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Estrologloel Table
By John T. Boggs, observer, Licety, S. 0,
Charaeter of
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aDvenlus'of a Local and Personal Xature
--J,4E. Haood of Easley, was cir
cul ' g in Pickeni last week.
--isa Essie and Eva Earle visited
friends in Greenville last week.
- Prof. S. M. Wolfe made a flying
trip I-) Ensley Saturday evoning.
--Mrs. FloRence Griffin spent a
part of last week with friends in Eas.
-Miss Hubbard's music class
gives a recital in the rohool auditoiri
um tonight.
-Mrs. L. C. Thornley spent a por.
tion of la4t week with relatives ad
friends in Greenville.
-See change of ad of Craig Bros
this week. They talk shoes and it
will be to your intbrest to listen.
--Mies Josie Boggs, of Easley,
spent a p)rtion of last week with her
sistor, Mi s. J. N Halluu, in Pickens.
--:A moving picture show delight
ed the Young folks of the town lamt
Saturday night at the schoil audito
-Prestoa P. McDaniel, whi is on
the constabulary force and stationed
at Wailhalla, is visiting his brothers
and sisters in Pickens.
-Miss Addie Hintt, of Easley,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
friends in Piokoes. She is an assist
ant teacher in the Norria Grammar
school, at present.
-Mnday was saleday but there
was nothing to go under the auction
ter's hammer. A goodly crowd was
in town, paying taxes and trading
and our merchants report good sales.
-Little Miss Ivy Mauldin whi
rpent two weeks recently with hert
grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Ros
Eaton, of Central, returned home last
week, ber mother, Mrs, 1. Mi. Mauldin
having gone after her.
-Th ro was considerable work
before the Masonic lodge last Satur.
day night, several candidstes pre.
senting themselves for the first step
in Masonry and more to follow. Th.
lodge is growing at a healthy rate.
-0. L. Curetop laa his corn mill
running an invites the corn meal
actinig public to give himn a share of
their patronage. The mil is in charge
of Mr. J. Mi Ward, an experienced
miller, w~ho knows how to grind a
good turn out.
--The miunltes of the Twelve Mile
Rliver Association will be ready for
delivery to the clerks of the various
.,.churches by the 12 insat. They will
please call at this office and get same.
On aceount of tbeing rushed with job
work all the fall we have been unable
to t~urn out this wvork before now.
-Col. Fielding A. Lewis, formerly
of this p~lace, but now of WValballa,
was in Pickens the first of the week.
Mr. Lewis is wvell p.leased with his
purchase there and says that he has
been offered double the money he
paid for his property. He is in the
-# real estate business and has a card
in this issue.
-A t a regular meeoting of th~e K. of
P. lodge Monday night work in the
second degree was performed. .i'hiq
lodge, though a young one, is fait
forging to the front, their member
shIp increasing at a rapid -rate.
Their degree team is splendidly or.
nwnniepd and they carry. the candi
ugh the derees in great
>d deal (if - pace is take n
gislative matters and songe
with other matter, but we donate
enough. space to give a program of
the entertainment by the P'ickens
chapter U. D. (1. in the Graded
School building next Wednesday ev.
ening the .14th of Februnary. It is
Sfor the benefit of the old esoldiers, n
worthy cause, and we cheerfully do
nato the space and hope they will
have a crow~del -house. Ta e aedmis.
sion is only 10 coets.
- Mr. and Mrs, J. T. Gaines of Lil..
sity side, we-- in Pickens Monday, aend
while in town paid this cifllce a vlist;
th- y came inl to see hon~ anI up to-diat,
country weekly is gotten up. TLhe.,
were shown through evory depart
meat, but were unable to see the most
initeresting feature, that of our big
steam new~spaper press in ojerdiion,
wvhich ii only run on Tuesday eve
nings an 1 WVedne -day mornings. We
invite every one to cali wh. n thov
feel I ko it and1 see hw~ nmnch c tre
worr.', time and labor is required t'.
get ouit a newspaper.
