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The sentinel-3oural Compay,
TuoUMwoN & BRonur. PRos.
Subsoription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates'1pasopable.
Entered at Plokene PostefdOe as Second Olatis
Mall Mater
PICKENS, s. 0.
The ball players of Pickens havt
Uot at all been discouraged by th4
lack of financial assistance, but hav<
been shoving the coin basket around
pretty lively of late.
The practice of the squad lia beer
somewhat delayed by the recent cold
weather, but they will again resumc
their training with greater vim and
An article, which appeared in Sua
day's Greenvillo News, discussing th4
chances of the Pickens aggregation
and written by Mr. Douglas Jenkins
a former Pickensite, greatly amusei
Jerome and the other members of th<
team. For the benefit of tbat-writer
and the sport lovers of the "Pearl o
the Piedmont" we will state the
Pickens will have the fasttst team i
the State for the size of our tAn
With such ball tossers on th
team as thoso in the line.up, it wi
make good on any diamond. Wit]
jolly Claud Hester at the short sack
with his wit and humor, and Bruci
Boggs, coverer of tho keystone bag
and with Jim Carey, the sensations
rightfielder, it is an easy matter t<
see why Pickens will rank first.
Mr. Ernest Folger, who is knowi
to be a good scholar of' the school ol
swat, is requested by the members o
the club, to coach them in the ways
means and modes of a wilnning team
Admiral P. M. Rixey, Surgeo
General of the Navy, informs me the
there are more than fifty vabancies i
Me-ical Corps of the U. 8. Navy.
Cadtates should be graduates i:
medicine, and should have had heap
tal experience, or at least a year's prac
tice in their profession. ThBeago lim
it is between (21) twenty one and (28
twenty-eight years.
On entering the service, salar
is $1,Y60 at sea or $1,490 on shore
with an allowance per annum of $288
There are other qually desirah
appointments to ho made, as Assist
ant P'aymaster, Second Lieuteniani
.of the Marine Corps, Civil E"ngineer,
For information touching any of tho
foregoing positions, address me at
Washington, D. C.
Wyatt Aiken, M. C.
W. B1. Allgood, Commander of
Camp Garvin is iu receipt of a com
mnunication from T1. H. Jones, of At.
lanta, Chairman of the Wh~eeler Mem
orial Association, in which be urges
all the members of this camnp to be
present at this celebration which takes
place in Atlanta on next Tuesday
March 27. The railroads will give
a rate of one fare plus 25 cents. The
Coadm in Chief of the United
Confederate 'Veterans, the Grand
Amnry of the Republic, the Spanish
'War Veterans, the Sons of Veterans,
the "Blue and Gray" Association and
other notable persons, prominent in
civil and military circles will be pres
ent and some of these will deliver ad
dresses suitable to the occasion.
Commander Allgood asks-that the
following named persons, viz: W. T.
Bowen, 1H. A. Riceoy, M. T. Smith,
P. A. Porter, and J. J. Wakelin, act
as a special delegation to represent
this camp, and urges any others to go
that can possibly attend.
Editorial Briefs.
Hon. B. A. Morg~an of Green.
ylle, one of the leaders in the state
legislature for the pest six years, is
ai1d to bave under serious considera.
yton the matter of becomiag acandj.
4at. for governor this year. Mr.
morgan was the author of the Mor
/ A pa il13 and typifles to a gdreater
og#!a than any Qther public man in
Not&t1 Carolina the opposition to the
* i' ldfdspensary, eo is a man of
, sicumous ability and of broad and
be lhra? datbmanbip If Hes. pot
'Y anally arm Otxaiolly unassailab~6and
is, Jiynera1 bi. Wj ile he would ln rio
if he abiall deOIde0iidia e 'rsce
-,0p rtai buro Jou gl
Dcniocrats otert'eidtf tbd elowep
largest cities op a ii thoInunioi
pal., e'cions ei. weak At
Roikland for the Girs timo inl twonty.
three yearsaithe Democrats elected the
mayor, ,ad parried six Vu of the
seven city wards.
