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Headach, our Stom
aeh, Torpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to tafte L
The prayer lie Addressed to the
Throne of Mercy. I
The following eXample of a quaint
and selfish prayer does nou come from
the liturgy; it is from "GlT mpes of
Ancient Liackntey:" "0 Lord, thou
knowest tlit I have nine estate., in the
city of London and likewise that I
have lately purchased an estate in fee
simple in the county of 1Essex. I be
seech thee to preserve the two coun
ties of Middlesex and U4ssex from fire
and earthquake, and, as I have a
mortgage in Hertfordshire, I beg of
thee likewise to have an eye of com
passion on that county, and for the
rest of the counties thou mayest deal
,with them as thou art pleased. 0
Lord, enable the bank to answer all
their bills and make all my debtors
good men. Give prosperous voyage
and return to the Mermaid sloop, be
cause I have insured it, and, as thou I
hast said the days of the wicked are
but short, I trust in thee that thou
wilt not forget thy promise, as I have
purchased an estate in reversion which
will be mine on the death of that
profligate young man, Sir J. L. Keep
my friends from sinking and preserve
me from thieves and housebreakers
and make all my servants so honest
and faithful that they may attend to
my interest and never cheat me out
of my property night or day."
She Is Steadfast In Afeotion For Her
The Chinese mother is very fond of
her children. She is happy in their
company and spends much time ear.
lug for them. In -a Chinese family the
birth of a child is a greater event thaIt
with other 'orlentals. Long before th
child is born the mother performs ritei
and ceremonies to propitiate the godt
that her child may be a boy. Afte
birth the little fellow is wrapped I:
old rags and in winter is sometime.
put in a bag of sand sewed cloe
around its neck to keep the little on
warm. Great rejoicing follows thi
birth if the child Is a boy; otherwisi
there is an air of chastened disap
pointment. But good Chinese parent
make the best of their little lassles
becoming very fond and even broud o:
them. I have known more than on<
Chinese father to exhibit his toddlin
wee girl for approval, though alwayi
with the customary national verba
deprecation of what belongs to one
Indeed, this evidence of excessiv<
courtesy may be found everywhere b
this strange land. It is good form t4
vilify what is mine and laud what ii
thine. "My. good for nothing famili
are all still troubling the earth witi
their presence. H1ow is your honor
able familyl"-Plgrim.
A Curious Legend.
There is a curious legend in-regard tc
Decadman's plaice, Soathwark, London.
An ingenious old writer says that the
name originated as follows: "In Dead
mani's place, at St. Maryov'eruts, a man
servant being buried at seven of the
clocke In the morning, and the grave
standing op'en for more dead Commodi..
ties, at foure of the clocke in the same
evening he was got up alive againe by
a strange miracle, which, to be true
and certaine, hundreds of people can
testifle that sawe him acto like a coun
try Ghoste in his white p~eackled
eheete." However, a more exact lis
torian explained that the name was
merely * corruption of Desmond's
Myve While Yeu Awe Alve-.
- Enfoy life as it comes to you. tListen~
-to the bird songs and the voice, of the
ehtidren. Linger to watch the sunset
or the opening of a flower. Take into
your life the goodness, the pleasure and
the brightness of every day, for "we
shall pass this way but once," and then
when you reach the last day that is
given you here you will be content and
can say, "I have lived."--Town and
Country. ________
Hre Kuow.
"You are sure that man cheated9~"
"Yes, sir," answered Three Finger
Sam. "Hie held four aces."
."But that Is not conclusive evidence."
"It was in this case. I knew where
the regular aces wasn myself."--Wash
Ington Star.
zaation,. and drives outP
pramotes 'a fre trc u
oatural elast uty.
Mrs. 13. A. hpa
T enn., writes: "Ia
Not Springs, r~ o
-e more relief'o
an any edcie a:
large bottle by Sahr
ThREt SlZEs, a
alkrwd Snow
hos~ LO c
41 '''&x
uxative F it Syrli
a Drdg Company and Dr. "R. F. SM
Dueling as It Was In France In the
Time of Richelieu.