If you want to know whether ii
shiow is any good or not, get th
opinion of the travelling public. T1he
drummers generally keep uip with
best attractions on t'he road, and the
dr~tume making this point speak
in the highest terms of comrmenda
lion of 'the "Bell Ringer.s and 'Male
Quartet te" which will be here Febru.
ary 28th. They have seniti At.
er cities, and say it is simply. grand
and can't be beat. Don't fail to hesar
themn at school auditorium on the
28th under auiapicos of Picke nS .v
coum) Committee. PrIces l00 andt
25o for children. Really a dL Il
bis *oW T.Hsitah aht ee
-See change of ad tT D I;Iar.
rib; as usual he off.-rs bargains to the
trading pablio.
-A twenty-five cent show for ten
cents. Come and help the Daugh.
tere in a good cause.
-MoD Weams and others will sing
at Concord Church next Sunday at
2 p. m. All are invited to attend.
-John Harvey Richey, of Easley
R. F. P. No. 2, was in -Pickens Mon.
day on business.
- -W. (. Gaines, of Norris, was in.
Pickens Monday and paid this office
.an appreciative call.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Richey are
visiting the latter's mother and other
relatives in Columbia.
-Miss Junie Wyatt and Mrs. W.
0. Martin, of Easley Rt. F. D. No. 5,
bvent a part o. Jast week in Pickens
with relatives.
- Ex Sheriff J. H. G. McDainiel, of
Rutherfordton, N. 0., is now circula
ting namong his many friends and visi
tit-g children in Pickbns.
-T. M. Jones of the Rook aection
of the county, has movel to Eailey
and herafter his postolqe padress
will be .Eisley, R. F D. 2,
-Do not fail to go out- to the ei,?
tertaiuent gi -ein by the Daught ors Of
tlse Confederacy next Wednes lay
eveniug Feb. 14t.
-A message received from W. M
LHorton, denlti,., statea that he w'ill be
iii Liberty Thureday, the 8th, and in
Pickeu Frid y, ti.o 9th and 10tu in
stant. Any one meedinig dental work
shUuld see bim un those iates.
-Married Sunday Feb. 4th, 1906
at the hommh of the Offiditit- ma"i4in
trate S. F. Keith, Prof. A B. Follrt
ner to Miss Leilai Mtoes. The
happy couple have thcicongratula
tions of their many friends.
-TIl ere will be an all day singing
at Flat Rock, three miles touth of
Liberty the third Sauday in this
month. Let every body come and
bring dinner ;end song books, Ti.
singing will be conducted by P. C
-Alter December 22d, we will on.
ly gin cotton on Fridays of each
week. Our pations will please be
governed accordingly. Urin. us
your remnant seed cotton and get
highest cash prices.
Pickens Oil Mill Co.
Mrs. Swayneghame, relict of the
late Alex. A. Swayneglau!, died on
the 7th ult., at her home one mile
east of Literty. She woo buried the
day following her death at Flat Rock
Church. She leaves three sons and
four daughters besides a host of rela
tives and friends to mourn her death.
--The conuty union of the Farm.
era' Educational and Cooperative
Union of America, will meet at Nor
ris Sidetrack on Saturday the 10th
inst. at 11 a. m. A delegation from
each local union ia desired as busi
ness of importance is to be trans
acted. Jno. T. Boggs, Pres.
-Mis, Tirzah Hug~hes is spending
a while with her sister, birs J. A.
D~avis, in Spartaanburg. She is on her
way to the northern markets to pur
chiase her spring and summer millin
ery for the big store. The biggest
stock and the best display of millinery
over haindled by this enterprising firm
will be shown this season.
--Congressman -Wyatt Alken asks
us to inform our subscribers that he
has a small quantity of fin~e tobacco
seed of varieties suited to thia Section,
each package of which which will
plant from three to five acres. Any
person desiring a iackage will plea~e
addrtess him at Wazshington, D. C.,
care of the hose of Rieiresentatire..
