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Metrbooica Tabie
Ily John T. Iloggs, obseiver, LIcertyy . .
Character of
the diy.
i8 68 . 81 0 Clear.
19 r 40) 0 Clear.
M12 4) t Clear.
21 61 53 ..10 Clear.
88. U. 0 lear.
23 60 38 0. 4lear
24 00 . 40 *T Cloudy.
* Trace of rain, less than one hundredth inch
of, rainfall.
HUDfg6AS Of a Local aid Personal Nature
-Mrs. A. J. Boggs was indie.
posed a few days last week.
-Miss Marie Folger of Pickens is
on a visit to friends in Charleston.
-N. 51. Madden .of the Cent'al
Ni-lo spout a part of last week in
-Bii sure and attend the entertain.
ment of the Boll Ringers at the audi
t iriumn toni_ ht.
-L. Ross Eaton, a promiuient citi.
zon and merchaat of Central was in
Pickens last week.
-Ex Sheriff Williatn BA, of An.
derson, is oil i visit to his son, Dr. J.
L. Bolt, in Pickens.
-Mrs. J. W. Cochran of 'Calhoun,
spent last week in Pi_-kens with the
family of her brother, Clork of Court,
A. John Boggs.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. W. T. Nalley
were called to Calhoun Sunday to at.
tend the burial of tie latter's moth
or, Mrs. Cochran.
-T. N, Hunter, salesman at the
Bi.? Siore, has been confined to his
bed for some days, but able to be
at his post again.
-Mrs. 1. (". Robinson made a
pleasant visit to friends and relatives
near the Cliastan pastoffice last week
returning home Sunday.
-Rev. J. R. Davis will preach at
Bethlehem schoolhouse on the first
Sunday in March instead of the
fourth Sun'day as announced last
wek. -
-Fennell & Co. are selling off their
go ads at a great rat#,, peeparatory to
Mr. Fennell moving to U6asley. If
you are wanting goods cheap now is
your chance.
-Mr. 0. B. Williams, a native of
Gairiesvillo, Ga., but who for some
-time, has been holding a position in
Kansas City, Missouri, is on a visit
to his aunt, Mrs. H. A. Richey in
--Mr. and Mrs. Larry U. Thornley
left.Pickens last Thursday for a visit
to Mr. and bIrs. R. E. Olliver and
B. K. Thornley in Knoxvill, Tenn.;
They will probably be gone two
- wteks or longer.
-Married at tihe residence of the
officiating minister on the 18th inbt.,
Mr. Frank Merck to Miss Iler Evans
and on the 25th inst., Mr. W. R.
Daltorgt00 Miss Cora Alexander. Rev.
B. C. Atkinson officiating.
-R. E. Bruce, buyer for the
Heath-Bruco-Morrow Co., is now in
1 the northern markets picking the
best selection of Spring and Summer
goods and millinery ever brought to
IPickens. Watch for their announce
--Folger, Thornley & Co., are lay
ing down lumber on their lot prepar.
tory to moving back the old wooden
sMore building and erecting a hand
some brick structure in its stead.
This is an enterprising firm and is
bound to succeed.
---Up to the 231 of February last
year not a sack of guano had been
hauled away from this town, while at
the same time this year, not less
than fifteen car loads have been haul.
ed away. It is to be hoped that a
good deal of this fertilizer will go un
der corn and grain. "The world in
~* cotton" at this time will ruin the
chance for the planter to get a good
pfice in the fall.
--Maria Brown, a young negro
woman attempted to commrit suicide
in Greenville last Wednesday by
pouring a gallon of keronene oil over
!herself and applying a match. When
found she wass withont clothing and
y her body a mass of burns, dying
abortly afterward in great agony.
Before trying the oil method the wo
man threw herself in front of a Irain
but was driven away before the loco
motive re ached her. She was a co
caine fiend.
--Mrs. Emeline Cochran, relict of
tihe Tate R. A. Cochran of Calhoun
died at her home there on the 25th
Instant, after an illness of a few
1 weeks, from bronchitis. She was -in
the seventy-fifth year of her age, and
was a member of Central Mount Ta
bor church, from which place she
was buried besido her husband the
following day. She leaves several
children, besides a host of relatives
and f riend~s to mourn the death of
this Christian woman.