The passion for dueling, which had
cos;t France, it was said, between
7,G00 and 8,000 lives during the twcnty
years of Henry IV.'s reign, was at its
height when hi son Came to the
throne. The council of Trent in 1545
had solemnly condemned the. practice
of singlo combat, impartially inlutd
ing principals, seconds and spectators
in its penalty of excommunication., *n
1002 an edict of Henry pronoyinced tho
"damnable custom of dueling intro
duced by the corruption of the con
tury" to be the cause of so many pite
ous accidents, to the extreme reorot
and displeasure of the king and to the
Irreparable damage of the state, "thai
we should count ourselves unworthy
to hold the scepter if we delayed t<
repress the enormity of this crime."
A whole series of edicts followed t
the same effect, but it was easier ti
make edicts than to enforce themn
Degradation, imprisonment, confilca
tiou of property, loss of civil rights
and death were the penalties attachc
to the infringement of the laws agalns
dueling, and still the practice pro
valled. In 1620 Richelieu published
milder form of prohibition. The firs
offense was no longer capital, a thir
only of the offender's property was t
be confiscated, and the judges wer
permitted to recognizo extenuating cl
A few months later the Comte d
Bouteville thought fit to test the mU
ister's patlence in this direction. Th
Place Itoyale had long been a favorit
duelhin(li grouind, and De Boutevill
traveled froim Brussels to fight hil
twenty-second (iel here, in the hear
of Paris, in deliberato (efIance of th
king's authority. The result was nc
encouraging. Montinoroency though h
I was, the count went with his secon
to the scaffold, and the marked dc
creaso from that time in the numbe
i of duels may be attributed either t
the moderation used in framing tb
law or to the inexorable resoluto
with which it wits enforced.-Mcmul
w Ian's Magaziue.
Roguery is the last of trades.
Without cheating, no trading
Every fox praises his own talk
A debt Is adorned by payment.
A good beginning Is half the work.
Every little frog Is great in his ow
Trust in God, but do not stuimb
Go after two wolves and you will n<
catch oven one.
If God doesn't forsake us, the pig
will not take us.
The deeper you bide anything tb
sooner you find it.
Be praised not for your oncestor
but for your virtues.
Send a pig to dinner and he will pr
his feet on the tablo.
Dr. lIolmn*a Itovenge.
When "The Last Leaf" was Dublist~
ed by Oliver Wendell Holmnes a criti
attacked it savagely and cruelly. Di
Holmes, though Importuned by friendi
did nothing in revenge, lie waited to
timo to avenge him, which time dii
liberally. The critic fell upon ovi
danym and ended his existence with sul
cide. The only morceau of persona
revenge which the good doctor aliowe
himself was to cut out the paragrap]
about his enecmy's career and post
it hin hie scrapbook on the samo pag
which contained the original criticisa
and the announcements of the succes
sire editions of the poem. This was i
mild revenge, but even this was un
worthiy of Dr. Holmes.
Flowern, In the Shade.
It is not unusual to hear a comn
plaint that one's yard has no sun
and therefore flowers cannot be raised
But there are a large number of flow
era that prefer shade to sunshine Ii
summer. The begonia is of this class
Those who have north wails or feneoi
may have great beauty during the sum
nmer by setting out the different kinds
of begonias. Even the gloxinia, th<
achimoenes and similar hothouse plants
bloom splendidly throughout the sum.
nier season when grown on tho north
side of walls.
are mo~emaln
j500 Cralg St., Enoxvlleo
se been trying the bath. o
setite theuumatism, but
Ballard's Bnow Jllenti -
lsythingfIhave ever tied.<
ordr fr 1.0. end ni
5s, -50o AND $1.00
Uhaiment Co.
