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ond by the
aroina armers duda
Al montiitutilaan's ntendid for thi
atinant Oho Id be addressed 4 4. 04
ur Cott4, iflHand.
1u'r efforts 'i thise Columns'has
.VI ",been Obiefly dir eA.tdv,ard e'heck
ing,if: ossiblthe increase in acre
6ge oott6 by AjIly farmers; wi
n -tlxi'ugt it necessary to
give tny advice here to t4ie farm erA
now holdin9 theit cotton. These
are men of business, and are usuol
ly dien with sufllent grit, pluck and
jif ial backrg to carry their
points 'aid now what.they are
a aun The cotton holders that
now have this matter in hand are
obout as good flnaRiciers, and have
about as much collateral and back
ing behind them as the bear ele
ent have. Cotton holders know
iiow that about all the 'scary hold
ero.40avo been shaken out, and that
the otton bear is now p- against
the real solid stu'f. Spot holders
age well aware of the fact that.tht
spinner has goi to have abou.t
the cofhon before the next cfdp
oRes iii, and,it mattors not whether
the next crop will be a small or
a large crop. The thing is this, the
mills must run or the walking mobs
that are parading the streets of the
foreign manufacturing cities, call
ing for work, or bread, will wage a
ript. Stopping the mills undei
such condition would be equivalepj
to striking a match in a powdei
house. Hold your hq)d, boys, abc
make them come ever
* .* ?? *
The Signs of the Ilmes.
If wO are pot. badlg demI d i
e signs of thQ ti Mpe 0farmerE'the
not heed th'a warai'ngs of, th
Farrnerq' V on snd .plant unoi
food ciops'bbw 06y till t rur
ni0g - nex" 'F4l antinl
eerybol a44ioe about how 1
bR)420,O~ arp aevi~e ail$.
a brhel'dornith 6 ets cottoni
Our lig supply men,2and ml
men, too had~better butt .in thi
*thin at once afong with the Farm
ers't Uniou in their eff'orts to induc
*fardimers to plant more food orop
and legs cotton, or the gangn rex
Winter will be nip and tuok bet~ee
these men and- the buznards as t
who'will get the most. revernue ot
of this snuleiertgage biffiness,
. badI deal haabeen said recen1
ly.bout live stock-associationsi
oaoh of the counties of the Statt
which will bo ai goofl thing if ou
frmers' will take to thorm; and ini
Otead of* bragging about selling Sa
\ vine hpy and other food erops,.th9
Wpl raise and feed more stock in
n'ot be howling any longer abor
the guano trusti
Our Farmer's Uniionshotild tak
to this live stook JTha like youn
ducks take to waterrit is the nihtu
rtil thing to do and rIjht along th'
* straight road to 4he perma~nen
* building up of the up-to-date pro
gressive idea of the independoni
farmer of the South.
All our Farmer's Unions should
be each in itself agood life stools
association, and talk more aboni
raising more and'sbetter stook ribd
talk less about raisingimoro cotton
.At it Aqain. .. .
As. usual about this tibe of the
year, when Southern cotton f armeri
are trying to ind uce all ottom gr'dw
? t99. reduce their acreage to keg
uw. ovet' prod uction i id Yuln i
whole Southern'cottoix. States
dob schemnish LDuilopean ootocn
bedou'their trsftr
1wpaer that if ye doi
rn~surplus of potton'at ruin
.4.~I*t~O%$6thI~yowersiihat thea
~~ tng papery fi
#ho citieto
*dcotton Ab
$ then
~ ~ ~Ii~tt~i0legadiedier this
2ero0 6 ob rust Man
Nr<~Ader to
' rig
e e fglib fr
*a0 a 9cl I o or Pon
grdW O n ki I Afric. -A 'ijngkfile
about 4( OAr brit awRf.t'e
this lipe have. P 'veda gbe' "i 1)o'1
a-practical as iR 1a to imort, ok
eys Art' from. WMrca to piak out
ou1r'cton. faet, the"two o
posiiou are at un p6oa ' i
heir prac: tiv~alply, for it t4kb tw<
mcin to tui ind uI. n mon.key~ wiib'.
is ikmng c. tton,, ansd4 1)k
takes two of our. South4r 1 trof
growers to mM oAE Qf those ifative
A I rican egroes while Ie is growing
the cottona.Wnd keep him R'.i0 N
Whin we pqoue to reasou this
thing ovei- iW Yur inindi; we hre
confident that we have a large
numb er of tate negroos here about
ar. ogour progressive Ootton frm
era thatwoul4tot d.i a day's worlk
if they onuld keep from attarljitg
and' freezing without it,.
