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The Soennel-Jouraal CoMa1y.
ToMU'sON A R&Iolar. Pnors.
J. L. 0. THOMPSON, EDiTon.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Postoince an secohd Qiass9
Mail Matter
Metrologlial Table
hy John T.- Boggs, observer, Licerty, S. C,
Temperature. . -
Character of
the day.
25 62 48 0 Clear.
26 85 33 0 Clear.
3 55 8 0 jClear.
28 50 19 10 Clear.
1 60 26 0 Clear.
2 82 37 *T Cloudy.
8 04 44 .00 Uloudy.
* Trace of rain, less than one hundredth luch
of rainfall.
All who were members of the Glas
sy Mountain Alliance are urged to
meet me at Glassy Mountain school
house on Saturday, Mdarch 17, at 3 p.
m.,,to receive their prorata share of
money now being divided up from
the sale of the State Exchange. Un
less you are there in person or repre.
sented by proxy you will not receive
your share.
S. H. Brown,
Sub.-Trustee Stockholder.
Moe Past Sixty In Danger.
More tha half mankind over sixty
years of ngi suffer froni kidney and
bladder diso ilers, usually enlargement
of prostrato gi ud. That is both pain
ful and daungerQus, arnd Foley's Kidney
Cure should bo taken at the first sign of
danger, as it corrects irregularities and
has cured many old men of this disease.
Mr. Rodney Burnett of Rook Port, Mo.
writes: "I suffered with enlarged pros.
trate gland and kidrey trouble for years
and after taking two bottles of Foley's
Kidney Cure I feel better than I have
for twenty years although I am now 91
yearsold. Piickens Drug Co, R. F.
Smith, Easley.
Pickens County Teachers' Asssocia
tion To Meet.
The Pickens County - Teachers'
Association will meet in Central, Sat.
urday, March 10th, at 2 o'clock, The
program will be as follows:
The Best Method for Presenting
Buehler's Grammer-Professor a E.
Geer. of Furman University,
How Fractions May be Best Taught
to Beginners-Professor Gentry,-of
How to Keep Ordei-Professor Sen,
of Easley.
Professor Geer Suggests that each
teacher carry bis or her copy of )3uch
lern's Gramnmer. , ' M." Wolfe, Se.
This is to certify that all druggist are
authorized to refund your money if Fo
ley's Honey' and Tar fails to enure your
cough or cold, It stops the cough,
heals the lungs and prevents serious
results from colds, Cures lat grippe
cough and prevents pneumonia and coni
sumnption. Contains no opiates. The
genuine is a yellowv package. lIofuss all
subtitutes, Eickens Drug Co., R. F.
Smith, Easley.
Appointments for Pickens Circuit.
1st Sunday-Porter's Chapel, 11 a.
mn., Pickens 7 p. mn.
2nd Sunday-Pickens 11 a. mn.,
Blethlehmn 8 p. mn.
3rd Sunday-Liberty 11 an.'.
Ruhamnah 8 p. mn.
4th Sunday -Bethlehmn 11 a. mn.,
Tabor 3p.im,
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend these services.
R. F. Bryant, Pastor.
startling liut True.
People the world over were horrified
on learning of the burning of a Chicago
theatre in wvhich nearly six hundred peo
ple lost their lives, yet more than five
times this number or over 8,000 people
died from pneumonia in Chicago during
same year, with scarcely a passing no
tie. Every one of these cases of pneu
monia resulted from a cold and could
bean prevented by timely use of Cham-.
berlain's Cough Remedy. A great many.
who had every reason to fear pneumonia
have warded it off by the prom'pt use of
this remedy. The following is an in
stance of this sort: "Too much cannot
be said in favor of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, and especially for colds 11n-d in.
fhtenza. I know that it cured my daugh
ter, Laura, of a severe cold, and I believe
saved her life when she was threatened
with pneumonia." WV. D. Wilcox, Lo.
gan, New York. Sold by Pickens Drug
(io. ad T. N. Hunkter, Liberty.
The Best Physie.
When you want a physic that is mild
and gentle, easyv to taqke and certain to
act, alw .;s use Chamberlain's 8tomaeb
and Liver Tablets.. For sale by Pickons
Drpgg.9. and T. N. Itunter, Liberty,
Don't deceive your elf. If you have
fb4 otion take KodoIDysppaa Cure.
