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Mtetrologleal Table
By John T. Boggs, obseryer, Licerty, S. 0,
Temperature. .
Character of
the day.
4 59 8 0 Clear.
5 40 0 Clear.
0 V3 3" 0 Clear.
7 48 82 15 Cloudv
8 53 38 0 SC Cloudy.
9 9 81 .1.15 Clear.
10 65 80 0 Clear.
ilDDM1lu8 of a Localai Pdrsonal Nature
-Born on the 12th instant, to Mi
and Mrs. 0. M. Bjwen, a girl.
-Miss Eva Freeman has returne
from visiting relatives in- Alabama.
-Iea th-BrucP-Morrow'Co. chang
their ad this week; don't fail to read il
-Ml.c-3s Kate -Hester and Eilit
Jenkins visited in Easley Saturdaj
-Mrs, N. E. Thornley is in Vii
ginia visiting her daughter Mrs.
McL. Seabrook.
-Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rigg
of Liberty, visitod friends and reh
tives in Pickens last week.
-Mrs, J. W. Ellison, of Ea.sley
spent a while in Pickens reconti
with her biother, R. R. Roark.
-Mr. and Mrs Judge M. Welbor
left Saturday for Calhoun Falls t
visit their daughter, Mrs. Henry L
-Mrs. T. II. Moore, of Liberty, i
spending some time in Pickens wit
her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Gantt, an
son, David G. Moore.
-Miss Josie Earle closed be
school at Wolf Creek on March 9t.
Miss Earle will tenub the suine
term. They like her as a teacher.
-Marrie0, at iIens & E loni
store. on the 11th inst.., John L gau
to Etholee Lawrance, (t;olored) V. 1
klens, Jr , Notary Public, officiatinU
-Married at Six Mile church, Mi
A. R. Rose to Miss M. A. Shelton an,
Mr. J. Stansell to Miss Sallie Alem
ander, Rev. B. C. Atkinson officiatinf
-T. Christie R1obinson and Pro
Harry H1. Harris, former Licken
boys, but now of Greenville, spent
poi tion of thi' week with relativc
and friends in Pickens.
-Mrs. L. C. Thornley, who ho
been spending a while with relative
in Knoxville, Tenn., returned hom
Saturday. coming by way of Andej
son where she spent a few days wit
-Don't fail to see the ad of Sinit
& Wyatt, Real Estate dealers, offerin,
lots in the city of Easley at auctior
on the 29th instatt. Don't fail to al
tend this sale if you want to purchas
property in a growing town.
-Miss Mathis, of the Eisley Grai
ed School, will give a talk to tbi
4- children in the Pickens Methodii
church Friday afternonn at 3:3
o'clock. All the young people of tb'
town are cordiahy invited to atten<
-Louis Cmel left last Saturda
for the markets where he is buyin
the finest line of Spring and Summe
clothing and gents furnishings eve
shown in Pickens: Watch for hi
ad announcing the arrival of thes
-Married at the residence of Mi
L. E. Sexton at Cateechee, on lai
Sunday at 6.30 p. in , Mr. Andy Bowe
to Miss Ida Kelley, J. Alonzo Browi
N. P, at the throttle. The happ
- couple have the congratulations<
their many friends.
pP--W. W. Cantrell, aged1 57 year,
died at his homne on the 12th ins
and was buried the day following hi
death at Ruhamnah Church. 11
leaves a wife and eight children an
a host of relatives and friends
mourn his loss.
- This week sees the close of Lh
hunting season. Many birds hav
been killed by the hunters, patridge
being the main victims. Already Lb
' feathered tribes have begun to mat
and if this beautiful weather contir
Ues an abundance of game will gree
the sports on1 November 1st.