-There will be three eclipses of
the son andl two of the 31o0on thi,
year'. The first is a totael eclip.e of
thme moon beginniing about 11 o'clock
of the 8th of F'ebruary and ending the
next morning abanut 4 o'clock. The
next total eclipse of the sun in North
America will be in June 8th, 1918,
visible from Oregon to Florida for
two minutes.
-Mr. Ernest Folger, buyer for
Folger, Trhornley & Co., leaves Satus.
day for the northern markets to pur
chase the largest and most complete
-took of spring and summer muerchamn.
dise ever carried by this enterprising
firm. Ernest says if t hey don't sell
double the quan; 'ty of goods this
year they have evd sold, it will be be
cause the people do not want to buy.
-W. W, Miss recently blft us one
of the most pecullar gou de we have
ever seen. It was shaped very simni.
larly to a corne~t, and wai a very pret.
ty growth, it wvas raised1 by Mrs.
Hinkel, of Pickenis coun ty. Since the
introduction of the lhimlippinie Islanid
gourds into this section several years
ago there have been a numiber of
freak gourds presen ted to this office.
-Keowee Courier.
-The heavy rains last .\onday
swelled the stream:; of this county a1
most as badly as the 'July freshot of
lait year, hut the damnago to bridges
and property was not so groat. Sev
eral bridggs in the eastern section of
the county are r, ported as washed
away, and a number of others consid
erably damaged. Senema .iiver is re
ported to have beeni as high as at any
time in the past.-Koewee Coumier.
-For the past six monthsi the jib
department of thin paper has beeni
rm a month to six weeiks behind
with orders for job work, and have.
not caught up yet, though wVe ami
working three comnpositors daIly and
also at night. Thme people appeciale
good work and place their orders with
us even if they do have to wait fo
their turn. Ri~gt now, a big order
for the PiokeniRU. R. is holding a
T4 401" The 00l6hg ~4-91t~sd Of tile"
county have comA in and moved their
date up a notch SiUog our last i1s$ueg
.; J. Gas way, L. D. Stephone,
W. D. E en, . Ars. E L. 0.x, Bad
Kirksey, J Tvre Looper, Jas U. Gl
lespio, T. A Kelley, J. it. J. Anthony,
W. H. Bejamin, J. A%. Whliteo, T. S.
ityru ey, G. W.
Waines, W. . Garrett. and Thomas
Turner, These are all good citizens
of the county and they all "live at
home and board at the same place."
The Pickens County reachers' As.
sociation will meet atLiberty scli. ol
building, Saturday, February 10th, :it
2 o'clook. The prog),ram will be as
Met hods of Punishment-J, P. Deu.
dy, of Central.
The Womnu in The Teaoher's Pro.
feesion-bliss Corrie blathis,of Easley.
School Eatertainmsnti-.l. R. C Grif
fin, Easley.
Sone Needed Reformsa in the South.
ern So0ol Systemn-'i. M. Wolfe, U1
Every toauther in Pijkvns couuty
should attend. The sehedules are
uch anu to enable :h..i who desire to
go and come at 0.mvenieut hours. And
teachers who are not near the is I
r ,ad, can drive through the country.
A man who once had rough horny
hamdA made them soft and smooth with
Wich HazAl Salve, but he used the gen
uine-that bearing the name "E. C. Do
Witt & Co. Chic.ago.", For sores, boils,
cuts, burns, bruises, etc., it has no e gal.
A.d affords almost immediate reli.f from
b'ind, bleeding, ito iug and protruding
jiles. Sold by Piokens Drug Co.
They never gr.pe or sioken, but
cleanse ans1 strengthen the Rtom:ioh, liver
a :d bowe.s. Tis is the universal vor
diet of the many thousinds who ume Do
Witt's Little Early Risera. These fa
mous little pills relieve headache, con
stipatiOn, billiousness, jaundice. torpid
liver, sallow complexion, etc, Try Litt*e
Early Risers. Sold hy Piekens Drug Cu.
