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Metroigicall 'rablo
By John T. Boggs, observer, Licorty, 8. 0,
Charaeter of
T 4 e 0 Clear
51 12 0 3 Clear
a 59 88 15 Coudy
7 47 8 0 Cloudy
8 41 32 7 Woudy
9 .58 30 0 C .ar
10 55 25 0 fr
A 11118 of a Local all T00'8al Nat1H
-Mr. W. 0. Richey of Easley, R
F. D., No. 8, was in Pickens Monday
on business.
-A goo.l way to supply your wife
with pill money is to leave it in. your
poeelels wh'en you undress.
-That monster old disease grip, is
prowling around agdiu in this section
v eking whom ho may devour.
--Think three times before you
speak and the chances are you will do.
cide it is bet to keep your mouth
- Dr. J. N. Hallum now occupies
the Denday residence and J. R. Ash
mot e will occupy the rcsidence re
cently vacated by him.
-The minutes of tWe Twelve Mile
River association are now ready and
the clerks of the various churches are
requested to cer-l and get thm.
-It is indeed an ill wind that
blowa no good. The cold spell may
have discommod some city folks, but
just think of the bog killings and
feasting that it brought to the coun
-The minutes of the Pickens Bap
tist association belonging to Mt. Ta.
bor church are still in this office and
the clerk or some member of the
church is requested to call and get
-The Pickens Railroad will run a
special train on next Mo ldy for the
benefit of those desirin to attend
.oart The train will ave Easley
at 8'. - --~
-Married, on Tueody iigtia .
7th inst. at the homq' of ,the officia
ting minister Rev. U. .Holder, Mr.
Plumer (Dock) Browb'to Miss Mar
garet Allen, all of Pickeus.
-R. H. Crane has bought out the
livery businen of Brown & Smith at
Liberty and has taken charge. He
will movo his family as soon as he
can procure a suitable dwelling
--The Sentinel Journal in 1906 will
continue to print th.e news as much of
it as we can find out. This will be
campaign year, and eveiy intelligent
man should have his own copy of the
paper and not depend upon his neigh.
-We direct your attention to the
ad of tho 11eath Bruce-Morrow Co ,
ir this issue. T1hey carry a large
and completui lint, of general mer
chandise of every description and are
bidding for your trade. Give them
a call.
-We will send The Sentinel J'nr.
nal thirteen weeks to any address for
the small sum of 25 cents. If you are
not already a ,;ubscriber, send us 25
cents and try the paper a, short time.
.in remitting write the address and
postoffice plainly.
-The Pickenis railroad has chang
ed the schedule of their afternoon
traiun formerly leaving Easley at 6:05
and it nlow leaves at 7:05 arriving at
Pickens 7:35. Tnis ebanige wvas
made on: account of No. 40, the north
bo)und1 Southern train reaching Eas
1ev at 7:05, an hour later than form.
-Mr. D. G. Parsons of Malar 1
Texais, has sent us a check to pay
for his paper until the 1st ot Januar-y
1908; he also sent a Ilter for pub
Clication which will be inserted ats
soon as we can roach it. We t'hank
hinm for his timely consideration of
our ned. May he live long, anid
prospe)(r in the "Le Star" State.
--Dr. Horton, dentist, was in
Pickens F~riday n Saturday last
He will be in Liberty at the Brown
house the 14th and 15th instant and
rat the Hiawatha hotel at P'ickena on
the 16th and 17th imsitant. Circum
stan ros proven ted hiis comning before.
lie will be prompt on enigagements
hert arter. Those who:. need his ser
iicos should engago him.
-Next week is court week and( we
ask all our friends and subscribers,
who may be in attendance, to call in
to see us, mako our. oflien your head
quarters and loaflng place; if it i,
cold we will havm good tires and if it
is hot we will furnish ice wae
Como in and see hiow. wo are fixed
up and( what a nice complete p~lant
andu good machinery we operate.
Ladies and children ar~e especially in
vite4 to. call and see how a .newspa.
per is made.
