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I Rutercd April 23, 190 it Piehoms, X. C., as sosud 416"matber, ua, ast of Cou . of [email protected]& 8, 1Sn
Keep Cool When You are Dunned.
There is one elass of people who
bould not aif for credit, whi
should never owe a rod cent, ani
that is the class that got mu(
when a statement of their aecoun
"Ja sent to them. It is a very rare
thing now that a man gets ma,
amld chows iho rag when a sitat
mnit I f he ecout is sent to hil
but occai'nmilly some f[Alow wl
has not paid his till and 'ihows I,
inclination to pay it, paws 'n,
raises mwry cain L. cluo he i
din led." Time ma' 0 a bus n is
man sudi aL statd times state
monts to all Who owe him, and the
businese world" ackiloA 1ile-s th1
as good butiness, anid nt one but a
back number or a fool is going 1t
get, mad when he receives such a
statemi t. It a1 dun is Odious to
you just keep your namie tff tihe
account books, pay cah f-ir overy
tiiing as you go, and you will Pil1s
oi through life and never rec.-ivo a
single dun . But if y..u transac
business' with a businc-a mal, amid
ask him to credit you, amnd you do
not pay him at the appointed time
you are sure to get a dun. That's
just plain buinoss,-and it is noth.
ing to ruffle feelings. But ninety
nine times out of a liutidred the
fellow who gets mad becau.* e hi at.
tention is callod to hipi indebtod
ness never gets mad enough to
pay the acouont prniptly. He
wants to pay in getting mad and
playing the fool about, it. And
you may bet your bottmnr dollar
that the fellow who loses hi tem
per when he rtceives a statenmal
of account, is neveir lax when it
comes to c-iileeming lia own ,o
colunts. Wihy, if a mar, owed limI
and was three days behind in p-ty
iig the uttermost farthineg, he
would s-lI the poor follow uit so.l
and body to cullect til debt. But
this class ij growing beautilully
small --Egoei.-ld Chronicle.
One of the Men Worth While.
Thejl mia) who appCa:S m1o-t
strongly toi o is 1.h.1 f..llow'.V Who
has ben up againd it. Who bat,
been a "good fellw," and allowed
the subtle nina to gayt the better of
him, and who, with betoic deter.
inination, cut it out. The man
who h as been a drun kard-w ho ham
lived in the lights and shadows of
the other side, and who, with grim
persistency,stayed with the flowing
bowl until he had taken the thirty.
third degree-and tben, with a help
that seemed to him an inspiration,
Cut it all ouit, climbed on the wa
ter wagon and rode there through
thiok and thin-around all curves
and up the hills anid kept his8 seat
and never faltered-that man some
how to me is a world-hero-and h'
is eighteen karat fine --Richmond
A story is told of ajanitor in a
Western schoolhouse, who gave up
his job'b cause he' considered that
the teachers had .deliberately im
p)ugned his honesty. The resigna
tion and the reason given for it
caije as a murpise to the school
'i board, and they asked him to ex
"Well," said he, "I never found'
even so much as a pencil on the
floor when I was sweeping out, that
I didzg't give to the principal.
Nothing had over been lost. Some
times the children, when they miss
ed a lunch box or boo0k would make
y a note of' it on the blackboard, so
I could look out for it, and, by
gum, I always found-.what was miss
ing. About two weeks ago, how
ever, I read on on the black board :
'Find the least common multiple.'
Not eveun a please,' either. Well. I
hmunted high an4d low, bunt couldn't
see it. I felt pretty bad about it,
for it was my first miss. But 1 got
mad when at couple of days hter I
read on the board: 'Find the e i.
mon .divisor.' and I resignied, I
couldn't finid it, amid I didn't care
to stand the blame for having
swept it out."--Selectedl.'
PiArati'.g Foley'N Honey and. Tar.
Folev & Co., Chicago, originatted
Honey and Tfar as ai thro--L and lung
r..mredy, anid on account of thme greant
merit of F"oloy's 'Honey andt. Tar
many worthilea imitationa are offer
ed for the genuine. Thios'e wor'thless
inmitantion have similar sosund:ng names.