-W. L. Entrekin, a weil and fa
vorably L.nown citizen of the Pea
Ridge section of this county, died
last Sunday night at his ho~me, after
an illnemss of a few weeks duration.
He was about 56 years of age and
haves a wife and four children and ai
host of relatives and friends to mourn
bis death. He was a member of
Prater~s Creek church from which
place the funeral was held Tuesday
mornng. Mr. En~trekin was a pro
gressive citizen, always looking t
the advancement and upbuilding of
his community and will be greatly
.1 .. .. .. ..
I ------ x ....
Heartily Approves of J
IN a recent letter to The Peruna Medi
cine Co., Miss Julia Marlowe, of New
York City, writes the following:
lIam glad to wrie my endorse..
ment of the great remedy, Peruna,
as a nerve tonic. I do so most
hearfily. "--Jolla Marlowe.
Nervousness is very common among
women. This condition is due to anemic
nerve centers. The nerve centers are
the reservoirs of nervous vitality. These
centers become bloodless for want of
proper nutrition.
Thia is especially true in the spring
season. Every spring a host of invalids
are produced as the direct result of weak
This can be easily obviated by using
Peruna. Perunastrikes at the root of the
difoulty by correcting the digestion.
From a Former Ptckensite.
Honegar, Ala., Jan. 21.
Ar. Editor:
Please allow me space in your
valuable paper to congratulate our
farmers ftor [the wonderful success
they have attained in the struggle
D ver the price of cotton. I thmnk
haemd b utn terar
ag.W7 av!eevd oemn
4yfrti ml co hnw i
Hansl p eatlevy f~rer f
tN hol recet whtt the harun Moead
Le sodo Mass duidat .arle, oftill
Yorp tye rite holrtingaie:o
Iahmin gat rt hmendorstop
ent ou te greculatod, rs.nWh
yourrtoly. Yo-ui Marloe.yuw
mNerouess very omjust among
harve alwayrs Tdonervegonsarn
wth reservoas onu valitcomphain
centers becme, odle as wantiofs
The faes pca tre indtepinen
seaton. will spng a earnstofilyihop
prie prore as hertr-eslso werk
Tndsmore bie eaiyobvased byr usng
meruat a rn tks the thng oo ofe te
liveon.b correctiy texpietihard
Please lowue paatn.ou
ur armr arhe wodranzin us
here ave attedunm in helpinggl
torke the rcrof shottoso brtherk
forment ado' cond decid thet
have ade by maketital thir yacr
and. Woe hae yucave areadyn
Centrtis al crNews. wedi
Mior thJhani cropg of 1004, a
etrnedtl appea ateery farende
vstohl at wa hert hrs. gt C.rids
Mi s doc a Mauedin as yen tred
kethesns crosor atd Greeise.o
sligt to seulatohnson Why
natsbe independn thpt watk.
Thyosur know You cao be youw
eanjor yousnoolfs.a w
hve folwas daturday a rundy
withe Loua eadon arnd cheatlan
oard vting thr o aneddmote
Tr. farmes carkea ineetunet
hoef o theywlad W arestly hear
thateer D.farewll fuibet
than o eahtis to gast aok.
prietor a or op- wr
adMr Jime oerse Spartandu
vieitead hne things yuceedy.
tis Slg as u buvery sc
androf. wtyo ha e aleak.
.. raisemN. m
W liZ
'eruna For the Nervs.
Digestion furnishes nutrition for the
nerve centers. Properly digest4d, food
furnishes these reservoirs of life with
vitality wldch loads to strong, steady
nerves, and- thus nouilshes life.
Perina is in great favor among
women,cspecially those who have voca.
tions that are trying te,.the nerves.
Peruna furnishes the lasting vigor
for the nerves that such people need.
Thousands of testimonials from
women in all parts of the United States
are being received every. year. Such
unsolicited evidence surely proves that
Peruna is without an equal as a nerve
tonic and a vital invigorator.
Buy a bottle of Peruna to-day.