U 1 releve'you. Cv. W.E KHoontt,
oubMill, N. 0., says: "I was troui
b e4 with Chronic Indigestion for several
V t whatever I ate seeined to causo
eirt6 utn,'sour stomach, fintterinag of my
and gotal depressioni of miwd
ui4Ioy., Mdrugglst recoinmend Ko.
do~ndit has reieved me. I an now
M an ing and sleep soundly at night.
~od#Pigete. bat you eat. -Sjld by
Pqoa Xru0 00
A ~teKodlol after meals wil re.
I A; ~ fp~es, belobing, gas offstom
~~ud 1J~ter syiiptmA of indIg -
' .Xod d i Mat yqa eat n
the stwchta dligestiVa oagauu
te functions nust %ly.
Prg Co.
Y kriod y 104dc-.
twi t i k f er t(lhcrry
Pectoral. As klour own doc
tOr atid find out. te 'Will tell
oi how i 'quiets t(H's iclklin
throAt, heals't'he infla'med
lungs, and controls- (le
hardest of coughso;
Ayer's 'Cheorry Pleetoral 13 %vull Imlu~wmIv lot
dUr (iuIly WO thikit Is Ihe bu.. nodiello
it 11t w0 r % f rco, al i col s lm3.".
.1(ATI ~ISIrtsoZ4, Petalumna, Cal..
25c. e.. Stt.00. J. V. A Y RItt CO..
AUkaI!iW31... for --io,'II.
fard Coughisj
One of Ayer's Pills at bedtime will
hasten recovery. Gently laxative.
Death of Mrs. Ann Griffin.
Mrs. Ann Griffin, who has been in
failing health for some time, died
Tuesday morning ai ibout 2 o'clock.
"Aunt Anti," as she was familiarly
Called, was an old land mark of Pick
tns r(siding on the place where she
died, when this -town was laid off, and
she has waitched the progress and
developtneOnt of the county and town
with great Satisfaction. She was in
her ninety-eighth year and was about
the oldebt person of the county. She
is stvivgd by .4 son and daughtr-r,
.. A. Gliffiu and Mrs. Ann .Keith,
the -other chikiren, htving preceded
her to the grave several years ago.
Her remains were interred in the fam.
ily plot at Hagood burying giound, on
Weduesday, the funeral services being
conducted by Rev. A. J. S. Thomas
and D. W. Mott.. :-he leaves a ho!:t
of relatives and friendsto mourn her
death She expfessued her readiness
an(1 willingness t6di'e and had made
her pence with God and for many
years she hai been waiting for Him
to summons her to her home above.
She was truly a Motherin Jsrael. A
noble woman has gone to her reward.
While her cheerful disposition and
words of wisdom will be greatly miss.
ed, her life and Christian uxanmple
will not be forgotten. She is niot
death, but sleepeoh.
-Mr. J. C. Cnion, of Atlanta, is
on a visit to his brother, Dr. ,. A.
Cannon, in PiCkenS, He is very favor.
ably impressed with our . towo ;pul
this conimmunity and may be induced
to locate amongaL-us. Should he de..
cido to do so he will find a hearty
welcoine awaiting him.
All old-time Cougi Syrups bind the
bdWols. This in wrong. A new idea
was advanced two years ago in Kennedy's
Lfrxfttivb Honey and Tar. -This remedy
nets on tile mfucous membra'nes of the
throat -and' lungs and~ lo'osens the bowola
at the samno time. It expeleahllcold from
the Rystemo. It clears thte throat, and
strengtliens the muicouq membranes, re,
lieves cou ghs, colds, eroup, whooping
cough, o. ~Sold by'-Piekens Drug 0.
ANCEM EN-I have now in my porn.
tiession sixty-seven per cent of the
funds subscribed to the farmers alli
anlc( exchange limited for dlistributtion
to the original contributors. Would
like to bave the sub-trustee stock
hiolders and all othiers who were mem
bers of the allianoce to meet me at
Pickons- C. H. on Salesday in March
to arrange for the distribution.
W, T. O'Dell, County Trustee
Stockholder-s- td.
Impoverished soil; like impov
erished blood, fleeds a proper
fertilizer, A . chemist by analyz
hig the soil can tell you what
fer'tilizer. to *.use -for different
If your' b ood is.-impoverishecd
your docto.~l tell you whiat
you neced'-to fextilize it and gvo
it the rich, red corpuscles that
are lacking in it. It may be you
needl a tonic, b~ut more likely you
need a concenlti-afed - fat food,
amd fatisteeeet.akn
in your systheemn t.~cji
There is no fat food that is.
so easily digested and asimi
lated1 as -
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil
It wvill nourish and sti'engthen
the body when rr ilk and cream~
fail t~o do it. Scott's Emulsion
is alwvays- the same; alwy
palatgbke'and'al'Wais beeficial
whereo the body is wasting from'
anuy cauie, .eitlier bi childre
or adults. . do
We-will send you a sample fr.
