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-utored April 28, 1906 at Pickens, 3. 0., as sooond 0lm mattcr, uinder act of Cougrees of Maroh 8, 1871.
Congressman Aiken Makes Strong Ap
Apal to the People to Support
the Service-Points out
Danger and Sugqests.
the Remedy
Washington, D. 0., Jan. 26.
Edit-r Sentinel-Journal:
Y u have doubtless noted in the
papers a statement from the Post
office Department, indicating its
purpose to discontinue a larg'
numb'r of the rural routes
throughout the country, on the
ground that "they are not -appre
Knowing your deep intereet in
the welfare of our country, and in
the general upbuilding of the ru
ral sections, that make for materi
al prosperity, I desire through
your paper, to direct public atten
tion to -the necessity for building
up the business of the rural
Cities and towns only reflect
prosperity, the country is its real
birthplace. Anything that de.
tracts from or retards the advance.
ment of the producer rob. the na
tion of dollars and cents.
There is a natural tendericy in
all men to gravitate to populous
centres; it is the social or inquisi.
tive side of man's nature that as
st rts itself. Telephones and trol
ley lines have done much to'ward
blottong out time and space, to
ward making neighbors of those
' geographically far apart, but
greater than either of these is the
rural free delivery system. Not
every community can have a trol
ley line, niot.every one can. have a
telephone, but the humblest citizen
may have his mail delivered daily
at hit door. By these modern
- agencies, the most remote rural
resident is, in essentials made a
suburban resident of the towns
and citieq, and a long step toward
desirable life in the country is at
tained. Is it not passing afrange
then, that the governmont, which
must realize the importance of at
(aining the highest and most intel
ligent citizenship in the rural sec
tions, would snatch from these
good people the only little mite of
gratuity they ha've ever received, of
the- millions they have contributed
to the National Treasury. And
yet this order of the Postollice De.
partmont "to #iscontinue rural
routes that do not handle 2,000
pieces of mail montly," will do
-~ this very thing.
Argumnts as to the unwisdoim
of the governmn nt's course are fu
tile, when confronted with its dle
clared policy. One canniot help
notinRg, howe'ver, the inconsistency
in approriig anu ally3, to the
Phiill ippines, an alien people, mil.
Iions in excess of their i'eveniue, with
the single pur'pos.e of educatinig
them to a standard of good oiti
zenship, while wvithholding from
the best citizens at home the little
-amounit neccessary to supplement
the rural routes not entirely self,
The government disclaims any
intention of discrim inantin~g against
the. South in this order, and( we do
not charge it with discrimination
or section~alism, b~ut the effect will
be nonie the less disast rouis to
southern rural routes because ok
the disclaimer. T1here is searcely
a -carrier ini the populous North
that does not handle from four to
five thousand pieces of miail
monthly while many of our own
carriers seldom reach 3,000 and
some under\, 2,000 pieces. Truly
the government should take the
larger view, and extend its boun
ty to those thinly settled sectionm
which sneed building up, but w
need not expect it.
So great have the government ox
pondituros grown, that the presen
excessive tariff rates are i nadequat
for the appropriationi, and for once
the Republicatio1 party is forct
to call a halt to ts policy of oxtrav
agance. Majgy appropriations here
tofore made, will be e ither left oj
entirely or very much reduced
and "the poor man's lamb," th,
South's little mite will be taken
It is only too true that this orde
of the Post Office Departmenut is n,
idle threat.
Boing, as yet, unminformed as to th
|A He
For tho farmers we
tors, the famous Cole (
A carload of Barbed
Are our leading bran
of Potash and Nitrate
To those who have n
do well to call and see
A good horse for sal<
Our Dry Goods Dei
have many bargains tc
i lot, all sizes, at $I.oo each.
with heavy stitched bottom at $3.00 ea<
Also a lot of Ladies black undei
Be sure and ask to see them'.