--Messrs Frolger, Thornley & (Jo,
are groat believers in printers' ink;
as is evidenced by the space they oc
cupy in this issue, and they will car
ry this Apace all this year. Mr. E
Folger, huy)3er for the firm, is now in
the northern markets picking uip
bargains and sending them down in
car lots. Their business has in
ct-cased to such an :xtenut that they
are compelled to have more room and
have let the contract fir the remov
-al of the old wooden store building
and a lw>-story brick structure 80
x120 f. et will be erected in its place
When they get their plans all com
plete the y will have the largest store
and con p''test stock In the Plnd.
mon t 'i h iy handle Mitchell wag
ons and (I h ee Otty buggies, the best
sehicana n thormaakL4,
eagle seuring Slx feav
-rho Plokewl iltoo4; 1l'run a:
excursion to Easit y to(9orrow e-vet
ing (Thursday), On. aceount of th
earnival.: Rund trip, We.
-We ask the indulgence of Q
readers this week, as wehave boee
putting in our new engine and light
ag plant and have not hustled much
for news matter.
A testadrant has just been opene<
in the back room of Hamea' mea
market. Meals or lunches will b
served on short notice by "Uncle
Andy liowen, 'who is chiefcook.
-Court convenes next Monda3
and to accomodate the people of th(
lower part of the county who winh t(
attend, the Pickens railroad will op
erate a special train on Monday morn
ning leaving Elasley at 8 o'clock a. m
-After December 22d, we will on
ly gin cotton on Fridiys of each
week. Onr patrons will please be
governed accordingly. Bring um
your remnant seed cotton and gel
highest cash prices.
Pickens Oil Mill Co.
-This paper has recently received
several communicatious and items o
news without the signiture of thi
author. Please bear in tnind, kini
friends, that when you write an arti
cle for publication in this paper yor
must let us know who you are,. or i
will go to waste basket. .
-Remember the Lyceum Attrac
tion in the Pickens Auditorium ou
the night of Wednesday, Febhruary
28th. This is a high-olass attractio:
and should be well attended. It is
a fine musizal entertainment, the bell
ringing feature, alone, being worth
more than the admission price,
- Parties writing to this office ti
have their paper changed from one
postoffice to another will please give
the old as well as the new postoffice
Otherwise we can't make the change
as it is impossible for us to remembe
where each one of the 1,500 paperi
we send out each week goes to.
-We direct your attention to th
ad of R. G. Gaines & Gassawa;
Bros. of Central, who are offering bar
ga.lj .lines .of general merchan
dise. They handle , y
mules, horses, buggies, wagons and
full and complete line of goods an
will treat you right. Give them
-Are there cracks in your chin
ney? Look out for them. Winter is
bad time to be burned out of hous
and home. I not too bad, have th
cracks nicely pointed up. If not to
bad for that, take the chimney dowu
and lay it up new. It is easier an<
cheaper to do that, than to build j
new house.
-Any subscriber lo The Sentinel
Journal who fails to receive his pape:
regularly wdll confer a favor on us bj
notifying us at once. Don't wait t<
miss several weeks, but report the
first paper missed. It is our object t<
serve our subiscribers to the best of ('ui
ability, and unleses thoy will let ui
knowv when their paper fuils to readl
them we will never knowv anythin'
about it.
--We direct your attention to the
advortisement of Jamnes Ml. Gaintt
blacksmith, wheelwright, and wood
workman, which appears elsewhere
in this paper. Hie is a good work
man an-a guarantees every job he
does. Mr. Gantt is fitting up hig
shop in good shape, putting in im
proved machinery and -lathes, all o
which will be run by a gasolino en
gone which ho is now inetalling.
