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The sentinol-Jourdal Company. G
TuoMPsoN & RIChEY. P *O'
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Reasonable.
Entered at Picken Postofice aN second Olass
Mail Matter
Editorial Briefs.
With the United States preparing
for trouble with China. and the rest
of the world preoccupied with Moroc.
co, Castro naturally finds this a high.
ly propitious occasion for breathing
diflance to everybody.
With Torm Lawson on one side and
Missouri on the other, Mr. Rockefeller
must feel somewhat surrounded.
The New York surgeon who sewed
up a towel insine of a patient, did not
include it in his bill. Some doctors
tre so generous.
The seventeen-year locusts are due
n som 3 sections this year, but as
ompared with the gypsy moths and
be cotton boll weevils, they are mere
r amiable entertainers.
Secretary Bonaparte wants a bigger
.avy, and Secretary Taft wants a
bigger Army. Both could be accom
odated if Secretary Shaw should sud.
denly acquire and appetite for a big
ger deficit.
In the death of Ex-overnor Hogg,
not only Texas, but the whole country
lost an able and upright etatesiman,
the kind that we have not many of
:o spare.,
Frightfully Miured.
Obas. W. Moore, a machinist, of Ford
City, Pa., had his hand frightfully
burned in an electrical furnace. He ap
plied Bucklen's Arnica Salve with the
usual result: "a quick iind perfectoure."
Greatest healer on earth for burns,
wounds, sores, eczema and piles. 25o
at Pickens Drug Co.
Program of the Closing Exercises of
the Hampton School.
The following is the program of
the closing exercises of Hampton
School, hold at Mountain Grove
church on the evening of March
First class in declamation.
Day Star of Liberty-Sam Luek.
Tho Young Soldier-Robt. Wel
My Dolly-Venie Lewis,
Cheer Up-Vessie Lewis.
Fly Away Little Blirdie-Lillie
Calling the Violet-Loma E dens.
Second class mn declamation.
On Being Ten Years-Prince
The World Remembere-Tella
Boys Wanted-Walter Gravely.
If We Only Understood-Esther
Her Troubles Hlad .Tust Begun
Jessie Lewis.
The Day Is Dono--Emnmer Wel.
Third class in declamation.
Try Me Father, Try Me-Walter
Rallying Bong For the Temple
Ed Porter.
The Large Prayer-Leo Win
The Time is Full of Joy-Ella
Help One Another-Lei la Lewis.
That's Me-May Gillespie.
Fourth class in declamation.
The Plow Boy's Dream-Wilhiam
Guilty or Not Guilty--Ben Jones.
A Sad Story of D Little Boy That
0ried-Edward Edena.
Easy Land-Mamiie Cannon.
The Day So Mild As Heaven's
O)wn CJbild-Mattie Cannon.
My First Friond-Denia Suther
46 Dialogue-"No Peddlers Want.
oId".--Christrop ber Lusk, Ben Jones,
Frsnk WoI born and Thos. Cantrell.
F'ith class in declamnat ion.
8hushine and Shadow-William
Fvoning Shades-Eugene Gilles,
33 pareful What You Say-Inez
W4~4 of Welcorje-Eva Lewis
' ifes breeches-T. Lewis.
~thie Wants and Wishes
Tbtdaghi Gates Ajar-Maud Leow
erim Lte Gravely.
e y Little Birdle-Ciaudo
Oie Little f)Joud-.Viola i0le
A Rhyme-Dewey:Winchester.
Looking Abead4-George Edou.
Dying Mother-Alice Butherland.
Seventh class.
The Scholar's Responsiblity
enrge Welborn.
World of Chance-Griffin Lusk.
The Spirit of the Age Adverse to
[an-Major Welborn.
Sallie Salter and the Preacher
knnie Lewis.
The Last Hymn-Emma Ligon.
Press On-Sula Gravely.
Train to Nauro. a Dialogue
lenry Townep, Esther Gravely aid
ilthor Grnveley.
Eighth class in declamation.
The Bridge-Thos. Cantrell.
Today. and Tomorrow-Minnie
The Same All the Time-Emma
A Little Sunbeam-Katie Gilles.
What I Saw--Floride Prince.