The New Cough Syrup--thei one that
acts as a mild cathartic on the bowevml-is
Kennedy's L x:rtive Honey and Tar. It
expels all cold from the system, omts the
phlegm out of the throat, strenghtens the
mucous membranes of the .bronchial
tubes, and relieves croup, whooping
cough, etc. Childreu love it. Sold by
Pickens Drug Co.
All old timre Cough Syrups binld the
bowels. This is wrong. A new idea
was advanced two yoars ago in Kennedy'a,
Laxative Honey and Tar. ''his remiedy
acta on the mucous membranes of the
throat and lungs and loosens the bowels
at the sam time. It expels all cold fr-m
the syst.m. It clears the throt, said
strengthens the mucous membranes, re.
lieves ceughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough, etc. Sold by Piokens Drug Co.
Don't deceivo yourself. If you have
indigeation take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
It will relieve you. Rev. W. E. Hoontt,
South Mills, N. U., says: "I was troll
bled with Chronic indigestion for several
years; whatever I i-te seemed to cau'te
hecartburn, sour stomach, flattering of my
heard, and general depression of minmd
and body. My druggist. recommend Ko
dol, sand it has relieved me. I can now
eait anything and sleep soundly at night.
Kodol Digests what you eat. Bold by
Pickoe Drug Co.
St'artiling Hut True.
Peoi-le the world over were horrified
on learning of the bur1ning of a Chico'go
theatre in which nearly six hundred pee.
plc lost their liv' s, yet more than five
timea this number or over 3,000 people
died fronm proenmoaia in CJhiicago during
same 'ear, with scarcely a passing nto
ice. Every one of these cal-es of pneu
monia resulte~d fr'om a cold and could
been prevented by timely u~ee of CTham.
herlain's Cough Remedy. A great many
who had every ro son to fear pneui'monia
have warded it off by the p~rompt use of
this remiedy. The following is an in
stance of this sort: "Too much cannot
be said in favor of Clh mberlain's Couah
Rem dy, and especially for colds and in.
fiuenza. I k now that it cured my daugh
ter, Laura, of a severe cold, and I beelieve
saved her life whe~n she was thrematened
with pneumonia." WV. D. WVilcox, Lo
gan, Nm'w York. Sold b'y Pickens Drug
Co. aud T. N. Hnnter, Liberty.
Chamarberilai's (ougha Remecdy the Mmoth.
er's Favorit.
The soothming and hseal ing p~roperties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cures have maide
it a favorite with people everywhere. It
is especially prized by mothers of small
childron, for colds, cronp and whooping
cough, as it always affords quick relief,
aind as it cont'ains no opium or other
harmful drug, it may 1bo given as confi
dently to a b e by as to an adult. For sale
by Picke Drug Ce, and T. N. Hunter,
For ililiousness and sick Headache.
T1ake Orino Lax itive Fruit Syrup. It
sweetens the stomaich, aids digestion
and acts as a gentle stimnient on the
liver and bowels withont irrit,ting those
organs. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup
cures biliousness anti habituaal constipa
tion. Does not nauseate or gripe and
is mild and pleaant to tiake, Rtemem
ber the uname Orino and ref use to taske
u'ny substitute. Pickens Drug Co., RI.
F. Smith, Eiasley.
Doctors first prescribed
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral over
60 years ago. They use ii
today more thap ever. They
rely upon It for colds, coughs,
bronchitis, consumption.
They will tell you how it I
heals inflamed lungs.
T"o ta'id vey r'a hcogh effor tiree years.
laungs wore soona haued and mty cough dtrop.ead
aw ua. Paant. Hvou, antarle centre. Ia.3
-. -for ------
Old Coughs
oa Ayor's Pi;ll ait bedtIme insures
I.etw.-aJ ac21ern next mornincr.
Re6mrmen - .y-ru-na.
........ ......
Senor Queseda,6 Cuban Minister to the United States.