-Marrie~d on the 11th inst ant, a
the residence of . M. Moirris, ii
Pickens, Miss Nahnie A -mildiu ti
Mr F RI lten:dri/ks. , liev. Mr
Ho~ward, oif Gree ?vill . This was <
quiet homea wedd: n , oinly a fewv relii
taves and friend of the contracting
parties beinig p esent. Both brid
and groom are wvell k'aown to man
of our reader.; MIiss Masuldin, who i.
a natughter of Mr. E. E lAnlalia'
having spent several years in Eacke n
with her - sister, Mrs. MirrF
(and b-.iug assistant postna.tea
Mr. Hlendricks, who is a son of D. ]2
Riendaicks, is a young moan of noll
character and asrling worth, now ii
the employ of "Un'olo Sam, as rura
carrier on Rloute 1 from P'ickeni
The many friends of the coantractin
parties wish fL r them a lout-, u-efr.
happj andJ~ prosper.us life.
-- Pickens is coming to the front
She is out of the back-woods, town
clasfu, and has stepped uip iUt.> th
city class. She now las an electr
lighting plant. Tho Sentinel Jomt
nal has ont? in a compleote por an
electric lighting plaunt and h'as bi
deflance to dark daijs and keroscn
lamps. This is a mighty .amiooth rue
ning pslant and was boug4, from th~
Globe Iron Works Co. of Menomuini.
WisconsIn, and the. Ecks Dynam
anad Motor Works of Bellville, N. J,
and was sold to us through F. I
B~ailes. & on, Atlanta, Ia , Sou therm
representatives and sales agenis fo
such machinery. 'I his plant was riIg
god up in our oflice by and unde0
tho psraonal supervision of Mr. Bii
lov, who is a pract ical machinist aum
lectrici~m. This planrt is one of th
best on thea mnarket todaiy, lias all th
latest ilmprovements, and is full
guaranteed in every wamy. We invit
a.l of our friende, neighbors and1 sual
scribers to call in at any timo an~
see this plant. This is just the thin,
for the fariner; thbe cost of operatio
is comp>aratively nothing and thea
enigines can: be put to so many usei
If you are interested in machinery C
atny dlescriptioni, bu~t gasoline parti<
ualarly, writo to F". E. Bailey & Co
P. 0. B~ox8, Atlanta, Ga.g wh~o wi
give you any informaion ypando.r
. 10 sto* of Fakst,
A-Mnos t DOned man of an.
tiqulty h i. 0'i4ilo ages was believed
to be attended Vy a spiritus familiaris
and not a few were suspected of being
In direct league with the devil. Proba
bly the oldest legend of which the
Faust legend Is a continuous thread is
r that of Simon Magus, mentioned In the
history of the apostles.
According to Justin, he was a native
of Gitton, a village in Samaria. He
was, no doubt, a rban of great intellec
tual powers. He was the father of the
school of the Gnostics. It is also rM
ported of him that he could make him
self invisible, that he could pass
through flames unharmed, could trans
pose matter, make gold and exorcise
demons-In fact, he laid claim to all
these powers, and his name lived in the
mouths of the people as a sort of demi
urge through-many centuries until some
other miracle working personality took
his place at the popular fireside. Un.
usual accomplishments, great erudi
tion, were attributed to the supernatu
ral influence and the general disposi
tion to superstitious assumption was
strengthened on the one hand by dog
matic affirmation on the part of the
church of the existence of a personal
Satan, with his numerous household,
and, on the other hand, by incorporat
ing the magic arts among the practical
sciences, of which astrology and al
chemy occupied no mean part.
A Queer Amnal'That Liveu In Afries
and Southern Europe.
The gecko is an odd little creature.
His name is seldom heard, and his
form is seldom seen, for he lives in
Africa 'and the southern countries of
This little gecko han me many strange
ways and there is something so un
canny in his appearance that the peo
ple of the countries where he lives are
rather afraid of him, believing his bite
to be poisonous, although this is de
nied by naturalists.
He Is a little creature, with a broad,
flat head, like a snake, and a long
body, with a narrow tail, with odd
shaped bits of skin arranged like scal
lops along the sides of it. He has
short legs and queer, catlike claws,
which enable him to easily climb the
old walls and rocks upon which he
lives, catching the Insects of various
sorts which make his dinner.