Thet-0 isut wOne'sity for negroes
-o work 'i Africa for food and
cloihinig, and it is against their wn
ture to'ddit here as well as there
We have some white man hero tht
.havethe same disease.
Allgthis talk about conpetitioti
with American cotton is rot and
oUt of alate here, .vher6'o know
that tbe .outh ha6 the only ideal
cotton bel6 of the world,-and we
know how to grow cotton, aind are
learning how to manufacture cot
ton, ani still more .we have-learned
to equnt the cost-of production of
dotton, and how to derdand a fair
profit upon our products and we
are going to have it.
HowAbout This?
S .ome of the South Carolina far.
:t 'Wers' Unions have been trying to
pi''rke a deal with the Unions in
o. the grain growing Wcst for their
( grain, but neither the grain grow.
g ers.nor the cotton grower have been
o able to get cars to ship the corn.
0. We are told that corn has been of.
fered there from 32 cents to 86
e cents peor bushel, and thousands
s. of bushels have been piled on the
ground there rottin~g while cotton
a farmers in South .Oaroliua~are pay
s ing 75 cents to 80 !cents for their
t corn when they cani get it. It sedra
thiat the grain elevator men and
o the R> R.- mon get about as
,~ mtich out of the western corn
crop as the corni growers gq t,
-. while. South Carolina cotton ldr
n. mere foot.the bills' for the whole
r .Now, this is not a matter to be
..settldd altogether by Congress pr
e. the courts,,for the reason that ycu
y cannot legislate common horse
el sense into cotton farmers' heads, no'r
d driye the hog and hominy doctrine
Sdown their throats unless some
o'ther -follow grows .the hog and
e' homniny.
Our was out of this thing is 9
.grow your own food stuffs.. .It mata
Sters not how-cheap bthers cani grow
it, some how or' othbr, i~f there iE
anything like good in t-his trading
business among farmers crops, the
men that stand between the cottoni
growers an'd the -grain growers get
ebout'all the eugair there is in the
hog, while the farmers at each end
are bowlinig ealaatiin .nd-:nhowmg
the bag. .~
Afraid ef Srnrong me ein.la.
Many people suffer for years from
rheumatia - pains, and p refer to do so
rather than take the abrong medicines
usually- give *QrglehmYatism, not.know.
ing that citk helef from pain may be
had aimp b a pp lying Ohamberlain's
Patn Ba m .id*hout tafingany medl.
oiainr - F al* Piekens
Drig Co. and 1.' N. Hunter, Liberty,
If y'our bstood nlr aid imr
- 4t(0,7 y ard4ig pj hi~Al the
time. -I Ads pyz' rl. d ,d
reiseshes. You cetz ny 6uI4
-the nc4lclauttfirig
:3O rears A do fkidfhyet
OliI~oi for *~vunas ycr
Poor fleal1th
xatvedoesof Ayer% Pso Oh
ight greatly a the Sarapa rt.
pinples and blOtches.
it Is ua1a'asteod
Yer-Woik Weakens.
Your Kidneys.
atKadneys maka impure moo.
t All the bldod in your body passes through
.Y91.tj kidppy; o"ce ever three minutes.
-e kidneys areyour
blood purifiers, they fil.
ter. out the v'aste or
impurities In tho blood.
It they aresick or out
of order. 1hey fail to do
their work.
Pains, achesandrhou
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
----- troblood, due to neglected
idne trouble.
K(Oney trouble causes quick or unstead
heart beats, and makes one feel as thougb
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
' It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidncy trouble.
if yo% are sick you can make no mistake
by fii-s'doctoring your kidneys.. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
c ent and one-dollar siz
es; You may have a
sample bottle by mail nome ot swamp.nooe.
froe, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the'- tigje, - Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
"wamp-Root. and the address, Binghamton,
Y., on every bottle.
r ekildreras nafo, ere -N optatte
A Sure CL
Gans, Bruises, Oontracted . Mt
Frosted Feet, Burns, Sealds, el
mation, and drives out Pain.
-preinotes. a free oirulation 4
natural elaegity.
Mrs. 13. A. Slnm ,u
Tecnn., writes: ?
- Not Springs, Ark.. for 1
moere relief- frosn E
Ballard Snow
We NeJYer Disappi
e FlfllEvrgPromise ed
!E SURE il *.' 2dtt~o~w
ure nev, toretu nerothean onero
o. Psitiveon
(4 ~ Our'offires a.e
N.K.KNG. . , atrorntogD-'oe
B .K iNG. ME b 1n 00s Ili
70 es~ tofy lan ordin
o Pirn pkintown road, s*10
joiziing Japde of fir. Thos. (
Watson old home, $15 per a
Msa smail tract'o I'and 20 to 50 &
We have also SiI6 very desirable Jo
alopg tgo car line-$60 each.