Senor Quesade, Cuban. Minister to the United States, Is a orator born. ft
601 article in The Outlook for July, 1I9O, by George Kennan, who heard Queeada
speak at the Esteban Tiheater, Mantanzas, Cuba, he said: "I1 have seen amny
audiences under the spell of eloquent speech and in the grip of asong emotional
excitement; but I have rarely witnessed such a scene as at the close of Quesada4e
eulogy upon the dead Patriot, Marti~l In a letter to The Pernaa& Medieine Cow
psny, written from Washingt-on, D. C., Senor Quesada says:t
"Peruna I ca recommend as a very good medY
cine. It Is anf excellent strengthening tonic, and it
Is also an efficacious cure for the almost universal
complaint of catarrh. "---Gonzalo De Quesada.
Congressman J. H. Bankhead, of Ala- TeeI u igendos h~
bama, one of the most influential mem- i aia pctefee~rh ti
bersof the House of Representatives, in Prnwih a to #feuir
a letter written from Washington, D. C.,etadordthuad [email protected]
gives his endorsement to the great a-Ifyud edrl*po6a"sw
tarrh remedy, Peruna, in the flollowing fcoyrslsto h s fPr
words:wiea net r aesn 1W
44your Peruna A, One of mhe beat fl ttmn fyu w n ew
medichne& I ever tried, and no thmW epese ogv yuUyalai d
should be without your rensarkale vc rts
remedy. As -a tonic and catarrh cure Adm r ataPeieto h
is a- a-a Asee for atrh.Iti
SOM PACICA. DVCE. ths Peru, for has ltoo is ha horet
ttand red auturands ofese.mak
Non.J. Ahmoe Hiton rits Enhu cthorultsfothue of Peercntats unda
siastcall of otto Assciwritoo ath on tor wb aas bivig
fugatehmsenfto fyurns ease an heor~
tion-Dvesbe iApleased toy gel ivab fi d- u
His Advice. that ice r esiltads.bt
ME CI~. ADVr:Ift hleIE wa t hie coprin, frthe cilot gis hourt
delegate to~~an the manen'Ct n a.prc. Yurfat u ee s a 'tm k
Hn.in f. mre HntonWries Enthu J.ot utfpAr oret ana
sonastecotaco hohs.bi
deenogateaCba inse to the SotenCto rc. YUnite oScates
sociartioln TNew Ouloank for Jeuly,169, byJ.ree Awhoherd Hieton.
Ipak a thesehod ofheting Mthnpeo- Cua.h aiT03.ha ..en n
pauod iens cun heel ofroqun meecu an in the ip o sron ehma
exciteet butyond doubty teassed such a senea tteoceo usd'
"Perunhasaccmpishd canrea ommndadavygodfei
e it It meing and e holden treghnn oiadi
goso alogtesm ie andiu cur fsor the alosta unieral
vconghelant ofreatariip. r--ozaoD Qeaa
Conagheressa i wil oanl beao Aa hri u a UsinE LeOCAL.wh
bahort ofeuui thr-yo wiletalcom s ardclseie e tir.i
thero thbe pourpse foeresnaie a which te ehv s sdth agl enyfo
asleter wittefe Wshreigetonhe .. arnd cured Stoesands fanesand
tdepresed, co nio of the foth.in factdr arena foiio tof maeryua
Iwneder sawtaemoe determinedr.loeiprices on both
bod of~ rersnaie norul statmentogr hor nd &e Co.
edicuiasmIee manied dn al laed to giv ot FO A E yTo dwelainabs and
theolic and principle youtliedbyl store gi odcni.o.Go a
rhemdfer. cotes a n cthirdresdr eesaryian Prtsildng inTh
pots kw f ebhbeer.".,i.Hartma of ntrim, ClAmpply to AM
SOE arerICALh AsICEar by i. Srik. orteclt s br
andwhe threareanyobtrutios anh frmanufcues ' pr aer
thon in Ahoe wayto ritehs Epro- paytin oto inapoerment ai
gros tenalloter voctins us soorvice Boneatorbo hapis, obi.