-The Liberty Township Singin
Associntion will convene with t
Zion Methodist Church, about thre
miles south of Easley, on the fil
Sunday in A pril, 1906. All lovers
music are cordially invited to com
and bring song books and well file
baskets. E. Oscar Smith, Secretara
-The closing exercises of IHampto
school last Fritday nigh t was all to Ib
good. A packed house greetedI thi
scholars and the children receive
many congratulations for the nmannt
in which they carried outthe progran
For three years Prof. John ID. Eden
has tau~ght tii school and has give
universal sat isfaction to the patron01
By the wav, he in~ one of thte bei
teachers in the county.
--James E. Browvn, of Central, hi
been digging a well near his rei
dence; ho has been having blastin
going on for some1 time, going t brong
some very hard rock; he isi now aboa
to be repaidi foi all his expeniditure
for after going dow~n about sixty fe
fine traces of gold have been fount
which have been tested and the "tsym
tons" have bi en prlon~onn~eed very ric
* Already Jim's vest has had to ha
a pne(C put in the buek so he con
but ton it across the chest. It's strain
how a seemiine good fortune swel
a fellow up. We holje that he h
sitruck a Klondyke for he is a deer
ing fellow nnd is entitled to a liber
A slhco of prlosperity.
O A4 B TD o g
Bears the Il4ia1 KInd You Hayge Alash
thousandsPo are prisngPeg
tatef of theUnon
ro ge wt -
Tehrbusd ofomn ofp
'th cuntHr fte pop th
tdesand aritsinaturuI
stated afth none . rvn tfo
We have ofemany thousand tsi
monise lie ihne gbive ere. Weca
Catyrghveoud read e sigtlips
In this coastrry of unsolced endre
mnetawe are receivin. NoIthe phy
trsicia ne wol hareeive Itc arm
Inolmed of o enhuitic letrs f hak
If Dr. Hafrma fro Pera. uyP
niesin tke Ko Dyvepees. We.
towl rive you. reaev. W. E.gh Houtt,
>of th vasharaoni iniidetinorsea
ieas wn hever Ia rteemed to cas
sar.bur for oachfnttrigofm
Deart adenera dersessio f indv
iudigboy Myk dgis reoen K i O-r
It1 adia relieved e. I. an owt
:ad anythiCno ndge souy atr seight.
oelaDiet what yout set. tol byus
"'iekens Drug Co.p
eveat uns, belchingo, tega o tm
hr, and alletera sympteos of inde~
ioKodol digests what you eat, anldb
odyPickens Drug Co.
sU ittl Hadachite. el wl e
.wev ofthambeuln's eoimah and Liver
Pales I fc, h atakmaKeNrd
1 -
Thorestan hf wmankn ovew sxt
teruofag udreds frokdean
>thdeir disth oerunual enagmn
stateofthae Ulno. Ta sbt an
We an anrousand ls de
urearhould tknt te istsino
ingeris u itet preplaitiean
undeuretad masnaturmno t dsae. -
tr.aeda Rodne Bure ven Ioc Prort,M
lariod" sufeoe vitl enorgs. o
rat youn suffe frome ctrbuyfo Pear
rd fte toaking fora boane o Fte'
Widey hae on filel manye thuandI te
mrtent liear athongvhere amnW ca1
ofth, vaslrryo noiitdedre
scainThe world hs cive r
voluen o antsiaytic tts iand
indigetinteao take and yeriai Cure
oth ls, us. Ch, aberai's toah.
bld Litveroabei inieorn for Picensa,
rs;eo wothvr Crlnaee t as
Coeaiunyorsomcfnttr of Picyn
h3rt an greern, d pintoiff,
Jarnss bod. LMoprggit recomDaendanKo.
