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that does not grlpe.
or nauseate.
Pleasant to take E
Minutes of the Twelve Mile Union.
The Twelve Mile Union met at
IHolly Spring, Dec. 30th, 1905, at'
11 a. m. Tho meeting was opened
with prayer by brother, John T.
Lewis. Introductory sermon was
preached by B. P. More, after
which the meeting was organized.
B. F. Murphy was elected modera
tor and W. W. Aiken, clerk. The
meeting then adjourned one hour
for dinner.
The afternoon service was calles
E10 .I &iig1... 0 pi p ().
* I '.. 'I r r
J. 1'. Lewis, B. P. Moore, G. M.
Lynch, B. F. Murphy and W. W.
Aiken and was tabled to be dis
cussed at the next union.
Query No. 2, was then discussed.
Has a church member any iight to
claim that he has passed from
death unto life unless he loves all
members of his church? The sub
ject was decided in favor of the
Query No. 3, was also decided it
favor of the negative, the subjec
being; Is there any scripture fo:
preaching fuieralo and eulogizini
tho dead, latc.
The attendance was simll, bu
t" ' tmnteting was interosting an(
Was well suppurted by the gouc
people of Holly Spring.
The meeting adjourned with
undertanchog that the comnmitte<
* . A me, clerk
Sick Headacie.
This distressing ailment results from v
disordered condition of the stomach. Al
that is needed to effect a cure is a dose oi
two of Chamberlain's Stomach and Live
Tablets. In fact, the attack may be ward
ed off, or greatly lessened in:peverity, b3
takin it (aomo of these Tablets 'is soon a
the first, symptom of an attack appeara
Sold by Pickens Drug Co. and T. X
Hunter, Liberty.
seemed to Have hM Cornered.
The teacher was discoursing to th
class on the wonders of nature. "Tak
the familar illustration of the sting o
a wasp," he said, "as compared wit]
the finest needle. When examine<
through a microscope the sting Is sil
sharp, smooth and p~olIshed, while ih
needle appears blimt and rough.
"It Is so with everything. The works
of nature are infinitely superior to
those of art. Try how we may, we
cannot .Improve on nature."
"It Isn't so with my eyes, teacher,"
said a lIttle girl in the class.
"Why, how is that, Nellie?" he asked.
"'Cause nature made me cross eyed,"
she said, "and the doctors fixed my
eyes all right."
Bramen Theft,
During the South Afrcan~ war an 1m
mense stone monument was remnoved
at Cape Town during the night, and oc
one knows to this day by whom or why
It~ was taken. Somue years ago, in broad
day1.ight, a~ clever and bold gang 01
tatevea carried on' a valuable foutahm
(Qirteen teet high from Uxbridge with
out exciting theo suspicions of any on,
anad qutte recently an omnibus was
calmly removed, horses and all, whit
standing uraguat'ded outside a publi,
lhouse in London and has never beei
seen or heard of since. It would seem
indeed, that it is often far easier ti
steal a big thing than a little onee
London Telegraph.
Placing- lim,
"Young man," began the digniie
gentleman in black dress, "have yol
fully considered the future? Have yo1
made provisions for the hereafter? I
It not time"-.
"Parglon me ohe moment, please, bu
are yott a, minister or a -life insurano
agent?"--Mitlwaukee Sentinel.
Patienceo-It's ia very bad sIgn to fum
ble upstairs. Pstrieg..-Efen so, J'
rather do that than tuisble dowstalrs
'-Yonkers Statesman.
*A PaiflasuCt
Never res nyourslf4t
pains are cu e. They
conditions afs the female
prqmptly attended to or ia
skes., yI~eofTf
yoerywhev i n $1.00 botU
$ sea ed neloe vic.t
ddes: ..gls'Advisory
n ed C~
s Drug Coupany aud Dr..R. F. Bit
E dwindle fror
unless the soil is I
a cQmplt e fetjiizt
cient POTASH.
Just how PoTS
crops is shown in
"Cotton Culture."'
absolutely free of a
tion to any farmer v
Address. GORMAI
New York-93 Nassau Street, or
Some That Do Not Como Fa'pm the
Tombs of the East.
Many persons who havo dn interest
in archaeology will be surprised to
know that all the mummies to be seen
in museums have not been taken from
faraway tombs in Egypt or other east
ern lands. Well preserved mummies
have occasionally been n tefrom the
ruins Of the cliff dwellers it the moun
tain canyons of Arizona ad in New
Mexico and southern California. These
mummies, though very poor specimens
of the mummifying art, are considered
great treasures by scientists, because
they give tie anthropologist a vague
Idea of the strange people who had the
earliest civilization on the Ameriean
continent. The best of them are al
most entirely ignorant of who the
Aztecs and Toltecs were, how' they
looked and lived and' why they have
been so entirely obliterated from the
face of the earth.
Thq reason for this ignorand isefound
in the fact that no satisfactory remains
of the dead Aztecs e ed. found.
These people werie cr i onIsts, an'd
they probally buried gOs hold effects
with the dead, leaving ttl or nothing
for the scientist to bul 'ry upon.
