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The ontlnel4oura Companyp
Tnoursor;& EB .' .
J. 16. 0. THOMPSON. ERnToa.
Subsoription $1.00 PeiXiiiuin.
Advertisiug Bates Reasonable.
Entered at Plokeus Postoffiee as Second 01sse
Mail Matter
Wednesday, Febuary 7, 1900.
Doings of th6 Legislature.
Continued ftom Page One.)
and Laurens railroad.
Senuitor E. S. Blease to increase
salary of supervisor of Saluda
Mr. McFadden relating t-> com
pensation of conuty commissiun
ers of Riohland.
Mr. Higgins' bill making a verb.
al amendment in law relating to
discharging of teachers in public
Senator Davis' relative to issu
ing of bonds for erecting school
building at Summerton.
Senator Carlisle's to have com
mission appointed to investigate fi
ancial affairs in Spartanburg.
Senator Douglas' to permit city
of Union to issue certain liquidat
ing bonds.
Capt. Sellars' to provide for the
opening of a highway between Dil
lon and Maple swamp.
Mr- Lawson's relating to town
ship line in Darlington county.
Mr. Pittman to authorize Lee
county to sell one jail and buy an
Mr. Stoll to increase salary of su
perintendent of eilucation of Wil.
Capt. Sellers to authorize trustees
of Dillon graded schools to collect
an additional tax.
Mr. Cloy to create Langley town
ship in Aiken county.
Mr. Harley to require the South
ern and Atlantic Coast Line rail
roads to build depot at Barnwell.
Mr. Bass to create ,a new- town
ship in Williamsbuig township
Mr. Lyons to increase salaries of
certain county officers in Abbeville
and Oconee counties.
Mr. Dennis to authorine Holly
Hill in Beorkely county to hold an
election for bonds for school pur
Senator Hardin to transfer cer
tain funds from "bond account" to
"curren t account" in Chester school
district No. 1.
Senator Dennis to provide for
time for holding courts in Blerkely.
'Senator Mauldin providing for
Bouth Carolina day in the public
Mr. Browning to authorize town
of Oarlislo to issue bonds for pub
lie irpprovements.
Mr. Lof ton to provide for the
funda collected by magistrates in
Charleston county to be distribut
ed among towunships in which col
Senator E. S. Blesse to provide
for payment of $73.61 to Walker,
Evans & Coggswell.
Senator Buvens to establish a new
school district in Dorchester.
Senator Hay to amend act per
mitting town of Kershaw to issue
$12,000 in school bonds.
Senator Marshali to establish a
county court in Richland.
Charleston delegation b)i1-To
provide rural police for thatI part
of Charleston lying between Ashley
and Cooper rivers.
Mr. Haskell to provide for comn
missioners of deed for So~uth Car.
olina-in foreign countries.
Senator Bajes to permit Fairfiax
school distaiet to issue $6,000 001
in bon~ds.
Senator Blake to autborizo Duoe
Wee township to a~id in building
rairoaid. ..
*Mr, Nicholsion to provide for the
e'nrvey of she flne between Aik A
en atrd Edgefiejd counties..
rer Thatto 'to define limits of
~*Pry Neiooi distrIct No. 41 in
ngton counly.C
itr UIson to provide for the
V,, e~dtf~i ef tWestees for se~adol dis..
~k f te town of Nibety 8h. i
4> *W rsm,Ls mNTROJIOOEn
oi' popnses of dispensa y
i at -anietlimat8
og ror
To l thu99gbt 4i$
To provide for boardo of health
uu0'o orr Wu Ites.
T6& o nR thU 011 of tho vot
ag prooinos.
Tedoange the tiloe of ,corts in
To provide $500 in schools for
ooks for pupils.
-ro-morease- the salary, of the
,ension clerk.
ToV provide a monument for Gen.
t'oinoits SunitE r' grave.
TLo repeeal th atct to Eelt 10 acres
in Gillisoinville in Venafort and to
give the same to the public school .
To increase the salary of the se.
pervisor of Laurens
To allow grand juries to employ
l'xpert accountants.
Relating to a bond issue in Un
To havo unlimited number of di.
r :ctors for banking, shipbuilding,
and trust companies and to have
two classep, one active, the other
To examine the financial affairs
(if Spartanburg.
To make it a crime t-) break sig
nals on electric railways.
To arrange the courts in the sev
enth circuit.
To mark the State line.
To divide the tax on the C., N
& L in Lexington between Broad
river and Saluda townships.
To authorze Due West to issue
bonds for a railroad from that placQ
to Donalds or from Abbovillo to
Anderson via Due West.
To examine tho affairs of Fair
To regulate the hunting of doer
and to include Charleston.
To code the United Statea au
thority over Sullivan's Island.
To incorporate the town of Brun.
The following acts were ratified:
Referring to public guardians.
To authorize appointment of do
puty sherifis for Charleston navy
To have school trustees list dogs
for taxation.
To establish new school district
in Darlington.
To allow'fire limits in towns of
over 100 inhabitants.
To examine financial affairs of
Dorchester. .,
To correct an error regarding
salaries of township commissioners
in Chester.
To change timae of courts in Dor
To establish new .sohool district
in Aiken and Barnwell, known as
"Edisto Rliver school district."
