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trologlial Table
By John T. Uoggs, observer, Licerty, S.',
I lCharatter of
s o_ _ . day
IF i .ciot
2, 67 6 8 98 Cloudy -
83 02a 43 Clear
24 49 30 46
25 -i 33 Cloudy
20 80 29 140
27 40 83 26 ia
28 59 33 Clear
HUDDeIDHS Of a Local na Pcrsoial Nitnre6
-W. E. Griffin, of Greenville, was
in Pickens last week.
---Brn on the 28d instant, a boy
to Mr. ani Mrs. Dave Duncan of
- Baorn on the 22d Inst., to Mr.
ai'l Mrs. R. L. Henderson cf Pck
ue, a girl.
-Two children of Luther Burns,
who liv.is in 11he ltas.sy Mountain
tection, are quite sick.
-Jesse C. Jennings, engineeer on
the Soitheitn, with headquarters at
Columbia, im tin a visit to him parents
Sheriff and Mis. .h.ntnings in Pickens.
-Mrs. Eizaboth Suodly, an aged
lady who reaides in the Crtsawell
soction of the County is very sick and
small hope of her rectiveiy is enter.
-Mr John 11. Morganj, who has
been quite sick for some time at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. W. T.
Jeates, In Pickeins, -# reported mu h
--Mrs. K. L Cureton, who l'as
been spet.ding the winter with her
daughter, Miss Martha Cureton, in
Meneca, i~s on a visit to her son and
daughter in Pickens.
-Ivy M. Mauldii, of Pickens, a
giaduate of Clermson, was elected I
I he lemislature last week a4 one (of tb
three trustees of this o-liege to bo
elected. This is quita a compliment
to Pickens County.
-Superintendent of Education, U.
T. Haillum, is confined at home being
laid up with Job's complaint, we do
11o)t tliik hA ig taking his enforce
went as patiently or philosophically
us the old pattiarch did.
-Rev. B. Holder who was unable to
meet his appointmxeut Sunday at An.
tioob, will preich there on Saturday
before the second 8unday in February
at 12 o'clock, D. V. Let every mew
ber be presenit that can come.
- The Rev Crawford, who was to
preach in the Pickens Baptist Church
last Sunday, was unable to fill his ap.
pointmnent on account of sickness.
Rev. J. M. Stewart preached ii his
stead and delivered two excellent so:
monsh to large adh attentive congrega.
-The next attraction of the Ly
ceumn Course is The Boll Ringers and
Mafe Quartet. Singing, Solo and
Quartett work, instrumnental musie,
cornet andl tromubone wvork, anid bell
ringing. This is a melody and a
variety entertainment that you should
not fail to see at l'ickens Auditorium,
Wednesdey, February 28 Lb.
-Rev. J. E. Foster was in . town
Monday shaking hand with his many
friends He reports news scalb , in his
neck of the woods, but stated that the
Rev. Thomas Looper was dead and
buried last W( dnesidai; he als9 slated
that he hnd gotten a gentleman to
write up a full account of it for this
papei-, hut we have not re-ceived it
yet; until thais accont reaches us we
can not , amy more about this good man.
-Dr. and Mrs. J. L Bolt and
Missees Ruby Hammond ani Mattie
Finley spent last Wednesday evenm4
inaspectong the mn~ateries of "the art
preservatmve." Tihey fo~wd the Meniti
nel Journal force with a rush of wVork
on hand and in the midst of it all wvas
puablicat mon day and every departuner.t
was being represented. Tiney were
very much delighted with wihat they
sawv and learned, but expremsed them
selves as being glad that they were
notl printers. We invite our friends,
both ladies and gentlemen, to call and
inspect the workings of this office at
any time. A cordial welcome awaits
-One of the cutest and catchiest
advertising novelties that has come
this way is being presented to depos
itors by the 1'iclhers Bank. It ja a.
pasteboard bilt book with their coim
phmeia on it, anid gives a lot oif valun
able informnationm to depositors on the
f y of it; the namnes of the < tlicersa,
capiin1 and surplus, nonounit of depos)0
its and loane; while on the revere
side appears "K ep your valuable pa
pers m this envelope, such as dleed,
mnortagon, notes, receiptaa, etc. It is
not imade to keep umoney in -that it.
business of the Pickensa Baunk."' A
catchy advertimsing scheiro and one.
that will bi productive of inca alnd
business to the Bank, we hope.