- - Be sure that this pic
-tuie in the 'form' of a
. I 1el is 6n' the wrapper
ofevery. lottle of Etnul
elon you buy. .
I8-r t1.4w~ort
-50e. and $1.00.
All Druggiate,.
Anyone sending a sketch and description way
quitckly aacertalit our opinion freo wheother an
Itiventlon Is probably pa! itabe kCoumunica.
tions sttictly confidentiac II101% ?1n Patents
sent fire. Oldest agenoy for socurg patents.
Patento taken through Munn & vq. receive
spectlanotice, without oharge, in the
$dtifie .Hiterican.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. LArgest air.
c ilation of any scleptilo journal. Terns, t3 a
eanr - four months, $L Sod by all ,mowsdealorp.
SM ACo.H u roda. N Yrk.
nrach ee,m 62 Ot8., Wnnhiins-,,m 7). (3.
Locklet Man let Asicunnam.
"i'm the luekiest man in Arkansas,'
writos 1. L. Stanley of Bruno, "since
the rostoratiotn of my wife's kralth after
ilvo years of continuoius coughing and
bl-eding from the lungs; and I owe my
good f It i ne to the world'a greatest meid
icino, Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, which I know from expe
xig.co % ill oure cousuiiption if 'takei Ii
tithu. My wife commenced to improve
with first btle and tweVb lotItleS COM
pleted the euro." Cures the worst
coughs and colds or money refunded.
At Piokens Drug Co. 50o ar.d $1, sam
ple free.
Ptiati..g F oley's He'stey asd Tar
Foley & co., Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throAt and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
um-rit of Foley's Honey and. Tar
many vortliless imitations are offer
ed fer the ginuino. These worthlesi
imiitation have similar sounding names.
Beware of them. The 'genuino Foley
Honey and Tar is in a yellow packdge
Ask for it and refuse any substitute. I
i,- the best remedy for coughs and cold a
Pickens Drug Co., R. F. 8 m ith, File y
A He-aling Gos1 0,
Tie Rev. J. C Warron, pastor of Sha
rou Baiplist church, Belair, Ga., says of
Electric Bitters: "It's a Godsend tc
mankind. It cured me. of lame. bek.
stiff joints, and complete phySical eol.
lapse. I was Hr weak it took mo half an
liourto walk a mile. Two bootles of
Electric Bitters have made me so strong
that I have just walked three miles in 50
minutes and feel -like I could walk three
miles mnoro. It's mado a new man of
me." Greatest remedy for weaknesa
of stomach and all kinds of liver and
kidney oompliints. Sold under guaran
Oee at Pickons Drug Co. Price 50c.
The Yellow Fever Germ."
Has recently been discovered. It bears
a close resemblance to the malaria germ.
To free the system from the germs o
disease, the most effective remedy.is.Dr,
King's New Life Pills. Guaraitoo,I te
curo all diseases due to malairia poisor
and eonatipation. 25o at Pickens DruE
They never gripe or sicken, bn
ctanse an'd strengthen tfi stomahmii, livei
and bowels. This is the univetsal ver
diet of the many thousinds who use Di
Witt's Little Early Risers. These ia
nious little - pills relieve headache, con
stipatiQn, billiousness, Jaundice. torpik
liver, eallow complexion, etc. Try Littl,
Early lIisers. Bold by Pickens Drug Cc
The New Cough Syrup-tho one thu
att' as a mi-ld cathartio on -the bowels-i
Kohiedy's Luxative' H~oney and Tar. I
expels, all cold from the system, cuts ti
plhlegrdent of thbifhr6at, strenghtens th
mucons mentanea. of. 4t1 e bronehia
and. ehv . .oroup, whioo i
,eoChildren love it, Soleb;
Iokenis Diug Cn.
Chmamberlain's (jouh RsIemedy the Muoti
er's Iavprit.