It. is said that eatitig Limburgei
cheeso %ilI drivo .afvAy smallpox
Um-er-between the two evila w hiol
would you ehudse?
A Chicago old maid bas Lev
Awardei $4,000 dmag for l-oiu
kissed by a- enUlestate agent. W
have always thought it would be wortl
about that mnuch to uiis a real estta
Soo us for iUDist's Garden seedl
iu. packtiges, 2 for 5 cents, and i
I bulk. Millet seed, Wat:raelon seeO
Golden Dont and Snow Flake oorn.
Pickens Drug Uompany
The Easley In
surance Agency
of Easley, S. C., iE
capable to insur<
r any kind of risk
Life, Health, Ac
cident, Steam'ani
IBoiler and Fly
wheel Insuranc(
and class of Fir<
Insurance. Spec
ial attention .giv
en to country-bus
iness as well a4
town and city.
We represent 1
large companiei
and insure any
thin g. Give yous
business to us axu(
we will save yoi
E. P. MoCravey.
- A. C. PInokne~
--That's what a promilien1
1druggist said of Scott'i
Emulsion a s h ort time
ago. As a rule we don'1
use or refer to testimoniale
inl addressing the public,
but the above remark and
s i mil a r expressions are
made so often in connec.
tion with Scott's Emulsion
that they are worthy of
occasional n o t e. From
infancy to old age Scott's
Emulsion offers a reliable
means of remedying im
proper and weak develop
ment, restoring lost flesh
and vitality, and repairing
waste. The acet i on of
scott's Emulsion is no
more of a secret than the
composition of the Emul
sion itself. What it does
it does through nourish.
ment-the kind of nourish
ment that cannot be-ob
tained in ordinary food.
No system in too weak or!
delicate to 'retain Scott's
Emulsion and gather good
from it.
We will send yous a
sample free.
foe a La tac7.odithe rvp~
of.ee bcttle of Eimutulon yot
'409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50Sc. and $1;al ggs.
Notice of Final Settleenit
I will apply to J. B. Newbiry. Pro.
bate Judge of Piokeus onnty, on the 23
day of April, 1904 for a fina( settlement
of the estate of Abner M. Young, do.
Osased, and ask to be dismissed as Ad
ministrator. H. 0. Younug.
4 mrob. 8&. Admiet.
Notice to, Debtors and Credfitors.
All persons having claims against thl
statei of T. Ei. Miles, deceased, are ire.
~sdto pr4sbent the samne to the unjderL
for: pSyment.br the 1st da~~j ht
y. 1 O. Those Andebted to uni es,
te must'ake paymen . L. N.,Gleer.
.2 . 8. ineso,*.O
#A1'm'the, lWkiest tnan I Atkka?
writes ) L. Stanley- of. Brn'o . 'sinee
the rostorati6i of my ie's health after
filyars of continuons ooughing and
bleeding frotn'the ltings; and I owe my
good fortune to the world's greatest Miod
cino, Dr. King's New Discovery for
,Consumption, whioh I know from expe
rionce will oure cousumption if taken in
time. My wife commenoed to improve
with first bottle and twelvo bottles com
pleted the cure." Cures the worst.
coughs and colds or money refunded.
At Pickens Drag Co. 500 and $1, sam
ple free.
Pirating ole) ' V one y andTar.
Foley & Co., Ohicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit of Foley's Honey and Tur
inny worthless imitatigns are offer
ed fer the genuine. These worthless
imit4lou levo similar sounding names.