Frequently a party of exp'Irers in the
valleys of Arizona will c. upon seal.
ed jars of burned bone dust.
I Carm.
This is to oertify that all druggist are
authorized to refund your money if Fo'
ley's Honey and Tar fails to enre your
m cough or cold, It stops the cough,
heals thme hngs a1(l pn1 veMtR Serious
e results from colds, Curcs la grip)e
cough and prevents pneumonia and con
sumiption. Coitainis no opiates. The
genuine is a yellow package. Refuse all
sulbtitutesR. Eiokceus Drug Co., R. F.
Smith, Easley.
Kidney Trouble Makes . You Miserable.
Almost everybody -who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
llr '-IIcures made by Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
. te great kidney, liver
and b ladder remedy.
It isathe great medi
cal triumph of the nine
teenth century; dis
-- covered after years of
scentific research by
D -r. Kilmer, the emi
-,- neat -kidney and blad
a aebckdebadr rcacid trou
blsadBright's Disease, which is the worst
frofkidney trouble.
D.Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not rec
ominended for everything but if you have kid
nelvror bladdcr trouble it will be found
utthe remedy you need. It has been tested
chs eifan has proved'so successful in
evr aethat a special arrangement h'es
bemaeby which all readers of this paper
wh aendt already trie'd it, may havea
sapebottle sent free by mail, also a book
telirg mreabout Swamp-Root and how to
if fduiyou have kidney or bladder trouble.
offe wrttng mention reading this generous
tfrnthisrper and
Dr imr & Co.,Bing.
hamnton, N. Y. The
regislar fifty cent and Hs of Swap-noot.
dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the -name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
ewamp-Root, and the address,' Bingharnton,
N.Y., en every bottle.
of urable Pain
,suffer pain. Women's
are the sign of dangerous
rgans, wvhich should be,
gerous results will follow.
nqlRbiting and weakening paljas.
t t follows 'up and drives out
sthemi frgmi coming b ck.A
wt.Marr E,. Shelton, of Poliat:
~fiM. It can do my housework,
ath ug fore taking CARDUl, two -
dot.hd qone me ho good. I can
~tuthfitf say I was cured by Cardui.
i want eyery suffering lady to know of
thfIvetWierful niedIhina"
Stomach anid Liver
trouble and
Chronic Constipation
h, Easley.
LDS are sure to
n year to year
iept supplied with
,r ,cqntaiing suffi
increases cotton
our 9o-page book,
This book is sent
ny cost or obliga
7ho will write for it.
Atlanta, Ga.-22 So. Broad StML
Surveyor and Notary Public,
Redmond, S. C.
Safe an
Endorsed by leading physioan,
Chlldren's.Croup and W
ound Syrup ia mid and beniga.f
Msadulte of. every varIety of te
Read This Remarl
MRS 3. w. EVANS. CiSarwatS
was etoktor three monthanthe d
sumption. We red a bottleof
the house, end thlik it has no
Easyto Tafe; Sure to Cure;
We Never Disappol
We Fulfill Everjrromko and i
WE URE'a'*. on'2*7.,,..
- h. Dr. King Med
lawo of the Cla of
ts -y a s isa uln
N. KU NO Poffice D a ree
DR.aKINGAy.~e Ea
on Pmpko ra. 310ope
20 crseaI eTra r
joiinglads f tra.e Thos eCurt
Watson ond ho'e $e5 praor
e have aso some e empabelotn
along he to t Ot e e-$4 each.
Graeen umr
N~A A.
RHEUMACIDE has cured
had failed. Rheumacide our4
Johns Hopkins Hospital the gr
of Salem, Va.,. and D. Ri. Olms
remedies and the doctorb had
Almost a Miracle in This Case.
Dillon, S. C. Aug. A
Bobbitt Chemical Company:
Gontiemen:-IR~eptembigr 1899 I took hu
natism anvery a form ( Inflammato rheInua
month after the diseas3 started I adtoav up
my work and go to-bec. Itcontinued togrow
worse until my arms and haada were bal
rawn, so much to t co u t se them
Mlegs were drawn lack till4 n feelt ouchtid
my hips I was as he eless as a baby or nedrzy
12 months. The muscoea of my arytance
were hard and sit e upf a eas
= iaymes over. as trfja by lxdlderent
. lanims n McColl, D ron an ari ut
none of them co Id do me any good. until Dr
P. Ewing, of DI llo Na etCj. Htf
e to try your R FUA . e agtot me one
aoe o e medicine and I began to take it
and before the first bottl wan used up I begana
t e better, I uAd $ bottles and was comj
ltel Y cured. That was years ago and toy
Ith has been excellent ever since. H ave
ano symDtom of rheumatism. Wits say
further that [began to :Walk In about.sixda .
after I began to take RHEUMACIDE with M
[d ruthe-.n abou e montbs afterI
e" litotae I Icoldwak as good as any
5~y. q en to wod ain..
vours trujy, aAES WILKES.
d Sure. M
carry a
* F
. F
Iron Kif
- the bdt
wears W(
ie-the DU T remedy for p
hoopirg Cugb because
.e acti of Ballar4s Hore- ne earlyv
Ballards Horehouni Syrup and
an, but we always keep a bottlEi
squal for' pulmonary diseeases.