The( reaCBlood
- EVIAlm
I cisttrae to two teaspoc.
1~ater meead a
1,0BB x INflLE
ar 1heumatlim, Cut
eSprain* Wounds, M1
ir or e, S Bunions,
soles, Back. Stiff Joints.
tops Ivutatkior subdues Inflam
e. loo.qns the Fibrota Tissues,
4 the BlooI, giving the*Muscles
14T ON EARTtff
* boo tryso
les hesmadam, but 5 a t
allard's Snow ~Alen, $
ythln IehS eve trled':
>rdarr end me .
ic, 50o AND $1.00
Liniment Co.
I. 4A~ 8. A.
iot Our Patiente.
River Held Out FMlse Hopes.
bess eata g . o ?osant
ON A D A V IC F evB. .am.
sdiaC. i a.: Astluloanta, nga.
lieninghm. Part ofl the u th
mredias. loris jnls
r the e a i liit. Thesy Slots au
respot, nd e en1'6 nos bu t(~bo4
tibe, s aotfo ti.
~ygg ACURE
Not the mere temporary reliel
not the little help that the
Rhdimacide does. Rheu
uric acid In the blood. It
a strong and vigorous h1
the blood of all its germ
ural methods that It bui
furifier. CURES TO
Different from any
rSM latest scientific discove
laes'Dieass CURED i AFTER 16 YEAR
Of th Blood.. Baltimore, Dee
For 16 years I have suffered terri
Rheumatism. I was treated by lead
sicians but gotno relief. Long since I d
lute In a ue of ever being well again. But he
eitIZ e RHEUMACIDE, I decided to give i
I have taken two bottles, and, ank
wonderful medicine, I now feel thal
PIN gotten a "new lease on life." Every
of the disease has been driven from my
1301 James St., Balt
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Proved the
You are banking otn experience w
other fertilizer is so wvell balanced in t
-harvest. Don't take a suibstitute. F
crop. It is the leading fertilizer of th
Works FreE
.It has been proven by over twen
Fish and Animanl matter .is superiol
for growing cotton. Farmers' Bone i
ITS .".
SALES 18es--25o -rQNS
011oW 1890-1,500 TONS:.
1o9s-1a,00o -rONS
1900-58,455 TON
* 1905-130,091 T(
Norfolk, Va. .Tarboro, N.
Colurnbla, 8. 0. -- Macon
'Stomach T
No appetite, loss of strength, nervou.
ness, headache, constipation,. bad 'breath,C
general debility, sour risings, end catarrh
of the stomach are all due to Indigestion.
Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges
tion as they exist in a healthy stomach,
.combined with the greatest known tonio
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
.Pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion ( HARL.EST4
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
'e cures all stomach troubiles by cleansing, Lv. Greenville
purifylrng, ;~weetening gnd;:rengthening LV. Augusta
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
- wa trundwt sor'omco twenty yers Through
Kodo! D)gests What You tat. Ilcned Trip Winter
Bottles only.$00Se holdin 2e tismes the trial jWLG
Prepared by 5.0O. DeWITT AD00., OHIOAGG~
Sold hy Picens Drgr -o
1 that the old "remedfes" gave
doctor's risraiptions ive; but
>LETEi CURS. That Is what
matism is caused by n 0e05s of
is an internal disease and lrequres
iternal remedy that, wli cleansI
s and yet act through such nat;..
ilds up the entire system.
other remedy. The result of the
ries. At the same time It cures
Rheumatism it syeeps out
of the blood '*he germs of
10th2 all other. bigod diseases,
ing phy- and cures Indigestion, Con
erfaro stipation, Catarrh, Kidney
t a tria.!
io this and Liver Troubles, La
* have Grippe and Contagious
systea. Blood Poisons.
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d rb. Guy M oFall
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Best Fertilizer.
h'enty Years' Success
hen you fertilize with Farmers' Bone. No
lie plant food supplied from sowing time to
irmers' Bone has no equal' for any kind of
e South.
ly In Any Drill7
;y-one years of successive use thiat
to any other known ammioniate
s the fertilizer
> CO.
~st and Best Route
And all Points
12:15 p. nm. Ar. Sa'van nah 2:50 a. m. A
10:30 p. hi. A r. Wanycross 0:05 a. m,
Arrive at Jacksonvillo 8:40 a. m.
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Grecenvil, 8. 0.
S8T WILLIAMS, General Passenger Agent,

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