soe oa standstiof CTe Apopla of gTAEN POnJnnr 17sl t aihcth, fo
th iou Dreerininto reas z Apile fMay eigvery 8wees oud,
~~HsActhat soehthutbedn o we fargetsam wlstpat tE oe
farersmer:chasmbaker and waw- aying corni they noiclgie.u
delrat ito te grteatody so tht ahe pri. YusThomscoldng
bitis one New idetia wt rqete.Ahmr itn
otahe theillo cofplein tuh inJp.Beowowrkai h
Thue ishernrer yav ben mi dotae vryu vhce n
thed its frcedetngbe and makul ittig n Ia penng aRly
goei onalngthmanan stane aby ahmd iem acl hnnnefgn
thnciSouthe ad inathia frinclde rele. k-eo pip culogand_ ting
shrDieiuctilon~ wand roationpwll .Ia o rpae od l
theavoble urpea for do trhey knd lof wodwr cin concnwthegcfo
tiein the entstatinvo hen Iblackming. tole work garand
dversid codiie rais ther softhe tend.inf PWm.io tosmeou
hing needfr h ore determpin 0ln rcen oh
onthsiam manifeseutolary leut NOTICAE-Tw pron aelis hereb
thcol icy an aiinipmm ouornu byeatorned noo odiibo. Gaid raet
theaiseret stomkttnd ton trire-ur ad neyear woust hding hom
ponds.wihwl eagetmvo wihourt jusCetr, ca.. Ayn diore
The fareisth, avn sevgalhouard by rdin F isc oikwilb.eatwt
whichr evarcher in munes. if gwie WeorANgToD la h, w.styo
aondtbhen threr arwaobtrctions 2-7 fr.J.m Brcon, to pF.pD. or
groses othe a othe aohlonsmeraise v - IX ea Pickin, a.
cme fonk useastil a Twepon opho ofhamNUPO an~r
be inoitio are brning te ealey iefml i aotwesod
thotsowetwoud muot he onfoOwrcn t selet heourle
terot etour supply braizls thedrtr amb rvgp-~et n
farmersl meoaie akr n a-p:gfor thie ritic.
Neeof ne sitia wiedth thie I .Bok odokai h
ofthe treymaille aopihe moto crsopebidng sp~pdt
ath 1u5uet. mhr soeado endoaeoe orvhce n
he miutheon arers hav beenaccodoagnrliroofepi rkSw
~in own by inforation atitiltadaonpnn seily
abl.y ar fbedv toa hey should i6 eacllwe i ed fgn
he15 dcnts forthe 5(1b raimng m;part; rpi ok reae od l
they Shanvd iie thiovfn eliwhat
theyseduntionl drttonwl a nowpreparedltoingoofl
inaric at ret, a tindo i tor ig id fwowr i oncinwt
noei the pctionfth sscation; whf llor mtig l wr ur
we wivbil r ebraie whenhey mttodWi.Rsuu.
athingheead fixhoed cfaminimum ljti~
to hefaring away aonseurl leot NOIthe osn aehrb
prclow 10 i cents, batfl itn) soon ~'rlnt obt, abr ido bt
wot hay t2ce. Iar pwat to i n' samysy Pu~rDon
toathe morerao stpao iotton, okeep 8y'rs h hslf hshm
yours wervebawilloh't gret scare foand utjs aue n oeds
te asouh soedid asSpring hesnd it dnhsntc wl edatwt
weollto een 'yents ind muns af sh acorinrt l
inotent fmabr ould lce. ou 2be. J ~w, iF D o
ann~ an us asa weponthoham Just ineceived the largest ear of
bon ofa hmeriso ho .w wollFurnitnre ever shipped to ickens.
be i poitin t brig te eemyPrices right.
down wewoul no hav tosellourFolger, Thiornley & Co.
coton o met ur uppy bllsand The 10 1'. Ktelley corn anid wheat
coul hol forthe ise.mi'l, saw mill andu ginnery en 5hoal
Nowtheassciaionfixd te PiceOrek is under the mnanagemnent this
of he emandr o th ctto cr1)year of Mr. Alrry Stephens, a compe
at 1 cets. her isone nd fl0tent miller, who will give you entire
haltmillon oes et t se accrd atisfactiona. Try him and be pleased.