Ladies Belts-A large lot in pal
The Ladies are respectfully invi
amount of mail handled by the va- got 15 c
rions cat riers of the Third District, course v
it i4 impossible to say which route8, cause th
if any, will be affected by the or, there rei
der. Some of them are doubtless be gin'
on the danger line, and feeling the case th
deepest interest in the people who 1 1-2 mi
are now served by the routes, and mills.ha
in the-ever faithful carriers, I desire ones bni
to stir them up to a realization of mills rn
the danger that con fronits the sye- they we
temn. on acuot
'More of our peoplo should take holders
the dlaily and tin-weekly papers, three r
and should do this at once. There cenits be
is no greater agency for the public ~mills i
goJod, no0 better educator t han t he wh ich a
newspaper. T1here should not be ai from th
white family in the distriict that on, so y,
does not take some go~od newspaper. to store
Besides serving the immediate end houses
of increasing the rural buseines, It have co
will tell for good in our children not fort
and children's children, ton. I
Aside from the paramount advan- of three
tages afforded by the rural delivery two of
system for building up and making mil-ls pi
content spaircely settled sections, 200 bale
the mere rmatter of money let loose would hi
in the South thereby is a consider- this wee
tion. .In this district alone, there said thai
are something like 130 carriers, re- two moi
ceiving an aggregate something like see thme
ninety or one hundred thouusanld taking t
dollars annually, which is distribu- .the aver
ted through our avenues of trade. as a gen
It is paid to as fait'ful and deserv- suppli'd
ing men as our country affords; come o1
most of them earn in dollars and a rule bi
cents for the government, and all 'they c
of them earn in labor, every dollar have bo
and mere than the government ker and
pays them. Will we, for lack of fill his
proper support, aurrendler tie ap. run. 13
propriation, with the greater ad- and you
vantage of a daily mail, stimiula- Now
ting trade between counitry and not red
town, or will we meet the emer- pleasel
gency ? It is up to the good people know t
who are served and the courtous but cai
carriers, for the governmnit has advant
spoken. -inicreaf
Wyatt Aiken. reduce
Texas Cowboy.
.Editor of the Sentinel.ournal: Edit
r Dear Sir--.As the price of cot- not wh~
a ton is the topiu of the day I will same a
say a few words in answer to the readeri
ath= Bruce,
have all kinds of farming imi
Jotton Planters, Plows of ever
Wire and Nails just arrived.
ds of Fertilizers. All grades <
of Soda.
ot yet made their arrangemen
3 on favorable terms.
)artment is stocked to overflo
>offer. We can mention only
i lot extra heavy, all colors, at $r.5o each. x lot
:h. i lot light grays, the latest in tucks at $5.oo ea
skirts, made of nice silk finish goods, with deep ruff
-ent and dull finish leather and silk, all colors. An
ted to call. We will take pleasure in showing them t
& Heath-Bruce
onts for onr cotton? Of I vasebaru nwl -rd arel in Picke
re will if we hold er ill be-- eunty where I lived until in my 41
e last reprt shows thatwith the po plo
e lat rpor ShWS hathave livedl 21 yars since I left th,
nains but 248,489t bales to and am livilig to day in ny 71fity
od yet. This being the What a blOR~ing to mortal man to
mills will I e from 1 1.4 to permitted to live ut; his three SC
Ilios sortbecuset-oe and tell fnd still enjoy hlis physi
lionsad metal powers, only sliohtmy
ve enlargod and other new paired by the wear and decay of tit
It anld with the Fall River But my heart is smiddeuiod %T1161
nning on full time when think of the death of quita a nurn
re standing still last 1ear
mt of the strike, if spotfllimg r.Ioligwth(
will stand firm for two) orlaod Ma.Aber a h
onths they will get^ 15Y hrf muli' ~.Ere
causeo in that time manay Fed n tws u h et
11 ha out of cottona, somrae of Ouhilmywobroo
re b orrig cottos. now~Iuti opta I ~t n a
eir neighaboa lg numill to, run ytaoowosuvv
'u see that it will not do Snie,~fwfrteJuua
your cot ton in m'll ware- avrlfrta slyMsegr
be~canuse ho long as theyanoteCrliapes.1h
t~ton to run on they will 'rt vr10ntce o u
se brokers for their cut- ~oshrad aeflasg
talked with the presidentssttec;ivxprncadobe
mills the other (day andtinwtthbstaveIcng
them told me that both M ~oec nlf i~be
It together did not havo e.Ihv lay re olo
a of cotton on hand and i hr perdt eaybi
ave to borrow to run on iet t Iotntiko
k and the other president fins n h oeo yc
,h had enough to rain forhodndta priceIhe
uths, so you can begin tohitrofylfewl ivg
shape the mills are ini, Iiiesi nw ~mn f
lie three just mnationed for rae. iaelvn nPc
ago and the northern mills cut aeaddmc nr
oral thing are not so well digaoga ayremd'a
and will soon1 be forced to flfinsa vrbdinw
the mxarket. The mills as adIa rl ru fton
ave not as much cotton as lv hmbte hnmny
lam 1'he cotton they hv ~o aemnyL.io
ught is only through a bro- pamwyhoet. ho.
they will not force him toL
3ontract as long as they can
rother farmer stand pat
will get 15 cents.