Beware of them. The genuine Foley
Honey and Tar is in a yellow package
Ask for it and refuse any substitute. It
is the best remedy for coughs and colds
L Pickens Drug Co., R. P. Smith, Easley
A Healing GosneJ,
Tho Rev. J. 0 Warren, pastor of Sha
ron Baptist church, Belair, Ga., says of
Electric Ditters: "It's a Oodsend to
mankind. It oured me of lame bok,
%tiff joints, and complete physical col
lapse. I was so weak it took me half an
hour to walk a mile. Two bottles of
Electric Bitters have mado me so strong
that I have just walked three miles in 50
minutes and feel like I could walk three
miles more. It's made a new man of
me." Greatest remedy for weakess
of stomach and all kinds of liver and
kidney ooniplhints. Sold under guaran
te- at Pickens Drug Co. Price b0o.
The Yellow Never Germ.
Has recently been discovered. It bears
a closo resemblance to the malariagerm.
To free the system from the germs of
disease, the most effective remedy is Dr.
3 King's New Life Pills. Guarauteesi to
oure all diseases due to malaria poison
and constipation. 25a at Piokens Drug
- They never gripe or sicken, but
cleanse and strengthen the stominoli, liver
and bowels. This is the universal ver
diot of the many thousands who une Do
- Witt's Little Early Risers. Those fa
mous little pills relieve headache, con
s stipation, billiousness, jaundice. torpid
liver, sallow complexion, eto. Try Little
3 Early Risers. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
The New Cough Syrup--the one that
acts as a mild cathartio on the bowels-is
Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar. It
expels all cold from the system, outs the
phlegm out of the throat, strenghtens the
mucous membranes of the bronchial
tubes, and relieves eroup, whooping
9 cough, etc. Children love it. Sold by
Piokens Drag Co.
Chamberlain's cough JAemedy the Moth
or's Favorite.
The soothing and healing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
S prompt and permanent cures have made
it a favorite with people everywheie. It
- in espeoially prized by mothers of small
children, for colds, croup and whooping
cough, as it always affords quick relief,
and. as it contains no opium or other
harmful drug, it may be given as confi.
16ntlrto a- baby as to an adult. - For sale
by Pickens Drug Co, and T. N. Hunter,
Libertyr .____.
'A man who once had rough-horuy
hands made them soft and smooth with
Witch Hazel Salve, but he used the gen
uine-that bearing the name "E. 0. Do
*Witt & Co. Chioago." For sores, boils,
cuts, burns, bruises, etc., it basn so equal,
* aar.d affords almost immediate relief from
blind,' bleeding, itchiing and protruding
piles. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
Nonresident Snmm0nS,
-County of Pickens.
Court of Conmmon Plens.
Summons for Relief-Complaint not
J P, Carey and C2 E. Rlobinsen,
0. C. Kennemore, W. A. Kennemnore,
-l. F. Kennmore, WV. P. TIatc, W. B.
Tate, Carrie Norris, Belle Tate. W ii
Jiam-Lucian Tate and the heirs-at-law
of Ann Howard, whose names, nuim
ber and * esidence are unknown.
To the Defendants above named.
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this .
action, which is flied in the office of the
Clerk of Court at Plckens, 8. C.. and to
serve a copy of your answer to the said4
complaint on the subscribers at their
office at Pickens, S. 0., within twenty
(lays P'ter the service hereof, exclu..
aive of ,,he day of such service, and if
you fail to answer the complaint with
in, the tiwn~e aforesaid, the Plaintiffs in
this antioni will apply to the Court for
the tulet demanded In this complaint,
Dated 1st Miarch 1900
A. J. Boggs,
C2. C. P.
'J. P. Carey,
. . E. Robinson,
?lalntiffsa A ttorneys.
T1o C. C. Kennemore and the heirs-at-law
of Ann Howard, absent and unknown
Take notice that the summons in the
above stated case of which the foregoing
is a copy, and the complaint was filed
in the oilce of the Clerk of the Court for
Pickens County, 8. U. on the 1st day of -
M1arch, 1900. J. P. Carey,
C. E. Robinson,
-8-' t 6 Plaintiffs Attorners.