do, ndi pursneiefd e.ta orde n
he abovin tated cae bony anigJame
olDigpestsding oueat.edbuy
'yev 12tha n, 19beadonflchin ghe olerk'
ae'.e, aI will to stomhihst idder
taour Koo dse atkn you eat, and
J.,le the omachwing drietac ofrgans
to per:form that fuiece, aotraly
>Solad ysitee. Dying anC bigo. h
Thunt adisten almnresd, adjomnin
disoder cnditionainingefstoyacrh. bu
th ai eednto reffcy therhe iser
ton o Cntbainitfay and Li-forh
dcoff, more gral lessendievrtb
Taking ash. ofrthserbes ts paynfor
thefrst sydpom reofding tthe saper
Sold b PickesDru Jo. andggs,
Hounter Lcabet. coettrae
Mutor tany ohlf makind oevuter siaty
yetics of Fae sufer frmen ie and sh~e
b- OTEr iserebuay ienlargwomwint
Eqdeof prProbigan.hte isfoth Pikn
fulondy i~ngteo tae olysoh Kainy
(elck inul the foenon, treasiroonsthere
daner, as ait apprctirreguarities hand,
lfosred t make fold metlemthi disee
estat one MreN. of Mockgan, eeaed
and obertaing twscharges mnisraoreys o
side estatfe. ote ta Iha
Smith,. Lathem,
and Lver Tblt. Fo aleb Morgan
Statewo SouthiCarotora,
kAns, 8-0., as 4eos0d04 0 a ater, under at c
%'xents F
oaddlery in the up c
are always glad to se
Shoes, Hats, Gents Furnishin
King Stoves and Battle Axe Shoes.
All p
Agents Wanted-Out stock is reli timber,
ible and can be bandled for many sue. ner wh
aesiive years in the same community. *r ld
We want a good local agent. in this law,
county. Terms liberal. First class ,_.
reference require. Cedar Hill Nurs
ery & Orchard Co. Winebtbter, Ten. CAB[
nesse, . 22 06 St. I hav
We have secured the 'agen'ey for ing Cat
[ion King Stoves .and Ranges and reaar
and are in a position to make you success
close prices on both. to expe
Folger, Thornley & Co. grown:
J. F. Brook, woodworkman, in the ",'*
Ashmore building, is prepared to 5,00e at
mbnd or make over your vehicles and order..
do a general lino of repair work. Saw rates r<
letting and sharpening a specialty. "'P~
aive me a call when in need of gen- andp"
eral repair work. Prepared to do all Addrou
kinds of pipe cutting and fitting. tf
Just received the largest ear of
IPutniinre ever sbipped to Piokens.
Prics right. All
Folger, Thornley & Co. sy MI
2 papers of Buist's garden seed for meet
ic at J. D. Moore's. house
NOQTIE-I have swveet potatoes mn., t<
'or sale, the Queen of the South. B. monli(
P?. Kelly, Liberty,8. C.. R F. D. No.2. thse
8-14 06 8t. sens y
J. D. Moore has some nice silk your'
>rocade and white goods for dross or
lvaiut, to go cheap. J. D. Moore.
For the nex~t ten days I will sell at
ignd below cost a gjeneral line of mar
,lbandiae, at Pickens, S. (I. Come Maa
>tae, come all and get bargaine. rheuni
J1. T. Fennell. rather
February 12, 1906. ine u
C A.M W 28. A . had ai
Bears th.e 1110 Kiti Yen Him Alway Boght Pain
Baise Ball Goods
Garden 5&
Young Americans are caugh
we think. All the paraphernali:
is here. Enuf Sed
Garden seeds interests ti
housewife wants nice early veg
table and if she will see that th
prepared and have the seed sol
in she will always have a nice d
drops in.
Stock Powders! No well be
pecially the farmer, wants to han
down stock-to prevent this cor
have stock (horse, cattle, chicke
the envy and admiration of your
neighbors, use our stock and cor
guarantee them, if you use ple:
and don't forget the curry comb
of good bedding.
A Prescription Work 0
Thanking you for past favors
tiniuance by~honest treatment and fai
Drugs. Prescriptions a
f Congress of March 8, 170.
#SDAy, MARCH 219 1906.