The soothing and healing propertii
of thin remedy, its pleasant taste an<
pxpotpt and permanent cures have mad<
isi favorite with people everywhere. I
is especially prized by mothers of smal]
childroni, for colds, croup and whoopinj
aough, as it always affords quick relief
114d-afs it contains no opjum or othi
harmful drug, it may hae given as confi
dently to a ba by as to an ad ult. For sala
by Pickens Drug Co, and T. N. Hiunter,
Libertyr ____
NOTICE--All persons are hereby
warned not to hire', har bor, aid or abet,
in any way, my seni, Plumer Browns,
aged 18 years, who has left his home
withot jusat cause. Any one disre.
garding t his notice will bo. dealt with
according to law.
2-7.3. J. L. Brown, R. F. D. No. 2
.lPickens, S. C.
NOTlIQE-1 bare some very desir
ible tracts of hend for sale near the
town of W aihalla, S. C. I also have
some nice hlt in Walhalla. See me
uotor write me at Waiballa, S3. 0.,
Office Walhalla Blank,
2.5.4t. 7F. A. Lewis.
Soresident Sulonl1Rs
.C*(oun ty of Plckens.
..Court of'Common Pleas. .
Su mm ons for Rolief-'Complaint not
I. P. Carey and C. E. Robinson,
Y. 0. Konnemore, W. A. Kennemnore.
1B, F. Kennomore, WV. P. Tatc, W. B.
Tate, Carrie Norris, Belle Tate, WII
11am Lucian Tate and the heir s-at-lawe
of Ann Howard, whose names, numi
ber and i esidence are unknown,
- . IDefendants.
'o the Defendants above named.
'You are hereby summoned and re..
uired to answr the complaint in this
etlon, which is flied In the offilee of the
)lerk of Court at Plckens, S C.. and to
erve a copy of your answver to the said
oroplaint. on the subscribers at their
flco at Pickens, S. C., within twenty
lays after the service hereof, exeln.
ive of the day of such servica. and If
rou fail to answer the- comiplamnt' with
n the time afgresaid, the Plaintiffs In
his aotion will appi to the Court for
ho relief demanded this conmplaint.
.Dated 1st Ma)fch 106
A. J, Bkgs,
J.P Carey,
.E Robinson,
Pla ltiffsa A ttorneya,
ToC. 0. Kennemore andthe heirs-at-law
of Ann lioward, absent and unknown
Take notice that the summons In the
above stated case of which the foregoing
Is .a col ,. and~ tho complaint was fled
in the (<11o of the Clerk of the Court for
Pickena County, 8. C. ou 'the 1st day of
March, 1906. J. P. Carey,
C. E. Robinson,
Bt6 .. Plaintiff a A ttorney s.
Trespass Notice.
All persons ate warned not to hunt, fish, cut
timber, make roads, set out lire, or in any man.
imer whastsoever, treqspass on any of my lands,
:>r landis contr ollod by nie, -under p6iialty of i-e
law, , 'Mbrs. N. M4. Madde,
* <. tralt~.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has bee"
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signatnre of
.. and has been nade under his per-.
sonal supervision sipce its Infancy.
Allow no gne to deceive you In thIs.
All Couuterfeits, Imitations and-"Just-as-good" are but
Experinenti that trifle with and endanger the hcalth of
nfants and Children-Experi'nce against Experiment.
hastoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Noothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. t ,
.eoutais' neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotto
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverslness It cures Diarrhoa and Wind
Oolie.- It relieves Teething Troubles, cures -'Jonstipation
and FIlatuiency. It assimiatcs the Food, regulates the
Stomach and'Dowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children'a Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
- hSe @antA'N O.tt, VV AURRAV SYRaSS. NeW YOuRK sTV.
Jo SARTER, 'res. W. e. CHAPMAN. VicevaPres. H. C. S11RLUY, Cashler
CAPITAL, - - $25,000.00
PROFI'I S, - - 5,474-48
DEPOSITS - - 53,254.cO
W. H. CHAIPMAN, Z. T. CASTLEBERRY, Pres. First National Bank,
Gaine ville, Ga,, J. N. MORGAN, Pres. Bank of Central,
j. P. smwrn, Pres. Liberty Cotton Mill.