-Congressmnan" Wyatt Aiken is a'
wa~i o 'n the lookout foar sonmothaing
do anid whienevr ana idie time etsmmet.
to him, lie either establishes a nlew
rural mail route in his dist rict or
works to get the pai of the carrier:.
inrooased. Wyatt Aihenu is thor
oughly convinced that for hie e-ervic.
they render the pay is Inadeqna and
ho has introduce~d a bill in tim.
house wo increaus4 the pay to $90.t
r antium and it stands a fair chm.n--e
pt assing. Speaking of rural routes
the puistoffice department says that
se4alroutes in this state will br.
diatinued uniless the people ai.
prciate them smore, by patronizing,
them liberally. More letteas must
be reeived ad ocaredl by the carri
era; at present the hiatrJne is in
suffielent and the routes are being
maintann a a . m. a lot-g
rs. N. E. Thornle s flt i
her daughters and otherrelatives i
-H. H. Webb, who has been
quite indisposed, for some time, is
able to be out again.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. W. H
Chastain of Pickens, R P. D. No. 8,
on the 20th inst., a fine girl.
-E. E. Mauldin and daughter,
Miss Gladys, of the Easley side visited
relatives In Pickens ttat week.
-Mrs. E. B. Webb, after a very
enjoyable visit to relatives in Atlanta,
has returned to her home in Pickens.
-Dr, Robinson and wife of the
Dacusville side, spent Monday in
Pickens with his brother-in law, E
H. Craig.
- G. W. Lathem of the Clement
section was in Pickens Monday. He
says the roais are awful--mud and
slush all the way.
--Miss jKatie Hester, who has
been successfully teaching the Rocky
Bottom school, is now at home, having
tinished the term last Taursday,
--There has been a goodly number
of people in town this week, p-aypig
their tax and making their returns,
and as a consequence trade with our
merchants has been good.
-Mrs. Uiazie K'ith, wife of And
itor E. 10. Kvith, in quite ill of puer.
peral fever. The attending phy.si.
cian, Dr. .1. A. Cannon,- toports her
as li-tter at this writing,, and says
that she will soon reacover.
-Mr. John T. Langston, who has
been nursing a broken ankle for some
time, is so far recovered as to he able
to come to town Monday. He wias
very glad to g.-t out and his friends
were glad to see him again.
-The Piccens Chapter Daughters
of the Confederacy, will give a valen.
tine entertainment in the school house
auditorium on the evenilig of Febru
ary the fourteenth. Tile entertain.
ment wili conisist of a number of read
ings, recitations, music and a valen
tine post office. An admission foe of
ten cents will charged.
-Mr. Aaron D. Mann of the Six
Mile section of the cornty, was in
town Monday for the first limo since
cotton gining season opened. He
has been kept pretty busy at home
with his multitudinous dutis of ol -
ersting one among the bebt farins in
the county, attending to a saw mill
and cotton gin and running a store.
Since Christmas he has put in most
of his timn fixing up his farm and
has just completed two good tenant
houses. He now contemplates over
hauling his ginnory and when the
next season opens he will have one of
the beat ginning outfits in operation
there ii anywhere in the county. H
will install the Munger suction sys
tern which will comprise four 70.saw
gins and will be able to push out
about 50 bales a day. He contem
plates using a small electric light
plant run by a gasoline engine to
give him light for night work, in the
rush season, and Etus minimnize the~
danger of fire. Mir. Mann i- a great
believer in the future ot Pickens
county and especially of his section
of the Piedmont belt. Old Pickens
county would come to tho front in a
hurry if all of her citizins would
woerk and talk for her like Aaron
Mann does. May his effor ts in this
direction be productive of much good
not only to him, alone, bat to the
county' at large.