_f you do not receive all the bene
fits from Peruna that you expected,
write to Dr. S. B. fartman, Colum
bus, Ohio.
ANCEMEN-1 have now in my po%
session sixty-seven per cent of the
funds subscribed to the farmers alli.
ance exchange limited.for distribution
to the original contributors. Would
like to bave, the sub-trustee stock.
holders and all others who were mem
hers of the alliance to meet me at
Pickens C- H. on Salesday in March
to arrange for the distribution.
W, T. O'Dell, County Trustee
Stockholders- td.
Agents Wanted-Out stock is reli
able and can be handled for mnany ane
ceshive years in the same commuunity.
We want a good local agent in this
county. Terms lhberal. First class
reference require. Cedar Hill Nurs
ery & Orchard Co. Winchester, Ten.
nessee. 2.28 06 8t.
We have secui ed the agency for
Iron King Stoves and flanges and
and are in a position to make you
close prices on both.
Folger, Thorniley & Co.
3. F. Brock, woodworkmnan, in the
Ashmore building, is prepared to
mend or make over your vehicles and
do a general Jino of repair-work. Saw
setting and sharpening a speoialty.
Give in. a call when in need of gen
eral repair wvork. Prepared to do all
kinds of pipe cutting and fiting. t
NOTICE-All persons are hereby
warned not to hire, har bor, aid or abet,
in any way, my scn, Plumer Brown,
aged 18 years, who has left his home
without just cause. Any one disre
garding this notice will be dealt with
according to law.
2.7 3t. J. L. Brown, R. F. D. No. 2
Pickene, 5. 0.
Just received the largest ear of
Furnitnre ever shipped to Pickens.
Prices iight.
Folger, Thornley & Co.
NOTICE-i have some very desir
able tracts of land for sale niear the
town of W aihalla, S. C. I also have
some nice lots in Walhalla.- See me
quick or write me at Walhalle, 8. C.,
Office Walhalla Bank,'.
2.5 4t. F. A. Lewis.|
"Eureka" Stock and Ponltry pow
ders at J. T. Fennell & Co.
startiing 33ut True.
People the world over were: horrified
on learning of the burning pf a-Chieago
theatre in which nearly six hundred peo
pie lost their lives, yet more than Ave
times this .number or over 000oo people
died from pneumonia in Clibago during
same year, with scarcely apassing no
tice. Every one of these oases of pn.
mnonia resulted from a cold and could
-been prevented by timely use of Chain.
berlain's Cough Nemedy. A great many
who had every reason to fear pneumonia
have warded it off by the prompt use of
this remedy. The following is an -
stance of this sort: "Too mne~h cannot
be said in favor of Chitmberlain's Congh
Rem, dy, and especially fdr colds and in
fluenza. I know that it cured my daugh
ter, Laura, of a severe cold, and I believe
saved her life when she wae threatened|
with pneunmonia." W, D. Wilceox, Lo
gan, New York. Bold by Piokens Drug
Co. and T. N. Hunter, Liberty.
Don't deceive yourself. ,.Xf you have
indigestion take Kodol Dypo esia Cure.
It will relieve you. Rev. W. E. Hloott,
South Mills, N. C., snys: "I was trou
bled with Chronic indigestion for several
Syearn; whatever I site seemed to cause
heartburn, sour stomiachi, finttering of my
heart, and general depression of mind
Sand body. M~fy druggist recommend Ko
dol, and ithas reuioved me. I an now:
eraE ny thing and sleep soundly at night.
J ~DePigests what you eat. Sold by
elkons Ortg Co.
Ever ship
we are off
Suits from $15
Elverything in- Sid
3n Tables, Springs
with prices right,
Solid car of C
Barhed Wire and]
verything with p
The best and n
Elats, Shoes, Gents.
Saddlery in the up
ire always glad to
Shoes, Hats, Gents Furni.
Cing Stoves and Battle Axe Shoi
Trespass Notice.