.aritU Ma Kd Ye Ravi Alwys.Dghl STATE OV SOUTH CAROLINA
County of Pickens,
t_. By T. B. Neibery, Esquire, Probat
13 - -Judge. - ,
ae 01 le on. Whreas,.A. J. Boggs, C. C. P., ha
-Oc the petjjit of the resident voters made snit to mec t6 grant himi letters o
Sanleeotorua oAwbler school distriat No. aldmiistration of the estate of and of
fr 37,-pr'aying for an election within their flcets of [1. B. Wham, docensed.
dlstrict 'to determine whether or'.not THESE ARE THEREFORE to cite ant
a there Well be wf~ied a four mill e'tra admolisht all anti singular the kindrec
tax ani ually tod supplement their school and creditors of the said R. B
s fund. - Wham, deceased, that they be and ap
1 Therefore it is ordered by the county pear before me, in the Court of Pro
board of education ci Pickens county bate, to be hekdi at Pickens Court House,
that an election b4 held within the said 8. 0,, 0on the 20th dlay of March, 1900,
district at Amnbler school honse on after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in
March 24th to. determine whethor or the forenoon, to show cause, if any they
not -the said four. mills shall be ley. hatve, why thesaid administration should
ied on all property within their .tdistriot not be granted,
for Eschool purposes. ar.erb Given under my hand and
poi nted managars of said electiou. '"e--' ruary, 1906, in the 130th year
Election to be conducted in accordan-ce of our Independence.
with section 1208 of school law. By J. B. Newbery,
order of the county board of education. J.P.P
.IR. T. Hallum~. -~-_
Mona cite4P RAT ES To
ST EXAS 's y wayO oamriso
~ArklanSaS and SOuth~est~ At the bottom is a pietare of a farm
-4 on which our fertilizers wore not used.
0One-way tickets at half fare plus #2. - Notice the very poor growth' AXt tho
Round trip tickets at leau than o-way top, thero is a photograph of the field
fare From Memphis via Cotton Hiel Route~ oaplntor who believes In tho liboral
NI~arch 6 and 20Vrgnam aoin
stpoesboth was and 21 day: return~ uuin od vnsad n al
foldrn round forip-tpckets. Wouicanforeinap
flderund p1ck your date aind sjwhen ohritrai~ itrso am
and where you want to go and we will give~ l~~O) o h rp fpo
~.you full information by return maitil. - agpet laa.A&yudae
L. P'. BMITIl, T1. P. A. ~tecsio rpigndpsae
Cotton ]Ie't Route, ~ti~rl~~~1aFrii~r u
4 203 1Equ itable, lsuild ing
4_.l. P. __. irAia-TarlnaChmia
Johnson Street. West of Jail.
AromoPe. auItiznnari assoah
ureiapdteCarohflin .
Pertilize s lt.1
an good apldy to com ar. inebury
LIGHT MUDIM A~bUAVYro on dgo sianpu eon ton
wooowopxp~o ~g4~jtJInorteot ayu of d pc 10or a fu'
-etlent rnaroflheenat orfili Bu
rorn EVRY KIND~'W0Kirg iia -ed Carlidakt bhei.
AND IZIS AN 1~R-~VRY ot- Richmond.14. Andtar.
Nhor fok feng.svnnh a
OOLMWI1 g~* Ialtimh orrdc.Bhvpr
Notie OfFina Seoctteren
"AyrsPte Keep- :1
The be' id ,tve.Nu
Want your moustache or beard BUC(INO HAWS DY
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use r. r mou on . hAw.a. M.r
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If'you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
bNo False Alarm !
The greatest advance that has been
made on any article of merchandise,
has been made on shoes and if you
expect to need any soon, we can
save you money on the bulk of our
Some goods that we have recently
bought, will be higher.
*h Don't fail to call on us for the best
Flour at a reasonable price.
Bring us your produce and we will
help you to KEEP OUT OF DEBT
and enjoy the liberty of "living at
home and boarding at the same
Special Cut
Price Sale.
February 19th to March 3rd-=2 Weeks
Cut Price Sale
- 33 1-3 PER CENT DISCOUNT===~
On clothing and I-ats. -Bargains
in all lines of merchandise,
2 cars of flour. 1 car of corn. 2
car's of Timothy Hay. 1 car fine
Tennessee mules--Just received.
Special price on flour for 2 w eeks.
This sale is given to make room
for spring goods.
I have a good line of
Among them are the reconmmendlable old styleo Seth Thomas
Clockp wiuth wieghts, which I am selling at spciaul bargains,
And ai. rew line of SILVERWARE. Also solidl Gold and
Silver WATCIIES. A nice Juoe of Spectacles; I guarantee
glassen 1 l i eyuu. All kinds of repair work in the jewolry line.
II. 8NID)ER, .. ..Easley,SC0.
The kind that are made at the best studios of the larger cities.
The kind that will not fade, That aro natural and lifelike,
and finished on the latiest and prettiest. carda to be had.
Nice line of mo~uldinge anid frames of any size made to order.

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