God's Love-Ora Prince.
We Are No( Always Glad When
We Smile-Janie Walkor.
Ninth class.
Psalm of Life-Efie Sutherland.
We Shall Kuow Each Other
Dora Gillessie.
Do Your Best-Essie Lewis.
One By One-Ellen Welborn.
Drive the Nail Right-Ed Win.
How Nice-Hovie Gravely.
Tenth class.
Children of the Battlefield
Chris. Lusk.
Mollhe's Ramn-Frank Welborn.
A Yankoo in Love-Henry
The Light House Keeper's
Daughter-Grace Lewis.
Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight
Olive Lewis.
Vacation Time-Charles Wel
Valedictory-Ether Gravely.
Dr. Cure All-A comedy in two
aets which was very successfully
played by Messrs. Maj. Welborn and
Griffin Lusk as the male characters
and with Misses Olive Lewis, Grace
Lewis, Minnie Cantrell, Ellen Wel
born, Mattie Cannon, Effie Suther.
land and Mamie Cannon as the te.
male characters. The Dr. certain,
ly got himsjlf in a "fix" with his
A Big Day in Bulger-A farce in
one act, was wrell rendered, by
Masrs. Geo. Welborn, Maj. Welbori
andt Henry Townes with Misses Su
la Gravely, Emma Ligon and Arie
Price. The play Was full of Irish
drollery arid wit f.tom start to finish.
Mesrs. James Parsons, Ben Par.,
mouns and Ross O'Dell furnished
music to the delight of the audience.
The last feature of entertain
ment was one that will be remem..
bered by all who saw it-T.riming
the muic~ by Blessie Stewart. All
the students did their parts remark
ably well and reflect credit on their
parents and Teacher.
One Who Was There,
Two Minutes
Physicians tell us that all
the blo o d in a healthy
human body passes through
the heart once in every two
mmnutes. If this action be
comes irregular the whole
body suffers. Poor health
follows poor blood ; Scott's
Emulsion makes the blood
pure. One reason why
is such a great aid is because
it passes so quickly into
the blood. It is partly di
gested before it enters the
stomach ; a double advan
tage in this. Less work
for the stomach; quicker
andl more direct benefits.
TFo get the greatest amount
of good with the least pos-.
sible effort is the desire of
everyone in po or health.
Scott's Emulsion does' just
that. A change for the
better takes place even be
fore you expect it.
We wilisend you a
sample free.
Bie sure that this
picture In the form of
a label is on the wrap.
per of every bottle of
Emulsion you buy.
Scorr & Bown.
409 Pearl st., N. Y.
2Luckiest ian la Atkansas.
"I'm the luckiest man in Arkansas,"
writes H- L. Stanley of Bruno, "since
the rostoration of my wifo's health after
ave years of continuous coughing and
bleeding from the lungs; and I owe my
good fortune to the world's greatest md
iine, Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, which I know from expe.
rionQe will euro consumption if taken in
time. My wife commenced to improve
with first bottle and twelve bottles com.
pleted the euro." Cures the worst
coughe and colds or money refunded.
&t Pickens Drug Co. 50o and $1, sam
ple free.
Piratln g Foley's Honey and Tar.
Foley & Co., Ohicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throot and lung
remedy, and on acoonnt of the great
merit of Foley's Honey and Tar
many worthless imitations are offer
ed for the genuiue. These worthless
iuart.tion have similar sounding narnos.
Beware of them. The genuine Foley
Honey and Tar is in a yellow package
Ask for it and refuse any hubstitute. It
is the beat remedy for coughs and colds
PIckens Drug Co., R. F. Smith,Eadey
A Healing Goseol.
The Rev. J. C Warren, pastor of Sha
ron Baptist churoh, Belair, Ga., says of
Electric Bittera: "It's a Godsend to
mankind. It cured me of lame biak,
'itiff joints, and complete physical col
lapse. I was so weak it took me half an
hour to walk a mile. Two bottles of
Ulectric Bitters have made me so strong
that I have just walkod three miles in 50
minutes and feel like I could walk three
ijles more. It's made a new man of
me." Greatest remedy for weakness
of stomach and all kinds of liver and
kidney oomplaints. Hold under guaran.
te at Pickens Drug Co. Price 50o.