Star tling fleTre
People tihe weirld over ude hotrified
on learning of the burning of a Chi.,go
theatre in which nearly six hundred pe
pie lost their lives, yet more than Aw
times this number or over 8,000 peopt '
died from pneumoniau in Chicago dary,
same year, with scarcely a pasi,~
te. Every one of these caees oc m
monia resulted from a cold agd cul
been evented by tjlmely ulse-of Ohc~
beli's Oough - emedy, Aet
wh had overg~ rd.sol to fear pe ne
hveward/d ditcoff b the -ro ,neg
this jemedy, The followang ~a a
stanoseof this sort: "Too mu' cann
be said in favor of Chanmberlag' 4t~
,Bemedy, and espedlalpffor oolds and in
ter, Ladra, of a severe bolan
saved her life whena she wasthane
with pneumenia.'' W. DA Wilcox Lo.
ea, New York. Sold b ikn
(. rtnd T. N. linnter, Liry
A card.
This is to certify that all -draggilt are
au oe anoref nu yur money f F. l
-o~or ~ I stops the ebugh, I
bea and reena riu ,t
obgh aI X t penmoJ.n44n a
suniption. Oohtains ao op&tes, The 'Ii
genasis $ ellqw Pickrage -'Rfuseali I-i
,u"t"tite,..ekons!Druge fia 11 p. )
X, . ~ ...
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and- which has been
in use for over 80 years, has- borne the signatnre of
and has been made under his per6
sonal supervision since its infancy.
- Allow no one to deceive you in thi.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but;
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and ChUdren-Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmlessi substitute for Castor Oil, Pare.
goie, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. -t6
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It 'cures Diarrhoa and Wind
colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures -Vonstipation.
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The blildren's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Tt Usf6tAVA . 00 ta44'9 MURRAV STaaRt. NEW YORK O3TY.
J. CARTER, Prem. W. H. LGNAPMAN. Vice-Pres. H. V. SHIRLEY, Casiler
CAPITAL, - - $25,000-00
PROF'I S, - - 5,474-48
DEPOSITS - - 53,254.co
W. H. CHAP1MAN, Z.. T. CASTLEBERRY, Pres. First National Bank,
Gainesville, Ga,, J. N. MORGAN, Pres. Bank of Central,
J I'. SMIurH, Pres. Liberty Cotton Mill.
liaster ~ County of Pickens,
- By J. B. Newbery, Esquire, robate
No tice of Shool Electioi. Whereas;A. 3. Bog'a. A. I. P., has
On the petition of the resident voters md ntt me to grnhiletr of
and electorg of Ambler school distriet No adinistration of the estate of and ef
87, praying.for an elction withiu their feets of R. B. Wham, deceased.
distriot to determine wvheth~er or not THESE ARE THEREFORE- to eitih--ang
there shall be levied a four hiill extra admonish all and singular the kindr.i
tax annually to supplement their scbool ,and crcditors of the said R. B
fund. - Wham, deceased, that they be . p
Therefore-it is orde red by the county ear before me, ini the Cod~ . ro
board of odlucation of -Pickens county | atto be held at Paokenaceard Honseo
that an elecion be held within the said! 8. C,, on the 20th da.y t M5-roh, 1900
district at Ambler school house on iafter publication hereof,. att 1.. o'clock i
March 24th to determine whether or the forenoon, toashow eanut if any the3
not the said four mills shall be 1ov- have, why thbesaid adaninisI ration should
ied on all property within their districb not b iatd
for school purposes. ~at.. Give'a nude r my hand and
The board of trustees are hereby ap- iSEA[ L. soak this thr 6th day of Feb.
onated managers of said election. ra' r 'Uiry, 1906, in the 180th yeal
Eotion to lie conducted in accordance of our In op andenca,
w' h sectiok 1208 of school law. By y. B. Newbery,
>rder of the county board of edueationa.. J. P. P.
R. T. Hallum -_ __
Co. Sup, 14d
Arkansas and SoutJ'west~
One-way t-hets at half far' plus 52.