-J. Aehmore Hinton, commonly
knowni around his home as Theodore
Pric.', was in town shaking handa
with everybody Monday as if he was
a full fleidged candidate against Wy.
attt Aiken for his seat in Congress.
While he was in town he left "two
plunk-s" whic-h put his date into 1907.
lHe b~elieves~ in staying ahend of thie
ganie anid that's why lhe has got the
"Price;" last fall when cotton was off
he began to buy the staple and store
it away for a rise in prli-and if the
ris conmes, which he says it is anre
to go to 15c or he wont sell, he will
make a good deal by the speculillion.
Mr. Iliniton attended the meeting of
the Southern Cotton Girower's ASSO
clation in New Ortans two weeoks
ago and has promised our readers a
few dots to appear in this issue. He
is very mutch enthused over the prin
ciples of the association and is very
sanguine of the ultimate success of
their Ight for higher prices for the
fleecy staple and he sav- tha~t thu
farmers are sure of a viotory, lie
soa Samson slewv his thousand wit.,
with the jawvbone of an as~ but the
Southern Cottoni Grower'v A ssocia
tioni when. tely win their fig4ht will be
ridling bitmen raisedl mials an tb it
wvespons :will b~e the hiamrbone of a
home raised bog. His watch word toa
the farmers of Pickenis couiay is to
orgalnize t hemtelws, diversify their
crops, raise Onirt own stoek and ev.
ery'thing that they need to eat Lest
the three "Hi's" hog, homniny and
hay -- -cornt, cat tIe, cot ton -hIomemia-le.
"gUano", grin, anad gratis, le their
watchword and aim, and w~he-n the
feirmers suet in thie fix, he va they
cm r-ear back on t heir "dlew-claws"
and' tell Mr. Cotton Buyer that h.
'can have th at co tton for so mtuch -i
take it or let it alone, just asi it p~leaa
es you." Ho let the farmer gut out of
the rut and got into the saddle and
do something. The banker, the law.
yer, the doctor, the merchant, and in
fact every profesion is doperndent on
him and wants to see him ini out
and succeed. Mr. Hintoe comnes
bick considerably worn out and did
notfe l like writing up his trip soon
.or be has give'n it to uts this week
lt has reachedi us too la-to -to hatndle
on-aecont of so much space I el ig
taken-up with legim'ative naittors. It
is good and will not spoil, so look out
for it in th4e nnet ise.
MOnday and repote everything quiet
In .his baIlhiwek.
-MaRried on the 28th Ifstant, by
A. L. E lene, Notary Public, at his
residence, Miss Sarah IHindes to Mr.
John D. (asion, all of Packmns county.
The happy couple have the eongratu.
lations of thOir numerous friends.
---Atter December 22d, we will on.
ly gin cotton on Fridays of each
week. Oar pations will please b
governed accordingly. Bring
your remnaut seed cotton and g.
highest cash prices.
Pickens Oil Mill Co.
Friends of This Paper.
This paper has some mighty good
friends in the c muty, people who
love to pay the printer, and who es.
pecially like to have a reotipt "in ad.
vance" in their pocket for their
county paper; they say they 'cso read
and enjoy it so much better when it
is piud for. Maty the (iver of all
good gifts abun lantly prosper them
anl may their tribe increawe. Of
this cluss are the following who have
recontly been in anti m ovod their
enbscriptions tp a year.
J. L. Th.>ma. .1. C. D-ickworth,
Samuel buuh, W. S. Gautt, Mrs.
Etbh#l Ragodale, W. H. Perry, Amos
Sutherlaad, J4mes Babb, WeVde H.
Boggs, Jesse .1. Lewis, T. E. Craig. F.
P. Attaway, - Mrs. Florence Griffin, W.
K. Lindsay, J. H. Hudson, Elish
Youngblood, J. F. Carmuan, J. A.
Hinton, L. G G-latrap, WY. A. Elle.
burg, W. D Cox, W. T.Day, Osie Day,
J. E Clark, S. .Jewel, Mrs. M. E.
The wissin of "Earley Rivera" is to
clear the way and give Nature full sway.