All persons are warned not to hunt, Bob, cut
imber, make roads, set out Bra, or in any man
ker whatsoever, tresspass on any of my lands,
or lands controlled by me, under penaltyot.tt9
aw, Mrs. N. M. Mi0dei, JI
I have had several years experience in grokv- f(
Ing Cabbage Plants for the trade and now have
ready for shipment, Early Jersey Wakefilid, at
Charleston Large Type Wakefield, Henderson's ai
Buccessions, which are the best known varieties y~
to experienced truck farmers. These plants are
grown near salt water in open air. . will stand b
severe coid, without injury. Prices, packed in
light boxes,F, 0, B, here, 61.60 per 1,000. Lots ofa
E,,000 at 61.26 per 1,000, Special prices on large i
3rders. The express company is giving us cheap
rates for plants this season. All plants will be r
shipped 0. o. D. unless you prefer to send money
with orders. Your orders will have my prompt
and personal attention. Give me a trial order.
Address all orders to .. -
a.:.. D)oNArLDeoN. xscoNrs, a. c. O
A man who once had rough-horny -
bands made them soft and smooth with
Witch Hazel Salve, but he used the gen
iine-that bearing the name "E. C. Deb
Witt &'UJo. Chicago." For sores, boils,
36ts, burns, bruises, etc., it has Do egual,
it~d affords almost immediate relief from
blind, bleeding, ltchinig and protruding
piles. Sold by Pickenas Drug Co'. al
Frightfully Burned. oI
.Chas. W. Moore, a machinist, of Ford 0:
Dity, Pa., had bia hand frightfulky
burnel in an electrical furnace. He ap
plied Biicklen's Arnica Salve with .the
tisual resnlt: "a quick sand perfect cure."
ireatest healer on earth for burns,
wounds, sores, ecaema and piles. 25o r1
at Pickens Drug 0o. r
The Yellow Fever Gierm.
aEin reoently been discovered. It bears h
a close resemblance to the malaria germ. I
ro free the system from tile germs - of g
illseae, the tnost effective remedy is Dr. I
King's New Life Pills. Gnaranteed to
sure all diseases due to malakia poison .
ma constipation. 215o at Pickens Drug
They never gripe or sicken, but
aleanse and strengthen the stomasoh, liver m
and bowels. - This is the universal ver
diot of the many thousands who use Do
Witt's Little Early Risers. These fa
mous little pills relieve headache,co'n~
stipation, billiousness, jaundice, torpid
liver, sallow eomplexion, etc, Try Little
Early Bisers. Bold by Pickens Drug Co.
All old-time Cough Syrups bind the
bowels. This is wrong. A new idea
was advanced two years ago in Kennedy's
Laxative Honey and Tar. This remedy
acte on the mucouis membranes of the
throat and lungs and loosens the bowelsn
at thle same time. It expels all cold from
the system. It clears the throat, ayd
strengthens the mucous meambran e,re
lieves coughs, colds, eroup, whooping
cough, etc,.- Bold by Piekens Drug Ce
Men Past SIxty in Danger. I
More than half mankind over aity
'yeara of age suffer from kidney ans)
bladder disorders, usually enlargemseit,
of prostrate glunld. That is bo0th pain.
ful and dangerous, anld Foley's Kidney
.:ure should be taken at the first sign of
danger, as it corrects irregtularities 'iwd
has cured saiany old men of this disease.
Mir. Rodney Bunrnett of Rook Port, Mo.
writes: "I suffered with enlarged pros.
trata gland and kidltey trouble for years
and after taking two bottles of Foley's
Kidney Cure I feel better than I hav
'for twenty years althoughl I am now 91
yearsold.' Pilekons Drug (Jo, B. F.
Smith, Easley.
The Beist Physic.
Wh.-en you want a physic that Is mild
and gentle, easy to take and certain to
act, uliwalys use Chamberlain's.SBtomiaoh
and Liver Tablets. For sale by Piokens
Dnn Co. and T. N. Hunter, Liberty.,
'ything In Car Loa<
VED--The largest cai
)ed to Pickens. See t]
to $50, Dressers from $5 to $15,
eboards, Safes, Dining Tables, C
Mattresses, Hall Racks, Bed
biase City Buggies, Car Mitch
Tails, Fresh car of Salt and F14
rices right.
ioist up-to-date line of Dry Good
Furnishing Goods, Hardware. E
country. See us for anything
see.you and will treat you right
Yours Truly
;hing Goods a specialty. Sole Agents fe& the Mitchell
-Gounty of Pidkens,
By J. B. Newbery, Esquire, Probate
Whereas, AJ. Bogge, 0. .0. P., has
ado suit to mie to grant him letters of
liministrationi of the estate of and of.-__
cite of R. 13. Wham, deoensed.