The Yellow Fever Geran.
Has recently been discovered. It bears
a close resemblance to the malaria germ.
To freo the system from the germs of
disease, the most effective remedy is Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Guaranteed to
cure all diseases due to malaria poison
and constipation. 25c at Pickens Drug
They never gripe or sicken, but
cleanse and strengthen the stomnoh, liver
And bowels. This is the universal ver
dict of the many thousands who use Do
Witt's Little Early Risers. Those fa
mous little pills relieve headache, con
stipation, billiousness, jauudice. torpid
liver, sallow complexion, eto. Try Little
Early Risers. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
The New Cough Syrup-the one that
acts as a mild cathartic on the bowels-in
Kennedy 'a Lxative Honey and Tar. It
expels all cold from the system, cuts the
phlegm outof the throat, strenghtens the
mucous membranes of tho bronchial
tubes, and relieves croup, whooping
cough, etc. Children love it. Sold by
Pickens Drug Co.
Chamberlain's Cough Itmedy the Moth
or's Favorite.
The soothing and healing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cures have made
it a favorite with people everywhere. It
is especially prized by mothers of small
children, for colds, croup and whooping
cough, as it always affords quick relief,
and as it contains no opium or other
harmful drug, it may be given as confl.
dently to a baby as to an adult. For sale
by Pickens Drug Co, and T. N. Hunter,
A man who one had rough-horny
hands made -therh'soft and smooth withe
Witch Hazel Salve, buthe used the gen
nine--that bearing the name "E. C. Do
Witt & Co. Chicago." For sores, boils,
cuts, burns, bruises, etc., it has so equal,
arnd affords almost immediate relief from
blind, bleeding, itching and protruding
piles. Sold by Piekens Drug Co.
Noresident SumnuonS.
County of Pickens.
Court of Common Pleas.
Summons for Relief--Complaint not
J. P. Carey and C. E. Robins-m,
C. C. Kennemiore, W. A. Kennemore,
B. F. Kennomore, WV. P. Tatc, W. B.
Tate, Carrie Norris, Belle Tate. Wil
.hlam Lucian 'Tate and the heirs-at-law
of Ann Howard, whcee names, numn
her and a esidence are unknown.
To the D~efendants above named.
You arn he-reby summoned and re
quired to answer the( complaint in this
action, which is filed ini the office of the
Clerk of Court at Pickens, S. C., and to
serve a copy of your answer to the said
30miplaint on the subscribers at their
>flce at Pickers, S. C., within twenty
lays after the service hereof, exclu-4
eive of the day of such service, and if
r'ou fail to answer the comnplhamt with
ni the time aforesaid, the Plaintiffs in
his action will ap ply to the Court for
he relief decmanded~ in this complaint.
Dated lst March 1906
A. J, Boggs,
C. C. P.
J. P. Carey,
C. E. Robinson,
PlaIntiff s A ttorneys.
oi C. C. Kennemore and the heirs-at-law ~
of Ann hlowvard, absent and unknown
'aku notice that the summrons in the r
bbove stated case of which the fo'-egoing
a a copy, and the complaint was filed
n the office of the Clerk of the Court for '
ickens County, MI. C. on the 1st day of -
Earch, 1906. J. P. Carey,
C. E. Robinson,
3-7 6t PlaintifTfs A ttornte .
Startiisg lint~-rrue.
People the 'world over were horrified
on learning of the torniing of a Chicago
theatre in which~ nearly six hunured pee
pie lost their lives, yet more than ave
times this number or over 8,000 people
died from pneumonia in Chicago during
same year, with scarcely ai passing no0
tice. Every ohot of these cases of psn.
monla resulted from a cold and could
been prevented by timely use of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. A great many
who had every reason to fear pneumonia
have warded it off by the prompt uise of
this remedy. The followmng fs an in
stance of this sort: "Too much cannot
be said in favor of Chaimberlain's Cough
Ronedy, and especially for colds an.
iuenza. I know that it cured my daugh.
ter, Laura, of a severe cold, and I believe
saved her life when she was threatened
with pneumonia." WV. D. Wilcox, Lo
gan, Now York. Sold by Pickens Drug
Co. and T. N. Hunter, Liberty.