Thee fbmous little pills rid the stomach
and bowels of all putrid matter, thus re
noviug the cause of headache,oonstipa.
tion, sallow complexion, ect. DeWitt's
Little Early Risers never gripe or sicken
A Rafe, ploasant, perfect pill. Sold by
Pickens Drug Co.
Lathem News Items.
We are having all kinds of bad
weather for January, and now every.
thing is white with snow.
Mr. Marcus Hunt and family have
moved to our community recently,
and we are always glad to welcome
good citizens. Mr. Hunt is the mail
carrier for route No. 2 from this p!a -e.
Miss Lena Lmoper, who has been
ill from an attack of fever since the
holidays, has recently developed a
catse of pneumonia, and is iu a criti
cal !ondition.
Tbe burial and funeral of Uncle
Thoins Looper occurred Wednes
day, the 23d, at the Peter's Creek
eemetery, akd was conducted by Rev,
J. E. FostWi'n the presence of a
large congregation. Mr. Looper was
the oldest man for miles around, he
having lived in the nineties-while
some of his relative are said to have
the family Bible, showing him to be
over one hundred, He has sevnral
great-great grandchildren, and leaves
many relatives and friends, who have
the sympathy of the entire crmmu
The Stork made a flying trip
thirough our community, leaving a
(aughter at Mr. John Freeman's, a
soh. at Mr. F..-rest Ponder's, andt a
a dlaughter at Mr. Sam Cox's.
There is a great deal of sickness
around, especially since the weather
has become so inclement.
Mr. Blently a graduate of Furman
Uhn, *it, is in charge of the La
thmschool this term.
Mica Emma Lathim is ill at pres.
ent, and is under the care of Dr.
Po,1der, who gives a favorable report
of her condition for the last day or
two.-Cor. Grecnville Herald 30th.
A Congli Syrup which drives a celd
out of the syatem by acting as a cathar
tic on the bowels is offered in K-naedy's
Laxastive Honey and Tar. Clears the
tharoiit, strengthieus the lug. and bron,
chial tubes. . The mother's friend and
the children's favorite. Beat for Criup
WVhoopigCough, etc. 80ld by Pick
enas Drug 00.
Hazel Happenmngs.
Dear Eljitor:-I will try to giv*
your many readers a few dots from
this section.
Health of this community is
very good at present.
We wero visited by heavy rain
storms last Monday,causing all wa
ter courses to r age furiously doing
considerable damage to roads and
bridges, and all day -yesterday the
fleecy snow fell.
Very little has b.en done toward
farming th is year.
Misses Martha and Ruth Brook.
of Rosman, Nh 0., have just return
ed home from a week's visit to
their siater Mrs. Plato Gillespie.
Mr. TIyra O'Dell, who has been
been out inl tihe westen states for
the past 26 years is on a .visit to
relatives and friends In this coun
ty. Mr. O'Dell was born and
reared in this county. It is very
interes'ing toshear him relate his
ex'erienice in traveling and talk of
their Improved methods of farmiig
in the Wesot. This is Mr. O'Dell's
lirst visit to home folks sine, he left
ibis counity and his visit was a de
light to his frienda.
Mr A Tr. WVinchiester went 0
Greenyille last week 0on busine's.
Antioch Baptist church has pur
chased a niew heater from Morit
gomery Ward & Co., of Chicago,
Ill. M.S8.
"I Thank The Lord!"
cried Hannah Plant of Little Rock, Ark.
"for the relief I got from Buokl-n's
Arnica tSalW. It on red my fearful run
ning sores, when nothiag else would
heal, and from whuich Ilhad snffered for
5, years." It is a marvelous hea'er for
cut4 burns and wouds. Gjaarmitted at
Pickens Drug Co. 25c.
Congressman Meek
Pe-runa For
Hon. David Moekison, Napoleon, C
Distiiet, writes:
"I have used several bottles of
thereby from my catarrh, of the head
I use t a short time longer I will be I
thirt years' standlag.*---David Mee
Mo., writes: "I have been in bad healt
twelve bottles of your Peruna I am cui
If you do not derive prompt and matisi
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a f
pleased to give you his valuable advice q
Address Dr. Hartman, President of Th
Miss Lillie L. Keister of Ceo
tral was married to Mr. Joseph J.
