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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, February 21, 1906, Image 1

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Entered April 28, 1906 at Pickens, S. 0., an second olass matter, under act of Cougro.s of Aaroh , 1879.
New Laws of Interest to
the State in General.
But Only the Laws of Varied impor
tance Are Included In Statement
of Legislature Work.
Columbia, 8. C., 14b., 20,1906 -
A4 usual the general assembly
did a great deal ot local legislation
and thes9 acts aro not of gen(,ial
interest, aflecting genertlly only
the outiies in which they arise.
Bolow will be found a list 'f the
eactmen'ts in which the entire (
state is interested.
To establish Christmas hohdays
in the State colleges.
To incorporate the Union Carne
gie Free Library.
To change the name of South
Carolina College to the University
of South Carolina.
To ratify and confirm the charter
of Central Carolina Power com
To provide for a monument to ]
mark the grave of Gen. Thomas
To prevent restaurant and eating
house keepeis at railway and steam.
boat stations from furnishing meals
to white and colored passengers t
To have application fees of can
dida tes for medical licenses to go to
the general fund.
Making appropriation for dis.
pensary investigation.
To establish a board of pardons.
Appointing a bank examiner.
Establishing a fish comunission.
Establishing a fund for disabled
firemen by taxing insurance com
To fix the salaries of the circuit
stenographers at $1,500. F
To establish county court in Rich. C
To celebrate South Carolina day c
in the public schools.
To buy new flags for the State ii
To charter the Central Railway il
company of Sonth Carolina. t
To punish the stealing of car f
To prevent merchants when in c
debt from selling their stock other
wise than usual.
To require railroads at junction. J
al points through the railroad com
mission to erect depots.
To requir9 railroads and other B
-comnmon carriers to provide toilets
at stations,.
To give the federal government
control over the quarantine sta,
To prevent railroad companies f
from charging extra fare for cross- t
Ing bridges when entering the 1
To give the federal government r
control over certain lands on Sul- a
livan's Island.
To allow South Carolina colge 7~
to close College street between~
Pickens and Bull and to openm Pick- (
ens between Green and Penoleton '
To require commton carriors tot
re-wecigh freight and to estabhs~h I
scales for that purpose.
To require railroad comnpanijes to
give information coniernuing the
Ahi pmen tof live stock.I
To cut dead trees from near the
publ ic roads.
To inicorporate Newberry, WVhit-1
mire and Augusta Railroad com
To incorporate the Middle Caro.
lina and Wester'n Railway compal
'To punish indecent exposure.
To change the name of Salnda
River Power - company to the
4 Greenivil le.Carohnia Power comnpa.
ny and allowing the colupany to
build a dlam across Saluda river
below the presenit one.
To allow suits against insurance
companies to be brought in thme
counities wvhore the loss occurs.
.loint rosolutina to bu 5. c
For the farmers wi
:ors, the famous Cole
A carload of Barbe
Are our leading bra
>f Potash and Nitrat
To those who have
lo well to call and se
A good horse for so
Our Dry Goods Di
aave many bargains,
i lot, all sizes, at $i.oo each.
vith heavy stitched bottom at $3.00 I
Also a lot of Ladies black unt
Be sure and ask to see them.
Ladies Belts-A large lot in I
The Ladies are respectfully ir
s of EN.,ts' "The Jews of South have
arolina." the lie
To incorporate Piedmont Power I sowE
ompany. about
To allow an illegitimate child to On
1herit from its mother. W. S.
To amend dispensary law, mak- gin, g
3g regulationi4 as to other coun- of cot1
ies the same as Horry and Beau- to be
yrt. Mr.
The general bill on voting pre-. are ou
incts- rente
The pure food bill, seems
To appropriate $20,000 for the right.
amestown exposition. Oni
The general magistrates' bill. combe
To establish ant industrial ed the
shool for boys-the reformatory. tague;
To make Thursday of fair week Brawli
legal holiday in Richland. sleepir
To establish a county court in ing th
iken-also one in Sumter . glare
To publish the namos of beno- the be
claries in State iustitutions anid tied t
he names of their parents or guar- his rot
ians. -halloo
To provent supervisors and comn- respor
iissioners from furnishing county light t
upplies while in office. two ot
To make solicitors' salaries $1,- tools,
00. I Und~l
To reprnal the law exempting tured.
