
P. E. M ilesu, deceased.
Thesi(Or a (o thuer, fore to cit' andii ad
mlonish all andt siingular the kindred anti
ei'editors of t ho raid TV. E. M i'e
* ~.lcse, thait they b~e and appear be
fore1 m'.'. im ithe Cour t of Probate, to b,
heold at Piciopns CourtIouS..,n
he11 7thl da of Febrlury~, 1906, af'r
ibhlicatio~n liqreof, at .I1 o'clock in the
"n'eioi)ni, .to shew ciause, if any they
tiave, why the sind administratio'n
Giveni unader my 1inmd( and no LI, l~ids
19th daliy '' ;i ury,'*1906, in tihe 180th
viur of our iIndependencei.
.- . , -.. J. B, New Ibery,
J. P. P. C.
Nonresident Summons.
. 'ceny'ocf P'ickens. 5
Court of .Common Plens.
S hinmons for . Relief-Complant no'
8 -rved.
iik (of Pemiil'oton, aL corpcr .tion dluah
charte oed b) h law. PlaIm '
.Jiairn a Peek, Janmes Peek the Junior, Tj
*)I. Lowecry, antd WV. 0. Wilson.
To tile Defendants above nlamed.
ou ane hiereb~y Summnoin'd am'i ri.
'iliiredt to anpswer lhe comaplaint in ibh
.atioin, of which a cop~y 1s hor'ewitI
ser'vedl upon you, and to a-rve a (;opy e:
your answer'i tot the said comiplaInt on' th. -
.buseriber ait his fflce at Pickej a, S C.
'vithmii twaeny d3 (ays after the sevin'
hiee<f, <xclusive. of the. dlay of such n
vice, and1(1if yo~u fail tol Oawer thei coml.
plhnt~i withini the time aforcsaidj, t!'.
I laintiff in this acitionl willappI~ to the
Co'urt for tilt relief dmno nti
combplaint. tadm 1tli
Dated Jan '2 .d, 1903
A. J, .logge,
C..C. P.
.--'Plaintifi's Attorney.
T1o the absent defendui,.t James Peek,
Takei not ji that, thle iiummflonls in the
-above sta ted casjof whi< h the foregoing
na copy. and the comrnt Jint was fileg,
uhe fli (of the. Clei k of the Court imn
i(k.i(enmonty, 8. C. o'- the 2hd dlay of i
a anniai ii. . J. P. Crrey,
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)ne-Wny'tickets at half fare pilus (t2.
tounda trip) th-kets at less thans one0-way"
'e. IFrom Memphis via Cotton iHelt Route
in. 2 and 16,
top-overs both ways and 21 days xoturn
lit on round trip tickets. Write for mnap i
ier, ansd pick your date and say when0
I where you wvant to go and we will give$
ifull information by return mnail.
'L. P'. SMITIH, T. P'. A.
2J:3 Eqitalible, flultiding
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i ordeeros.ha creek on road
t resorved to rejet any and all bidu.
3 J. P'. SM iTH,
.*co. corn.
dla an~d Enda--100 Indies' Ailk belts
bO5 at be, 500 twaya tad girls hats
.'Ips ate100, 100 iadios corsetA, SOmlo
inan (Olcvo Fittinag a'nmi R. & 0.
18 & 19 sat 480 10) Jersev Jackete
u p to $4.00 t 35o for your choice.
uitod--uute egga and chickens,
fi. 1). 12 A TiUS

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