Busha of Charleston on Thursday
afternoon, January 25th 1906, at
the residence of the bride's grand
parents Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Lind
say at Central, Rev. N. A. Murphy
of the Cathohec church of Green
ville officiating, this br ing the
first marriage ceremony ever per-.
formed by a Catholic priest at Cen
tral, the ceremony was certainly
miagnificen t and very interesting.
Miss Keister was certainly
dressed very beautifully .with white
satin dress trimmed with white
medalions and white silk insertion,
besides this, the bride wore a
beautiful white silk lace collar and
silk gloves also white kid slippers.
Mr. Busha was also handsomely
Thore wore many friends pres
ent and every one seemed to enjoy
themselves, everything being pleas
ant and enjoyable.
The house was beautifully deco
rated with the green of the season,
making everything beautiful and
pleasing to the eye.
The ceremony took place about
1 :00 o'clock, dinner being served
immediately after the ceremony,
of which there was an abundance
of ice things which of courte
added much pleasure to the occa
The remainder of the time was
spent in an informal way, playing
the pisino, singing, joking, etc.
The bride andl groomi were the
recipients of many useful and ex
pensive presents.
Mr. Preston Smiith and Mis
Annie Keister were the witnesses.
The bride was assisted by Mes
dames C. B. Smith and Joseph
Brock. Messrs W. K. Lindsey and
C. B. .8mith were th'e attendants.
3ears tas 4IbsKind Youla~ A S
l r Sale..
60 acres of 1mta, 6 room house, one
gin house, one store house, two ten
.n6 houses, barn, crib, one warehouse
on railroad,'two good orchardls, situ
ated hailf way between Easloy and
Picks. This is a tine stand for
Ini Addition to this we will soil:
10 tons of cotton ssea,
12 ton, of meal and bulls, :,
2 mules and harness,
8 good wagons,
3 I ulggies,
1 15-horsepower engine,
2 cotton gins and press,
100 bushels of corn, 2,000 bundles
of fodder.
2 new wagon scales,
$4)0 stock g'o ,de and fixtures.
1 set JAaoksmith tools.
1 : a~ses mill,
1 corn mill, 1 cut off saw.
Land and all the abovYe go is to oth
er. This is a great barg :on come
quiek. Party going to) sell.
3, D. H1OLnR A Co
ison Gives Prais to
His Recoverye
ilo, ex-member of Congwes, 3ifty-Bfth
Peruns and I lIe pWMr besefVed
I feel ecou9e beve that M
heny able o e4ad tom dhMase 1
. Jacob L. Davbi, Galena, Stone cousty,
k for thirty-seven y..s, ad after taktug
-ed."-Jacob L. Davs.
faetory resnilt from the use of Peruu,
ll statement of your case, and he will be
9 Hartman Sanitarlsua, Columabus, 0.
FOR SALE-Two dwellings and
store in good condition. Good Wa
ter and necessary out buildings in
heart of Central, S. 0. Apply to 0
C. Frick.
J. F. Brock, woodworkman, in the
Ashmore building, is prepared to
mend or make over your vehicles and
do a general line of repair work. Sau
Isetting and sharpening a specialty
G (ive me a call when in need of gen
oral repair work. Prepared to do all
kinds of pipe cutting and fitting. tf
WANTED-Bright, honest young
miiaui from Pickens to prepare for
payilg p)osition in Government Mail
service. Boux Otne, Cedar Rapids, Ia.
--I am now prepared to do all
kinds of woodwork in counection with
bl acksmithbing. All work guaran.
teed. Wmz. Rosemnond.
"Eureka" Stock and P..ultry pow.
ders at J. T. Fenneoll & Co.
The B. P. Kelley corn arid wheat.
mill, saw mill and ginnery en Shoal
Croek is under the management this
year of Mr. Berry Stephens, a conspe
tent miller, who will give .you entire,
satisfaction. Try him and he pleased.
1-10t4 B .Klley.
stos s*o sough adhes~le~sEs
Croup, coughs, colds Whioopfug
eough, ct., bave no terrors for chibiren
or adults whoe evacuate the bowel. with
Kennedy's Laxative Honey and TIe r.