ORe M4
--o-aate line of Di
urnishing Goods, Hard
ountry. See us for an
e you and will treat y(
g Goods a specialty. Sole Agents for 1
Trespass Notice.
mons are warned not to hunt, eb, eut 4
mako roads; set out are, or in any man
atsoever, tresspass on any of ay lands,
a controlled by me, under penalty of the
Mrs. N. M. Madden,
e had several years experienee 'in grow.
bago Plants for the trade and now have
or shipment, Early Jersey Wakefield,
ton Large Type Wakefield, Heonderson's
ions, which are the beet known varieties
rienced truck farmers. These plants are {
iear salt water in open air. Will stand {
sod without injury. Prieos, packed in4
ixes F, O,11, here, 01.00 per 1,009. Lots of4
Si1.25 per 1,000, Special price, on large4
Trho express company is giving us cheap4
ir plants this season. All plants wilt be
c. a. n. unless you prefer to send mnoney
dors. Your orders will have my prompt
sonal attention. Give iae a trial order. {
all orders to
*. J. DONALDSON. xuoewTrs, a. e. .4
who were members of the Glas.
ountain Albiance are urged to4
me at Glassy Mountain school4
on Saturday, Manrch 17, at S p.4
I receive their prorata ,bare of4
now being divided up from
le of the State Exchange. Un.
yu are there in person o'r repro.4
I by proxy you viill not receive 4
S. H. Brown, 4
Sub-Trustee Stockholder. 4
Afr-aid of 8ureng MedioImes.
ypeople suffer for yesars from________
asie pains, and prefer to do so
than take the strong niedleinee
r given for rheumatism, n,-t know.
at quick relief from pain may be C
mply by applying Camberluin's
laim and without taking any medi
nternally. For sale bPickens
(Jo, and 1'. N. Hunter, Liberty.
-sMore Li bera
Stock Powders. Grade I
et with the first item,
u for a good ball team 'Call on our.
a cook. The good Anda
a tables to adorn her
e garden is properly3-4
1 by us planted tere
inner when company o
ilanced man, and' es..
dIe poor, scrawny run J U
dtiticon and to always
nis,hogrs) that is both I bough
friends enlemies andl the same wa1
diinpowders. Will have a few d
ity of feed with them Cglicoes an<
and brush and plenty cheap;in fac
ur Specialty . sas Pikad
mnd hoping to merit a con. cl
r dealing.
id Stati ne~y
A R. 3o-31
A np; a.
y Goods, Notions, Clothing,
Lware, Stoves, Harness and
rthing you may need. We
)u right.
E Truly,
he Mitchell Wagans, Chase City Bnggies, Iron
-30 DAYS-:
During the next 30 days we
will be rounding up and closing
out winter goods.
We're not giving away goods,
neither have our profits been so
large as to permit us to sell atI
one half.
But we will sell all of our
Sheavy Cassimers, Kerseys and
p woolen goods at greatly re
-ducedi prices, all the profit oft.$
Lot of 8%4 cts dark outings
to go at 6%4 cts.
S Ladies cloaks and jackets to
be sold for less than first cost.
H ave lot of odd sizes in shoes *
that will be sold at bargains.#
You can save money by calling
Ion us during next 30 days.
SA. K. Park. $ .
i West End, Greenville, S. C. I
To increase -Your Yield, use
riderson Fertilizers
Ily. A Labor Saver, a Money Maker, Beats All.
iated with FISH, BLOOD, and other High
For Information,
Agent at your nearest Railroad Station, or
rson Phosphate and Oil Co.,
Id by Folger, Thornley & Co., W
Moore Se' one trade during
Sa stock of '.r
f, call atV
ress sV 4 pants, underwear, overshir'ts
.0 4mators, unlion suits, calloo, corsets,
enildren. Doii't forget to get a sack if Cin
*stmas cakes, the best ina Ameriek. Yohi an(
rut goo.l flour. The beeji. the chepost. Yours
no of overcoats to go'xt a baigain.'s ~
r .7 7.