He Is a nocturnal animal, walking
abroad at night and sleeping in the
daytime. He moves with sudden
Auo'z aU without any noise what
L ever. His 6dithe -wu --siten, .'.ri
I from the queer noise he makes, which
is something like the noise you would
make to start a horse with. The male
gecko is of a gray color, so near the
shade of the old walls and rocks
I among which he makes his home that
he can barely be seen.
Chinese Children.
The education of their children is a
matter of no small interest to the af
fectionate Chinese mothers. They
watch the little one from the day he is
born, to note superstitious signs. Let
him cry lustiiy, and he will live long,
say the old grannies. If he teeth. or
walks too soon he will grow up un
lovable in disposition. At first the lit
tle Chinese are not very attractive ob
jects, presenting rather a scaly appear
ance, due to the custom of not wash
ing them lest they catch cold. A month
after his birth the boy's head is shaved.
A great feast is prepar'ed and celebrat
jed, the child now receiving his "milk
name." When he enters school his
-name is changed, as it is once more
when he receives his degree-Pilgrim.
Afraid of Strong Medcileg.
Many ,people suffer for years .som
rheumatic pains, and prefer to do so
rather than take the strong medicines
usually given for rheumatism, not know
ing that quick relief from pain may be
had simply by applying Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and without taking any medi
eine internally. For sale by Pickena
Drng Co. and ?. N. Hunter, Liberty.
Men .Pant Sixty in DaL ger.
More than half mankind over sixty
years of age anifer from kidney and
bl.2dder disor. ers, usually enlargement
i of prostrate gland. Tha. is bo0th painu
fuli aind danugerous, and Folev's Kidney
tiure should he taken at the first sign of
daugermsas it corrects irreguilarities and
hats e.ured man.y old men ('f this dlisease.
Mr. Rodney Bunrnett of Rook Port, Mo.
wvrites: "I suifered with oni .rge l pros
Iratd gland 'ni lckdi oy trouble for years
andi aftsr taing tw.> bo'cles of Foley'.
Kiducy Cure I feel better than I hayv'
for twenty years althonahi I amn nuw 91
ye ars old." Piick~eus Drug Uo. R. F.
Smith, Easley.
A man who once had rough horny
Ihands made them soft and smooth with
- Witch Hazil Salve, butt lie used the gen
i uine-that bearing the name "E. (I. De
Wtt&Co. CIhicago." For sores, boils,
ctburns, bruises, etc., ithas DO equal,
nr:.d affords almost immediate relie~f from
Ib ind, bleeding, itchiing'and protrulding
piles. Sold by Pickons Drug Co.
Taecold easily? Throat
tender? Lungs wveak? Any
-relatives have consumption?
Then a cough means a great
Pe ctor al
deal to you. Followv your
doctor's advice and take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It
heals, str'engthens, prevents.
chor0 idei t hAY veeiien on Ae'O
kntow nI aruul steroe: tes wea kuug.
y 23o..800d.. $t,00. J. C. AvER CO.,
4.ma ..for.. M
IWeak Lungs
iyer's ifllincreao otivity O
V'tilver. aind thus nid1 recovery.
Ever shipped t
we are offerin-a
Suits from $15 to $5C
Everything in Sideboard
an Tables, Springs, 14att:
with prices right.
Solid car of Chase (
Barbed Wire and Nails,
averything with prices r:
The best and most ul
Hats, Shoes, Gents Furni
Saddlery in the up count
are always. glad to see yo
Shoes, Hats, Gents Furnishing Good
King Stoves and Battle Axe %nas.
We have see
Iron King Sto
6%4V and are in a p
close prices on
Surveyor and Notary Public, FOR FolI
store in good c
.Redmond, S. C. her fcnr
C. Frick.
Notice of Disolution. man from Pici
The~ firm of J. T. Fennell & Co'. paying position
uas been dijisolved by mutual conIserL. service. Box C
J. T. Fennell, TAKEN UP
Manager. white female p
For the roext ten days I will sell at Owner can geo
and be.low coat a general line of mtr- Dar.amb
ehandise, at Pickens, S. C. Come paying for this
>ne, come all and get bargains.