Beware of them. The genuine Foley
Honoy anid Tar is In ai y'llowv pmnekag.
Ask for it and refuson any anlatituto. It
ii the best remedy for cu ghs and colds.
Piekens Drug Co., 11. F. Smith, Easloy.
f I
P*-ru-na a Necessity in the Home.
J. B. Alexander, Publisher of the
"Fruit and Floral Guide, A Magazine
of Horticulture," published in Hartford
City, Ind., says of Peruna:
"I was afflicted with catarrh of the
throat and head for over ten years. I
was treated by many physicians, but
grow worse until I was seldom able to
go out in cold weather.
"About one year ago I was advised to
try Poruna, which I did, and I am now
entirely well of the catarrh.
''Paruna Is a necessity in our home.
With the first symptoms of a cold we
use it, and are never afflicted with ca.
"I advise all who are afflicted with
catarrh to try Peruna. There is cer
tainly nothing equal to It as a catarrh
mnedcine."-J. B. Alexander.
Pe-ra-na is a Systemic Remedy.
If Peruna will cure eatarrh in one
plaee, it vill cure it in any other place,
bosause it la a systemic remedy.
Elow the Declaration of Independ
enee Was Saved by a Vote In the
Sesion of the P'rovisional Congres.
In Philadelphia.
It happened on that famous Fourth
of July, 1776, the day on which the
Amnericant colonies were declared free
and independent states. If Caesar Roed
ney had not made his historic rIde there
might not have been any free Agnerica
The provisional eongress was in ues
sion at Philadelphia, each. of the thir
teen colonies having representatives
there. It was a great congress, and a
momentous question was before the
Listinlguished body. The great charter
of our freedom had been wvritten by
Jefferson, and Benjamin Harrison, fa-t
ther and great-grandfather of presi
lents, had presented it to congress on
MIonday, July 1. What would the con
tinental congress do?
In order that our country should be
tree and Independent the declaration
must be adopted. This could be done if
anly the colonies were di; Ided, and
there were seime good mpen wvho did not
belieye It beat to take this step at this
tImo. Four of the seven delegates of
P~ennslyvania were opposed to It, and,
f the two Delaware delegates present,
rhomnas McKeani was in favor of inde
penidence, but George Read was op
)osed to the measure. Caesar lRodney,
the other nmem-ber, was in the southern
p)artsot his state in the capacity of a
birgadier general, organizing and drill
Ing troops for the comning struggle,
Two of the op~posinig Pennsylvania
lelegates were persuadedl to absent
themselves, and thus the Keystone
Btato would favor'the declaration, but
the vote of Caesar Rodney was neces
gary to carry the state of D~elawaro.
A messenger was dispaftched ini hot
haste to suamimon him to Philadelphia,
land then for four days the "patriots
of '76" talked and maneuvered to de
lay thme finmal vote. On Thurs.day, July
I, congress wvas to v'ote on the umo
meiitous question.
On the afternoon of the 3d the
messenger found Caesanr liodnley in
Sussex county, more than eighty mile'
from Philadelphia. General Rodney
was at 'that time forty-six years old,
with a tall,-loan., worn figure, lisa face
scarred by a cancer that was finally
to caude his death. The brave patriot.
did( not hesitate. "Saddle the black!"
40O commuanded, and in ten minutes he
had mnountedl his faithful steed and
was galloping as if for life to thme
Eighty mniie.i away .from congress,
which was walting for hii't to dleclaro
the Independence of the colonies. The
thought caused him to drvehi su.
N. Y.,write .
* . . .. . .. .
" I*.. ha Ienasfeerfrmr ht
4 Xi
Pr-ru-na Always on Hnd.
Mr. ared chneoll Lakoview, Erie Co.,
N. Y., writes:
1I had been a sufferer for ore thea
thirty years with catarrh of the Intes
tines. I had used a grat deal of edt
tino to no avail, so I decided to tr
Per n.