I aybwrndano1-hd aredtinPidkd
uco hiswhercreaivedluntlyinamy 4
havealiaid 2thiersysirceorleft t
haWhyouacllim togheohoortatlman*to
yubhoetantandtnadsileno i hs
agd menflyporrseigyhslihtby
pairedhentheeweaoand docytofiti
Butmy eaariketdeed he
AhinGofthedeah ofquiteanrm
ofrmyetrues friendsusice I lefnoP
oeyou aeuany oumoaysayhth ireai
readm biyt rad SL Ahos wouriEus.M
orrow Con
lements, a iull line of Disc E
y description, and everything
)f Acid Phosphates, Kainit, C
ts for their supplies this year,
w:ing and in order to make rc
a few. This month we are of
fancy, blue, black, gray, trimmed in buttons and cc
ch. 2 black broad cloth, fancy tucked pleated ski
les and pleats, all. sizes from 65 cents to $2.00 ac
up-to-date line of Ladies Collarsjustt arrived.
he goods.
irrow COmpINy
s ni more, or what- can y0u do with
th more? .Ouly leave it when you go
Ud hence.
3re The last visit I made to Pickens, 0 1
ar- tile conty of mny nativity seven
be years ago, -I had invitations -- enough
)>O to visit my friaenlds to have kept Wei
al visitin g flom Christmis to the4th of Being we
in- July and spend only one day utuand question of spe
ae nigtht i one place. It is , quitte al oy it's a quoti
eloasure to think' (if my ickeun right stora, b
friends. I wish them welland wouriry gord i
3k- sow my kind regards and good -wsh- n lt r
ho os brojad cast, all over the county ani adcot r
- don't think that I would hit a a dis tinctive -sty
rn- doze enemiica. Nothinig w...uld ac-. another matter
Jr- ford m-oepleasure than to see But tat's
en n ino h rienadship aend hoispi- taIrc o
ti~ Ldit3 of hundreds of faiien and f:c yuca
b ome m ibe~i county. I would ap- thel kind of of
bepreciato a1 letter f rom any of mny ac
qIcumbhtanice and answer 16 pr ompi~ly, mere rise in ye
he.When you think of me thhIk o1 mjel (asmnd otherv's)
ud1( as one who wisbes you1 w. il anid on. I elothe's give y<
nud whio never forgets ai fiiind. .well-groomed
weO W. (I. Field, kind of.a cauh
El ~bertou, Ga., Jan. 29. The. picture eli
DY Obituary. 7 a l
va. On January 10th .1906, Jarnes,
beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Abner $10,
on Young, aged two years and SIX
tLs, months, was burned to death atgg
ttheir home near Liber ty.
j~Deares~t James how we do miss you,
Missa you meo thain tongue esan tell-- Our new
he Evey dayand hiour that passes,Oerotsjs
Bi n Figa u ni gheor with you to dwell. OecMjs
.~ Fried may thin k we'll sooen forget you -
And~ ou wounded hearts bo heesl'd. H. EIN
utthey little know the sorrow
tO That's itihin our learts concealed,
n d '4'wo mournful wee have vanished,
'.LThink we while the teardrop starts. .a
are With the memory of our loved one
rid . till fresh within my heart.
I -Aunt Maittlie, c L
*have~eome '
WnOZI)Yt s.ua.w tz h meh's anm
. ,se,,"el'"% lves, eta. A ni
** iery dt.a~ Ifi l
~Lge6l eg. mqake a kice esa
for a merry Chri
NOED BY PICKENS 01100 00. A "ic**l**
iany I
arrows, Guano Distribu
r else needed on the farm.
otton Seed Meal, Muriate
we wish to say, they will
om for our Spring Goods,
tering special bargains in
rds at $2.50 each. i lot grays and blacks
rts and one in blue,'the latest styles, At $6.oo.
Of Styllh Quality
I1 dressed isn't i -
nding a lot of mon
on of going to the
lost sy store has
s as far as thread'
[email protected]
Is aud a-real'fit is
withst you get her
~au easily afford. Iu
usf'ord not t~o wear
>Whe weoll. T[heo
ur ow. estimation
hant our SCULOSS -
n--- hat prosperous
ook-is the bigges~t
anst to any man0,
awa one SOHLOSS
aera coating from
to $25.
stock of Winter
DE L 120 South Mai astreet.
e of Fruits
sake fruit oake fid Ohristis have arrived and the
r'1Fe bArgaim! Nto offer the trade durlng
boy's hate, aho4, pants, underwear, overshirts
ce-iRe of fascinatqrk- union suits, ea~1ou, corsets,
idies and ehileren.' s 't forget to get ? anok bf'Cin'"
ik6 Ohditmas ok4 the best in~ Asmeres. Yo't can't
withptit good ifoud af'hebest Is the eheapyaet. Yours
.F. 11A4lIlS, Byhmef
of overooats ,o go at a bargain.

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