Th'lis remedy expels all 'col is from the
system and strengthens the throat, lunge
and bronchial lubes. The Original Lax
ative cough~ Syrup and Liquid cold cure.
1Sold by Pickens Drug 00.
When you want a pleasant I-rative take
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
TIablets. F~or sale by Pickens J.rug Co.
An Emuergency Medieine.
For sprains, bruises, burnas, salds and
uimilair inj~uries, there is nothing se
good as Cbamberlain's Pain Illm. i6
soothes the wound and not only gives
instanf relief from pain, bu6 eaaes the
parta to heal in about one thirn-the time
required by the usual treatment. Sold
by Pickens Drug Co.
3.arusas lbi d a ien an
For coughs, colds, broachitis,
asthma, weak throats, weak
lungs, consumtptiom, take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a bottle of It la
the house. We have b.een
saying this for 60 years, and
so have the doctors.
f int!?afr 4*a .aIs is Se b tedeae
tro bhe world, I know, fer a tresalaag
Mas. J. K. Noaaos$ , Mass.
Th.e0. 1.0 Lu . s.ane
Daily action of the bowoe sn s
aary. Aid nature with Ayv'* pna.s
IFoler, Orr,
On February i st we wi
over 4000 yds of embroid
yds of white lawn at 25
500 yards 7 cent Lawn to go at j
700 yards 10 cent " " - E
700 yards 12J cent " " d " 11
500 yards 15 cent "6" " s 1
500 yards 20 cent o " " " " 11
Over 4000 yds of embroi
tion in 5 and 6 yd pcs to gc
discount. Don't miss this
buy the greatest value ever 4
lawn and embroidery.
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents
$.0-30 DAYS-:
During the next 30
will be rounding up an
out winter goods.
We're not giving aws
neither have our profit
l'arge as to permit us
one half.
But we will sell a]
heavy Cassimers, Ker:
woolen goods at gr<
duced prices, all the p
Lot of 8%/3 cts dark
to go at 6% Y4ets.
Ladies cloaks and j
be sold for less than fi
Have lot of odd sizes
that will be sold at bat
You can save money 1
on us during next 30 1
A. K. Pa
West End, Greeivil
To increase Your Yi
Anderson Fei
More Liberally. A Labor Saver, a 1
Ammoniated with FISH, BL(
Grade Ingredients.
For Informa
Call on our Agent at your nearest R;
Anderson Phosphat
33-45 ANDERSON, S.
WSold by Folger, Thorniey &
i. 0. Moore SeI!s
I bought a stock of goods at a b
the same way, call and see me for mc
have a few dress skirts and Boy's kn
Calicoes and Outings at a bargain.
cheap, in fact everything cheap.
.Remember the old meat mark
Pork and all the Raw Hides green o>
because I am selling goods. I don't
so call and get yonr meat or anything
The Old Meat Mla
J. D.M C
All our entire stock Will now be
in prices and if you have riot bougt
furnishing goods, now is a good time
Take advantage of this drop ir
stepe in ahead of you and gets the p1
Free Cleaning and Pressing of
Merchant Tailoring Department.
LU. Rloths
sole agent for Hawes Hats and
11 place on sale
ery and 3000
per cent dis.
cents per yard.
5 " ' yard.
dery and inser
at 25 per cent
opportunity to
>lered in white
leyj Co.
g Goods a Specialty.
days we #
d closing #
ty goods, $
3 been so I
to sell at
I of our 0
seys and
tatly re
rofit off.
Lckets to
'st cost.
in shoes
)> calling
Ie, S. C.
eld, uise
t ilizers
[oney Maker, Beats All.
)OD, and other High
tilroad Station, or
e and Oil Co.,
Co., Pickens, S. C.
'em Cheap,
.rgain and will sell them
st anything you want I
ee pants to go cheap.
A lot of Shoes to go
et and bring me some
r dry that you can get
forget my meat market
else you want.
sold at a great reduction
Lt your overcoat, suit or
to save money,
price before some else
all clothing made in our
ch ild.

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