A Card.
This is to certify that all druggist are
authorized to refund your money if Fo- b
Icy's Honey and Tar falls to m-re your "
eongh or cold, It atops the congh, L
heals the lungs and prevents serious ad
results from colds, (lures la grippe tU
cough andA prevents pneumonia andI con- at
sumiption. Coiitaiins no opiates. The th
genuine is a yellow package. Refuse all 1at
subtitutes, Pickens Drug Co., B, 'F, lii
Smith. Eale a
For Infan1
The Kin
Aeetable PreparationforAs
similatig titefoo and~egttla
gtheStmahsandBoweso Bears t
- Signat
tromotes DigesTon.CheerM
ness andRest.Contahis neither f
Opium,Morphine nor Nitteral. of
Aperfecl Remedy forConstpa
flon, Sour Stoiach,Diarrhoea
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Fac Simile Signature or
-WH .Gn sta1n
F. VA RTER, [email protected] W. H. CHAPMAN. VicemPres.
CAPITAL, - . $2
PROFI'I , - .
Gainesville, Ga,, j. N. MORGAN, Pres. I
j. P. SMITII, Pres. Liberty Cot
C7.A.e -.8 w n2 3 .A.. C
sunr jh Ike Kisd Y HaAway Bo 4 'STATE OF E
__ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ By J. B. N
Notice of Shool Election. whereas, A
On the petitio' .bf the reietvoters md utt
wd electors of AiIer school district No admiistratio
7,prayin for anelection wihnthoir |fects of R.B
istrict to determino whether or not admoHish All
~here shall be levied a four mill extra Iadmocrehiall
ax annually to supplement their school Whmreditoa
Therefore it is ordered by the county tar beore
3oard of education. of Pickens county aed ton behe
that an elcecion be held within the said8.,,oth
listrict at Ambler school house on after publicat
hlarch 24th to determine whether or the forenoon,
aot the said four mills shall be 1ev- have, why thc
ed on all property within their districtI not be grantet
or school purposes. '-A- sea
The board of trustees are hereby ap- SEL ea
,oinrted managers of said election, of-on ' run
Cleotion to be condinoted in accordance of uIdepei
rath se'ction 1208 of school Jaw. .By
rdler of the county board of education.
R. T. Hiallum, ___
Co. Sup, Ed.
Arkansas and Southwest eth bot
One-way tickets at half fare plus 02. ~ oietuye
Round trip tickets at loss thant one-wa to~p, there 1s si
!are. From Memnphis via Cotton Belt Route ea planter w
Plarch 6 and :ao Virgir
P ertil
Stop-overs both ways and 21 days reinurn/
imit on ronnd trip tickets. Writo for Seelu the pgae
oldier, and~ pick your dlate and sny whieni other interes
nd where you want to go and we will give~ like those on
on full information by return mail. a ye
for It or send
L. P. SMITHI, TI. P. A. r hecotf
e Cotton Bielt Route, ing Virginia-(
* no other.
203 Equitablo, lUnilding?~
___________________ Richmond,'
- --- --- Nrfolk Va
Oharleston, I
Blaltimore, 3
IJotrTs ME~DIUM AND hlEAVY O od by Fok
CL.ASS OP SI3VIy . iCgpjjj
AK P0ot OUR EsTIMATE BE9013 Ti ak iY
#1.AR YOU ONga, Mule t'balcco.
COLUMMIA,.8. 0.Ipa aho
All old-timeo Congih Syrups bind the TFOr ioem
owels. This Is wrong. A new idea wTek no I
as advaiiced two years ago in Kennedy's swtnd the n
axative Hontey and Tatr. This1 remedylivand oweal
it on the mucous membranes of the oivrand ow
roat and lungs and losens the bowels otrgans Or-ino
the same time. It expels all cold from tioures unoi
0 system. It clears the throat, and tio il nd ier o
ongthens the mucons membranes, re. br mihd ad p0e
aVes coughs, colds, orou p, whooping any thu bamue.
lurh. etc. Sold by Plokens Drug na F. a lgy,,s.siute
A hgli-classep a
glossy and prevents splitt
alw a restores color to
;s and Children.
d You Have Discrii
,s Bought
he Buyer
Can be pleased i
to us. Our stoci
Selected with the
and holds custor
buying your sho<
you need a pair.