in t te ~et noratonataii1-1014 Il. P. Kelley.
able I elive hatthe 8h~ld A gents Wanted-Out stock is reli
hav 15cens fr te rmaiingl~at;able and can be bandle4 for many sue
theyhav nevr file to et hatcessive years in the same community.
the ased nti uow;thefaliog?~We want a good local agent in this
in ric a prset, tink i toigcounty. Termis liberal. First clas
it w~l 10 r.mom~redwheuth refetrenco require.
at Ahevlleandfixd aminmum NOT'ICE-I have some very desir.
lr~ of11 ent th spcultor 'vntable tracts (of laid for sal4 near the
to hmkkerig aay n Igotthetown of \Valhalla, S. 0. 1 also have
pl~ct blow10 uris, ~d t ~ some nice lots in Walhalla. See me
wentup o 12cens* wnn tosayquick or write me at WValhalla, S5. 0.,
to he oldrs f sot ottn, eepOffice Walhalla Bank,
yor eie n dn' gtscre ad2 5 4t. F. A. Lewis.
so~las omedidlas Spingwhe it I have nice house on good lot for
wel toseen cot~ nd n shrtsale or rent. J. A. White. 1t.
tineit ent bov 10cent. Ibe- "Eureka" Stock anid Poultry psa',
liea itwill do the same thing again dsa.J .bc~l e
On February ist we will place on sale
over 4000 yds of embroidery and 3000
yds of white lawn at 25 per cent dis
500 yards 7 cent Lawn to go at 6 cents per yard.
700 yards 10 cent " " " ' 81 " " yard.
700 yards 121 cetat " " " " 10 " " yard.
500 yards 15 cent " " " " 121 " yard.
500 yards 20 cout " " " " 15 " yard.
Over 4000 yds of embroidery and inser
tion in 5 and 6 yd pcs to go at 25 per cent
discount. Don't miss this opportunity to
buy the greatest value ever offered in white
lawn and embroidery.
Folger, Thorn ley' Co.
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents
Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
$ -A0 DAYS-:
During the next 30 days we
will be rounding up and closing
out winter goods.
We're not giving away goods,
neither have our profits been so
large as to permit us to sell at
one half.
But we will sell all of our
heavy Cassimers, Kerseys and
woolen goods at greatly re
duced prices, all the profit off.
Lot of 8% cts dark outings
to go at 6% Yets.
Ladies cloaks and jackets to
be sold for less than first cost.
Have lot of odd sizes in shoes
that will be sold at bargains.'.
You can save money by calling
on us during next 30 days.
A. K. Park.
West End, Greenville, S. C.$
To increase Your Yield, use
Anderson Fert ilizers
More Liberally. A Labor Saver, a Money Maker, Beats All.
Amimoniated with FISH, BLOOD, and other Hirrh.
Grade Ingredients.
For Information,
Call on our Agent at your nearest Railroad Station, or
Anderson Phosphate and Oil Co.,
33-45 ANDERSON, S. C.
~~Sold by Folger, Thorniey & Co., Pickens, S, C.
. D . M00ore Ss 'em Cheap,~.
I bought a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
the same way, call and see me for most anything you want I
have a few dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
Calicoes and Outings at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to go
cheap, in fact everything cheap.
Remember the old meat market and bring me some
Pork and all the Raw Hides green or dry that you can get
because I am selling goods. I don't forget my meat market
so call and get yonr meat or anything else you want.
The Old Meat Market.
Great Reduction.
All our entire stock will now be sold at a great reduction
in prices and if you have not bought your overcoat, suit or
furnishing goods, now is a good time to save money,
Take advantage of this drop in price before some else
steps in ahead of you and gets the plum.
Free Cleaning an~d Pressing of all clothing made in our
Merchant Tailoring Department.
SL. Rothschild.
Sole agen do Haw s H ts a d D tc ess.T rousers.

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