Jonfederato voterans fromi license
theni dealing in~ uCeed cotton.
Allowing city councils rather Yo
han boards of health to appoint everla
oalth oflicers. ha~ve I
To require Stato house clerks to plant
:ive bond,.ea
To resuryoy the Edgetield-Aiken hoar4
ne, to a 1:
To have expert chemists exam- al
ne the bodies of persons supposed
~o have beeni poisoned.ol
To0 prohibit wrong us', of badges itor ol
r insignia of secret orders by por- comb
sonis not members. at thE
- niot di
Mallard, Tex- anld v
To the Sentm~lJ Journal:-I will hiouse
see if I can send in a fewv dots from pl.Ial
this part of the world, there
We have had some fine weather us to
for the past month anid the farmiers are:
hiave been making goodl use of it the ti
picking cotton, sowing oats and alnd
plowing and there la plenty of cot. for 0
ton to pick yet, lie.
It is raining this morning which him,
will stop farm work for a while. I Ti
3 have all kinds of farminj
Cotton Planters, Plows o
cd Wire and Nails just arri
nds of Fertilizers. All grc
E of Soda.
not yet made ,their arrang
e us.
Je on favorable terms.
3partment is stocked to ov
bo offer. We can mention
i lot extra heavy, all colors, at $1-50 each.
!ach. i lot light grays, the latest in tucks at
ler skirts, made of nice silk finish goods, with
>atent and dull finish leather and silk, all color
vited to call. We will take pleasure in showir
0 iRHath-Bru
tbout six bales of cotton in filled~the auditor's of
Id. I have my oats sowed. and under whose coni
d about 30 bushels. I have have spent so mai
seven acres of )and broke, moments.
Lhe night of the lt instant The next was W. W.
Hensted of Mallard got his who filled the office of
riot mill and about 25 bales perintendent of educa
0on burned. It was supposed so manyyears and wh
>f incendiary origin. oation everyfbody e
N. Y. Abbott and family was capable of telling
t here on a visit to their pm- thing he did not knc
and look at the country. *It having a good educat
he likes the country-. all blessed with "mbthea
~he night of the 22d of Do e- ie isn h
r three unknown men enter-edgilm tieer
old bank building at Mon-misnady W.T
and blew open the safe. Mr. .Bsetgm,.W
sy the tax collector was Hligwrh oa
gin a back room and -hear-anotrswculn
em opened fire when the bur-fledpstosfho
-eturned fire and went out at hhaegnonbf
.ek door. M r. Brawley emp- Spaigothco
is gun and ran back into uainllw ti n
>mn and reloaded his gun andlwsttcudbena
ad for help when the people w edeuae e
ded. When they got a t aetepae ft
bey found one man dead and dopn utu
hers gone leaving all their rii forgen
hate and basket of "grub."had0fDitlg
iretand that they wero cap-. a~ mntdy
I). G.P. Baie ising rmhen
would noml dob hav T.
Cateecha ChatBasen ae, .i W.m
rubl iithahatHat lMiswo Mry Hmar
Sit and ie olHI
stig hldfas deea.e ' dnneh the oel aet
i'iod everyinindooftheecocr
id qinie nil e culd atrisna lAmon Ithoe
verylawslthatroouldcow bell
to akmthtpacv o t
bav mdea is t te dr SoingouIhu
this paprrinut or visitgwasrnm
icd wihhndusofesn intIlbg.
and we tMoanytaofathetodny v
a httr o D.l oG. who a irlin frm han
J. 'I'. Youldgnooddowho have1.
rs humbles ribshas hd tha
stnholast disedae kidWre~a~aueae
from bnonesiet to ovsh
.d qnne wan thil w ke ld R
) imnplements, a Jull line of Dis
every description, and everytli
ides of Acid Phosphates, Kaini
3ments for their supplies this ye
-erflowing and in order to mak
only a few. This month we ar<
i lot fancy, blue, black, gray, trimmed in buttons a
$5.00 each. 2 black broad cloth, fancy tucked pleate
deep ruffles and pleats, all sizes from 65 cents to $2.oc
s. An up-to-date line of Ladies Collars justt arrived
ig theni the goods.