Every Bhttle Guaranteed.
T Cj.1 - T.I. ISM.
ni Our Patients,
aver Roid Biut False hopas.
eer bougio and Varidoo. o wit houS
usiness; Oontajiusa JSiod Poison
ar smineral natxtu~re; L.ose of Haa)y
eured; se ati nmula,.t but perupanen,
ig~ aO. hs an istitution organ ed under th~
dis cie esu .tlng ado
Ipped with a'l tho galueo , faradio battet
s ten medical rfoesi~n. Oorsanitailralg
sue being Ia chargs pao.t a
.~ad me onas oecero ptet n
or terms for treatlnent aY Mgot groim soo
mdlesa l e ided) land g ite ua assur.
ASES..we":'.T ie
mete, Drains, Lot..rue, 5 em tt
u4 mali naans tvouiles. ~. as thei
:an Wg. Disieo .q ada Ust,
a, and suhamo wei~s ot womn.
mptea ba or beam -O ta;nes6 e
IN lf ADVIOR PF E. ....
~r Marietta, S.C., THl
r aees al
elers Rest ~ lS rO
ningharn. PaI ~ fthe Bul*Sse
gently mor
'' *'the boys
Aqsetsin el
AA)fer- croup a
near city liits. esae i14 are cu.eatad
thousancyof caseshof Rhemtii afI
aethsia n h;oed c fied I
V /r g
thousandj'~of ceases of: RheumatsM~ after
Id John F. Elmse and!'ethers' of Baitimoi
eatest hospital In thewoid,: had -failed. I
toad, the Norfolk, Va., contractor, after th
given up hope. Rheumacide cured Mrs. I
of rheumatism she had endured for 21
Hughes, of Atkins, Va., after the most fai
There Is a reason why It cures: Rheuma<
cal science, and while powerful enough t
of the blood, it operates by purely nati
most delicate sf.omach, and builds up th4
A purely- vegetable remedy that goes right tc
cures by removing the ctuse. Your druggist sells ar
Sample bottle and booki kt free if you send fiVe cents
EDITOR: Please say to your readers and my friend
,omplete line of Reliable goods which I have for thei
act, at the prices which I am quoting I consider the
little of "anything and everything," and am selling
nd HEAVY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good line of 0
rom now until Christmas we invite the ladies to call
rill make-the same offer as the aboye to the men fo
Valises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicest line
Lour, salt. and barbed wire by the car load to go at p
compleoe lmne of the good kind of furniture and nic
ig stoves'and Chattanooga Plows-two very necessar
of their iind on the market. Chinaware, Glasswai
full. line of Undertakers' goods and a nice Hearse.
our patronage solicited and you will be treated rigF
B.---All persona owing the estate of W. T. McFall
n~a possible..
A given number of acres fertilized v
greater yield of cotton, than the same
Farmers' Bone does more than that.
the acreage and increase the yield.
who uses
Made Witih
has twenty-one years of fertilizer exp:
13,000 carloads of Royster feittilizers a
This volume of business stamps Farmi
1ess-250 Tc
4. 1890-l,600 T
4 * 1895-12,000
e 1905--130,09
flX1gh and he e
1. the nely see
b y evJ
greasse. I Lv. Genil
* 4 Lv. Augusta 14
IE YSLXTV Through .Pnria
Xtn'od Trip Wintor Tourist
T Y A . W. LIGON,- Agem
all the doctors and all othermeans
re, after the famous speciallits of
theumacide cured Austin Percelle,
ey had spent large sums on other
11ary Walborn, of H)gh Point, N. C.,
) years. Rheumacide1 cured W. R.
'nous New York specialists failed.
sde is the latest discovery of medI.
o swee.p all germs and poisonsot
iral methods, does notr inerej t"10
entire system.
OF THIE LL D. Co. & .
the cAt o ha diGRESP. and or
d recomman hamaud i ci
adfor poctagu- to )
rictors, Baltimore.
S tht I am "Still at thpn Old Stand," with a
r inpection and salo at very close figures. In
goods aro Rare Bargains. Toll them that
at a close profit.
ve them; alo, SUITS, PANTS, UNDER
and we will make them close prices on
.ka on Clothing, Shoes, HA9, Underclothing,
Dof thxese goods we haive ever carried.
rices that defy compotition.
9 matting, carpeting and rogs. Agent fr
r things in every well regulated tam ily .auid
eAgateware, Tinware and other ware that
Ith mae oi th possible to rduc
Tyitdhi yeamrnr. The~~ man
erIce.3 back mof imO.
ee used on"tila theo Old 1905. wih
rs'o the beI8,StSPS NE
TON ths god e -aefe crid
pasecd frarn Best eRoter, 4
eAnd with oin tlzr
hI0 p.ke. At.pWaysrble to05ed.cm
Tr it cksoni 8:4a. The.a
erice bawek Aogsf ham, JakOvle
eread Jckonviheocoapns outh,
Exrsi one Teet. o nS o rd eot
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