4e'"O~~ t'l 'd
Sms. u7ii
ie Y1ea 196o
Febrary 20m 19t6,
reo nrf It tw t lpl
*hater, aster 1a
&[email protected]
+ SE THE 8(
ins Year 190
king Returns for the
y 1st ad co tinu
February 20th 1906
nalty of 50 per cent
nst:eae accid every
.riend or foe. i will
is heretofore, as 190
ing all Real Estate
list all realty unless
k ui.Prt offie Bftoe
eNoar y Pbics Thes iotr
ddled, AlSdgwl
Cleanbes the systepe
thorouhif and cleard
* sallow conplcafoiA of
P pimples and blotches.
It Is guaranteed
Ith, Easley.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
here is a disease prevailing in this
country most dangorous because so decep.
tive. Many -audden
deaths are caused by
it - heart disease,
- pneumonia, heart
-- . failure or apoplexy
are often the result
of kidney disease. I
kidney trouble is al.
lowed to advance the
- . kidney-poisoned
blood will attack the
vital organs or the
kidneys themselves break down and waste
pttay cell by cell.
Bladder troubles most always result from
a dorangoment of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy.
It corrects Inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. 'le mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
- dsrful ctire- of the most distressing cases.
I Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
t by all druggits in fifty-cent and one-dollar
I sized bottkls. You may
,) have a sample bottle of
this wondorful new dls
covery and a book that
tells all about it, both nO wamp-noot. --
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
D Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
e Don't make any mistake, but rememb'er
D the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on every bottle.
For Taking IRett
I will commence to
year 1906 on Jannu
taking returns until ]
after which time a pe
will be entere( agaii
one, black or white, I
not make the rounds -
is the year for return
and I cannot safely
having duplicate froni
reference in many
must be signed by pai
before Magistrate or
Swill not be accepted
the penalty will be a
bo enteredl as $5.00
addition to the Capit:
each. So govern yoi
We Never Diesapo
~We Fulfill EvrI ems i
WE gIE %.". saf .1a*
0ev M es
'.8 tra. n eu
ad I1e~ phpa
teof a sure wi~
N. K. KIMG, M. SA hrente )isene.
TaflS ay ogM aural~ Isba
send yes our 311u41g
"T0 acres of land ne
on~ Pumpkintown3 road. *10
120 acres near Tra
joining lanjds of Mr. Thos. o
Watson old home. $16 per at
Also small tracts of land, 20 to 50 ae
We have also some very desirable 1o1
along the car line-$60 each.
Not the mere temporary reli
- not the little help that the
lRheumacide does. Rhe
uric acid In thd blood. 11
a strong and vigorous :
the blood of all its ger1
ural methods that it b
Purifier.2 CURE
100'Dlfferent from Any
ii$m ' latest scientific dlscove
Blood. BaltifidreDe
F-.' ~1or 16 years 1 have suffered terni
S-Rheumatism. I was treated by lea
feats Jof ever behig well again. But he
'I RHEUMACI DE, I decided to giveI
I have taken two bottles, and, thank
wonderful medicine, I now feel thal
At~E ~gotten a I"Inew lease on life." Everj
disease has been driven from ny
.1301 James St., Bal
Rh . Sample bottle and booklet FRE a
iciaYOU uend five cents for postage DUD
AT T HE 01
RU. EIDITOR: Please say to your readers and my
IV Complete line of Reliable goods which I have fo
fact, at the prices which I am quoting I conside
carry a little of "anything and everything," and av s
WEAR end, HEAVY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good line
From now until Christmas we invite tile ladiesI
WilI make the same offer as the above to the n
Trunks, Valises, Go1ts' Furnishings, etc. The nices
Flour, salt and barboed wire by tho car load to g(
A complete lin of the good kind of furniture ai
Iron King stoves and Chattanooga Plows-two very nec
fthe best of their kind on the market. Chinawar, Goi
wears well.