e-_Morrow Com ny
lice 8o well guosts were Blessrs R. E. Bowen,
rersation we .Jr. and L. R. Craig of Greenville
)y pleasant A nico time was had and one
young man came near missing No,
F. Bright, 40.
county au- Miss Eisthor Sittan of Anderson
tion so well county, is visiting Miss Hughes of qu'
ose conver- the school at this place. quest a
joyed. He Misses Cpitola and Irene Gar- rygit a
a man some- vin of Seneoa, visited Captain fairly go
>w. Besides Whiten's at Norris last Sunday. and cl
ion he was Mrs. Davenport who has been disatinaoti
Wit" and keeping the hotel at this place for- another
some time, leave., today for .i'occoa, JBut
above nam, Ga., where she goes to take charge j at a prie
a others we of a boarding house. B. r act ,yo,
Earle, c. L. VHARLE8TON & WESTRl N LAKIOLINA mere rim
en tion who 'hle -.0 -fetv J-.1,100 lt
IHIPART pnxe; wlI-gro
ir there and 8:80 a in, o aily exptSua. fo"'ir Lau kido
re. Lautrens 9:00 a mn. Th pies
pulsor y ed. ,"j1C Dry, c3 li r for Lurread Cnon tyle. M.
of the beat t*r'a co*nec ting at Sur ter withw h. gt ~
tied because 81"( e**a'Ienca esa, ad at Luen wihn
and women t{rai" No'2 f * *,*eow'o " "uua Ale. 1
lose who are poin Arie 1ros i:' pa n, Cli.*o
utting thbe ~u82"' )aifn, Uhaton 9:3 Spar",n
ont in the fySeydalei2 a in aanna a.B0a i
init 'Ph roug I' a i d , leing Cars between
w'ho is living 4:40 u aNo 8 D a~l Op Sda.fr Ian Our
Ito mouth narn :0 Overeoae
ee. promi. 10:0 ano.8,diy ecet S unday frons
itd. i00jiiN 14' dal exep Say, from eL
es, Jthe 3:25pii N,5 aiyfo Cal s a Su ter,
t his l~ace rain sa o.ree n woo8 ruren ttohbetwe
to Mestrs Charleato ihout ehange. hog ewe
J1. w. Ligon, A gt. Geo. T1. iiryan (Gen. A gt.
ut C town II. M.E mro, .A lasCu a
- -And extracts
.. priw4a e re
In men'
hoslery' eta.,
muake a nice
Ye for a merry
A N vF W
H Harrows, Guano Distribu
Ling else needed on the farym.
, Cotton Seed Meal, Muriato
ar, we wish to say, they will
e room for our Spring Goods,
3 offering special bargains in
nd cords at $2.50 each. i lot grays and blacks
d skirts and one in blue, the latest styles; at $6.oo.
Of Stylish Quality
g well dressed isn't a
of spending a lt of mon
question of going to the
re.' Moat any store ha.
cld suits as far as thread
b are concerned-getting
re style aud a real fit is
6hast's whi at you get her
, you can easily afford. In
enn't afford not to wear
of clothes we soli. The
mmi your own estimation
er's) that our SCHLOSS
ive you-that prosperous
med look-is the biggest
a sanh asset to any man.
are shows one SCHLOSS
tiny othersecosting from
to $25.
new steok of Win~er usm
E just in.
NDEL 120 South Main Street.
.ine of Fruits.
to make fruitcakes for Christmass have arrived and the
aie rare bargains to offer the trade duriag.
the Holidays.
and boy's hate, shoes, pants, underwear, overshirts
A niice line of fauciniators, uinion suits, caliou, corsets,
for ladies and children. Don't forget to get a saok of Cin.
to make Christmas cakes, the best ini America. You can't
cake without goo-1 flour. The best is the cheagest. Yourd
J. F. HARRIS, By mnelf.
line of overconata in go at a hargnin.

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