I have now used thirteen bottre
enad can give you the joyful tidings thai
have no more troub. I ahays ke
Peruna on hand. "--Fred. Schnell.
The peoplo generally are very mnue
misiformed as to the nature of atarrh<
Catarrh is usually believed to be con.
Hled to theo head, nose and throat. 'Ut.
terly we sometiues hear of atarrh o
tho stohach and eatayrh of the bladder
Qoldon, i over, do we oear of catarrh ol
idy oihier organs.
It is not because thoe organs are no
aubject to catarrh, nor that catarrh ol
these organs is not a very coaon dis
tal, but siply because ita y not ger
%lly known that affections of these
rgas uny be duo to catarrh.
Min flying aong the long, dusty b ai
hay that stretched away toard the
Quaker City. it was one of the greo
rides of history. That black ste
Lore the destinies of America, and hin
rider knew it, and there was neitr
thalt nor delay.
The hosun went jdd, and thes trv
uust e othere by vone for the bndependl
hacenof Aen tAnd hlwas ri eres
all ona hot, welltrughla theco
tms elegaess of hecolo lcngeswr
tal.The ssso fhd oun. The reslin
iand the clerkcae, u John Dkno, waer
thein hel oaltry oneay n. Vti
inayt hay votes n fromachusaetshan(
Ille horse ofs RhdeIad, and o rae
Nworn Jersereda wthng dt Caesth
Ltlod ihd net slcmen i eu I
Kuan betere to ote oor he Ind
3edce heal. Anud hren wasner
Allmtatot, setolate July dat
lergtenedoasthe hoonad conesun wor
tlkin andet v oan nting steenued
dasent the anrd, was inte rhair
eapd to clerk gron Booednd spur
edandmi the colto is ong rode thir
nll had onfted ctand sarontt ga
airne ada Rodn coentrdte.ao
Anxis andwre.TomsM
Ho went ut to the. door oteof
,enaware ha n all l ied Georg
tendgted~ "ay."hor "Aye caoled the
learyvogceof beoas cmin up Cws
laied into eyrnd ts CdestyriRd.
ae. To he famound Botd clared s.
erat and many da patfo hisogrtd beat
vithi prode faspeeaed otnd firontona:
'Ther vcea odny consteedente ail of
ngsessble anin hone himend bliv
l ie waso ofs indepnencTe ande oy
>wnd votdmn concurs wAyithale the
hlearefr voice ofTora theDearan." a
I i.All eysre o Caesar Rodne.fmu
'iroet and myi anobltvote helped ot
vittle prie austo he declpndnc a~tned
usued thoe ofutur celebtins andthe
Snfourth of ly. pfl~c adm
ideand e hiAte ote. ledt
Doctor-You imumst lake a quarter of
an hour's walmk before every meal.
S~tout 1'atient- liut, (doctor, youi surely
lion't wvantI mn to walk all day long!
A ffection soothmes, it hallows, olwatmg
subdues and bringethm dowa toe
is nnativn havan.-L.anan
Had Catarrh Thirty Years.-Pe-ru-na
Cured Him.
Mr. Gustav M. Schmidt, Spring Valley,
Ill., wfittes:
"I had catarrh of the head and throat
for over thirty years. It became worse
every year.
"A bout three months ago I commenced
to take Peruna and Manalin, and now I
am entirely cured of that troublesome
sickness. Your medicine is surely a
blessing to mankind. of
" You can truly say that you have not wI
lived in vain, Doetor, and L thank you PC
for the good you have done me. May
you enjoy a long life to help suffering e
humanity."-Gustav M. Schmidt. PC
Dr. Hartmax Makes Personal Use of
In speaking of his own personal use by
of Peruna, Dr. Hartman says:
"For a number of years my profes
sional duties have compelled me to be'
much on the road, traveling- long dii- I
tances by rail, night and day, exposed of
to all kinds of vicissitudes, sleeping and ly
cating in different hotels continually, col
and through It all I havo preservc(l my- in1
solf from any derangement of the body pi
resulting from catching cold. hl
"At the slightest evideice of a cold, a to
few dosos of Peruna invariably checked 'l
it." to
No Alterations
Nothiug Changed
at the
Cut Prices
An inventory of our stock c
much stock on hand left over fr
imous stock of mediumi and 'Wini
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Schloss Bros . and Stien-Biock C
Pi ir.com Albert, and Cutaway suit
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to hi. hamany t1 beep w.flIO'
Miney. r fe e r.W
sree signeo dsae
a sure safe and reliable
euro.a ft oent do what
.as: Put yzef on the
rose to health to-day by by.*
ia bo."*et." ur dr.t i
.., .. .. .