Use Pride
For Over GRE
rty Years
m IThe greate
made on any
H. 0. SUIRLEY, Cashlor haben a(
expect to n
save you moi
5,ooo.oo Some goo
bought, will 1
5,474-48 Don't fail
3,254-00 Flour at a re
Bring us y
help you to I
3ROwN, II. C. sIIIRLEY and enjoy 1
irst National Bank, home and
lank of Central, place."
>n Mill. R
of Pickens,
BarbOry, Esquire, Probato
.3. Boggs, 0. 0. P., has
me to grant him letters of
a of the estate of and o(
Wham, deceased. ________________
TIHERFORE to cite and-_____
and singular the kindred
sof the said R. Bi.Ainnn L nn
sed, that they be nnd up.. 11111
me, in the Court of Pro- IUL~~V 1
Id at Pickens Court House,
20th day of March, 1906,
ion hereof, at 11 o'clock in I
to shew cause, if any they
liven under my hand andM ut
,this the 6th day of Feb
r~y, 1906, in the 130th year W ilsl otc1
J. B. Newbery, inEseS.Ctry
J. P. P. frrsdnelti h
in Easleytaming .fro thir-fr
cea o~ a crs
- -~ e. ..fhis is a golden op)1
at a very moderate price,
Of______ mvest, we predict that a:
lots will in a very short ti
msapitawof afari We will offer these I
r rgoth?Nt the of $I1OO eachuntlted
h~oh*gaief tg/he el sold lots will be auctione<
ia-Carolina clrdpol.Hu
zers. Trs n afcsa
8 Yocansee many
wbeh the crepp f peoo
m anac. As yourdealer
us60e. in stamps to pay A
olsper ac" rby us
ronaFertilizers. Buy RelE t eAc1
arolina Chemical
Savannah Ga.
o.Meatgmory, Ala, l
[d. Shreveport, La.
-er Th ornley &htH, Co
is low 4? BrwSA iSND ,
Preti the ro.
lug Stoves at out prices.
T. D). hARRIS,
aThe ric Oterh
~axitivo Fruit Syrup. It Tekn htaemd
iteomach, aids digestion1 Tl idta ilnt
renitie atimulont on the
without irritating thes adeiihe nth i
Laxative Fr ait Syrup
s and habitual constipa- ..IT
nauseate or gripe and
ant to take, Remiem
rino and refuge to take Nie110omoldgsa
Terms, onerugf cash, a
ifdsiedseue b.o
or the hair. Keeps ait'soft h "
Ing at the ends. Cures d druff
gray hair.
n their shoes if th< v come
c is large-selected v ta care.
idea that good value makes
airs. if you have not been
!s from us, try us next time
S Patton,
Ise Alarm I
:st advance that has been
article of merchandise,
le on shoes and if you
eed any soon, we can
iey on the bulk of our
is that we have recently
be higher.
to call on us for the best
asonable price.
our produce and we will
he liberty of "living at
boarding at the same
EN, S. C0,
bi 29th 1906.
ighest bicdder on Thursday, March 29,
yve lots, all of which are well located
west end of towvn, near rail road, con
[1 of and acre to one and one-third
>ortunity to secure a nice building lot
and for those with a little surplus to
1 investment in one or more of these
me at least double itself.
ots at private sale for the small pricc
.y of Auction, and on that clay all uin
I off to the highest bidder.
e and be on hand. No lots sold to
sale to begin promptly at T0:3o a. m.
d balance on one and two years time
tgage of premises.
its Easley, S. C.
a~vU a good lino of
ecommendable old sitylo Beth Thomas
hich I am selling at special bargains.
[;VERWARE. Also so~li od and
>ice lune of Spectacles; .1 guarantee
inds of lepair nork in the jewelry lino.
.. .. Easley, S.C.
t the best studios of the large4r cities.
fade. That are natural anid liflijke,
es and prettiest cards to be had.
d frames of any s1iz0 made to order.

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