Rlounud trip ,tickets ait 1'i~as than one-wy'T 1ac
fare. Froni Maemphisyi.a Cotton llelt R~oute'
la rCh 6an d 20
Stop-ov,'. both ways and 21 days returw$ '
limit olRound trip tickets. Write for mnap~
tolde~r, aind Ilck your date and say when
and where you want to go andl we will gje Iuts i
you full information by retu'rn mail. ' - e
- eOneasily be raised with
b. P. SIii, T. '... of the very beat grade, for whhthe
> highest prkcos can be gotton at your
Cottn .lielt Route, warohouso. or from tobacco buyers if
0923;you will, a 'few weieks before planting,
2J3 EquItable, 11uig liberallyio ors
uNI, GA. Vlrglaia-Carolfna Fertilizers.
____aremixedby____ablemn. who hao
--.-boon mking foert lzer a1l thir lives,
and nitrogen, or ammonia, intheir
proper proportions to retun to yu
- eultivation. Accept no substitute.
[m~ E'E'E b ave been taken from it by continual
n~ttk ."a Sanah. da.
Jrham, N.D. Montgmr, Ala,
Chreston, 8.0, Mfxpis Tenn.
Baltimore, Md. Shiz eprLa,
Ab tobatoo. PrichsSyn'thenstore
saaels. weeh it isepwoong.*neBrodna
as'advance twoer agIR *e g Shrsfredig
a Ctio MeyInn Ar. remedy.H~UIS
a odvnted mueon mer bg ,of then es tta nl'titf ote
r .at and langs and .1 ena tlo bowelaOun .Ll~ 'rat'yn
eiI samne time.~ It exl all cold imm 0 tinnfsad aiul*~sia
1fnte ,clears the thro and os o asat rgrp n
rengthens the, mucous membranes, re ~ ~ (~oadrfs otk
Solfoglelaoouwhoiy F olger, Dhrnue &. Co
Want your moustache or beard ,
abeautiful trown or rich black? Use. RU
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. *Our. stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you.have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next .time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
bNo False Alarm I
The greatest advance that has been
made on any article of merchandise,
has been made on shoes and if you
expect to need any soon, we can
save you money on the bulk of our
Some goods that we have recently
bought, will be higher.
Don't fail to call on us for the' best
Flour at a reasonable price.
Bring us your produce and we will
help you to KEEP OUT OF DEBT
and enjoy the liberty of "living at
home and boarding at the same
AcioR Sale of Blulill Lots-~
March 29th 1906.
We will sell to the highest bidder on Thursday, Ma
in Easley, S. C., thirty-five lots, all of which are well
for residence lots, in the west end of town, near rail road, con
taining from three-fourth of and acre to one and one-third
This is a golden opportunity to secure a nice building lot
at a very moderate price, and for those with a little surplus to
invest, we predict that an investment in one or more of these
lots will in a very short time at least double itself.
We will offer these lots at private sale for the small price
of $10 ooeach until the day of Auction, and on that day all un..
sold lots -will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Remember the date and be on hand. No lots sold to
colored people. Hour of sale to begin promptly at I10:30 a.mI.
Terms,, one half cash, and balance-on one and two years time
if desired secured by mortgage of premises.
Real Estate Agents Easley; S. C.
I have a good line of
Among the'm are the recomnundaible old style Seth Thomas
Clocke with weidhts, whuich j sam selling at special bargains.
And a new line of SU;,VERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WVATiCHKBi. A nice lune of Spectaclos; I guaranteeo
glasses to fit eyes. All kinads of repair wiork in the jewelry line,
HI. S1NIDER, -- -- Easlecy, 8. 0.
*The kind that are made at the best studios of the larger cities.
The kind that will not fade.- That are natural and lifelike,
*and finished on the .iatesteaid. prettiest cards to be. had,
Nice Jire of mouldrnga and .frames of any sizo made to order.

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