Pe-ru-na a ot
Mr. Henry Schroeder, Rout. 2, Nap
"I suffered for almost ten yearsI
doctoring was of no avall.
#I took nine bottles of Peruna and
"I recommend-the medicine-to all
it is my household friend. "--ienry Sc
A Farmer's Ta
eotere Dr. Hartman began the study
inedicino he was a farmer boy. He
s brought up on a farm in Southern
Io belonged to that industrial, suc
;sful class of farmers known as the
nsylvania Dutch, the beqt farmers
the world.
t was here that he early learned the
son of pulling obnoxious things out
the roots.
Hartman's Method of Treatifg
iaturally, when he began the study
medicine his mind turned instinctive
toward the removing of causes. He
ild not content himself with doctor
symptoms any more than his enter
sini father could have contented
uself by pulling off the tops of weeds
.radicato thei from tho soil.
'lio Doctor turned his attention early
the scienco of removing the cause of
SPer Cent
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irsday F
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Remember the F
t. m ra aantr
4 1
sehold Friend.
oleon, 0., writes:
vith catarrh of the stomach and all
"two of Manalln and am now entirely
who are afflicted with this disease.
1k to Farmers.
diseases, believing that obnoxious symp
toms would disappear if the cause of the
disease was removed.
In other words, Dr. Hartman ap.
plied tie common sense of the practical
farmer to medicine, and after much
Dxperimentaton Peruna was com
The sensible farmer dos not think of
mttini off the tops -of weeds to kill
hen. Me pull them up by the roots.
Br. Nattmua Intereted ia Farming.
Notwithstanding D. Hartman's busy
professibnal career, he still eon tinues to
)o interested in farming. He is the
)wner and! manager of one of the largest
!arms in the State of Ohio, with several
,housand acres of the best tilled land In
,he Middle Wost, and with hundreds of
,ho best bloodod porcheron horses ovor
inported or raised in thii country.
Dr. Iartman rolles upon Poruna on
irely in caso of sickness in his own
ebruary I
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nd el,
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.J. F. Ii.
A ntice line of overcoats to e
-:65~ 0
X XX. %
: X.
At Work on the Farm.-Praises
Geo. H. Thompson, Raleigh, Miss4
"11 have boon cured of catarrh by your
medicines, Peruna and Manalin. I had
been affected with catarrh of the
stomach about all my life, and was
taken bad ovety spring and summer.
" I used several kinds of patent medi
eines, but they did me no good. I then
took a treatimont under an M. D., which
did me but little good. By this time I
had got where I could cat nothing -but
a little soup. I had severe pains, had
lost in weight and could not do any
"I began taking your medicines,
Peruna and Manalin. I then weighed
120 pounds, but after taking IT bottles
of Peruna and one bottle of Manalin, I
weighed 166 pounds.
" am now at work on tle farm and
feel well-all of the time. I eat all I
want to and my friends say that I look
better than ever before. I will ever
praise Peruna fbr its heaing power.*
(eo. . Thompson.
A roward of $10,000 has been deposited
in the Market Exchango Bank, Colum
bus, Ohio, as a guaranteo that the rbove
testimonials aro genuine; that we hold
in our possessioun authentic lotters cor
tVin1^ to Uh0 famle.
25 Per Cent
Than Original Price
)us rs, shoiws thIat we have too
fu~ order to ml1Ye th in enor.
utZgurato one of the greatst Ciut
P .RfC10.
ouisers Mind Ovecoats
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