Tus ARE THEREPoRN 90 oite and Drn
IionishI all and singular the kindred wilbro
ud creditore of the said B. B.
P'ham, deceed, that Iho he andi sp
ear before me; in the Cort of Prao- erei
ate, to be held at Pickens Court House,
0. ,, on the 20th day 'of March, 190,nihrh
fler publication hereof, at 11 o'clock In aea
be forenoon, to show cause, if any thy
aIve, why thosaid administration sbouldoe af
ot be grantedi,BtW
Given under my band and hayC
ruary, 1906, in the 130th year woe
our Independence.
J. B3. Newhery ,uedp
-J. P.Loo
Notice at Disolution. #t oa
The firm of J. T. Fennell & Co. $ Lde
as been dissolved by mntual comnsent. b odf
J. T. Fennell, Hv
For the Ijext ten daya I will sell atYoca
ad below coat a general lite of mer
bandise, at Picken~s, Zi. C. ComeOlUSu
J. T. Funneoll. A
February 19, 1908.
Afraid of Sarong Medieines.XesE
Many peoplo suffer for years from
zeumatio pain., and prefer to do so _______
ithe~r than take the 'strong medicines
eually given for rheumati., nost know- _________
ug that quick relief from jain ma b~e
ad im by aplying C amberlr sin's
'anuae ndy out takin anmedl-jt
In nteral . Fo sale kens
Arng Co. and P.N. Hunter, Liberty.
Arkansas and SoruLierhwyeAstb
One-ay tcket athalf fare pluas 52.
Rlound trip stket, at less than one-way GaeIgdit.
fare. Fronm Mefmphis via Cotton Belt Routes
l1'arch 6ando Foro
Stop-overs both ways and 21 days re alturn Aen t o
limit on round trip tickets. Write for map~
folder, and pick your dljte and' say w hen~ n esnP
land where you want to oand Wre will give$
you full information ity inrwn mail.AD
L. P.8UITH,.P. A.
9 ~~Cotton Belt Route, ~ Sl yFle
Si. P. TTAW4VI boug t nt eo
CI~l~1~1IbD he ameway cal neihe ha
have afew rge st
Calioes nd utnwe
chea, nfactevyhCa
NOTAR PUBLC Remmbert ofc
Jus a itte Eudo afer eal wil w s cal ad e old fc~
ieve hat ulnoss, b'lobng, gavoeatom
thatK widilsswlt ouea, n
d Lots.
r of Furniture
le great values
Beds from $2 to $10,
entre Tables, Kitch
Lounges, Cots, 'etc.,
ell Wagons, Car of
ur. Anything and
s, Notions, Clothing,
toves, Harness and
rou may need. We
Y &CO.,
Wagans, Chase City Bnggies, Iron
-30 DAYS-:
the next 30 days we
mnding up and closing
r goods.
ot giving away goods,*
.ve our profits been so
o permi~t us to sell at
will sell all of our
ssimers, IKerseys and
goods at greatly re
ices, all the profit ofi.
8% e4ts dark outings$
cloaks and jackets to
ir less than first cost.$
t of odd sizes in shoes
be sold at bargains.
1save money by calling
ring next 30 days.
K. Park.
nd, Greenville, S.C.~
ase Your Yield, use
mn Fertilizers
r Saver', a -Money Maker, Beats All.
FISH, BLOOD, and other Hiph
r nearest Railroad Station, or
osphate and 011 Co,
Thornley & Co., Pickens, S. C.
SeIls 'em Cheap.
goods at a bargain and will sell them
ee me for most adiything you want 1
md Boy's knee pants to go cheap
at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to, go
t meat market and bring me some
ides green or dry that you can get
ods.' I don't forget my meat market
Sor anything else you want.
Old Meat Market. '.
M OY 0O R 3$t.

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