Pe-rumna, Is
a Severe 6
The Sensational Cure of Mrs.
Caldwell Is the Talk of Hter
I Mrs. Ida Caldwell, 500 Pearl street,
Sioux City, Ia., Vice-President Order of
Washington, writes:
r "I suffered with catarrh of tlIe res
piratory organs oft and on for the last
r three years until I thought it was
chronic. My chest and lungs were ir
ritated and I had to use the greatest
care not to expose myself to chilly air
or dampness as it increased my troubles.
*#My physician advised me to try a
change of climate, but I was unable to
leave my family. Readingof the won
derful cures performed by Peruna, I
bought a bottle.
- it was with the greatest satisfaction
. that I found it the one medicine among
them all which cured me. I was re
- lieved within three days and after t-o
s months and a half the irritation was
a gone, my lungs perfectly healed and my
a health restored."-Ida Caldwell.
'['he team which will represent the
.. town this season has been named.
k The line up will be as follows.
Frank MeFall (Capt.)-Pitcher.
[I Roy Grandy-Catcher.
Bruce Boggs-1st Base.
Stuart Price-2nd Base.
Pat Jennings-3rd Base.
Ulaud Hester-Short Stop.
Jim Carey -Right Field.
e Will Bruce-Center Field.
t Bart Nealy-Left Field.
0 The above list contains nine good
e men whito play with the air of veteran
professionals, and will prove a bard
"proposition to down. The boys have
~been practicing steadily and will soon
r commence the art of pulling together
S in fast and accurate team work.
e The team has the support of the
citizens and game followers of our
-town and will deliver the goods proper.
' ly on the diamond as their thanks in
return. Games will be arranged with
y the nearby towns, which will be play
fed here and cliewhere.
The infield of this aggregaltion) is
~the fastest ever seen on a local dia.
m iond, while tho out field can hold a
candlo to any.
1 A fund of ab~out $15 ha'i been raised
o for the beuetit of the club, being'
given by business men and others.
e About $40 or $50 is needed to buy
e uniforms. Any contribution to fund
. will be highly atppreciated by the
amembers of the club.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of PickenB.
e Brooks Thompson, et al., Plaintiffs,
GbilThompson, et alDefendants
In pursuance of a dert! order in the
above stated case by Hon. James Al
0drich dated February 21st 1906, and on
Ifile in tuhe clerk's office, I will soll to the
.highest bidder on saleday in April, 1906,
during the legal hours for sale at Pick
nens 0. 11.. 89. 0., the following triact of
a land to wit: ''Alt that piece, parel or
e p:' rcel of land situate in the county and
d sta te aforesaid, lying on branch wa
r ters of Bonth Saluaa River in P umpkin
jown) township adjoining hands of Jober
-ry Rigdon, A. B. TValley, Andy McGill
Sand others containing one hundred acres
ismore or less, being the tract of land sold
I. by ordet of the court of common plens
it by J. J. Lewis, C. (.. P., in the c~eo of
T1hompson vs. Th'lompson for partition.
A. J. Bogga,
ia inch 14w3 ',lerk of Court.
gA lot of garden seeda at Mooro's.
hNotice of Final S9ettleent.
t NOTICE is hereby given thiat wo will
a, miake application to .J. B. New'hery
at i s. Judge of Probate for Pickens
(1, conuily, in the State of Sonth Carolina,
on 11th day of April. 19(06, iat 11 o'clock
P' in thle faironooni, or :as soon1 thereafter nas
b-. said app)jlicationl cn be hrard, for heo.ve
vO to make a final settlement of the estate
Id of J. J. Morgan, dece~as~ d, and obtasin
go discharge as executors.
N J. K. Lathiem,
mehl~ 4 B. A. Morgan,
as mh3v4Eecutors.
al Call on J. D) Moore for fresh meats
and bolognas sausage.
Essai .s -.hGIvdoUIBYA~xa..B
BerLUI0Kn YU07 l ol

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