A full line of Undertaers' goods and a nice Hea
Your atronage solKNitd ndHiT ll be g ant
P.o SnowI pens Chritae wetavte the ladies
ase ly ake thibe.sm fe steaoet h
Flur sltad aredwroedb the Id og
A cm Byt an Rfteokid of ntrwa
thebes ofther kndou are bake.Cing awaxprie Gh
oterfrtlieriss vewalaled. t~
A harvliest. onttakersod an aub ite Her
P.c-Alro oin the eaftzer of .TheM
as earL y skpossrele
Fih~ asbenProved oe thenty
ande Aerial ater is su palneinth
for growing cotton. Farmers' Bone is 1
* ROW 1890-1,500 T ON s
- . 1895--12,000 TONS
1900-58,455 TON S
*1905-130,091 TOK
Norfolk, Va. Tarboro, N. C.
Columbla, 8. C. ' Macon,, C
Sour *Qik
Stomach To
N4o appetite, loss of strengt, nervous
ness, headache, constip~ation, bd breath,
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol-oures Indigesion. This new discov
ery represents 'the natural juices of diges
tion 'as the exist in- a healthy stomnach,
combinied wIth' te greatest knowh~ tonio
and reconsthiotive prt tes. Kodol Dys. H RET
pepsa Cure doe not- onyuro indigestiona L.Genil
and dyspepsia, but this fanmous remedy
cures al stomach troubles bycleansing, LvAust
prifying, sweetening and itogbnir
te mucous membranes lining the mtnaoh .bnlIe
r. . S. r~st, 'of R.nW 'fW 'twvoo~
-oo curpd mue sled w.aeiow using it smk
KCd of ests What Yo 'atW L0
sottleteonly. 0 Siz h idn t ies the tria
e'ftred by .0 OeWITT & 00., OHt0A00,'E1NI
Sod ~KMcnsPs~ Q iulok
4 To
ef that the old "remedies" gave,
doctor's prescriptions give; but
LPLETH CURI. That is what
Limatism is caused by an excess of
is an internal disease and requires
Internal remedy that will cleanse
is and yet act through such. n%.
ilds up the en.i'e system.
other remedy. The result of the
ries. At ithe same time it cures
heuinatisniit 'sweeps out
s. of thei blood the"germs'of
loth; .
lywith all other. blood diseases,
ligphy- n crs d
esp .. and cures Indigestion, Con
ari ofstipation, Catarrh, Kidney
8 to this and Liver Troubles, La
I havean
vestige Grippe and Contagious
'system. Blood Poisons.
friends that I am "still at the Ol Stand," with a
r their inspection and sale at very cluo figures. In'
r the goois aro Raro Bargaiins. Toll thom Lhat I
lling at, a close profit.
e have them; also, SUiTS, PANTS, UNDER
:o call and we will make them close prices on
on folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Undorclothing,
line of these goods we have ever carried.
at prices that defy competition.
1d. nice matting, cairpeting and rugs. Agent fm
essary things in every well regulated family an
saware, Agateware, Tinware and other ware that
ight. I M cr. Fa lI
1?all will please come forward and make settlement
3est Fertilizer
enty Years' Succes
m you fertilize with Farmers' Bone. No
plant food supplied fr om sowing time to
mers' Bone has no0 equal for any kind of
SIn Any Drill1
one years of successive use that
.0 any other knowni ammoniate
lie fertilizer
st and Best Route
Andl all P'oints
12:15 p. m. A r. Saivannahi 2;5i0 a. m.* .
10:30 p. mn. A r. Wayeress 6:05 a. m.,
Arrive at Jacksonvill 8:40 a. mn.
liman Soervico between AuigusAta nnam Jaceksonville,
stions mado at JTacksonvjl lo for all poiuato South,
'onit Exenireion TJia'keoto Now On Salo to Floid~a Resorts,
Greenville, S. C.
3 1' WILL IAMS~, Geuneral Piassoungor Agenit,

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