J1. T. F ennell. 3. F. Brock,
February 12, 1906. Ashmore buil<
_____________mend or make<
siok Headache. do a general lin
This distressing ailment restults from a setting and a!
disordered condition of the stomach. All Give me a cali
that is needed to efftct a cure is a dose or erail repair worh
Iwo of Chaimberlain's Htomach and Liver kind. of pipe e
rablets. In fact, the attack may be ward- -I am now
sd off, or greatly lessened in severity, by kinds of wood w
takmng a dose'of these Tablets as soon as bakmtig
the first symptom of an attack ap ear.bakmtig
Sold by Pick. ns Drug Co. and !. N. teed.
Flunter, Liber ty. 10jani4L
-rh ne:' arae.NOTICE-A
When you want a physic that is mild arenotoh
md gentle, easy to t.'ke and certain to in any way, m;
iet, alys ne Chamberlain's Stomaeoh aged 18 years,
mud Liver Tablets. For sale by Pickens 'without just ci
Drng Co. awd T. N. Hunter, Liberty, garding this no
'--Acaid. according to las
This is to certify that, all druggist nre 2-73t. J. L1E
authorized to ref und your money if Fo
ley's Honey and Tar fails to cure your Joist receive.
sough or cold, It stops the cough, Furnitnre evee
heals the lungs and ,revents serious l'rices zight.
results froni colds, cures la grippe o
aoghard pz-events pneumonia and con-Fl
mmip'ion. Contaiin no opiates. The The 1B. P. K<
genuine is a yellow package. Refuse all mill, saw mill a
mubtitute4. Pickens Drug Co., B. F. Cr..k is under
Smith, Easley'. _ year of Mr. B..:
SFrightfully IBurned. tent miller, who
Ohas. W. Moore, a machinist, of Ford eatisfaction. Tr
City, Pa., had his hand frightful'y 1-10t4
burned in an electrical furnace. ,H p Agents Want
plied Bucklen's Armeca Halve with ble adc b
usual result: "a quick :'nd perfect cure."abendanb
Gratest healer on earth for burns, cesauve years in
wounds, sores, ftzema and piles. 25o We want a got
it Pickens Drug Co. county. Terurne
Trhe Yellow Pover Germ, reference requil
Hans recently been discovered. It bears NOT'ICE-1
a close resemblance to the malaria germ. able tracts of I
To free the system from the 'germs of town of Walhal
diseuse, the most effootive remedy is Dr. some nice hots
King's New Life Pills. Guaranteed to qick or write
oure all diseases due to mialairia poison Office Walhalla
and constipation. 250o at Pickens Drug 2.5 4t.
i+ I have nice
They never gripe or sicken, but sale or rent.
olcanse and strengthen-the stomach, liver "Eureka" Ste
and1 bowels. This is the universal vy ra t3
hiot of the many thousands who use o ersa .TF
Witt's Little Early Risers. These fa FOUND-Oi
incus little pills relieve headache, con- Central road 8
stipaton billiousness, jaundice, torpid lady 's hat whjicl
iver, sallow' complexion, e Try itte
[arly Risers. Sold by Pickene Drug Co. by calling oiin
All old time Cough Syrups bind the
lowels. This lei wrong. A mew idea
w'as advanced two years ago in Kennedy's The New Coue
a~tive Soney and Tar. This remedy acts as a mild call
ctsu on the mucous membranes of the Kenned a sL-xat
droat and lnngs and loosens the bowels explsla cold fr<
it the same time. It expels all cold from phlegm out of th4
he system. It clears the throat, and mucons .mnembra
dit ngthens the muconi membranes, ro. tubes, and rell.
liove a coughs colds, creup, whooping cough, etc. Oh
inugh. etc. foIn by ?Ickens Drug Co Pickens Drug 0<
Ing In Car Loat
mmaThe largest cai
o Pickens. See ti
1, Dressers from $5 to $15,
s, Safes, Dining Tables, C
esses, Hall Racks, Bed
)ity Buggies, Car Mitch
Fresh car of Salt and F1<
)-to-date lin.e of Dry Good
shing Goqds, Hardware. E
ry. See us for anfhing
u and will treat you right
Yours Truly
3 a specialty. Sole Agents for the Mitchell
ured the ageney for -
res aud Ranges and
osition to make you
,er, Thorrdey & Co.