To examine financial affairs of
-Ocwell Abercromnbia, of PickensJ
county, has recently become a citizen
of Oconee county, having bought land
near Salem. We gladly welcome him
and his to our territory and wish him
great happiness and prosperty.--Ke
wee Courier.
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ime of need.. They are
iappy because t h e y are
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hey are- scraWny Thoset
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Mesdames J. L. Bolt and J. R. Ashmore
Piano Solo hire. J. T. Richey
Recitation "Papa Was Stumped" Ellen Lewis
Waltz Movement, Allegretto, Piano and Violin,
Mdiss Earle and Mr. Parsons'
Song "When the Sunset Turns the Ocean's Slne to Gold"
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Misses Orua MOFallI and Eva Earle
Tableau '"The Womon at Houne During The War"~
Members Piokens U. .D. C.
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Resolutions of Appreciation.
Whereas, it has been the good
fortune, pleasuro and profit.of the
of thermembors of the Pickens Bap
tist Church to hit under the minis
try of the Rev. D. W. Hiotf for the
past two years, and feeling that we
soould publicly eypress our high
appreoiationt and esteo of his
services, th,-refore be it resolved by
church and cotference assuibled:
Ist, 'That under tho ministry <f
Hro Miutt this church has increased
in mte mberbhip, benevolence and in
2nsd, That we recognize in him a
Man consecration, a strong preach
er and cousistent christian ; always
actively and oarnesty engaged in
troing to prouote tho catiuse of
Christ and to destioy evil. NWe
feel that it is due to his effoits
nwore than anyono else. that this
town aid county has been relieved
of one of the g:Qatbet sources. of
evil that we have Lad.
3rd, That we comenzned him and
his estiiuible family to tle conti
dence and love of christian pe, ple
wherever their lot may be cast, and
trust as the years go by lie and
they iay be inorb useful in the
Maeter's Vineyard and that their
labor will be abuadantly blesed.
4th, That these resolutions b
spread upon our minute book and
a copy sent to Bro. iott.
Just a little Kudol after meals will re
belching, gasonistom
- ymptoms of indiges
eta what you eat, and
ft and digestive organs
functions naturally.
'rug Co.
t Summons.
nmmon Pleas.
ief-Complaint not
- corporittion duly
eek the Junior, T.
Ml. Lowery, and W. 6. Wilsorl.
To the Defendants above named.
You are hereby Summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this
actionhof which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to ssrve a copy of
y our answer to the said complaint on the
subscriber at his office at Pickens, S. C.
within twventy days after the ser-vice
hereof, exclusive of the day of such s'er
vice, and if you fail to answe-r the comn
plamnt wvithinu the tiune iaforesaid, timo
Plainitiff in tii actionn ill apply to the
.Court for the relief demanded -in this
D~ated Jan 2:ad, 1906
A. J. Hoggs,
0.0C. P.
J. P. Carey,
- Plaintiff's Attorney.
.To the absRent defendant James Peek,
Take noti'ce that the summons in the
above stated casejof whIch the foregoing
Is- a copy. and the complaint was filed
in the c1fhee of the Clerk of the Court for
Pickens0 ounity, 8. (1. on thme 2nd day of
Jatnary 1906. J. P. Carey,
I-10t6 Plaintiff's Attore'y.
~Arkansas -nd Southwest~
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limit on'round~ trip tickets. Write for map~
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nud where you want to go and we will gv
you full Information by return mail.
.L. P. SMITH, T1. P. A. /
e ~ Cotton iie't Route,
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in house, oneo stor-' huouse, two l-e-.
nt houses, barn, crIb, 0on0 warehouse
n railroad, two good orchiras. situ
tedi half way between Easleiy and
ickens. This is a fine asand for
In. addition to this we wial sell:
10 tonsi of cotton seeds,
12 tone of meal and hu la,
2 mules and1 harness,
3 good wagons,o
3 hunggioQ,
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100 bushels of corn, 2,000 bundle. -
f fodder.
.2 new wagon scales,
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a The .
Increase~gg Tho farmor's WOeOKN AW4R
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Sho olont s that beebon tako
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goor monu nottIve our note, for
icehmonI ,Vs. Atlanta Ga.
old y Flge, Tornly& o J CLeASS OF. SERVIE. 0 . i
Clrl AIt TiiA i~T~ o t~an
I~njE'- tOnoty of Pickens, -(
attirday. ymJ. B.. N90baty2 E.qnire, Probatem
od bydFiotlger, honleytha & Co-* do"i A. J. tha thyh P
.. ~ . lwf:do fit , l Ito e Cgrn t m Potrof
PBridge i N o. Q e 'in is.,tm n ho e uto estrna t o ner
- 8.~( I,, f i t it't~~ of M.B.rcha, d1co00,
I wllletth buldng f noabid e r J'-n Tll'tm ero, t1o'clotk and
Jn P.o Cre nAd .leadig fro ahmoifish no an to ular~ te, indred
aturdy, Mach8.106at2p. m Plana W .h.m, decevased, t 'bat th y be and and
*d spedato a wp. * t$ . mrt beor Re, tin the Coth of Prb
'(hS. , n .b 2u 90 tu10th year irc,196
J. P. ATT WAY """'""'He"J" h 13.f Nt11'olrkyi
JboforonaenrtoetheWcansofif nny the
SURVEOR awarmanan-n-ho

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