-Two dwellings ,aud
Dndition. Good Wa-.
ary out buildings in Drn
I, S. C. A pply to C*wllb .u
Bright, honeet young Out winter
ens to prepare for We're n,
inl G3Oovrnment Mail neterh
are, Certar liapid., Ia. nihrh
-On January 17th, a large as t<
ig aot8weeks old. one half.
same at the Easley A But we
proving property and heavy Cas
notice. * woe
Thomas-Boldng. duced0 pr
woodworknaan, in the due r
ling, is prepared to Lot of
>ver your vehicles and to go at 6
e of repair work. Saw Ladies<
arpemiag a speeialty. be sold fo,
s'hen in need of gen-Hvel
.Prepared to do allHaeo
atting and giting. t that will b
prepared to do alt You can
>rk in conneetion with on us duri
All work guaran.
Win. R ,semond. ~.
11 persons are hereby$
re, harbor, aid or abet, $ West En
son, Plumer Brown,4
who has let his hoe
use. Any one dier.
Lice will be dealt with- -- -
rown R D.No.2.CO T l
I the largest ea of
shipped to Piekens. To incret
ter, Thaornuley & Ce
.lley cArn and wheatAn e s
dginnfery em Sh o reAadls
emanageusethis or Liberally. A Laboi
ry Stephens, a eonspe- .
will give youe entare Ammoniated with I
T him and bejpleind. Grade Ingredients.
B. P. Kelley.
ed-Out stock is reli For In
bandied for many sue
I"esameacgmn ity Call on our Agent at your
lhberal. Flrst class An e onP
have some very desir.
i:nd for sale near the 3?5ANDI
Ia, S. 0. 1 also have~
in Walballs.. See ae
me at Walhalla, s5. 0., lWmSold by Folger,
F. A. Lewis. flri l
iouse on good lo6 for *u~ o r
3. A. White. 1t.
ek and Poultry paw- I bought a stack of ~
nnhe PCoke. adthe same way, call and se
nilc from Piokensa h ave a .few dress skirts a
i the owner CAn get Calicoes . and Outings a
e or at my house, cheap, in fact everything
P. 0 Thomas, .Remember the old
Liberty, 8. C. Pork and all the Raw Hi
h8rupl'-,P one ,that because I am eliggao
ie Honey anid Tar. i, so call and get yonr meal
m the system, eute the IThe (
'throat, strenghtens the
mnen of the bronobial
eves oroup, whooplug:
ildren love it. Sid~ by j J. D
of Furnitu
te great values
Beds from $2 to $10,
entre Tables, Kitch
Lounges, Cots, etc.,
ell Wagons, Car of
)ur. Anything and
s, Notions, Clothing,
toves, Harness and
q ay need. We
Nagans, Chase City Bnggies, Iron
.30 DAYS+
the next 30 days we
nding up and closing*
>t givmng away goods,
ve our profits been so
permit us to sell at
will sell all of our
simners, Kerseys and
oods at greatly re-$
:es, all the profit off.
1% cts dark outings$
:loaks and jackets to9
less than first cost.$
t of odd sizes in shoes
e sold at bargains.) ~
save money by calling
ng next 30 days.
C. Park.
d, Greenville, S. C.
Lse Your'Yield, use
n Fertilizers
Saver, a Money Maker, Beats All.
'ISH, BLOOD, and other H-iprh
nearest Railroad Station, or
asphate and Oil Co.,
Thornley & Co., Pickens, S. C.
Sells 'em Cheap,
oods at a bargain and will sell them
~e me for most anything you want I
nd Boy's knee pants to go cheap
t a bargain. A lot of Shoes to g
meat market and bring me some
des green or. dry'that you can get,
ds. I don't ,forget my meat market
:or anything else you want.
)ld Meat Market.

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